Welcome back ol’ sex chat

Welcome back to everyone who was not able to access the free sex chat rooms here recently. We got them back online a few hours ago, and I see people are finding their way back to our favorite chat room hangouts. It’s been a rough ride trying to get everything moved, updated, and extra secured – all the while trying to provide a new place for everyone to use as an scsc backup while we worked on the code fixes around here.

So what’s new? Well we have a new feedback page for everyone to post comments with feedback about the chat rooms, and the site in general. We have a new web server running our old chat system now. This new server should be lean and fast enough to handle the amount of messages we put through the system. If anyone finds and issues with speed or anything when it gets busy, please let me know on the feedback page so I can look to see if we need to beef up the new web server with more ram or bandwidth or anything.

Our initial testing for the past few hours of the revamped sex chat rooms so far looks good.

I added a banner with info for people on the sex chat space web site letting them know the old chat is back, and how to get a full page reload / refresh in order to get the chat rooms to show up.

As of this post, the old emoticons are not showing up in the chat system. I am working on that, but it’s proving to be a bit more of an issue than it usually was with our old web server. Fingers crossed we’ll get our old sexy emoticons back within 24 hours. Of course when that happens we will have some users with the old emoticons, and some users with the new – which is a real lame situation, so we will need everyone to do another shift+reload when we get the new ones up, so that we are all on the same page.

I have already gotten questions about what we are going to do with the “new chat” system, and the flashy chat options. At this very moment I am not sure. We will need to decide by the end of the month when it comes time for me to spend another $300 for hosting the new chats. We decide to keep one or both them, and further integrate them into the site, or we may put them on hold while we work with some other upgrade options that I began several weeks ago. I can’t say at the moment, but it is something that I am thinking about.

Anyhow, glad to be back up and running, and I am glad everyone joined together to get the community back in touch and communicating while we went through the upgrade process. Now we have established some alternate places to meet up and communicate about issues should we have further issues with this chat system, and we got some really great feedback about our alternative options as well. I am going to still try to implement as many of the bug fixes and feature upgrades in the various chat systems to see how we could further integrate them, and see if using them in another way would benefit the community here in the future.

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