This new forums is a new script install, and we have not fully tested everything.

Registering or posting in this forum section of the website may expose your information in ways that was not an issue in the regular chat room. I added my yahoo addy in my profile, and it shows up on the board for other members (and possible the general unregistered public?) to view. So be careful what information you choose to enter into this system.

We will be making changes to the software here to provide for more privacy and security, but at this time expect things to change back and forth as we work out how we want everything to be displayed.

I value our users thoughts and feedback, so feel free to let me know what you think.

Right now I am considering making some forums only viewable to registered members, perhaps maybe the personals section, and perhaps others. This is up in the air right now, as I focus on the new chat room integration.

Edit - Sept 2014 - This month we are migrating all of the old /forum info to this newer /forums area. Most of our current visitors will not even notice this change, as the old /forum section has not been easily accessible for quite some time, however some of the old members may have used that area for posts and private messages with other members. If you were one of the old members who used that section, you will need to recreate a new profile in this forums section. This should not be an issue for anyone unless they signed up in that old forum like a few years ago.