The New Chat aka peeps cams chat is old. Newer chat system coming.

You will need the newest update of the flash player plugin to view and use the peeps cams chat rooms system.

Our newer system, the "MV Chat" does not require flash, and will work with most mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Cams Chat

We have a newer chat system available – the MV Chat with audio chat, cam to cam, and of course text chat options.

Click here to check out the MV (mobile / video) chat system.

June 2015 – Relaunching the peeps cams chat here, which many are calling the NC or “new chat” – hope everything works as before. Let me know if any issues!

March 3rd, 2015 – We are close to getting the NC fixed.. but there are a couple things broken. We are working on fixing it! No ETA yet.. maybe 2 days?

March 19th – the NC is almost all fixed up – getting close. In the meantime please chime in this page about what they like about the NC that is not yet available in the MV Chat system.

We’ll see! Sorry about the downtime! Transferring the massive amount of user uploaded avatars and stuff took much longer than expected. Now it’s mostly working, but a couple of settings are fucked up. Sooner than later hopefully!

It’s the sex chat peeps cam chat. Our first open cams chat option for the sex chat peeps community.

We will have more cam and voice options coming the future, so this one that was at one time called the “new chat” – will likely become known as peeps cams chat one. We should have a cams chat two in the near future. Things are a little confusing at the moment, we will need to come up with better names, a short url link, how to information and more soon.

This sex chat peeps cam chat option will have it’s settings changed soon as well. There are many features we are still working  on. The plan is to give registered members some free voice and cam time, then limit that to some degree. We will have premium paid options which will give people more cam and or voice time. We will have some ads added soon, but the ads and placement will likely change several times before we finalize that. I am working on a system to allow premium users an ad free option, and some other things as well.

Consider this to be in beta test mode – not everything is perfect yet. There may be some errors on occasion. Please note our updated terms of service.

Using the cams chat portion of our web system, please consider that we are still fixing some things and developing other things. During this process there may be some unexpected issues. Do not add any info to the system that you would have issues with getting out.

Play nice, follow the rules, have fun!

As always we appreciate feedback, and suggestions.

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