Turn Ons

I'm no member of Mensa, but a bit or grammar, and decent spelling doesn't do any harm. I suppose I verge on liking the more submissive girl, but it's not what I would call necessary. Basically, I will get on with anyone fun, interesting, they don't take themselves too seriously, that I like. Not keen on the self centered type. I like butt's, but who doesn't? Eyes are nice. I like eyes, and maybe an odd obsession about feet. I dunno. I'm quite normal I guess. Only the truly weird shit (Pardon the pun.)…really puts me off. I think that's it. Did I mention butt's?

About Me

I am in my late 20’s. I’ll just stick to that so I don’t have to change this. I am Scottish. Yep, awesome I know. I can imagine you reading this, jealous as fuck. I’m a chef. Yeah, I can cook. So, yeah, that’s a good plus, only if you do the dishes. I’m very laid back, rarely serious, but I do have my moments. I’m pleasant to most, unless you give me a reason not too.  Umm, what else. Apparently I have a big penis. So, go me. I like my football, soccer to my American friends. Big movie and music fan, so if you have films, or bands/artists that you recommend, let me hear them, or see them. That’s basically it, but if you wanna know more, just ask.



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