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Open, intelligent, articulate bi-sexual women

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Hello there! :)

My name is Nathan and I am one half of a role-playing couple who are looking for another women to join our play. Me and my partner have been playing for a long time so we are very open with each other and have tried pretty much everything together and there is nothing that isn’t open to discussion.

We both enjoy very taboo and creative play when it comes to scenarios and characters and both enjoy being the dominant or the submissive ..even things that go a little beyond the realms of possibility ;P

I’ll put a little bit about just my desires because we do like some different things and it’ll maybe give you an idea of what each of us is like :)

Turn-ons: Deep physical intimacy… touching, teasing, kissing, tasting. A little pain.. being scratched, slapped or bitten. Pregnancy and impregnation. Edging, breath-play, ass-play, toys…plus a lot more things that will depend on the limits of a new play-mate. :)

The main turn-on I have to list though is that I am more aroused by a womans’ pleasure than my own so whether a play-mate is interacting with me or my partner I want it always to be about turning her on…fulfilling her desires is the centre of my own arousal so pleasing her is the quickest way someone can make the both of us so horny for them :P

Hope to hear from a lovely lady soon!


CoupleSeekingF (27/M)

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