Turn Ons

Turn ons? I'm still working these out, I guess I can start out with the basics, I'd say I'm unsure about how I lean though I'd put money that I lean towards men but I admire other ladies cause we're all pretty right? Age … I'm not picky lol! I like the idea that a person takes the best care of themselves that they can but body image isn't a big deal for me either. INTELIGENCE IS! For the love of Sega Genesis don't type "Hay, hw r u bb I want to stk u w/ mah hawt <=======3" I will ignore you so quick your moniter may spin! Also have some common sense, if you type the same old Hey how are you I may not be that interested and please ask before private messaging me! Based on my few experiences I am not sure where I stand, I enjoy sex but like I said I don't really know much and aside from the basics (vaginal, oral, hand/finger jobs) I'm kinda out on a limb! I wouldn't mind experimenting online with some more kinkier stuff but … yeah just not sure the what.

About Me

So things about me? I suppose I can let you in on the life of this so called story teller! For starters I am 21, I don’t really drink, and I am one of those crazy fit types with a mix of nerdy, drama person due to my life in a family of geeks and nerds! I am currently enrolled in a community college, I’m not quite sure what I want out of it but it seems like it could be cool to make something out of myself aside from another person in mounds of debt! I currently work retail and it sucks, but I do enjoy working with people probably because I don’t meet many strangers.


My hobbies are well just that, I really love bike riding and I’ve got a really nice 700c road bike that makes me go fast when I push the pedals down, I like to mess around with the light weights cause I figure keeping myself fit isn’t just for fun lol! I am also like my parents before me a dork/nerd/geek/ect, I enjoy SOME video games (mostly console stuff like Nintendo) and mostly the older stuff cause I have more fun with those than the newer stuff. I enjoy acting, I would love to be an actress but somehow I feel I won’t hit that but I do get in with the local theatre and curve that bug down to fed levels!


I am 5’10 tall, I will not discuss my weight because asking is RUDE lol! I have Brunette hair, its kinda wavy and its about at my hips … got a few inches but not much! I also got light brown eyes, and I guess I am kinda pale on some days and other days I got a bit of color to me.  My cup size is C32 and why I am mentioning this must deal with the site, I got a booty, and I like to shake it at times! *shrugs*



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