Turn Ons

Most everything, but especially the sexuality of submission and dominance…

About Me

Let’s see. I’m a guy, early 40s, reasonably athletic. Biggest turn on is a smart and sassy woman. Asian ladies are especially awesome (I’m asian american myself).

But also interested in chatting/role-playing a wide range of submissive behavior with:

A hot young intern who instinctively knows how to push every one of my buttons, and that whenever she leaves my office I have no choice but to lock the door and release the tension…
A woman my age who knows how to tease me until I can’t think anymore and will promise anything to her for just a few strokes of her fingers…
Any lady who finds delight in introducing me to ruined orgasms, post-orgasm torture, and/or forced-bisexuality
A trans lady who turns me into a slave of her throbbing secret
An alpha male whose own weapon outclasses mine and takes me, repeatedly, because he can, or because he won a bet…

Any of these turn you on?



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