Blocked the entire network from the sex chat rooms today

Today I decided to block the entire ISP network (France Telecom S.A. from what I can tell) from accessing our free sex chat rooms.

This block will prevent more than 500,000 people that use this ISP from France from accessing the chat rooms system. The main reason for this is the constant abuse we have been getting from some idiot who calls himself “Doctor12” and similar names, coming into the room, and trolling with his hit and run messages about STDs /STIs. I engaged this user a while back about how his warnings about sexually transmitted diseases were incomplete, and amounted to posting un-asked-for medical advice, that was wrong. This troll has decided to return to the chat and continue to spread info that is not 100% accurate. After being told not to return, he still persists in posting his lame ass advice. I attempted to contact ISP to complain about this abuse of our terms of service, but that ISP is not making it easy for me to file a complaint, and they have yet to return an email I sent about this user. The fact that orange makes it so difficult to find contact information, and file abuse complaints in English added to the situation in which I decided to simply block the entire ISP network.

If you are a regular users of the chat here, and you also use this ISP – you can send me an email (my email address is posted on the moderator complaints page) with your IP addy, and I can look into a way to allow you to access once again. However understand that this will not be at the top of my priority list. I would like to see orange assign static ip address assignments to their users, and make contact about their abusive customers easier. Until they make it easier to hold people accountable for their actions, I have in interest in letting anyone from their network access our chat rooms. It is similar issues that caused us to redirect almost all Asia countries to a different chat system.

It’s bad enough when we get some people who do not follow the etiquette and rules we have outlined, and it’s another issue to have ISPs that do not make it easy to block bad users.


  1. This is the crap that he was posting –

    Doctor25: Be careful with HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases! They easily infect all partners during all kinds of sex, including oral sex (see any site in internet). Only a condom of high quality may save from them, if it is used correctly and very carefully. If infected, you will have to take very long and expensive treatment! The short moments of orgasm are not worth it!

    and as I told him before, and I state again – it is not 100% accurate medical advice. It is not advice that was asked for by anyone, and even if he had some good intentions in wanting to share, his methods are against our terms of service, and what is proper.

  2. ple open me i m really sorry for rules break ple allow me

  3. Hey Nash,

    Did you try sending an e-mail to ?

    • That’s a reasonable suggestion JeeWee, is that a guess or did you find that addy somewhere? I hunted all over their web site using google translate, and after spending almost an hour trying to find contact info I came up with an address that was something like offr . autotmie . orange or something like that. It was the only one I was able to find. I am disappointed that they do not have an English translate button (or if they do I was not drawn to it to easily find it) – and google translate seemed to not translate the words they have in the footer of their pages. So I had to keep clicking through page after page of words I did not understand. Then I found some weird tabs that did not navigate the way I thought was user friendly, at least for finding contact info.

      I may try to send to that address as well. I am not holding my breath for a response either way. It would be nice if they do respond though.

      • I found it using Google. It came up as a search. French ISP’s are notoriously arrogant for not being bilingual (some might even say the French in general are that way).

        • Sadly Nash that Idiot was in last night 🙁 under the name doctor22

          • Thanks for the heads up with this Mikey. I was able to find his new connection service and get several of those blocked as well. Hopefully he will get the message and not return now.

          • Nash this idiot has a new number in his name and a different message.

            Doctor111: I warned about danger of HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases. It is up to you how to behave. If you want to get into the hands of doctors, just don’t forget to take your money.


            • Thanks for the heads up with this Mikey! I have finally got into a dialogue with the abuse dept of this person’s web host, and we are transferring log details the past couple of days. This info may help with our case!

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