Increase in users per chat room

Over the past week we have been experimenting with allowing more users per room. Last year after many experiments we settled on 80 users per room as the best balance for most times of the day or not. By June of of 2013 I started to see that more and more people were entering the rooms, and not talking as much in the open, so the rooms did not have as much of the overwhelming room scroll that we had trouble with last year. I assume more and more people are getting into private message sex chat, and not engaging as much in the main room, so we have more space in the main chat window for more people.

We will need to keep an eye on the new limits, there may be some times of the day when the user limit of each room is a bit much for everyone to handle, especially newer people who are not aware of the tricks to thin out the useless chatter that takes up space. We will try to keep the room limit around 120 people for a week or so and see how that pans out. A reminder for regular users and a note to new users, when the room gets busy, and it’s hard to keep up with all the messages coming across the screen, there are a few settings that you can adjust on your own to make things easier, and engage in those conversations that you are actually interested in.

Some users will have settings that show people entering and leaving the room, this can be quite overwhelming in the main lobby, as it is the default room that most users pop into, and many quickly exit to get the other rooms they are interested in. Another useful setting to change is the “ignore private messages” – this is a setting that you may decide to toggle on or off depending on the situation. Women especially will likely benefit from having this setting enabled, (set to ignore all private messages), when first entering the room. Then after some main room banter, if you find someone you’d like to talk in private with, go into your settings and disable it do you can pm. These settings, and more will be found when you click the settings cog wheel (next to the rooms list / green door icon near top of chat box).

I strongly suggest everyone get in the habit of using the iggy button. When there are a lot of people in the room, and in times when there is an annoying user flooding the chat with nonsense you don’t want to hear, the block user button will save you a ton of screen space, and some sanity when you use it, even in rooms when there are not a lot of people talking in the main. The block user / iggy button – you click on a name in the right hand pane, the participants list, then click “block user” – and poof! they are gone 🙂

The current room settings more maximum amount of users will likely change several times over the next month as we test things to see what the best amount of users per room is these days. Of course we will keep an eye on things, and take feedback from the users about any difficulties, and adapt the room limit accordingly. If we continue to get a lot of people in the room, but not too much main room discussion, then we may decide to increase the limit even more to see where we find the best balance. As always, comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome! We are always working to improve things around here for everyone, so we can be the best place to enjoy free sex chat on the planet!

Many more things are on the to-do list to experiment with, so stay tuned for even more new things in the near future!

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