Firefox update v31 seems to break the chat rooms

We are looking into an issue where it seems that the latest version of firefox, version 31 is causing a conflict with flash that is not allowing people to login and connect with the OC chat rooms. I have run through several of the troubleshooting things over at Mozilla; uninstalling all browser plugins, restarting, etc. At this time we are not sure what is causing the problem, but we are trying to figure it out!
*edit Sept 2014 – A newer version of firefox is available that fixes the issue this post was about – Firefox Update 32 fixes broken chat rooms from v31 *
If you are getting just a blue box, or white box, and the screen name / login box never shows, check your browser’s “help” tab and click about. If it is firefox version 31 – that may be the issue. I can confirm from tests about an hour ago that everything was fine with firefox version 30.

After testing with several different setting, we found that telling firefox to “never activate” flash in the plugins / extensions / addons screen will simply show a link to “Download”. Other settings such as “ask to activate” or “always activate” cause the blue box, or similar display, without the screen name / login screen.


The OC chat rooms page when Flash is not installed, or set to “never activate” in firefox plugin settings.


The screen name / login screen that should show when accessing the chat rooms page. Currently working with Internet Explorer.


The “blue screen of not working”. Currently an issue with firefox v31.

We have posted these finding on the chat rooms connections errors / solutions page, as we hope that is the “go to” page for everyone when they encounter problems with the chat rooms. Several users have posted about the issue, and once “ArchDuke” posted that this was after his firefox V 31 update, this led us to find the issue faster.

Until a fix is found, I hate to say that I must suggest using a different browser, only temporarily!) if you want to connect to the OC chat rooms at this time. Some have reported that things still work find when using the google chrome browser. It seems to work okay from here with Internet Explorer Version or something like that.. at this time. So I think it is a small hiccup with something in firefox, and hopefully we will figure it our quickly, as firefox is my preferred web browser, and I know it is for many of our users as well.

vote-issue-firefox-chatIf you’d like to vote this issue as important at the mozilla support forums, you can do so here:


  1. is chat down tonight? cant get the blue screen

  2. Firefox updated for me to 32.0; and has let me log into the site. I thought I’d post here to let people know. I hope it is working for everyone. 🙂

  3. Some users are resorting to uninstalling the latest version of firefox, and installing the older version as a workaround. I was told that older versions of firefox are found here:
    However I caution before simply uninstalling the new version of firefox, I suggest making a backup or export of your bookmarks, and maybe a list of your addons / plugins and stuff first.

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    25yowhtwhore4brutalblk/lat men

    I guess firefox still has an issue as I was onsite one I could’nt connect .I got only the blue box no sign in .I’m hoping this issue gets worked out soon…………thanx……7/31/14

  5. I am experiencing the same problem with my Firefox v31. I do hope you get the problem fixed as soon as possible. I have tried IE but that has never worked properly. Thank you for your time

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      ladylikes™-TallOne(m)™s lady-

      I just read your post…

      If I may advice you to try “Opera”. I am using it until I can use Firefox again. It works fine for me. 🙂


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