Site redesign and updates today

Some will notice some pretty big changes throughout most of the site today, and many will either get the older cached version displayed, or just not notice much of a difference. We are finally rolling out a bunch of responsive design changes throughout most of the site today. If you do not like some of the changes, realize that everything is not finished, it’s still a work in progress!

There have been a ton of changes throughout the site, this is a total re-work from the ground up.

This update brings a whole new underlying structure so that we can continue to make things more phone / tablet / mobile friendly. Everyone who uses our site should know that with this update there are some minor changes to the privacy policy and the terms of service. Much of these changes were removing duplicate info and making things that were already established, more clear. We also updated some information on many of the less visited pages as well. I posted a while back that we would have a new site update coming here, and a while before then I mentioned that we would have some rules updates coming as well. The new chat room rules will come out sometime in the near future. Right now we are focused on testing out this current design and the new mobile chat options and fixing any issues that arise.scsc new mobile tablet phone pages

We ran into lots of issues when putting this update together, so many thing are taking longer to roll out to the public than we anticipated 6 months ago. All in all I hope that things will load faster for everyone, and the site in general should become easier for people to navigate when using various devices to connect with us. This update will bring our mv-chat and mf-chat (re-launch of the flashy chat) – back into prominent view, so look for those chat rooms systems to get some more action soon. There are additional pages created for feedback about these chat systems, and I look forward to hearing from everyone as to how well they work using different devices.

Like everything here at scsc, we welcome comments from our regular users. If you have any concerns with the current updates or future updates, let us know! Comments are open and read everyday (usually several times a day).

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  1. Seems that some people are taking to the suggestions page for comments about the new design layout already. I had thought we may get comments here about it, but perhaps the suggestions page is more prominent. Interesting.

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