The New Chat is Old and a newer chat coming

Somewhere around mid-October (estimating) we started having congestion issues with the NC system causing lag and disconnects – and this led to additional problems with the MV Chat system as well. For many weeks our visitors have likely dealt with slow connections, and some down time. We’ve been working to sort the issues, tried several things, and had some patches, but things are just not as smooth as they should be.

It may be that the old code for the NC is just not going to make it much longer. We’ve tried patches, and updates, but this old code base was made with different hardware and software in mind.

Many things have changed around the world, and the folks that put together most of the code for the NC abandoned the project long ago.  I really want to keep the NC going, as we’ve invested a lot of time and money into it, and even if it is not the main system of the future, it has served as a damn fine backup system for many years, with lots of premium features.

I don’t know if it’s old code that is having trouble with the ways that web browsers are changing, or something just got screwey on our chat server. Maybe it’s just not meant to run with so many users at the same time – most sites that deploy chat systems don’t have to worry about 100MB databases and a hundred people texting each other at the same time.

Maybe our server got hacked, and some spammer is piggy backing on some old code or a file folder or something – I’m not sure what the exact cause is at this time, and I’ve been hunting through files and watching active cpu threads for weeks now. Testing things, researching things, and I want to find the cause, but it’s become obvious that the issues are wearing thin on our visitors patience.

The Coming Newer Chats

We’ve been tinkering with a few newer chat systems, built with more modern code. These newer systems are fast, but they have not been tested with hundreds of users at once. They also don’t have all the features of the ‘new chat’ yet, so I’ve been reluctant to put them out there until we get some more modifications added. We may go ahead and roll out one of systems we’ve been experimenting with to get feedback from everyone on what we should modify first.

We’re also working on mobile apps that connect with these newer systems, and looking for ways that we can get these out to the general public in different ways.


Web browsers are changing, computers are changing, and the devices that people use to connect with are all changing. We’re working on things that take advantage of these changes, but our older chat systems are not going to play well with them.

I was reading earlier that windows is going to be blocking flash by default and putting up some screen that says it’s blocked. Microsoft will force users to  “click to allow” it (flash) to play soon. Not sure if this is going to be a windows 10 update only, or if they plan to push this to all people using the edge browser, or all versions of windows in the future – but it’s another nail in the soon to be coffin of flash, which the OC and the NC require – it’s something that the MV chat was built with and the flashy chat as well.

We have been seeing issues with firefox and chrome occasionally stopping flash from working, and we know that the browser makers will be making things less “flash friendly” in the future. There has been talk in many of the geek circles about killing off flash from running completely, so the days of our older flash based chat systems are certainly numbered. More and more people will be connecting with devices that do not play well with flash – and we need to move on to completely different systems in the future if we are to include many of the newer devices and newer users going forward.

Luckily we have an ‘html5’ version of the flashy chat and mv chat systems – so people who go to those pages will still be able to use the chats without flash – they just lose some of the features that the full flash version makes possible.

Soon I will invite people to test out our upcoming “teckor” chat system and give feedback about what it needs to be the best sexy chat system.

The New Chat is Old.. the Old Chat is New?

While I am working on getting this new beta test system open to public for testing, I’ve been thinking about bringing back the old chat / original chat for a couple months. While I was digging desperately for file issues with the NC code, I found something I had though was lost to us forever – more about that via another blog post.

This post was mainly to explain what’s been going on with the NC and stuff. At first I thought we could fix it with some down time here and there, however the problem is worse than I expected – and at this point it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to fix it.It may be that the NC / new chat / peeps cams chat finds it’s end of life at the end of January however.

Just to keep it running as a backup I would need to drop another $1000 in servers on Feb 1st – and that would just keep the computers spinning – it would not get any code updates – so it’s likely going to keep lagging out and crashing every so many hours.

We shall see.

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  1. please let me know when its up and running again

  2. Hi Nash 🙂 Happy 2017!

    I haven’t been able to log on to anything for around a month now. I am working away from home again (which is in the UK, and now I am in Spain) and have got this far so I guess either everyone from the UK is blocked or maybe just my ISP – although I have had the same problem logging in from my mobile on 4G.

    Does this ring any bells?

    I’m in Spain for a while longer so any advice you can give will be welcome.

    Fallen xxx

    • @Fallen – “on to anything” – gives me a clue, but not really. I mean, you made it to this page.. but what else can you make it to and what can your not make it to exactly? Is there a message of any sort displayed?
      exact urls may be helpful.. you mean the oc / java chat? the mv-chat? the peeps profiles? the mf / flashy chat?
      unfortunately comments without specfics leave me scratching my head and poking around in the dark like :
      which I normally don’t mind poking, in the dark.. but I prefer some lights on 😉

      • Hi Nash, sorry for not being clear.

        When I’m at home in the UK I type in the URL and get no further. I wait and eventually an error message saying the server is not responding. (or not available.. or words to that effect) appears, so by ‘anything’ I mean anything on the sexchatsexchat domain. The reason that I can log in now (and when I posted the original message) is that I am not at home at the moment and actually connecting through a hotel wifi connection in Spain. Here it connects as normal and I can get anywhere on the site and into both the MV and OC.

        This has been happening consistently since the end of December.

        I asked in the OC yesterday if anyone from the UK was on or had similar problems and one user responded that they had not had problems so clearly it isn’t a countrywide thing. I’m wondering if there is a blanket ban of some sort, perhaps on my isp, or maybe my isp has blocked the site, but I haven’t heard that they have implemented any blocks to sex related sites.

        I’m not sure what other detail to give but please let me know if there is anything more specific that would be helpful to know.

        Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

        Fallen xxx

        • @fallen – thank for providing this needed info. Sounds like some kind of block. My first thought is that it may be blocked on your end, maybe your firewall or router is blocking it? Some kind of parental filter? or work / corporate filter? I remember reading something about ISP connections in the UK blocking all porn sites and some other sites that the gov considers hate speech or something, by default, and people who get internet service have to call their ISP and request that the auto-block be turned off. Is it possible that it affecting you there?

          I also remember reading bout another uk law that was going to start blocking and banning sites that had to with certain sexual acts, completely even if people “opted in to porn and had the block turned off” – something about certain “extreme sites”, I think “facesitting” was one of things, that the country wanted banned completely. Then I remember another bill that some wanted to be a law that would make it so porn sties were blocked unless they had all users go through some kind of “uk approved age / identity verification” or some shit. Obviously if people want to talk about girls sitting on my face they can do that here – and we do not force people to prove their ID with some kind of third party gov service and all that.

          Not sure how many of those things made into law, and if any did, how well they are enforced, and what other laws, and other policies could be affecting things in the UK – sorry to say that I think anyone who stays in the UK after all of that is choosing to live in a Nanny state and wants to be ignorant if they are not actively fighting to change those things and encourage others that free speech and the freedom to gain knowledge is sacred. I kind of want to rant on about this more.. but..

          There could be a block on our end, you would need to get the public ip addy information from your UK network and email it to me – adultwebmasteronline ATT yaaahooo dot com – so I can look it up. That would be surprising though, I cleared almost all blocks from our firewall systems not too long ago. But I’ll definitely look into it if you email me the info as it appears at some place like

          disclaimer – I read some news that comes from that part of the world once in a while, from only a couple of sources – I don’t claim to have complete or accurate knowledge of any of the policies of ISPs, or gov agencies there – or the laws or bills that come from there. I am not a lawyer or any kind of legal advisor – and my opinions about people there being a bunch of babies (asking the gov to put diapers and blinders on them, and their neighbors) is based upon a very limited knowledge of how things are there. Certainly if I knew more about the place and the people there I would not still have the same opinion, and I mainly make these statements in reference to the filtering laws and policies there – not anything else. I certainly don’t know if a majority, aka more than 50% of the people there like things the way they are, have voiced any opposition to it, or even know what the laws and rules are. So in all this I am ignorant really – don’t take my opinion seriously or meaning to offend – I hope if someone reads that it stirs them to want to change things. I also don’t think the agencies in my part of the world are perfect, and am disgusted by the attempts that have been made to start cutting out the types of information that don’t like. Luckily I have also seen quite a few people standing up and voicing opposition to those kinds of things on multiple levels. Although from what I have seen Canada seems to be better at just letting everyone be and there isn’t as much of a need to fight restrictive speech attacks – of course my knowledge of how things really are there is also limited – so who knows where the open interweb is most open for sure.

          • Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply, Honestly Nash, I don’t know where you find your patience!

            I’ll try to experiment a bit when I get home again. I don’t think that I have a voluntary filter turned on (like a parental control thing) and other sex related sites seem to load ok (so I’m told!!!). It could be though that my isp has thoughtlessly and clumsily implemented something. They are are a large provider and seem to be run by mindless automatons, who seem not to consider that consistency matters and who get lots of complaints for taking major action without considering the effects on their user base. Anyway, enough of that! I also agree with you about establishment censorship, and in fact we are currently fighting over transparency issues in my work setting. I won’t say more about that in a public forum, but I empathise with your views.

            The other thing that makes me question whether it is my provider’s issue is that I have tried connecting using my (different) mobile phone providers 4G and get the same result. It could be coincidence, but it is puzzling. That of course bypasses my router as well as my isp.

            I won’t take more of your time now, but when I get home I’ll check my ip information and try to get that to you. Thanks for offering to check on it from your end.

            Take care and thanks again for your time.

            Fallen xxx

  3. How come some can never log on, even though they are registered.

    • @Masquerade – are you talking the new chat aka peeps cams system? Or the OC / original chat? Or the flashy chat, or the mv-chat?

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  6. Avatar
    ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    I saw it coming….
    What to do now? 🙁

    I am glad, I took my photo off yesterday….

    I will miss a few people.


    • ladylikes – my plan for now, and this could change, or not last, is to re-launch the old chat at midnight or so tomorrow I think. Midnight for which time zone? I’m planning eastern, but I am still rebuilding some things and it’s not all done yet. So we’ll see.

      Plus we have another completely different system to test out and play with in the coming weeks, so there is that as well.

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