The Old Chat Is Back – wtf

Word was that the original chat aka the old chat was destroyed and lost forever.


Yes. The OC as we had it before was terminated, and I had lost the install files and everything. Our original code partners with this OC system bailed years ago – all was lost.

How did this happen?

When going through files trying to patch up the NC aka New Chat aka Peeps Cams Chat – I came across some files I had transferred from an old chat server, which led me to our original first ever chat server. While looking for NC files there, I remembered the file structure of that old old server and a light went off above me and I heard awwwwwww music, I was reminiscing about the OC and how I used to.. yes. The old OC was on that old server, not the install files I needed, but it was running on that server before. Maybe, just maybe… enter command ./cd old chat start. Finds old web page from way back in the day, hits refresh. Welcome to the erotic sex chat system nash. Here are your crappy custom smileys and such you made forever ago. I’m still here. Waiting for you. Talk to me.

Fuck. Seriously. Yes.

So I’m looking at the OC running, scrambling trying to get the NC running properly. Things just get worse with the NC code – it’s almost like it’s been cursed or hacked or something. I call in mercenary help, and get no dice. Things are not going well with the NC. I am getting email complaints about the NC – I see people complaining in the chat room itself. I am seeing more and more comments on the chat connections page about not being able to log in. Even when I refresh everything and get in, I find it takes me like 4 minutes to switch rooms. Things are not looking for the NC.

I’ve also gotten enough feedback from everyone about the mv chat system that missing a few key features is making most people not want to use it. I’m not going to have time to add in updates for the MV system until February. We may need to open up the OC just to get us through the next several weeks.

Wait – I heard the OC was hacked and untrusted code.

Yes, that is true actually. You can read the details about all that on the two posts from back then here and here.

However, the OC code that was on a server when that whole server center got hacked – well I abandoned that code and asked our server security peeps to digitally shred all the files on that server and never looked back.

The code I am now running with the OC – this code was sitting on a different computer, in a different city. So it had not been touched by all the groups that had access to our OC server that was running at that one communications hosting company.

So this code should be clean, even though it’s old, and it has it’s quirks.

It’s not going to last forever.

The OC system as much as we all love it, is not going to run forever. Of course I will try to keep it up and running, I love that little system. It has it’s quirks, and it’s based on flash, which means problems right now, and more problems in the future. I can’t say how long it’s going to last, it could be a couple of days, it might last a couple of months. I plan to have some newer systems testing in January and February, and my goal is to mimic as much of the OC system as possible in that amount of time.

Once we get a newer system running that has the important features like creating user rooms with passwords and such, we’ll kill off the OC once again. There is no way to change it’s code to be non flash based code – most web browsers will be preventing flash code from running soon, although most will have some kind of click to load flash with a warning about security and stuff. Windows is rumored to be forcing that on future updates no matter what browser people are using.

We are also seeing more and more people getting online and looking to sex chat with devices that never have and never will support flash – thus many people today, and even more people tomorrow will not be able to connect to the OC. As much as I love our current and past regs, we certainly want to provide a system where newer people in the future and come in and hook up with us. So I’m still dedicated to fixing up the MV chat since it has a mobile-usable chat client – and make that better than it currently is. I am also dedicated to working with this new ‘tekor chat’ system, which was built with mobile devices in mind, and being cross platform compatible (windows, mac, android, linux, ipad, etc) right from the start. The code base is modern and made for today’s current web servers, and today’s web users – so it’s gonna rock, I just need to get a couple more code chunks added and then it’ll be up for testing and feedback from everyone – hopefully before end of January.

So hold tight folks, good things are coming, and lots of changing are happening, with more on the way!

The ‘NC / aka New Chat aka peeps cams chat – is also flash based, and it having other problems with it’s code base as well – so it’s likely not going to be online past January at this point. Some info about that here:

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  1. minkey banned me for no reason i gave him the RIGHT PASSWORD and he still banned me thats is ALL WRONG

  2. I need some help within your site for it asked me if I wanted to create a new url blog but it keeps trough ing out my e-mail acc

    • @ frikkie – What to do you mean by “but it keeps trough ing out my e-mail acc” exactly?

    • Assuming you are signing up for a profile / account in the ‘peeps section’ – you can choose to create a blog aka site when doing so there. However there are many email places that are banned from being used for a sign up there. If you try to use a place like (that is dot IT not dot com) – then it will fail. We have added about 200 email portals as banned from signing up for accounts to do abuse like spammers.

      If you use gmail or yahoo or something like that, then you will need to check your junk and spam folders for the click to activate email – our system is working fine for sending emails. However in our experience places like gmail sometimes make emails end up in an ignore folder or just never appear in any folder at all.

  3. I have gotten used to the buddy lists and keeping a pm across rooms. Hope those stay! Thanks for the effort.

    • @Spunky – yeah the buddylists is something I really liked in the NC – and the OC system does not work like that at all. This is something I am trying to bring into our upcoming Tekor chat system. In the meantime if you have friends in the peeps profile section, then there will be a way to see who is online friends there, and send offline messages through that system. Hopefully this will be more integrated in the future – we’ll see.

      The pms across rooms is something that I am pretty sure is already working with the new tekor system – hope to have a test version of that up before too long. Pm across rooms does not work in the OC – which is actually one of the reasons it works so smooth and fast. Less features to slow it down.

  4. i if you want a chat that looks like old but is alot more workable why not create an irc chat? plenty of the features from both old and new are available such as name registering, actions, easy moderation are all available plus you have a more workable solution that will run through any irc client, meaning both tried and true mobile platforms as well as desktop, you also would gain the ability to semi moderate the chats without having mods on with the use of bots, imagine that instant help without waiting. user created rooms and all that will still be there, and admins can limit the tags that can be done as well as new things can be added. anyways just a more plain jane option thats more universal in workability.

    • @That Asian Kin – great suggestion, and something I’ve been considering a bit. We are playing around with 4 different options at the moment. I had hoped to take time with each of them and come up with a viable solution by summer, however things have forced me to move much faster. So we’ll roll out a couple of options for testing and get some feedback soon. Irc is more ready than our 4th test system is for sure. I really want this Tekor system to work with all the features everyone has come to love, but it may not get there fast enough. In which case we’d be looking at a Irc and a similar contender.

  5. All I can say (I am technically illiterate) is thank you for everything you do, Nash, and know you are appreciated

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