How to create a site aka blog in this multi-site system

When you register an account in the peeps section you are given the option to “create a site” (aka blog) – when you register. You can also create a new blog, er, site after you have registered simply by hovering over the top right “Howdy YourName” – click sites then create a site.


Once the basic details of your new site are entered you can jump into the backend dashboard and change themes, add new posts, pics and all kinds of stuff.

If anyone has questions on how to do these things please ask and I will post tutorials.

Remember all sites here must follow our rules – which means all content can only include people that are over 18 – pics, gifs, stories – all people involved must be 18 or older, even if they have their clothes on. There are a few more rules to consider as welll.

get emails or not from the peeps system

Most people like to get emails from the peeps section when they get an email like message from another user, but not everyone wants to get emails when things happen on the site. You can fine tune your individual settings so that they system sends you an email to notify you when someone has not only sent you message, but also when new posts are made in a group that you have created, or joined, and other options as well.

It’s easy to adjust these settings once you know where these options are. Here is a graphic showing how to get to that settings page.


Basically you hover over your screen name on the top admin bar (far right), then hover over settings, and click email.
This will bring up a screen where you can select “no” to turn off email notifications for many of the events that can trigger an email notice to be sent to you. Click save at the bottom, and you are done.

We try not to send emails to everyone and instead allow users to sign up for comment notifications when they want to, and our systems are setup to only send an email when someone signs up for one of the sections of the site. We have never sent out any kind of spam messages, and actually prefer that our system sends as few emails as possible. This helps our web server run better. We do offer several options for people to choose to get email notifications however, and offer ways for people to turn these options off as well.