MV Chat

We are pulling out of the mv chat system from here on out.

We learned a lot from playing with this system, and it helped lots of us have many good times. We will miss this funky little chat, but we will take what w learned from this one and put that into the next one we are pushing further with.

The mf chat aka flashy chat is still working for some people that need mobile friendly real time chat at this time. For those using a desktop / laptop or other device that can run flash, the OC chat system is also still up and running.

We did a blog post on the site news section about pulling out of the mv chat system, any questions or discussion about it can be made in the comments section of this post about the mv chat pull out here.

The MV chat rooms system did work with most devices and screen sizes, including many android tablets and phones. There were many limitations with this one on mobile devices, some browsers on phones and tablets will not allow people to end or receive pms, some browsers prevent changing room. This system also had some video and audio chat options.

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