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Attempt to login to the chat rooms and it says nickname or ip address banned?
the kicked / banned from the chat rooms info page

Chat room not connecting or not working right?
The chat room connections problems and solutions info.

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The chat info and links page has some help.

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  1. got bumped earlier and it said “connection with server lost”, now it says “Cannot reach homeserver”. I haven’t seen any posts on problems, is this an issue on my end?

    • Admin Steven Nash

      @Integra – looks like out chat system web server ran into some hardware issues and crashed bad.
      Best place to comment and see other people’s comments about the chat being inaccessible would be the: page.
      Once I am alerted to an issue I will update the top of that page with details.

      Sometimes it’s helpful to read and share via the comments on the connection problems page as other users can add info sometimes if I am asleep or whatever in the meantime.
      Things should be back up and running as of a little after midnight CST. You should be able to access now.

  2. Hello Nash,
    my pms in NC are set to friends only.
    How is it possible, that I am receiving private offline messages from users I don’t know – or who are not in my friend list?
    It has happened a few times lately.

    I have sent this message ten hours ago and my comment is still awaiting moderation……

    Greetings ladylikes™

    • Admin Steven Nash

      @ladylikes – I’ve not seen this issue before, but it kind of does not surprise me. I found a bug a long time ago in the NC system where certain settings only affected one group of users and the other “groups of users” could bypass settings for pms on or off. This is the primary reason that I set it so that “non-registered aka guests” could not type at all in the system.

      Of course doing that has created some other unusual situations that some people have been trying to exploit.

      Not sure that there is anything I can do about the NC system other than shut it down at this point. I’ve tried to work around some of the bugs and many people have found ways around some of the roadblocks I put up there. It’s impossible for us to push code updates to it – although I could adjust some settings here and there.

      I’ve been spending most of my computer time trying to get tweaks added to our upcoming tekor test chat system, and really want to get to some polishing on the mv system. The NC and the OC are legacy systems that will fade into history and be shut down at some point, so I would not get too worried about how some of the things are working there right now.

      Sorry that this has been a weird issue for you, I was unaware of that bug in that system. Just one more reason to push it closer to retirement and make sure that issues like that do not become a problem in our newer systems.

      Also sorry it took me so long to get to your comment here, I have been traveling so much this past week that I have gotten very little main computer time to log in and do things here the past several days.

      • can you please unban my ip adress its192.168.1.125 i did nothing wrong didn’t use site for about a week due to family staying with me from out of state for thanksgiving and now they are gone and i try to get in and it says banned can you please unban my ip adress and email me about this

      • was wondering when you might be able to fix the problem it still says banned and i know i’ve done nothing wrong

  3. I can’t scroll through the rooms list, nor the names list at the side. No bar comes up for me, nor do my arrow keys work. I think it may be because I have a macbook.

    Was wondering if anyone knew how I could do this?

  4. Nash, Nickname/IP ban once again. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  5. For some reason I’m guessing since I logged in on my phone and went on MV Chat, it must’ve bugged or something because I can only get in on the phone and the laptop/desktop says “Connection Rejected: The Username is already taken. Please sign in with a different user name.” I know there is noone in there with my name as I checked by entering as guest when I logged off. Help?

  6. Nash, same trouble again. Nickname/IP ban.

    • Admin Steven Nash

      got it cleared Error. Also considering ways to clear some more of these before they become an issue – it’s not an easy fix at the moment, but looking into some possibilities.

  7. Nash, it says my IP/Nickname is banned. Can you have a look at it?

    Error (f)

  8. ?so have you read my post

  9. why is my ip banned and can you please unbann it dont know why it would be banned

  10. Nash, I am once again getting the IP/Nickname ban. It was fine for the last couple of days but I tried logging in a few minutes ago and I’m getting the message.

    • @Error – looks like your ISP does some things a little differently and you are hitting some other broad ranges. Cleared those.

  11. Nash, new chat is completely unusable. 29 out of 30 times I simply cannot log in, it just says failed to connect. I hop onto IE and when i type messages they dont appear in chat. I have two other friends who also have massive trouble logging in or staying in the chatroom

    • @illy – it is acting up a little right now.. but not as bad as it does a lot of times – so I am surprised it’s giving you any issues. I’ll go ahead and restart it.. so give it another try.. this ‘new chat’ system is only going to be online for another couple of days at this point and it’s gonna be destroyed. So best to get into our other systems anyhow / really.

  12. can i please get my ip unblocked my idiot stepson got on here while i was at work don’t know what he did to get my ip banned but won’t happen again cause he won’t be living here he is moving back to oklahoma with his dad tomorrow my wife don’t want him here either cause all he has done is get in trouble with drugs and stole money from her purse and cost me money i apologise for whatever he did to get my ip banned but won’t happen again cause he won’t be living here his stuff is already loaded up in truck to go tomorrow morning to move back to his dads in oklahoma again i apologise for whatever he did to get my ip banned but won’t happen again if it helps my ip is *ip number edited / removed by admin* thank you

      • i read it never been says its suppose to auto expire after 11 minutes but still says banned kicked or banned it wasnt even was my stepson who after tomorrow will not be living here he is staying with a couple friends tonight can you unban my ip i don’t even know what he did to get banned

        • @bill wise – I am more concerned that you know the rest of the information on the page. Knowing all of the rules and our content guidelines is an important step in getting access to our chat systems. This protects others, and you. Knowing the rules means if you are unbanned, then you can avoid a perma-ban in the future.

          Your ban is set to auto expire in approx 19 hours. This is an unusual setting for a ban. I don’t have details on what you, or your son, or whoever did in the chat that caused this type long, but temporary ban to be placed – but these are generally reserved for people who have violated some very important rule – and it’s the last step, meaning the last warning to read and follow ALL of the rules.

          Should someone be allowed to come back after this type of ban, then claiming ignorance of the rules, our content guidelines, policies and procedures is not going to work. Also claiming that someone else used your computer or network to violate our rules is not going to make any difference either. It’s clearly stated that our policy is to ban networks that violate our terms, whether that affects one person, or hundreds of people. We do these kind of broad range bans often, and do it to protect our community here.

          With 19 hours left on your ban from the system, you have plenty of time to read our policies.

          If you are sure that you know all the rules, and that no one else will access our systems from your network, then I would consider lifting your ban early if you send in a copy of your driver’s license, and a picture of you holding your driver’s license, or other gov’t issued photo ID. Depending on the times of such arriving and my work and sleep schedule, that may or may not shave any time off of the ban that is already set to auto expire.

          If you want to consider this ‘shine photo’ course of action, we have a web form setup for such on our ‘get verified page‘ – you would need to send in those, and then comment here that you have done so. That way I know to chat that particular admin inbox.

          • ive read it fully me and my wife just like to chat to others like us she is about about year older than me but we are still atracted to older people both of us are we chat together otherwise would seem like cheating in a way thank you he wont be living here after tomorrow his mom and me are taking him to his dad in oklahoma then will be just us two in the house stepson just keeps getting in trouble and were done trying to get him to stop got him three jobs since he’s been living here and none lasted more than a month cause his attitude he’s 18 now if his dad can’t straighten him out don’t know what will been living here with me and my wife 3 years kept getting kicked out of school among other things again thank you

    • can you unblock my ip i dont have any idea why its blocked havent been on in a month cause havent been able to pay my internet and cable bill got it paid and for some reason you have my ip blocked

  13. Plz delete my account

  14. hi nash,
    I and a few others have been unable to connect to NC for two days. It reads ” connecting” but it does not connect…. It lingers connecting for twenty minutes at which time i give up trying.
    Is the site down? …Also others have experienced a strong lagginess once in, which i haven’t. Can you suggest a way to resolve this?………I understand that you recently worked on your site. Is this an after effect of that and can it be corrected?
    My thanks janie

    • @janie2 – sorry you are having trouble with this. It appears that several other people are also running into this issue today. We post updates about this kind of thing on the chat connections problems page.

      I am just waking up – and I may have to run a friend to hospital today, not sure if I’ll have time to dive into this problem real soon, or if it will be several hours from now. A similar issue occurred about a week ago and I found a way to fix it – so I think we can get this resolved.

  15. I am trying to find a place I can talk to other women I am 36 I like to look at other women but have never been with one I am in a relationship with my guy and wouldn’t give him up for anything I just am frustrated because I am always honey and don’t have sex as much as I would like I seem to wonder what others do when they don’t feel comfortable discussing my issue with anyone I know

    • @Christi – certainly you may find other women to talk to in the new chat / peeps cams chat or the mv – chat systems here. There are different groups of people in each system at different times of the day or night.

      Before getting into the chat rooms, or using the profiles section (where you can make friends , send private emai like messages, etc – similar to facebook) here or with similar portals in general, I suggest establishing solid and firm boundaries for yourself in regards to what your goals are. Not trying to tell you how to run your life, but from your one statement I would suggest setting boundaries for things like “not pm-ing or private messaging with other males, or lesbian girls” – not that you could not do that and be fine in your current relationship – but I think it’s easy for people to look for friends / advice – then end up getting into emotional cheating with someone they meet online and have that lead into cyber sex, and then who knows what.

      SO if your goal is establish some friends and have some people you can vent to and hear about how they handled similar things, narrow your focus, establish boundaries and make it clear to others. No sense in dealing with a lot of jerks who just want to tell you to ‘fuck a futa for sex relief, and they are the futa to help you’ – or to lead on a bisexual or lesbian girl or whatever.

      Just a few random thoughts for ya. I could go on, perhaps others have some suggestions they will add.

      We have some good info on our privacy page and the safety page as well.

  16. New Chat has been logging me out against my will and then says I have logged in at a different place. I literally would never access this site from anywhere except my own private computer. If my name appears with another ISP number it’s because someone has hacked or tampered with my account. I’ve been dced multiple times with the chat saying I’ve logged at a different location at the login window

    • Illy – change your password for your NC account.

      This could be a hack thing, but it could also just be a small glitch in how connections are being logged by the chat server.

      I’ll see about clearing the server temp system tonight and that might smooth things over a bit.

  17. Dear Nash,

    The previous issue was a PC but it resolved itself. New issue, when i log out of my profile from my mobile it sends me to the log in screen but with the message “failed log in” attempt.

    These have added up and now i am shut out for 24 hours. I will avoid logging out from mobile until the issue uresolved and also could you lift this 24 hour lock? lol.

    And the chat connection page has what looks like an unanswered inquiry from June so i posted here.

    User: Kurtz

    • @Kurtz – thanks for the info!
      Lockout is cleared now.

      Lots of little things coming together for the next update hopefully.

  18. Hello,

    I’m getting:

    Could not load avc_settings.php from the web server where the MV log in should be. When I click for “check int for errors” I get “Service Unavailable” What is the issue here, can ti be fixed?

  19. Heya Nash,

    Been getting a weird error today in which I try to sign in to MV and get a notice saying that I’m banned for a month, and showing the amount of time until the ban is up- but if I reload the page and try again, I sign in with no trouble. Since I haven’t been in much lately anyway (vacation) I can’t think of anything I’d have done to be banned, so I’m assuming that it’s a glitch of some sort.

    So, short version, if I’m in trouble I could use an explanation, and if it’s a problem you could use notifying. 😉 This is using Windows 10 (ugh), latest version of Firefox, and if there’s any other info you could use please don’t hesitate to ask.

  20. used to come here and chat quite frequently . recently , have changed over to windows 10 and have not been able to chat since then. I can log in, send greetings to the room. after that , any reply I send after that, will be a copy of the first message I sent the first time. Any help or suggestions? Thanks in advance

    • @Brian – thanks for reporting this, although sorry it’s a problem for ya.
      There is a list of several things to try in a situation like this posted here:

      Scroll down a bit.. get into firewall settings, temporary pause antiv-virus, see if that works… try plugging your computer directly into modem bypoassing router – restart those things.. stuff like that. Try a different web browser like firefox perhaps.

      Hopefully one of those things posted will get it to work – then you will know more about thing is causing a weird block.

    • @Brian – checking our firewalls I think there may be a broad range ban against your ISP from us.. so right now we are blocking about 131,000 IP addys that your ISP assigns to it’s users. This block could have been added to ban you from our system, or it could be in place to ban someone else from using our system, that also uses the same ISP that you do.

      I will need to do some digging to see if I can determine if this was intended for you or not. What screen names have you used in our chat rooms before?
      You can private message / mail this info to me via the contact form if you prefer.

      If you choose to use the contact form, also leave a comment here. I do not check that contact form email addy often, and when I do it gets all mixed up with about 20,000 spam messages to sift through, so I could easily miss it. However if I know someone has sent info using the form (by them commenting here in the blog section) – then I know an approximate time to scan through looking to find it.

  21. Was not being smart in my curiosity visiting that teen guys room, it got me a ban. Obviously I have no stake in this game this guy is playing and would appreciated getting (IP)unbanned. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

    • @FM – I put in an more info request with our mods. due to time schedules this can take three days easily. I’ll see what I can figure out.

  22. Hey Nash,

    That little prick is back and has made an underage room again. I have it screen shotted but not sure how to post it here, I can email it at your request.
    Time is 740 pm EST on Jan 10 2016

    • @Bliss – thanks for reporting this, my yawwho email addy is posted on this page: – although email is not very private or secure. It would be more private to add a pic in the peeps section and pm each other there. I will have a secure upload form here one of these days, I started with with a code chunk for just that yesterday.

      I got another report on this from one of the mods, so I will pull some connection logs and add to this guy’s file. Sorry this is still an issue, we are working on this in a few different ways.

  23. You entered ! Teen Dick’s room! Ladies Only! ps Leave your panties at the door!. Room topic is: 15 M CANADA. my pics.

    The aforementioned is the room name.

    • Alexis, thank you for reporting this. This person is violating our rules in the worst way. His network will be banned from the system.

  24. Sir Nash,

    I have come with more bad news about this TEEN 15 that has been plaguing your chat site with his underage antics. He has now gone to create a user room now and has been posting false pics of himself. He’s gone far and beyond disregarding any or all of your possible legal threats towards him. He’s become more than a nuisance now.

    • Thank you for reporting this issue Alexis. We are working on this recurring nuisance. We never made any legal threats.. but he has been given the info on our permanent ban notice page. The info there specifically spells out what will happen if someone returns after they have been banned. He is going to find that our statements on the permanent ban notice are indeed legit.

  25. Hello Nash,

    Is it wrong to warn people about a certain room in the lobby, in main no less regarding pedophilia? Why I ask, is because there is a user that goes by “Girl” that is 22 years old from Macedonia, that made a room like that and claimed that age isn’t really a problem to them, it’s just a statistic. Is it wrong for me to use the term Pedophilia, if it is I’m sorry, but I had to do my civil cyber duty to prevent this type of things from happening.

    • @Sarah – I can think of several scenarios when doing such a thing would be wrong, not that the intention you have is wrong – but how the whole thing may play out would likely be the opposite effect of what you are going for.
      I can’t say for sure with this particular room, as I have not been there to see what was or was not said, but I can imagine a few examples. Like a person says age is just number, one person takes that to mean they do not care about following our rules, as to where the intent of such a saying was to mean “if you are 21 or 50 – no matter”.

      I would avoid using the pedo term in the main. As to where you may be trying to help others, it is likely to be mis-read by many, and it could construed by some that you are trying to advertise to others that there is a room of interest or something.

      If you see that a room has been opened which is in violation of our rules, simply notify a moderator, or send a contact message to me with some details and we will look into it. Room names / subjects can not include / advertise they are there for something that violates our rules. Telling others in main about sub rooms is normally a waste of time, as many either don’t know about the sub rooms or don’t want to know about any of the room names / subjects of sub rooms. Also complaining to the users in the main is not going to do any good, as they are powerless to do anything about user created rooms. So the best things is to put together some details, like exact username, exact room description, exact time you noticed something, and send in a note that includes the time zone you are in, along with any other pertinent details, and send the info to mods / me to look into it.

  26. I can’t seem to get a hold of a mod for the current moment, so I’m writing directly to you, you’re my only way of getting a nuisance out of the chat room.

    Teen_Cock15 is posting that he can’t be banned and he’s not scared of any MODs, I will post below the following chat log…..

    saved on Thu Nov 12 2015 09:39:40 GMT-0800 (PST) –
    Erotic Sex Chat 5.0, Build #702
    RULES UPDATE – Jan 30 2015 – – New content guidelines for the chat rooms -> — Use of this chat system is agreement to the and – | Check to see if your pms are off/ignored by default!
    There are 210 people in 20 rooms.
    You entered Lesbian Action. Room topic is: girls who like girls.
    AZMary: :)) hi hi
    tammy: hello all
    Courtney les tammy: hello Tammy
    tammy: 🙂 a quiet day so far?
    TEEN COCK 15: I AM UNBANNABLE. 15 M CANADA. my pics *edit cut* AND *edit cut*
    tammy: i see the teen is at it again
    AZMary: hi Tammy
    You entered Lobby. Room topic is: General chat.
    Quack ..the fairy duck quacks to Jenna
    Courtney les Canada fucking sucks
    Jenna: TEEN COCK 15: don’t you dare talk to me like that you little fucktard!!!!
    Seeking_Intelligence: Thats why you run whenthe Mods enter
    MarlowePI: Jenna: block
    lauren: WE all block you
    Avitus: Now now courtney, he’s probably just related to justin beiber. Not all canadians suck, just those two.
    Seeking_Intelligence: Comical:)
    Quack ..the fairy duck launches into air …circles room …..pinpoints targets
    Talya_Mid40sCurvyF: people, just block the child
    Jenna: MarlowePI: I did…he needs to mind his own business and learn when he is even spoken too.
    Talya_Mid40sCurvyF: not smart to interact and feed the beast so to speak
    Seeking_Intelligence: The beast?
    Seeking_Intelligence: :O
    Talya_Mid40sCurvyF: and thanks Seeking for the tea
    Talya_Mid40sCurvyF: 🙂

    • Counrtney Les – This person has been sent the information on our permanent ban notice page. He is certainly choosing a path in which I assure you he will regret.
      If you see this person doing something like this again, please make a note of the exact screen name, exact time, and note if of which time zone you are in.
      Sorry this guy has been a problem for you and so many others, I’ve been working on this one, and doing things that I really hate to do in order to deal with guy. Things will likely be resolved with this abusive idiot very soon.
      Of course when the group all use the block / iggy button – that is the most powerful thing. Glad to see people using the block button as a group!

      • Unfortunately, Teen_Cock 15 is back with a new name, Mark 15 YO. He’s chosen to disregard the permanent ban and is terrorizing the chat site. I can’t come in here when somebody decides to do that, I’ve chosen to not return to this chat site for a while. I know that there is a block feature, which I’ve utilized, however it seems to not really work that well with others. He’s posting pics of a young child on all of your main rooms, probably promoting child porn in the process.

        Mark 15 YO is his screen name
        5:10 AM (PST) is the time started

        I won’t be returning until the problem is resolved, Nash. I understand that you have other issues to contend with that don’t really encompass this chat site, but this is beginning to be a problem for most and for me. At the current moment I would be finding another chat site to go to from now on, I’m very sorry, Nash.

        • Courtney Les, thank you for informing me he has been back. I am needing to log every time / date / screen name with this guy for third party sharing. He he has been banned, and warned of the consequences of not adhering to our bans. Part of the perma ban warning is that we will log additional info and share it with others.

          I have seen things he has been posting like raping lesbians and all sorts of rude and disgusting behavior, this young man is going to find those words and actions come back to haunt in a way that is going to be quite shocking I bet. This process is taking much longer than I anticipated, but we actually started a level 10 investigation and information sharing about a couple weeks ago. Given that there are certain policies different companies and countries have to follow in order to process this kind of thing within the law, it’s taken more time than any of us thought it should, but I can assure you the steps to take of this little twit have been, and are still being taken.

          I have been hesitant to share with regular users here exactly what is being done, and what we know, as I do not want this guy to get a heads up on what’s coming, so he won’t try to destroy any evidence or anything. So let’s keep this to ourselves for now. I have my fingers crossed that he is taken care of this week, but I am not sure as things have not been transferred to his local agencies and I do not know what their back log is, especially given the world events this past couple weeks.

          So lets keep from tipping off this guy from knowing that his ISP has made backup logs of his info, along with the logs of info we have, and it’s all been compiled. Soon, his parents are going to be reading the things this person has said here, with proof of the times and connections from his ISP.

          What will they do to him? I don’t know for sure, but I will assume that he won’t be using the internet for several years after this. There is also a chance that when the cops show up they will access his computer and deliver more evidence of crimes he has been committing.

          Will he be charged, and if so with what? I don’t know yet. I provided about a half dozen laws I believe he has broken, and I think after they read some of the things he said to our lesbian room girls, he is not going to get off with a warning.

          I am also encouraged that the police department in this young man’s home town has a big graphic and link to more info about an important program they are spearheading; “Report Homophobic Violence, Period” – so this whole ridiculous situation is not going to be swept under the rug.

          Doing all of this has taken an immense amount of our time, and we have had to work with multiple agencies and attorneys in different places around the world. This is the kind of thing we really prefer not to do obviously, but the seriousness of these kinds of actions over and over again I think have left us no choice. Of course we have a lot of other things we have to work on, but I assure you this one had became a top priority, and I have been bugging people in different positions around Canada on a nearly daily basis asking for this to be resolved and reminding them of the seriousness of this non-stop situation.

          Again I am sorry that this abusive little prick has been bothering you and many others. We take this seriously I assure you, and we have been working on many methods to limit the amount of access he can get to do these things, but he does keep trying to find ways around many of these. This situation has also made me look at some other things we may try to implement in the future that will reduce this kind of thing.

          I don’t blame you for not wanting to be around the room and have to see the kinds of things this guy has been saying. I do encourage our users to make a note of the exact screen name, the exact time, the time zone, and a copy paste of the words he has posted, and forward them to me so I can pile it into this case. Of course there is no need to wait around for that, if you do come back to the room and see him in there, it would certainly be less stressful to simply leave the room when he is around given that he insists on coming back with a different name to continually harass.

          Hopefully this abusive piece of shit won’t be around much longer.

  27. can someone explain why i was banned. i read the guidelines and cant see why

  28. my pm is not working for the last 2 weeks !!!!!!!!!!

  29. Angel Scott Loves Nikki Scott

    how can i make a room that stays up like creating a room would like one that remains on so dont have create it everytime is that possible thank you for your time

    • Angel – there is currently no way for people to make a room that stays forever. We do take suggestions from users for possible new system rooms – but rarely do we add new permanent rooms, as there are other problems that come with that.
      We have had suggestions for a permanent “porn share room” – and others. We kick around these ideas… some of them we have tried but they never get enough users in them to take up the space in the menu for one thing.
      You could make your own group in the peeps section – but that is more like a community activity wall and not a chat room in the OC system.

  30. hi nash i seem to be banned and i dont know why , i was in the room about three hours ago it now 2.20 pm in ireland , can you please tell me why i was ip banned please thank you. regards sara 46

  31. I was kicked/banned? for posting from an unacceptable website.(rhymes with . Originally I was thinking that surely typing the word (rhymes with nutty) wasn’t a problem and I continued my attempts. I had posted from this website in the past and had no problems and was confused. It wasn’t until after my ban/kick that I did some research and learned of my discrepancy. I am sorry. Is this a permanent ban?

    • Top of the kicked banned page: Well maybe you did something wrong, and maybe you didn’t. People are sometimes auto-kicked by the system to this page for typing one of our banned words into the chat. Did you get kicked from the room and see a message about profanity? Info about the profanity filter / banned words kicks. Click here.

      – Those kind of kicks usually only last 10 minutes. It’s something the system does automatically. Glad you had a a chance to read up on the content guidelines to understand that particular site is now added to the blocked filter and some of the reasons why.

    • it is now and thak you

  32. hi can you see why me ip address is banned please, cheers


    Hey I have been trying to join/ register to the forums section and it keeps asking for the random question which is this sites name. And I always get wrong answer to the question. Not really sure if you have a registered members section in the chat rooms. Thanks for taking time to answer my question

  34. ladylikes™✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪

    I wonder, why do my comments have to wait for moderation on whatever site I am posting, although I am signed in everywhere?
    Did you kick me in the spam folder? 🙁
    Could you please check this for me, thank you Nash

    • How the spam filter / moderation thing works is pretty complicated. In the simplest terms it auto-holds any comments that have 2 links or more in them. It tends to let comments through if the person has previously approved comments, and they are returning with the same username, email addy, and the same ip addy. However many users have ISPs that change their ip addy on a regular basis. So the system will auto hold some comments in some situations. The good thing is that in most cases I see the comments held for moderation, however in cases when the spam filter kicks in, it puts messages into a different screen that I never see unless someone points out a comment has been held in moderation for more than 24 hours, then I can check in that separate folder.

  35. hi when I type a comment in the box it dose not show why is that

  36. i dont no if u got my complaint but i hope u did

  37. hello this is my very first time here and i got banned for using the nick name naughty mom whats up with that

    • “naughty mom” – actually you got banned for using a different nickname. One that is prohibited in our rules / nickname guidelines. You used a name that was something like “..o black b..” This is a permanent ban situation, please do not return to our web site.

  38. ladylikes™-TallOne(m)™s lady-

    Dear Nash, I sent you another email.


  39. OK so first we had a problem with doing pms on the site with explorerer…ok no prob went to firefox. Then you couldn’t sign on to the site using the new firefox…ok that sucks…try Opera…ok I downstock Opera and start using that…now it lets me sign on but when i try to PM someone it will not goive me a curser to type anything to someone. So now we are back to basically the problem we had with explorerer. What are we supposed to do now? Punt?. Please advise.

  40. yeah im using firefox ive been trying to get in all day but still cant if you hear of any solutions please let me know nash thanks

    • earl – as posted on the chat connections page, this is an issue with the latest verison of firefox. The only solution at this time appears to be using a different web browser (maybe try the Opera web browser). We are in discussions with the mozilla support community about the issue and trying different things to find a solution. At this time we have not been able to find any way to get the OC to work with firefox unfortunately. We have tried all kinds of things, and are still working on the situation. At this moment our chat room devs and the mozilla peeps have been able to figure out exactly what in the latest firefox version is causing the issue. It is a top priority for us however.

    • Earl if you’d like to add a vote at the mozilla forums about this being an important issue for mozilla / firefox – you can do so here:

  41. the login button for this page is gone its just a blue screen now people are telling me firefox did an update and the only time i can get in is if i download chrome so i dont know whats going on

  42. Chat not working, all I see is a purple screen and nothing changes.

  43. It lets me type one thing then after that nothing. ill type but nothing shows…kind of an epic bummer

  44. wisn to be unbanned did it when I was mad

    • boss- perhaps you could explain why you asked to be banned.. but, I would consider this, however in the process of your request you actually broke other rules about annoying one of the rooms, so I think it may be best for you to find a different place to chat.

  45. wish tobe unbnned aske fr it when mad

  46. i’m getting warning messages about your chatroom (text Chat)theres some kind of virus in there

    • Dante – please explain the exact message your are seeing.
      Please advise me as to which anti-virus program you are using.
      Which one of our urls are you using to access the chat?

      This could be a false positive, or it could be that you have some malware on your computer that is trying to trick you into purchasing something you should not, more than likely it is something on your computer, and not something with our web site.

      Although if you are seeing a browser message warning about java, that is a different issue, that I would be happen to explain further.

      So provide me some details, and we will get this figured out!

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