Chat Connection Problems

Having trouble connecting to our free sex chat rooms?

The OC aka Old Chat / Original chat / java chat may be have connection problems with some solutions outlined below. The OC chat system does not, and has never worked with mobile devices / cell phones or or systems that do not run the adobe flash player.

If the chat system is down, and Nash knows about it, it will be posted above here / at the top of this page.

If the main chat system is down and I do not know about it, others will likely post a comment on down below. (look for the date and time that comments are posted)

When the main OC / Original Chat / Old chat system is down, many of our users will pop into the mf-chat-rooms aka flashy chat system or the PT text chat system which is another backup option some may enjoy.

If you are looking for friends you had planned to meet in the chat and it is down, you might find that they have a profile in the peeps members section where you can send a private messages even if they are offline at the time, and tell them which chat system you are popping into and when.

The OC Chat system requires the adobe flash player in order to work. The flash player normally only works with regular computers (it’s tricky or not  usually an option with mobile devices, tablets, phones, etc) – Even if you are using a desktop / laptop, and have flash installed – your web browser may be blocking the flash player from working unless you do a few extra clicks.

Enable the Flash Player in your browser

This works only if you have already downloaded and installed the latest version of the flash player from adobe.

Here are a few graphics showing what the clicks may look like with firefox and chrome on a windows computer:

Enabling the flash player has become harder in recent times, if you have a different setup and solution, please comment in the comments below and let me know!

If you are having an issue with the font going crazy, or the chat not letting you type after you get or send a pm or whisper

– then there are two possible culprits.

1 – Recent updates of Internet Explorer and Adobe flash have been giving people trouble – try using a different web browser such as firefox to see if that fixes the problem. We have not had time to research whether this is an IE problem, or a setting / plugin within Internet Explorer that is causing this issue.

2 – some of our chat room pages have too much java, and cause some weird issues on some systems – if this is the cause of your issue, then you should be able to use the chat room on this light graphic / less java intense chat rooms page. If that fixes your issue, then we know what to look for in this case to fix.

You see a white box / screen. The page loads, but the chat room does not appear.

You must have the VERY LATEST updates for the Adobe Flash plugin. This is the most common problem that users have. Even users that have been able to use our free text chat rooms in the past may not be able to connect after a new update to flash  has been released by adobe. This is due to security issues, and is easily resolved by doing on update. After a flash update you will need to close your web browser and restart it, you may need to restart your computer.

If you have the latest flash player plugin, no error message, and no chat room – click to jump below / down the page to try these steps first to fix the issue.

Do you see an error message when trying to load / connect to the free text chat rooms?

1 – Error message displayed – username or IP address is banned:
It could be that the username you have chosen got banned by someone else, so you could try to connect with a different username. If that does not work, then it could be that someone got a broad range ban place on the IP address block that your ISP assigns to you. You can read why we do broad range bans that may affect other users who were not the ones we intended to ban. If you did, or think that you did not do something that got you banned, then read then read info about getting kicked / banned from the chat room for more info.

2 – Error message displayed – something like “Server sent no data” – first make sure the plugins listed above are updated and try again to connect, on the chat room page, hold down the shift key, and click refresh / reload the page.

Most users will be able to connect to our free sex chat rooms just fine after checking the things listed above. If you still can not connect, I’d like to know about it, and these additional tips below may sort out the problem.

2A – If you get an error message in Internet Explorer about ActiveX being blocked, you need to click the bar near top of the window and tell IE it’s okay to run our chat program on site – graphic showing this here on java support page.

There are many possible causes for not being able to connect to the chat rooms. There could be internet delays, trouble with one or more ISPs not being able to route the info to you from our data center, hardware or software that is blocking the two way java and flash connection from our web server to your network, router, or computer.

Some things will be out of your control, such as the superstorm that knocked down a big chunk of internet flow in Nov 2012, and there are other possible reasons, but lets try the easiest fixes first.

If the main chat system is working fine for everyone else, yet you still can not connect, the most common problems and their respective solutions are posted below:

Did you try to login and get just the blue screen, or a message that said “Disconnected” or “connect failed” or something like that?
If so, there are many possible causes, especially with our new security layers, it’s no big deal, just get back to the chat room screen, and refresh / reload the page. Some users will need to get a fresh / non-cached version of the page, so you may need to hold down the shift key while clicking reload / refresh page (most browsers will work with shift + F5)

** If you saw a message saying something like “could not connect Server Sent No Data”

    you may be in one of our blocked countries ( Romania, and a few others )
    or using an ISP (internet service provider) a proxy or vpn service that has made it on our bad / blocked list
    or you have been manually added to the permanent ban list

– reloading the page will do no good.

You could get the message “could not connect / server sent no data” and not be on a ban list or a blocked ISP or country list.
There are a few times a year when our chat server goes offline, and no one can connect. Usually when this happens other people will post comments below here asking if it’s a global issue. You can see by the times and dates of comments below the times when our chat server was giving this message to everyone (unless you are the first to notice and comment on that particular day); although it does not happen very often, it has happened a few times over the years.

We have blocked huge ranges of ISPs and networks from accessing the chat system, so if you are using to access the internet and get that fail message, we have blocked most of – and many other large blocks of Internet Addresses from several Internet Service Providers that we have had problems with. If this problem persists for you for more than 8 hours, you might want to comment below and ask if your ISP, VPN, Proxy, or Country is on the banned list. It could be that you are using the same internet pipes that others have used that violated our rules and you are now caught up in a broad range ban, or it could be that you have triggered this ban.

Steps to try first

Try a different web browser.

If you are using Internet Explorer, try connecting to our chat using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Likewise, if you are using firefox, or chrome, try to connect using Internet Explorer. Sometimes a plugin for one of the browsers causes trouble that is not an issue when using a different browser on the same computer. If you are able to connect with one and not the other, then the good news is that we now know there is some reason that one browser on your system is not allowing the necessary connections, and you will be able to connect using a different web browser! We could go into reasons why one browser works and the other doesn’t – but I am trying to keep this short and simple to help the majority of users without overwhelming everyone with too much. We could discuss those in the comments below perhaps.

Note that currently our chat rooms system require a computer web browser that supports Java and Flash. This means that most mobile devices will not be able to access the current free text chat rooms. iPhones, iPads, most android devices, and similar devices do not support Java and Flash at the time of this writing. We are experimenting with different technologies to bridge this gap in the future, but right now there is so many changes in the mobile computing field that it is tough to know if html5, or some other technology will be broadly adapted to bridge this gap. We are working on a solution, but the computer gods are not making it easy at this time, sorry! If you are stuck using a mobile device for chat, you could probably use our sex chat peeps social section or email like private messaging, and you may have some luck with the Live Jasmine networks new mobile friendly design.

Turn off your firewall / antispyware / antivrus protection temporarily, and try to connect.

Make sure you turn your protection back on as quickly as possible – just try disabling your suite, or individual components of your suite, and see if you can then access the chat rooms. There could be parental filtering software built into your protection suite, or something that is set in your firewall / antivirus software that prevents the necessary two-way communication with our chat server. If this solves the problem, then it should be possible to go into your protection software and add an exception for our web server, that way you can leave your protection turned on and access the chat rooms. We will have to go into the various ways to do that in the comments or something, as it would take a ton of text here for the various software suites different ways of opening access.

Try a different computer or connection.

If you have another computer at your location, try a different computer and see if that one can access the chat rooms using the same internet connection. If using the same internet connection / ISP / and network (router, etc), but using a different computer makes it so that you can connect to the chat rooms, then we know it is something on that one computer that is preventing your access.

Try to connect using the same computer, one a different network.

If you are using a laptop, try taking it to a coffee shop or friend’s house and see if you can connect to the chat that way. If your computer will access the chat rooms at friend’s house, but not at your place, then we can assume something with your network is preventing access. Some routers will block the two way communication that Java needs to use our chat system.

If you are using a router at your place that splits the internet connection between several systems, or using a wireless network, try plugging in directly to your cable modem / DSL modem or whatever. You will need to unplug the router, plug your computer directly into the main modem, and restart your computer. If this solves the issue, then we know it is something else outside your computer, likely “port blocking” on your router’s security settings, or a weak wifi signal.

Using Hughes Net, Dish Internet or other satellite ISP?

I tried to troubleshoot with a regular user for days on possible issues, only to find that he was using a satellite internet service provider, and it simply could not handle the needed upload speed to stay connected to our chat server. The satellite ISPs are great with download speeds most of the time, you will probably be able to watch videos and other intensive bandwidth applications just fine as long as you are downloading data mainly. Our chat rooms need a fast connection for download and upload stream as well. I have not tried our chat with a dial up ISP running at 56k, it may work, it may not, but there is something with the speed ratio of most satellite ISPs that will likely prevent you from being able to use our chat system. If it downloads data at 100 mph, but the upload is going at 5 mph, then you can imagine that your sending, receiving, and our web server’s syncing of the chat messages will simply fail. You could try regular dial up and see if that speed ratio works better, or one of the cellular phone service providers to see if they work okay. Those options will not give you the download speed to download large movies quickly, but they may be better calibrated for two way communications.

Other issues preventing access to the free text chat rooms

There are other issues that could affect your ability to use our chat system, some company networks block aspects of Java from running, some countries have blocks on adult web sites. There are possible issues with the internet as whole, and it could be one of the rare instances where are web server is having a problem. Over the years I think our chat system has been down a total of about 48 hours, so 99.9 times out of 100 our server is handling everything just fine. If our web server was down you would likely not be able to read this page, so that’s probably not the issue at the moment.

Some people have trouble with the two way communication needed with their ISP. We have found that many users from parts of Africa get massive delays in the sending and receiving of the “packets” needed for our chat system to function. Many of these users will not notice major affects when downloading static pages from around the internet, but our system requires not just downloading of information, but uploading and downloading, and doing both in a synced up manner. If your ISP is far away from Arizona, USA – then there is a good chance all the hops around the world can cause problems.

I hope the information on this page helps most of our visitors solve most of their connection problems. I may come up with some other problems and solutions to add and update this page with later. For now, I think most people will have the problems fixed when they update Java and Flash.

If the solutions listed above do not work, we may be experiencing some difficulties with the chat system. Due to our recent popularity – there may be times when the chat system is overloaded, and not accessible. You will find discussions about the chat system being up or down, and info about our backup chat systems on this off site page at wordpress dot com – scsc chat backup info.

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

Since our OC has been down more than 30 minutes, I am also opening up a preview of our MV Chat system that will be coming online for everyone 24/7 in the near future.

We are also working to further the new version of our mobile friendly flashy chat, the new MF Chat rooms system in the near future as well.

You may also get information from other users about the current state of the chat system at our new chat backup site at sex chat space.
Using Firefox for the Original Chat / Old Chat?

Version 31 of firefox will not work with our OC chat rooms. Luckily mozilla released an update to firefox that fixed this issue. Click here to see how to check your version of firefox to make sure it is not 31.

*firefox and possibly other browsers are blocking flash July 14, 2015 – click here for our post on the flash exploit breaking the chat rooms loading for some with firefox.


Your family’s hacked devices causing trouble for internet chat? Quite possible.

Random connection problems – not able to connect, not able to login – if logged in then can’t change rooms, getting logged out – not 100% of the time – but at random times here and there since Oct 17th. It’s not our chat system, but some congestion with the Internet itself, particularly in the USA – details and map showing whats been happening Oct – Nov 6 and still going off and on here:

Comments from others


  1. usrname dirtyduck
    have reset my password about a gazillion times, yet cannot log in, keep getting the message that i will be blocked out

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      Hi there Jack. I see you put sexchatspace in the url field – so I popped into there and did some updates. Perhaps now everything will work for ya?
      If not, I’ll need some more details – like what is the url you are using to update the pass and such.

  2. Room seems to be stuck on “Connecting” but isnt connecting , its been like this all day.

  3. Avatar
    Naughty Tyler(M)

    Hey Nash. the chat rooms are not popping up with names in them. when i log on, no names pop up but i know people are chatting in them. what could be the reason for this?

  4. Any update on the connectivity issues?

  5. Hey Nash, I can’t log into the OC. Whenever I open the site, all I see is the sad face and the message ”” refused to connect. If you could look into this, it would be great. Thanks Nash/

  6. Avatar
    brittany holloway

    I am trying to connect , but the little square face pops up with “site refused to connect” I tried clearing my cache ,different wifi, different browser , nothing is working. I was just on the site last night and it worked fine for me.

  7. I get disconnected for no apparent reason, I am then unable to reconnect. Not just for 20 mins, but for hours. Using Chrome.

    This is frustrating and maddening. There are other chat sites that don’t present this problem.

  8. hey , i keep getting booted out of the room mid convo, i login with no issue.but if i switch over to another window or tab like my email or something when i go back ive been booted..which is super annoying when im mid convo with someone and they think ive left. its done it twice just me typing this…can you help me pleaseeeee
    thank you

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      Brittany – what web browser are you using? Chrome? Firefrox? Edge? whichever could be an issue – have you tried a different browser to see if the same issue persists?

  9. Hello Nash – it’s ladylikes again. For the past few days I have had log in problems, specially when I have looked into PT Chat before.
    I am getting this:

    “Resource Limit Is Reached
    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later. ”

    Anyone else with that same problem? I have never seen this before last week – and… to be honest – I cannot imagine, that really the resource limit has been reached, cause there are not so many users visiting the site.
    Or is this about ther server itself?

    Anyway, I find it disturbing. Sometimes it will take hours until I can log on.

    greetings from ladylikes.

    • Again I have no access to OC – via peeps or space. This time I get to the site, but no log-in space. I sometimes wonder, if I am the only person, cause nobody else posts here…… Or do people simply not care anymore? I also hardly ever get a reply.
      Is there a problem with Germany or is it just me ?


      • Avatar
        Admin Steven Nash

        not sure what is up ladylikes, sorry I’ve been MIA for about a week or more.

        I think it’s mainly the web browsers changing how they handle launching the flash player. Seems to be working today, but after fiddling with weird browser clicks to enable flash to run.

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      Very strange, we got hit with that resource limit reached once before when it was a mistake. Hope this does not creep up again!

      Also hoping the new newer PT chat gets more popular as we work to get an even more modern and distributed system going.

  10. Is OC down? I can’t log in with my usual access via space…..

    greetings ladylikes.

  11. Hey Nash,

    I’ve been having an issue staying logged into the OC chat system. It will allow me to connect for a few minutes, but then it kicks me out. I’m able to get back in without a problem, but it has happened probably a dozen times today. I realize it’s a holiday, so take your time looking into this

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      Still having issues with this Kurama?
      Sorry for the belated reply!

      • Hey Nash, my IP has been banned, i haven’t done anything i know of to annoy anyone but ive had Teen Dick the troll guy impersonate my name until i was banned before, could you un-bann me if thats ok?

      • Hey Nash, TD used my name….yet again and got my IP banned, could you re-instate it, thanks x

      • Hey Nash.
        My Screen name FitOlder(m) is not working. It say’s “Name or IP address is banned”
        I was on yesterday but had no problems and a great chat with a few people. Then I left but we where all happy. No trouble at all and logged off fine. Yet today it say’s I’m banned. I’m wondering if someone used my IP or screen name and got banned. Please help

  12. Greetings Nash,
    it appears, that I can’t access OC anymore – since today.
    I am not sure, what the problem is. First the log in page is grey, then black – nothing else.
    Firefox updated today with ff quantum – maybe this is the reason?
    I can access NC though. So not sure.

    Maybe you have an idea. Thanks.

    • I would like to add, that I cannot access OC via sexchatsexchat. But I could just now via Sex Chat Space.

      • @ladylikes – there is some weird stuff going on with the OC that I have not been able to figure out. I wonder if this is web browser update related, since we have not changed other things with the system. However these issues are pretty serious and it makes me concerned that the OC may not be usable much longer. I’m going to keep digging into this a bit – but the things that are happening are quite strange.

        • Thank you for answering.

          • Hello Nash, I haven’t been able to acces OC since about two weeks. Neither via sexchatsexchat, nor via sexchatspace.
            Any advice for me?
            I am only getting a blank grey or black page and no log-in-box.
            I have had problems before but not that long.

            greetings ladylikes.

            • Heya ladylikes – try using different web browsers, like chrome instead of firefox and IE instead of chrome perhaps.. maybe Opera? IT seems the browser makers keep making it harder and harder to use “flash” as a plugin, which of course our old chat system relies on to work.

              All the browsers are handling this differently, some are blocking flash, some are making it “click to activate” – which may appear in the page, but may also appear in the address bar instead. Some new versions of firefox just disable all previously working plugins and make you hunt for more – of which I am finding a huge problem for many things at the time.

  13. In connection with bubblegums comments i tried to sign on and it says rooms.adultchat.sexchatsexchat took too long to respond…has done so 3-4 times already…so that might shed some light on the connectivity problems? I hope? anyway good luck all…

    • @roleplayguy – thanks for the extra info – Something has gotten really fucked up here and for no apparent reason. Gonna try a few more things here.

  14. Around 6 AM PST the site went down, and it seems to be going down and coming back up intermittently. People have said about a dozen times so far, and it seems to continue to happen.

    • Indeed something is very wonky at the moment, not sure how long this has been sputtering out – tried a few things, but nothing definitive at the moment.

  15. I try to connect every day for the last month. No luck whatsoever. Today I was able to get on for about an hour, then lost connection and haven’t been able to connect since. Seems like I have this problem no matter when or where I try to get on, even from different computers.

    • @Mike28m – I am guessing the network you are using to access our chat rooms is blocking our site, or blocking the port that is needed for the two way chat to occur. Could be blocking our site because it’s sex related, or could be blocking the port because some networks have security layers at the network hub or higher up that auto-block unusual ports. The chat system uses a set of “ports” that are not normally used when surfing the internet, and it uses them for two-way communication, as opposed to a one way “download of web page assets” – so some firewall systems will auto block these.

      If you can take one of the computers that are not connecting and put them on a different ISP to see if it works that way (like using a mobile hotspot to connect) – that would be telling.

  16. There is a bot in lobby of OC – posting links to other chat- or video sites.

  17. Hi Nash,
    I haven’t been here in a bit but I recently tried to log into MV chat a couple times in the last few days and i just get a G block overachieving message.
    It won’t let me sign into the peeps section either.
    Maybe it’s my computer Idk.
    It’s natalia(harley) btw
    Sorry, not sure if this is the place to post this. I don’t think I have ever asked anything of you before.
    Its no rush I can use old chat.
    Have good day 🙂

    • @Natalia – thanks for the heads up with this, and sorry about the issue. Some of our security stuff is a pain in the ass, but it’s been quite effective at keeping out a lot of problems too. I am going to go clear that system and update it. Try to log in there again in about 4 minutes and let me know if it’s still an issue.

      • Hello Nash,
        It worked for all of 2 seconds while I tried to reset my password…I couldn’t remember it.
        Now its back to the g block thingy again.
        Its totally ok if I wait. I can still use old chat.
        Thanks again nash 🙂

        • Hey there Natalia / Harley – – Cleared another hurdle with that security thing – maybe it will work okay for you now?
          Thanks for helping to test and probe this thing 😉

  18. Nash, I am back on the Nickname/IP banned list. Seems to be happening a lot frequently than before. And it usually disappears in an hour. It’s been showing the same for more than 8hrs today. Can you have a look at it, please? Thanks in advance!

  19. Hello Nash,
    my pms in NC are set to friends only.
    How is it possible, that I am receiving private offline messages from users I don’t know – or who are not in my friend list?
    It has happened a few times lately.

    Greetings ladylikes™

  20. Nash, Nickname/IP ban once again. Can you look into it please?


  21. Nash-can you unban my IP, please? TD was using my name again so I came in as Purple Bitch. Apparently Tex is the only mod that didnt know that was me and kicked me. Thanks…

  22. every time i try to enter i get the full screen except the nick name login bar ,so i cant login what cld be the cause of this any ideas?

    • luke19, read down a couple of comments, I explained to roleplayguy2 how you should be able to fix this 🙂

  23. Tried to sign into MV Chat and after it loads I get : Connection Rejected: The Username is already taken. Please sign in with a different user name.

    As far as I know, I’m the only Arrow on this site? Unless I’m wrong.

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      @Arrow – there seems to be a weird recurring bug like this with MV since our last update. Have you logged in via mobile at any time ever?

  24. Hi Nash running into the same problem as candy kisses…but when i went into my settings to make sure the flash was on the set up did NOT match your instructions on windows 10…please advise

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      @roleplayguy – have you tried with chrome? with firefox? with internet explorer?

      • tried all of those had limited success with edge however after a few pm’s i can’t reply to them anymore…lol

        • Avatar
          Admin Steven Nash

          roleplayguy – very strange that one browser works some and the others don’t. I was thinking, maybe your anti-virus or firewall is blocking the two-way traffic – but if our chat works with one browser (even only somewhat) – then it appears that your firewall is not blocking it – and it is likely an issue with the web browsers blocking Flash from running.

          Maybe do a search on bing or duckduckgo or startpage for “activate flash chrome” or “activate flash firefox” or whichever is your preferred and see what people are saying.

          I have read that chrome and firefox intend to make it more and more difficult for end users to run flash on pages – they would prefer to eliminate it entirely, and long ago – but they are taking this stepped approach to phasing it out – so it’s not easy to “auto-run flash” like it was once was.

          unfortunately, our old chat system depends on flash to make the magic happen. We are working on some newer systems which do not rely on flash and instead use newer technology like html-5

          • goddess’s tip worked…letting you know…upper right had corner of screen just to the left of the star when you sign on and get the gray screen click on it then run all plug ins this time…i went on and off 3 ties to make sure it worked for my puter on chrome and it does…every time……sigh…now i gotta build a temple to the Goddess-lol Thank you Goddess!

            • You’re welcome!! Glad I could help 🙂

              I’ll expect the temple by tomorrow. Thanks.

    • Hey roleplayguy2, I was having the same issue as both you and CK for a bit. I was using Chrome and even though my settings were set to automatically run Flash, Flash was being blocked when the room loaded. If you look up into your URL bar next to the star once you load the page, does it say “Plug in blocked”? I am having to click that each time I go into chat and choose “Run all plugins this time”. Not sure if this is helpful, but this just recently started happening to me.

      Hope it helps!

  25. HI Nash. I was gone for awhile and when I got back I couldn’t log on. I get to the log in page and then just a gray square with no window to type my name. My java and flash are up to date so I am not sure what’s going on. Any suggestions?

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      @Candy Kisses – try using a different web browser perhaps? Might be an issue where one of the web browsers is not going to “activate flash” unless you change some kind of setting. Also try a computer restart and check for latest browser update. I know with firefox you got go into addons settings and tell it to “allow flash always” or “ask to activate” (on a case by case aka site by site or page by page basis) – which is what I choose – but then it’s not real obvious on most pages where to “click to activate” flash sometimes.

      I think sometimes it’s in the grey square itself, and sometimes it’s an “allow” box that takes a line near the url bar.

      Of course this could be other issues – hopefully switch browsers will offer a clue though.

  26. Nash, the same old Nickname/IP ban is back again for my name.

  27. Avatar
    ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    Greetings Nash, I am sending this post for two gentlemen, who are not able to post anything here, nor can they access OC propperly anymore.
    Their usernames in OC are: Bimmels(M) from US and lonely grandpa from CA.
    They are using firefox and say, their Flash and java are updated.

    The problem is that after saying hello – they are stuck. They can’t type anymore.

    Maybe you can look into this.


    • hello ladylikes, thanks for adding some info here for them! A couple of updates done yesterday should not be affecting them in this way. I have to wonder if there is something else web browser related going on. I really hope firefox is not getting all wonky with a new update. Perhaps they can try our ‘less memory needed / light graphic page here -> and see if it makes any difference?

      Otherwise, I start to think some kind of security software or router software is causing a hiccup in the timing which is causing the issue.

      Good news is that we have some updates for the mv-chat system coming very soon, and making progress with our tekor system as well. So dependence on the OC should not be an issue much longer.

  28. Haven’t been able to connect to the chat for 4 days

    • @Mike28m – is there an error message?
      Did you try using a different web browser?
      Try a different computer?
      Anything else posted above?

      Assuming you mean the OC aka old chat / original chat (?)

      • I’ve used two different computers, 3 browsers. It keeps saying “Connection Failed” and then I just get the sad face.

      • Still can’t connect. it’s been over a week.

        • @mike28m – strange that you are getting this issue, it seems you are close enough to our data center and that your ISP is certainly strong enough to provide the needed throughput. I can only assume that there is latency added to your two-way connection by your router, your wireless signal/protocol (assuming you are not connected to your ISP modem via hard wired ethernet connection) – and perhaps software firewalls. I would assume that if your computer was plugged directly into your ISP modem with an ethernet cable, thereby bypassing your router and wireless that you could probably connect just fine. Would this be an accurate assumption?

          I’ve seen situations where being two rooms away from a wireless router is all it takes to have enough interference where our chat signals won’t work – but pages will load just fine.

  29. Avatar

    Haven’t been able to get on for a week. Multiple computers. Multiple browsers.

  30. I’m not sure what happened. I don’t believe I was banned. I didn’t do anything to get banned. I was suddenly logged out and now i keep getting a “connection was reset” error. I tried it on a different browser and got the same thing. Help?

    • “connection is reset is not normally a ban thing – it’s normally some kind of disconnect, or more often, it’s a serious lag in the signal to or from your computer to ours. So the chat systems drops the connection like a cell phone call that is out of range of a good tower. This is normally cleared up in 10 minutes or so. Are you still getting that error?

    • Nevermind. I got in. Must have been a browser issue or something. Idk.

  31. Still can’t get in, Nash. Doesn’t matter the browser, turning off extensions, I can’t enter OC but I can enter new chat just fine.

  32. Avatar

    When i send a PM or receive a PM the PM box is blank & can’t get or receive comments was working fine until a couple days ago, please help

  33. Hey Nash,

    I can only connect every other time I log in on OC, it tells me either my connection was reset or it couldn’t send any data and I have to wait like 10-15 mins before I can try to log back in again and it ends up working. I’m on Spectrum and have let the scripts get passed my firewall. I’ve tried Firefox as well as Chrome, which is my main browser. My modem is connected through an extender. I don’t know what sort of fixes you can do on your end, but there’s definitely some issue.

    • @horrowshow – sorry you are having this issue, and I appreciate the details you were able to provide in regards to this.

      Not sure if you can do a more direct connection by bypassing your extender, perhaps with a direct ethernet cord and try it that way to see if it works then.

      It seems that the system is not blocked completely, it is getting through your firewalls and connecting sometimes.It seems the problem is that sometimes the packets flying back and forth from your system to ours and back are taking just a few hundred mili-seconds too long to be considered a “stable enough connection” by our chat server.

      Perhaps shortening the hops will make the difference?

      I know this is not ideal – and we are working on newer systems that will not be so picky about the exact back and forth speed. Sorry it’s an issue, but glad to get details!

      • See, that’s the thing, I can’t shorten the distance unfortunately because I share the modem with someone else(my mother, I still live at home). Thanks for the reply though.

    • Same here can log in maybe once or twice every couple of weeks ..this is terrible

  34. Having issues logging into the chatroom. Keeps saying connection failed. Have to wait 10+ minutes after the failed message to try to get in again.

    • @Jeremy G – which chat room? the OC? the MV?

      are you using a wifi connection to your router?is your router plugged into a cable modem that is wired? or are you using a wireless isp? (like verizon hotspot) ?

      have you tried the other things listed above?

  35. It is the chat site. I will have a problem and wait 10-15 minutes and it seems to reset then work. Sometimes its if i get out and try to get back in, sometimes it when i try to get in the first time. It will show where you can type in your nic,, then it will process then say it did not connect. After a few of those then it says it did not send data. Once there you are done for 10-15 minutes. None of the advice on the pages help. So there is a flaw in your system. Can you check on that?

  36. OC is impossible to log into. Can try 15 times and it says connect failed then the chat just refuses to load after 20-30 times. I use Chrome and have tried logging in with IE and nothing works. Thing is when everyone shifted to OC I didn’t really have trouble logging in, was maybe weeks in before this started and now it’s been months since I could enter chat.

    • @illyCharbelcher – are you using a wifi network to get internet from your router to your computer?

      Are you using a wireless ISP like verizon wireless? Or something wired like cable modem ?

      • I use a DSL cable.

        • illy – is your computer using a wifi / wireless to connect to your modem and then your modem is connected to your dsl cable? Or is your computer wired into the dsl cable with a cat 5 cable?

          • Avatar

            My computer is directly connected to our internet/phone/satellite modem/tower.

            • @illy – very interesting. I wonder what could be slowing down the connection. Have you tried different web browsers and still find the same issue? I wonder if there is some kind of triple firewall setup that is slowing things down perhaps.

  37. hi can not connect to oc says connect failed have tried everything

    • anitalay – I just connected from here – are you still having issues? tried everything? everything listed above?

      • connected ok tonight but having issues type and can not send have to log out and log back in

        • @anitalay – does the same thing happen if you use a different web browser? Like firefox instead of IE?

          does it happen on this page here:

          does it happen if you pause your firewall on your computer?

          Does it happen if you are plugged into directly to your cable modem?
          (bypassing your router completely, and not using wireless)

          Answers to these questions make all the difference in the world.

  38. I try several times again during the week to get in sometimes I get right in other times it does Connect failed. I have done nothing different so if I can get in most of the time ,dont understand how I can come on and then go out and try to come back and can’t ,this is a on going problem ,used different browsers all do same thing ,I never change up what I do to get in,but can leave and try and come back wont let me in Connect failed .

    • @sexyblonde – there are likely a few points where the data flow is getting slowed which is causing it to fail.

      Even if your ISP is fast and the overall internet is healthy without major bottlenecks, a few milliseconds of added delay here and there can cause the connection to our system to be rejected. I see this alot when someone is using a laptop and wifi. Often times if you plugin a cat5 cable from your computer directly to your modem and use that connection (turning off the wifi on the computer for a bit) – then you can see if things work properly.

      If they don’t work with that setup -then there are bigger issues – more on that later.

      If they work fine like that, but don’t work fine when you are using the wifi – there are many things to consider..

      some wifi is fine for getting web pages but not great for real time audio and chat. Sometimes it gets better when you are closer to your router and gets worse when you get further away, especially if you are on a different level of the house.

      Sometimes its just the combination of a few things.. like the signal is fine coming from your cable modem.. but then it hits your router – and many routers have firewall things that slow it down just a little bit, then the signal gets sent to the air, which slows it down a little bit, then it hits your computer wifi, and often times there is a firewall on your computer that slows it down a little bit, then your computer could be slow itself, or maybe it’s fine, but you have multiple things running and it slows down a bit..

      now each little 50 miliseconds here and there, gets doubled.. as the signal has to pass back through all your gateways and out to the net and to our system.. and then back..

      if our system detects that you have (just an example, a made up number) – 600 millieconds of lag in your back and forth signal – you’ll be dropped.

      Hopefully our next system will not be so picky – we are working on some newer systems.

  39. didn’t send any data is still popping up. Haven’t been able to get on for days.

    • @Mike – re: send no data.. so I checked our firewalls and I am not seeing anything that is blocking your network from our end. This is by checking the info of the network you used when you posted this comment. So.. perhaps when you get this error, will you go to or even – and copy your public ip information from that site, and email it to me.
      email is adultwebmasteronline ATHE yahoo dotted com (or something like that )

      at this moment I think there is a block somewhere else, closer to your place. But not sure without more info I guess.

  40. Hi Nash, im getting an error message whenever i try to log in “G Block is over achieving” and cant log into my account. Can you please investigate.

    Kind Regards, Harry54

    • Harry54 – thank you for reporting this. We have a very sensitive anti-spam and anti-hack system (actually multiples of them) -so this is good info. Sorry it’s kicked in and prevented you from accessing. I am updating that thing right now. Give it another try and let me know if you are still locked out please.

  41. He nash,

    I’ve been having an issue lately where I’ll be able to log in and chat for a while and then I’ll get disconnected, but I was usually able to get back in and then it would kick me out again. Today, I was able to get in for about a minute, before getting kicked out again. I was able to reconnect for a short time, and now I keep getting the error message ” sent no data”

  42. Currently getting the “ didn’t send any data.” error for the last hour now

  43. I have a very hard time ever getting in I try several times a day and use different browsers all I get is this didn’t send any data.

    • @sexyblonde – I am checking our firewalls and security layers and such. Will see what I can find.

      • @sexyblonde – I am not seeing anything about your network in our firewall stuff. I am guessing there is a connection timeout either happening along the wires of the internet from our server to your ISP, or perhaps your computer firewall or mode/router is blocking the needed ports. There are some things listed above that may help sort out what thing or things is causing the most trouble. Like does it happen when you are plugged in to your modem directly? Does it happen when you pause your firewall? things like that maybe.

        • I have never had to do anything different from before ,I have always used wireless ,I can get in sometimes and then again if I try 25 times I can get in once or twice and by doing just what I have always done.this same thing happened before but then worked its self out ,I had to not change anything up that I was doing ,I just have problems getting in like before ,Thanks its okay I don’t try to come around much ,thanks anyway

  44. hi nash i made a new name and profile in peeps chat room i tried to log in the site and G block is over achieving can you please help me out

  45. Hi Nash

    I keep getting this message when I try logging in
    Tell Nash – Gblock is over achieving – Sorry, your request cannot be accepted. –

    Can you advise what the issue may be.


    • @(M)asquerade – thanks for posting about this. Something went awry with our block spamming countries from accessing filter thing. I changed some settings, and hopefully now you can login with no issues?

  46. Avatar
    ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    Good morning Nash,

    I would like to ask, when we can expect the newest chat system to come online?
    And what it will be like? A mix of NC and OC and MV ?
    I had gotten so used to NC during the past year, after OC was shut down, that now being in OC again, feels odd for some reason, to be honest.
    Although it’s the same interface and all – it doesn’t feel the same.
    Recently I am not sure, where to go. NC is still online, but knowing you could take it down at any time, makes me not want to go there anymore.
    MV is not my thing and OC doesn’t pull me either. – Not to speak of Flashy….
    So I am waiting for what you have announced and wondering, when it will be available and what it will be like.

    greetings – ladylikes.

    • Avatar
      ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

      Nothing at all? 🙁

      • Oh sorry for the delay in getting back to ya ladylikes. I’ve been trying everyday to get this new system up and running. It’s way behind schedule – very close though.

      • what the newer code named ‘tekor’ chat system will be like is hard to explain. At first it will be very different. My goal is to incorporate the speed and look of the OC with some of the features of the NC with the login options of the MV – and the mobile option. This is a lofty goal – that is not going to be obtainable when it first launches for sure. Hopefully over time we’ll be able to get it closer and closer to these things though. Hopefully we’ll have a test system running in a few days – but not sure at the moment – the login system is being quite the challenge this week. (I don’t want the system to force anyone to use an email addy or fbook to login) – but it is very close.

        I’ll post on the blog when I get a better idea of when a test room will be up. The NC will be shut down very soon. At least we have the other systems running for now.

        • Avatar
          ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

          Thank you for replying, Nash.
          *ladylikes is patiently waiting for the new chat system*

          greetings ladylikes.

  47. Avatar
    lovelylesbo jenny moore

    can you please unban me don’t know why it is to begin with my first time visiting the site got from a lesbian friend and it says banned

    • @lovelylesbo jenny – which chat system are you seeing this message in? what is the exact message?
      Have you read the rules and content guidelines? If it’s truly your first time that could happen if someone else who uses the same ISP / Internet Service Provider as you have was banned in the past – I can look it up with some more info. Is this the “new chat aka peeps cams chat? or the Old Chat / OC / Original chat? One of the others?

      • Avatar
        jenny lovelylesbo

        all of them dont know who would use it plus i just got internet at home so i could not have used it before it says is banned i dont know why cant get in never used this site before

        • @jenny lovelylesbo – I just checked the OC sytem, and do not see a ban against your network there – if you go:

          There is a message that says banned?

        • @Jenny Lovelylesbo – I just searched through 13 pages of ban notes for the nc / peeps cams chat system and I do not see anything about your network being banned here – you mean to tell me if you try to login or via this URL: – there is a message saying banned?

          I seriously doubt you are getting a banned message in the mv chat ( )or the flashy chat system (

          If you are seeing a banned message at sone of those systems, then I need to know what the EXACT message says – that is the only way I’ll be able to dig deeper into this. It may be best for you to take screen shot and send that to me.

          Also, copy and past the exact URL that you are trying. Something does not add up here I think, or I’m looking in the wrong places. Pretty sure it’s not one of our country code blockers causing this issue.

          • Avatar
            lovelylesbo jenny

            one thing will say banned and another that account has been disabled never had a account you site is messed up

            • @lovelylesbo jenny –

              At this point I am going to ask you to just not use our site or services. You appear unable or unwilling to answer properly as asked. Without the proper information I can’t help you, and at this point you have used up too much of my time. Basically you are banned, and that is not going to change. It does not matter if you have ever been here before or not. Our policy is to broad range ban multiple networks for many different reasons. We are under no obligation to change any of that, of fix things when our site is messed up.

              take care now, I hope you find other places more able to help you out.

  48. Hey Nash,
    I was in the middle of a chat, when I was disconnected without any warning. When I attempted to log back in, as I’ve done in previous instances it kept saying “disconnected”. When I attempted to refresh the page, I kept getting error messages like the ones above. connection was reset, server set no data etc. I updated java, and tried using a couple of different browsers and kept getting the same issue. I don;t know if anyone else has had a similar issue

    • @kurama(20m) – appreciate you reporting this. It seems like an issue that happens randomly to a few people here and there – and not everyone who tries at the same time. So it was probably just you / your network having trouble connecting at that moment.. what is the cause? Good damn question. If it continues to be a persistent issue, please do report on again.

      • Hey Nash,

        Similar experience happened around 8 PM est. Was connected and then got disconnected with no warning. I’ve tried using firefox ( usually chrome) and it kept saying disconnected. After a couple of refreshes, I started getting the error messages.

  49. Hey Nash how come not every one can access OC….i’ve tried but all i get is a white screen in the box…

    • White screen… like.. no message that says “connecting” ?

      can you get a screen shot and upload it?

      Is there any other message?

      • No theres just a white screen and i dont know how to screen shot on a computer

        • @BuffySummers – have you tried using different web browsers with your computer. For example if you are using Internet Explorer, try connecting with firefox or chrome.. if you are using chrome, try using IE or firefox to see if the issue persists.

          also be sure your flash player is up to date ( )

          • My flash player is up to date…I tried firefox ive been using chrome i dont know about ie…But it just shows me a white box….So idk what to do

            • My flash player is up to date…I tried firefox ive been using chrome i dont know about ie…But it just shows me a white box….So idk what to do… IE wont load it either says the samething a white box that says page cant be uploaded

            • @BuffySummers – how very interesting. There are some other troubleshooting tips up on this page, like disabling your firewall temporarily and plugging in directly to your cable modem (instead of running through a router, or going over wifi) – if these are options will you try these other things that are listed above and report back if any of them clear the problem?

            • Thanks bubs, I was finally able to access. But those are the screenshots I run into. I get them on Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox, and IE/Edge. I’ve tried no addons. Flash and java are up to date.

              Thanks Nash!

            • thanks for posting these bgb.. I may use them as graphics to show others what could happen…

              Should I assume this occurred around 1:30 am EST ?

            • they occurred from around 10pm until 1am.

            • And currently happening now 3:30 pm est.

            • @chazz – this is very strange, I did some digging and I wonder… first, are you using a wifi setup at your place to conenct, or one of those “ac power / through the home electrical plugs networking systems” – my first thought on this is that there is large lag or packet loss via your network. So if you are using an older wireless B/G system to get to your router for example, especially at some distance from it, then too much lag could be an issue. If you can plug in dirrect to your router or cable modem with a cat 5 cable and see if the issue persists – that may be helpful.

              There is also a chance that one of the devices on your network has been compromised with something that is spewing out malware and that is causing a connect problem. If your laptop or even a networked / ip security camera has been infected with one of the mirai variants, and that is probing places you visit, or is just using some of your internet pipe for other things – this will prevent the needed ‘packet throuhg-put’ needed for a solid connection with our system.

              I have seen people in the past that could use a laptop to connect with our old chat when in their kitchen, but when they moved to the bedroom it would disconnect – even though web pages and other internet things seemed to work fine / load speedy. Having a solid two way constant connection is important in order to access and use the old chat.

              Hopefully our newer systems will not be so picky and have more fault tolerances, and hope I can get one of them live before the end of month for testing.

            • No I’m hardwired into the modem. I’ve run some scans and the comp is clean. firewall is off. It’s very odd. It’s like I have no chance of connecting when there’s over 40 people in chat. Once it’s lower I get right in.

              After a few tries today, I put my IP into the DMZ in the modem, and I got right in. I haven’t tested it enough to say that solved the issue though. Odd because the modem doesn’t have a firewall turned on.

            • @Chazz – great info! Thanks for taking the time to research and share all this.

              It could be that our chat system sending / receiving via fairly-unusual ports is causing occasional issues with various routers or firewalls. Not sure if it’s just our server firewall or people’s home routers and firewalls that need to be open for 8080 and 4430 to send receive properly with this old chat system, but I remember that being an issue somewhere before.

              From what I understand about some of the current malware spreading around the world, if your router gets infected, or one of your other devices like a security camera, voip system, etc – most scans will show nothing. Turning the other devices off or upgrading the firmware in some cases is the only way to really fix the older exploitable IOT devices it seems.

              Interested to know if you keep having troubles or some modem tweaks made things better. Some modems / routers lock down things like certain ports, or udp, npt, upnp discovery, etc – even without a “complete firewall” running on them.

            • Hey Nash,

              appears it didn’t quite fix things. Took 5 or 6 attempts to get in again today. I saw a few people last night complaining about the same in the lobby.

              If you’d like me to test anything else out let me know.

            • Hmm. This sucks, I was really hoping we’d find something to pin it on outside of our chat server. It appears that it may just be an issue with our firewalls / security layers that are holding things up for people trying to get in. I’ll look at some other options to see what we can do.

            • Nash, The last few days I’ve been able to get on without issue at any time. If you’ve made some sort of change, that may have done the trick.

            • Woot! thanks for the update Chazz!

      • Avatar
        joanne davis (jo25)

        i get a smilar problem nash , comes up with not connected , or server sent no data , can get into nc ok , but its tough with oc , takes ages to log in , tried clearing cookies , rebooting , still tqakes 20 sometimes 30 mins bfore i can get in , any ideas ? ty xx

        • @Joanne / JO25 – sorry to hear you having some isues conencting. I hope this is a temporary issue and not a daily thing. I did some speed trace tools and looked at the lag time from your network to our chat system, and it’s not terrible – but there are a lot of miles between the two. If the internet in general is congested, this is certainly going to cause some troubles with connecting to the OC – as it’s very picky about people having no lag in the signal to and from.

          Our newer system which is not yet visible for public testing should have some more leeway with this kind of thing – so we are working on a better system. If you run into this same problem day after day, please remind me to check our (sometimes overzealous) anti-spam firewall system, as it could and does sometimes block people for more than 24 hours – and that’s a whole different system I’d need to dig into.

  50. Avatar
    joanne davis (jo25)

    hi nash a freind of mine has told me that he has encountered an old problem with the “old”chat ” and wondered if you could help. it seems that when typeing , his script changes and is unable to write or recieve messages , this only happens in old chat , not in nc or mv . any ideas ? cheers . jo25 x

    • @Joanne – not able to type or receive messages.. this can be caused by so many things – firewalls on his computer or on his router/ network, plugins in his browser, a particular browser, too many tabs open at once.

      Try a different browser first (if using chrome, switch to IE or firefox) – then check by pausing a firewall… if he is using one of those network extenders that push the internet through the electrical plugs/outlets – that is not going to work. If he is using hughes net / satellite internet – probably not going to work. The old chat is very finicky when it comes to constant connection. I will put up a less graphic page again to test running it with less javascript eventually.

      The trouble shooting things on this page were all setup to help people find connection issues with the OC – so run through those, and without knowing more about the exact setup I can’t really say.

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