Kicked or banned from chat room?

Well maybe you did something wrong, and maybe you didn’t. People are sometimes auto-kicked by the system to this page for typing one of our banned words into the chat. Did you get kicked from the room and see a message about profanity? Info about the profanity filter / banned words kicks. Click here.

Sometimes people are kicked to this page by one of our chat room moderators as a way to force people to read the rules. In most cases these “temporary kicks” will auto-expire in 10 minutes, or a few hours. This gives people a chance to read the rules and understand that they have been warned.

Every once in a while people get kicked here by accident, as sometimes when we try to kick or ban someone the user list moves and the wrong person gets sent here.

In some cases people are permanently banned when sent to this page. If you try to come back to the chat 24 hours later and the system says ‘name or ip banned’; then you have likely been “perma banned”.

The list of chat room rules that most people get kicked

18 and over only.

No one under 18, or pretending to be under the age of 18 years, is allowed to use this site.

Asking another person to pretend that they are less than 18 years old is not allowed.

Talking about sex involving anyone who is not 18 or older, even when reminiscing about your college sex days, or your first sexual experiences (if someone involved was not yet 18) is not allowed.

If you are aware of a user who is not 18 or older you need to alert the moderator(s).

Impersonating another user is strictly prohibited and will get you permanently banned from using this chat system.

No flooding the room with the same comment over and over again.


  • Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?
  • >Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?
  • > Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?
  • Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?

Phone numbers, social networking pages (Facebook, Myspace, etc), messenger IDs (yahoo, msn, aim, gtalk, skype, meebo, etc), and email addresses are not allowed in the public chat areas.


  • Call me 555-5555
  • add me on —
  • Here is my profile
  • Here is my im / yahoo / msn id! Hot/f /22/earth imma.scammer

Do not promote commercial or affiliated products, services, websites or other chat systems.


  • Check out filthy rich, hot and horny.
  • Check instant-growth-brand cock enlargement pills!

Hate speech, religious topics, and political conversations are not permitted in the public rooms. If you want to discuss such topics you may create another room.


  • Government Leaders
  • Current wars
  • Racism
  • Attacking any Faith
  • Promoting any religion

Important additional information about racial jokes, ethnic statements and hate speech here.

English Only in the main chat rooms
The main system rooms (The lobby, lesbian action, group sex room, etc.) – are English language only. If you want to chat in a different language, you can do so via pm, or better yet, create your own “side room” or user created chat room and you can use a different language there.

No continual use of complete capitol letters is allowed, unless they are used sparingly. Usage of ALL CAPITOL LETTERS is considered to be YELLING in most online chat worlds.


  • Moderator: User6903, please ease up on the caps.
  • User6903 has been kicked by Moderator

Kill, mame, cutting, snuff, etc
Maming, self mutilation, cutting, killing, dolcet, snuff, and crap like that – now banned completely, system wide.

Posting pics / videos (or links to media) of anyone who is not 18 or older is not permitted here.
This includes pics where there is no hardcore penetration or nudity.

Posting links to pics, videos, or to web sites, where the age of majority is difficult to discern, or they fall below Nash’s trust rank of 80 is not allowed.

Parasite Sites / Collections / Out of Context Sexualization
Sites that collect and sexualize in ways that were not intended by those that were in the photos / videos. (even non-nude sites!)

If you choose to post pics, or links to pics / videos – click here to read these content guidelines to determine if the media / web site fall below our trust rank.

Arguments / Drama / Flame wars, fanning

We prefer that arguments not be ongoing drama in the lobby. If you disagree with another user, agree to disagree and do not fill up the chat window with flame wars, or fan the flames either. Use the ignore / block button to silence someone who is typing what you don’t want to hear. People who continually argue, or continue to attempt to entice others in arguing can and will be banned from the site.

Harassing other users, a group of users, or the moderators is grounds for being kicked, banned, and or prosecuted. This has been a part of the terms of service since the site was started. I am re-mentioning it here to bring your attention to it, additional info is found on our terms of use page. There are serious issues with not only being kicked from the chat room, but also in us recording and giving up your personally identifying information in cases of harassment.

Harass – (from webster’s dictionary online) (1) : to annoy persistently (2) : to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct

harassment (from ) (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious. Such activities may be the basis for a lawsuit if due to discrimination based on race or sex, a violation on the statutory limitations on collection agencies, involve revenge by an ex-spouse, or be shown to be a form of blackmail (“I’ll stop bothering you, if you’ll go to bed with me”). The victim may file a petition for a “stay away” (restraining) order, intended to prevent contact by the offensive party. A systematic pattern of harassment by an employee against another worker may subject the employer to a lawsuit for failure to protect the worker. (See: harass, sexual harassment)

Be Defensive!
If there is a user who is talking about something that you do not want to hear or is continually pming you after you have asked them to stop, simply click their name on the list of users (participants panel) and select ‘Block User’ – you will not be able to see any of their comments for the rest of your login time. It’s the magical “poof! They are gone button, otherwise known as the iggy button! This could save you from getting kicked or banned, and save your sanity.

GFA Clause
If you are generally fucking annoying, you may be kicked or banned. This includes all kinds of things, and may mean different things to different people, but if for example you just type some gibberish, or try to make fun of the rules, or push the limits, or just post some stupid you tube links, or do anything else that annoys the group or one of the moderators you may be kicked or banned under the GFA clause.

Some topics and screen names are only allowed in certain niche rooms.

Edge-play / taboo terms (terms that are not well accepted in the mainstream world) are not allowed to be in the lobby. Certain discussions / screen names that may be tolerated in one room may be reason for a kick or ban in another room.

If you send private messages to people that include edge play / taboo terms and they did not ask for those types of message, you may be permanently banned from the system.


Abusive, forced sex, humiliation or rape like names or discussions are not allowed in the main rooms such as the lobby, and are only allowed in the forced sex fantasy room, a user created room, or perhaps the BDSM room, if others there at the time do not find offense to the discussion.

Any type of incest type of discussion is not permitted in any of the system created rooms aside from the family fun room.

Golden showers and the like are only permitted in the squirting room, or a user create room.

Coming into the Lesbian action room with a dick avatar, screen name that includes references to male genitalia or talking about dick / cock in the open room or via unwanted pms, will get you kicked or banned from the system. Same applies to anyone who would come into the gay / bisexual men chat room and start talking about female anatomy graphically and in the open room. This includes fictional names and terms like futa.

There are too many niche and fetish things to list here, but be aware that if you have a screen name, or engage in a discussion, or use an avatar that a majority of people in the chat room you are in find offensive, you should create your own room, or you may be asked to change, or be kicked / banned.

Nickname Guidelines

Many users include their age-sex-location in their screen name. Doing this is not necessary but it is rather helpful and will help decrease the time it takes to find a session.


  • Jenny f-25-uk
  • Sexy Man-39-TN
  • Hard4you 19-m-india
  • Wet&wild 46/f/Australia

IM IDs (yahoo, skype, gtalk, msn, etc) social networking profiles, and emails are not allowed to be used as names.


  • Imma.scammer6969(sk ype me)
  • Horselongdong at FB

Phone numbers are not permitted in names.


  • Call me 555-555-555
  • Hot phone sex!! 1-888-211-6096

Url based nicknames are not allowed.



This web site follows the ASACP guidelines for unacceptable terms – using any of the terms listed below, or similar variations in your screen name or lobby conversations will get you permanently banned from using this site.



Any name with pedophile, child, kid, or any other terms that suggest that you are underage or are looking for some one underage, or is any variation deemed unacceptable by a Moderator(s).


  • Pedro phile 24 m
  • Horny4kds 32 f
  • Lookin4HS FreshmenChicksM 18
  • Lilly f 15

The terms boy and girl are highly discouraged. If you want one of these terms in your name, you should add your age to your screen-name so that your age is made clear.


Questionable Names:

  • Young Hard Boy
  • Small Girl Pussy

Acceptable Names:

  • Lil wet girl18
  • Hard boy19

Taboo / Edge Play Terms in Screen Names

If your screen name may be offensive to a majority of people in a certain room, then you should not be there.

eg – Having a screen name with dick, cock, or eludes to such imagery in the lesbian room is not allowed.

If your screen name eludes to something taboo, make sure you are aware of the taboo terms / edge play discussions rules posted above.

Coming to the rooms with a name including rape, abuse, incest, bestiality, or another controversial term or a variation, you may get kicked from the system if you stay in the lobby. Edge-play / taboo terms (terms that are not well accepted in the mainstream world) are not allowed to be in the lobby. However, you can keep terms that are not accepted in the lobby, as long as they are allowed in the system, if you go to another room such as the forced sex room or the family fun room that do not find the terms offensive.

There is some grey area here with screen names – help!
Names like these should only be in a bdsm or forced sex type of room (not in lobby, les room, ffr, etc)

Brutal Dom
Punishing Sluts
kick my balls
Sadistic Master
degrade me please
brutal daddy
Blonde Torturer
Virgin wants to be abused
Treat you like meat
Abusive Husband
piece of shit whore for dom m

Names like these may be okay in the lobby type rooms, but if your open discussions, or unasked for pms included taboo terms, then you may be kicked or banned.

slaveboyslave here for use
A vicious Man
Deeply Depraved Master
Bondage Bitch
Sick Fucking Pervert

Additional information regarding rules in relation to taboo terms, edge play discussions, niche fantasy and role play can be found on the content guidelines page.

Chat Room Etiquette

Intro and ask before pm
Be polite; ask someone in the main chat if they would like to PM with you before start to private message them. Many people, especially women, consider PMing without asking first to be very rude.

If you send private messages to people that include edge play / taboo terms and they did not ask for those types of message, you may be permanently banned from the system.

Not all topics are allowed in the main lobbies. For this reason we have created several niche rooms, and users have the option to create their own room. If you want to take part in such discussions simply click the green arrow and door icon door-icon at the top of the chat area to change to your desired fantasy room. (See info above about taboo terms and edge play discussions and screen names)

We have an active community of regular users, also known as regs, here on our site who are usually friendly and helpful. If you’re new here, take some time to get to know the regs and the moderators. Just like in real life, the relationships online take some time to build, so hang out for a while to get to know the other users and vice versa. Enjoy the banter, the interchanges, the craziness, and the humor and you’ll be just fine. Remember, patience and courtesy go a long way to help you learn about how to use the site and help you find a person to have a great sex chat session.

Use Iggy!
The ignore button is a great feature! If someone is pming you with out permission, or saying things in the chat room that you do not want to hear, simply click their name on the list and select ‘block user.’ You will not see any comment by that person for the rest of your login period in the chat site.

The Moderators

Our chat rooms have volunteer Moderators who help people and enforce the rules to provide our users with a safe and fun chatting environment. When a Moderator is in their ‘Admin’ role, their name will appear red in the list of names to the right of the chat area. Please remember Mods are people too, who want to enjoy conversations with friends and they often have private messages and whispers that they are keeping track of along with the lobbies and other rooms. If you have a problem or witness a serious infraction you are more than welcome to pm a Moderator for help and tell them about the incident, which they will be happy to help you with.

Sometimes the Moderators will be in the room but will not appear in red. Sometimes a moderator will be in a room with a regular screen name, and not in moderator / admin mode. Sometimes a moderator or site admin could be in a room and be completely invisible. Some moderator’s names will appear as yellow or purple. If you need help go into the main lobby and ask for a Moderator, chances are that there will be a Mod logged in or someone who can reach a Moderator for you.

Please be nice to the Moderators, they are very busy people and have a lot of different things to take care of in the rooms. They can easily misunderstand something a person types, so be polite and patient! To make sure the room is taken care of Moderators are given the power to warn (an alert shows up on the selected user’s screen), freeze (the user is unable to talk for a period of time), kick (the user is removed from the room for several minutes to a day) and ban a user and their IP address from our chat system forever.

Many times our moderators will warn and or educate a user before they are kicked / banned – but this is not always the case, there is no rule that moderator must warn before kicking a user who is breaking the rules.

Got complaints? Questions?

If you have a general question or complaint about being kicked out of the chat room, you can post a message in the comment form at the bottom of this page, or use the contact us page to email Admin Nash (site owner) directly.

If you have a complaint about a Moderator or the moderator procedures, there is a Moderator complaint page where you can alert the site owner, or post a public comment asking for info.

You could of been kicked or banned by accident

The chat rooms here get pretty busy, and when moderators click on the names to kick or ban, sometimes the list moves and we end up banning the wrong person. It happens, and if it has happened to you, we apologize, it’s the moving list, and once in a while it’s human error. More than likely the list moved in the process, and the wrong person got bumped. No need to freak out though, when that happens the ban is generally temporary, and you are not added to our forbidden access list. If you were on the forbidden access list, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now.

Violating’s Terms of Service, the chat room’s rules, content guielines, or etiquette policies will result with you being kicked from our chat services temporarily or possibly being permanently banned. Some kicks/bans only last for five minutes, while other may last one hour, six hours, twelve hours, or even twenty-four hours. Users who have committed major offenses will be permanently banned. Users who were banned from the chat system and still cannot join the chat after waiting 25 hours, have been permanently banned.

It’s been 25 hours and the chat box still says name or ip is banned. Can I get this ban lifted?

Well first please read the netiquette rules, it only takes a few minutes. Please ask questions in the comments section on that page if you are unclear about any of the rules, and we will work to clarify. Double check that you understand the rules, the content guidelines and terms of service. Maybe you did something innocent and didn’t know that it violates our policies. Sometimes that happens, and if it has happened to you, send me comment below, and explain to me that you have read and understand the rules, and promise to play by them. I’ll consider the situation.

Please note –
Some of the rule infractions will cause permanent banning, and no promises or begging will get you unbanned ever. I’m not going to list all of the things that will make a ban stick forever, but just so you know, if you have posted web addresses to other commercial sites, asked for money, or played like you were not an adult, then you will be forever banned from the site. There are other things that people have done that have led to a permanent ban as well.

Before you ask about your kick or ban from the chat room in the comments below – wait at least 24 hours. Many times when a user is kicked or banned from the chat room by one of our moderators, the ban only last for 10 minutes, or an hour, or 24 hours. 90% of the time when someone asks about being banned and for how long in the comments below, by the time I get to see the comment and look it up, the ban has already expired / auto-cleared by the system.



  1. hey got banned wondering if i cld get unbanned ….thanks

  2. Nash, I just sent an email to regarding what happened late Tuesday night that caused me to get banned. I hope this time I sent it to the right email. I put my screen name in the subject line.

    • @SxyGentlemn59 – I will check that email here in a bit. Just waking up and seeing what other things are on the agenda for the night.

    • @SxyGentlemn59 – still have not gotten to this email box – and it will likely be several more hourse before I can get to it. Are you saying that you were banned, as in kicked out for more than 24 hours? Or kicked out for an amount of time, less than 24 hours and able to get back in?

      • Banned, it says account disabled. There is no hurry Nash, I know you are very busy and I have read many of these posts so I also know you are very fair. This is a sensative subject that got me banned and I’m sure that some will not welcome me back, but right is right and wrong is wrong and even as I may not be to popular for taking a stand on a sensative issue, I am sure it does not constitute a perma ban. Also, I don’t mind if you publish the email here for all to see, I may be unpopular for my beliefs, but I have nothing to be ashamed of for being truthful about my feelings.

        • SxyGent59,

          I gave you a short 30 minute kick for posting some stuff that was unsuitable for the site, I am sorry that you can’t get back in. IF you think I was harsh for doing so please make a complain to Nash here 🙂

          • I didn’t make a complaint against you Mikey or even mention who banned me in the email I sent. I think you done what you thought was best at the time, I just hope you banned those “flame fanners” that were slinging insults at me and didn’t even have any business getting in that discussion. At least I was trying to be reasonable, they weren’t. I think the most important thing here, instead of trying to put the blame somewhere, is for Nash to take a look at what happened in the chat room and the email I sent and determine if there is some fair solution so that this sort of thing don’t happen again.

            • I should have said also “Kicked” instead of banned

            • I have scanned through the complaint email SxyG – you have an interesting view point with some things. I will need to more fully consider some the things you brought up. It would be easy for me to just brush it off and say the rules are what they are, but there is more to this place here. I will likely re-read this letter a few times over the weekend, and try to write up a response, and some thoughts. I may need to consider additional information, because some things that may be okay one way are not okay when done a slightly different way, and I may need more or may provide more specifics.

              I may have gotten some more specifics from others, I saw a couple of things sent in, but have not read them yet – so all this is totally preliminary to all that and probably more.

        • @ re “says account disabled” – is this in the ‘new chat’ aka ‘nc or peeps cams chat? Or is this in the mv-chat system?

          I think there may be a weird issue with one of these when an admin tries to establish a temporary ban and they are not auto-released.

          • Nash, it was the New Chat

          • It was in New Chat.

            • @SxyGentleman – your ban may be cleared, and it may not. Some people’s web browsers need to have their cookies cleared in order for a ban to be cleared, and in some cases clearing cookies for flash is needed. So you may need to use a search engine like or duckduckgo to research how to clear cookies with your favorite web browser and maybe clear cookies in flash for windows or mac or linux or whichever OS you are using.

              Even with doing all that, your ban might not clear. Even though I have set things right on our back end, I did have one user a while back that just could not get un-banned, so YMMV. So your mileage may vary.

          • Thanks Nash for taking a close look at this issue, I appreciate that. It is a touchy issue so I will not try to debate it here or provide specifics here unless you ask for it here so others can weigh in on it. However I will be happy to provide more information and/or specifics by email.

            I think some others emailed you about what happened but for you to know what really happened you will need to read the chat from that incident because some were making accusations against me that simply were not true and trying to turn the issue into something other then what it was.

            I was was trying to have a reasonable discussion about respecting each other a few members became completely unreasonable and started throwing insults ,

            • I cleared cookies, and cache and now it says “your IP is banned”

            • @SxyGentlmn59 – I cleared that block – so now manybe you can access the NC (?)

              Until / unless we make some kind of different decision about certain things in regards to the previous discussions, please follow the mods directions for handling whatever things. It’s best to debate policy outside of the chat rooms, and to use the block button inside the chats more often than not. Today is deadline for me with several things, I may not be able to fully get into the issue until tomorrow. We’ll see.

            • I took time to read the email and write up some comments for parts of it. It’s only a first draft, and I have just started taking some of the chat log and adding some bits from that as well. You said in another comment that you would be cool with it being posted publicly, so I may post parts of it that I am making some responses to if you are still cool with that. That way others can chime in, and see some other ways of looking at things perhaps.

              I will probably put it up for the mods to take a look at in private first. I’d love to afford an editor one day, in the meantime big issues like this one may need some extra time for more considering.

            • All clear, Thanks

            • I’m cool with part or all of it being posted publicly, sometimes that is the best way for people, including myself, to see and try to understand and be sensitive to others views. Public debate also gives everyone a chance to carefully word their opinion instead of just blurting out something in the heat of the moment that may not be exactly what they meant to say.

              I understand how much of a challenge it is for you to try to provide a place where Everyone can find a room that they feel comfortable in so that we can All have fun. I also appreciate that instead of just making decisions based on your own views and beliefs, you carefully consider everyones views, beliefs, and opinions and try to make decisions that are fair for all.

              Thanks for all your time and hard work.

            • @SxyGentleman59 – I have finally published the page with some info and comments about this – – please check it out.

            • Hi Nash,
              I have sent 2 more points of view on the original email, not sure if you seen the one yet from Oct 15 and I sent one just now. And again, feel free to publish part or all of the emails I sent if you wish.

  3. I was banned and I dont kniw what, i hope its nor forever

  4. Are both NC and MV down? Can’t get into either of them.

  5. I use CB quite often but over the last few months there has been a number of rooms who PM me and basically BLACKMAIL me into tipping or I’ll be banned. Once banned there is no way of reporting the rooms bad practice. It is little loss to me, but today I was banned because I didn’t tip enough.

    • @Mattjo – very interesting situations you mention here. I have some experience with the CB portal, and know that at least some of the folks who work there are great people. I don’t have enough experience with their moderating and banning procedures to know, perhaps you can enlighten me; if you get banned from one entertainer’s room, does that kick you from the whole system or just that one room?

      • I am only banned from her room. But if this happens enough times with other performers, I will lose my account and ALL tokens on it. This is a very serious matter which I am unable to address with the CB moderators. I have created a second account and explained everything to them using the report abuse feature (which isn’t available once a person is banned from the room) So I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

        • Interesting Mattjo – I guess the main thing I would do in your situation is to avoid that particular girl’s room.

          I suppose it may be beneficial to know which girl is getting serious about her room and kicking / banning for small enough tips.

          Kind of reminds me of the night I saw Amber Lynn on stage, and people were tipping her $5 bills – she got mad and tore them up in front of the crowd, and her MC stated that she would be accepting on $20 bills and higher. This during a time when you could get pussy in your face for a single dollar. I guess those kind of antics were fine in affluent places like New York, but the rudeness / tearing up bills did not go well in the place I saw her show, and in face made it so that everyone else stopped tipping her completely.

          Maybe they need a secondary ban button that does not kick in the other main repeat ban thing that becomes an issue.

  6. hello I wanted to know why my account has been disabled if I have commited any offense maybe I apologize I have included some pictures from bad site thanks

  7. Can someone please talk to Marcy in MV? She reminds me a lot of Timmy. She’ll log in as a Guest and troll people. She has even gone as far as to talk bad about certain Moderators. She gloats about the fact that when Mikey catches her, all she has to do is apologize and he forgets all about it. This has become an every day occurrence. Thank you for your time.

    • Dear Annoyed Reg, I am sorry if my moderating is not reaching high enough standards, part of moderating is done in pm and away from the open room to keep down on the drama in the room and MArcy has been informed what shall happen if she continues. When she trolls please grab a screen shot and show to a mod or send in to Nash via email, once again I am sorry

    • The smartest thing I can do in this instance is be quiet, but I hate misunderstandings.

      Dearest sir, I sincerely apologize for any discomfort you may have suffered on the morning of July 14th. What you witnessed was a prank between me and a dear friend at a time when the room was absolutely dead and not meant to be disruptive. I do not troll people, but I do prank friends, who share my wry humor and will have a good laugh after the fact. I do not go where I am unwelcome. It is not a daily occurrence however.

      I have nothing but great things to say about all the mods here, and cannot recall speaking ill of any of them, even in the private comfort of friends. They have all been very kind to me. I think we all are a bit upset by Timmy, and may have expressed a desire for more action against him, but I understand now how hard it is for the Mods to react to his “hit and run” tactics. I am nothing like Timmy, who I personally find to be crude, boring, and unfunny.

      As for Mikey, I think you have misinterpreted a joke I made after I got a very stern warning in private. I do not receive any special treatment.

      In the future if you have concerns, and feel I have crossed a line. Please feel free to pm me and express your problem. You will find much like the 31 plus people on my friend’s list that I’m very easy to get along with and understanding.

      Thank you, once more, I apologize, and hope we can be friends, whomever you may be. Maybe we can even have fun some time…*shrugs*

  8. Hi. The other day I tried to log on and it said my ip was banned and I do not know why. Can you tell me why and if the banned can be lifted off of me.

    • Deanna – which system are you seeing this message in? the mv-chat or the nc / peeps cams chat or flashy chat or?

      • the nc/peeps cams chat

        • Deanna – you were banned. Please read and understand the ramifications of this on your permanent ban notice page.

          • I understand the ban but I did not get a warning and I do not know what I did to get banned. Is there a way I can get this ban lifted

            • @Deanna we don’t warn for a lot of things.

              Not your ban is permanent and not changing.

            • can u at least tell me why i was banned. because i dont think i did anything wrong. i was just trying to get a hold of someone because we made plans to talk one day

            • @Deanna – in this situation, no. Sorry, most of the time I am happy to engage users in the reasons for their bans. However with this situation, you have been given the info on the permanent ban notice page. I am sure you have read it. I hope you understand the consequences. Take care.

  9. Hi Nash…..,
    Ok, I’m going to do a complete factory reset on this computer. A system restore may have cleared me but i cannot locate a restore point prior to May 23rd ( date of the ban ). A factory reset will wash this entire sytem clean of everything, cookies, cache files, all browsers, downloads, etc.; it will be in the condition it was in when i first bought it. At that point, if my account is still disabled, the nothing in this device can be the cause of that; and should it still read : your account is disabled then the cause of the block is on your end.
    I’ll let you know how this worked.
    Thank you once again,


    • @janie – eek! I hate to see you have to do all that just to test if this block is affecting your computer. I mean it’s good practice to make sure that you have backups of your data likes pics and documents and such, but kind of extreme. If it’s a laptop computer, perhaps you could take it down to a coffee shop or some other place with a whi-fi connection and try to get on with a different network first?
      (knowing that connecting to a wifi somewhere without a password means that multiple people can “sniff” or otherwise view all the info that you send and receive via open wifi – so don’t type any passwords for anything via those connection options!)

      • I have no access to that nash.
        Logging into the site from another computer, with a different IP than mine would certainly work.
        But a factory reset would rule out any data in my computer as being the cause of what is keeping me from accessing the site from my own computer as no memory of the ban, cookies, cache, will exist.
        “your account is disabled” is a message coming into me from your site, which is not in my computer but on the internet. My reasoning is that if my system is clear of anything that could be maintaining the block ( in this case keeping my account ” disabled”, it’s origin is outside of my system because my system will have been 100% washed of any elements maintaining the disabling of my account; hence the disabling , at that point, is being maintained on your end. But certainly not resultant from my system;or by something about the addition of the IP block, which can only be lifted on your end.
        As for using a café wi-fi or someone elses terminal, although those would certainly work, the object is to use my computer not those.

        I’ll do the reset sometime in the afternoon or evening; My guess is that my account was not disabled by my computer but outside of it; and what’s keeping it disabled is outside of my system also.
        A factory reset will at least elIminate my system as being the cause of this.
        Should it continue reading ” your account is disabled, I would greatly appreciate your help in clearing this.

        Thank you again for your attention to this problem.


      • Hi nash. The factory reset worked.
        Thank you again for your help and effort.


        • @janie – wowza – that is good news! Gives some helpful info, and makes me stop thinking I was missing something on this end, even thought I had checked and double / triple / quadruple checked so many things so many times. So it seems there was something else going on – maybe a cookies thing, maybe something else. Glad you got back in finally, and sucks that is took so much to get that fixed.

          • I had to rule out alot of possibilities. If the problem were within my computer system then the only way to correct that was to get a new system, which is essentially what a factory reset does. A system restore may have cleared me ( but that would have been iffy ); plus I couldn’t locate a restore point prior to June 2nd ( and the ban occurred on May 23rd, so i would have restored the system to a time older than the ban. As for the problem possibly having been emanating from IE or google chrome, it’s doubtful because those do not in anyway hold anything that could cause or maintain a ban; they are just transporters, search engines; the problem had to exist either on my end or on yours. It read : your account is disabled; that could only occur from outside of my system, and an IP ban as well; but you assured me that those had been cleared. So, all that i was able to guess at that point was #1 that something in my system wasn’t recognizing the clearance or # 2 something faulty occured on your end and the clearance never happened. The total washing of my system was necessary to determine which it was.

            Thank you again for your help,
            and thank you once more for assessing the regretful incident that led to the ban and to the subsequent complications.
            Perhaps the answer is actually simpler than what I’d reasoned, but ( on ne saura jamais, as is said in french ), that is, we will never know.



  10. i d like to know why i was banned

    i wasnt even at my computer when i got banned

    • SeeksPetite, I did the ban after receiving a screengrab of you breaking a serious chat site rule, one that is an instant perma ban, Whether you meant it as a joke or not, rule still applies.

      Nash, I will send you info on the ban in the mods only area.

      • i honestly dont know what rule it was that i broke… can you give me any more details

        • @seekspetite – I am manually removing your email addy from the comment form each time. You may not know that you you have a pic associated with your email addy that gets pulled from gravatar. So for now I am trying to limit that exposure. I suggest when you leave future comments here you change the email addy you put in the box to avoid this picture association. (you can use something like – unless you intend to get comment notifications sent to your email box of course)

      • re – seekspetitie – just got it – but just waking up, need to think on this.

        • sure thank you i dont understand which rule i broke

          • @seekspeteite – I saw a screen shot that could look at a few words and say they mean nothing really, no intent within them as far as the rules are concerned. However we do have rules about discussing any sexual things that occurred before we were official adults, and rules against religious talk in the main rooms. So if you were to look at two sentences, it could be said that breaking two of the rules posted up above right?

            • so what does this mean?

              am i still banned ….

              i suppose it was my fault for not reading the rules before chatting…i apologise i am new to the site and really didnt realise i was breaking any rules

            • so what does this mean?

              am i still banned ….

              i suppose it was my fault for not reading the rules before chatting…i apologise i am new to the site and really didnt realise i was breaking any rules

              i feel this was more a case of ignorance of the rules rather than intent

          • i genuinely wasnt aware aware that i was breaking any rules at the time

  11. @ Janie, Janie I assume Nash mean you to send the details he needs to here

    • TY Mikey; I sent 2 emails, so far no reply.

      • @janie – hey girl, sorry for the delay. I got to go out on an actual date last night and was away from the computers for much longer than usual. I will check this issue out to see if I can resolve it or at least duplicate it!

      • @janie – so trying to login to your janie2 – I keep getting a message like ‘incorrect username password’ – even though I changed the password, so I think they system has put some kind of block on that account since it was made with an ip addy that was banned previously – interesting situation.

        I’ll be doing some more digging on this.

      • @janie – this is quite perplexing. I’ve tried several things and it’s all acting quite weird. I have one more thing to try, but it’s going to cause a little ripple in the new chat matrix – not sure when I should give that a whirl. Maybe a few minutes from now, maybe tomorrow. Gotta walk and think a minute on this.

        • Am I the 1st int the system for this to happento to? This is bizarre Nash…….

          Again my thanks;


          • @janie – yes, you are the first person this has happened with. Only think I can guess at this moment is that our web server’s memory has held old info in it in regards to your ip address and computer network, as I have removed the ban on your profile, and removed the ban on your ip addy in the ban users screens. Yet it’s still preventing you from accessing, and seems to also be preventing a newley created account from your network from being accessed. Quite bizarre, and troubling actually.

            I am going to do a server refresh / restart kind of thing later to day to see if I can flush the memory that way and make it so you can access. Fingers crossed that will work. We may be hitting some kind of limit on the amount of users we can handle in our member database or something – and if that’s the case, this is going to be a completely bigger issue with all kinds of things to consider. I have a couple of appointments I need to make today then I will see if I can refresh things here. Hopefully before 7pm EST.

            • Any luck Nash?
              The only other time that my IP would have been in your webserver’s memory was in May, 2013………. I was banned in a confusing incident that was sorted out, but that ban was from OC, not from NC……….I was able to get into NC and have never been ejected from it prior to this inane ” incident “………
              It still reads ” your account is disabled.
              Again my thanks,

            • @janie – I did did a NC refresh / restart a few minutes ago. Try to login there again with your original username and pass.. let me know if it works or not.

            • No success Nash. It still reads: your account is disabled. I cannot enter NC.


            • @janie – this is bad. I will check a couple more things here in a few minutes, just waking up here.

            • Any success nash?
              TY again,


            • okay Janie – I tried two more things. Give it another try and see if it works. – and to be clear -= you are trying the username “janie” exactly right?

            • Yes Nash, my user name is janie, exactly.
              After my disconnect I created janie2, same password with the exception of my adding 2 fter it.
              By appearance that was successful, but on trying to log in I could not; and it read your account is disabled.
              I attempted to create an account as janie2 prior to you clearing me in a couple of places, but at that time it read your IP is banned when I attempted to log in as janie2. It no longer states that my IP is banned.
              A question Nash. Is Flashy chat connected to New chat?, because I was able to log in there after I was banned.

              My thanks,

            • no flashy chat is not connected to the nc system. Very strange that you are still blocked janie. not sure what the heck is going on here. Can you try a different computer at your location or download a different web browser (eg – try firefox in stead of chrome)

  12. my account is still disabled Nash.

  13. That’s as nuts and as random as what they throw at you in their random pms.

  14. It appears that I have been disconnected from NC Nash. I was chatting and then abruptly disconnected. When I tried to reconnect, I could not; there was a notice saying that my account was disabled. Would you kindly look into what happened?
    My thanks,

    • @Janie – just responded here: – not sure of the reason at this time. I can check on it, however maybe you see some of the rules listed above that may have applied to you at the time?

      • I see nothing listed above that I may have done or said for a mod to ban me. In fact there wasn’t much exchange in the room. There was one guy there whose entire name I forget, but it began with the letter F. He was an unfriendly, pretty beligerant person. What I distinctly recall was that in pm ( He pmed me ), he expressed himself in an extremely diagreeable manner. I remember him saying ” pulls you by the hair” and ” I’m starting to like you more and more girl”. But that was in pm not in the room, so I can’t prove it. What I did do was copy his words and paste them in the room and said to those of my friends there something to the effect of ” look at this jerk” . I remember saing” probably a ‘boon” I remember him asking ” boon?” And I remember answering” baboon” I and my friends refer to the trolls that from time to time harass us as apes and baboons or ‘boons, a common, short way to say baboon; or we’ve said ‘foons as a short way to say buffoon. It’s an ” in” comment or joke between friends. I am also aware that the term ‘boon is a pejorative one, and an old pejorative one at that, to reference a certain ethnicity. But that was nowise the meaning of my use of the word ‘boon; and my history, as a long term user of your site bears this out. I do not hurl ethnic slurs. My guess, Nash, is that the not widely used ( nowadays at anyrate ) derogatory twist of ‘boon was what may have been the mods association and his or hers motivation to eject anc ban me. As for the guy who’s name began with F, I don’t know what he may have said following our exchange, because I blocked him.
        Incidental to what I’ve told you, there was another guy there…. with numbers in his name… 9’S, but he is vague; I also rember that he and one or two others were rapidly flitting in and out of the room, ( that caught my attention ). The last that i recall before being disconnected was posting a musical link from youtube ( Camelot ) from the play of that name; and, then the appearance of a mod shield, a mod whose name began with A, and who i’d never seen before then.
        If my ban was based on the mods inference to my meaning, or the inferences of anyone else who was there, it is wrong. Because I clarified my self immediately when F asked, ” boon ” by saying ” baboon”. And Nash, that guy certainly acted like a ‘boon ( baboon ) in that PM.
        Having looked at the list thatbyou directed me to look at, I saw nothing else even closely related to that incident.
        If it is in fact something else, I am unaware of it.
        I hope that my good behavioral record of the last 4 Years goes to help me here.
        I know that you will interpret this fairly.
        I’ve told thebtruth of the matter;
        my thanks,

        • Hello folks,

          First I was not in the site when the above kick /ban happened so not making any comments about it but a general statement hoping people read and hopefully take the advice given. Please please instead of going along with trolls, use the block button instead, if someone sends you unsolicited pms that are not wanted so much easier just blocking, I know us mods push the block button agenda, and it’s great when someone can mentally block without using it, but it makes it easier all round stops people getting involved in drama.

          Have fun.


        • okay janie – thank you for the info – this may be helpful in remembering the issues when I get in touch with the mods who were in the room at the time.
          Without all the details I am guessing that you and a couple others were banned at the same time for arguing, fanning the flames, drama, harassment basically. We have rules about all those things, and have etiquette suggestions including info posted on the old challenge to the regs that keep people from getting pulled into these kinds of public bashing that often leads to lots of people being upset and some kicked or banned.

          Of course this is just a guess at the moment, I will get in touch with the rights mods and see what else I can figure out, hold tight.

          • Thank you so much for looking into this Nash.
            There was just one mod in that room that night ( or at least the only one identifiable as a mod because he/she was wearing their mod shield ), and the name began with the letter A.

            à propos the drama, the arguing, harrassment, may I comment?
            Those of us who were regulars at NC, for the most part, left OC precisely because of that. NC’s population was much smaller and in truth it was a pretty pacific site. It overwhelmed the majority of us when OC suddenly spilled into NC. It was like we were flooded with refuse from a burst sewer main which took the form of very inappropriate pms …..We were suddenly drowned out and besieged by the sort of people we wanted to avoid at OC… OC isn’t gone, it’s now in NC…. And it takes alot to readjust and cope with what came from OC. Lord! even the very names are often effronteries; I and many of my friends have used the block option, and my block list has grown to well over 100 people since OC flowed in. I’d have stories abounding , but this is not the time nor place to relate them, as they don’t directly relate to the issue at hand, which is my future on the site.
            I am beyond eager to get back to dear friends; some of whom I’ve known for 4 years.
            Again, thank you for you’re quick attention to this…….


            • yeah I’ve got an email out on this issue, and thing is my time zone and crazy sleep schedule is not real conducive to most others, and given different time zones and stuff – it would be easy for an email from me not to get seen for like another day – and then an email back to me to be another day or two after that. So it could easily be a few days before I have more info on this, or details could come in 10 minutes from now.

              In regards to the flood of peeps from the oc to the nc – yeah, kinda of sorry about that. I am glad that people are using their block buttons, and it almost sounds like it may be better for some of the old nc regs to move to a sideroom, perhaps password protected in order to regain the old ‘rarely bothered’ feel for that system. If only I could add the option to be in more than one room at the same time like we have in the mv-chat system, that kind of thing would be easier to suggest. Maybe after I get some more updates rolled on in the mv-chat system there will be less annoying people in the NC – we’ll see how that all goes in the coming months. Yeah, conversations about these things are probably better on the site suggestions page or somewhere else around here. Anyhow I’ll let you know what I find out about the ban thing when I can.. if you don’t hear back from me in like 24 hours, a reminder comment is fine.

            • @janie – during this exchange did you tell someone to go kill themself? or something along those lines?

          • I’d personally not trust Janie on this. She can lie and be quite hateful. I have a very old chat log saved of her going off on someone, that I saved mostly because it was entertaining in how crazy it was. I’m really not surprised by this.

            • ” ANONYMOUS”…..I’ve never seen your name before, and let me tell you that in all of the 4 year’s that I’ve been on this site, if i ever got angry and ” went off ” on someone, it was because I was defending myself. If I don’t defend myself, who will? I very often use the block option, as should i be allowed to re-enter, i’m going to use very often ( better yet, i’d set my pm’s for friends only ).
              As for vitriol carried to miserable lengths, I’ll cite a few examples here of it that were directed at me: I’ll use the name of the perpetrator because what he was doing he did in the HOME room of NC, i.e., Mr. Mushy, who posted numerous put downs of me, such as posting that I was ” a fucktard ” and other such messages; there were many witnesses to it as his typing was etched in the room; among those who saw were close friends of mine and certainly anyone who’d entered the room while the etchings remained there. As for my communications with Mr. Mushy, they were nil; I met him accidentally one day about 1 year ago on OC in one of the bawdier rooms. He noticed my presence there and pmed to ask for cybersex; I declined; from that time he began his typing put downs in the room i mentioned at NC; a few times, seeing him on NC, I pmed him to ask what his problem was; but he would never reply, he’d leave the site.
              Another was chattyman, with whom there has been a mutual dislike for a long time, the last exchange was upsetting as he said that if i did not block him he would make life a living hell for me on the site. He said this in Pm. Ordinarily this would be hearsay, but i sent copies of his threat to a slew of my friends, so they are witnesses to the text. About a week ago i discovered that he didn’t block me either, which was what his demand was before he uttered his threat; i did not trust him so i did not block him, as i’d have no way of defending my response should he were to post in open chat….when you block someone you are blinded to their comments. ( By the way Nash, Chattyman is also registered as Quietman, and at one time as anna4321; this was a very common practice with many, starting multiple accounts; the sole purpose of which is trickery and disguise; it was rampant on OC and happened with less frequency on NC; but one way that may reduce the chicanery and friction might be to eliminate the deception and limit users to 1 account and 1 user name ).
              Suffice those two examples.
              Anonymous: why don’t you post under your real user name, instead of disguising yourself and chiming in here with vague, unsubstantive comments? All that you’ve concretely contributed here is YOUR personal feelings about me, a groundless, and subjective opinion that I am a hateful person, a revelation that you save old chat logs about me ( about how many others also?), that you saved it because you found if amusing, and that you thought it was crazy ( do you save old chat logs and wait for a time that they may be of use to you, or do they provide ongoing amusement for you? ); and that you are not suprized……by what? Are you coming out against the other two people who were simultaneously ejected when I was? No. You chose to conceal you user name in the hope of influencing Nash’s consideration of this matter, which I assure you cannot happen. If anything it bespeaks a petty cowardice about you, whoever you might be behind that ridiculous veil of anonimity.
              I have many friends on my friend list, accumulated a fairly large number of popularity votes. Surely that did not come about because I am lying and hateful and crazily vicious. I and my friends here joke, listen to music, chat. Not I nor they save chat logs to some day use to get those we might care for eliminated from a chat site. We’re actually caght up in having a good time with one another. What you did, namely, posting anonymously and without question for the purpose of seeing me banned is cowardly.
              I told the truth Nash, throught this whole communication of the last 3 days.

              one question ANONYMOUS: Can you lie? Are there people who might see you as being hateful?

      • I thought my ban had been lifted Nash?

        • @janie – it should be. I cleared it in two different places. Is there still an error showing?

          • Yes. It reads: your account is disabled.

            • @Janie – I am looking at the account ‘janie’ – in the nc / new chat / peeps cams chat.. and it’s been changed from banned / blocked to not banned / blocked. Could be a bug in the system.. or could be a cache / cookie issue.

              when you go to the chat page, hold down the shift key while clicking reload / refresh – see if that clears the cache and then works. If not, I’ll need you do clear the cache / cookies for your browser and try. It’s different for different browsers, but a google or search should turn up the info for your browser of choice.
              (and you could also just try a different web browser on your computer like switch to firefox from chrome or something) – but this could ALSO be a cache thing within flash.. so I may need to dig up how to clear cookies / cache within adobe floash.. hmmm..

            • Trying. I’ll keep you posted Nash. TY

            • Nothing worked Nash. I did all you told me; refreshed while holding shift; deleted all cookies, btowsing history; Instead of Chrome, I tried IE; no success; it still reads your account is disabled.I even created a new account as janie2; that was successful; but on trying to log in i was prevented. It still read: your account is disabled.
              Last night, after speaking to you I try creating an account also. Then it read your IP is banned.
              Now it just reads: your account is disabled.

            • @janie – thanks for the info – I’m looking in multiple places trying to hunt down this issue.

            • janie – I may have to change your password and try logging into your account from here to see if I can find something that works or doesn’t work. I am not seeing blocks on the main block things. So something else odd is going on. If I do change your password and login to your thing, I’ll need to email you your password and not post it here in the public comments obviously.

            • Something appears to reverse your clearing of me and re-blocks me. If I am understanding this at all.

            • Sure Nash. I’ll give you my password, and the password to the account I created tonight. But is it safe to type it here?

            • yeah @janie -0 what mikey said here:

              really you don’t have to give your pass, cuz I can change it… you’ll need to send me an email in order to get a new one though. ( )

            • Okay Nash, sent it.



          • Did you receive the e-mail Nash? Waiting for my password.

            Thanks again.

  15. Did you faggots ban me?

    • Dunno maybe Platonic, your language makes me thing you would be one that ends up on the ban list sooner or later. I don’t have any way to check the ban list at the moment.

    • If you are Grimm, yes you did get a 12 hour kick for being abusive to other chatizens, despite the repeated warnings to calm down, I even offered you the option to rant in my pm box instead of in the open room, TBH Grimm you looked like you had a good drink (And it also looked like the drink was talking) so the 12 hours are to let you sleep it off.

    • No Nash. That’s rediculous. I did not.

      • That’s absurd. If that is anyone’s words, they are bizarre.

        • The exchange in that room was extremely brief; I told no one anything like that! That’s as nuts as most of the things they throw at you randomly in their random pms.

      • @Janie – well dang I was hoping you’d say yes so I could confirm I was messaging about the right thing / right time. Okay more digging, I’ll get back to you on this soon.

        • Thank you Nash. Never would i suggest to someone that they kill themselves; this is ludicrous.


          • @ Janie – I have cleared your ban at this time. I was unable to get enough info to be sure about some things that could of been related to you, or in relation with a couple others who were banned at the approx the same time. If more info comes in, we may need to re-visit or re-instill this ban. However I think at this time the odds of me getting more concrete info from that particular day are slim. Please be sure to follow all of the rules and guidelines so there is no doubt. Don’t let others suck you into drama that could get you and others all banned for silly reasons.

            take care.

            • Thank you so much Nash.
              One last reiteration, whatever the guy whose name began with F said after I’d blocked him, I cannot know because it was blocked and invisible. As to who else might have been banned, I don’t know that either; if they were at anytime in the room with me, they obviously didn’t appeal to you as I don’t see names here even remotely resembling theirs.
              The comment from ANONYMOUS was a bit upsetting; it may have been one of them; but then again not because that person said that they had an old chat log and it may be some generally disgruntled person copying the chat of whomever does not meet his or her approval.

              My sincere thanks once more,


            • My account is still disabled Nash, and I cannot renter NC.


            • @janie – I found that and cleared it there now. Let me know if it still doesn’t work now.

            • It’s still disabled Nash and I can’t enter.

            • My account is still disabled Nash.
              ” janie ” is the only account i’ve had.
              “janie2” was just a test; it read that it was successfully created, but when i attempted to login, i wasn’t able to. It read: you’re IP has been banned. You should be able to log in as janie because you’re IP is different than mine.
              What is the next step in creating a new account for me?
              …………You lifted the ban yet I’m as good as banned….. I cannot access the site.
              I’d appreciate your help here.

              My thanks


            • @janie – I really don’t understand what the problem is. I’ve tried release your ban in several places, refreshed the server ram system, and checked all kinds of things. Only thing I can think of is maybe there are cookies or cached files in your browser that need to be cleared. If you use a different computer from that would be clear. At this point I can’t really figure out why it’s still keeping you account locked out.

  16. Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs

    Just to let you know I have acces again. Sorry for bothering you.

  17. Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs

    Hi Nash, just tried to logon and it’s saying my nickname or ISP address is banned. I haven’t been kicked or anything so am wondering if it’s one of your broad range bans? Thank for your help. Silk

  18. Hi, I seem to be banned? I don’t know if it’s permanent or not, and I’m not sure why I was banned? I’ll tr to relog in later, but for right now, I can’t seem to lo in. Thank you for listening 🙂

    • @cumbag – yes your ban is set to permanent. I can research the official reason if needed, however given the screen names of others that were banned at about the same time, I am going to guess that maybe you were in a room with someone going by a screen name of something like teen dick something? If that’s the case then it should be easy to figure out why you were banned, from reading the top 10 rules posted at top of the page I think.

      • Last thing I remember doing on the site is hopping into a room run by a steph26, the room name might have been teen dick something, though I can’t be sure.

        I’ve read the top tens rules list, and I can’t think of any thing I did to warrant getting banned. I had logged on, went to a room, said hi to the room creator, steph26, and then was banned. I truly do not know what I did to get banned, and while I understand if you choose to keep my ban permanent, I hope you reconsider my case. I’ve made a lot of friends on this site, and I don’t want to be permanantly banned for what I feel was a simple mistake on my part.

        If given a second chance, I can only promise my best to try and obey the rules, and toe the line, as it were. Please, research the official reason,give me a second chance, that’s all I ask from you, sir.

        Thank you, and thank you for listening.

        • @ cumbag – I am double checking on this. Probably be another 18 hours or more before I get more info.

          • Thank you for looking into this 🙂 I realize you don’t have to, and it’s a inconvienince on your part, and I truly thank you 🙂

            I just want to reiterate that I did not knowingly break a rule, but if I did, I am sorry for it, and I’ve re-read the rules to familiarize myself with them, so if I’m allowed back it, this won’t happen again.

            Again, thanks for taking the time to look into this 🙂

            • @cumbag – turns out you were in a room that had a title and subject that is against our top ten rules. So this ban is set to permanent, and this is your permanent ban notice.

            • Might I ask what the title was in violation of? I have to assume it was either underage related, hate speech related, religion related, or it was a harrasement room against somebody on the site?

              I admit, I didn’t pay much attention to the room title, and I’ll own up to that, but I will say here and now, I do not go in for underage play, I don’t talk about religion or politics on the site, and I harbor no animosity to anyone of the site, mod or user. I get along with most people, and the people I don’t, I try to ignore.

              You don’t have to believe any of this, and you’ve made your decision, but I did not knowingly enter a room with the intent of breaking any rule. If I had been aware of what the room was about, I would not have entered. Again, I confess to not paying more attention to the room title, and that is entirely my fault. But if there is anything I can do, to prove I can come back on the site, I will do it. I don’t want to lose any of the friends I’ve made here, and I greatly enjoyed coming to this site.

              I entered into a room I shouldn’t have, fine. I, at this time, am not sure what the room was about because I did not pay enough attention to the room topic or title, fine. I did not engage in any conversation, more to the point, I did not have time to engage in conversation before being banned, if you keep records, they will bear me out on this.

              If it truly is your final decision to ban me forever, I will accept the decision with as much grace as I can muster, though I will miss this site more then you might know. I’ve had great times here, made great friends, and got to meet a lot of good people. But please believe, I do not harbor anyone ill will, I do not and never will engage in underage play, and I never talk about religion or politics on your site.

              Nash, please, I’m literally begging you. Let me prove I can come back, I can follow the rules like I always have, save for this single occasion. Either way you decide, I will understand. Thank you for your time, and thank you for your consideration.

            • @cumbag – at this moment I am not sure of the title or the room or the description at the time. I will check. I do see that the room owner had a name that is in violation. I can check timing, but not from my current location. Whether or not we will consider changing this or not, this situation is certainly worth moderator discussion. So I will bring it up.
              The person who opened this particular room has been a pain in the ass for a while, and is causing many to get banned. It such a major issue that I changed the welcome text of our chat room to warn people that any chatting with this person would likely find themselves dealing with the issues outlined on the permanent ban page. These issues can actually be much worse than just being blocked from chatting here, so I hope people take these warning seriously.

              Anyhow I will continue this discussion with the mods, it is less likely to change anything with you ban, but it may be a good bit of info to consider. This discussion and research will likely take at least 48 hours.

            • Hello Nash.

              I don’t mean to be a bother, and I understand research and discussion might be taking a while, but I was just wondering if there had been any progress with my case? It’s been a week, and I havn’t heard anything one way or the other.

            • @cumbag – did more research and I can’t confirm things one way or another – I assume you are well aware of our rules at this point, and I am clearing your ban right now, this time. Make sure you do not enter a room that is against our rules / terms.

            • Thank you, Nash. I’ve read the rules at least 3 times since my ban, and I’ll do my very best to not break any of them again.

              I thank you for this second chance, and I won’t be in a hurry to waste it, I can assure you 🙂

  19. hey, i have just first started using this site, and its saying i am banned, yet i have never been on here before. i have only just moved in with my GF and our wifi has only just been connected so it would have been impossible for me to do anything ban worthy,
    sorry for the inconvenience

    • @callie – yes indeed, you ran into an old broad range ban / block that was against someone else that uses the same ISP as you do. This one is like years old. since you posted a note here I looked it up and cleared that block. You should be able to access now.

  20. Hi,
    I was kicked/banned this evening for having the word “Futa” as part of my name in the lesbian room. I understand that this is a violation of the rules and it can also be insensitive to girls who want nothing to do with men. I have made some good friends and of course playmates there and I would really appreciate if I am given a second chance. I apologize sincerely for breaking the rules and hope the mods will reconsider.


    • Emily – your ban has been marked as permanent. This is your permanent ban notice.

      I will mention your statement here to the other mods, and perhaps additional details will surface. However from the brief mod notes I will assume that additional details I will receive will only reinforce that the decision to ban you permanently from our chat rooms is the proper thing to do.

  21. Is the chat room down?

  22. Hello. I tried to log on over the last couple of days and it seems like I’m banned. I don’t do under *comment edited by admit to remove unwanted term in search indexing – end admin edit* or any of that kinda stuff so don’t know why it happened, especially because I wasn’t kicked or anything, no mod spoke to me, and the last time I was on but left when I was done chatting. Can you at least let me know what I did?

    I understand why you need to keep tight controls over this kinda stuff and I have reported people trying to be unde*comment edited by admit to remove unwanted term in search indexing – end admin edit* etc before but don’t get why I’m banned.


    • @Carl UK – I dig some digging, and the broad range bans for blocks of isps in and around your country are complicated in our setup. It could be that we blocked 500,000 ip addys at one time in order to block an entire ISP in (insert random country near yours here) – and some of these blocks are beyond their range and end up blocking some that are in the range of the ISP that you are currently using at this time.
      It may be that we placed a manual ban against you specifically, but I am not sure at this time. This may be the ripple effects of a ban we placed for someone else.

      Wait, now I found the issue in a different ban list / system… this is certainly placed for someone else.. and a long time ago.. I will clear that now.

  23. Hello I have just been banned, it was my own fault really. I was kicked for no reason when I joined a slutty Hogwarts rp room. As soon as I logged in I was kicked and I suspected them of breaching the code of role playing as children so out of anger I decided to troll them by logging in as a banned name. It was my own fault and I accept responsibility for it. I would never role play as a child or engage in peadophillea, I was merely trying to call them out on their lack of morality by parodying them. I feel like I was banned even tho my heart was in the right place. Please reconsider banning me as I am a very active member of this site.

    • #Jaina – anyone who engaged in childish discussions or screen names that advertise they are into underage things is banned – whether they are serious, or kidding, or whatever. We take this kind of thing very seriously and always have. I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with the information on this permanent ban notice page.

      • I have looked through your permanent ban notice and from the sound of things it looks like I am gone for good. I deeply regret my actions and I fully understand your position on it. All I can do is say I am sorry and hope that my actions serve as a warning for others. My one moment of stupidity cost me dearly. Thank you for providing a great site that I will deeply miss.

        • Jaina Proudmoore – thank you for taking the time to understand our position on the permanent bans. Several others have joined you in this permanent ban group this past week. Thanks for the apology and I hope you understand that we have many reasons for these things. Take care.

          • Sorry to ask this of you but can you recommend another site like your own where I can carry on making my room for people of similar tastes? I have learned from my mistake. My main concern is for the people who used to visit me in the WoW rp room. I feel like I have let them down in a big way. If not thats ok, just please send my apologies to my regulars and tell them that I will miss them.

            • Also please keep an eye on a room called “A Slutty Hogwarts” It was them that I was trolling and not “A Hogwarts BDSM room” Both rooms are normally run by a char named Hermione. One is very nice and understands that no person there is rping as a person under the age of consent. The other is rude and kicks at random. I think she may be trying to fool ppl in to her room. Once again I am sorry and I will say my last good bye to you. Please tell ppl that its better to report these suspicions to you and not do the dumb thing that I did.

            • @Jaina – thank you for the concern and information. We have been made aware of this room recently, and we have been discussing our methods for informing users about our rules in regards to things like this. Very similar to a discussion we had in mid 2014. It does appear that there has been some confusion among some about this. I believe that those who are the main users of such a room are aware of our rules and policies. If there is a fake troll trying to ruin that roleplay with fake rooms on occasion, that is another issue that is tricky to handle. We will keep an eye open and our ears as well.

              Without getting into too many personally identifying details, I will say that a few people have been banned this week that were found to be impersonating and stirring things in a similar manner. We will continue to enforce our rules and policies, and those who engage in those things will find themselves in the midst of the issues that are outlined on our permanent ban notice.

            • Jaina – Of course the big search engines are a place to start looking, I suggest duckduckgo and for those searches. I am not aware of any others that allow people to create their own rooms, however I am sure there are some out there. It’s just that the main group of sites that I have looked at in the past did not have that option, however I know we are not the only chat site on the planet with these options, although I do not recall finding a similar one within the first 5-10 pages or so of google searches in the past.

            • is there any chance I will ever be allowed back on?

            • @Jaina – No.

            • 🙁 I am sad to leave your site. Please understand that I was not trying to engage in underage rp. I just lost my temper at those that were or at least I thought were. I am sorry for trying to take the rules in to my own hands. Please understand that this is my real crime. Also make it clear to all who want to act the way I did that they need to report it to a mod and not do something stupid like me. Would you allow my old members to contact me by the email I have given you?

            • May I please be allowed back on for a time of one week, just to contact my old people and let them know where to find me?

            • @Jaina – no sorry, this kind of ban is a permanent ban, anyone who is banned for similar reasons is given the permanent ban notice information, which has some serious privacy issues surrounding it should someone attempt to access again without permission. I am sure if people ask around certainly they will find someone who knows how to get in touch with you.

  24. I don’t know why but i am perma banned. I haven’t been at this site for some months now because of that.

    • @Hot bi man – It appears that you were banned, and bans from that time frame do not have reasons saved in our quick access system. I don’t know what you did to get a ban, although I could research it and perhaps come up with that info. I am surprised that you do not “know why i am perma banned” – most people can figure it out pretty quick reading the information posted above.

  25. I was banned the other day because I was signed in multiple times, and I was unaware that that was against the rules. I apologized and talked to Mikey(tm) who banned me and he said that it was all good because I didn’t know I was breaking a rule. I do apologize for making the mistake, I was used to other sites where you could be in multiple rooms at once. I won’t be making that mistake again if I am unbanned. Please help me out here. Thanks for your time.

    • @Rockostrong – okay I will clear this now. Make sure you know all the rules, terms, privacy policies, content guidelines here.

      • Thank you, it is greatly appreciated. I’ll make sure I know more about what is allowed and what isn’t in the future and won’t log in multiple times at the same time going forward.

  26. Hello, please unban.

    • #Guy – I do not see you in the main ban list. Is there a message that says you are banned?

      • Hey. Nope, it just won’t load the chat at all. I can’t connect to *edited by admin to remove url from SE indexing end Admin edit* even though it says it’s online. On my phone I can, but the chat won’t run there, so I thought I’m IP banned or something like that.

        • @Guy – it appears that we blocked 130,000 IP addys that your ISP uses to assign to it’s users, at this moment I am not sure if that block was intended to block you specifically, or someone else in your area of the world. I could do some digging. It may speed up the process if I know what screen name you have used in the past.

          • oh, it’s been about a year since I’ve last been here. but I used generic names like “little bro”, not sure if that helps much

            • @Guy – I would need to go through a ton of old notes and deal with de-crypting tons of logs to go back that far searching to see if you were the one that caused this ban to be placed. If you want to send in your ID and a photo of you holding that ID using the “get verified page here” – then I could perhaps get this cleared. Otherwise I am more inclined to just leave this permanent ban in place.

      • I’m sorry if this is the wrong way to post on here, but how do I start a comment of my own to talk about being banned? Thank you in advance for your help.

  27. I played underage for a guy, and he “reported” me when I wouldn’t finish the rp with him (which involved some seriously messed up stuff). I definitely won’t make that mistake again… can you please free me from the ban?

  28. Hello I have been banned from all main channels because I send an incest pic of mother and son and I think I have a permanent ban because I am banned more than 24 hours please do something!

  29. i was copying and pasting links in the porn share room and i posted one with the word “fap” in the address and it edited it out and told me id be kicked for profanity. I know it’s not profanity but whatever. I passed a few up that said it again and I pasted another one and it did the same thing but the word it called profanity was “fantastic”. Idk what thats about, I’m guessing you dont want us pasting links from these sites and thats cool but it would be awesome if I could be unbanned for this.

  30. Not sure if I’m banned. I don’t get into the chat to tell me “you’re banned”, instead I can’t even connect. It just says “The server at is taking too long to respond.”. It loads on my phone but there’s no java for it to properly work.

  31. I used a highly immature pun-based name for the purposes of antagonizing a persistent teenaged nuisance via his room. Which was absolutely dumb and childish of me.

    I’ll be keeping out of that mess and guarantee it won’t happen again.

  32. Am I stuck on part of a broad range IP address ban perhaps? I ask because I was logged in just last night without issue and I believe my IP address cycled this morning. I understand the reason behind broad range bans (I’ve done chat moderation myself before). Just struck me as odd as I’ve been coming here for many years without any incident or trouble whatsoever…

    • @Spectre – yep, got stuck in an old broad range ban. I’ve cleared it for now, but there is a slight chance that I may have to re-enable that block if I find there is an issue that could be related to your access, although at this moment I do not believe that to be the case.

    • Must have been the old broad ban on boinking someone so hard up the butt that it comes out their mouth. :p

  33. Hi! Excuse me, I want to log in but it won’t let me! There is no way to access and I haven’t done anything wrong. What could I do? The message that keeps appearing is “start videochat” and that only VIP members can log in. I hope you can help me.

  34. sorry to put this in two places, but i couldn’t find my other comment. i was logged on sunday and not chatting with anyone. i got kicked out, and the banned messages came up. I wasn’t warned that i know of, and haven’t been able to get back on.

    thank you.

  35. *Entire comment delete by Admin – This comment was a duplicate for the same comment / same person on the moderator complaints page – it has been published and replied to there already. *

  36. I learned a few days ago that I was banned? I don’t even know what I did.

    • Executive43 – How did you learn that you are banned?
      I assume you have read the rules above (?)

      • i was kicked to here and said i was banned and i dont no what i did wrong and if i did i am sorry user name will45 and email is *edited by admin to remove email addy being publicly posted end edit*

        • will45 – did you read the info posted above? Anyone who violates one of the top 10 or so rules is perma-banned.

          • yes i did so if you could get back to me and let me know how long i am banned for i appreciate it and if its a perma ban thank you

            • and if it is a permament could i please have a second chance and i promise to follow all the rules because i never been warned of any thing before this happened it just went to band so i would really appreciate a second chance

            • @will – ban cleared. Make sure you understand the rules posted above, and our content guidelines. It’s serious stuff.

  37. DominantAndDegrading

    I’m banned now? I was having a nice conversation and my browser crashed (which happens more often than I’d like) and when I reloaded it, it said my unsername or IP address has been banned. What happened? Is this a temporary glitch? A permanent thing?

    • @DominantAndDegrading – Have you read all the information published above?
      Have you been warned about anything in the past?

      These are kind of rhetorical questions really. Yes ban is permanent. Please do not return to our chat rooms.

  38. Please unbann. I´m sure I´m insensitive, but would love to have it spelled out by some. Sorry. In the dark over here.

  39. Hi, I was on your site yesterday and had no issues, I don’t even recall seeing a mod, and today it’s telling me im banned. Could you please look into this for me? Thank you.

  40. Hi, I have no idea what happened early this afternoon. I signed on and went to my usual room user created room, I went to get something to drink and when I came back I found I had been banned. I was on earlier this morning and everything was fine. I know I am suppose to wait for 24 hours before sending this and it has only been 5 hours , but I was hoping to chat with a friend later tonight and wondered if you could please look into this. I didn’t have a chance to chat with anyone privately or even post anything in the room before I was banned so I am not sure what happened. I am not aware that I violated any rules. I have been chatting here for over a year and enjoy the chatroom very much. I appreciate any help with this!

    • Sally 55 – you had a screen name that violates our screen name rules. Given that your screen name had a number in it that was not 19 or 55 or 21… You would probably have to send in a copy of your id for age verification. We have some info on how to do that on our get verified page.

      • If you do this get verified picture and ID thing – please leave a comment here in the blog section noting that. As the email box those go to get slammed with lots, and I mean thousands of emails a day – so I do not check every email in that box often. However if I know that someone is sending something important I look closer / more often into that system.

        • Oh no! Now that makes total sense….and I am quite embarrassed. Apparently I ‘fat fingered’ my name, which has been Sally 55 since my birthday in July (and before that was Sally 54). I see now that, certainly, if the first number was changed to a ‘1’ that would be a problem and a clear violation of the rules listed, which I totally understand! I have never made this mistake before, and promise I will double-check my sign-in name from now on. Is there any way you can forgive an honest mistake, just this once. I totally understand that, clearly, having those 2 numbers after my name was a clear violation, but I never meant to do that and if I would have actually sent a message instead of going off for a drink, I probably would have noticed it. If there is anything you can do to lift the ban without doing the whole verified ID thing I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for your consideration.

          • Sally 55 – I have to run an errand, when I get back I can check some logs to verify your story here and see what I can do.

            • Thank you, Nash. I really appreciate your quick reply and communications. I enjoy my time in the chatroom and the friends I have made there. I totally understand and respect the rules that you have and know that you are very strict about them, with good reason. It is one of things that makes me feel very safe in your rooms. I made a very stupid mistake and I do hope that you will see that I am often in the rooms and conduct myself according to the rules (well, yes I have had a few ‘time outs’ for posts with sites that I didn’t know were no-no’s). I too have no tolerance for any sort of under-age activity and that was certainly not my intent. I am keeping positive thoughts that you will forgive me this one time. Thank you, again, for your consideration.

            • @Sally 55 – you are clear now.

            • Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I promise, I will not be signing in without looking at my screenname and the numbers after it at least 3 times! I really appreciate your help and understanding!

  41. Hi, I was out of town for a couple of weeks without logging into the site. Upon returning found that my username/isp had been banned. No warning and I am not sure why I have been banned.


  42. someone named mark, who should not be here because of reasons, calls himself unbannable and keeps flooding chat with his profile from another chat. bikerdad has banned him once but then left.

    • @bubblegumbitch – I appreciate the concern with this particular issue. I have done a little digging and decided to move things to a level 2 ban for this jerk. It will now be much more difficult for this person to access the chat rooms now. Should he attempt to return again he will find himself on the level of getting reported to ISPs and authorities for violating our terms of service.

      • Seems like the same person is back. They are named teen dick 15, usually appears when there’s no mods around. They made a room today. Looks very similar to mark, who also claimed to be that age and also from canada, trolling like mark.

        • bubblegumbitch – thank you for reporting this issue. I will be digging into some logs to see what ISPs to ban with this latest round, and putting together more info for our upper level handling of this issue.

  43. I asked a mod, Mikey, about what looked to be a guy using my same log in name and he told me he would check on it, then told me that it looked like it was actually me and that there must be a server error. Next thing I know I was kicked, and now I’m banned and can’t log in under any name. Really sorry I brought it up….can you get me reinstated, please?

  44. i read what you suggested nash and it was understood. please free me from this
    ban. it won’t happen again i promise. please

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