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There are tons of guys live on web cam right now! The guys featured here on our live cams page have open, free chat rooms that you can enter and enjoy for free. Don't bother to ask them to get totally nude in the free rooms, they won't. These guys love to get naked on cam and are just a click away from the private, one on one live cam room! Our favorite place to find hot guys sharing live video is with the flirt for free network.

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While there are more and more men getting online and doing professional live cam shows, there are still not nearly as many men doing pro cam sex as there are women. At any given time you can find hundreds or thousands of women doing live cam sex, but most times of the day you are lucky to find a dozen or so men available for live cam sex. There are many possible reasons for the shortage of pro cam guys.

The first thing to consider is that there are only so many really hot guys in the world that are available to do live cam sex. As to where you can find hundreds of men willing to show their dick in free chat rooms around the internet, most of the average guys who are online are not what most women would consider really hot. Given that doing pro cam shows is a premium entertainment, most average guys just would not get people willing to pay to see them strip.

Doing pro cam shows requires a lot of professionalism, the ability to handle many types of situations, and to have excellent communication skills. Most of the average men I know just do not have the ability to be charming to lots of different people for extended periods of time. The cam guys who really make it online doing paid sex cam action need to handle so many different types of men and women who want to talk about so many different things. They also need to be able to listen well, and give viewers what they want to see.

As to where many guys think about sex many times throughout the day, keeping an erect dick and giving great performances many times throughout the day is a challenge for most men. Sure the average 18 year old can get hard when the wind blows, and likely jerk off a dozen times a day with no problem, but finding a mature man with great communication skills and the ability to perform at any given time is not the easiest thing in the world. It may be that market limitations are a reason as well.

Guys live on cam via Flirt for FreeSome people say it's a demand / supply issue. It would appear to most economists that there is not enough demand for pro cam guys, and there is a larger demand for pro cam girls. After speaking with some of the people in the industry, I am not sure that is the case. Many of the men doing pro cam sex make much more money, just like the guys who do gay porn videos get paid much more than the top female porn stars. So there is plenty of money to be made for the right guys who can do it well, so I think it's not that there is not enough demand, just not enough truly great talent available.

Another thing to consider is that there may be many more men online doing cam sex, it's just that many of them may already be taken, and in private chat with other people. You will notice that when you click over to the cam portals featuring men, that when you check back 2 0 minutes later, there will be more guys available (and some of the men who were previously available will not be showing as being online) - so I think that the demand truly good male entertainers makes it appear that there are less online because many of them are in long, private VIP sessions with other people already.

Another live cam portal we recently partnered, Roc Cams has over 100 guys available at 1:00 am when we checked tonight. So some of it may be that different portals have different amounts men based upon time zones of the entertainers they employ as well. As of this writing at 1 am CST - Live Sex Cams Inc has only 15 guys claiming they are straight live online, and 84 men who are claiming to be gay available. So the time of day for each portal may have an effect on the amount of guys that appear to be available as well. Now that I see the different in this one cam portal's men being available based upon sexual orientation (real or acted) - I suppose we need to consider that as well, and that could bring up all kinds of other reasons to consider.

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