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These are some of the guys live on cam right now with the cams dot com network. The cam guys enter into private chat often, so getting one in a free chat room usually does not last long, if possible at all. As of this writing there were only 36 guys live on cam and available right now.

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I don't believe that these guys are in my city like the banner says, but it is a cool thing to fantasize about!

With only around 30 guys or so online at any of the times I have checked this portal, I have to wonder if they have many more who are in private chat and simply not showing up as available, or is there just not many men doing the live sex cam thing with this particular web site? We certainly see many more men sharing their live cams with the flirt and Jasmine networks we have partnered with.

Checking the amount of men who appear online via the cams network I see that two of the thumbnails have girls appearing in them. I wonder if these are by accident, perhaps the girl or couple clicked the wrong checkboxes when signing up? Although it may be that they are couples who are into doing anal penetration with the guy receiving and the girl giving, and so they actually get some action from the men only category.

With so many more men showing as available via the other networks we partner with I wonder if the cams dot com admins simply turn down many guys who try to sign up, or if they simply do not get enough traffic (customers) coming to the portal and so they simply can not handle more men at once. I can certainly see that there are many more affiliate companies sending internet surfers who are interesting in cam girls to the cams network of sites. It would make sense that if most of the people going to their dot coms are looking for girls, then there will be more action for the men via the other networks, which in turn makes it so that more web sites will be advertising those, and the snowball will continue that way.

It will be interesting to see how this portal fares in the coming years and if they will shift their focus towards getting more men and more people who are interested in watching their live sex cams, or if they will continue to focus on the women and couples. Of course this cam network also has to deal with their other internet properties which include adult friend finder and many others - so it's understandable that things are the way they are these days.

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