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There are dozens of girls sharing their live webcam video for free, some getting naked and naughty, and some simply teasing for free, semi stripping for tips before they show more. Sometimes you will catch them in the middle of some group sex action in the open room, and sometimes they will switch to private right when things start to get hardcore. Kind of like walking into a strip club, you don't know if you are going come in during a nude show or right when things are getting started. You can see who is sharing for free with the cam sex chaturbation girls by clicking here.

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Freemium Cam Guys

There are tons of guys getting nude and sharing there live video online, you can find dicks of all shapes and sizes being stroked in so many places it's crazy. With so much free cock being shared in the world, it is surprising to see only a few on the free stripper cams. I believe that the economics of strip cams makes this an interesting split, only the guys who are really good at doing strip shows earn enough to make it worth the time, and the guys who are excellent at providing custom sex shows are often in the more premium live guys portals. There are times when you find a few hot guys in the free chaturbation portal so it's worth taking a look.

Free Cams Guys Live Video Sex Chat - Freemium
freemium cam sex chaturbation

The downsides of free-mium nude video chat

While there are certainly many benefits to enjoy with the free video sex options available, there are many downsides to these portals as well. I know many of you are thinking, it's nude, it's free – it has to be great! Well it is, sometimes... and sometimes it's not so great. Here are some of my experiences with the lamer side of the free nude video chat options, I will also go into some of the better things as well.


First off, with the free or “freemium” portals, you generally do not find as many hot girls and guys sharing their naughty side right there out in the open for free. Compared to the other premium portals you simply do not have the selection. Right now there are about 50 cams broadcasting via the chaturbation portal, yet there are several hundred live cams available through the Jasmine portal, and the other premium live video portals as well. So you certainly do not have the broad selection of entertainers that you can find at the premium portals, and you can not get the kind of attention to your needs with most freemium options either.

The video quality varies with each performer regardless of which portal they are broadcasting through, however I find in most cases that going for a private on one on show via the premium portals usually gets you a much better quality video to watch. I have also found that the girls, guys, and couples who share through the freemium portals are not usually really good at getting the camera angles just right. It's hard to complain that they need to change the lighting or angle of the camera when they are fucking for free, but with the premium options it seems the performers are more focused on giving you want you want so you will continue to spend money with them, so moving the camera or changing their body position to give you the best show is a priority.

You can also enjoy cam2cam and or two audio with most of the premium performers, so asking them to change your viewing angle can be as simple as saying so into your microphone. That certainly makes things easier than someone trying to fuck themselves doggy style and look over their shoulder at a computer screen to see what you may be typing! I have not gotten any kind of audio or cam to cam with the free portals, but it may be an option. I just don't think it would work well with 100 people talking at the same time, so I do not think it happens in the open free rooms.

Not getting what you want is so common with the free portals

I have been in a free open chat rooms with 300 other people watching the show at the same time, I have also been watching some where there were only 20 or so people watching and chatting at once. When there are many people trying to get the attention of the cam girl (or guy, couple, etc) – there is just no way that you can enjoy directing your own personal desires. When you get with a girl via a private one on one show via the premium portals you often get to direct the action to suit your own preferences. If you want to see some closeups of some hot ass, it is much easier to get that when the performer is only looking to satisfy you. It is not so easy to get the action you really want when 20 other people are all saying “pinch your nipples”, “show me your feet”, “suck your finger” - there is just so many dissimilar requests, even if the performer wanted to please everyone watching the free show, they simply can not.

Speaking of distractions, you also get a fair amount of asshole trolls trying to ruin the whole thing on many occasions, and often several people who just don't understand how to encourage an excellent performance – sometimes it's a language barrier, sometimes the other people watching the free show just are not very intelligent. There is nothing like getting into some hot video sex and chatting with someone only to have some idiots start spouting off things that put the performer(s) into a bad mood. You generally do not have that problem with the premium one on one chat portals either.

It's bad enough that there could be a hundred people trying to tell the performer what to do, what sucks the most in my experience is when things start to get really hot, the action is sometimes cut off completely. Sometimes someone offers to take the show private and then everyone else is locked out, sometimes they make a tip goal and a few people go to a semi private group show. If you are not in the group show then you are left hanging with a blank screen – and this can happen at any time. Usually it happens after some hot sex action has started, and then things start to get really good and exciting – cut – it's over. With the premium chat options who get to decide when the show it over.

I think you know that in most cases you get what you pay for, and with live sex shows things are no different.

If you have ever gone to a strip club, you likely noticed that the girls (or guys) tend to give the most attention to those customers who tip the most. If you are in the club and one guy is making it rain dropping a hundred dollars at a time, and you sit there clenching onto your only few bucks – well you can be sure that you are not going to be getting the kind of show that you may want. Girls focus on the spenders, and big spenders get so much more.

When you go into a strip club you may think that you get equal access to all the girls, but that is far from the truth in most cases. If you spend enough time in a decent club, you may notice that some of the really hot girls are no where to be seen. Not going on the stage or anything. What you may not (or may) know is that often times the hottest performers and best entertainers are taken away not just for a couch dance, but for extended VIP shows. I've been to clubs where you could enjoy the free show on the stage from a distance, and get a closer view on the 'tip rail' if you spend at least a few dollars.

You often get much better action when you offer to buy a private dance, but many times the really good exotic entertainers are not even available. Often times the really hot performers are spending time with guys who spend much more. I have been to clubs where the hottest girls and the girls who give the most arousal spend most of their night with customers who are willing to spend hundreds or thousands to have VIP time. You will find this online as well, you will not get the best entertainment available by lurking on the edge and not spending anything.


Another downside is spam. There is often spam in the chat window – either other people are simply trolls who want to ruin things by flooding the chat with non-sense, or things they think is funny / entertaining, or they try to promote other commercial links. You also get extra spam from freemium portals after you sign up – so be careful when you register there. Do not use your primary email address when you sign up for a membership, get a new email addy from yahoo or gmail or something, and use one you would not mind losing. Also check the terms and privacy policy when you sign up, and look for any checkboxes that are auto selected, and any options that may be there, but are grayed out so you can barely see them. Some places will automatically sign you up for another web site when you register – like a free registration to a dating site.

This particular portal that we recommend may include a free dating site registration (you should have no problem deleting that) – but some lesser sites may include a “cross sell option” - when you put in a credit card and buy some tokens, some places will have a check box to include a trial sign up at another porn site. After 3 days or 30 days you could get auto billed for that trial expiring, and you may not even know that you signed up for it. For this reason I try to use pre-paid debit cards or credit cards, and not my main bank account debit card.

Another consideration is time.

You could spend quite a bit of time browsing through the free cam shows hoping to find what you like. Although it can be entertaining, and you may luck into seeing some hot sex that others may be tipping for, you could spend hours trying to find the kind of action that gets you off. When you spend the money for a private show here, or with the performers at one of the premium portals, you can often find what you want much faster. It's nice to know you are going to get what you want, when you want it. Saving hours of time and frustration may be worth $50 to you, and it may not. The good thing is that you have options, and the connectivity of the internet brings those options right to your screen instantly if you can afford it.

The Upside of these Freemium Options

It's free!

Yes you can actually see people getting nude, masturbating, fucking, doing group sex and other hot erotic action totally for free.

With the freemium options you can usually see what someone looks like totally naked before deciding to tip them or offer to pay extra for a private or group show. Many people look at least a little different with their clothes on than they do with their clothes off. Getting to see some totally nudity before paying for more can be nice if you are concerned that someone may have a boob job that would be distracting once the clothes come off, or if you have issues with tattoos, piercings, etc.

During the free shows you often benefit from the money that others spend. During many of the good cam shows other people will start to tip some tokens here and there, and most cam performers with the freemium sites are willing to take things to the next erotic level once a certain amount of tips are collected. In some cases if you wait long enough people will spend enough tokens to get some hot live masturbation and more.

Sometimes the free cams are quite entertaining, even when they are not giving you the sexual satisfaction that you may have been looking for. I have seen some funny and unexpected things when watching some of the free shows. I clicked over to one and a girl had stuck a suction cup dildo to the wall then did a flip, a handstand and popped that rubber dick right into her snatch. Not what I would of thought to ask for, but it was entertaining nonetheless!

All in all the freemium cam options are good sometimes, and not so good at others. Things change quite a bit depending on the time of day or night, as they do with the other major portals. If you are the kind of person that would not shy away from spending a few hundreds for an excellent VIP session with a super hot stripper, then I suggest checking out the premium cam girls options out there. If you are the kind of person who could not spend $50 on the girl of your dreams, then you may be stuck with the free cams options, just don't expect to get much of what you want, even in the free chat rooms the performers are going to give more attention to those who at least tip 5 or 10 bucks.

Some of the performers have resorted to using settings that make it so their cam show can not even be seen unless someone is registered and actually has some tokens to spend in their account. This is a new plugin option for these girls, and I think it's a great idea; but if you are browsing through the first time you would not know this setting exists, and would not even know that there are performers available that you can't even see.

freemium cam sex chaturbation

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