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Peeps Text Chat

the auto scroll may not move on all browsers at the moment, you may need to click and scroll the middle grey bar to see new messages posted.
Under the chat window is a small word “customize” – you can change some colors with that.
ENTER key sends the message. Shift+ENTER key combination can be used in order to move cursor to the new line.
Link to one of the OC new home pages here

PT Chat System 
Anonymous9031: hi indian 23
Anonymous9036: Any Sick pervs?
Anonymous9038: I'm new here
Anonymous9038: I'm a 25 f
Anonymous9049: hi everyone
Anonymous9050: hello
Anonymous9069: Hello! Any females ready for some good group sex?
Anonymous9078: hi im doing something here at home now I know isso wrong but I love it im a34m
Anonymous9078: any others here ever licked their moms pussy I do its so good im a 34m
Anonymous9080: Whats up guys
Anonymous9080: Whe re ya all from
Anonymous9082: Anyone else fucked their friends dad?
Anonymous9082: Or any dad's fucked their daughters friend?
gaggin: Hiya
Anonymous9101: i went after my bffs dad
nice_cock: does this chat work ok?
nice_cock: hmmmm
Anonymous9112: hello
Anonymous9113: Anyone even in here
Anonymous9113: hey nice_cock

Have a comment about the pt chat system? We are collecting thoughts about this system on the pt chat system version one blog post announcement here.

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