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Peeps Text Chat

the auto scroll may not move on all browsers at the moment, you may need to click and scroll the middle grey bar to see new messages posted.
Under the chat window is a small word “customize” – you can change some colors with that.
ENTER key sends the message. Shift+ENTER key combination can be used in order to move cursor to the new line.
Link to one of the OC new home pages here

PT Chat System 
Anonymous46333: Hlo baby
Anonymous46339: Greetings
Anonymous46339: Whom here knows about an avenger?
Anonymous46339: Currently ranting and raving on twitter about the brood of vipers within his nations police force?
Anonymous46339: And still receiving no answer from them though he has addressed them in a public manner this entire state sanctioned government body.
Anonymous46339: He grows frustrated without a clear answer!
Anonymous46354: Im horny
Anonymous46355: Anyone in
Anonymous46355: Not to worry
Anonymous46359: Hi ppl
Anonymous46374: how many people are there
Anonymous46375: Hello people
Anonymous46376: Anybody home?
Anonymous46379: Anyone to fuck with me
Anonymous46381: I'm here
Jennifersexy: Hey!
Jennifersexy: Anyone out there?
Anonymous46381: Oh, damn. Just missed you.

Have a comment about the pt chat system? We are collecting thoughts about this system on the pt chat system version one blog post announcement here.

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