We are working to make this site better and better, and we’d love to hear from you, our users about what you’d like to see added or changed next! We have a lot ideas about what we want to do to make the site better for everyone, and I have heard a few ideas come out in the chat room itself. If everyone will add a comment below with their suggestions then we can keep them all in one place and add further comments on the ideas. Much better than just getting a random pm in the chat room – so tell us what you think!


  1. Logging on is a pain. I logged in last week and now i cant get to the window to put in my name. There is no rhyme or reason. If i lose connection or log off on my own i am not able to get back in for 10-15 minutes. Help!!

  2. Something happened yesterday that has made me feel that I should let everyone who knows me be aware that I’m a chatter that has a disability (spina bifida) anyone who knows of what happened can explain in detail….all I know is that people need to be aware that comments about persons with disabilities should be made with care……the reason I’ve not told everyone about my disability is partly that I’m worried how I’ll be accepted by the community at large but also I don’t want to be defined by my limitations…..especially in a place they are irrelevant……this inciden has made it clear that I shouldn’t be ashamed of something I have no control over. I’m accepting it for what it is and ignoring it here as I have offline….I encourage all to comment here if they feel they want/ne ed to. I sincerely apologize to anyone who’s been hurt by comments that have been made in the room about disabilities by me or others……and beg all chatters to take the feelings of others into consideration before typing…..words may not break bones……but they still cause harm……for those who already know of my disability and have accepted and ignored it as I have (you know who you are) I thank you and the same to all read this message and do the same as well

  3. First of all I’d like to start of by thanking you for all your hard work.
    I really enjoy using your site and will probably keep using it for a long time.

    I have no idea about programming so I don’t know how much work these ideas would cause.
    I have a few suggestions for the future chat systems:

    1. The block and friend lists were great in the NC so I’d love for you to keep them around.
    2. The avatars were very enjoyable as well so I guess keeping those wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
    3. As some people enjoy the windowed PMs more and some prefer the tabbed ones maybe you could add an option for people to choose whichever one they want.
    4. The OC had an amazing ability when it comes to seeing the full log of a PM conversation which I’d love to have in the newer chat version.
    5. It would be nice if after losing connection for some reason I could still somehow see the chats I had open before logging out (as long as you don’t leave the site or something like that I guess)
    6. Allow guests more freedom than in the NC where they can’t do anything, maybe not full access (for example they could have a limit on posting images) but not allowing them to talk at all unless they are being spoken to is a bit harsh.
    7. Please do not bring back the rating system though as I usually see it abused with people threatening a 1 star rating when you don’t talk to them or people literally begging for 5 star ratings with posts like “Give me 5 stars if you’d do this to me (some porn link). Or if you bring it back maybe make it so you can only rate people after actually talking with each other?
    I will probably think of some more suggestions to post in the future.

    • @Sarah18 – these are great suggestions. You have put together several of the things that I have heard from others as well, I appreciate this big time!

  4. I want to start this off properly by saying thank you for all the work you put into this so we all may enjoy, I love it here, thank you Nash.

    I think the tabbed private messages are a better fit, at least for me, this way I do not have 4 or 5 boxes blocking my screen I realize they shrink but I often turn my sound off and have music playing as I chat and wonder why my PM was not answered and the one I am speaking with wonders why I have not replied, with tabs this is not an issue.

    I like the buddy list and the block list as well, both have come in handy at various times.

    The ability to save conversations is of paramount importance to me. I do not know that all save chats but I know quite a few who do, myself included, for the memories and the pleasure of reading over again at some point. I feel the ability to save chats is also beneficial when a chat log nees to be saved and sent to a mod or to you.

    Most of my casual time is spent in the porn room and I love it there actually, however some of the links are very questionable such as One user posts from there frequently and I did block him as well as hunt for a mod, but found no mod on site yet I did pass the information on the following day. Another issue i see int he porn room seems to be room specific I suppose, loads of incest porn being posted, can that type be directed to the family room? and the lesbian pron to the lesbian room? etc…or it simply a block fest to rid my screen of that? I suppose another option is open my own porn based user room, perhaps will go with that?

    Not certain this is the proper forum to ask this but throwing it in anyway, I read your post about the Tekor chat I believe it was, is it strictly android based or will it be web user friendly as well? What I read confused me more than cleared it for me..

    Thanks for taking time to read over this at some point and again, THANK YOU Nash for all you do.


    • @keelie – thanks for mentioning all this!

      The OC does have better save chats I think, the buddy list and block list, not as good as the NC system.. but there is a block user / iggy button that works to some degree during a current session anyhow. Your points will definitely weigh in on the next system we are building.

      links to places like jailbait sites I am 99% sure will run afoul of our content guidelines provisions. These may not have been specifically banned by our older rules, but the addon information presented in the content guidelines, which are now (and have been for some time) part of the rules for the chats. So if you see this kind of thing, please note the user name and time and time zone, and copy of the link and let me know via contact form or email if you can’t find a mod in the lobby.

      The newer tekor chat system is working on android and regular computer web browsers and iOs devices from what I gather at this time.not 100% sure about apple / iOs – as they get weird when it comes to video and such, and I don’t have an iphone to test with, although one of my gf’s has one with a cracked screen and an iPad for which I have not asked what the password is.. so I don’t test with those, I depend on feedback from our users about those things.

      Hopefully the tekor system will come out of the dev closet for some testing soon – it’s different.. pretty cool features, but right now it depends on email addy to login and I’m trying to connect other username options – fingers crossed I can get some enhancements made over the next few weeks and get one version up.

      • Thanks for the quick reply and explaining the newest chat developments better, it is much appreciated.

        If i happen across the questionable link again I will make certain to forward the information to you.

        Look forward to testing out the newest chat when it is released.

  5. from the chat notes a few minutes ago: smooth, fast, clean, no need for mobile for most. buddy list great desire. thinking cap on.

  6. For the last couple of days I seem to be unable to connect to the chatroom. I don’t think it my connection as I’m able to use other sites fine. This is the message that comes up:

    The connection has timed out

    The server at is taking too long to respond.

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

    The page loads but thst just appears in the box where the chat would be. I’ve tried it with chrome on another computer and tried turning off my firewall briefly to see if it made a difference but it didn’t seem to. I thought I should let you know in case there’s something up on your end.

  7. Hey, Nash!

    Now that peeps login seems to be getting more necessary to enjoy oneself properly in here (Something in itself that I’m pretty sure will hurt the popularity of the site, but nvm), you might want to look over the login and lock-outs. The chances should probably reset once you manage to remember your pw. I’ve been locked out for getting it wrong twice, then getting it right, but once I was inside, I had to log out for other reasons, and when i accidentally put a capital letter in my name, I was locked out for 24 hours after just one failed attempt. Doesn’t really seem like a good system to me.

    • @Magnus – I will reset that now. I’ll also see about adjusting it. The balance between security and convenience is bee-otch sometimes.

  8. note – Slightly annoying narrator5254: A type of notification sound similar to on some other less superior chat sites. where you can set it to only certain words or your name.

  9. This room would be greatly improved by taking it back to the OldSkool and getting rid of precious Mods who are way too hypersensitive to effectively run the room. For example, at the moment you have people Moderating who can’t handle the word ‘cunt’… For your players, that’s not good enough. There is censorship all over the net, and plenty of chatrooms for people who don’t want to hear ‘bad’ language. If people don’t wanna see swearing, the can go play somewhere else. You also have Moderators with such limited sexual ideas of their own that for them to judge the sexuality of others in terms of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is simply ludicrous.
    The people you are choosing to guide and moderate are terrible examples of sex-positivity, and in many ways, presenting them as the ‘experts’ in the room, or the ‘learned people’ there to help the newcomers is just irresponsible.
    I hope the money you’re making off this site is worth it, Nash. I really do. What used to be a place of fun and freedom – moderated by people who were actually engaged in being fun and sexy and playful themselves – has been sterilised to its death.
    A very sad demise…

    • @Caliope – ouch, scathing review of things!

      I would hope that all of the mods can handle the word cunt… this may have been brought up eons ago, I’ll need to do some checking. So current mods may not be aware of those comment threads. Of course I am not aware of the context either, the word cunt by itself may be controversial to some, like the word bitch… but if someone was getting warned or kicked for being abusive with things that happened to include that word that would be one thing. I am open for getting emails still that may show when some mods are being too uptight, so if you can a chat log of this cunt situation I would not mind reading it 😉

      I agree about the plenty of places for non-bad language, and so our place here should be much more open indeed.

      Not sure about the different mods sexual ideas limited or completely uninhibited, I’ve never inquired about that with any of them. We do have a general policy of trying to step away, be objective, and not judge others sexuality. We have recently, past year or more anyway, been more pushy about taking certain types of language / roleplay / discussions out of the lobby, or other rooms and take them to a more appropriate room. So I’m not sure if you are saying that we have a mod that is being uptight and judgmental and telling people not to ever talk about cunts, or if you are saying that you think it’s being overly sensitive to tell people they should get to the proper room to engage in certain discussions in which you feel are plain vanilla enough for a main room.

      While some things may be pretty easy to put into a should move category, I imagine there are other things that may seem normal to some and come off as being quite taboo to others, so I can imagine there may be some particular specifics that we need to discuss more as moderators and a community as a whole. For some spanking an ass and yelling show me your cunt is a term of endearment. To some it may be considered a horrific thing they never want to hear about. Other specific cases? I have not heard many lately. We did get into some specifics on the new content guidelines page when we have several questions / complaints about certain subjects. Some of those are posted there.

      I am always open to hear about other issues where some in the room thing we are letting the line of grey area cross over to warnings too soon, or not soon enough.

      • Hey ya Nash – Thanks for your response. 🙂 I’d actually forgotten I’d written here, and was guided back by someone who thought it quite hilarious you’d call my review ‘scathing’. I work as a reviewer, and I’m generally very nice. *insert sweet-arse grin*. Anyhoo, I’ll keep it brief.

        Yes, you absolutely have Mods who have made it clear they think ‘cunt’ is an ugly word. I do recall one of them asking me not to use it so much. Off the top of my head, I can think of three (and will give you names if you care to take this up via email). And you will more than likely find some time in the distant past this was an issue. Cos I’ve made it one before. Being Australian, I’ve grown up with it being no big deal. I went to America and held classes teaching people to be comfortable saying it – ‘cunt’ and other ‘dirty words’. In fact, one of them was attended by someone from this chatroom. I understand that it is culturally defined. I understand the word is loaded. I also know that the word ‘rape’ is thrown around casually and used as a joke… And if you think about what a cunt is and what a rape is, which one is really the offensive one? In fact, I think after talking with you (years and years ago) the old Rape Room was re-named.
        Which brings me to your point about triggers… Yes, everyone has them. You’re right – for some spanking is too far (and probably to be directed to the BDsM room, rather than the lobby anyways, wouldn’t you say?) and for some anal is too far. However anal IS sex and has a place in the lobby – which is yet another thing I’ve seen Mods express outright disgust at. The point here is that we all have to be responsible for our own shit. If someone can only handle discussion about male on female missionary sex with a cup of tea and a good movie and a snuggle afterwards, they shouldn’t be there. And they have absolutely no business Modding.
        I have a bunch of ideas on how you could improve things here, and actually having some standard for your Mods, rather than the bullshit popularity contest it’s always been, would be an excellent place to start. If you took the time to know them and find out where some of their limits are, you would see some of the issues your users deal with all the time.
        Anyhoo, I’m technically PermaBanned, and don’t even like the room enough to bother fighting about it. Plus, it was probably my smartarsing GD that made her go on such an over-the-top PowerTrip, so bottom line is, you’d just say ‘Nah, Cali, you been naughty and will suffer for Foreverz’. I’m actually super ok with my naughty, and know several places where it’s absolutely permitted. In fact *GASP* The Mods are ‘Monitors’ and only really come in to kick underagers! If we have a drama we are FORCED to use block, not go dobbing to a Mod whose day depends on feeling superior in an online sex chat room.
        And yep – that’s about all the time I can be bothered spending.
        I do appreciate your response, and am happy to continue chatting about this and whatever else via email etc. Several people (eg Tex, ladyLikes) know how to find me super easy, or you can Google MisKnickers if ya want…

        Have a cunting good day/night!!! <3

        • It’s a pleasure to hear from you Cali when you have a sassy grin 😉 I can’t say sweet-arse with a straight face, the word arse makes me think of someone who is too prude to use the word ass. Of course I think the word actually means really dirty, but it’s such a foreign term around these parts, and the few times I’ve heard it – it’s always seemed like a joke of a word. It’s my understand (of which I admit I really have very little of how it’s used in various ways in other parts of the world) – that it can be used to mean really dirty / naughty – but I just don’t see it that way.

          I do remember this issue coming up some time ago and there was some discussion about it. I think the amount of controversy is likely to change quite a bit depending on the time of day around here. Depending on the parts of the world a majority of the chatters at the time are in, and the average age likely are factors as well. The word bitch tends to have similar controversy with some people as well. For some it’s a nothing word, or even a term of endearment / term of acceptance, for others it’s the worse thing you can call someone aside from cunt (which is almost always worse; at least from my random polling, albeit quite small sampling, of the east coast and southeast US).

          I think it’s great, and frankly a bit brave to offer classes about cunt and other dirty words. I also think it is important for people to share their thoughts and issues in regards to language.

          I believe our mods currently are pretty good at accepting many things that they would likely not in real life. I also believe there will always be some fringe cases that crop up where a moderator may object to or warn about something that they believe to be a serious issue, when in fact for a majority of people in the room it is not. Certainly we have had to deal with certain words and fetishes and try to decide if they should be warned or asked to take things to other rooms and such many times.

          The answer here is not always simple, as a lot of times we try to keep things open by saying if a majority in the lobby find something offensive / overly taboo then it should be moved. That sounds great on digital paper (or at least in my head!) – and in real life, that kind of policy works a little better than it does online.

          If that was the policy for a debate class in a local college, it would be pretty easy to get a feel for the things those in that class had issue with. Given that the group of people in the chat rooms here vary by region and other demographics quite a bit throughout the day and night, it would take a mind reader who’s psychic powers could reach around the globe to psychicly poll everyone in the room every few minutes to know how a majority of people in the room felt about whatever words or issues.

          So modding for this worldwide changing group is not easy. Sometimes I wish people would keep the lobby easy, and other times I appreciate a debate about “norms”.

          Currently I think it’s fine for the moderators to make it clear that they feel “word whatever” is an ugly word or phrase. The mods are people who are part of the community here, and I appreciate it when people do pipe up and let me know that something being said bothers them, in real life and in cyber world. That does not always change what I say, but sometimes it does. Generally I try to alter my language a bit for those around me. Sometimes things slip, but generally what I say and how I say it is partially censored depending on my surroundings.

          Certainly a conversation at Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon for most would have a different expected etiquette for language than a bar / pub at 1am. Not for everyone I know.

          Now I have had to get on some mods about “officially warning” for things a few times, but that is different from chiming in and saying they feel a certain way about certain discussions. Things get even more gray area / difficult to mod check when people pm the mods and say “hey this person using the word.. it’s offensive” – that puts them into a different bind.

          I understand that things sometimes become part of general language and no offense is intended.

          Spending years in the nightclub business when rap songs became the norm, there were all kinds of words and phrases we would throw around with other employees that I think most people sipping coffee at a Sunday brunch cafe would find offensive and probably think we were verbally attacking / abusing one another. See ya bitch, later whores – stuff like that was just normal.

          I had one GF who could not stand to be called honey or hun. However that term would slip out with her on occasion – it’s just kind of embedded in my day to day language. No offense is intended, it just happens sometimes. I am sure there are also some people who have heard that word come from me that thought it was being used in a condescending or perhaps chauvinistic way. As to where that has never been the intention, I have come to understand that some people get offended if I am wearing a shirt with a big boobs blonde in a bikini on it, and if I open the door for some gals they think it’s nice, others would rather open the door themselves, and think I am intending to push some kind of role thing on them or something.

          With all that being said, intention I believe is also a big part of it, and things change kind of fast in our world these days.

          We had a certain person in the relatively recent past that used the term fag for attention. At first it was all “I’m from the UK and I want a fag, which for you ignorant Americans means I want to smoke a cigarette.” – that was the excuse, but it became obvious that this term was to be used to get a rise out of people and get attention, it was not just being used as slip of the normal tongue. Given that more and more people are either becoming more aware that the term is generally perceived to be a derogatory slur or whatever, more and more people get outraged by it’s use. So that’s become an issue that needed to be addressed.

          The word rape is indeed one of those that tends to mean different things to different people. I understand the seriousness of the word, the act, and feel for those who are affected by it. Same with “hit me up’ or “I hit her back” actually. If you read that literally it’s one thing, if you understand the term started being used for “call me” or “I called her”, and more and more these days it means just contact, as people tend to use sms text, snapchat, fbook messenger much more than actual voice calls. These terms today, and the past few years or so tend to have a different intent depending on the surrounding situation.

          Of course intent does not usually change the triggered feeling. I would not say that someone was the incarnation of evil for saying they got ass raped during a match of call of duty when they are chatting in a video game chat room, and I would not think someone was in the wrong for piping up to tell other people in that chat room that they wished people would create a different term and use that, and that they had strong feeling about the words being used to describe a win or loss of a game.

          I get that spanking can be a similar issue, some think it is absolutely nothing, some like it a lot, for others it’s a trigger of hurtful emotions. I think the spanking thing has ebbed and flower over time, for a while normal, then not so much, then 50 shades of grey, so BDsM is the new normal. However there are still going to be those who have issues in regards to anything where a hand touches another’s body in any manner beyond soft caress.

          As to where anal has a place in the lobby or not, I don’t know. I mean I don’t think people should get banned for saying “looking for anal, giving or receiving” – what I mean is that lobby sex in general is sometimes frowned upon by the group, and sometimes enjoyed by a majority in the lobby. So wow, depending on the time of day and the group that is in the lobby, having missionary with tea might be frowned upon if it was in the open room!

          I agree that some people who have certain convictions / principles should not take a position where those things conflict with the “job requirements”, some people are able to, and keep “their shit” owned to themselves and separated.

          We do have standards for the mods. Some have pushed those standards in ways that I had been unaware of, but most have been quite good at biting their tongue. When someone is reading the mod rules I have no doubt some taboo things are thrown in their face as being things they need to let go that they would not accept in real life conversations. Some have understood this better than others. Some mods have been pulled from the ranks for pressuring others to conform to their norms, and a couple of mods have resigned because they could not stand it.

          Some have made mistakes and have been guided that they went overboard in some situations. It’s a learning process. I have no doubt a few situations have occurred where mods got heavy handed on some things that I would not have batted an eye about. When I am made aware of these situations I can do something about them, or not… but I can’t watch the chats 24/7 – so I depend on the people in the chat rooms to save a log and send it my way. I actually appreciate it when that happens, and if more people did that then perhaps our guiding would be better / faster / more thorough.

          I don’t want anything around here to be a popularity contest, nor do I want a small group to feel they must remain silent. My inbox and the comments area here have been open for years. I can only help guide people when I have specifics.

          I was not aware that you were perma-banned, I could check some notes on that – but that will take some digging. I do have some appreciation for you sharing some thoughts on these issues given that you don’t like the lobby enough to squabble about it. I wonder if all the rooms had 100 people in them which room you would like enough. Given that the lobby is a bit more politically correct than say the BDsM room.

          I am glad you are okay with your naughty – I think that has been a big problem for many over the centuries; too many people told they should not be okay with something outside the norm. I am also glad you have found places where it is absolutely permitted. Not everyone finds a place where their naughtiness is absolutely okay.

          It would be nice if the mods were indeed just monitors that only had one thing they had to kick for.

          As to where using the block button is often the most effective thing people can do, and everyone’s life in the chat rooms would be better if more people did use the block button, the mods do get stuck dealing with quite a bit, and I think feeling superior is not generally the feeling people get when they are modding around here.

          Thanks for spending the time Cali, you tend to get me thinking and writing, which is interesting sometimes. we exchanged some emails some years ago I think, and last right before you came to the states that one time, so yeah, my inbox is always open for thoughts and suggestions. My time is limited and it’s not unusual for it to be a week before I get to email, and sometimes they get buried for months.

          Glad to know you are still getting people to think outside their silo in the world, whether people agree with you 100%, disagree 100%, or somewhere in the middle, I think it’s good for the world to express, and listen to varying ways of seeing things.

  10. Thanks Nash . I along with numerous users I suspect, appreciate your doing this.

  11. Nash:

    I’m wondering if you would consider setting up a porn room for the site so that people impersonating the room owner couldn’t come in the room, kick folks out and generally create havoc. I’m positive that 99% of the time those doing the kicking aren’t the real room owner. They enter the room, kick some folks then exit right away. This pattern repeats itself until the room is empty. Given that most of the room owners are regulars it’s highly unlikely that they are the ones doing the kicking.It’s been happening on a daily basis lately and could be solved by you creating a site operated porn room.



    • Sure – we’ll give a try. This is something we have debated for a long time, perhaps a test to see if our possible negatives to this end up outweighing the benefits. Altough we have had a few changes since we debated the issue previously, most notably a published set of content guidelines with some education for people. Hopefully people will read and understand them.

  12. Mr Nash this is just an observation. There are hours when there are no mods on site and problems do happen. Maybe you can have temp mods who can kick but not ban. After an intern if said person wants to become a full mod that person will have to get approval from all concerned. Said temps would have to go to mod meetings and do the things mods do, but really have no power to ban anyone just kick the offender out for several minutes, faning does go on and most chatters after thinking about it will settle down. I used to go to chat avenue alot they have mods 24/7. Sexchatsexchat is far superior site to chat mods here are very good. Master Jedi Moose is great he says, “I don’t warn i kick” That is good nobody argues with him. Bikerdad is great, so is Mikey™ Goddess is good, I really don’t know any other mods. So i can’t give an opinion. I can give you names of people who I think would make great mods. AF would be great, American Honey awesome, Seeking_ Intelligence great,Candy Smooth great, MarlowePI awesome if he would. I don’t think Sexpandable would but he would be great as a mod. I don’t know any of these people personally only from Lobby I do know Sexpandable . All these people seem to have alot of knowledge about computers. Think about temp mods. I think it would work. mikey4u.

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    ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    I would like to ask, if it’s possible to have a 50plus room?

  14. Hello

    Firstly I’d like to thank you for this great site.
    But there is one slight issue I am having, it concerns the profanity filter which often causes issues and bans for pretty much no reason at all.
    Wouldn’t it be possible to make the filter check if something is a single word before blocking it?
    For example in the porn room, the profanityfilter often picks up on parts of the random code the pictures get, causing people to get kicked for that reason.
    Another example would be the german word “entkommen” which means escape where it seems to dislike the ntk part (which I am still not sure about why because ntk doesn’t have any meaning other than “need to know” as far as I can tell)

    • @Chris – thank you for taking the time to make a good suggestion like this.

      Not sure if you have had the chance to read the detailed information about the banned words / strings / profanity filter posted here or not.

      Unfortunately this is something that we can not fix with the OC system – posting some of the issues and offering some work-arounds for those who get caught in the strict filter for the wrong reasons is the best we can do with the main chat system. Lessons like this are certainly something that we are taking into our newer mv-chat system as we are working to modify and customize that currently. Hopefully the new mv system will have a more familiar feel in the near future and issues like these will be less and less when we start to use that system more and the oc less.

  15. hey Nash, not sure if it has been suggested or not but how about a page somewhere with a list of the current moderators, they seem to change and i honestly dont know who is mod and who isnt anymore unless lit in red. also maybe a way to email the mods of problems that occured when not a mod was on site??

    • Hey Brooklyn, thanks for taking a moment to post here!

      A list of mods.. hmm. Have to think on that one a bit.

      If there is a major problem that mods are not on to deal with, people can save a chat log and email it to me to check it out. Some users do that on a semi-regular basis actually. Of course it’s best if a mod can be on and jump into a situation as it is occurring, as many situations are alleviated by educating people about our policies, and that can (in most cases) only be done while they are in the chat.

      If I get a chat log showing someone has violated one of our top 4 rules, then it is possible in some cases for me to go through some hoops and ban someone’s network so they can not connect again. So for something really major, there are multiple ways around here to contact me directly.

      The easiest way to find a mod is usually to hop into the lobby and look for a name in red. Sometimes hopping into a couple of the other rooms will find one. If you don’t see any around it doesn’t hurt to say something out in the main lobby like “looking for a mod” – and sometimes a mod will be in and not in a mod name or in red and chime in with a pm.

      This makes me think we could use a modification of our future systems to make some kind of mod posting board for mods only. I’ll have to think on some ways we could implement something like that.

      Having a list of mods published would be difficult, as they tend to come and go. Having a list of names for everyone to check out would not be beneficial if none of those names were in the room at the time, but I’ll still think on that a bit.

      Thanks again for chiming in with some thoughts!

      • thanks for the reply and for thinking it over. i myself have done that, emailed you directly and asked for a mod in lobby and other rooms as well. am an east coast overnighter here and mods can rarely be found at those hours.

        will follow your suggestions of saving chat logs and informing when i see a mod.

  16. Nash,

    Would it be possible to move the icon for “clear chat” inside the chat rooms to another spot on the icon bar that’s not so close to the “save chat” icon? I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to save a specific chat or the emoticons icon and mis-click the “clear chat” icon …. grrrrrr. {{smiles}}

  17. Any chance you can make it so https gets recognized as a link?

  18. Avatar

    Green names for moderators in participation. Why? Seem more friendlier. I understand that this would be a minor thing but eh. New people, big red names, not really good.

    • MsWillNotPostEmail – interest observation. With our new system we may adapt the colors. Red certainly is a big in your face thing, and not really what is needed.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for responding! Yeah, when I say green, I might aswell mean any other colour than red. :/ As yeah, as you said, red is a big ‘in your face’ thingy + red is also like universally known as ‘Enemy’ or so.

      • Avatar

        For the 50th time, I mean this is probably one of the most requested things ever. I standard porn share room, please. Some of the people who create porn rooms are idiots/rude people whom kick and ban people without reasons. Creating a standard room for it would be extremely good. I understand that this is being requested all the time but i’ll just follow the stream. Make a freaking room, it has the same risks as a user created one as it’s on the same website.

  19. Count me in with those looking to see the room cap lifted. The only room that regularly exceeds the cap is FFR, and the only thing the overflow room acts as is a staging area for people trying to get back into the main room. Conversation just isn’t happening in FFR #1

  20. Hey, someone banned me three time (for 15 minutes) because i try to talk to one user – but i ask her, and it wasnt her. Maybe any guy, or who i dont know. So now i am banned and cant go – my session is end. Can you check it pleae, and get me unbanned? Best regards.

    • sexonvegas – I do not see anything about you in the site admin’s ban list at this time. There is a chance that you were temp-kicked to the rules page by a moderator. However I am not sure exactly what you mean by what you are saying. I wonder if what you are saying is that you went into a “user created side room” and the room operator of that side-room kicked you from the room which would put you in the lobby of the chat system, not kicked out of the chat to the rules page. IF that is the case, it is their prerogative. When people setup a user created side room they can kick out anyone they want. If someone kicks you out of a user created side room, don’t go back there. Simple.

      In fact going back into a user created side room and getting kicked multiple times may get you banned from our web sites for violating a secondary rule; harassment.

  21. Hello.

    I have just been banned. I suspect it was for posting an email address. I apologise – I thought the ban only applied to the main rooms and not in private chats. I will be more careful in the future.

    • Todd – were you, or someone else that uses your network, in the chat with a name that included “emma”?

      If you got a warning about profanity and kicked for posting an email addy – then you should of seen the info about the profanity filter / banned words info and how to avoid the wrath of the auto-kick thing. That info is posted at the top of the page and now links to the profanity / banned words filter info page.

    • Hello Admin Nash.

      My IP address has again been banned. Dont know why – I am confident I have not breached any rules or etiquette but perhaps you can enlighten me ? Ta, Todd.

      • Another day another ban, no accompanying messages or warnings. Any ideas about what I am doing wrong ?

        • @Todd – were you logged in with another name something that begins with an “E”?

          Most people can find the reasons that they were either kicked or banned by reading the rules or the info posted in the kicked / banned page.

  22. 1st day here, I sent an e-mail addy and got banned??? wth?

  23. Just wondering if you think that this is age appropriate for the porn room. Lots of this and younger looking is being posted. Also do you ever look and/or respond to the emails sent to the yahoo email address? This was posted ** edited by admin – removing info **

    • @patrick – I just responded to the email you sent a while back. I did look into those issues and took some measures the day you sent them. I do not respond to very many emails, and when I do it is often weeks after they are sent, and often after someone sends a reminder.

      As far as the image that you linked to in this comment here, I can not say. Is it age appropriate? I really can’t say for sure either way. I did some research on the pic and could not find any reliable sources to determine it one way or another. Is the image and associated text in bad taste? I won’t go into that either – one person’s bad taste is another’s harmless jest, and taste is not something that I try to get into. I would suggest that in most cases if you find someone posting something you do not like, then use the block / iggy button. Only when something is really against a theme of a non-user created room, or something is posted that is definitely in violation of our content guidelines will we be able to do anything about an issue like this.

  24. Hi I was wondering if by any chance the limit on the ffr could get changed, i have been talking and rpimg with guys and if i get dced or my computer crashes, i haft to wait to get back in the ffr and normally by the time i get back in their gone, so if there’s any way it could, i would appriecaite it

  25. This is meant to address all the hasty and heavy handed mod decisions made as of late…………………….

    One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat .Woodrow T. Wilson. –

    Perhaps, if site mods were given rest periods they could mod more effectively and have a positive influence to the site.


  26. I’m curious as to why the Family Fun Room’s capacity was reduced so drastically from when it used to be, I recall it used to be about 130ish or so people, now it’s down to 90. why was it cut so much?

    • Drybones,
      Here is comment from nash on the room sizes

  27. Nash…thank you for trying to save NC…the options there are so user friendly. Being able to be in private chat with multiple peeps and still see the room is fantastic. Also being able to leave messages to friends whom are off line. The whole concept is unique to NC and is a great selling point…thanks again Nash…

  28. Why do I get a blank screen?

    • Ace – there is a page for connection problems here: with lots of info.
      Since you commented here, I will say that we did a broad range ban a while back to block a few thousands computers that use the same ISP as you from being able to access our chat rooms.
      Why we do broad range bans here.

      I don’t have access to my notes on this one at this time, but I can try to look up when this ban was placed and which people were involved, it will take some time. IF you’d like me to research it, then you should send me a list of any screen name you have used in the chat room and I can do some checking on things.

  29. Avatar
    Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

    Hiya again, could we please have an official porn share room, the owners of the current porn rooms are douchebags and idiots.

    • Avatar
      Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

      Pretty please?

    • jenna – we have kicked around the idea of a system made porn share chat room, but I think it may be better to simply have users create two or three – perhaps with different themes(?) – like idiot pornshare room, mature pornshare room, IQ over 80 porn share room…. not sure yet, but we will certainly reconsider it. I will be posting some content guidelines / updates soon as well. Lots to do this week!

      • Avatar
        Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

        Okay, well, I’ll be waiting, I mean, i’m currently banned from the only porn room because I wasnt, ‘Naked’ in it.. But well, what can you do? #Normalstuffthathappens,right?

        • jenna – I bet if you open a new side room, call it “porn share two” description “I’m not naked, but the pics and vids we are sharing are” – you will likely get plenty of people to join ya there.

          • Avatar
            Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

            And I’m pretty sure that’d be very stupid since there’s another one exactly beside it with 20 people in it already, and no thanks, I don’t feel like being the owner of a room. Plus, sorry about the attitude, just this stuff really annoys me.

            • Avatar
              Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

              Sorry, forgot to add. #Injusticemustbestopped

            • I agree, there should be an official porn room. However, it may need to be moderated for inappropriate content.

            • jooop – we have considered doing a system generated porn room several times. There are benefits and drawbacks to doing that, so we have not decided to go there. It is my hope that those who frequent the porn share rooms will read and understand the new content guidelines we have posted, and content shared will adhere to these guidelines. Moderating content that is shared via thousands of different web sites is a daunting task, so leaving it to the users to room op and consider our guidelines will hopefully become a crowd sourced success.

  30. Avatar
    Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

    Hiya, again. Could there be a room like, ”Literate Lobby” or something like that? Or just rename the Mezzanine.

  31. Can we get a permanent Porn room put in the public area?

  32. why do you use a java based chat when there are so many vulnerabilities within java

    • CanadianPerv – The java chat we use has been well tested, and we are not aware of any vulnerabilities that have not been patched. If you are aware of any please let me know! This java chat system only runs flash on the end user’s computer, so there are no java browser things that would affect it.

      With that said, we are moving to a newer system which is more html5 based in the coming months, and getting ready to retire the old chat.

  33. Avatar
    Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

    Could we have another room created? I mean, we already have a roleplay room, but could we have a roleplay room for the supernatural, superficial nd stuff like that? I mean, like, magic and all of that stuff. Sorry for all the suggestions.

  34. Avatar
    Jenna coolgirl 19, AKA, Jenna-19-F

    Could I request a room for bisexuals? I find it so, so, so embarassing whenever i’m chatting to a girl and it ends with, ”Sorry, I don’t go that way.”, that freezes the conversation completely. I know i’m not the only one who wishes for this so it would be nice if there’d be a bisexual room on the main room page.

  35. Hello Nash,

    I’ve seen two features on other chat sites that might be useful: being able to see everyone who’s logged in, and the room they’re in;
    and the mods being able to mute people for a period of time.

    I also think it’d be good if the mods could kick someone out of a specific room for a short while, kind of like a timeout.

    Nash, I’ve read some of the feedback and complaints; you do an amazing job of staying courteous and professional in your replies. I don’t know how you do it.

    I love the site, and I think the mods do a great job. Keep up the good work, everyone.

    If you’re ever logged in, PM me – I’ll thank you the way that only Eva can! 😉

    • Eva – thanks for the ideas!

      I think we kicked the idea around a while back for making a way to see all logged in users, and I think that is a small privacy issue more than anything to do it that way. What I would love to have eventually was a way to “friend” someone, and that would allow another “friend” to see that you were in the chat and which room.

      I think the mods have the ability to mute users in our flashy chat system, and the newer mv-chat system, but I have not tested that yet myself. It’s a great feature, and something that I wish we could add to the OC chat.

      Being able to kick out of a certain room. Hmm.. it’s a good idea, and it’s silly that a user created room op can do that, but our mods / admins can not. This feature is working in our flashy chat system, but I have not checked to see if it is in our new MV chat yet.

      Thanks for reading comments from others! There are a LOT, especially on the rules page and kicked / banned pages. I do try to stay professional and courteous even if I think I could just brush someone off, I try to explain things. There has been a couple times that I lost my cool with a few people, but that likely 1 in a thousand or so, and usually only after they have not heeded courteous advice previously given.

      Glad to hear you love the site and and mods and how the community has established things here over the years! It’s been an interesting process getting this place to where it is now.

      When I get a chance to get away from the coding and emails I may pop in and say hi sometime!

  36. I’ve had more people talk about avatars lately. We miss them! It’s easier to tell who people are. I don’t suppose there’s any fix for that?

    • This would be a benefit for us moving over to the new mv-chat. Avatars and other bonuses.
      Unfortunately with the old chat, there is a weird bug that causes a possible privacy issue when the avatars are enabled, and there is no way to update the old chat to fix that unfortunately.

      It does appear that at some time we will have to move away from the OC, that day may be coming sooner than later.

  37. Avatar

    Contact temptation resort in cancun, i guarantee they would sponsor and pay for a room to encourage people to discuss they’re sexual escapades at that resort in your room! Anyone here would be insane not to visit that resort, we have fun in there like i have fun in these rooms!

    • Peter Pussy Eater – I have considered doing a couple of meet and greet scsc convention parties.. it would be a lot of work, and I don’t think we’d get too many people that could make it. But it’s a neat idea to fantasize about. 🙂

  38. can you create just a roleplay room the fun room is no longer a role play room

  39. Avatar

    Hi Nash:

    I have been thinking about some of the issues about site navigation etc as well as another difficulty I keep having with the sexchat peeps section.

    I am not sure about which screens are not staying in their boxes.. I guess you are mainly referring to the “free sex chat” page.. as to where that page displays fine on my main test monitor, I admit that I did not test those boxes with the smaller screen size changes that occur. I will look into that.
    Yes when I am about to go into the “Just looking for our free text sex chat room? Click here ” part, the chaturbate portal that automatically pops up is “misaligned” Ie spills out of the blue and gold trimed box. This only seems to happen @ 125% zoom level, and corrects itself when I go to back to 100 % and 150%. As well, the “blue line ghosty thing” that happens seems to occur only at 125% zoom level. It disappears @ 100% resolution, and, also at 150% zoom resolution.

    I have noticed that this blue ghostly line thing that covers up all the text, happens both when I scroll quickly on the chaturbate part and the switch rooms part. (@ 125% zoom). It doesn’t seem to happen when I scroll up, only down.

    I favour the 125% resolution as it “gets rid” of the gold bar so that I don’t accidentally click it if I want to move from room to room. It goes to the bottom of the screen, farther away from the change rooms tab.
    I don’t have any idea what you mean by the blue lines going over the room name.. could you do a screen shot to show this and email it perhaps?
    Which browser are you using? ( IE, chrome, firefox, safari, etc) – and what is your screen resolution?
    Unfortunately I don’t know how to make a screen shot. I hope my better description helps some. I can find out from someone how to do that if you need it. I am using IE ( I know) as a browser.
    Nash I am having a much better time navigating the site to where I want to go as I get used to it 🙂

    Again I can appreciate how much work goes into it!!!!!

    The issue I am having with the new chat peeps is that I can log on to my profile, ( I can email you the name if you like. I identify myself to ppl I know from the free chat site of course), no problems.

    However when I try to go to the cams chat part (something I have done before without issues), it says I don’t know my password, and when I tell it to email me a request code (to the correct email address), it doesn’t. If I can get it to email me a code and follow the links (sometimes works to that point)… it keeps telling me I have already done a change today and won’t change anything for me again. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. Help!

    I hope my additional clarification on my pervious comments is useful Nash

    Thank you in advance if you can straighten me out about the password change difficulties I am having. 🙂

    SmilinJ♥♥™ xx

    • SmilinJ – The display with Internet Explorer in zoom mode is something that I probably won’t have time to test with anytime soon. I appreciate you mentioning it, and I will keep it in mind when I get back to messing with some of the sass / css code that affects all these things.

      “I favour the 125% resolution as it “gets rid” of the gold bar so that I don’t accidentally click it if I want to move from room to room. It goes to the bottom of the screen, farther away from the change rooms tab.” –

      So I made some changes on how the bar displays on the actual chat rooms pages, it should not appear over the screen, so that should not be an issue for you if you are looking to change rooms and such. You can see more about this latest update here:

      It’s really easy to take a screen shot when using firefox web browser and the awesome screen shot plugin. I don’t mess with IE enough to make any suggestions for that one. If I am stuck on a system with only IE, I tend to just use print screen and microsoft paint, which is kind of a pain and not easy to show people how to use well.

      Anyhow I hope the changes on the chat rooms pages make it easier for you surf around those pages, and I see that I should do a screen cast showing how our navigation has changed still. Thanks again for the input! It still amazes me when I find that our users view and surf our site pages in ways that I never envisioned, and I try to consider as many ways as possible!

      • Avatar

        Thank you very much Nash…..and by everyone using your site….we try to keep you on your toes ! 😉


  40. Avatar

    Hi Nash:

    I am not sure if this is the second time for my comments/suggestions; I don’t think the first one submitted.

    My apologies if this is a duplicate lol

    I wanted to say that I appreciate the new layout of this site; it is easier to see what sexchat has to offer now than it was before.

    However like others I am not a fan of the large gold bar at the bottom of the screen it seems to get in the way. I do like the quick escape feature 🙂

    Some screens don’t seem to stay in their box. I have seen the chaturbate box (as I was going into chat) spill out of the outer box it is supposed be contained in.

    I have also noticed that when I switch rooms in the freechat part, a blue bunch of lines (similar to the light grey boxes here) comes up and hides the lettering of the rooms etc. Moving my mouse or not moving my mouse doesn’t make it better, and sometimes makes it worse. Eventually it does clear out though.

    Again I do like presentation to the site and I can see everything it has to offer much better, I don’t like that it takes longer to get to my favourite site spots. May we have a “hot button” or a feature that remembers where we were last.

    Thanks for listening!


    • the large gold bar will likely get an option to move or hide it as we experiment with some display options. I am hoping that people will find this new bar more useful as we add more functions to it, but I see that adding an option to minimize it would also be helpful. I actually spent a day working on code to give a “hide this” kind of button for the bar, but I never got that code to work right, so it’s kind of half baked at the moment. Given the amount of issues that have been raised by you and others, I see I need to make this a priority.

      Glad you like the quick escape feature there, I see it has caused some confusion, I should perhaps explain that better, maybe in a tooltip thing. I think it’s a cool function to offer, something I found on another web site and liked the idea. It just needs some explaining I see.

      I am not sure about which screens are not staying in their boxes.. I guess you are mainly referring to the “free sex chat” page.. as to where that page displays fine on my main test monitor, I admit that I did not test those boxes with the smaller screen size changes that occur. I will look into that.

      I don’t have any idea what you mean by the blue lines going over the room name.. could you do a screen shot to show this and email it perhaps?
      Which browser are you using? ( IE, chrome, firefox, safari, etc) – and what is your screen resolution?

      I think you may find your “hot button” to get to your favorite spots are around here, just not immeditely visible. The top navigation bar has the most popular sections available with a single click, and the new “sitemap nav” page should make it quicker to access almost every part with a click. So it should actually become faster for everyone to get their favorite pages, it’s just that main navigation has been pulled from the left sidebar and moved to sub menus in a new top navigation bar. Maybe I should make a screen video showing this.

      Of course if you favorite places to check out on the site are not in the top nav bar, maybe send me a list of the pages you frequent most and I can do some checking to see if they are in the main navigation bars and if they should be added if they are not.

  41. Avatar

    Hi Nash:

    I love the updated sexchat site; everything seems easier to access and less confusing over all.

    However, like many of us here I am not a fan of the orange/yellow bar at the bottom….I do appreciate the quick escape feature 🙂

    I noticed that some of the windows (ie chaturbate) “spill” outside their windows that they should not. (sorry I can’t explain it better)

    I also noticed that when I switch rooms or look at the room list a blue line (or a whole bunch of lines), much like the grey of this reply spot…appear and they block out the room names etc. Sometimes moving my mouse gets rid of it and sometimes it makes it worse!!

    Lastly it is more complicated to get where you need to go on site. I appreciate the new layout though…could we have a ” hot key” or quick entry feature to our most frequented places on sexchat?

    Thank you very much for your attention


  42. Avatar

    I like the new layout but that orange bar at the bottom of the screen is not really helping the chat process of the site all that much. I can’t get the whole chat box to show all at once like in the old layout cause the orange bar at the bottom keeps scrolling along with what ever I do and covers up the chat. I tried using the exit button but it took me to some kinda search site that was all in black and closed me outta the chat. I am using FireFox browser and my screen resolution is 1366 x 768. Is there anyway at all to either close or shrink it?

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