Chat Connection Problems

Having trouble connecting to our free sex chat rooms?

Affecting the OC (original chat / old chat) Possible chat interruptions and down time during planned server maintenance:

START: Tue Aug 4 22:00 UTC (Tue Aug 4 15:00 PDT)
END: Wed Aug 5 01:00 UTC (Tue Aug 4 18:00 PDT)

None planned at this time.

*firefox and possibly other browsers are blocking flash July 14, 2015 – click here for our post on the flash exploit breaking the chat rooms loading for some with firefox.


Affecting the MV-chat / New Chat / Peeps Cams Chat
None planned at this time.

If the chat system is down, and Nash knows about it, it will be posted above here / at the top of this page.

If the main chat system is down and I do not know about it, others will likely post a comment on down below. (look for the date and time that comments are posted)

When the main OC / Original Chat / Old chat system is down, many of our users will pop into the “new chat” aka peeps cams chat system. Over time I expect more and more people to use the new mv-chat system or the mf-chat-rooms systems as these newer options become more popular.

If the main chat system is working fine for everyone else, yet you still can not connect, the most common problems and their respective solutions are posted below:

Did you try to login and get just the blue screen, or a message that said “Disconnected” or “connect failed” or something like that?
If so, there are many possible causes, especially with our new security layers, it’s no big deal, just get back to the chat room screen, and refresh / reload the page. Some users will need to get a fresh / non-cached version of the page, so you may need to hold down the shift key while clicking reload / refresh page (most browsers will work with shift + F5)

** If you saw a message saying something like “could not connect Server Sent No Data”

    you may be in one of our blocked countries ( Romania, and a few others )
    or using an ISP (internet service provider) a proxy or vpn service that has made it on our bad / blocked list
    or you have been manually added to the permanent ban list

– reloading the page will do no good.

You could get the message “could not connect / server sent no data” and not be on a ban list or a blocked ISP or country list.
There are a few times a year when our chat server goes offline, and no one can connect. Usually when this happens other people will post comments below here asking if it’s a global issue. You can see by the times and dates of comments below the times when our chat server was giving this message to everyone (unless you are the first to notice and comment on that particular day); although it does not happen very often, it has happened a few times over the years.

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

We have blocked huge ranges of ISPs and networks from accessing the chat system, so if you are using to access the internet and get that fail message, we have blocked most of – and many other large blocks of Internet Addresses from several Internet Service Providers that we have had problems with. If this problem persists for you for more than 8 hours, you might want to comment below and ask if your ISP, VPN, Proxy, or Country is on the banned list. It could be that you are using the same internet pipes that others have used that violated our rules and you are now caught up in a broad range ban, or it could be that you have triggered this ban.

If you are having an issue with the font going crazy, or the chat not letting you type after you get or send a pm or whisper

– then there are two possible culprits.

1 – Recent updates of Internet Explorer and Adobe flash have been giving people trouble – try using a different web browser such as firefox to see if that fixes the problem. We have not had time to research whether this is an IE problem, or a setting / plugin within Internet Explorer that is causing this issue.

2 – some of our chat room pages have too much java, and cause some weird issues on some systems – if this is the cause of your issue, then you should be able to use the chat room on this light graphic / less java intense chat rooms page. If that fixes your issue, then we know what to look for in this case to fix.

If you get an error message in Internet Explorer about ActiveX being blocked, you need to click the bar near top of the window and tell IE it’s okay to run our chat program on site – graphic showing this here on java support page.

You see a white box / screen. The page loads, but the chat room does not appear.

You must have the VERY LATEST updates for the Java plugin and Adobe Flash plugin. This is the most common problem that users have. Even users that have been able to use our free text chat rooms in the past may not be able to connect after a new update to flash or java has been released by sun or adobe. This is due to security issues, and is easily resolved by doing on update of these two plugins, and you may need to restart your computer.

Do you see an error message when trying to load / connect to the free text chat rooms?

1 – Error message displayed – username or IP address is banned:
It could be that the username you have chosen got banned by someone else, so you could try to connect with a different username. If that does not work, then it could be that someone got a broad range ban place on the IP address block that your ISP assigns to you. You can read why we do broad range bans that may affect other users who were not the ones we intended to ban. If you did, or think that you did not do something that got you banned, then read then read info about getting kicked / banned from the chat room for more info.

2 – Error message displayed – something like “Server sent no data” – first make sure the plugins listed above are updated and try again to connect, on the chat room page, hold down the shift key, and click refresh / reload the page.

Most users will be able to connect to our free sex chat rooms just fine after checking the things listed above. If you still can not connect, I’d like to know about it, and these additional tips below may sort out the problem.

There are many possible causes for not being able to connect to the chat rooms. There could be internet delays, trouble with one or more ISPs not being able to route the info to you from our data center, hardware or software that is blocking the two way java and flash connection from our web server to your network, router, or computer. Some things will be out of your control, such as the superstorm that knocked down a big chunk of internet flow in Nov 2012, and there are other possible reasons, but lets try the easiest fixes first.

Try a different web browser.

If you are using Internet Explorer, try connecting to our chat using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Likewise, if you are using firefox, or chrome, try to connect using Internet Explorer. Sometimes a plugin for one of the browsers causes trouble that is not an issue when using a different browser on the same computer. If you are able to connect with one and not the other, then the good news is that we now know there is some reason that one browser on your system is not allowing the necessary connections, and you will be able to connect using a different web browser! We could go into reasons why one browser works and the other doesn’t – but I am trying to keep this short and simple to help the majority of users without overwhelming everyone with too much. We could discuss those in the comments below perhaps.

Note that currently our chat rooms system require a computer web browser that supports Java and Flash. This means that most mobile devices will not be able to access the current free text chat rooms. iPhones, iPads, most android devices, and similar devices do not support Java and Flash at the time of this writing. We are experimenting with different technologies to bridge this gap in the future, but right now there is so many changes in the mobile computing field that it is tough to know if html5, or some other technology will be broadly adapted to bridge this gap. We are working on a solution, but the computer gods are not making it easy at this time, sorry! If you are stuck using a mobile device for chat, you could probably use our sex chat peeps social section or email like private messaging, and you may have some luck with the Live Jasmine networks new mobile friendly design.

Turn off your firewall / antispyware / antivrus protection temporarily, and try to connect.

Make sure you turn your protection back on as quickly as possible – just try disabling your suite, or individual components of your suite, and see if you can then access the chat rooms. There could be parental filtering software built into your protection suite, or something that is set in your firewall / antivirus software that prevents the necessary two-way communication with our chat server. If this solves the problem, then it should be possible to go into your protection software and add an exception for our web server, that way you can leave your protection turned on and access the chat rooms. We will have to go into the various ways to do that in the comments or something, as it would take a ton of text here for the various software suites different ways of opening access.

Try a different computer or connection.

If you have another computer at your location, try a different computer and see if that one can access the chat rooms using the same internet connection. If using the same internet connection / ISP / and network (router, etc), but using a different computer makes it so that you can connect to the chat rooms, then we know it is something on that one computer that is preventing your access.

Try to connect using the same computer, one a different network.

If you are using a laptop, try taking it to a coffee shop or friend’s house and see if you can connect to the chat that way. If your computer will access the chat rooms at friend’s house, but not at your place, then we can assume something with your network is preventing access. Some routers will block the two way communication that Java needs to use our chat system.

If you are using a router at your place that splits the internet connection between several systems, or using a wireless network, try plugging in directly to your cable modem / DSL modem or whatever. You will need to unplug the router, plug your computer directly into the main modem, and restart your computer. If this solves the issue, then we know it is something else outside your computer, likely “port blocking” on your router’s security settings, or a weak wifi signal.

Using Hughes Net, Dish Internet or other satellite ISP?

I tried to troubleshoot with a regular user for days on possible issues, only to find that he was using a satellite internet service provider, and it simply could not handle the needed upload speed to stay connected to our chat server. The satellite ISPs are great with download speeds most of the time, you will probably be able to watch videos and other intensive bandwidth applications just fine as long as you are downloading data mainly. Our chat rooms need a fast connection for download and upload stream as well. I have not tried our chat with a dial up ISP running at 56k, it may work, it may not, but there is something with the speed ratio of most satellite ISPs that will likely prevent you from being able to use our chat system. If it downloads data at 100 mph, but the upload is going at 5 mph, then you can imagine that your sending, receiving, and our web server’s syncing of the chat messages will simply fail. You could try regular dial up and see if that speed ratio works better, or one of the cellular phone service providers to see if they work okay. Those options will not give you the download speed to download large movies quickly, but they may be better calibrated for two way communications.

Other issues preventing access to the free text chat rooms

There are other issues that could affect your ability to use our chat system, some company networks block aspects of Java from running, some countries have blocks on adult web sites. There are possible issues with the internet as whole, and it could be one of the rare instances where are web server is having a problem. Over the years I think our chat system has been down a total of about 48 hours, so 99.9 times out of 100 our server is handling everything just fine. If our web server was down you would likely not be able to read this page, so that’s probably not the issue at the moment.

Some people have trouble with the two way communication needed with their ISP. We have found that many users from parts of Africa get massive delays in the sending and receiving of the “packets” needed for our chat system to function. Many of these users will not notice major affects when downloading static pages from around the internet, but our system requires not just downloading of information, but uploading and downloading, and doing both in a synced up manner. If your ISP is far away from Arizona, USA – then there is a good chance all the hops around the world can cause problems.

I hope the information on this page helps most of our visitors solve most of their connection problems. I may come up with some other problems and solutions to add and update this page with later. For now, I think most people will have the problems fixed when they update Java and Flash.

If the solutions listed above do not work, we may be experiencing some difficulties with the chat system. Due to our recent popularity – there may be times when the chat system is overloaded, and not accessible. You will find discussions about the chat system being up or down, and info about our backup chat systems on this off site page at wordpress dot com – scsc chat backup info.

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

Since our OC has been down more than 30 minutes, I am also opening up a preview of our MV Chat system that will be coming online for everyone 24/7 in the near future.

We are also working to further the new version of our mobile friendly flashy chat, the new MF Chat rooms system in the near future as well.

You may also get information from other users about the current state of the chat system at our new chat backup site at sex chat space.
Using Firefox for the Original Chat / Old Chat?

Version 31 of firefox will not work with our OC chat rooms. Luckily mozilla released an update to firefox that fixed this issue. Click here to see how to check your version of firefox to make sure it is not 31.


Comments from others



  1. I’m having massive problems trying to connect. I have gotten in once today but mostly I am getting the message “can’t connect” or “disconnected”. I had no problems logging on last night, less than 12 hours ago and I haven’t got any notifications of being kicked or banned. My usual browser is Chrome but I have also tried IE and Firefox today and I have updated Java and Flash. Is there anything else going on that could be causing my problems? Feeling slightly confused…


  2. I have been trying to log in, for some time now. It says operation timed out. Has it anything to do with my connection?

    • Ns – you are coming to our site from an ISP in which we have set major broad range bans. We had trouble with rule breakers using the same ISP that you do, and given that that particular ISP has not helped us with filing abuse complaints we have chosen to block 524,000 ip addresses that they control and assign to their users. Sorry to say that you and anyone else who uses that ISP will not be able to access our chat rooms.

    • Dear Nash, can’t able to access chat room. it’s showing the user name or ip adress is banned. Help me out

      • @S Expandable – This is a broad range ban for someone who was using the same ISP that you do, it could of been you, or someone else that was using your network who came in with a name that included “vasho”… I don’t have time to check logs for details at the moment.

        We have had trouble with your ISP (internet service provider) in the past not taking our abuse complaints and handling them well, so we block several hundred ip addressees at a time that they assign to their users in order to prevent violations of our rules.

  3. Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs

    Sorry to bother you, but I haven’t been able to logon for over two hours. Just keep getting a message ‘the operation has timed out’. Hope it’s just a temporary thing. Thanks for your help.

  4. Hey,

    Looks like my IP address may have been banned and I am not sure why. Just would like to look into it. I tried different names to log in and it doesn’t allow me to.

    Please let me know.



  5. Jeff(M23Canada)

    Hey Nash,

    It’s been a while since I tried to access the site and I’ve since moved and have a new ISP. I think my new IP may be blocked because I’ve tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome with no luck. I haven’t been on the site in a few months and nothing happened the last time I was here. Do you know what my status is?

    • JeffM23 – quick look at some things does show that at one point we blocked 300,000 ip blocks that your current ISP allocates to customers. I will need to do some more digging to find out who the intended block target was, and how long ago, and some other details. Gotta wake up here a bit and dig into that.

    • @JeffM23 – I think I have this cleared up now. Give it another try and see if you can connect.

  6. ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    I could not log on for more than one hour – not even the log in page.
    From 09:15 to 10:25 German time.
    I just wanted to inform you.


    • @ladylikes – strange working fine from here at the moment. Wonder if there is something going on with the internet in general between US and Euro – or if it’s a more localized issue. Looks like there was some congestion at one of the main hubs around Austria for a bit. Now it seems to be clearing up. At the moment looks like the chat server is doing okay and connections from at least the east coast states side are making good connection speed. Hopefully give it another try and things will connect soon.

  7. why is my ip banned

    • #Katie – because you need mental help you fucking waste of time. I suggest never returning to our site again or may find yourself in need of legal assistance as well. This is your final ban notice katie boss gawornr.

  8. No not yet will keep trying :)

  9. The only other name i have used in last 9 year is UK Gent ,never used Dad in any as i aint a Dad for one lol . Thank you for your reply :) Fine and a few other Mods can vouch for me never been a rule breaker , Bikerdad and Tex can vouch for me too :) ty

  10. I am banned and don’t know the reason ,i aint done anything wrong :(

    • XL cock – this may be an effect of a broad range ban placed against someone else that used the ISP as you – unless you logged in a while back with a screen name that included “***dad* or something like that. I do not have time to decrypt and search through logs to find out at this moment. Have you ever used a screen name that included “dad” in it before?

      Also answered here –

      • XL Cock – I checked through many things and I am not finding any info about you being previously banned. I am going with the assumption that you were not using a daddy like name some months ago, and the ban that is or was affecting you was intended for someone else.

  11. I have no clue as too why i am banned ,been on this site 8 ,9 year no problems :(

  12. I can get in….PHEW!!!!!

  13. Hi there. Haven’t been able to log on all morning, keep getting a message ‘The operation timed out’. Am wondering if its the same thing as last time this happened when ip addys had been banned from my ISP. I soooo hope that isn’t the case! Thanks.

  14. hi i was just banned and i have know idea why

    • meg25 – most people find the reason listed on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page (the page you are auto-sent to when you are kicked or banned). I do not see anything about you in the ban list at this time.

      • meg25
        You were not banned. You were kicked to the rules page after being asked by one mod to limit your url pic posting in our lobby. After the mod left the lobby, you resumed posting pics again. (yes, a different pic because several people noted that the same series of pics of the same girl is posted with at least 20 different nics on our site. ) You were sent another warning about the url posting. At that time you were sent to rules page for 30 minutes to read the rules after you switched to the lesbian room. (Which you also were informed of the reason and why you were being kicked , before you were actually kicked.) To add to this , you have been warned several times over the last few months, to limit the postings of urls /pics in our main rooms and to use the porn room or open your own private room . These warnings were posted to you in the Lesbian room and the Family Fun room previously.

  15. LittleMissAnon

    Using this from Malaysia, unable to connect, same message reappears on the screen when I try to connect: The connection was reset. Not sure what the problem but I’m wondering if my country is banned? Thanks.

    • There is a good chance that Malaysia was banned a while back to prevent some spammers. I can’t check on the current countries blocked thing at this moment, but I do vaguely recall doing a block on Malaysia some time ago, and that likely has not been changed since.

  16. Hey I was just wondering what was going on? I keep getting a message saying that I was “timed out” for loading a page for too long. But the page never loads! I tried coming back to it a few times but it doesn’t seem to be fixed for me. Help me out please!

    • @Rachrose – very strange, I do not see any blocks set in our firewall blocking system that would be blocking you at this time. Are you still unable to connect? Have you tried the troubleshooting things posted above?

    • Yes, I’m getting that too. Connection timed out

      • @Sasha – not seeing any blocks against your current network. Have you tried the troubleshooting things listed up above?

  17. chat is only saying the connection was reset

  18. hi Nash

    i was just logging in today in the mornin when all the sudden around 9:50AM CST it disconnected. then i tried to refresh and it said *operation timed out* i tried on internet explorer and it says page cannot be displayed

  19. I was using the site fine at 5.15pm yesterday, then when I tried to log back on at 7pm, just kept getting a black screen which eventually turned grey and said operation timed out. Have tried on both Firefox and Chrome – same problem. Any advice would be really appreciated. Why does this happen when I have just met a great guy and have no other way of getting in tough – aaaghhh!! Thanks very much.

    • Sorry incognita – we banned about 524,000 ip addys that your ISP gives to customers due to some trolling problems we had a while back. We sent info to that ISP a while back and they did not handle our abuse complaints in a way that we felt was productive. So we will likely not clear these blocks. So long as you try to connect to our system with your current internet service provider, odds are it will fail.

    • Thanks for getting back so quickly Nash. So that just happened in the time frame I gave? I had no problems up until 7pm last night.

      • This may be a stupid question, as I am not IT savvy I am afraid, but I guess there is no way of you lifting my ban? I am on the site most days (usually Black Silk Stockings), and this is going to leave a huge hole in my social life. Know you have lots more to worry about but just thought I would ask. Many thanks.

        • Incognita – I’ll have to think on this when I am more awake.. heading to bed now (it’s 5am here, and VERY tired now).. maybe 12 hours or so from now I can discuss this better.

  20. Hello, I have not been able to connect for almost a week now I have tried resting everything and changing my internet browser. Dont know if maybe if i was band some how?

    • anal fuck slut – I do not see anything on our end that would be blocking your access at this time, at least from the computer / network in which you just left this comment. Have you tried the other troubleshooting issues listed above?

  21. mr master – I do not see anything about you in the ban list.

  22. Haven;t been able to get on the chat for a few days now,. The connection either times out or the chat loads but when i go to join, it comes up, “connect failed”. It was fine until a few days ago, then just stopped working. Have tried multiple things but nothing seems to work. Rather strange.

    • Ash – when you commenting here, you were using an unusual ISP… one this is likely banned from our system. Many of the vpns and proxies that are out there have been permanently blocked from accessing our chat rooms due to abuse unfortunately. I am simply going by the ip address that was recorded when you left this comment, and a quick lookup. It could be that your ISP routes through other partner’s servers that are also used by other services, and one of those other services caused us to block your ISP’s partner transit servers.

      • Ah, yes, I might of had a vpn on when i commented, I usually do, and honestly, never had a problem before using them. I did remember that i had the same problem last month, but it resolved itself after a couple of days. I’m just going to assume it’s something to do with my isp (Things are known to go AWOL from time to time with them).

        • Yeah Ash, with some VPN and similar services, we have blocked about two thirds of their assigns ip addys.. so using some proxy services people will fail to connect two thirds of the time. I wish we never had to do that, but some ISPs have not played well with us when filing abuse complaints, which leads us to block huge blocks of addys they control. You could always surf our site without vpn, but I don’t blame you if you don’t. Maybe a different provider, one that actually plays well with complaints from services such as ours.

      • mr nash cant seem to get into the site was wondering if i got banned somehow or is the site just down for now? thanks

  23. Is the site down or is it just me , I keep getting a message saying connection timed out

    • hmm, we are here Phil, might wanna refresh or reboot , or try a different browser

    • seamanPhil – this is a manual ban against your network actually. You will need to re-read our content guidelines. ( )

      • Admin Nash; I’m afraid I don’t understand. I have reread the content Guidelines several times. I post a lot in the pornshare room and it on the whole is well recieved by those there. Every so often I run across something the system just does not like. It’s not the content , it seems to be more to do with where ever the photo was posted to tumbler from. I’m quite sure it’s not an issue with the age of the models as I don’t post photos of anyone appearing to be underage I never know there is a problem with that until after the fact. I really don’t know what I can do to prevent it other than just stop posting anything at all. If that is what I have to do well then i will. I certainly don’t need these kinds of problems and I’m sure you don’t either. Just let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you lift this ban sincerely, Phil Joyner

        • semanPhil – there was an edge case emailed to me.. there was no nudity in it. Basically some girl sucking a dildo candle or something on a birthday cake I think.. and it had what I am assuming is the woman’s kids in the background. So there was a complaint filed about it, and technically in our content guidelines “Posting pics / videos (or links to media) of anyone who is not 18 or older is not permitted here.
          This includes pics where there is no nudity.”

          This means people in the background of the photo as well.

          Does that ring a bell, or am I thinking of someone else – I may have to dig through some notes, it could of been a different issue.

          • Yes it does, it was a pic of an elderly woman’s birthday party and in it she, the elderly woman ,was sucking or had placed the candle in her mouth. In the background there were a couple of young children. I did post it commenting on how in appropriate it was for that to occur in the children’s presence. I see your point now, while at the time it simply did not occur to me. I really can do nothing now but apologize and promise that that sort of thing will never happen again. So, yes I am guilty and admit it. I am sorry, and if you do decide to ban me over this, well you now have my side of it. I do enjoy this site and the to think I may have done something to jeopardize the site as well as my participation on it shames me.

            • seamanPhil – cool. I will clear your ban. I had thought it would be a good time to point out that our policy of no pics of those under… includes not just the main subject of the pic, but also other participants in a photo. Of course there is a difference with this pic where others are pictured actively engaged in (albeit semi-)sexual situation, and say a photo of a girl at spring break flashing her boobs, with others in the far background who may be 17 – most of those in the background would not be actively engaged in said photo – and actually I think flashing boobs is less sexual than non-nude sucking a dildo shaped candle. Of course what if it was not penis shaped.. but only semi-phallus shaped? Would that be the same? What if it was not phallic, but like a banana.. yeah that would be even less sexual. However given that our rule is meant to keep people from sharing sexualized images, as well as those that are not intended to be sexualized (to keep people from sharing under pics innocently that others may either perv on or see as being meant to be sharing for nefarious purposes even when that was not the intention – all those things happen), just needed to make sure this is better understood.

              Hope this make sense, I’ve been awake way too long today, might need to clarify after some sleep if this just makes things more confusing.

  24. im having a problem getting onto original chat…it tells me connection failed but i was on two days ago after not being able to get on for 3 weeks i thought what ever problem there was had been fixed but now it will not let me on again

  25. 7 pm PST and it’s been disconnecting a bunch of people from chat.

    • @bubblegumbitch – very strange.. looks okay from here. I wonder if this is a UK thing, or an East coast thing, or what..

  26. please tell me why i can post only 1 thing and no more

  27. i have added the chat to all my stuff as a trusted site and tryed to sign on with my firewall off but it still says connection failed no mater which browser i try to use all of my java and flash are up to date please help

    • katrina – this is quite strange. Are you still unable to connect to the chat at this time?

      • yes i am still unable to connect and i have tried to do everything i can think of to fix the issue but nothing so far had given me the desired results lol ….i have tried updating java and flash and i have tried to turn off my fire wall and my virus protection when i log in and it still tells me connect failed

        • katrina – are you using a wireless router, or one of those “network through your electricity plugs” kind of network things? Have you tried bypassing your router and plugging directly into your cable modem / dsl modem or whatever?

          • i am on a wireless connection i have tried to connect to other networks and i have tryed connecting directly to the router and that did not solve the problem either

      • I am having an issue connecting to the original chat room. Every-time I try to join in it gives me the blue screen and “Connect Failed”. I have done everything possible to resolve it. I refreshed the browser many times, cleared cached, cookies etc…I reset my modem same problem. I turned off all my internet security stations including Firewall and still “Connect Failed”. I also made sure my java and flash is up to date and still nothing. I even tried different browsers on the same computer and still connect failed.

        Then finally, I tried to join in the original chat room through a different computer and it worked! and now I am super confused. If I was able to connect in through another computer with the same nickname “MasterSpanks” so obviously, something is preventing me from joining into my own computer. Please help me with this issue. Thank you. Why can’t I connect on my computer to original chat room anymore and I can connect on a different computer. It was working like couple of weeks ago, all of a sudden it just stopped working.

        Thank you.

        • MasterSpanks – did you leave this comment from the computer that can not connect?

          When you say you could access from a different computer, do you mean a different network as well?

          • I left this comment on the same computer that couldn’t connect that’s right. And when I was able to connect through a different computer it was through the same network.

            • MasterSpanks – very strange situation. So it appears that your, let’s call it “home network” can connect to the chat rooms here – so it would seem that we do not have your network blocked with our chat server. One of your computers can connect, and another one cannot. Well what is different between the two? Is one wireless and the other wired? Is one using an AV suite like Norton / Symantec and the other is using Avaste? Is one using an old browser and the other is not?

              There could be so many things that block the chat system from running on your computer, which is why I listed all the things up above to try. After updates I would try turning off your firewall for a minute to see if that affects things. Some computer systems may be running more than one firewall at the same time (not a good idea, but it’s happened to me even – windows firewall running and avaste doing the firewall thing). Sometimes it’s an issue where someone is using a wifi connection that is not quite strong enough to maintain a fast enough connection, this seems to happen a lot when people have a home network that goes through their electrical sockets / electricity lines.

              I am not sure what things are the same and what are different between your two computers, so it’s hard for me to make too many guesses aside from what is already listed up above. Are they different operating systems? Like windows 7 works and windows XP does not? Trying to think of what else could be a conflict. Have you tried plugging in your non-working computer using a wired connection directly to your modem? (Bypassing wireless, and bypassing a router, then turning them both off and back on) – this could add shed some light on possible bottlenecks.

  28. Is the site down currently? I have tried chrome and firefox and java is up to date and I still cannot connect. It just says connection failed.

    • BigLenny – seems to be working right. Could be a weather issue for the internet in or around your area perhaps. If you still can’t connect in an hour or so check back with me and I will look to see if you are blocked by our serer firewall for some reason.

      • why cant i connect to the old chat using chrome it says operation timed out

        • badboy123 – it’s hard to say. There is a chance that you have been manually perma banned from our chat rooms. You could send me an email or contact form submission and list any screen names that you have used, and I could look deeper into it. There is also a chance that someone else in your home city that uses the same ISP that you do got a manual broad range ban that is also affecting you.

          • could you not raise the ban for me please very much appreciated

            • badboy123 – if you send me a list of the screen names you have used in the chat I will look into these details. If you don’t send me a list I will not waste the time. It’s going to take a lot of looking up and cross referencing things to see if you have been a user that was accidentally caught in a broad range ban or if you are the actually person that this ban was intended to block.

            • adam uk and badboy123 or nawty boy

  29. I uninstalled AVG and tried it on both firefox (which I downloaded and installed so I am assuming I had the latest version), as well as Chrome (my default browser is Chrome). If my flash player needs to be updated, Chrome automatically updates it apparently. Besides, the problem has been here for over a week now so I don’t think it has to do with a new flash player version. This is odd indeed.

    • Baxster – please do check that your flash is updated, chrome is supposed to update automatically, and flash sometimes notifies you of an update when you restart your computer, but the latest versions are very important – it’s worth a check at adobe’s site.

      Given that you are having such a weird issue, I would strongly suggest also running a malware bytes scan on your system. (get that, and no need to check the box to run the “pro version” 30 day trial, in fact un check that.. the non pro version is fine for a manual scan and manual updates.

      Also get avaste antivirus to secure your system and run a scan with that.

      The lg version ( ) does not work on your system either?

      I thought it might be a browser plugin preventing you from loading. If these others things do not find something hijacking your system, I have to wonder if someone has installed some kind of corporate type filtering / parental blocking software on that system.

    • do you know if there is an issue with “horny old man 63” as i can not get logged in

  30. Hello,
    The old chat does not work for me on one computer. I get a ‘Connect Failed’ message. It does work for me with a different computer on the same network.

    • Baxster – the computer that is giving you the connection failed message; tomorrow restart that computer after you turn off and turn back on your internet router / modem thing. At that point is it still unable to connect? There is a chance that you are on a manual ban list, but there is also a chance that someone else in your city that uses the same ISP as you do was put on the manual ban list. I could research this further, but not tonight.

      • I turned off my router for about ten seconds and turned it back on. I then restarted the computer and waited until I was fully connected to the internet (since it takes time for it to recover after you reboot the router). I tried again and had the same thing.

        • Baxster – I will check some of our broad range bans to see if we have a large block against your ISP, and then try to find the reasons. It would help me whittle down this process if you would provide me with the screen name(s) you or anyone else that uses your network, have used to access the chat here.

        • Baxster – I am not seeing a block on our end that would be blocking the network you are using to make a comment here. Have you tried different browsers on that computer? If you can not connect with firefox, but IE does let you access, then that is a clue. Is there a chance that the computer you are not able to get access with has a firewall that is blocking it? If you turn off your firewall or computer security suite (just for a minute then turn it back on!) – and you can access then, then we know what the issue is.

          Have you plugged the computer that can not access directly into your cable modem (bypass any router, and use wired connection not wireless) – and then it works.. then we know it is either your router or your wifi signal.

          • I have tried it on IE and it does not work. I have disabled both the firewall and my AVG protection and still get the message. I also used the cable and plugged it into the modem having a wired connection, and it didn’t work. The computer that DOES work is also wired to the modem.

            • Baxster – this is quite odd. So you have two computers, same network, and when plugged into the modem directly, on will access the chat, and the other will not. Even with firewall turned off and using two different browsers. You might have two firewalls running on that computer(?) like avg is running one and then windows default firewall also. You could try using chrome and firefox to see if one of those work? I have not used avg in a long time, I wonder if there is a way to turn it off completely, or if the setting that you are using to turn it off is only turning off some features, and not part of it that would be preventing access. Check to make sure your firefox is updated here. An older version of firefox actually prevented out chat from loading.

              If you are really intent on getting this other computer to access the chat, after trying the other two web browsers, and double checking that your adobe flash player is up to date, (a new one was released like yesterday I think – ) you could uninstall avg and then see if it works. I highly suggest not surfing any other sites with avg uninstalled – even yahoo dot com could server some malicious ads unknowingly.

              I test our chat rooms system on windows 7 and windows 8 machines, some using kaspersky for AV suite, and others using Avaste AV suite. There are no issues with this setup. I double checked our chat room server firewall and I do not see a block on the network you are using to comment here, and since your other computer can access with the same network, that shows that there is not a block on our end at this time.

  31. Hello, i tried loging onto the site and it says my IP is banned…i did nothing wrong to get banned, didnt even use the site that often…perhaps a moderator was mistaken when they banned my IP and wanted to see if it was possible to fix this issue?

    • jose27 – your computer network has been banned for discussing toddlers or something like that.

      • wow that sucks, I’m certain i have never mentioned anything of the sort most likely a mistake by the moderator or perhaps they meant to ban some one else and accidentally banned me…is there anything that can be done?

        • Jose27 – have you, or anyone that uses your network come into the chat room with another name aside from Jose?

          • No, i didnt use it often and the times that i did it would be under Jose27

            • But if i cannot be un-banned i understand Admin Nash

            • perhaps some one used my wifi when i had it with out a password for a little while in the past…but other than that i cant think of another way that could have happened sir

            • joe27 – someone from your exact IP addy logged in with the screen name Megan38 or something like that, and violated our rules. It is our policy when someone breaks one of the top 3 rules, that we permanently ban the network that was used in that violation. So this ban is permanent.

            • Megan38?? thats very strange…but i understand thank you for your time.

            • Jose – thank you for understanding. If you have allowed anyone you know to use your computer, or use your wifi, I would be very concerned about that person. If you don’t know people that accessed your open wifi – then I would be concerned about your neighbors. It would be extremely rare for one of your neighbors to use your wifi and find their way to our site. The odds of two people in the same block ending up in our chat system are like a million to 1 or something. Anyhow, if I were you I would use strong passwords on your wifi, and I would setup user accounts on your computer so that no one would be able to use your computer and access your browser history without your knowledge. I read a story a while back where someone had some distant family members visit for a weekend, and one of them used their network to access some p2p network for shady purposes, and it came back to haunt all of them.

  32. Illy CharBelcher (25F)

    So when i go to the webpage is formatted different than usual and when i click any of the chat options it goes to the page but there is like no Flash/Java window, it’s just a webpage with nothing to do. I didn’t see anything in the above information. Are you guys like reformatting the site or something?

    • iLLY – yes we are working on that – what was supposed to be a 5 minute code update turned into a slew of problems. I did a small post about it in an update here: – however I had thought we could get it fixed back to the way it was before falling asleep. Now, I am not so sure. At this moment it appears that the new web server security layers are having conflicts with the site scripts, and it’s taking a lot of fine tuning to get it working to where it is. Obviously it is not where it should be. It’s the first thing being worked on now that I am awake again. Hopefully we will figure something out to get this back where it should be quickly. If not I have backup plans of course.

  33. ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    Dear Nash, since I am seeing you conversing here, I just would like to ask you, if you received my email from Dec. 23rd.
    And why did I have to sign in here, when I am already getting notified about actions on here….?


    • Heya ladylikes – yep, got your email(s 2 of them I think) on the 23rd – I don’t get to reply to every email I get, sorry for that. I know it’s been a while and I rarely get back to emails that are a couple weeks old, but if you’d like I will get back to those and get back to ya. Some days I actually get more than a few thousand emails – it’s ridiculous!

      about signing in to leave comments, I explain that in some more detail on this comment reply here.

      • ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

        Yes, thank you – I saw it.

        I just wanted to know, if you received the mail from the 23rd.
        As long as I know you got it. – And read it.
        I understand that you are busy. So I won’t insist on you answering back.


  34. I seem to be unable to get the blue login screen to come up at all. I don’t believe I have done anything wrong to get banned. I havn’t been on in awhile and now havn’t been able to get on in the last few times I have tried.

    • joey26 – this is a broad range ban affecting a ton of adresses that your ISP assigns. Have you ever logged into the chat room here with a screen name that includes the word “hung” ?

      • No I have not used hung, usually just Joey .

        • Joey – I will clear this a little later tonight. If you don’t hear back from me here by midnight (Eastern Daylight Time) – remind me! I have to run some errands and I will get back to my secure login system this evening to fix this. Sorry about the issue and delay!

          • No problem I appreciate you looking into it. Thank you and will do.

            • Joey26 – this should be cleared now. Let me know if you still have trouble accessing.

            • Nash- Sorry unfortunately its still not working. Still no blue login screen.

            • Joey26 – Very strange. Try this.. unplug or turn off your router and modem (or whatever you use to connect to the internet) – restart your computer. Come back to the chat rooms page, and when you get there – hold down shift and click reload / refresh.

              This should clear some settings, and force a non-cached reload of the page. If you still can’t connect, let me know. I see some things on this – but we will try all that first.

            • Sorry Nash still a no go. Still nothing coming up.

            • Joey26 – ARG! Looks like I did not finalize the apply and save changes refresh thing on my end. Maybe the changes went through this time! (?) Give it another try now.

  35. Hello Admin Nash, once again i seem to be having problems connecting to the chat rooms. I was able to connect on New Years Eve but have not been able to connect since. I keep getting a “connection failed” message no matter how many times i refresh the page. have I been banned or had my I.P. address been accidently been group into a mass banning again?…..please let me know, have had alot fun meeting other users on line and chatting with them and would like to be able to continue….Thank you, your help would be much appreciated

    • stillhorny – indeed this is the effect of a large broad range ban affecting thousands of systems that connect via your ISP. I will do some checking, I might be able to clear this after I check some encrypted back logs.

  36. Tyoga Frost (Neko)

    Hiya Nash, each time I try and use Java Chat it gives me a grey chat and “The Operation Timed Out.” I online yesterday night, logged of for two hours, tried to use it and it won’t let me on anymore. I tried using a different computer, but neither work

    • Tyoga – it’s quite possible that you have been perma banned for something. I will need to get into other files to check up on that.

      • Tyoga Frost (Neko)

        I don’t remember doing anything that would get me perma banned, but thanks for checking up on it

        • Tyoga Frost – I checked into this, and it was an old block on someone else who uses the same ISP that you do in the same country. I have narrowed this down a bit, and I think you should be able to reconnect at this time.

  37. ladylikes™✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪

    I just sent an email, Nash

    greetings – ladylikes.

  38. evidently my IP address was banned — not sure why … i had logged into the lesbian room & within 2 minutes i was kicked and now am being told i am banned. I know the screen name i was using is frowned upon in that room but it is the only link i can use to get to the other rooms. The other links don’t allow me to sign on (just time me out). I received no warning / no request to leave — which i was in the process of doing anyway . I didn’t even see a MOD in the room at the time. Could this be rectified?

  39. hi, i signed in just a few minutes ago — i was not in the lesbian chat room for more that 1 1/2 minutes when i was banned. I know the user name i was under was not allowed in the room, but that is the link i use to get into the sight — i was attempting to join another room at the time of the banning. i received no warning – no request to leave as i have in the past — just banned. Could this possibly be removed. i am ver clear on the rules but as i said it is the only link i can use to get into the rooms – the other links don’t allow me to get on it just times me out.

  40. I keep getting “The connection was reset” and I tried all of the steps on the connection problem page. It was working fine at my friends house but not at mine. So far as I know I haven’t broken any rules.

    • DannyBoy – as is posted above:

      If you saw a message saying something like “could not connect Server Sent No Data”

      you may be in one of our blocked countries ( Romania, and a few others )

      • thing is I’m not. I was on it this morning and I was still in Germany. and it usually works.

      • I mean to say, there isn’t a list of banned countries so I guess I can’t be sure but if Germany was on it, wouldn’t I have not been able to get on before? My flatmate and I use the site all the time it’s a great site

        • DannyBoy – this is kind of weird… One of our ip lookups shows your assigned ip addy as coming from Germany, and another service shows it’s coming from Romania, which is a banned country currently. I am not sure, but I am assuming that your ISP has either bought, or been “re-allocated” ip assignments that once were “owned” / controlled by an ISP in Romania. It will likely take a few weeks before the city / country ip tables are updated around the net. During that time, our chat server will still think your IP addy is coming from (currently banned) Romania. I don’t think there is anything I can do to speed up this ip table update, but if you find that you still can not connect after 14 days from your main location check back with me and I will see if there is anything else I can do. Sorry!

          • I’m sorry, I’m not a techie and I’m having a hard time understanding this. So I’m in Germany but my ISP is being routed through a Romanian company? Is there anything I can do to make it work on my end?

            • Danny Boy… hmm.. think of it like this… in the US there are like 999,999,9999 phone numbers.. ip addys are kind of like that, currently limited (although ip v6 is coming!)

              So with a finite amount of phone numbers, when populations shift, businesses change… a phone number that was once used for a business in New York may be transferred to a new business in California one day. So today if you call that number it rings to a place in Cali… but when our chat room server checks the number (your IP addy) – it is using a slightly out dated (not yet updated) phone book, and thinks you are calling from Romania. I THINK your ISP has bought or been given a bunch of end users addresses that were once controlled by a different company in another country. It normally only takes a few days for these things to get updated, although I have seen cases where it takes 30 -60 days before some of the “internet address books” are updated.

              Unfortunately our chat server system does not use the premium super expensive “updated every 24 hours” Geoip books. I’d love to access that info, but we have to rely on the less often updated and much cheaper address books available.

              Maybe I will just unblock Romania for a week and then see if you can access next week if we turn the block back on. I’ll need to check a few things first.

            • okay DannyBoy – give it another try now and let’s see if you can connect now.

          • Sorry this is the first chance I’ve had to get on and check this. Thank you for the explanation it makes perfect sense. Whatever you did seems to have worked, my flatmate was able to get on the chat from the house. thanks for the help :)

  41. DistinguishedOlderMale™

    is anyone else having troubles with ahving to log in 2 or 3 times before it lets you into the room… I loogged in twice and got an empty room with no users twice..

    • ladylikes™✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪

      I have been disconnected several times and could not get back in for at least 15 minutes….. – today.

      • ladylikes – I don’t see any connection problems with the chat server side of things. My guess is internet traffic congestion from your country to the switches that handle things across the pond. Hope this is not a persistent issue!

  42. ladylikes™✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪

    Dear Nash – I made a comment on the mod complaint page – although I had no complaint….just to inform you.
    That was hours ago – it says my comment is waiting for moderation….
    Actually I am signed in on almost every site.
    Would you please check on this? Thanks.


  43. I get one message off and I get knocked out. I have to log on every time. Why is this happening?

    • Jordon – there are many things that could cause such an issue. If you run through the troubleshooting steps listed above it may narrow down the cause and possible solutions.

  44. most of the time when i try to load The page loads but then where I normally log is a white box saying “the connection has timed out”. Any help would be greatly appricated.

    • dick needs to cum – did you try the things posted above?

    • dick needs to cum – I checked a few things on our end. It looks like you are using an ISP that we have had some difficulties with in the past. Since we received no response from your ISP some times ago when we filed an abuse complaint against one of their users, we were forced to add some large “broad range bans” against thousands of the IP addy assignments that they give to their customers. Unfortunately so long as you use that ISP – you will likely not be able to connect with our chat system.

  45. Hi,

    I have been on this site numerous times over the years. For some reason now I cannot log in and it is on multiple computers. Can you please advise if I have been blocked?


    • Chris – which screen name(s) have you used in our chat?
      We did block a large amount of networks that your ISP handles, and I am not at my secure log computer to check the details at this moment.

  46. Hello,
    I use to be on this sight all the time, but the thing is, once I got my windows 8, it wont let me send any of my messages. I don’t know what to do, and I’d really like to get back on sexchat. please help.

  47. for some reason when i use this name i get kicked almost instantly this has never happened before and i don’t know why i keep getting banned for using this name

  48. Hi there does somebody want to chat ? Lonely tonight

  49. Hi,, I am fronm the UK and have not been able to access your site for the past 5 days. i have checked I have the required software and updated this and also tryed internet explorer and chrome, my normal browesr is fire fox which i have checked. The page loads but then where I normally log is a white box saying “the connection has timed out”. Any help would be greatly appricated.

    • Claire – we have had several problems with a particular person who uses the same ISP that you do. After many messages to your Internet Service Provider about this individual violating our terms of service, we were forced to start doing some broad rang bans blocking thousands of IP addy assignments that your ISP allocates to end users. It seems that some of these broad range bans may be affecting you at this time.

      I am just now waking up, after some espresso I can dig a little deeper in this issue and perhaps find a way to work something out where you can regain access and we keep some others blocked.

  50. ladylikes™-TallOne(m)™s lady-

    Dear Nash – we are having connection problems again at this time – looks like it hit mainly users from Europe and a few other not Canadians or Us users. We keep dc and sometimes we can’t log in with our normal user names. It happened to me as well. When I try to log in with a different name – it works.

    I find this odd. It has happened several times.

    I am in now with ladylikes, but could not log in with my name earlier. The same happened to inno.

    Maybe you can look into this please. Thanks.




    • Heya Ladylikes, I checked into our chat rooms server stuff and everything looks like it’s been fine here. I am guessing that there was some major internet congestion on the hops across the ocean for a while and it caused the timeouts. I know some of the big internet peeps are working on laying additional undersea cables to avoid that kind of thing. Hopefully we will see less of this in the future.

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