Chat Connection Problems


Having trouble connecting to our free sex chat rooms?
Oc (origianl chat / old chat) chat may have hiccups during planned upgrades to our internet routers:
This is a planned maintenance notification.

START: Wednesday, August 27th, 09:00 UTC (2:00 a.m. PDT)
END: Wednesday, August 27th, 13:00 UTC (6:00 a.m. PDT)
START: Thursday, August 28th, 06:00 UTC (2:00 a.m. EDT)
END: Thursday, August 28th, 09:00 UTC (5:00 a.m. EDT)

The “new chat / peeps cams chat” – We will be updating and performing maintenance in our servers on August 22nd 2014, from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM CST.

During this timeframe, our servers will be offline for approximately 4 hours.

After maintenance our services will be back online and should function normally.

Using Firefox for the Original Chat / Old Chat?

* 6:00 am – July 23 2014 – Looks like the latest version of firefox, version 31 is causing problems with the chat rooms system for some reason, for several people. We are researching this further at this time. thanks to ArchDuke who pointed out his browser and browser version here that led to this discovery. A more detailed post about this blue screen issue causing the chat to break with v31 of firefox here.

*5:00am EST July 24 – it’s been almost 24 hours, and we have not heard back from the firefox / mozilla team on the v31 issue. If you’d like to “vote” on the firefox support forums about this affected you, you can over here:

Some users are resorting to uninstalling the latest version of firefox, and installing the older version as a workaround. I was told that older versions of firefox are found here:
However I caution that before uninstalling the new version of firefox, I suggest making a backup or export of your bookmarks, and maybe a list of your addons / plugins and stuff first.

My fingers are crossed they will have a 31.1 update soon to address this issue. In the meantime I may install the opera web browser again and use that. Yay.

If the chat system is down, and I know about it, I will post about the issue at the top of this page.

If the main chat system is down and I do not know about it, others will likely post a comment on down below. (look for the date and time that comments are posted)

When the main OC / Original Chat / Old chat system is down, many of our users will pop into the “new chat” aka peeps cams chat system. Over time I expect more and more people to use the new mv-chat system or the mf-chat-rooms systems as these newer options become more popular.

If the main chat system is working fine for everyone else, yet you still can not connect, the most common problems and their respective solutions are posted below:

Did you try to login and get just the blue screen, or a message that said “Disconnected” or “connect failed” or something like that?
If so, there are many possible causes, especially with our new security layers, it’s no big deal, just get back to the chat room screen, and refresh / reload the page. Some users will need to get a fresh / non-cached version of the page, so you may need to hold down the shift key while clicking reload / refresh page (most browsers will work with shift + F5)

** If you saw a message saying something like “could not connect Server Sent No Data”

    you may be in one of our blocked countries ( Romania, and a few others )
    or using an ISP (internet service provider) a proxy or vpn service that has made it on our bad / blocked list
    or you have been manually added to the permanent ban list

- reloading the page will do no good.

You could get the message “could not connect / server sent no data” and not be on a ban list or a blocked ISP or country list.
There are a few times a year when our chat server goes offline, and no one can connect. Usually when this happens other people will post comments below here asking if it’s a global issue. You can see by the times and dates of comments below the times when our chat server was giving this message to everyone (unless you are the first to notice and comment on that particular day); although it does not happen very often, it has happened a few times over the years.

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

We have blocked huge ranges of ISPs and networks from accessing the chat system, so if you are using to access the internet and get that fail message, we have blocked most of – and many other large blocks of Internet Addresses from several Internet Service Providers that we have had problems with. If this problem persists for you for more than 8 hours, you might want to comment below and ask if your ISP, VPN, Proxy, or Country is on the banned list. It could be that you are using the same internet pipes that others have used that violated our rules and you are now caught up in a broad range ban, or it could be that you have triggered this ban.

If you are having an issue with the font going crazy, or the chat not letting you type after you get or send a pm or whisper

- then there are two possible culprits.

1 – Recent updates of Internet Explorer and Adobe flash have been giving people trouble – try using a different web browser such as firefox to see if that fixes the problem. We have not had time to research whether this is an IE problem, or a setting / plugin within Internet Explorer that is causing this issue.

2 – some of our chat room pages have too much java, and cause some weird issues on some systems – if this is the cause of your issue, then you should be able to use the chat room on this light graphic / less java intense chat rooms page. If that fixes your issue, then we know what to look for in this case to fix.

If you get an error message in Internet Explorer about ActiveX being blocked, you need to click the bar near top of the window and tell IE it’s okay to run our chat program on site – graphic showing this here on java support page.

You see a white box / screen. The page loads, but the chat room does not appear.

You must have the VERY LATEST updates for the Java plugin and Adobe Flash plugin. This is the most common problem that users have. Even users that have been able to use our free text chat rooms in the past may not be able to connect after a new update to flash or java has been released by sun or adobe. This is due to security issues, and is easily resolved by doing on update of these two plugins, and you may need to restart your computer.

Do you see an error message when trying to load / connect to the free text chat rooms?

1 – Error message displayed – username or IP address is banned:
It could be that the username you have chosen got banned by someone else, so you could try to connect with a different username. If that does not work, then it could be that someone got a broad range ban place on the IP address block that your ISP assigns to you. You can read why we do broad range bans that may affect other users who were not the ones we intended to ban. If you did, or think that you did not do something that got you banned, then read then read info about getting kicked / banned from the chat room for more info.

2 – Error message displayed – something like “Server sent no data” – first make sure the plugins listed above are updated and try again to connect, on the chat room page, hold down the shift key, and click refresh / reload the page.

Most users will be able to connect to our free sex chat rooms just fine after checking the things listed above. If you still can not connect, I’d like to know about it, and these additional tips below may sort out the problem.

There are many possible causes for not being able to connect to the chat rooms. There could be internet delays, trouble with one or more ISPs not being able to route the info to you from our data center, hardware or software that is blocking the two way java and flash connection from our web server to your network, router, or computer. Some things will be out of your control, such as the superstorm that knocked down a big chunk of internet flow in Nov 2012, and there are other possible reasons, but lets try the easiest fixes first.

Try a different web browser.

If you are using Internet Explorer, try connecting to our chat using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Likewise, if you are using firefox, or chrome, try to connect using Internet Explorer. Sometimes a plugin for one of the browsers causes trouble that is not an issue when using a different browser on the same computer. If you are able to connect with one and not the other, then the good news is that we now know there is some reason that one browser on your system is not allowing the necessary connections, and you will be able to connect using a different web browser! We could go into reasons why one browser works and the other doesn’t – but I am trying to keep this short and simple to help the majority of users without overwhelming everyone with too much. We could discuss those in the comments below perhaps.

Note that currently our chat rooms system require a computer web browser that supports Java and Flash. This means that most mobile devices will not be able to access the current free text chat rooms. iPhones, iPads, most android devices, and similar devices do not support Java and Flash at the time of this writing. We are experimenting with different technologies to bridge this gap in the future, but right now there is so many changes in the mobile computing field that it is tough to know if html5, or some other technology will be broadly adapted to bridge this gap. We are working on a solution, but the computer gods are not making it easy at this time, sorry! If you are stuck using a mobile device for chat, you could probably use our sex chat peeps social section or email like private messaging, and you may have some luck with the Live Jasmine networks new mobile friendly design.

Turn off your firewall / antispyware / antivrus protection temporarily, and try to connect.

Make sure you turn your protection back on as quickly as possible – just try disabling your suite, or individual components of your suite, and see if you can then access the chat rooms. There could be parental filtering software built into your protection suite, or something that is set in your firewall / antivirus software that prevents the necessary two-way communication with our chat server. If this solves the problem, then it should be possible to go into your protection software and add an exception for our web server, that way you can leave your protection turned on and access the chat rooms. We will have to go into the various ways to do that in the comments or something, as it would take a ton of text here for the various software suites different ways of opening access.

Try a different computer or connection.

If you have another computer at your location, try a different computer and see if that one can access the chat rooms using the same internet connection. If using the same internet connection / ISP / and network (router, etc), but using a different computer makes it so that you can connect to the chat rooms, then we know it is something on that one computer that is preventing your access.

Try to connect using the same computer, one a different network.

If you are using a laptop, try taking it to a coffee shop or friend’s house and see if you can connect to the chat that way. If your computer will access the chat rooms at friend’s house, but not at your place, then we can assume something with your network is preventing access. Some routers will block the two way communication that Java needs to use our chat system.

If you are using a router at your place that splits the internet connection between several systems, or using a wireless network, try plugging in directly to your cable modem / DSL modem or whatever. You will need to unplug the router, plug your computer directly into the main modem, and restart your computer. If this solves the issue, then we know it is something else outside your computer, likely “port blocking” on your router’s security settings, or a weak wifi signal.

Using Hughes Net, Dish Internet or other satellite ISP?

I tried to troubleshoot with a regular user for days on possible issues, only to find that he was using a satellite internet service provider, and it simply could not handle the needed upload speed to stay connected to our chat server. The satellite ISPs are great with download speeds most of the time, you will probably be able to watch videos and other intensive bandwidth applications just fine as long as you are downloading data mainly. Our chat rooms need a fast connection for download and upload stream as well. I have not tried our chat with a dial up ISP running at 56k, it may work, it may not, but there is something with the speed ratio of most satellite ISPs that will likely prevent you from being able to use our chat system. If it downloads data at 100 mph, but the upload is going at 5 mph, then you can imagine that your sending, receiving, and our web server’s syncing of the chat messages will simply fail. You could try regular dial up and see if that speed ratio works better, or one of the cellular phone service providers to see if they work okay. Those options will not give you the download speed to download large movies quickly, but they may be better calibrated for two way communications.

Other issues preventing access to the free text chat rooms

There are other issues that could affect your ability to use our chat system, some company networks block aspects of Java from running, some countries have blocks on adult web sites. There are possible issues with the internet as whole, and it could be one of the rare instances where are web server is having a problem. Over the years I think our chat system has been down a total of about 48 hours, so 99.9 times out of 100 our server is handling everything just fine. If our web server was down you would likely not be able to read this page, so that’s probably not the issue at the moment.

Some people have trouble with the two way communication needed with their ISP. We have found that many users from parts of Africa get massive delays in the sending and receiving of the “packets” needed for our chat system to function. Many of these users will not notice major affects when downloading static pages from around the internet, but our system requires not just downloading of information, but uploading and downloading, and doing both in a synced up manner. If your ISP is far away from Arizona, USA – then there is a good chance all the hops around the world can cause problems.

I hope the information on this page helps most of our visitors solve most of their connection problems. I may come up with some other problems and solutions to add and update this page with later. For now, I think most people will have the problems fixed when they update Java and Flash.

If the solutions listed above do not work, we may be experiencing some difficulties with the chat system. Due to our recent popularity – there may be times when the chat system is overloaded, and not accessible. You will find discussions about the chat system being up or down, and info about our backup chat systems on this off site page at wordpress dot com – scsc chat backup info.

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

Since our OC has been down more than 30 minutes, I am also opening up a preview of our MV Chat system that will be coming online for everyone 24/7 in the near future.

We are also working to further the new version of our mobile friendly flashy chat, the new MF Chat rooms system in the near future as well.

You may also get information from other users about the current state of the chat system at our new chat backup site at sex chat space.


Comments from others

  616 Responses to “Chat Connection Problems”

  1. Dear Nash – there are only 6 people in lobby at this time, over 50 in FFR and a few in the side rooms.
    This seems odd.
    Your maintanence notification is for next week…
    I just thought you should know .


  2. its not allowing me to sign in keeps saying this nickname or IP adress is banned

  3. Hi – I’m having problems connecting to Chat. Nothing is coming up at all on OC and I know it’s not down. I’ve tried all the usual things: restarting, different browsers (I know about firefox) etc. Any ideas?

    • Susan – This is an issue with a broad range ban we placed against a few thousand IPs that your internet service provider allocates to users. This was done to stop a bad troll from accessing our chat rooms system. I wish your ISP was better at handling abuse complaints, they could of blocked that one user from accessing our chats, but they have not made it easy to get results from issues like this. It has been a while, so I am pretty sure the person we were blocking has gotten the message. I may be able to clear this one, but first I need to double check a couple of things.

    • Thank you very much for your reply. Hope you are able to clear it. With good wishes, Susan

    • I’m back in. Thank you very much. Good wishes, Susan

      • Glad to hear it Susan.. this may occur again sometime considering how things work with your ISP. Let me know if it does.

  4. Hello! I have been trying to connect to this wonderful website for days but the chat seems to be down, i have read the large block of text above and see that fire fox is not working but i am getting a “Connection Reset” message on google chrome, IE and fire fox… just wondering if the chat server is down or if there is another problem, thanks for any possible help!

    • Someone – I do not see any blocks set in our tech on this side. Checking pings to your ISP… I am guessing it is internet congestion as it crosses the ponds. Chat server is running fine and there are plenty of people using the chat rooms. This may have to do with the DDoS BS that Anonymous has been doing the past couple of days in the mideast. I am guessing it will clear up on it’s own within a day or so. If not comment here and I will check some other things.

      • Thank you for your fast response admin nash, I am still unable to load the chat room, (just seeing a white screen) but i will keep trying over the next few days and look forward to it working again :-) thanks again!

  5. For those having trouble and getting the blue screen with Mozilla FireFox when you try to get in uninstall your version of FireFox and get an older version of FireFox (version 30.0 works good ) from filhippo or somewhere else and install it and everything works nicely

  6. Wondering if there is any progress with the connection problems with Firefox 31? I swear it was working fine earlier this week and then…poof! Just a blue screen with no name sign-in box. Hope it will be fixed soon, other browsers are fine but my preference is Firefox. Love to hear any updates. Thank you!

    • lol kevin, look at the top of the page.

    • Kevin – We have made some progress as far as thinking of possible issues and finding that those are not the cause. WE have brought in a second team of coders to look at the situation, and we are continuing to discuss the problem with he mozilla / firefox tech community. I too hope it will be fixed soon, I use firefox (and have been) 99% of time on several devices. If you’d like to see some of the discussion at the mozilla tech support thread and or vote for this as a major issue there:

      • Thanks for the replies! I did find a work-around. With a little searching you can find an earlier version (30.0 seems to work fine) of Firefox to download. Once you do, make sure to go to the ‘tools’ menu/options/advanced and uncheck the auto-update box. Otherwise, at some point very quickly, it will just upgrade to 31.0 and you won’t be able to sign on. The older version works just fine until a fix can be found. Hope this might help others wit the same problem!

  7. Is the server down? I was on it earlier today, but now all I get is a blue screen…..I’m using Mozilla, but don’t believe I have the newest version giving everyone trouble. Thanks

    • BBC Teacher – maybe you can check which version you have? Click help, then about… firefox auto-downloads and installs latest version sometimes. If your help / about says V31… then..

      • Version 31…. hmmm.
        I got a new computer yesterday and wanted Firefox…so i just downloaded Version30.0 and set the sttings to let me chose updates instead of automatic updates…. That seemed to work fine for me on the new computer…

  8. Having a connection issue… all I get is a blue screen on OC, I can get into new fine and OC doesn’t seem to be down. I use firefox browser and have the newest versions of java and adobe but still just get a blue screen… can you help?

  9. I can’t seem to log back on, I want to know what is going on please

  10. I do hope that this FF31.0 problem will be solved soon….
    I never had a problem with FF before on here for the past 3 1/2 years.
    I find it very disturbing.
    Using “Opera” for here now. Works fine. But I do prefer my beloved FF……


    • I use to love the Opera browser, might have to give that one a go again. I will always love firefox though! I updated some info about this at top of the page with a link to the firefox support item, hoping that some others will “vote it up” as an important issue. We’ll see. I had hoped they would get on this within 24 hours. Now I am hoping it’s this week!

      ps ladylikes I did get your email, but it requires more than a one line reply, and I am swamped until at least Sunday. I am covering two other people’s jobs this week, and have wedding I must be a part of. Hoping all this extra stuff is over by Sunday.

      • Dear Nash – no worries about the reply. There is no need to hurry at all. As long as I know you got my mail.

        And yes, firefox will also always be my preferred browser. Opera for here is fine for now. According to “chip-online” a wellknown German computer magazine, Opera is well recommended and has 5 stars out of 5 possible ones. It has been modified and is based on the current Chromium-Version 36.
        (not that I really know what that is…. but it sounds good :) )


  11. are you trying to update to chat on firefox brose? i’m useing firefox. hope to get back up soon. i missing to chat peoples. :( lauren

    • Lauren we have contacted the firefox developers about this issue and provided a bunch of information. It seems they had a similar issue with a previous release that for some reason only occurred when someone had both the realplayer plugin and the flash plugin running with firefox. This new issue appears to be just a firefox / flash issue, and no has come up with the cause and solution quite yet. Fingers crossed that the issue will be hashed out soon.

  12. It seems with the new version of Firefox (Version 31.0), the chat login is not loading properly. I’m getting a blue box with no input to enter my name. The site still works fine on Chrome. I am not sure if anyone else is having this issue.

    • Interesting info Archduke – I just checked with firefox 30 and it’s working.. now applying update to firefox 31 and will be testing in a few minutes.

      • Fuck! it looks like the latest version of my favorite browser is causing some kind of conflict. Will do some more research asap.

        • Well, that explains my problem then. Also using latest version of Firefox. Will try Chrome I guess. At least till figure out what’s going on with firefox as not a huge fan of chrome.

  13. Dear Nash,

    today (July23rd) I am having problems to acces my log in page for OC. I am logging in via
    like I have always done, but only get a white screen, no log in possibility. I can see the sex chat space page with click options for NC, Flashy and OC and “activity”, but my log in window is gone.
    If I try other log in pages, I am getting blue screens.
    My java and flash have the latest versions.

    I can access NC though from this very same page. That’s why I don’t think I got caught in a broad range ban, unless broad range bans for OC don’t affect NC.

    Would you kindly check this for me? Yesterday everything was okay.

    Thanks – ladylikes.

    • oh…. btw. – using firefox and rebooted, too.

      • using firefox version 31.0 also….like Mr Archduke.

        • Strange situation. I have tried a lot of things to find the issue concerning other plugins in conflict with firefox, but everything seems to point to an issue with firefox itself, even without any plugins running. I have contacted the mozilla tech crew about the issue, and posted about this issue at the top of this chat connection problems page, as well as making a more detailed post about it here:

          • thanks for the answer.
            I read what you posted, tried a few things also, but nothing really helps me. :(

            Btw. – I sent you an email on the 19th. Not sure, if you got it.


  14. Hey nash, not sure what’s going on but go to log in and all i get is just the blue screen. No login prompt. Any ideas?

  15. I have tried to log on a couple times over the past two days and done a Java update… but it still keeps on telling me that the connection was reset and shows a white box. Was I banned or something and I don’t know about it?

    • Tony – I do not see anything on our send that would be preventing you from accessing the chat rooms from the network in which you made your comment here. Have you tried all the other suggestions listed above?

      • Yes, I’ve tried everything, and I just tried it again but the connection still says that the “connection was reset.” I’m not exactly sure what that means. Thanks for your help!

        • Tonyy – if you tried all of the steps outlined above, and nothing allowed to connect to our chat, I am quite perplexed. The step about taking your computer to a different network / location – like a coffee shop, you tried that and you can not connect? Then there is something with your computer going on. If you tried disabling your firewall and tried a different web browser and still could not connect, very strange indeed. You tried bypassing your router and going straight into your dsl modem? It sounds like you likely did not go through all the steps outlined above on this page. If you had and found that in some cases you can connect and other cases you can not, then I could help… but if what you are saying is that even taking you laptop down to a coffee shop to see if it works there does not work.. then I may have to suggest you may need a different computer or something.

          Please check ALL the steps outlined above.

          • Yeah, it probably is my computer. It is very ornery at times. Thank you for trying to help.

  16. Nash
    Been having problems for the last 2 weeks connecting to the site. Page loads but the following message appears
    he connection has timed out

    The server at *edit url removed by admin to avoid search indexing * is taking too long to respond.

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

    My Flash and Java are both up to date.
    Any ideas?

    • Lusty – we had a bad spammer or troll that uses the same ISP as you are connecting with, and had to ban 250,000 ip addresses that that ISP allocates to end users in order to block them. I could dig deeper into some details, but that will take some time. Here is info on why we do broad range bans like this.

      • Oh wow!
        Thank you Nash for your reply. Looks like my days on Sexchat are over now my the actions of others!
        I have made a few good friends on Chat and it looks like I won;t get to say goodbye,
        Thanks and goodnight

        • Eh – lusty, I can look into the issue and may be able to limit the broad range ban in a way that allows you access and still blocks the person we were targeting, but it will take some research, and may be later tonight or a couple of days before I can go through all that. So your days as sc may not be over – we’ll see.

          • Nash
            I certainly appreciate you trying that’s for sure. I look forward to hearing from you either way, as I know you will have tried.
            Fingers crossed

          • Lusty – this block should be cleared now, so you should be able to access once again. This block was intended as a broad range ban to stop someone who sometimes goes by the name navdeep. I will look at other ways to deal with this user should they decide to try to return. For now the ISP in question should be allowed access at this time. I am glad that you mentioned this was an issue for you, and glad that Biking Viking chimed in as well.

          • Lusty, I’m having the same problem. Hopefully we’ll both be back on there before too long. I’m missing chatting to the brilliant folk on there.

            Nash, thanks for the work you’re doing, and best of luck getting the issue sorted!

          • Biking Viking – This block is being cleared now, may take about 5 more minutes to go through.

        • Thank you Nash. Connection up and running much appreciated. Also thank you Biking-Viking for mentioning it too.
          Lusty xx

          • same here, i am going through the same problem with it saying connection timed out.

  17. Can’t seem to get in from any ip. Been down since I first checked at 8am. Thought it may have been the cali issue again just affecting east but I pointed my VPN around the nation and still couldn’t get in.

    • Chazz – you have been banned for violating our terms of service. We have also blocked several thousand ips that your particular vpn service allocates. This is your permanent ban notice.

      • Good to know. Don’t see anything about not using a VPN to protect my privacy as against the rules in either section. You should probably clarify that.

        • There is nothing against the rules in a VPN if it’s not being used for any rule breaking. You have been seen using double logins on more than one occasion however Chazz, and being double logged into the same room is a terms of service violation.

          • I never double log into the same room. If I do I close one immediately after. Haven’t double logged in over a week regardless. There are thousands on my IP since I use a VPN. Perhaps that is what is happening.

          • Chazz – my records are fairly extensive on this issue, I have notes in the mod log about you being rude and at time over line into abusive on more than one occasion. I am aware of the number ips that particular service uses, and have been monitoring similarities for a little while now. So I have several reasons to hand you your permanent ban notice, and sadly anyone else that used that service to make their devices work with our chat system will also be banned permanently. It is our policy to block networks that are used to violate our terms, we try to make our bans as focused as possible, but sometimes they reach into the thousands, and affect more than the target person(s) – but it is the best way we can handle things with our current systems.

            So you are banned, and perhaps others are blocked as well. This is not going to change, you will need to find somewhere else to chat. Take care.

          • Does it say Chazz specifically? I’ve never known him to be rude or abusive. I dunno about VPNs but couldn’t it have been someone else?
            I’ve also never known him to double log in the same room either. I’m really shocked by this. Count this as a character witness… if it helps?

          • I appreciate the information, and like I mentioned, this is a broad range ban to eliminate some bad people, and it could be affecting other people. So, no, my notes do not include Chazz specifically, just several people who were using that particular service / network. I hate to do broad range bans in this manner, but vpns and similar services leave with us with very few options in cases like this. This is a broad range ban on that network, and the target was not someone who was going by the screen name chazz.

          • I, too, am completely shocked and actually angered by this… Chazz is a long time chatter that I have never once seen be impolite and even tends to aid in solving problems and defusing drama bombs.

          • Would I be able to give you my home/work/4g ip in an email then and just stop using the VPN all together? Really do like it here :/

          • Chazz, I will look deeper into this if you will email me a list of all screen names you have used in the past 8 weeks. Then I can double check some things to see if you are being legitimate with all this, and then cross check connection logs to see that there is or would not be a connection to you, the ip addys your vpn has assigned you in the past, and this person we are looking to block. This is going to take a bit of time to dig though, but I may be able to clear you after doing all that, but then you would need to connect with a different network.

            If I find that several of our users were indeed using that particular service, I could file some abuse complaints with them and see if they respond to requests for additional information. Some of the vpn type services will work with to get a bad person blocked from using their service, then we could unblock it. However after trying dozens of similar requests, I have found that most vpn type places do not work well with us on these kinds of things, so that option will be totally in the air.

            Anyhow, you can find my email addy on the contact us page ->
            Please send me a list of all screen names and I will look deeper into this issue.
            I am sorry if this issue has roped you into something that was not your fault, understand this kind of broad range ban is something that I try to avoid, but some networks just don’t make it easy for us to do anything else. A while back I posted some info on why we do broad range bans, although you may already have the tech knowledge to know all that stuff, it was written more for those who are not aware of vpns and how dynamic allocations work and stuff like that (lots of people new to the internet, especially in certain countries where dynamic assignments are like the 90′s AOL dial up, but happening there today.

          • Thanks Nash. Email sent. Looks like i left off an IP. I didn’t realize puffin browser (way to sign on via mobile) masked IP’s. looks like it’s

          • Nash, I think its with the brower Puffin Web Browser more or less, its a browser i’ve been using to log on with my Iphone, its the same browser i recommended to Chazz. I can’t access the site on my iphone anymore either..*coughs softly* I had no idea that it blocked or masked Ip’s…:| i should have known better.

          • Yes it is, that puffin / cloudmosa site / app / whatever. Someone was using that to violate our terms, and that service was acting as a proxy, so I had to block all of their ip ranges. I could unblock them eventually, but I would need to them to cooperate with abuse reports against the person who we were having issues with. It could go that route, we’ll see.

          • Am I OK to hop back in without Puffin?

          • yeah – Chazz – you are cool – sorry about sending you to the perma ban notice.. I had not known there were so many of our users using that service with it’s limited ip ranges. You are good to come back, just won’t be able to use the puffin network until / unless I can find another way to hunt down and get a resolution with the other person.

        • Thanks bud. And NP. Know it can be a hassle to keep everything in working order. Cheers.

      • please check your email Nash… I feel so bad right now.

        • Chat has been down all day (“The connection was reset”)

          Broad IP-ban? Coul be my neighbourhood perhaps?

          • Not sure Masterlord – I do not see your ISP in our banned networks list. Perhaps it’s an issue with your ISP.. perhaps they are blocking our chat system for some reason(?)

          • Could be Nash, ill just have to wait and see

          • Hi Masterloard,

            Try to close down your browser and grab a new refreshed browser and load in by typing then click on “click here to enter free chat” it should load the java version and you should be able to log on then. If you’re still having issues try resetting your modem and laptop/pc and try getting online that way :)


  18. I’ve been trying to get onto OC for two days now. It’s obviously not down; I’m not in a blocked country; my ISP isn’t blocking it; I’ve tried a number of different browsers; and, as far as I know, I’ve not been banned. Any suggestions?

    • Hey there Susan, this is a broad range ban that is blocking about 500,000 IP addy assignments that your ISP allocates to their end users. I am not a liberty to explain why at this moment. Is there another screen name you have used in the chat?

      • Ah, Susan, I see it now… yeah you have been banned. This is your permanent ban notice. Please do not return to our chat rooms.

        • Hi Nash

          Thank you for answering. I have read the ban notice but I don’t understand why I have been banned. I am not aware of having broken any of the rules. Perhaps you would be kind enough to explain. You can email me at my email address. Thank you.

          • Susan – you logged in as an imposter of one of our regular users. This is forbidden.

          • Hi Nash

            I replied to the message that can to my email address but wasn’t sure if that would reach you. This is similar but not so rushed.

            I freely admit to logging in under different names. It’s not against the rules and many people do it. If I did log in under the name of a regular user that would have been entirely accidental on my part and an honest mistake. I would have been unaware that the name was that of a regular user and I certainly would not have been trying to impersonate them.

            I have in the past logged in and found another Susan on the site. I have then relogged in as Susan 26 and often chatted to my namesake. The fact that there are a few Susans does sometimes mean that there is confusion. But I always put people straight as soon as I realise that I am not the person they think I am.

            I have never, nor would I ever impersonate anyone on the site. I am well aware of the rule and I fully understand why it is there. It is a nasty thing to happen and I have seen how impersonation can affect both the person who is impersonated and often their friendships.

            I am racking my brains to think how all this has come about. I rarely speak in the main room. I usually only chat in private, and almost always to people I know.

            All I can do is plead my innocence and hope that you will be kind and fair enough to lift the ban. I have a lot of good friends on chat and I would be saddened and upset to leave.

            With good wishes


          • Sorry Susan, but one of your logins was wit the name “miss Lisa” – and since we have had several issues with people impersonating with that name, we are broad range banning all of them.

          • Hey Susan, I am trying to double check some things, and I may actually have you mixed up with someone else. It may be that someone else was committing that violation, and when we banned such a large portion of the ISP’s network to get them you also got caught up in that broad range ban. So I need to do some more double checking. I apologize for saying that you were impostering someone, as, at this time, I am not sure of that. When I did my quick list checks I was checking on all ips in a 500,000 ip block, when I thought I was checking yours specifically. So, I will need to re–research this. I only had 4 hours of sleep yesterday, and three hours today, so bare with me. It may be tomorrow before I can recharge and look at this more clearly.

          • I can’t find where I thought you were in as miss lisa.. I’m not sure where the mixup was at this point.. I am guessing that you use the same ISP as the imposter I have been hunting, and we did a huge ban on ip addys that included the imposter, along with another 500,000 ips.. so that got you roped into that group..

            so I guess you are clear to use the chat again, sorry about the mixup.. two days and three hours of sleep mixed with all kinds of crazy ip numbers and ISP lookups seem to be frying the brain!

          • Hello Nash

            Thank you for your reply.

            I don’t understand this at all.I find it incredible that your records show that I logged in as Miss Lisa. I have chatted to Miss Lisa in the past and I would regard her as a ‘friend’. There is no way I would impersonate her, or even could – we are very different. Also I would have no reason to impersonate her. I ask you to see what she thinks about this – though she may not remember me – it was a while ago.

            I am also feeling very uncomfortable with this whole episode: your records, the fact that it’s OK to sign in with some names that are used more than once (like Susan) but not others – I do appreciate your reasons but it is inconsistent and your reaction seems harsh.

            Nash, I’m upset and I feel I’m being treated unfairly. Can we talk about this privately by email or online? You have my email address. Please get in touch.

            with good wishes


          • Susan, I just emailed you the addy that you left attached to your comments. The email address is the same one posted here:

            So you may need to check your spam or junk mail folder. It may also take about 10 minutes to get through, our yahoo mails seem to be taking a little longer the past few months than they used to.

  19. Original chat seems to be down. For about 50 minutes now.

  20. Is your servers down as of right now? I don’t see a purple box as soon as I get on. May I please know what is going on right now?

    • There was some weird network issue in California that prevented half the world from being able to connect. It should all be clear now.

  21. I cant connect is this global?

  22. I happen to be banned from your site for some odd reason, would you please explain to me why I was kicked and banned from the site…

    • Babygirl Brianna – I do not see anything about you in the ban notes. Did you read all of the info posted above on this page?
      Sometimes moderators will kick people to this page and they are given a short, auto-expiring ban, giving them enough time to read and understand the rules. Then the system will automatically clear the ban after a few minutes or few hours.

      • Mr. Nash
        You have banned me for life for lesbian chat I am begging you to please give me another chance. I am gay lesbian woman who is desparate and depressed that i cannot chat with my friends and other lesbians. I made a mistake I promise I will never violate any rules if you give me a second chance. Please sir accept my apology and reinstate me please.

  23. hey sorry to be a bother but when i try to sign in i dont get the blue box its only a solid white box with the message “connection was reset” any tips on what may cause this issue and how to fix it, thanks in advance

    • Natsu Dragneel – Due to terms of service violations, we have permanently banned some people who use the same ISP that you do. Because of further infractions of our terms of service, we have decided to block large ranges of IP blocks that your ISP allocates to end users. I don’t have time to go through all my notes at this time. Have you ever been kicked or banned from the chat rooms here?

  24. admin pls unbenne me just this time i didnt know all that just this time pls i will not do it ever again plsssss

  25. pleasee admin just this once unbenne me i dont know what i did plsssssssssssss

  26. why did i get banned i didnt do anything can u pls unbbane me i didnt provoke or did anything…….can u just this time do that ??

    • david kinky – you were banned for impersonating another user. Your ban is forever and permanent. Do not return to our web site.

  27. why did i get banned i didnt do anything can u pls unbbane me i didnt provoke or did anything…….can u just this time do that ???

  28. it is saying my username or ip address has been banned.. i have tried different variations of my name to see if that was the problem and no luck.. please let me know what i can do

    • Stacy P – Did you read all the info on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page?

      • yes i have read it but i have not been on in a while and was wondering why it kicked m i havent even been able to log on

        • Well stacyyp – most people can figure out the reason they would of been kicked when they read the kicked or banned from the chat rooms page.
          I do not see anything about you in the level 1 ban list, are you still unable to log in to the chat?
          Are you seeing the message “username or ip address banned” still?

          • yes.. this happened once before and it cleared up quickly but this is still saying “this nickname or ip address has been banned

          • stacyyp – I do not see your info in the ban list. What screen name were you using in that chat rooms?

  29. admin i cant log in to ur chat the problem is that im not kicked or banned its that when i cllick onto ur chat i dont get that blue field for nickname and its just says-connection has been reset…what can i do ??????/ pls answer asap…thank u

  30. When I first enter the room I can post. After about 2 minutes in room, I cannot post any further? I type a message, click to post it and the post does not show up. I have not been banned/blocked but it as it I had been. Please advise. Using Internet Explorer.

    • Filas – have you tried the other steps listed above? I think you will find your solution up there. Perhaps trying the firefox web browser instead of internet explorer will fix. There are other possible solutions listed above as well. Unless I know which ones you tried and which ones worked or did not work, it would be tough to figure out which component on your system is causing issues with the chat rooms. For example, if you tried firefox and it works fine, then we can assume there is a browser plugin or setting in IE that is causing the issue.

  31. I’ve been banned from the site, for just teasing the one of the main rooms… I apologize for doing so and I would appreciate it if the ban was lifted… I’m sorry for incessantly teasing one of the main rooms.. Nash would you have my IP Address cleared off of the banned list. I promise it will never happen again..

    • Daniella – you made a comment about joining an man, his wife, and her b… that is not teasing. It is a violation of our rules, and it is a permanent ban.

  32. Dear Nash – I just got back on chat and was told that half the lobby was kicked. People have numbers now, chat is running.


  33. OC is down again.

  34. Hi I was banned for posting an email address. Please can I have access to chat again.Thankyou

    • David when you get kicked or banned – you are sent to a “kicked / banned from the chat room rules page” – top of that page talks about the profanity filter warning and kick.

  35. Hi, I e been banned for posting an email address. Id like to be given access again please. thankyou

  36. Ladies and gentlemen – it looks like we are having a server issue.
    Some of us are getting disconnected repeatedly.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Mr Nash (the boss) is informed.


  37. is there a problem with the site

  38. Dear Nash, dear users

    There seem to be some connection issues. It’s difficult for some users to log in at all or to stay logged in.
    Chat is lagging also.
    Please be patient. Thanks.
    I am sure, Nash is working on it.


  39. Hey Nash is there somewhere i can talk to you privately like over email or something it needs to be in private

  40. Dear Nash,
    Recently my PC went missing, for one week I have been tearing my place apart looking for it. I then decided to look in my sons room while he was in school and I found it. I didn’t think to check to see what he had done at the time only to find out that he got me banned, I am asking you to please unban me. I have given my son a one week warning and he is going to be leaving the house to live on his own. In the case that you should say that I should have kept my PC in a better place I keep it in my underwear space because frankly this is my porn PC and i didn’t want him to touch it. I apparently was wrong about him not touching it. I am sorry for anything he did and I know that my behavior wasn’t the greatest but it was the usual attitude you see, he is the one who should be and is getting punished not me. I will work on my attitude within the chat room and become a good example. May I please be unbanned?

    • Sorry to hear it SaxMan. Unfortunately our policy to ban any network that is used to violate our rules. It does not matter if it was your mom, your neighbor, an ex-girlfriend, or whatever – the network stays banned. There are plenty of other good chat sites on the internet you will be able to use, but ours is no longer an option for you. I hope you will take this lesson to heart and make sure that your systems are more secure with password protection in the future, and you pay more attention to how your devices may be used by others.

      • I can respect that Nash and I am sorry to have to go… are there any sites you would be able to recommend for me any and all i have seen but this have cams and I like the no cams.

        • I can not recommend any other sites, there are a few that I know about, but without enough experience using them and checking out their privacy policies, etc, I don’t feel comfortable giving a recommendation. I will say that google, bing, yahoo have quite a few chat places listed in thier search results. However my recommendation for searching for sex chat sites is actually to use or - the only issue with these, is that you have to click on “settings” and check or uncheck their option that by default does not show adult related web sites. However that small step is worth it considering the privacy that they extend to their users.

          I would also suggest that just because a chat site offers cam ability, it does not mean that you have use those options. Of course you could vary your search terms and do searches like “sex chat-cams” or “text only sex chat rooms” and narrow does the list of places to check out.

          Be sure to check that your system has all latest updates for your browser and plugins, including flash and java, make sure you not only have anti-virus software installed, but it is also up to date. Many people run anti-virus software that is not up to date, and really that is almost as bad as running nothing at all. If you do not pay to update your auto-system installed norton or mcafee or whatever, you are better off using something like avaste or avg free versions that are updated.

          Help these tips help.

          • thank you and they do

          • Are you guys a part of ?

          • lol – yes indeed SaxMan… same chat system, same group. Sorry ;)

          • ya found out the hard way it said the same thing username or ip banned

          • You guys are a part of too many sites all the good ones im not allowed into…

          • yeah SaxMan.. it’s kind of funny actually, I try to warn people to follow our rules repeatedly. I sometimes warn people that if they get banned from here, they could easily (and quickly) be banned from more than 100 web sites. Just as easily; we could have people banned from over a thousand web sites, and that is without going to our partners and getting people banned from other networks, which we can do.. but we prefer that people do not get banned.

  41. Hey Moose can you unban me plz

    • i was the weird different language person i was just messing around and all i said was hello

    • SaxMan – you should of read the rules / kicked / banned from the chat room page.

      • its not that i was breaking the rules i just used a username and said hello in another language

      • i read the rules and i didn’t break any may i plz be unbanned

        • Oh SaxMan.

          You read the rules? and you did not break any?

          Let’s see. You commented about a ban within 24 hours of being kicked. This is breaking a rule. You said you read the rules. Did you?
          Don’t bother answering, actually I don’t care at this point.
          You are now forever banned, and this is your official permanent ban notice.

          Oh, and the rules you broke that got you here? I could certainly research it and probably come up with more, but I already know that you were flooding the chat (posting the same or very similar thing(s) over and over again (//4 ring a bell?) (1) – You also started getting abusive with other users, ” Unlucky, fuck off ” – does that ring a bell?

          I also know that you were warned by one of the moderators about this, and you decided to quip back about how others should be banned, rather than take responsibility for your actions, apologize, and ensure that these things would not happen again.

          Like I said, I could research this more and find more things that you have done in violation of our terms of service, but frankly your attitude is not really congruent with what I expect from people who use our community. You also mentioned speaking in another language under a different name – um, that is against the rules as well. So without going to dig deep, we have already found 4 rules you have broken. Please find somewhere else to chat and do not return here.

          • Okay I will not come to this site anymore. I will tell you I enjoyed my experience and that I am very sorry… i only ask that you tell anybody who asks about me that I was banned for a good reason and that I accept my punishment. I also read all the rules over and over again and found most of what you described but never found anything on using a different language or posting within 24hours of being banned. I am sorry

  42. OC is back up and running now. Woo hoo!

    • hi admin nash, i got banned, amm bout a year ago. is it a permenant ban or may i rejoin. i miss the site.

      • indeed dirtyguy – your ban is set to permanent. I do not recall what you did at that time. Sorry you miss the site, but a permanent ban is generally just that – permanent.

  43. Not sure whats wrong but I can’t seem to bring up the chat. It was working fine for a few minutes then it read “Disconnected” So I refresh and ever since I haven’t been able to bring up the window. Its just an empty space. My question is, has this happened before? And if so how can it be fixed.

  44. just a hit to let it be known that Original Chat is down. Not sure how long ago it went down nor of the issues. Passing on information that I have.

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