Chat Connection Problems

Having trouble connecting to our free sex chat rooms?

Affecting the OC (original chat / old chat) Possible chat interruptions and down time during planned server maintenance:

START: Thu Oct 22 06:00 UTC (02:00 EDT)
END: Mon Oct 22 11:00 UTC (07:00 EDT)
Duration: 20 minutes

None planned at this time.

*firefox and possibly other browsers are blocking flash July 14, 2015 – click here for our post on the flash exploit breaking the chat rooms loading for some with firefox.


Affecting the MV-chat / New Chat / Peeps Cams Chat
None planned at this time.

If the chat system is down, and Nash knows about it, it will be posted above here / at the top of this page.

If the main chat system is down and I do not know about it, others will likely post a comment on down below. (look for the date and time that comments are posted)

When the main OC / Original Chat / Old chat system is down, many of our users will pop into the “new chat” aka peeps cams chat system. Over time I expect more and more people to use the new mv-chat system or the mf-chat-rooms systems as these newer options become more popular.

If the main chat system is working fine for everyone else, yet you still can not connect, the most common problems and their respective solutions are posted below:

Did you try to login and get just the blue screen, or a message that said “Disconnected” or “connect failed” or something like that?
If so, there are many possible causes, especially with our new security layers, it’s no big deal, just get back to the chat room screen, and refresh / reload the page. Some users will need to get a fresh / non-cached version of the page, so you may need to hold down the shift key while clicking reload / refresh page (most browsers will work with shift + F5)

** If you saw a message saying something like “could not connect Server Sent No Data”

    you may be in one of our blocked countries ( Romania, and a few others )
    or using an ISP (internet service provider) a proxy or vpn service that has made it on our bad / blocked list
    or you have been manually added to the permanent ban list

– reloading the page will do no good.

You could get the message “could not connect / server sent no data” and not be on a ban list or a blocked ISP or country list.
There are a few times a year when our chat server goes offline, and no one can connect. Usually when this happens other people will post comments below here asking if it’s a global issue. You can see by the times and dates of comments below the times when our chat server was giving this message to everyone (unless you are the first to notice and comment on that particular day); although it does not happen very often, it has happened a few times over the years.

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

We have blocked huge ranges of ISPs and networks from accessing the chat system, so if you are using to access the internet and get that fail message, we have blocked most of – and many other large blocks of Internet Addresses from several Internet Service Providers that we have had problems with. If this problem persists for you for more than 8 hours, you might want to comment below and ask if your ISP, VPN, Proxy, or Country is on the banned list. It could be that you are using the same internet pipes that others have used that violated our rules and you are now caught up in a broad range ban, or it could be that you have triggered this ban.

If you are having an issue with the font going crazy, or the chat not letting you type after you get or send a pm or whisper

– then there are two possible culprits.

1 – Recent updates of Internet Explorer and Adobe flash have been giving people trouble – try using a different web browser such as firefox to see if that fixes the problem. We have not had time to research whether this is an IE problem, or a setting / plugin within Internet Explorer that is causing this issue.

2 – some of our chat room pages have too much java, and cause some weird issues on some systems – if this is the cause of your issue, then you should be able to use the chat room on this light graphic / less java intense chat rooms page. If that fixes your issue, then we know what to look for in this case to fix.

If you get an error message in Internet Explorer about ActiveX being blocked, you need to click the bar near top of the window and tell IE it’s okay to run our chat program on site – graphic showing this here on java support page.

You see a white box / screen. The page loads, but the chat room does not appear.

You must have the VERY LATEST updates for the Java plugin and Adobe Flash plugin. This is the most common problem that users have. Even users that have been able to use our free text chat rooms in the past may not be able to connect after a new update to flash or java has been released by sun or adobe. This is due to security issues, and is easily resolved by doing on update of these two plugins, and you may need to restart your computer.

Do you see an error message when trying to load / connect to the free text chat rooms?

1 – Error message displayed – username or IP address is banned:
It could be that the username you have chosen got banned by someone else, so you could try to connect with a different username. If that does not work, then it could be that someone got a broad range ban place on the IP address block that your ISP assigns to you. You can read why we do broad range bans that may affect other users who were not the ones we intended to ban. If you did, or think that you did not do something that got you banned, then read then read info about getting kicked / banned from the chat room for more info.

2 – Error message displayed – something like “Server sent no data” – first make sure the plugins listed above are updated and try again to connect, on the chat room page, hold down the shift key, and click refresh / reload the page.

Most users will be able to connect to our free sex chat rooms just fine after checking the things listed above. If you still can not connect, I’d like to know about it, and these additional tips below may sort out the problem.

There are many possible causes for not being able to connect to the chat rooms. There could be internet delays, trouble with one or more ISPs not being able to route the info to you from our data center, hardware or software that is blocking the two way java and flash connection from our web server to your network, router, or computer. Some things will be out of your control, such as the superstorm that knocked down a big chunk of internet flow in Nov 2012, and there are other possible reasons, but lets try the easiest fixes first.

Try a different web browser.

If you are using Internet Explorer, try connecting to our chat using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Likewise, if you are using firefox, or chrome, try to connect using Internet Explorer. Sometimes a plugin for one of the browsers causes trouble that is not an issue when using a different browser on the same computer. If you are able to connect with one and not the other, then the good news is that we now know there is some reason that one browser on your system is not allowing the necessary connections, and you will be able to connect using a different web browser! We could go into reasons why one browser works and the other doesn’t – but I am trying to keep this short and simple to help the majority of users without overwhelming everyone with too much. We could discuss those in the comments below perhaps.

Note that currently our chat rooms system require a computer web browser that supports Java and Flash. This means that most mobile devices will not be able to access the current free text chat rooms. iPhones, iPads, most android devices, and similar devices do not support Java and Flash at the time of this writing. We are experimenting with different technologies to bridge this gap in the future, but right now there is so many changes in the mobile computing field that it is tough to know if html5, or some other technology will be broadly adapted to bridge this gap. We are working on a solution, but the computer gods are not making it easy at this time, sorry! If you are stuck using a mobile device for chat, you could probably use our sex chat peeps social section or email like private messaging, and you may have some luck with the Live Jasmine networks new mobile friendly design.

Turn off your firewall / antispyware / antivrus protection temporarily, and try to connect.

Make sure you turn your protection back on as quickly as possible – just try disabling your suite, or individual components of your suite, and see if you can then access the chat rooms. There could be parental filtering software built into your protection suite, or something that is set in your firewall / antivirus software that prevents the necessary two-way communication with our chat server. If this solves the problem, then it should be possible to go into your protection software and add an exception for our web server, that way you can leave your protection turned on and access the chat rooms. We will have to go into the various ways to do that in the comments or something, as it would take a ton of text here for the various software suites different ways of opening access.

Try a different computer or connection.

If you have another computer at your location, try a different computer and see if that one can access the chat rooms using the same internet connection. If using the same internet connection / ISP / and network (router, etc), but using a different computer makes it so that you can connect to the chat rooms, then we know it is something on that one computer that is preventing your access.

Try to connect using the same computer, one a different network.

If you are using a laptop, try taking it to a coffee shop or friend’s house and see if you can connect to the chat that way. If your computer will access the chat rooms at friend’s house, but not at your place, then we can assume something with your network is preventing access. Some routers will block the two way communication that Java needs to use our chat system.

If you are using a router at your place that splits the internet connection between several systems, or using a wireless network, try plugging in directly to your cable modem / DSL modem or whatever. You will need to unplug the router, plug your computer directly into the main modem, and restart your computer. If this solves the issue, then we know it is something else outside your computer, likely “port blocking” on your router’s security settings, or a weak wifi signal.

Using Hughes Net, Dish Internet or other satellite ISP?

I tried to troubleshoot with a regular user for days on possible issues, only to find that he was using a satellite internet service provider, and it simply could not handle the needed upload speed to stay connected to our chat server. The satellite ISPs are great with download speeds most of the time, you will probably be able to watch videos and other intensive bandwidth applications just fine as long as you are downloading data mainly. Our chat rooms need a fast connection for download and upload stream as well. I have not tried our chat with a dial up ISP running at 56k, it may work, it may not, but there is something with the speed ratio of most satellite ISPs that will likely prevent you from being able to use our chat system. If it downloads data at 100 mph, but the upload is going at 5 mph, then you can imagine that your sending, receiving, and our web server’s syncing of the chat messages will simply fail. You could try regular dial up and see if that speed ratio works better, or one of the cellular phone service providers to see if they work okay. Those options will not give you the download speed to download large movies quickly, but they may be better calibrated for two way communications.

Other issues preventing access to the free text chat rooms

There are other issues that could affect your ability to use our chat system, some company networks block aspects of Java from running, some countries have blocks on adult web sites. There are possible issues with the internet as whole, and it could be one of the rare instances where are web server is having a problem. Over the years I think our chat system has been down a total of about 48 hours, so 99.9 times out of 100 our server is handling everything just fine. If our web server was down you would likely not be able to read this page, so that’s probably not the issue at the moment.

Some people have trouble with the two way communication needed with their ISP. We have found that many users from parts of Africa get massive delays in the sending and receiving of the “packets” needed for our chat system to function. Many of these users will not notice major affects when downloading static pages from around the internet, but our system requires not just downloading of information, but uploading and downloading, and doing both in a synced up manner. If your ISP is far away from Arizona, USA – then there is a good chance all the hops around the world can cause problems.

I hope the information on this page helps most of our visitors solve most of their connection problems. I may come up with some other problems and solutions to add and update this page with later. For now, I think most people will have the problems fixed when they update Java and Flash.

If the solutions listed above do not work, we may be experiencing some difficulties with the chat system. Due to our recent popularity – there may be times when the chat system is overloaded, and not accessible. You will find discussions about the chat system being up or down, and info about our backup chat systems on this off site page at wordpress dot com – scsc chat backup info.

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

Since our OC has been down more than 30 minutes, I am also opening up a preview of our MV Chat system that will be coming online for everyone 24/7 in the near future.

We are also working to further the new version of our mobile friendly flashy chat, the new MF Chat rooms system in the near future as well.

You may also get information from other users about the current state of the chat system at our new chat backup site at sex chat space.
Using Firefox for the Original Chat / Old Chat?

Version 31 of firefox will not work with our OC chat rooms. Luckily mozilla released an update to firefox that fixed this issue. Click here to see how to check your version of firefox to make sure it is not 31.


Comments from others



  1. HornyProfessor47m

    7:44pm on 2/1/2016

    Been unable to sign onto the chat for about 20 minutes now from multiple computers and browsers.

  2. Hello Nash,

    Not sure if I’m the only one having issues or not. I’m using Google Chrome & have been for years now to access chat, but for some reason, it’s not loading. I get a grey screen w/ a little sad face emoticon that states that the “Connection has been reset”. I’m not sure if the issue is on my end or not. I’ve gone through the connection issues tips, but nothing seems to be working. I even tried accessing it through Internet Explorer. Is there anything else I could do?

    • @DemonicHuntress – Looks like several people were having issues connecting for a while today… it’s working now for me and several others.. is it still an issue?

  3. Hey Nash, I was disconnected twice from the chat room, the first time I was able to get back in after resetting my internet, I was chatting with a friend JustThisGuy when I got dced the second time, and I have not been able to get back on since, it is giving me a white box where the blue should be and it is saying connection was reset, I have changed different defaults browsers to see if that works and turned on and off my proxoy settings even restarted my computer several times, and still can’t get on… I use google chrome could something be wrong with Google Chrome? Thxs Buffy!… :)

  4. I keep getting a “the connection was reset” error, even though I have all my plugins and such up to date

  5. HI Nash
    I posted earlier but it seems to have disapeared.
    I havent been able to access OC for a couple of days now. Says my name or IP is banned, not sure why….
    Can you help?
    x Hot

  6. Hi Nash

    I cant login says my IP is banned, not sure why …..cheers

  7. ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    I think the person, you mentioned on top of the screen in OC is present right now. Same behaviour, name slightly different but similar. Maybe you like to check this.

  8. Hey nash sight says connection was reset I wasn’t banned was I?

    • @ aLex 19 f – I do not see your current ip being in the server ban list level 1. There are a few more broader bans that may not be on my quick access list. I think it’s just a hiccup in the internet signals to and from your place to ours. Perhpas restarting your computer and your internet modem and router would refresh some things. If that does not work let me know.

  9. this is getting crazy. why does it only let me in sometimes?

  10. i(m)hornyasfuck 26 usa

    there is something wrong with this site…I upgraded to windows 10 and sexchat will only allow 1 line of chat then it boots me off…VERY AGGRIVATING…fix it PLEASE!!!

  11. I decided to take a look and see what’s up, but it keeps saying “operation timed out.” Any idea what could be causing that?

    • @Anonymous – it looks like we placed a large broad range ban against about 16,000 ip addresses that your ISP allocates to it’s end users.
      At this moment I am not sure when we placed this block, or who it was added for… I can dig a little deeper for specifics, but this kind of block is added manually in order to prevent you, or someone else who likely lives / works near you, from using your Internet Service Provider to access our chat rooms.

      If you have never been here before, then I can do some digging to see if anything matches up. If you have been here before, then if you would provide the screen name you have used in the past it may speed up the digging process.

      • I appreciate it, thanks. And I have for the most part only used Danielle (my first name, couldn’t be bothered to be creative.)

        • @Anonymous – I found the block that was affecting you and made some additional notes. This has been cleared now, and you should be able to access the chat rooms in about 5 minutes from now when our secondary ban wall resets.

  12. I am still having this problem is there anyone that can help me out

    • @David21TX- I will check a deeper system filter and see if I can shed some light on the situation here.

    • @David/21/TX

      I am checking this by the ip addy you had when you left your comment. If you are using a different network to try to connect to our chat system, then I would need you to email me the ip address of whatever system you are having this issue with.

      – I’m not seeing a block against your network from our second level banning system. I wonder if your computer / router / or ISP could be blocking access to our chat rooms servers. Some of the possible fixes listed above may find that for example bypassing your hone router and plugging your computer directly into your cable modem, turning them both off and then back on – if that makes our chat rooms system load find for you, then you know it’s a setting on your router that is blocking our port for some reason.

      If I had to guess I would check your computer firewall systems, some people have two of them running at the same time on their system. If you disabled your firewalls completely for 5 minutes, then tried to access the rooms – then you would know one of your firewalls was blocking our port 8080 connection which is needed in order for the chat to connect.

      It could be that you are using a wireless device to connect to another wireless device and that is causing lag.

      Some people can use a wireless laptop that hooks up to a wireless internet access point like many cell carriers offer, and things work great.

      Other people may find that their internet up and down connection speed / ping rates are unstable, even though most web pages load just fine. However our chat system needs more than just a fast burst of download throughput from your ISP to you.. it needs a solid two way up and down non-stop connection.

      If you are in a not so great cell phone reception area and that’s your access to the net, then that spotty signal from the cell tower to your modem / tether / router / whatever, is going to cause drop outs in the bits flying back and forth from our chat rooms. If our chat system detects that your system can not maintain a constant back and forth throughput within certain tight parameters, then you will likely be dropped, or not even logged in.

      And of course if your wireless from your laptop to your modem gets spotty, then again, web pages may load just fine and fast, however our system will not connect if your system can not constantly send and receive non-stop.

  13. Emily19(Les for RP)

    Hey, when I try to get onto the page to log in, it just says the connection was reset. I hope I didn’t do something that got me banned. :/

    • Emily19 – I am not seeing a block against your network with a quick look up. Are you still getting the same error?
      I can check deeper into our second blocking layer, but I have a feeling there may have been some general internet issues affecting many people around that time.

      • Emily19(Les for RP)

        Now it’s saying “The connection has been reset” and “the server closed the connection without sending any data” if I refresh a bunch

        • @Emily19 – I am not seeing any blocks against your current ISP / network in our system. I think there is a different lag issues somewhere that is causing packets to be lost. It could be your wifi signal from your computer to your router, or it could be your router is slowing things down before it gets to your internet modem. It could be your local ISP having issues.

          I suggest trying the other things listed above on this page to see if one of those solutions works.

          Basically the same kind of situation that david tx is running into above I think.

  14. I have been coming here for a while now and recently i have been getting “The server closed the connection without sending any data.” It says this periodically and occasionally it will let me in but after I log out it start up again. Is there any way you can tell me how to fix this issue?

    • DavidTX – I’m not seeing any blocks placed against your network with a quick check. Are you still getting the same timeout error at this time?

  15. Hi Nash,
    Its been going on for awhile now, buti cnat seem to log into chat the chat box doesnt even come up anymore.
    Sometimes i get just a kinds light orange box instead of the normal blue and of not that i get an error message saying the connection timed out.
    please help.
    Thanks n advance

    • Shy Irish Guy – looks like we blocked 16,300 ip addresses that your ISP allocates to their end users.
      Must of been someone really annoyingly breaking the rules for me to do that… not sure if it was you or someone else at this point. I will have to dig and see if I can turn up anything.

  16. Hi im experience the same problem again “the connection was reset”. I’ve not be on line for a few days – very frustrating

    • Daisy w – I do not see any blocks on our server firewall that would be causing an issue with the ISP that you are using. I am guessing that your ISP is not providing a solid 2 way connection to our chat servers at various times. You can try to take some of the lag out of your connection by following some of the tips listed above – like plugging your computer directly into your router / modem instead of using wifi. This may eliminate 100 milliseconds of lag (not an exact number, but using it for illustration purposes) – which could be an issue. There are some other tips up above here that may be helpful in figuring out where a little lag is being caused.

      Our chat system is not like a regular webpage. For example with my 4g phone connection I can download a web page pretty fast, but the upstream / upload speed is not as great. It may be fine for come chat connections, but if I can moving around or the signal fades on occasion down to 3g / 2g speed, then things slow down a bit – which is a minor frustration when downloading a web page a little slower, however our chat system is more like a constant stream of data, and if it detects that your speed is not a certain rate up and down, then it will drop the connection.

      Still some of the suggestions up above may prove to be the fix you need.

      Pingdom tools is showing a pretty solid connection speed back and forth between here and your ISP’s main datacenter. This makes me think there is some congestion between your device and the main ISP data center in your area. If it’s the connection from you device to your router, or from your router to your ISP’s hub, I have no way to tell from here. The suggestions up above may help you eliminate a little lag in one area that fixes the issue, and then you would know, for example your wifi from your computer to your router is spotty. In some cases it’s the connection from the router to the modem. Of course there could be malware on your computer or even your router that is causing an issue – or your neighbors have hacked your router’s wifi and they are bogging it down. There are many possible issues.

      Connecting directly with a cat5 cable and testing that way is what I would do first. If you are using a wifi-router, you should check to see if there is a firmware update available for it, and make sure the default admin password is changed. While you are in those settings, turn off UDP stuff! If there is not firmware update available and your router is more than a year old, I would seriously suggest looking into a new one. This can make a huge different not only with your connection speeds, but also your system’s security, as many of them are being exploited and used by nefarious people, and most people don’t even know it.

  17. Over the last couple of weeks I seem to be getting frequently disconnected from the chat most times I visit. No specific error message that I can see other then the blue screen with “Disconnected” on it. Not having any problems with any other sites.

    • JSteel – there are many possible reasons for this. As listed up above, each one of those things to try – each one of those things could be affecting the signal. A bad network cable, wi-fi that is spotty.. an ISP that works fine for most web surfing.. when it comes to our chat room it’s more like a constant phone conversation; if the signal is not strong enough or consistent enough, it will drop. This is not normally an issue when just pulling web pages to view, but our chat needs that constant speedy connection, even you are not chatting / saying anything for minutes on end – if the signal becomes poor, it ‘drops the call”.

      • Thanks for the reply Nash. I think I’m just gonna try resetting my modem. Should be the first thing one does, I know… but with other sites working I didn’t think it would matter much. My internet speed and connection strength in general is quite good though.

  18. Can not log in says connection issues ,usually never have issues

    • sexyblonde – looks likes you are running into a large broad range block we placed against someone who uses the same ISP that you do. I will check some details and see what I can figure out here.

    • @sexyblonde – I took a deeper look, and I was not seeing things right the first time. Actually I do not see you running into one of our firewall blocks. So I am thinking you are hitting some network congestion. IT could be a block on your computer itself, like a firewall.. or could be some congestion with your home network (like your wifi, or your router having some delays) – and it could be that your ISP is running into some issues in how it’s routing internet traffic from your place, through the internet and then back to ya.

      I suggest trying some of the tips listed above to see if we can eliminate some of the possible issues.

  19. I cannot login. it says server closed connection without sending any data. Is this happening to anybody else? or is it just me

    • Big Daddy – this might be a permanent ban issue. I will have to check a few things further.

    • @Big Daddy – I don’t see information specific to your network as far as manual bans go. Have you tried the other things listed above to see if perhaps your firewall or some other connection is blocking access?

  20. Hi, Im struggling to log in. It keeps throwing up amessage “no data was sent”. It was fine earlier. Can you help..Thanks

    • @Daisy W – this sounds like a broad range ban we placed upon a large block of addresses that your ISP allocates to end users. I can double check to be sure and see if I can find any details, it’s gonna be a couple hours before I can get into that part of our system.

    • @Daisy W – I am not seeing a block on your range at this time. Are you still having trouble connecting now?
      (We did find some small server issues that have been cleared up now – so maybe that will make a difference, or perhaps the internet congestion from your part of the world has cleared up and the beams of light can now zoom back and forth across the ponds fast enough to establish a better constant connection (?)

  21. Thank you (whom ever it may concern,) for supplying an amazing service. me, personally, I have been banned. Most probably deservedly. Just for formality, would someone in charge remind me why, and on what grounds? (Not saying it was not deserved.)

    • @Rick – I do not have a reason saved in the current setup – I do see a broad range ban in place against your network, and this is fairly recent. To save me time from opening and de-crypting logs and such, perhaps you can mention which screen name you had used before?

  22. I keep getting the connect failed and disconnected message and I still cant connect after refreshing the page as you suggested

  23. Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs

    Hey Nash, sorry to bother you but I am experiencing the same problems as Jenna Softail. I am not always getting disconnected, but if I logout, then I can’t easily log back in, it takes some time before I finally get on again.

    Might not be anything you can do, but thought I would post this just in case!

    Thank you!

    • @Black Silk Stockings – That makes sense… The ISP that you are using, we have had similar issues with a few bad apples – and therefore have blocked about 450,000 IP addresses that they control in order to prevent some people from using that ISP from coming back and violating our terms. From what I understand, your ISP rotates these IP addys regularly, and there is a chance that you will get one of those in a block that we have banned when you log out and then later come back. There are some things I can do – but not sure I want to jump into those options at this moment – let me know hoe much of an issue it is for ya as time goes on.

      • Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs

        Thanks for that Nash, will see how it goes and hopefully it’s a temporary blip and I don’t end up throwing my laptop through the window..! Thanks for running such a great site, I have made so many good friends here. Silk x

        • @Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs – So are you able to access the chat rooms okay now?

          • Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs

            No, it’s been a pain all evening :( If I logoff and then try to get back in it wont let me, and then it takes an age to get the lovely blue box!.x

            • @Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs – This is quite odd.. I did a visual route inspection of speed / packets to your network – and it’s maybe the only one I had ever seen that is all in the green (most get some yellow slow bars showing, some red red – very bad).

              I do not expect you to share a bunch of info about your connectivity settings here in the public comments space… we could email and such.. however I have to wonder, like let’s say some people are using the internet in a setup like this: (not that you are)

              4g hotspot that goes to cellular phone provider to access the web.
              laptop / tablet that connects to 4g hotspot

              This kind of setup is going to have a very different “latency” than say a desktop computer with core i7 processor plugged directly into a (wired) cable modem.

              There are plenty of other setups that introduce more or less “latency”

              add a router to a cable modem setup – a little more, go wireless, a little more.. move to another level / another room of place – even more..
              run a network through your ac / power lines (wow – this adds a lot of latency)

              changing to a a cellular connection, being inside a metal frame (or concrete / steel structure) – share that hotspot (or tethered phone, etc) with other devices in the home – these things can start to clog up throughput, especially upload speed – and may make things slow for our chat system to not only connect you, but also re-connect or even disconnect you.

              Here’s the thing – even if my phone goes down to 2g settings, or even the “edge” network.. I can still download a web page – something like might take 5 minutes just to load the first chunk of text / graphics.. but it will work.. eventually (sometimes / usually – lol).

              However our chat system requires a constant back and forth stream of data. So it’s not like having an fm radio that can kind of pickup a far away radio station / song.. if our chat system can’t get and keep a solid data path to and from your device, it’s gonna drop.. kind of lots and lots of cell phone calls were dropped on a regular basis.

              So I am not exactly sure what is casuing the current issue for you.. but I suppose there are some things you can try – some of them are listed up above… you may find things work better if you are plugged directly into your internet device instead of going wireless, you may find that using a different computer works great in the same location.. in qhich case your current computer may have some kind of bloatware on it slowing it down.

              There are many other possibilities of course, and without getting a closer look at your exact setup, I could point you to some places on the web that will give you a “visual traceroute” to look at net connectivity from your device to our web servers.. or maybe some info at and hit the speed test button to see if it sheds any light on your current setup.

              Of course I suggest everyone run a fresh, updated malwarebytes scan on their system on a regular basis.

            • Black Silk Stockings, Long Slender Legs

              Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply in detail Nash, tho not being IT savvy means a lot of it is over my head…! I dont think I am using an unusual internet set up, when the problem started i was staying at someone’s and using their regular wifi, and now I am back home I am doing the same thing.

              I have just tried logging off and on and it appears to be ok. So if it starts acting up later on, I can at least try using a cable to the router, that much I do know how to do!

              Thank you so much for trying to help, unfortunately technology and I are not great friends…!

  24. Im unable to connect to the main chat. It keeps saying “Cant connect/Server sent no data” but i wouldnt know that i had done anything bad….Im confused and would like to get back in….soon….

    • @FoxySimone – it looks like we have blocked about 500,000 IP addys that your particular ISP assings to it’s end users. Not sure if we did this to block you, or someone else who lives in your vicinity that was violating our rules / terms of service. I’m not even sure exactly when we added this ban / block. I’ll need to check a little deeper on this and get back to ya. If you do not hear back from me on this in about 24 hours, remind me.

  25. OlderGentleman47m

    Haven’t been able to get in for the last 30 minutes. Tried on three different browsers. Not my internet connection – this site is the only one giving me problems.

    • @OlderGentleman47m – Not sure if you intended for your gravatar to be associated with this comment – making you aware of it…

      I will check our firewall systems to see what I can find out.

      • @OlderGentleman47m – I do not see the ip addy in our firewall that you used when you made this comment here.
        We do have some blocks in our system for other ranges that your same ISP uses / allocates to some customers – so there is a chance it is a blocking / ISP ip range issue – however I think that is unlikely for you at this moment. Perhaps you may want to try some of the other solutions listed above like plugging in directly ro yout cable / modem / router thing – so you are not using a possibly too weak / not enough speed wireless connection. Maybe turn off your software firewall for a moment to see if it’s blocking the needed ports.

      • i want sexxxxxx!!!!!!!

        • @PeytonBae – I think almost everyone wants sex! Glad to hear you are making it publicly known that you do as well.
          OF course I want much more than that… Sometimes I want passion and energy, sometimes not. Many times I find myself wanting some jello with fresh fruit after sex, and someone who is cool with enjoying multiple partners at the same time. Oh there are so many things I want. Sex is good (usually) – it’s getting all the other things around sex with someone that makes a good time completely awesome.

          I hope you find some sex, and I hope you find more!

  26. 3 days running I’ve been unable to join the chat for more than 10 minutes – after that I’m disconnected and get

    ‘The server closed the connection without sending any data.’

    Any ideas?

    • Jenna Softail – I checked our blocking systems, and we do have around 30,000 IP addys blocked from the ISP that you use, however the one you had when you made this comment here is not in those blocking ranges. Have you tried the other things listed up above? Like using a different web browser, checking to see if the problem is only when you use wifi / it does not happen if you plug a network cable into your router and do a direct wired connection?

      It is possible that on somedays when you connect to the internet that your ISP is assigning you an IP that is in our block ranges, and then the next day you connect and your are not given one of those IP addys by your provider. However I think it would be best to check the other issues outlined above first.

      If you find another situation like this where you get “server closed connection” – then perhaps you would go to a page like which will show you your public IP addy at that time – copy that info and email it to me so I can see if you are getting an addy that is in our block ranges.

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