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Info added 03-22-2016 - noted near bottom with heading.

This site is operated by Your privacy on the Internet is of the utmost importance to us. At, we want to make your experience online satisfying and safe. Because we gather certain types of information about our users, we feel you should fully understand our policy and the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it.

INFORMATION GATHERS AND TRACKS gathers two types of information about users:

* Information that users provide through optional, voluntary submissions. These are voluntary submissions to receive our electronic newsletters, to participate in our message boards, forums, chat rooms, profiles sections, to email a friend, and from participation in polls and surveys;

* Information gathers through aggregated tracking information; derived mainly by tallying page views throughout our sites, search terms used to find our site, referring url, browser type, pages visited, time spent on each page,and similar information.

This information allows us to better tailor our content to readers' needs and to help our advertisers and sponsors better understand the demographics of our audience. Because derives its revenue mainly from sponsorships and advertising, providing such aggregated demographic data is essential to keeping our service free to users.

This Global Adult Media associated web site also passively collects potentially personally-identifying information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, web browser type, etc. This web site does not use such information to identify its visitors in most cases, and does not disclose such information, other than under the same circumstances that it uses and discloses personally-identifying information as described below.

Under most circumstances does not divulge any information about an individual user, or personally identifiable information to a third party.

Aggregated Statistics

This website may collect statistics about the behavior of visitors to its websites. For instance, this website may reveal how many views a particular page received. However, this website does not disclose personally-identifying information in most situations, as described below.

From time to time, this Global Adult Media associated website may release non-personally-identifying information in the aggregate, e.g., by publishing a report on trends in the usage of its website.
For example, in some cases we may speak with advertisers and tell them that X number of people view our lesbian sex chat page each month.

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Information

Certain visitors to this Global Adult Media associated websites choose to interact with this site in ways that require this website to gather personally-identifying information. The amount and type of information that this website gathers depends on the nature of the user’s interactions. For example, we ask visitors who use our forums to provide a username and email address. In each case, this web site collects such information only insofar as is necessary or appropriate to fulfill the purpose of the visitor's interaction with this website. This Global Adult Media associated web site does not disclose personally-identifying information other than as described below. Visitors can always refuse to supply personally-identifying information, with the caveat that it may prevent them from engaging in certain website-related activities.

Protection of Certain Personally-Identifying Information

This web site discloses potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information only to those of its employees, volunteer moderators, contractors, and affiliated organizations that (i) need to know that information in order to process it on this website’s behalf or to provide services available at this website, and (ii) that have agreed not to disclose it to others. We may disclose personally identifiable information to third parties in certain rare cases as described below as well. In some cases such as threats of bodily harm, harassment, and other rare but serious circumstances as outlined below.

Some of our employees, volunteer moderators, contractors and affiliated organizations may be located outside of your home country; by using this website, you consent to the transfer of such information to them.

This web site will not rent or sell potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information to anyone, other than to its employees, contractors, and affiliated organizations. Aside from as described above, this website discloses potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information only when required to do so by law, or when the administrators of this website believe in good faith that disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect the safety, comfort, or property or rights of a Global Adult Media associated website, third parties, the public at large, or individual users. Gathers User Information In The Following Processes:

Optional Voluntary Information Added by users, and Passive information passed along by your web browser.

We offer the following free services, which require some type of voluntary submission of personal information by users:

  • Blog commenting
  • Forum posting
  • Chat rooms
  • Profiles and social networking sections

When signing up or signing in to use these services, you will be required to provide a valid email address. Any other information you enter or post is up to you. We strongly suggest that you do not post ANY personally identifiable information in the forums, on the boards, in the chat rooms, blog comments, or anywhere else on this site. We also strongly suggest you do not give out any personal information in private chats or private messages.

1. Message boards / forums / blogs (sites) / social profiles / public activity policy

Users of the site's Message Boards and Forums must register separately for these services (both are free of charge) in order to post messages, although they needn't register to visit the site. During registration the user is required to supply a username, password, and email address, and agree to additional terms of use for the forums area. (those terms will be displayed when you choose to register in the forums.

Our site offers several forums options. Use of these forums for browsing and reading may require cookies or sessions ids to make it easier for the system to show you which forum messages you have already read. If you decide to post in the forums or create an account within the forums section, then you will need to use valid email address. The other information you choose to enter is totally up to you, you can fake your name, location, or anything else if you like. I do not suggest putting your real name into the registration info boxes. Putting your real location, or at least city and state perhaps may make it easier for people to find you if you will be using the forums to find other people who are looking to hook up in your city, town, or state. Your entered birth date will also be viewable by the general public if they click to view your profile. Your “about me information, along with friends you have accepted will also be viewable.

Some of the profile information you enter will be visible to other members of the forums, and some of the info that you enter will be visible to the general public. User names for example are published next to each forum post, along with some other information like avatars in order for people to follow the conversations. Other info such as the Location you entered and your join date will also be viewable by the general public. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the way things work as far as viewing posts and people's profiles before you add too much information that you may or may not want to share.

Other registered members will be able to view your created profile on the forums system as well, and may see more information than is viewable by the non-registered or non-logged into public. Information that you send to other members as a private message will not viewable by the general public, but the site administrators, and our third party moderators may be able to view those messages, I am not sure about that at this time. Also realize that people you send messages to, pictures, or other information will be able to copy and republish that information. So please be careful with what you post, or what you send, even in private messages.

The forums system may send you email messages automatically, and the site administrators may occasionally use the forums system to send messages to users or all the users. Common functions like this include a happy birthday message, or a notification email if you have been sent a private message through he board. You may also get messages sent to your email if you have “subscribed to a forum thread” - basically asking the forum system to message you when an update is posted on a certain topic. You have control over this functionality through your user control panel, or User CP. You can change your preferences for getting emails from the board.

2. Chat rooms policy

Our site visitors may use the chat rooms to talk about adult situations. We may on occasion use snippets of public chat room conversations to post elsewhere on the site. We will not publicly republish any of the chat room transcripts from the private, password protected rooms that users can create, or private whispers from one user to another. However in some cases this information may be shared with other moderators and possibly shared in a permanent posting in the password protected moderators discussion forums if needed to investigate possible abuse or other rule breaking.

There also exists the possiblity that other users in the chat rooms may be able to copy and republish / share with others things said in any room. If we find that anyone is sharing or republishing these chats we make efforts to have them removed, as our terms of service grant us joint copyright to information published through our systems, and we reserve the right to ask for removal.

Please practice safe, sane, chat room safety at all times. Additional chat room etiquette and rules apply to the Terms of Use, while using the chat rooms as well.

The chat rooms are not set up to keep a permanent log of what is said in the chat rooms.

There may be occasions when we copy and save a portion of a chat in order to verify that a user has or has not broken one of our rules, or to have discussions with our moderators about changes that need to be made to the site, or rules, or moderating procedures. 99% of the time there is no logging of chat room activities by our web server, however other users also way the ability to copy and store chats as well. We may copy portions of the publicly viewable chats to promote our sex chat sites or educate people about ways to use or not user sex chat services online. We reserve the right to post publicly viewable chats on other sites that we run or affiliate with. Unless you are using your real name as a screen name, this should not be concern.

Some of our chat room services may be hosted in other countries outside the USA. When using our “new chat” or Flashy chat options in particular, your information will be sent to other countries where the chats and the database systems are hosted. If this is cause for concern in any way, please contact us for further information.

None of our chat systems offer any kind of https, or encryption at this time. This means that it is possible for other people around the world to see what you type and what you receive through the chat systems as the information travels around the world, through the internet. Do not use our systems for any kind of sensitive information transfers.

When you use our chat rooms, your IP address is viewable to the site administrators and our third party volunteer moderators. We do not moderate the chat room 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but we try to have moderators on and available in at least one of the rooms most of the 24 hours a day. Moderators will be able to see your IP address, and we may make a note of your IP if you are suspected of breaking the terms of service or etiquette rules.

If you do something against the rules and get banned, your IP address will be recorded by our web server, and may have information associated with it, including the reason for your ban.

If you enter information into the chat rooms that causes an error of some sort, you ip address and screen name may be logged by our system so that we can look into issues.

Some of our logs are rotated (erased) within 24 hours, some of our logs may remain for years - as our various systems create logs for different things in different areas for various reasons - we can not guarantee that all logs are rotated or removed within a certain period of time.

As noted elsewhere in privacy policy, our web server records the same basic info that most do, including your browser type, ip addy, etc. Our chat systems will also log connection information, separate from the web server logs. Our chat systems will associate your ip address with a screen name for logging connections made, room changes, and other information that may help us determine if someone has been violating our terms of service.

Our main sex chat rooms system, sometimes called the Java chat, and sometimes referred to as the old chat, or the original chat - does not record private messages (pms) - however there is a chance, as noted above, that others may be able to save and republish your private chats. As to where we strive to keep as little information about users as possible, there may be times when conversations are saved that include multiple people's chats, in order for us to investigate behaviors of other people who were in the room during the conversation, or before and or after.

Some of these chat snippets may be saved indefinitely, and they may be saved is various countries around the world as our administrative staff varies, and our chat systems become more distributed worldwide.

Third party moderators and the site administrators may access private, user created private chat rooms, and other password protected areas of the site. This generally only happens when looking for a user that is thought to be breaking one of our most firm rules. If someone is suspected of spamming commercial products, services or web sites, or if a user is suspected of being or acting underage, or in other thought to be serious circumstances a site administrator or moderator may enter a private chat room to investigate.

When using any of our chat services that include voice or video options, there may be times when logs are created that could include the audio and or video should we have reason to believe that someone is breaking any of our rules. There is also the possibility due to stream caching, or other things that may cause the audio or video to be saved. As we continue to develop these newer systems, more information will be available.

At this time we suggest you do not put anything online via text, audio, or video chat, and especially through our associated services, that you do not want to get out to the public. As to where we strive to maintain privacy as being one of the most important things for everyone, we can not control every aspect of every technical interaction online. We may also change some settings on occasion that may cause things to be logged or saved in ways that we were not expecting. Much of the software that we use is still under development, and we can in no way be sure of the behaviors of the software at all times. Software is prone to bugs, and could do things that were not intended, or we were not aware of at the time.

Also be aware that our terms of service clearly states that any and all communications sent through our systems becomes copyrighted by us, a shared copyright between us and the creator of the content. This gives us joint rights to the text, audio, and or video that creating using our systems, so that we can file lawsuits against anyone who attempts to share or republish information shared through our site.

3. Polling

We may offer interactive polls to users so they can easily share their opinions with other users and see what our audience thinks about important issues. Opinions or other responses to polls are aggregated for posting results, and in most cases not identifiable to any particular user publicly. may use a system to "tag" users after they have voted, so for example they can vote only once on a particular question. This information could be combined with other information saved by the site software to identify users.

4. Surveys may occasionally conduct user surveys to better target our content to our audience. We sometimes share the aggregated demographic information in these surveys with our sponsors, advertisers and partners. We never share any of this information about specific individuals with any third party.


Children, those who are under the age of eighteen (18), are not permitted to use this website.

Our terms of service and etiquette rules forbid any discussions of sexual situations involving children, we do not even allow people to discuss thier own "first time sexual experiences" if they occured with anyone who as not over the 18.
Adults pretending to be under the age of 18 are not permitted to use this web site, or any part of it.

This website has adult content and is rated as an adult site. All popular internet filtering and parental control software will keep this site from being accessed by children, if the computers they are permitted to use employ filtering software.


We may place a text file called a "cookie" in the browser files of your computer, and so may some of the third party ads and third party scripts that we use to enhance the site. The cookie itself does not contain Personal Information although it will enable us to relate your use of this site to information that you have specifically and knowingly provided. But the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie can't read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. uses cookies to track user traffic patterns (as described above). Our advertising system delivers a one-time cookie to better track ad impressions and click rates.

You can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser. If you've set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies, you will receive the warning message with each cookie. You do not need to have cookies turned on to use this site. However, you do need cookies to participate actively in message boards, forums, polling and surveys.

Privacy Policy Use

USE OF INFORMATION uses any information voluntarily given by our users to enhance their experience in our network of sites, whether to provide interactive or personalized elements on the sites or to better prepare future content based on the interests of our users.

As stated above, we use information that users voluntarily provide in order to enable users to participate in chat room conversations, polls, surveys, message boards, forums, blogs, social networking, and other portions of the site.

We use tracking information to determine which areas of our sites users like and do not like based on traffic to those areas. This helps us continue to build a better service for you. We track search terms entered in Search function as one of many measures of what interests our users. creates aggregate reports on user demographics and traffic patterns for advertisers, sponsors and partners. This allows our advertisers to advertise more effectively, and allows our users to receive advertisements that are pertinent to their interests when possible. We will not disclose any information about any individual user except to comply with applicable law or valid legal process or to protect the personal safety, reputation, or property of our site, our partners, our users or the public.

Individual user's IP address will be available to the site administrators, employees and our volunteer / third party moderators in our chat rooms and forums. This helps us keep spammers and rule breakers out. If you do no want your IP address to be visible to third party moderators, and other users of the chat rooms, blogs, and forums, social sections, then do not use the chat rooms, forums, social sections, or blog and commenting features of this site.


We give users options wherever necessary and practical. Such choices include:

  • Opting not to register to receive our electronic notifications.
  • Opting not to participate in certain interactive areas, including chat rooms, forums, and blogs which completely alleviates the need to gather any personally identifiable information from our users aside from the standard visitor statistics that are auto-aggregated in our stats programs like most of the rest of the internet sites everyone visits.


By using this site, you consent to the collection and use of this information by If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.

We have not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the material available through this web site, or that which is made available through the websites and web pages to which we link to, and that link to
This site does not have any control over those non-SexChatSexChat websites and web pages, and is not responsible for their contents or their use. By linking to a non-SexChatSexChat website or web page, we do not represent or imply that it endorses our site, or any of the content here, or that we endorse such website, web page, product or service.

Much of the material presented through this web site is submitted by other members of the general public, and we are not resposible for any of that content.

You are responsible for taking precautions as necessary to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive content. Sex chat sex chat disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from your use of these websites and web pages.

We strongly suggest you do not click links that others post, or believe anything that people say around here. Clicking on links or even viewing content that others have posted could comprimise your privacy in ways that you may not be aware of. Read understand and follow the advice on our sex chat safety page as well.

Privacy – More Information

We value privacy, and you should too.

You never know who is really on the other side of the computer screen.

Verified photos, web cams, professional background checks, and other safety precautions are highly recommended. We do not verify any information that is posted on this site, we do not vouch for anyone being a good person, or really who they say they are. We assume no liability for your safety, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You use this service at your own risk. You realize that people can copy what you say and do, and they could repost it. Other bad things could happen if you post your phone number, email address, hometown, or other personally identifiable information. We assume no liability if you lose your job, your spouse, your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, your sanity, your virginity, or anything else by using this site. Of course if you find your sanity, or a new lover, if you find a new job, and people you enjoy here, then we'd like to take a little credit for that.

If you are a registered user of a this website and have supplied your email address, this website may occasionally send you an email to tell you about new features, solicit your feedback, or just keep you up to date with what it is going on with this website and our products and services. We primarily use our blog to communicate this type of information, so we expect to keep this type of email to a minimum. If you register in our forums section or for our registered chat rooms, then you may get an automated “Happy Birthday” message from our system, you have control to change your user account settings to receive email notifications about updates, or private messages, or forums announcements and more. If you sign up to receive notifications of blog comments, or sign up for a profile via another section of our site, you may have settings automatically set to receive an email notification when another registered user sends you an on site email, or other private message. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe to receive email notifications about new forums posts, and other content. You can change each of these settings to receive email or not based on the various conditions you desire.

However, we do reserve the right to email members if there is some sort of emergency notification regardless of your chosen preferred settings. We suggest you add our website to your trusted list and un-spam or un-junk mail from your spam/junk folders so that you can receive important messages from our site for your benefits. We rarely send out any emails, and do not send junk spam – we hate spam, and we do not have time for such emails. If you send us a request (for example, via a support email or via one of our other feedback mechanisms), we reserve the right to publish it in part or in whole in order to help us clarify or respond to your request or to help us support other users. This Global Adult Media associated website takes all measures reasonably necessary to protect against the unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction of potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information.

We highly recommend you familiarize your self with internet safety and privacy issues. We suggest you read up and understand internet privacy concerns at these web sites:


Once you have a clear understanding of what's really going on with the web, then you can really start to see that privacy is a big issue. There are also plenty of news stories to check out where you can see that many places that have posted these little privacy badges in fact are not secure and often violate their own agreements. You will also find that even large institutions that do a lot to protect privacy are sometimes breached by hackers and even governments.

Privacy should begin at home, on your own computer with serious virus protection and spyware protection like malware bytes and kaspersky internet security or f-secure anti-virus / security software. You should also use encryption and strong passwords to protect data on your own system, and especially with any cloud / offsite storage. You can learn about these precautions from

Privacy with this web site:

Well if you learned enough from the above links, then you are not worried about privacy here. Essentially, our web site collects the same info that most sites collect with statistics programs and such. We got records of your IP address and other identifying information when you visit this site. Just about all web sites do.

We do not sell or rent out any of this info, but if we were served with a court order to provide to someone, then we would have to abide by that. If we decided to sell our web site, then some of the information in our statistics and user accounts would probably go along with it. We have no intention to ever sell out, but hey you never know, even Yahoo might be bought if offered the right price. If we did sell the site, we would give as much notice as reasonable posible, give the option for people to delete their accounts, and would delete any information requested if reasonable possible, as long as that would not interfere with any type of future billing if a billing option was chosen.

If you decide to sign up for an account, provide ratings, or enter in any other info, then we may collect more info about you. Pretty much all the info you enter, even clicking a rating will store some information into our database, and may add some cookies onto your system so we can track things that make the end user experience better - things like keeping someone from rating the same video multiple times, and keeping spammers at bay.

Realize that any time you enter info into an online form, or interact with a web site / program that collects information like clicks, or email addresses and such - that information is stored in a database, and usually on some web server in some other state, and that that server (along with pretty much everybody else's servers) are maintained by people who have access to it, and people that webmasters often do not even know. Any time you enter data into an online form that data is at risk of being hacked or seized and used by third parties around the world.

We try to keep things secure here by doing any software updates that are made available by our software vendor. We host our sites with a reputable company. We may offer web advertising that could store tracking cookies and items of the sort. When we do, we can't be responsible for what they do with the passive information they collect, or active information that you add there. Large companies like Google and Doubleclick use types of browser cookies, and I think Amazon does too. Some people believe that government agencies, marketing agencies, and places like Facebook, and insurance companies can and do evil things with these cookies. There are ways to prevent your browser from accepting cookies, although blocking cookies from our site might cost us some advertising revenue, and may break certin things from working like logins, polls, etc.

I myself am not a big fan of what Facebook (and other big web sites) have been doing with all of everyone's public and private information, so I do not use many of them, and I am careful what I enter into any web site forms. You can also setup settings in your web browser that will crush cookies and delete cookies and stuff like that. Personally I like the way handles cookies and viewing history - I think it's helpful (although sometimes creepy) and I know that having cookies allows for affiliates to get paid for sending customers - so it's a good thing to allow cookies and let people get paid so we can all continue to provide cool services for free or at low costs.

With that said, not all companies play well with collected information, and some are out there profiling people and user groups in ways that are down right freaky. We don't get involved in selling your information to insurance companies and crap like that.

Web beacons, third party ads and scripts

This website may employ some third party scripts that display advertisements, or other content. When a website uses third party scripts to display ads or other content, such as the live video chat previews we offer, that third party code on the site will allow other third parties to collect information about you. This is generally the case with services like Google adwords, and other third party advertising scripts.

Scripts that show the current live cam girls, or people in your local area who are online, advertisements on many web sites, these and many other scripts are served from other computers controlled by other people.

Just visiting one web site often exposes your information to several other companies when that site uses third party scripts.

This information is stored by the third party and sometimes shared with other companies. It varies from one publisher to another and some companies use shady tactics combined with this, even using small pixels as “web beacons”. Some companies keep this to themselves, and others sell, rent, or combine this information with other info about you (both online activity and sometimes offline activity as well) or your computer to profile people.

These are serious issues, and most places on the internet are taking advantage of your ignorance, lack of caring, or both.

As much as we value user's privacy, it seems that most people just don't care, or are too ignorant to really understand what is going on with their data, and prefer to enjoy the benefits of ad supported content. We do employ some third party code blocks similar to things such as the “add this / bookmark share script” - this script is really helpful to some people, but something I learned recently is that every time you visit a page with this script, (ever been to a web page and seen icons for sharing via facebook, twitter, pinterst, etc? - These pages are likely using a script similar to "add this" or "add to any".) not only do they get a record of you visiting this page, but they can transfer, sell, rent, and compile this information with other services.

Some of them have a little link to their privacy info when you hover over it ie - ( ) - and they do offer a way to opt out of the extra marketing baggage that comes with it's use. And come to find out, from this opt out service, you can opt out of all much info tracking from a dozen different and very large internet data thieves. I was quite surprised when I looked at the list of places I could opt out of tracking, it had listed and checked off about 10 places that already had tracking cookies on my computer from their associated networks. You should look into this for yourself.

How to opt out of the “Add this” information sharing -

Opt out of the top 20 most cookie watching advertising networks by clicking here:

Unfortuantely this is not a complete list of all the places that have been and are tracking you, and reselling your info to others - it's a good start though!

You may be surprised how many on the list there already show that they have information stored about you, and on your computer none the less! (They also have much more information about you stored on their computers as well)

There are many more services that many web sites use, that we feel are going a little too far in the information collection game. I highly recommend that you learn more about all this.

We do not currently use chartbeat - but many of the web sites you view every day do. It doesn’t hurt you to stop it. So how do you block the chartbeat tracking? One person wrote in this info:
The easiest way to block it is to add a line to your hosts file to route to your local machine.
The hosts file is located in /etc/hosts on OSX and *NIX, and in c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts on Windows systems.
Simply add the line
And now whenever any program on your computer tries to access, it will simply be redirected to your local machine, resulting in a “page not found” error. - keeping “them” from tracking you that way.

There are other bad tracking things out there, again we encourage you to research these issues to learn more. Another thing you should seriously look into is blocking the google analytics scripts from tracking and recording your web site visits all over the web. Overall analytics is not evil, it helps webmasters. But all of that stored information is kept by google forever and combined with all the other sites you surf that have the analytics script running. So I highly suggest finding one of the easy ways to block the google analytics and similar services from recording and storing info about all the porn sites, and all the other sites that you visit, or other people visit using your computer.

Recent discussions on hacker news have people talking about using browser plugins such as "disconnect", ghostery, and adblock edge.

All of these privacy plugins that are available through the firefox addons and similar places can help you save your privacy, make pages load faster, but they may break some web sites, even prevent you from viewing some things that you actually want.

For example, I love it when the share this page icons are blocked for facebook and other places when I am reading news stories, if I want to share something on facebook it is easy enough to do so without their silly privacy stealing buttons. However if you view the pages that we have some of the live webcam action, some of these plugins will block those from displaying, and you probably want to see that, so you need to learn how to disable these privacy plugins on certain pages or web sites. Using these plugins on some sites and for some pages or searches makes a lot of sense, but also realize if you just keep some kind of ad blocking plugin running when you visit every web site, not only could you be missing some content that you actually want to see (and makes the site look better), you may be also damaging that site's ability to stay in business.

With that in mind, I turn on my privacy plugins when I search for things like medical questions, and with some web sites I turn off the ad blocking feature of my plugins, but leave on the other plugni that blocks the tracking cookies and third party analytics tracking. Doing this is a little more work on my end, but controlling my privacy is important, and supporting those web sites that deserve the advertising dollars is the right thing to do.

I wish all web sites were clear about how their ad partners work, in my opinion it is one thing to display a banner that is hosted on the web site's computer that links to an ad partner, and it is a totally different thing to run a third party ad tracking script that is servered from a thid party web site. That leads to all kinds of abuses, beyond just tracking.

We have gone to great lengths to minimize this kind of third party info access.

We put in a ton of time and effort to minimize the use of any third party scripts or other assets that do any kind of tracking. It would be much faster and easier for us to simply add third party controlled scripts for things like social sharing and analytics tracking. We have resited that and instead chosen to hand code as many of these kinds of options to avoid loading assets from third party web sites in most of these cases. We spend a lot of time researching plugins, themes, and other code before deplying them in order to protect user privacy as much as possible. This has created an immense amount of work; using a third party plugin for social sharing could of been deployed across our web site in 15 minutes, instead we chose to hand code and host as many of these social sharing assets on our server as possible on most pages in order to provide better privacy, and that added weeks of work on our end.

Over the years we have scrapped work from other companies that did not have the kind of privacy and security that we think should be standard. We will post more about these decisions that have cost us time and money in not taking the easy way out with user privacy in our blog. We will likely tag these "nttewo".

Our terms of service states that confidentiality is not guaranteed - and we suggest you find other ways to surf anonymously if it's an issue for you.

We are not in the business of putting people's real names or email addresses out for the world to see, but you can keep a lid on all that by not using your real name, or not rating videos, or simply not using many of the services on the web. You could also sign up for a throw away email and use that when you sign up at porn sites - just make sure that you are using a proxy connection when you sign up for it, or when you check it.

Sharing Information with Advertisers or Other Third Parties

We may disclose anonymous information about user habits, characteristics and user patterns, based on aggregate user statistics to advertisers on our site.

Sharing Information with the Government or As Otherwise Required by Law

Law and Harm: We may disclose your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request; to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues; or to protect's rights or property.

Private information requires a subpoena or court order

User information is held in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. For third parties who want to request user date, in most situations we will require a subpoena, court order, or other valid legal process to disclose information about our users.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, non-public information about our users is not released unless we have received a subpoena, court order, or other valid legal process document, or in cases where we feel the need to contact law enforcement, your ISP, or other organization because serious terms of use have been violated, our site or other web sites in our network, services, or users have been threatened, stalked, harassed, or other unique circumstances of a serious nature. Some information we store is automatically collected, while other information is provided at the user's discretion. Though we do store some of this information, it may not be accurate if the user has created a fake or anonymous profile. This site doesn't require email verification or identity authentication for most functions to be used. Chat logs are also not saved by our server in most circumstances.

We may be required by law or government agency to disclose both Active and Passive Information you have provided to us. Our site retains different types of information for different time periods. Given our site's real-time nature, some information may only be stored for a very brief period of time.

Will this site Notify Users of Requests for Account Information?

This site's policy is to notify users of requests for their information prior to disclosure (by email or other means if we have further contact information, or posting it prominently on the site so others may attempt to notify someone if we are not sure how to), unless we are prohibited from doing so by statute or court order. If we feel the need to, and initiate contact with law enforcement, lawyers, attorneys, investigators, an ISP (internet service provider), another organization, person, or group of people because we feel that safety of our web site, or that of any of the users of the site have been stalked, harassed, or otherwise threatened, or if we need to investigate any terms of service violations, we may decide not to notify the users who are being investigated for those issues.

How Do We Secure Active Information and Passive Information?

We secure your personal information submitted by you by using reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, or accidental loss or destruction of Active Information and Passive Information. Your postings on this site and other communications you may have with us via email or snail mail may not be secure unless we advise you that security measures are in place prior to your sending information. Therefore, if you choose to communicate with us through these means, you are assuming the risk of doing so and we request that you do not send or post sensitive information through these means.

If you have any questions about privacy here, contact us so that we can provide answers if possible.

More important privacy information about some internet laws that seriously affect your privacy and some more tools information.

The information on this page does not constitute our entire privacy policy. Portions of our terms of service and etiquette rules for the chat rooms have addional information about privacy, these terms of service, and stated etiquette rules are also part of our privacy policy. Certain areas of our web site will have privacy policy additions and statement, including but not limited to the forums section, the "peeps" social section, and our video chat rooms. If you decide to use any of these services, please look for additional privacy statements in those areas. We will occassional post warnings about certain areas with may fall into different privacy issues, and terms of use / content policies as well.

Privacy Policy Changes

Although most changes are likely to be minor, this Global Adult Media associated website may change its Privacy Policy from time to time, and in this Global Adult Media associated website’s sole discretion. This Global Adult Media associated website encourages visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to its Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

Portions of this terms agreement were adapted from the and terms of service.

We consider feedback about our policies from our users. If you have a suggestion about making our policy better we welcome your comments - contact us any time through our contact page, or via comments in the blog section.

info added March 22 2016

Privacy with stored information and profiles-

Since you must receive and activate an email in order to use your profile here, there are additional tracking points that others could use to further identify you, and associate what info you put into this system with you, or at least to whatever ip address you used when you accessed the email and the ip address you used when you created that email account.

Most of the moderators do not have access to view backend info for profiles and such here.

Admin Nash does have access to view any and all details of anything that you add to the system, however he follows the same guidelines for private messages and such that we have set for 'entering private password rooms'. As of this writing I have never tried to access people's private messages within the peeps section, or pics set to private / friends only, and stuff like that. I would only do so if there was something major going on - allegations of hacking, or "not-yet-18" discussions, those things and similar serious things could make me check things out.

Of course if you message someone they would have the ability to take a screen shot and send it others. Admins / Mods may request such a thing if someone is accusing someone of a major violation.

Someone asked what about a hack thing like the Ashley Madison hack / data dump?
That is an excellent question, glad people are thinking on this level now!

Certainly we need to all be aware that something could happen where some third party gains access to stuff on our server which would include details saved, and they could release that info. Pretty sure I mentioned this in our privacy policy years ago, and tried to explain to people that this kind of thing can happen with virtually any connected system on the planet. For that reason please do not post anything in the peeps section that would ruin your life if it got out. Pics, your sign up email addy, personal details in user to user messages - the stuff that happens in and around the peeps section, much of it becomes data at rest. Settings for our chat systems may store less, or none of certain chat messages, and for certainly 99% of time for less time.

When people message each other in the mv-chat system, and the oc chat, that is mostly separate, and as of this writing, more ephermal. I have turned off logging of messages in the mv-chat system, although there is some logging of users that have connected, and there is a publish of which users are in which rooms.

Of course some hacker could probably find way to intercept these things, and people can take screen shots and share them. Telephone and internet companies, and gov agencies have methods to intercept and copy all things that travel over the interweb wires as well. So don't send anything through our systems that could land you in jail or being blackmailed or something. Heck your next door neighbor can probably snatch stuff from your local network all day long with a free program if you are using wi-fi.

If you are uber paraoid, have a job or other relationship that could in jeopardy from using our system, there are some things you can do to limit your exposure, and we are working to establish some additional hardening of bits in transit as well.

In the meantime I suggest NOT using your work email addy for anything here, and not using any other email addy that could linked to you. A "porn only" email addy from a place like yahoo mail (although those sometimes bounce our emails, and if you do not log in to your yahoo account for a few months it may be deactivated. Not sure what yahoo is doing these days, and there is a chance they could be bought up by another company which would get that info) - proton mail is something new that may be worth looking into.

If you are super paranoid, when you sign up for your porn only email account, you will not use your home or work internet to do it. You will use a brand new computer, on an open wi-fi from the other side of the city, and a vpn, and never use that computer again. When you sign up for a new email addy those services generally save info about you as well, and I believe they are quick to hand over that info to third parties that request it.

Using a VPN service will hide / scramble your ip address and will often encrypt your data along some of the wires. Use a porn only email addy and a VPN to sign up, and you have some extra privacy from the start. Also look into browser plugins like ublock origin, lightbeam, ghostery, disconnect, things like that. Other tech places have good articles / discussions on the pros and cons of these types of plugins and services.

Search for info about these things using or duckduckgo or something.

Do note that I am exploring some methods that will do some 'browser fingerprinting' for registration. If we have some assholes who try to abuse this system and hide behind vpns / proxies to do so, I will turn on the browser fingerprinting system and add additional layers of tracking all sign ups to prevent abusive use of the system, and protect those who are not. We have also acquired some methods pulling extra info from browsers should we need to, including leaking ips outside of VPNs and even Tor. We don't want to turn these things on, but we are already preparing for possibility if we need to stop some serial abusers who violate our rules.

Not all VPNs will work with our chat system by the way. Many can not provide enough speed to maintain a connection, some won't even allow the proper ports to open in order to connect or keep a stable connection with our chat services. Some VPN providers are already blocked by our various firewalls, and some we have blocked most of their servers. In some cases we have reached out to a few vpn services and gotten them to block our web servers from being accessible using their service. This is due to abuse by a few people who are ruining it for others. People will run into some of the same issues when trying to use tor or other services.

I am working on systems that will encrypt our chats, and trying to find ways to encrypt portions of our databases and such as well.

We use multiple layers of security enhancements to protect our systems here, and log things outside of the basic installs that many others do when they deploy similar systems. Our security is not perfect, but we are several levels above average I do believe. If you find a security or privacy issue please contact me to let me know. We will have some kind of bug bounty program.

If you are considering using our systems for abuse, harassment, hacking, getting around bans, or anything like that - be aware that we have very strict terms of service, and there is an addendum to our privacy policy, with details you can read on the permanent ban notice, that in some rare cases we will indeed share information with third parties including your local law enforcement, various ISPs, our lawyers, and others. I absolutely don't ever want to do that kind of thing, but we have had to do just that - twice before.

Also note that some of our systems are hosted in the United States, which means among many other things, that our computers can be seized by many different agencies without our consent, and even without our knowledge. We have faith that gag-ordered national security letters will not be abused by our current and future agencies, but it has been a reality for other web sites, hosting companies, data centers, places that handle email, and others.

However there are new laws that fast track data sharing with authorities in cases of hacking and data breaches among others.There are some very new ones at the time of this writing that gives reliefe to businesses from getting in trouble when sharing a bunch of user data with gov agencies in certain cases like hacking or data breaches

Although similar cisa laws were voted down with lots of pressure from the tech companies, I believe one not complete version was signed in law in the US -

Things like this were mentioned by as being part of the law signed in Dec 2015 -

The law grants to businesses full immunity from government and private lawsuits and other claims that may arise out of CISA-compliant monitoring in which businesses may engage.

There are some tidibts in there about trying to minimize personally identifying info, but it appears the guidelines were not complet at the time of the signing, and there are supposed to be additions added throughout 2016 (and likely beyond) - I found details here:

I have seen legislation that intends to open that up into sharing with countries (both ways. request. get.) and opening channels for two way requesting and sharing of data, particularly in the UK I believe. It is my hope that people will pay attention to new laws that affect them and contact thier representives to insist on more privacy protections, not less. There has been some privacy poisitive coming out of the Euro courts and some demands from certain countries, glad to see.

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