Permanent Ban Notice

If you have been directed to this page by one of our moderators, via e-mail from the site admin, or via one of the comment replies, then you need to be aware that you are not allowed to access any of our chat rooms system ever again.

This is notice that we will be permanently logging additional information about you that may include personally identifiable information.

Should you return to our chat rooms ever again, this information may be shared with third parties.

These policies are outlined in our terms of service and our privacy policy.

Some users are temporarily kicked from the chat rooms system for up to 24 hours, and their ban is auto-cleared by our system. Some people may be banned, and then have their bans cleared by the site admin for one reason or another, however if a permanent ban is placed upon you by one of the moderators, and you are not explicitly told your ban is cleared by the site admin in the comments section or via email, then your privilege to access our chat rooms is revoked permanently.

Attempting to circumvent a permanent ban placed against you can result in further actions than a simple ban on your screen name or ip address. Some people have tried to access our system using other methods to get around a ban, and a very few have tried to say that they did not know they were perma-banned, and simply returned to the chat room without the knowledge of being banned. If you have been sent to this page, then you should have no doubt, we do not want you to access our systems ever again.

In some situations over the years people have tried various methods to get around bans placed against them, and we have been forced to develop additional policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access by these people. It is my hope that we will not need to take these additional measures against anyone. However some people have commented saying things like “What are you going to do if I go to a friend’s house and log into the chat room from their computer – haha.” – well there are several things we might do, and we have done them all at one time or another.

To save me from answering these questions to each and every abusive idiot who thinks they are hiding behind an anonymous keyboard, I will make some things clear here.

For most of our users there are no logs kept of their chat room activities, when some people break the rules here, we start to log additional information about them. How long these logs are kept varies, and in some situation we make permanent logs that are copied and saved in multiple locations.

What will we do with this information?

In most cases, people who are banned accept that and do not return to our chat rooms, and so we need not do anything with the extra information that is saved. However in a few cases we have needed to share personally identifiable information with third parties in order to prevent further unauthorized access. This could include:

Sending information about you, your logins, and what was said in the chat to your ISP.

Some Internet Service Providers will take our abuse complaints and disable the ability for their subscriber to access our web servers. Some ISPs contact the person who is responsible for the internet service account and give them the details of our abuse complaints. In several situations the ISPs we contacted have disconnected their subscriber and banned them from getting an account with them in the future. Your Internet Service Provider may do any number of things with the information we send them, you may want to check the terms and conditions of your ISP. Some ISPs have directed us to forward information to law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction over their company, and in those cases we will.

In a few situations we have been compelled to share this information with law enforcement authorities as well. We have had to contact law enforcement in several countries to provide them with information in order to get the ISPs to take further action in some cases, and in a few cases we have asked local authorities to investigate users. In some situations we have asked authorities to pull additional information from people’s ISPs including lists of all web sites and web pages they have accessed. (Most ISPs retain records of each and every web page you have visited to the past two years). In some cases we have filed complaints and asked people to be investigated for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, or CFAA.

In some situations we have blocked an entire ISP from being able to access our chat systems, and in a few cases we have blocked entire countries from having access. On some occasions we share ban information with other webmasters, and a few times have blocked access to people for more than 1,000 other web sites.

We have had to do other things as well over the years, but I am not going to talk about all of them here.

My point is this, if you have been sent to this page, then you are banned. Permanently. Period. End of story. Do not return to our web site.

You are not allowed to access our web site or chat rooms.
This is not going to change. Accessing our site without permission is a theft of services, and may violate several other laws as well. Before you decide to go rogue and try to find another way to access our services, I highly suggest you speak with a lawyer or an attorney and consider the ramifications of what may come down on you should we take further steps to prevent you from accessing. Contact your local legal aid society if you need cheap / free legal advice.

We take our web site, our chat rooms, and our rules very seriously.

Most of this information is already provided to everyone in our terms of service and privacy policy pages. You should of read this information before using our site. You are bound by our terms of service when you access our web pages, and we will take any and all steps to prevent people from abusing our services. As is outlined in our terms, when you are kicked from the chat room, you are to read and understand our rules. If the ban on your screen name is not auto cleared by the system in 24 hours, then you are permanently banned. If you are not specifically told by the site admin via e-mail or in the public comments that your ban is clear and you are free to return, then your permission to use our services is revoked permanently and forever.

For those who want to whine about this not being fair, I simply say it may not be, however it’s my room, it’s my rules. Our chat rooms are free to use for adults who follow our rules, but they are not some government funded public service that is supposed to provide free communication to the masses. This is a privately owned web site, and we have our own policies and procedures. No one is forcing you to use our site, we are simply telling you that your invitation to use our site has been revoked.

If you have been directed to this page, then you are already two steps closer to having take additional steps to prevent you from accessing our services. Please do not waste your time or ours by returning. In some cases we may seek civil damages including financial compensation by filing a lawsuit against someone, and we really don’t want to do all that, but we have, we can, and we will if it becomes necessary.

I suggest you think long and hard before attempting to circumvent the ban that has been placed against you here. There are plenty of other places on the internet that you can go chat.

66 thoughts on “Permanent Ban Notice”

  1. ok permanent ban
    I am going to use ‘never again this chat I hope there are no legal problems because if I’m wrong I did not do it on purpose.

    1. not aware of any legal issues max7856. Only time I get into into like that is when people try to get around a perma ban and come back to the chats after being told not to.

    1. @Lucy – I have no idea – is there something saying you were banned from the chat system?
      Have you read the info here: ?
      Is there some kind of error message displayed?

      I don’t see your network listed in our ban list at this time, that doesn’t mean that it was not added to our secondary ban list which I have not checked.
      I see a few “Lucy” names in the ban list – but that does not mean that your specific name was intended to be on the ban list.

      Without knowing the screen name you are / were using I can’t say much either way on this at the moment.

  2. Dear Admin,

    I’ve been regular user in this chat and was banned due to entering some wrong room, Im really aware of the consequences but it was some mistake I made without clear observation. Kindly reconsider my request and lift my ban off. I hope you can understand my situation.

  3. Hi admins,

    I would really appreciate it if you would be willing to look into my case. I’ve been chatting here for years without any troubles, made many nice contacts in here and now got myself a permanent ban for wondering around in the wrong room. I am aware big time by now that this was not smart, and I would be very honored if you’d allow me back in.

    Thank you for your time, ánd that I had to ask for your time to begin with.


    1. @FM – I put in a more info request with the mods. Due to time schedules this can take a couple hours or a few days. Hang tight and I will see what I can find out.

      1. @FM – you say you wandered into a room… did you wander in and leave, or did you stay for a while and engage in conversation?

        1. Hi Admin Nash,

          Thanks for looking into it. I wandered in and engaged in a chat. I knew this was stupid, but I can also state I did not engage in any underage activity. I was actually there to talk to the other people in the room, which I mainly did. I have been in the room over a timespan of no longer than 10 minutes if I recall right.

          As stated, it was an awful mistake, one I for sure won’t make again.

          1. @FM – okay so this ban is indeed permanent. I dug into additional details from more than one person, and we need to keep this as banned forever. So this is your permanent ban notice.

            People need to realize that some things may get some warnings and education about our rules or etiquette / terms, however there are some things that we must have a zero tolerance for, and this issue is one of them.

            1. Hi Admin Nash,

              Pity you all feel this way. I understand you want a zero tolerance policy on things like this, I am all for it. Although in my view I was not participating in such events. On top of that I wonder who the more than one person is, but if this is how you choose to put this into practice, I’ll leave it at this. Thanks for the great times I had here, pity it won’t become more.


              P.S. The ban notice refers to the top of this page, obviously I read all this before contacting you.

            2. @FM – thanks for understanding and sharing your info and perspective on these things.

              As far as more than one person, I often check with the various moderators to see if they have any first hand knowledge of a situation, and also if they other viewpoints that I may not have considered. I hope for consensus, but also hope others can expand my vision / thoughts on issues, and so I also look for differing opinions.

              I take issues of banning people permanently very seriously. Not just our firm rules, but also possible things to consider in which someone should not be permanently banned. I try to consider all possible reasons that someone may have gotten into something without intention and all that.

              I know that in your country, and other countries, some of our rules and issues are not a thing, and so I do not hold a personal grudge towards most people who end up in violation of our rules. However I must protect our community as a whole, and given that we are based in the US, there are certain things that must be carefully handled and blocked in order to avoid more / bigger issues.

              Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on all this, and I am sorry that this became an issue for you, and unfortunately several others.

  4. I was wondering why I was banned I don’t think I did anything but if I did I was just wonder so I know if I am banned can I ask what I did because as far as I know I didn’t do anything to get banned that for letting me know thank you

    1. @bad heather – this ban may have been placed against your specifically, or it may have been intended to block someone else that uses the same internet service provider that you use. Our system only keeps notes on these broad range bans for so long in the main area. I will need to dig a little deeper into some encrypted info and check with our mods to see if I can figure out if this was meant for you or someone else. Hang tight and I’ll see what I can figure out.

    2. @bad heather – this should be clear for you right now. However I ask that you make sure you really know all of our rules here. I can only dig so far back into logs at this time, but when I get to my other system that can decrypt some previous logs I may find something that points to a ban placed against you and then need to re-ban and clarify whatever the issue is.
      However the ban was set for a broad range block, and I do see that we have a few different people that use our site that also use the same ISP that you do – so at this moment things are pointing to the likeliness this was intended from someone else.

        1. i am no longer a Mistress and do not care to cause trouble
          i just want to hve only
          i am begging for the chance
          to prove my self

          1. Ms lisa – you are permanently banned. This will not change. I strongly suggest you heed the info sent to you, especially including the information posted on this page. We take this very seriously. We have already begun some of the things outlined here. We try to send notice to people about the additional collection of personally identifying info and that we may be sharing it with third parties when we do a ban and someone attempts to circumvent that without being given permission to return.

            I strongly suggest you seek the advice of legal council before you consider ever returning here.

            1. no need for thaat i wont be back i get the point i just dont think its fair but thats just my opinion have godd evening theres people a hell of a lot worse on there then me and bitch in boots is one of them alot people dont like her but like i sid thats me and what ive heard so i wont be back or bother you anymore

      1. who is miss lisa and somebody better tell me what the problem is defamation of charector is on my mind so tell me the problem

    1. @cheerleder4nerdsRP – looks like someone else was banned that uses the same ISP as you do, and this ban was a “broad range ban” – which blocks more than 200 systems. I did some research and it appears this was intended for someone else. So I cleared this block and you should be able to access now.

    1. HardDad – I don’t see anything in the ban lists at this time. Was there a message saying name and ip is banned? Connection failed?

  5. Hey I was wondering if I was banned from the site. I was simply no longer able to connect to the chat room. I’ve read the rules and so far as we can tell, my flat mate and I haven’t broken any of them. If you could let me know whether we’re banned or not and why I’d really appreciate it. I know you have some banned countries and I’m in Germany right now so is that it? I wouldn’t think so because I was able to get on before so I don’t know.

    1. ImDave – I checked into this, and it seems that one of my blocks to prevent a large network in Moldovia from accessing that chat was a little too aggressive and blocked more than just that one ISP. I have changed some of our settings, so this should be clear now. Give it another try, and let me know one way or the others. I have some other fairly aggressive blocks still in place – and they might, or might not be affecting your connection.

    1. Aidan – someone in your general area was posting links to a pictures blog. Was this you?
      It would save me some research time if we knew it was you that were posting a link to this blog.

  6. Dear,
    Admin Nash
    I would love to talk to you about lifting my bann. I also would just in general like to talk to you, I have some ideas, and thoughts, that I think you would love to hear.
    Thank you,

  7. Dear Admin Nash,
    I know that I am permanently banned, and that unbanning me would open to many loop hole for all the others that are currently permanently banned. You have think justice; no mercy. It would also ruin you appearance of superiority over the site. I hope that you never unban me. Because what I did was ageist the rules, and by your rules the mods are allowed to bann me without warning permanently. “Violating’s Terms of Service or the chat room’s rules or etiquette policies will result with you being kicked from our chat services temporarily or possibly being permanently banned.” What I would like to be sorted out, is what equates to a permaban. I want users to have the chance to look over the rules and understand that you dont tolerate certain things on your sex chat room site, and those thing specifically can result in a permit ban with out warning.
    I had gone over your rules before, but not knowing that certain things are not tolerated would be nice before being permanently banned. “no, your ban needs to stay permanent. We have to have a zero tolerance policy with certain things”. That way a user who has read over the rules can know that a few select things can result in a permaban, without warning. “No one under 18, or pretending to be under the age of 18 years, is allowed to use this site. If you are aware of a user who is not 18 or older you need to alert the moderator(s).

    Asking another person to pretend that they are less than 18 years old is not allowed.

    Talking about sex involving anyone who is not 18 or older, even when reminiscing about your college sex days, or your first sexual experiences (if someone involved was not yet 18) is not allowed.” It says alot of not allowed but doesnt state any consciousnesses, even if the rule is unknown.

    I would like you to place under any rules that can result in a permaban without warning BIG red text that say “Breaking this stated rule may result in permanent ban, without warning!” I know that your running a whole site, and thats complected, I feel great empathy for you (I use to run a large server) and could probably never pull off what you have done. I understand that improvements take time. Im not talking today, or tomorrow, I’m saying in the future. That way everyone is clear on this topic, and nobody ever has to be banned for it due to ignorance again.

    Thank you,

    Thank you for reading this, it means alot to me.

    1. SexyBeast, thank you for your input. I will consider adding some of your idea into our next update. Thanks.

      1. I came back to see that im still banned, though im excited to see that the rules have been revised. I thank you for that, and hope that nobody ever ends up in my situation again. I know running a web site is tough, and fixing/improvements take time. Thank you.

        1. SexyBeast – thanks for the kind words, and we are working on some more rule updates that will make some more clarifications, and add some more rules as well. Likely be published in the next couple of weeks.

          1. Admin Nash, I would like to know if I could talk to you privately sometime. I would like to discuss lifting my ban. If you wouldn’t mind.
            Thank you,

  8. Please excuse me, I dont know if my previous comments were received. I was reading the info. about being banned and realized I shouldnt comment before waiting 24 hrs – which I will now do. If the comments came thru – please excuse me for jumping the gun – FYI I realize I may have been pushing the envelope, and don’t mean to be a pain.

  9. Dear Nash,

    I have been banned for sometime now for a misdemeanor crime on the site. Any possible chance of me being un-banned in the near future?

  10. Dear Nash

    I Know the day in question, and when the moderator came into the room i changed the topic line like i was asked to do. i was also kicking people out when they did not follow the rules. please do not ban me from your site, i really do enjoy chatting here and always do my best to follow all the terms of the site. I can tell you this one time thing will never happen again if you remove the ban.

      1. It is your site, so I do understand. Although I do still wish you would reconsider this ban on me. This was a first time offense, and when warned I obeyed and did what I was told to do that day by the moderator. Again, I do understand if you keep the ban though. Have a great day!

      1. yep sexy kim, you are kicked out and permanently banned from accessing our chat rooms and web sites. Please do not return.

  11. i was baned to day 20 11 31 for no reason last night yes i deserved to be kicked but i was doing not only chatting to a friend to day, i would like to know please

    1. anne 44 – too many annoying issues is the reason actually. Your ban is permanent, so please find somewhere else to chat online. Peace.

    1. Desdichado – your comments were being held in the moderation list, all new commenters have to have comments run through this anti-spam system first. They should now display publicly on the site now that our system has checked you out.

  12. Dear Nash,

    I was there the day this actually happened, I am not sure as to why I am not on the banlist but I am sure I will be after this.

    The person claiming to have been abused started reacting sensitive to the most normal of site actions, like a smack on the bum, she was immediately screaming rape in not so many words. Now that in itself was a severe reaction for someone who has come to a sexchat, it did, however not stop there, she started aggravating and attacking people on a personal level and as people were thinking she must have been joking around, it got worse. I served her a piece of my mind when she started calling me a coward for not standing up for her but protecting one of the regs. If you go and have a look at your chatlog you will actually see that at some stage I told this particular reg that something that was said was uncalled for.

    The person in question continued to get stuck into me and I fired back, another reg said something derogatory, I do admit but that set her to become completely unreasonable and actually using the word rape in a sense like she was really being violated.

    At that point, a few regs were already joking around about it all and so they should have because this person’s reactions were over the top and provoking more reactions from others. Now, in saying all that, I started aggravating her to begin with, my words angered her and caused her to spin out of control.

    I may be a lot of things, but what I am not is someone who does not take responsibility for what he does .. so please ban me and give the other regs another chance, I implore you.

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