suggest new emoticons and sexy stickers

I’ll be looking at suggestions for new emotes and sexy “stickers” aka quick access pics – that would be useful for people in the chat rooms.

Please add your thoughts in the comments here, or if you like you can DM me via the contact form on the site, via private message in the peeps social section, or encrypted pm/dm in the chat room.

The new chat system does not have the same hard limits in regards to the amount of emoticons we can use, it also doesn’t currently have some of the naughty emotes that I added some time ago in the old chat. I plan to change this with adding new sexy stickers and more emoticons.

Flash killed – new chat room options coming

Well they are actually doing it – the flash player system is being killed off by adobe, chrome. microsoft edge, probably firefox too. Some microsoft systems will automatically remove flash from the system and some web browsers will prevent it from running, so our main chat system that has been serving the world well for more than a decade will no longer be accessible.


We have a backup chat option that has been getting some updates here and there. It’s the PT Chat – aka the Peeps Text Chat .

Screenshot Peeps Text Chat – Sex Chat SexChat - _2020-12-16

OC been down all day, working on it!

So the OC aka Old Chat or Original chat has been down most of the day.
The PT Chat is up and running in the peeps section ( ) Glad, and surprised to see a few people in there actually; woo-hoo!
Tex had sent me a message around noon or so and I got to looking into it. Found some issues, got some fixes rolling out. Had to run errands, got back expecting it to be ready to rock and roll, but there was another glitch. So, I started the fix for that, and here we are after midnight where I am, and it’s still not working again.

fbook and instagram ban more sex talk, even emojis

It appears that facebook, and Instagram; which they own… and I assume by extension the messenger app, are going to censor speech even more by limiting when you can use a peach or eggplant emoji.

The facebook “community standards” aka “the rules”, as pointed out by fox news recently, show that even insinuating sex is not allowed on the platforms. They point to an update that fbook posted in July and mention that adult industry news site Xbiz has said that violating the horny eggplast rules could get your account flagged or banned. eggplant-sexual-ban-meme

KIK mobile chat app WAS going to shut down

A few weeks ago I read that the semi-popular KIK messaging app was going to shut down. IT was said that they put all thier hopes into doing some kind of new bitcoin like digital currency thing and that they were warned by the US securities commission that it might not be right to do so. Or something like that. Anyhow it seems that they were not able to roll out this kik-coin thing in time to rake in the millions from an “ICO” – and so they ran out of steam and were pulling the plug, with some of team staying behind to work on the new digital token thing, without the app able to keep it’s bills paid. At least that’s what I remember from a couple of articles / discussions – that may not be accurate or the best way to put it – it’s just what I read between the lines perhaps.

Tumblr decides to ban porn – you can export your blog and import it here or elsewhere

So tumblr finally showed the true colors and went deep with the latest censorship announcement. All porn to be stopped in less than two weeks.

I logged into to tumblr and found the info on how to export my blog, pics and such. It took hours for it to finish collecting all my stuff and make it available as a download.

You may be able to import your tumblr blog into another platform like a wordpress site or wordpress multi-site, even without downloading a backup – but only if the API thing is working at the time, so I would start the backup / download process as soon as possible, and then move on the API import and see if that works.

Moving out old chat in with pt chat

We’ve moved the old chat aka the original chat to a new folder on a different web server for a while. We also had success and good feedback with the initial launch of the PT chat system that is running now in the peeps section.

We’ve been forced to move the OC chat rooms since the big G and other web browser companies are making it very hard for people to use the Adobe Flash player, which our old chat requires to work. Even those of us who keep using the flash player find it harder and harder to know when and how to tell out web browsers to activate the damn thing.

New PT Chat System – Peeps Text Chat Rooms Pt One

Launching a new text chat system this week.

Currently going by the alias PT Chat, aka Peeps Text Chat.

This one has a lot of possibilities, but it needs some testing to see if it can handle the kind of use that our rooms tend to withstand. It’s a nice start, and hopefully this system will serve everyone well as we work on our new complex system. The Xirti System is coming together, but it’s more complicated.

Pulling out of the MV chat system

Sadly I am pulling the mv chat system down. There were several problems with the mv system, and we got several of them fixed and some great progress in making the future chat systems better. Our coding partners on this system have really dropped the ball with the updates that we requested so long ago. I’m not sure exactly what happened with these guys, but the last stack of updates we pushed out were mostly good, and then it all seemed to fall silent.


Unfortunately the extra servers needed to keep the mv system running are just out of reach of the current budget as well.

moving chat options soon

Very soon we will need to move some of the chat options around. We will be taking down the mv chat system, and will be moving the “old chat” aka “original chat” to a different site soon.


We will be deploying a new chat room system to test for a couple of months, but access will be spotty as we open it up for testing, then take it down for modifications, then reopen for further testing.

The NC / New Chat, aka peeps cams chat will likely stay shut down as we pare down some of the servers and systems we have been running.