The Xirta Sex Chat System Version One Details

messages, registrations, and other data from about 3am till 6am EST Feb 1st 2021 were removed do to a bad code deploy and subsequent backup overwriting it.

In some ways it’s better, in some ways it’s currently lacking some of our favorite features of the OC system.

First public access is on this page here for the Xirta chat system 2021 V1

Here we will pull together the “how to” info – and the comments section on this page will serve as a suggestion / how to as well.

The Xirta system may go down for a few hours during big code updates or other reasons – if so, people will likely migrate to the peeps text chat system here.

As of initial launch of the new Xirta system, messages do not disappear within minutes or hours or whatever – like when you, or someone else enters a room, they may be able to see all the messages that were posted before – like hours before, maybe days before. I am working on changing that,

But privacy in other ways too may be different as I don’t have all the info of all stuff that this system keeps track of and for how long. It is certainly logging much more than our old system did, including semi-identifiable info like ip addresses, and keeping it longer than our old system. I am working on changing that – but no ETA and no guarantee what I do to code that will work as expected.

There are many planned updates / addons for this system, Some I think people will love, like more custom emotes and ‘stickers’.. some people will likely complain about – like an “ad bot” – don’t worry though, as new things are added they will be tweaked after initial setup.

My plan for the ad bot will be that it can be user choices for some things including types of ads and frequency.

I’m also experimenting with voice chat and video chat options – we may have to charge extra for video chat though. We’ll see how it all comes together. Maybe we can get some kind of supporter level membership if people would kick in $2 per month and have access to uncensored video chat or something.

Any how, much of this is very fluid and likely to change. Currently working on the speed and testing, then it’s more of the glamorous things to roll out. Hold on tight – it’s looking like the next year and future will be bright!

Encryption keys / back / can’t read encrypted messages

Encryption info on this page click here.

upcoming sexy emoticons and stickers

Click here to read or comment about upcoming additions to with sexy emotes and stickers for our new chat system.

This page will be updated and change frequently most likely. Come back for more info as we add to it!


  1. One nice thing to have would be a DM a mod function when one isn’t online. So you can quickly contact them, tell them the issue that’s happening, so when they do arrive they see it, as opposed to navigating all the way over here.

    And could you give them a few administrative functions? So maybe somebody could enable the history for me in the porn share room? Like, maybe soon?

    • I’ll be thinking of different ways we can achieve the kind of pm a mod and get some quicker action even if online. I have several ideas on that and intend to roll out those options in phases.

      The mods will definitely be getting more admin functions. Some of the tooling has already been laid down, but it’s not accessible in our current live system yet.

      The history is currently enabled in the porn room in some ways I think. I am guessing you are running into an an issue either with the mobile client (which I still don’t know how it handles some things / experimented with it enough yet) or it could also be where you 1st joined the porn room on one computer / device and then accessed it via another device which could get the decryption keys acting weird. There is a chance that coming in via private browsing window / incognito mode / some other browser or extension that blocks cookies could be a culprit in that as well. So I’d need to know more about your device and browser and all sorts of things to try to see what is different and why it’s not a thing for ya.

      With that being said, and as cool as it is in some ways to be able to scroll though hours or days worth or erotic imagery… I must remind that is my intention to make the chat rooms much more ephermal than they currently are. I’d like to see the system wiping out the previous messages that are like more than X amount of minutes or hours in the past. This could be a varying amount of time depending on which room and not a standard setting across all rooms – we’ll see some options sooner than too much later.

      With that being said, I must admit that when checking in on the porn room once or twice I had to consider the technical options for archiving.. It could deploy some things that would auto create a pinterest type board of various things. There would be much more than the technical ability that would weight in on such things. We have a similar functionality already deployed in the peeps section with the option to blog images or for different people to submit to a group blog that auto-populates a cool full screen gif effect in some cases. But that’s a big digress that could get much bigger with all the thoughts.

      Anyhow I appreciate the feedback / suggestions – and hope to get the next versions of this thing rolling out in the next couple weeks, hopefully by end of month maybe. Soon we should get more kinks figured out and look at more options to consider!

  2. Nash, is there a reason I don’t get the history in the porn room? Assumed you set it up that way but now I’m hearing people in the room saying they can see the history.

    • I’d have to know what device / browser / browser extensions.. incognito mode? all sorts of things could affect that.
      You have not been blocked from it from the server side.
      Unless that room is encrypted (?) it could be.. then it would be most likely first time you came in the room you got a key pair set – then next time you come in with different device or settings and the keys there don’t unlock your previous sessions – so only new messages can be seen.

  3. mabe its time to admit youre looking to attract younger users nash , lets face it , sexchat , as we knew it , is dead , the new site , a good attempt that it is , is just as add on to an existing chat system . a younger place, no longer aimed at older adult users , hence the emojies , stickers etc . sexchat , as we knew it , is dead , gone and sadly missed . you cant replace it with the xerta system no matter what promoses you make , no atmosphere , no life , the old things that made chat fun are gone , for good . xerta will never replace that . never .

    • I can certainly see how it could appear that the intent is to attract younger users. They say anything new is harder for older folks to learn.. I can also see how having the chat system work on mobile phones could be perceived as catering to a younger crowd in general.

      We are, and have been for a long time now, working to be more mobile friendly and work with phones / tablets and such that we had not been able to before.. which should attract more new people that we would of lost before. We are not targeting a certain age bracket though. Over 18 and willing to following our rules and expected etiquette; I’d like to think that means we are trying to attract a certain maturity and willingness to play well with others and accept the various boundaries that we have established for the various rooms and extended to our users in choosing not to be talked to in certain ways.

      some people could say we are not trying to cater to 18 and 19 year old by having the extensive list of rules and etiquette expectations.. I guess it depends on what info people go by and make assumtions with. I try to be forthcoming and alleviate most of the ‘conspiracy thoeries’ -haha.

      The new site is not done and will continue to evolve. We ran out of the option to evolve the old system years ago, but kept it up and running as long as possible. Only with google, msoft and mozilla conspiring together to kill flash was it able to be put to rest. We tried, and we did a pretty good job of keeping an open, ephermal system up and running that was fast, easy to use and just janky / naughty enough to be more of a swingers club than a basic chat club like a chess group might use.

      It is certainly aimed at the older users as much as the newer ones. I have seen recently that the learning curve is pretty serious, and we desperately need some screenshots with overlayed arrows pointing out the basics, as well as an annotated video showing how to use it so the older users can see how to get around easier. This will help any younger folks who aren’t familiar with discord and similarly functioning systems too.

      But you are right in that the old chat is dead. One of the ‘features’ of the old chat actually became the extra barriers to entry. Having to use it with a desktop / laptop meant that our users likely had a keyboard too – and many of the younger and newer folks don’t have a desktop – they just use their phone for most internet activities. This really kept out a lot of new people for years here.

      the emojis are a standard thing for communicating these days and I don’t see them as being geared towards any age group. The stickers that people have been able to use are just some basic stock stickers that came with the app system – I hate that those reflect on the way things look and feel here – ad I have several sets of of sexier ‘stickers’ to use here, just have not been able to deploy the new code to load them yet. So that will change some sooner than later.

      We can not replace the old chat with it’s old ways with the Xirta system – you are right. We can’t go back to flash, and the new system will allow many more people to peruse the rooms and chat here, so yeah it’s gonna be different.

      the atmosphere will continue to evolve, and there will be more life soon too. With more people able to come in – and also with our past users getting more use to switching between dms and the main rooms – the life will come back even stronger before too long. I am also kicking the tires on a system that would make it so dms are in tabbed or popup windows – which would affect those things – we’ll see.

      So I don’t think never – I think it will replace it, it’s just gonna take longer than I wanted it to – this thing is a beast to get chugging along. It’s powerful, but it takes a lot more pieces to make it dance. Give it some more time and we’ll see – it’s worth the chance.

      With all that being said, I have tried to for years to get something as close as possible to our old chat system. I’ve been sharing screen shots and video walk throughs of the old system with other developer teams around the world. I have bought several systems over the years, donated hundreds to other systems and asked the developers to add this feature or add that so it can be more like our previous setup. I had a couple that were pretty but they choked as soon as we got 20 people in there.. For something so old and seemingly basic, you would think it wouldn’t be that hard to make something new just like it. Well that’s what I kept thinking.. thousands of dollars, thousands of hours later.. we are still not as slick as we were a decade ago with this chat software.

      It’s really come down to security and stability though. Some pretty systems from years past were not able to be secure and not able to handle the kind of intense usage that we need to be set for. Many have tried – but the state of hacking / hackers around the world has intensified and made it so most code deployed on the web is hacked by multiple groups from around the globe and with impunity. It’s made it very hard to have a publicly facing chat system that can function and be trusted.

      This system is one of the few that checks off those boxes (at the moment anyway) – it’s also open for adapting and changing. We can make new layouts and colors and all sorts of cool things to extend this one – and we will. It’s just been a really intense couple of years with shoring up the security in this hostile online world.

      Good news is that it’s working for now – I wasn’t so sure it would last a week. Yet we had not choice but to run with it. The deadline for flash being pulled was out of our control.

      Now we get to push ahead with this and make it better. It will happen.

      • thanks for the reply . sorry im being a pain. . just venting .

      • have you thought about maybe upgradeing the peeps area? especially the pt chat . it seems to be getting more popular just lately . might be worth looking into .

        • Avatar
          Admin Steven Nash

          yes definitely. The past two weeks have a list of about a half dozen things that I’ve come up with that I’d like to be added to that system. This one is also under active development.
          The pieces of that puzzle are very different, but I like it a lot actually, and it’s something we are using in several places. Hoping that it continues to get better and better and we don’t have any major issues with it!

  4. I hope you keep the video chat optional and only charge those that want to use it. I’m only interested in the text chat, and hope you can keep it free. I won’t be paying for chat. Just leaving you my sentiments to weigh. Hoping you can come up with some ads to generate whatever revenue you think you should be.

    • will anyone be willing to pay to chat? , i doubt it , considering the number of chat sites around . hundreds of free to use cam sites too, so putting a charge on this could be a work of genius or, most likely , a big mistake . , new users are going to be put off by the difficulty of signing in , so any passing traffic , that might hang around is already limited , putting a charge on things will surely kill sexchat off. if moveing to xerta hasnt already done it

      • Avatar
        Admin Steven Nash

        I feel ya on that, agree completely and I’ll add that even having the need to sign in / sign up is a huge barrier as well that I intend to eliminate as well. The non-sign up thing is taking some complex add-ins to make it work the way I’ve been em imvisioning – but we’ll get there.

        When I mention possible payments for the chat that is more of a future note / warning that some future features may come with a cost, but not for the basic chat I hope. I am trying to rollout voice calling options first, but do have on the map to get video chat options as well. While I could see offering a limited amount of video chat for free, it would only take a few people to use it a lot for us to run out of bandwidth and have to start paying an extra 600 / mth and up to keep the internet pipes flowing.

        I do think a high quality video feature and perhaps some other optional features would be worth chipping in some bucks for some people. I do not think a majority of people would be willing to pay for some of these things and that’s fine, many people would not even use some of these features if they were free and unlimited.

        Keeping the chat open and free to use is the main goal anyhow, I just thought I should mention possible future changes that might be shocking to folks that have used our services free and clear and without ad bots and other things that could be coming down the road.

        So yeah, totally agree, and I appreciate the input.

        Not having extra barriers and removing some we do have, including making the mobile experience less janky is definitely going to increase the folks in the chat, as we were losing more than 50% of our site visitors the past couple / few years because they were not able to use our most popular chat system. So looking forward to increasing the amount of folks and fun in the near future now that were are jumping on board with this new system, that has many more changes coming.

        • that is one of the reasons Nash that i iked the old OC chat. no need for sign ups and what not. with the new platform , im unfortunately less happy because i cant do any recover passwords as its disabled. it will make us less likely want to stay. i know its still brand new but its kinda driving me upset.

        • I’m going to confuse things some more and say I like the sign in. Not sure what the beef is since I’m sure people have dozens of sign ins already in their online life. It prevents people from hijacking my name and that alone makes it worth it for me.

          I know you have a lot to balance to keep everybody happy, so I just want to get those two cents in.

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      Yes for sure, and I don’t expect a majority of the users to use the video chat option at all. I think a few people might use it two or three times and no more. So yeah. keeping the base text chat free should not be a problem.

      I am hoping to have some different types of ads for different people and some that are even interactive, with options to change what they / how they engage so they are fun and not annoying, can also be effective, we’ll see.

  5. Hi Nash,
    It may easily be me, but, is there a problem getting on to the site? I have tried using both Chrome and Firefox, but, it keeps on just ‘Syncing’ and not actually connecting.

  6. Nash, there is a user in chattaplace porn share named paedophile posting…or trying to post…suspect links with suggestive urls indicating kiddie porn…however they’re not posting…giving errors…but thought you should be aware. He’s in there 9:25 or so, central time…on 1/29/2021.

  7. Nash, I noticed under the room settings, under ‘who can read settings’ that you have ‘members only (since they joined) ‘ selected for the porn room, and ‘members only (since the point in time of selecting this option)’ for all the other rooms. Looks like these aren’t user selectable. Any reason why we can’t see the history when we go into the porn room?


  8. Avatar
    Admin Steven Nash

    how do you ignore?

    Click the circle-letter / circle avatar which brings up the user info panel – it brings up options like dm – ignore…

    someone mentioned:
    it might be handy if you could just hover over a name and an ignore option would come up
    – will need to work on that.

  9. Nash, I was wondering if you had heard from anyone regarding the use of the security keys. I set them up, but with some people, I lose the thread in between logins. Their badges go red, then I get a message that I didn’t get the key from them and i should re-request the key. Or something like that. I was trying to save DMs from session to session by keeping them open, and logging off. Wondered if I was doing something wrong.

  10. not sure how easy this might be , or if its even possable . but could you add a whos online box , like the one on chatspace , to the peeps area? would be useful

  11. I’d love it if we could get a friend’s list in the chat room.

  12. i dont know if this is something going forward. what is the point of needing to register anyway ? i am currently on another site that uses something like OC but its called Codychat. it doesnt require any registeration and you can link rooms on your webpage. the software from my understanding does not use flash.

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      Registering here gives some major perks… leave and come back and encrypted pms/dms can be continued, you can block/ignore people permanently, anyone who breaks the rules will have a much harder time coming back to bother everyone. All sorts of things actually.
      No more be impersonated or being fooled that someone is not who they say – lots of good things.
      There are some other bonuses to the registration that no one will understand quite yet also, we can have things like ‘karma points’ for example that allow access to upper floors… which will be a way to keep super trolls in the basement should they get in, and some other goodies.
      With all that being said, and several things not mentioned.. this system will allow for people to come in and use it with out registering – that is very high on my list of things to make easy. I think there is a way to do it now, but maybe it’s not fully visible, I will dig into this very soon.

      • keep it simple , keep it easy , it seems to be getting vastly over complicated for a chat site to talk smut to each other .

      • hi Nash

        i cant seem to sign in as i somehow forgot the password. unfortunately you have configured it to not allow password resets so is there anyway you can reset the password for me ?

        • Avatar
          Admin Steven Nash

          It’s going to take several days before I can get into the code chunks that deal with pass resets and emails and all that, sorry.
          Fastest option would be to create a new account.. but if you really need access to the one you already made, remind me in a couple days.
          When I get into that code chunk – I won’t be manually changing passwords – the only thing I will have it do is send an email to your already listed email addy.

          • I’m trying to remember which one I used and since the old OC chat is disabled , I’m trying to get used to it.

          • Hi Nash

            is it possible for you to email me the password reset for my username ramy ? i know you dont want to do it and especially you are trying to replicate the OC. i unfortunately did not add my email address since i wasnt sure how you will get us regular users used to it. although i admit the elemental software has the feel of like Discord

  13. Avatar
    Admin Steven Nash

    from the chat comments – making notes here: sort name alphabetically of those that are on line and would be nice to see who is male, female other and also nice to get short bio added to profile name

  14. Avatar
    Admin Steven Nash

    got a message from Tex saying several people have asked about getting our unique emotes from the old site over here..
    Definitely. On the agenda.
    I spent so much time making them dang things back in the day and getting them just a pixel or two off of alignment and everything – haha!
    I’ve been thinking bout putting up a poll kind of thing 0 fill in the blank or something – what would be some more good ideas for emotes and stickers?
    I’ve come up with a few ideas for sexy things that add to the conversations.. I’m sure everyone else can come up with some ideas too – might make a new post/page just for this emotes and stickers discussion.

    • a close clone of the old chat, cant go wrong with something that was so popular, good luck

      • Avatar
        Admin Steven Nash

        Yes indeed, it will be getting closer for sure. I started going through some of the art and graphics that I was working with back in the day to customize the old chat, and I found so many other great pieces that did not make it into the old chat because it had hard limits on how many emoji and other things it could take. This new system has much more room, so we are going to get some of the old art and bunch more soon!

      • will chatspace and peeps still be working ? , be a shame to lose everything

    • It really needs a link from both scsc and sexchatspace to the new site. Every time I go back in to OC I am asked HOW to link to the new one.
      The more that migrate, the easier it is to become accustomed to, we all had issues when we migrated from NC to OC, or vice versa, but, we managed.

      • Avatar
        Admin Steven Nash

        I have put links on a few pages on ‘scsc and sexchatspace’ – the ones with the actual oc chat room – and for sure more are to come!
        I appreciate the suggestions, and if there is a specific place / page that you think should get priority in getting a link notice please let me know!
        Doing the links on the pages on scsc are a bit more of a time suck, and the site as a whole is past do for an overall menus refresh and such, so it’s been hard to just update a few pages and not do a full on site revamp, which would take much longer. So, I’m trying to do both!

    • I loved the OC emoji’s , faves being the Geep, the grumpy face and the angelic face, on a wish list and knowing it’s impossible a Faye Reagan emoji.

    • Not sure there’s much to add to the gazillion emojis already there…but I did make one suggestion: a tongue…not a pffft tongue, a sexy one.

      I was wondering if it would be possible to put up a running number alongside the rooms telling you just how many people are currently in there?

  15. is there any timeline for the demise of OC, many regs still use it , several who dont like the “new chat” and dont plan on moveing across .

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      Just posted into the old chat entry screen – demise will be Jan 12 2021.

      There are some things in the old chat that we do not have at this moment in the new chat – and that bothers me, but with adobe, microsoft and google truly killing flash now, we can wait no longer.

      More updates will be coming to the new chat to give it some of what we had in the old chat, including settings to remove messages from the rooms and such. If that is a sticking point for old regs, they can create a dm/pm or private room and enable encryption, which sort of does a similar thing right now.

      I am all ears for suggestions from folks on what is missing in the new chat compared to the old. Most things I will be trying to replicate or expand on, like the porn / sex type emojis and such, although I’, not sure many people use them.

      • main thing missing is the atmosphere , and that you cant replicate . personal opinion is that is a cheap site with sexchat glued on . wont be going there unless it changed big time .

        • Avatar
          Admin Steven Nash

          thanks for the feedback. I do think we can replicate the atmosphere, but certainly what we have right now is not even close. I have on my list to complete the rooms list more like before, along with naughtier emojis and a thing that some call ‘stickers’ – I’m working on several other things as well.
          I think there will be ‘big time changes’ pretty quickly, some things in days, some things in weeks.. but we’ll get there sooner than later I believe.

          • just a thought , but after trying the site a few times i find the light and dark settings just awful , makes the place feel cold , perhaps , if its possable, some user set , background colours , something to make it feel warmer , more welcomeing .

            • Avatar
              Admin Steven Nash

              sounds like a good idea! I will get into theming options for this soon after I get some sticker packs / new smileys / emotes available!

          • still waiting .

            • Avatar
              Admin Steven Nash

              noted- sorry for the delays. I’ve hit a couple of roadblocks that may be cleared up now, will get back into that in a few days is the plan.

  16. Nash, have you considered updating the intro header at the old site and including the link to the Xirta chat? Maybe add another link to here if people have problems?

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      this is a good idea. I have added a note about the new chatrooms on maybe 6 -8 pages.. sitewide notice is for sure overdo.

      • I meant the header when you log into the old chat, at the top of the text window, under the build info

        • Avatar
          Admin Steven Nash

          ah yes – thanks for getting specific – I was trying to do that about a week ago – got locked out because my ip changed – ugh – had to resort some security stuff – I should do this asap – think I got the new access setup just need to restart it and get over to my other place / where my desktop is – fingers crossed tomorrow night

        • Avatar
          Admin Steven Nash

          got this added into the OC – I have not looked at it / checked it to make sure the url is clickable / spelling is correct / it looks good and all that. Let me know if it’s fucked up in some way.

  17. hey Chatty, I had the same problem. Are you in incognito mode? That’s what hung me up. If you install it outside of incognito, you can then access the site in incognito mode. Mine loaded and installed in Chrome when I exited incognito mode.

  18. Avatar
    Admin Steven Nash

    multiple things that affect size limits.. have you figured out about what gets blocked? 2MB? might be 1MB
    Also need to check if this is photo upload and if compression is a consideration before / after upload.

  19. Hi there Nash,
    when logging off is it better to log off from every single room and then from the main profile logging off side or just in one go?
    does it affect the rooms or chat if I don’t log off the chats when I leave?

  20. Hi Nash,
    Just looking at the Xirta link, it is mentioning a thing called ‘Element,’ I run with chrome and Firefox as a back up, and it is saying that I need to download bot as new browsers. Do you have a bit of a ‘layman’s guide’ as to the best way to gain access to the new site please?

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      I’d love to get a screen shot of ” it is saying that I need to download bot as new browsers” – to try to figure where you are seeing that and where it’s coming from..
      you shouldn’t need to download a browser or anything – you can chat in page..
      Now there are some optional things that also work with our chat system.. but not going into all that at the moment.

      You seeing a page that says login / create account / explore rooms ?

    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      longbow mentioned in another comment that this could be an issue when first trying to sign up in “incognito mode” – I think he was saying that he was able to sign up / sign in via non-private browsing tab – then he could return in incognito after initial sign up / sign in maybe.

  21. Avatar
    Admin Steven Nash

    comments open

    • why mods are soo fixated about screen names ? been kicked out by mikester several times by using word piss in my chatname , suggested i should move to separate room ???? it never been an issue with any other mod just him and im not new to this site , been around for last 5 or more yrs and never had any issues with other mods

      • Avatar
        Admin Steven Nash

        @Agatha – this is a good question.
        I can’t remember if we published anything specific about this, or if we should revisit it, or if there are other details surrounding that could be part of the issue.
        I cam see where some may find it taboo and it could fall under that part of our etiquette rules, I can also see how the world has shifted quite a bit in regards to golden squirt stuff.
        So I guess this will become a discussion for the week to see what people are thinking about it.

        • Agatha I am glad you have asked Nash, the point in this query is you have been asked 3 times to remove “piss” from your name from the ps room of OC, the rules do state That golden showers and the like should be in the watersports or an user created room, I have also noticed you did not mention the mod abused you pmed me with. Nash this should really be in the mod complains page

          • Avatar
            Admin Steven Nash

            yep it’s def more of s mod complaints page kind of thing ( )

            Perhaps having ‘OpentoWetPlay’ or something similar would be inviting enough for those who are interested without being as abrupt as ‘pissPlay’ in a name that is right there in front of everyone.. then if you go to a wet room, change display name there to be P whatever.. then change back to ‘wet’ when rejoining the lobby.

            This is something we will probably discuss more.

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