suggest new emoticons and sexy stickers

I’ll be looking at suggestions for new emotes and sexy “stickers” aka quick access pics – that would be useful for people in the chat rooms.

Please add your thoughts in the comments here, or if you like you can DM me via the contact form on the site, via private message in the peeps social section, or encrypted pm/dm in the chat room.

The new chat system does not have the same hard limits in regards to the amount of emoticons we can use, it also doesn’t currently have some of the naughty emotes that I added some time ago in the old chat. I plan to change this with adding new sexy stickers and more emoticons.

I jumped into my old art folder for when I was playing around with imagery I wanted to use in the old chat, and I found all kinds of cool and sexy graphics that I’ve already created or licensed, so we are already several steps ahead in this, and I hope to be rolling out some of these as “quick-use stickers” very soon.


Which also got me to thinking – these should be sexy and useful for enhancing discussions.

There is a pic showing a pair of panties dangling from a pair of heels that you may have seen for example, and I’ve always enjoyed that (and most of the dozens of photos that have copied the idea, girls legs, heels, panties dangling) as a nice piece of erotic photo art, but we can also use such an image to tell parts of a story / enhance a discussion…

Posting a pic / sticker like that can be a way of showing a mood, or action – basically saying, “panties coming off, getting ready for what’s coming next”…


I’ve got all sorts of ideas, and in many cases already have the artwork, just need to flesh out some image sizes and get the code updated so others can start using them… not sure how long it’s going to take, but hang in there – some coming soon, more coming later!

I think I have some with lips showing a ‘mood’ or reaction.. some with emojis putting up the hand (talk to hand / blocking this whatever) – things like that.

However I am sure you all have had times when you wanted to share a quick emote for a reason I have never considered, so let me know some of the emotes or even moods to things you are trying to convey and I’ll see what I can come up with.


Of course if you have specific photo ideas, share that too! I like to take photos, and will use art that can be licensed for commercial use. I especially like free or affordable graphics portals like, unsplash and similar. I used to use fotolia but it got more prude with it’s licensing and then adobe bought it and made it even worse. I’d rather make our own art than spend the high license fees that istockphoto, getty and adobe want.

Anyhow, look forward to multiple new sticker packs coming soon, and more coming later. I love this stuff, we finally have a system that gives up extra room to show more, and as I have been reminded by feenix, these sexy things we do really make the difference in creating a sexy atmosphere around here that makes us quite a bit different than most everyone else.


some works in progress… need to consider what the art will say, how it will be used.


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  1. An extended tongue, perhaps with the tip curling upward. I’ve thought about this.

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