Content Guidelines

Additional Content Rules, Details, and Clarifications for 2015. These content guidelines / restrictions are in addition to the rules and etiquette guidelines here, and of course the terms of service.

Posting pics / videos (or links to media) of anyone who is not 18 or older is not permitted here.
This includes pics where there is no nudity.

Posting links to pics, videos, or to web sites where the age of majority is difficult to discern, or they fall below Nash’s trust rank of 80 is also not allowed.

People need to consider is that web sites can host nude pics of people who are not yet 18, and still be legal (even in the US). Just because a pic is legal, does not mean that it is allowed to be posted here.

How can you figure out if a web site, or the pics and videos within a section of a web site are within the 80-99 points or trust rank? It’s not an exact science, but here are some of the things I go through to determine these things.

First off, consider two types of web sites.

    Type 1 – Sites that only show content they produce.

Type 2 – Sites that allow other people to submit pics / videos.

The main big time porn production companies like Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse, Vivid, Wicked – those long in business, American based porn companies are a 99. Slightly smaller and newer US based porn groups like Bang Bros are normally around 98. Web sites that show only content they create, and are based in Europe, most get a 95 if they have “hardcore” pics and videos, (insertion / penetration). Web sites showing content only they produce, and are located in other places like Russia, take some more points off.

How does the average person know if the content / web site they are looking at is made in the USA, or elsewhere?

    It’s not always easy / possible.. but here are some things that are easy to check.

Is there a “2257 age statement” at the bottom of the page? If you click on it, does it say records are held in California, USA? Miami, Florida USA? the UK? Belize? Ukraine? Russia?

Is there a contact us / about us statement that shows a physical address?

Does the web site allow for user uploads?
Hustler’s Barely Legal might feature a bunch of teen nudes, but they only feature stuff from professional photographers that have submitted double age verification. Sites like facebook, and imgur, allow any Dick, Jane, or Harry to upload pics. When a place allows just about anyone to upload pics, there is more reason for scrutiny.

So you found a pic on an image sharing site, and it has a logo from a professional porn company – you might assume it is totally legit, but deeper digging may be needed.

Example –

A comment reply that shows some of this confusion:

… I tried to explain that the pics were form an 18+ site but he did not give me a chance to finish and banned me . Now it seems my nickname and ip address are banned. As I was trying to tell the moderator all pics are from 18+ sites. The name of the web site is Club *edited by admin *teen, but on the bottom of the page there is a disclaimer stating “All persons depicted in Club *****teen were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed.” If your overzealous moderator had let me get that disclaimer there would not be a problem. I don’t visit underage sites nor post pics from them…
~ User

August 12

– I can understand the confusion in this situation. I can see how each side of the equation may think they are right. Unfortunately the 2257 statement at club *****teen is written in a way that is not very clear to the end user in it’s statements. If you read their statement carefully, they basically say that any model who is pictured having sex, or masturbating is over 18 – but it leaves a hole wide open for models who are depicted in scenes where they are not engaged in hardcore penetration. It states and that any photos they have published that were taken before 1995 are not subject to 2257 – which is true, if they were based in the US – alas they are based in the Netherlands and not subject to any 2257 scrutiny anyway, but that does not mean or imply that all of the models featured on the web site are indeed over 18.

It is a tricky way they have written the statements there, and I can see how a web surfer may glance at it and think that they are making some kind of official over 18 statement. However their “official over 18 statement” is not official at all. I am sorry that you and possibly others may have been deceived by this. ~ Admin Nash

More research

Many of the pics that are labeled as “teen porn” are professionally produced by legit companies, and it is easy to do a little research to know that the pics and videos of them that are out there are all over 18.

Reverse Image Search
If there is no name with the pics, you can do what is called a “reverse image search”. There are different ways to do this with a few different sites. I am not a fan of google’s (lack of) privacy practices, but one way is to use google’s image search feature. ( via ) – now instead of typing a word into the search box, you can (click, hold) drag an image from a different browser window / tab and “drop it” into the search box there where you would normally type in words to search pictures.

Sometimes a reverse image search will bring up galleries of said unknown porn star. If these galleries are hosted at prominent legit places, it will often be obvious that he/she is a legit legal porn actor / actress. If a reverse image search only brings up a couple dozen sites that are user forums posts and crap like that, I would subtract trust points. If a reverse image search brings up no results, I subtract more points. Doing a reverse image search may lead you to a site that has the model’s name, which can lead you to more discovery.

– Doing a reverse image search on unknown pics could bring up results from some shady place – bad user forums and such. I do not recommend clicking on search results from places like “shady-forums-dump dot com” if you do not have current, up to date virus software running, and you will likely want to only open these in a “private browser window”. Sometimes it’s best to simply click to view a search engine’s cached page rather than clicking to the live web site itself. See additional warning at bottom of this post about agencies tracking your computer info at some of these sites also!

Name in Quotes Search
If there is a name next to the pics, you can go to a search engine (like ) and do a search with quotes around the name. Like: “Jasmine Lynn” Pornstar
That will likely bring up some sites and some pictures so you can see that indeed Jasmine has done a lot of professional porn, she has legit 2257s at many sites, a bio (with birth date) on the internet adult film database ( ), all the jazz.

If people continue to post links to pics that are not from the top 10 known porn sites, we may start to require people to post the name of said person in the pics in order to more easily verify the age of the person in the pics / videos.

Payment processor as a clue.
If the site uses a payment processor for memberships that includes CCBill – then I generally add some trust points, as CCBill has been in the payment processing / porn game for a long time, and they have the ability to ask webmasters for age docs to prove things. CCBill is not going to be taking payments for sites that are hosting non-legal stuff. If the web site does not accept payments, or only allows payments through bitcoin – no added points there.

Other Clues
– If the site is showing a gallery (or just a pic) of a girl (or guy, ts, etc) with no insertion / penetration – they could be trying to be “legal” by promoting under age nudes as art.
I certainly will not list the names of the sites that are below my trust rank, and I can’t tell you the name of a couple of studios that really make me wonder what the hell they are doing. I will say that there are a couple of actors out there, one of which seems to shoot in the same two studios – where I am pretty dang sure at least some of the models they have filmed with have not had 21 candles on their cake. It’s disturbing to see some of these clips show up on some of the tube sites sometimes. It sucks that there is no good way for even us as adult webmasters to get some real verification.

Some people may assume that all pics on big sites are over 18, when in some cases they are featuring pics that are not, yet they are still legal. From what I understand of laws in the US, you can have nude pics of people without the whole 18 thing if they are not inserting something.

So you could be on a web site (or in a bookstore) and find nude images of people who are not yet 18 – and those images are legal. As longs as they are not being portrayed in an overtly sexual way (insertion, overly flirty / sexual poses). So yes you could find “technically legal” nudes on a site – and often times by the mix of other pics – you may not be aware that the images are against our rules.

I remember years ago when an artist I knew brought me to barnes and noble downtown and showed me books that featured very young girls photographed nude. She was talking about trying to recreate the art scene (the colors, the flowers, etc) – what shocked me was that these photos were showing well, let’s just say, I don’t think they had reached double digits yet. Anyhow, it was not an “erotic” or “sexualized” book, so there are images that can be published in places that are legal – but they are not yet 18 – and I think it’s not fair that some people are not aware of this.

These types of pics although may be legal are not allowed to be posted on our site

Parasite Sites / Collections / Out of Context Sexualization

Sites that collect and sexualize in ways that were not intended by those that were in the photos / videos. (even non-nude sites!)

Web sites that most often feature girls where it appears that images have been culled from places like facebook, and other networks. In most cases a girl posting a picture of her say cheerleading, or doing yoga at a beach or something. When surrounded by her other photos is obvious that she is not intending to sexualize the image. However some “parasite” web sites have been collecting the few sexy / semi-sexy images from lots of (mostly girls) and putting them together where it appears as large galleries of young girls in provocative situations. I think it’s obvious that the people in these pictures were not intending for their photos to be grouped together in such a sexualized way, and we will not be allowing people to promote these kinds of portals.

Sure these pics are legal, but we will not allow promotion of these kinds of collections.

This also applies to some of the GF revenge porn kind of web sites.
Don’t get wrong, a site like might try to make it look like revenge porn posts – but it’s a site from Reality Kings, and I am sure that they have gotten model releases and age IDs from every girl on the site. However web sites like “SubmitYourMom dot com” – I think it’s obvious they are not getting model releases and age docs from most of the pics there – and their 2257 statement states that they are not responsible for those, and the web site itself is not producing the content, it’s submitted by third parties.

Some sites blur these lines – it would be easy to take all the videos from homegrownvideo dot com – and put them on a web site called “ex-gf-revenge-hacked-phone-stolen-sex-videos-blahblah” and make it look like there are some young girls there who perhaps should not have had their videos posted – however if you look at the 2257 statement for homegrown videos, or any of their other sites, you will see that they have all the age records and model releases in San Diego California.

A recent research event:

Over the years I have had some people ask me about certain pics being linked to at a place, let’s just say it rhymes with “Nutty dot com” – I did some digging, and it appeared from clicking around that indeed many people were sharing pics from some of the lesser known teen models, but 90% of them I knew were from legit porn places. I did find a few of people that I did not recognize, and I noticed that most of those pics were only showing nudes – nothing hardcore (penetration / insertions) – so it appeared that this site was trying to keep everything legal. However recently I was sent some info about more pics people were sharing from there and some of them were indeed hardcore pics, and it appears that these are not available anywhere else on the net. This makes me very suspicious of the site, and the content they are hosting.


– I feel bad that many people are grossly unaware that there are some big, popular web sites sharing pics that many people believe are all over 18 – and yet many of the pics are not. I feel bad that many people are unaware that these can be legal, and yet not 18. I hope that people will do more research before assuming that just because some big, popular, slick looking, professional web site is hosting the pics that they are indeed over 18.

Kill, mame, cutting, snuff, etc

Maming, self mutilation, cutting, killing, dolcet, snuff, and crap like that – now banned completely, system wide.

Some of the content guidelines from the rules page:

How these will be applied to the forums and peeps public posting sections will need to be worked out.

Talking about sex involving anyone who is not 18 or older, even when reminiscing about your college sex days, or your first sexual experiences (if someone involved was not yet 18) is not allowed.

Phone numbers, social networking pages (Facebook, Myspace, etc), messenger IDs (yahoo, msn, aim, gtalk, skype, meebo, etc), and email addresses are not allowed in the publicly viewable areas.

Do not promote commercial or affiliated products, services, or websites, no public posting about other chat systems or porn sites.

Hate speech, religious topics, and political conversations are not permitted in the publicly viewable area or system generated chat rooms.

Edge-play / taboo terms (terms that are not well accepted in the mainstream world) are not allowed to be in the lobby. Certain discussions that may be tolerated in one room may be reason for a kick or ban in another room.

If your screen name may be offensive to a majority of people in a certain room, then you should not be there.


Abusive, forced sex, humiliation or rape like names or discussions are not allowed in the main rooms such as the lobby, and are only allowed in the forced sex fantasy room, a user created room, or perhaps the BDSM room, if others there at the time do not find offense to the discussion.

Any type of incest type of discussion is not permitted in any of the system created rooms aside from the family fun room.

Golden showers and the like are only permitted in the squirting room, or a user create room.

Coming into the Lesbian action room with a dick avatar, screen name that includes references to male genitalia or talking about dick / cock in the open room or via unwanted pms, will get you kicked or banned from the system. Same applies to anyone who would come into the gay / bisexual men chat room and start talking about female anatomy graphically and in the open room. This includes fictional names and terms like futa.

There are too many niche and fetish things to list here, but be aware that if you have a screen name, or engage in a discussion, or use an avatar that a majority of people in the chat room you are in find offensive, you should create your own room, or you may be asked to change, or be kicked / banned.

There are more details about screen name rules and more examples about chat room etiquette expectations on the main rules page. Please be aware of them.

There are things that you can not share here that are fine to share on places like facebook, there are things that we do not allow to be shared through the system here that you can find in a bookstore. There are places that have legal pics and videos that we do not allow people to share links to.


This post and these guidelines are not meant as any kind of legal advice. Laws vary from country to country, and in some cases state to state and even city to county / county to county within each state. There is no way I can provide info about each one, and you should check on your own local laws to see what you can find. From what I hear some places consider the “age of majority” to be 21 and there could be some technical stuff around that. Of course I know there are some countries that allow things to be sexual much lower than that, so even if something is legal in your area, that does not mean that we will allow it to be shared via our network.


There are plenty of hot girls sharing naked pictures these days that are all over 18. Let’s make sure that we only share those online. If you do not know the name of the person, and can not establish a legitimate way for us to verify that the images are produced by a trustworthy, valid 2257 age verification producer, then do not post those pics. This page, and these guidelines will be updated, with new terms, and more clarifications, likely several times. Like our rules and etiquette expectations, we welcome feedback, and will adapt these guidelines as needed to better server the community.

The rules and etiquette page published in 2009 lists several things that we do not allow to be discussed in our chat rooms, and some things that should not be discussed in the main system created chat rooms. This includes guidelines for taboo subjects and screen names. We are adding some new content restrictions, and providing some additional details to help everyone understand some of the old rules and adding some new ones. The content guidelines also apply in various ways to public posting in the forums and peeps sections.

Thank you for reading this info, we welcome thoughts and comments on ways we can make things clearer if needed. Suggestions always welcome here! I hope this info will help others surf safer.

Some Content Questions and Answers

Why do we allow some things many consider gross in some rooms? Read info here about added rules for edgy / taboo stuff.

I see a lot of niche fetishes in some of the main system rooms, are these discussions or screen names supposed to be in the lobby or fam fun room?
Should FUTA names and RP / discussions be allowed in the Fam Fun Room, or the lesbian room?
Futa should be in the ts/tg room – maybe the bi sexual / tri-sexual room, or a user created sideroom.
Futa should not be in the lesbian chat room, as the name is associated with imagery of a cock.

beasty costume play should not be in the fam room, or most other system standard rooms.. perhaps a random roleplay room needs to be made..

k9 – def should not be in any of the main system rooms – sideroom only

More clarifications will be added here as specific things are brought up.

Update Jan 30 2015

This page, the rules page, and the kicked banned from the chat page have been updated. Synopsis in a new blog post here:

“Black man” asked about niche fetishes like interracial that have some crossover appeal answer here.

User “LOL” asked “People’s nicknames are being rejected on a room-to-room basis. If their nickname doesn’t match what the room is for, they’re being booted out, regardless if they’re in that room for that fetish or not” – Answer with an examples (including names “MasterMike” and “MasterRapeYourWorthlessblahblah” here.

examples were updated, including :
Abusive, forced sex, humiliation or rape like names or discussions are not allowed in the main rooms such as the lobby, and is only allowed in the forced sex fantasy room, a user created room, or perhaps the BDSM room, if others there at the time do not find offense to the discussion.

There is some grey area here with screen names – help!
Names like these should only be in a bdsm or forced sex type of room (not in lobby, les room, ffr, etc)

Brutal Dom
Punishing Sluts
kick my balls
Sadistic Master
degrade me please
brutal daddy
Blonde Torturer
Virgin wants to be abused
Treat you like meat
Abusive Husband
piece of shit whore for dom m
Ram your cunt

Names like these may be okay in the lobby type rooms, but if your open discussions, or unasked for pms included taboo terms, then you may be kicked or banned.

slaveboyslave here for use
A vicious Man
Deeply Depraved Master
Bondage Bitch
Sick Fucking Pervert

added to rules page 1-30-2015: If you send private messages to people that include edge play / taboo terms and they did not ask for those types of message, you may be permanently banned from the system.

update Oct 2016 –

More info about being gay / lesbian / aggressive / and other edgy things in the lobby:


always adding more as things come up!


  1. Hi Nash I am just curious about your profanity filter i can understand the Skype Kik Gmail and other social networking/messaging services but I recently tried to type in McAfee because i wanted to tell people the reason I was gone was that it used so much CPU I could not connect to the servers of the website this is not a complaint or a problem i am just asking

    • @Alicia – more details about the banned words / profanity filter, and how to avoid it’s wrath, are here:

      I think many people assume that we just try to limit links to other competing services like skype, however the main focus of the profanity filter is to block the bots and manual spammers that used to come in a flood the rooms with crap like “come see me on skype for a free show” – If you read the details on the page I linked to above you’ll see much more info. In regards to the word, or partial word match for mcafee, I think there was a time a while back when some shady spammers and scammers were using mcafee’s url shortener service to hide links to things that we had banned with the filter. It’s been a while since people used that one, so I could probably remove that filter at this point.

      • thank you Nash for taking the time to answer my question and i agree with what you are doing completely i was just curious about McAfee

  2. Hello,

    I was banned and I am not sure why. I know i was responding to a person named “Yes” since he was saying someone was gay but I was asking him why he thought this. I dont believe I even used the word “gay” or anything that is against rules. I’m sorry if I broke any rules. I have been coming here since i was 18 and I will be 23 soon, and feel like my time here I have never really broken any rules. Please get back to me. thank you

    • @ 🙂 – I’m not sure of all the details at this time, but there is a note in the ban log about “hate talk , homo , gays” – seeing as though it appears that more than one person was banned with this or a similar note – I assume that you and at least one other person were crossing lines as outlined on our rules page and our info about hate speech. Your ban is permanent.

  3. I apparently got banned for posting images, nothing that appeared to be inappropriate, but perhaps from a site that didn’t allow links. Anyways, it has been over 24 hours and still not able to log back in. Message doesn’t even indicate that its temporary, just saying my nickname or IP address is banned. What gives??

    • @MarriedM – did you see a message in the chat room about profanity?
      Did a moderator message you?

      I am unable to look into the ban lists for next few hours – but you or another moderator may have additional info in the meantime.

  4. I was swapping pics with my friend big balls m and then I got kicked and banned I accidently posted this pic then got banned 🙁 It seems like blogspot links are forbidden im sorry if I broke the rules 🙁 hope I can get another chance because i have been using this site since 2012!

  5. Another question –
    My name is Syndy, i usually go by Synn, as such the name Mistress Synn.

    Anyway – in my room – i have had people associated with me and my room go by Synners – however i have suddenly be informed that Synners is Religious? and ban-able? I have even be told that Synn is questionable.

    If i was using Sinners – i could see there being an arguement about a religious connection – and though Synners is similar, it is not a directly associated word to any organized religion – it would be a matter of someones personal opinion if to associate the name with a religion or to a person named Synn.

    I have had no less than 3 mods make no comment on the matter
    and one who kicked at least one person over.

    So would like the official policy on this matter.

    • @Mistress Synn, this issue was just brought up in the mods discussion area. This is one of those things that could be interpreted in different ways by different people. So we will have to discuss this further before making a blanket statement about what the policy is, or should be. Another tricky thing from some years ago – if someone came in as something like “Black Jesus” – should they be told it’s a possible violation of the “no religion in the chat rooms rule” – what about Catholic Schoolgirl? How about MoonGoddess.. certainly there are names and discussions that may be controversial, and some will offend a few people and some will make many people a bit uncomfortable..

      so I think in your particular case a moderator was trying make people aware of the rules regarding religious names, and perhaps was trying to ask people to consider the possible issue of others inquiring about the names being an issue – when I think that, especially in a side room, probably not a problem that would invoke our over 50% rule… so we may have gone a bit overboard in this particular case… now I do need to do some research and have some discussion about this to consider other angles.

      For one I myself don’t find certain things like synner, goddess, to be of a religious nature really – but then again I am not as religious as the average person, so I need to consider what the average person may find issue with perhaps.. also, what if the names were fine in a side room but then people went to the lobby or another room like the lesbian action chat room, where some may find it bringing up an uncomfortable feeling while trying to chat. So there is a lot to consider here.

      We will discuss it a bit more in the mods area as well and figure out something on this.

  6. What if we want to post a link to a website based on content related to the topic matter of the chat room – for example – we run a simulated brothel and wish message forum (ie: not a chat site, but messages) upon which we can leave messages to each other and such when we are not on line?

    One Mod said that is fine.
    another mod aid it is not.

    • Mistress Synn – This is a good question, but difficult to answer. If you were in a user created room that was say topic “clown sex” and wanted to post a link to a site that included clown costume discussion forums – probably not an issue… if you were in a room and the topic was BDSM and you were essentially advertising for FetLife or something like that – it’s a little different from my prespective, as it kind of gets into a competition thing, and we certainly can’t look into the details of each and every site to see what it’s really about in order to make judgements if it’s a safe site, if it’s a competition site trying to lure people over – stuff like that. A room with a topic about whoring fantasy and linking to a site with message boards about escorts or whatever would be even more tricky. So I can see how you would find one mod that would say it was fine and another say no… it really depends on a lot of factors.

  7. having issues getting in still dont know if i was banned there is no message saying i was just says timedout could you get back to me plz thanks

  8. aside from the usual completely banned stuff, does this all refer to asking for things in the main chat? because I don’t see someone telling a mod that another person is pming for multiple fetishes or whatever.

    also, just my assumption, but I think so many people might go to ffr because they feel people in that room will be more open minded to other fetishes as well. and I also think a lot of people like to incorporate multiple fetishes into a fantasy. for example someone might want to mix futa and family stuff as a fantasy. which is also why I think a lot shemales and stuff go to the lesbian room, because even though they have a dick a lot of people might still consider them women. but that’s just what I interpreted from the whole thing

    • didn’t see the random roleplay part the first them, but I think that would probably be a good idea. a sort of “anything goes” type of thing, except all the illegal and permanently banned stuff.

      • fsu – indeed – I think the random role play room will be open to just about anything goes, which will alleviate many of the niche situations that do not bode well for the main rooms. This gives many different people a place to go to find or play with others, without worrying too much about pissing off others in the room. Of course it would be just as effective for someone to create their own room – but for those who want a consistent place to meet and greet – hopefully this room will server them well, and be used quite often! We’ll see!

    • FSU – it applies to the main lobby, and the other rooms actually. So we have some new content rules that spell out a few things that are now banned system wide… but also clarifying and shoring up some of our older rules for some of the more recent issues that we have been running into.

      I agree that it is rare that someone is going to pm a mod and complain that someone is pming them asking for multiple fetishes, however it does happen, and I wanted to clarify some things to those who may be asked to leave a room, change a name or whatever.

      It’s nice to think that people may be going to ffr thinking that people there are likely to be more open minded about various fetishes, and as to where I think that is indeed partially true, I think it is much more than that, and that people going there are actually creating extra static and kind of getting in the way of others who are there for a more narrow set of niche discussions.

      Honestly I think most people are finding their way to the FFR just becuase there have been more numbers there, and nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Plus if you have 80 people in the lobby and 80 people in the ffr – considering that many times for example say there was 20 females in each room… most of the 20 in the lobby are either not going to pm / have them off, or already have their regular group of friends or one friend that they only chat with.. and the 20 or so female names, I think that you will likely find a higher number of “females” that will actually engage with you as a male.. so that is going to be a draw, and I do not think that most people who go there are thinking “hey my fetish is a little beyond the main lobby, but I think the FFR room people will find it less taboo, so I will go there.” – I think it’s simply numbers pure and simple, and that is causing additional static – that is unneeded.

      Plus, with us lowering the room limit and opening more focused niche rooms, hopefully people will congregate more in the other rooms, which given that a crowd draws a crowd, I think we will see more people going to specific rooms that are more focused for them, and drawing others who have similar interests. This will create less static in the FFR, and will make things better for everyone.

      Certainly I see that there are some legit mixes of futa and fam stuff.. especially some that really get into back story role plays and such, however I believe that those folks are more likely to find like minded peeps in a side room, sure they may find some who are interested in those types of discussions in the ffr – but I think as a whole, and considering our majority consider taboo or out of scope of said niche room – I think in 99% of futa situations, they will find a user created side room that explains in the description about what a futa is, and what kinds of discussions may be expected, to be the best match for that particular thing.

      As far as ‘shemales’ futa, ts/tg crossdressers, etc going to the lesbian room, I think it is 99% bullshit. Umm.. ‘even though they have a didck a lot of people consider them women’? Well.. sure maybe.. however most of the real life ts/tg I know are not trying to get into sexual discussions with women. Sure there are some out there, but most of the relations I know with chicks with dicks are trying to find other dicks to play with. Most of the lesbians I know would not care if you have the world greatest boob job, so long as you have a dick, you are not in the ‘play with me zone’. On top of that I think we can safely assume that 99% of the futa and “I’m a woman trapped in a half way man’s body” – are some total fake dudes who are pretending online to have a virtual set of tits just to get a girl who might actually talk dirty to them.

      So the futa names are banned from the lesbian room mainly because the name in of itself brings up a mental image of a character with a large dick. And dick names and avatars and discussions are not appropriate for the lesbian room. Sure someone could go in there and say they are post op ts/tg or natural hermaphordite or a crossdresser.. but I would bet that most who would venture there with that kind of character portrayal are likely just trying to find a girl who is will to talk about sex with someone who has a dick.. and there is no reason that real lesbian girls should have to put up with that.

      • I was just trying to clarify if the whole asking for certain stuff (not “gross” or uncomfortable to others) in public would get someone kicked. say if someone asking for creampie in the lobby, or having a name referring to it would get them kicked if they didn’t make their own room or something.

        but I get the whole crowd thing, not as many people in the lobby for whatever reason. and more people in 1 room gives bigger chances for a chat I guess. but for the futa/shemale thing I agree and pretty much figured it was guys trying to find another way to fuck girls lol.

        • FSU – I see, well no… I mean if someone was in the lobby, ffr, or most of the rooms, saying something about a creampie, or screen name with something similar, would most likely not be asked to go to a different room. There is certainly going to be some overlap, and unfortunately some grey areas. A good way to think of it would be is a certain name or discussion would likely be considered to be overly taboo in the particular room someone is in, for more than 50% of those in the room.

          So talking about having stroking a big dick and looking for those who would like a creampie would certainly go over that taboo of more than 50% in the lesbian chat room, it likely would not overly offend most in the lobby. If saying “my step mom just saw I had a big dick…” that would likely be overly taboo for the lobby yet likely would not get a second glance in the FFR. This is all mostly the same as things have been before, and there is some extra clarifying in this comment here about master names / forceful names discussions. As well as further clarification from someone who was asking about interracial stuff here.

          I think the only real difference as far as things like this goes now is that futa names are being clarified as to now being permitted in the les room, and there is likely to be more mods paying attention and trying to direct those who are trying to engage in bdsm type stuff to move from the ffr. Which is all really how the rules were setup before, it’s just that we had not really gotten to pointing this out to a lot of people, and had yet had a chance to discuss the whole futa thing.

          Of course leave it to this chat world to come up with someone else that is totally unheard of and something that treads to the edge of some grayline that we need to discuss and figure something out with.

          • I understand about everything else. I twas just looking a bit unusual on chat, so I wasn’t sure if it was kickable, or more of a thing to direct people to places where they have better luck with their particular fantasy. I get how something related to ffr or force/rape or something along those lines would have restrictions on where it can be asked in the public chat for the main rooms.

  9. This makes perfect sense. It is a bit wordy, but you have gotten your points across loud and clear. I usually post from Tube..Pleasure, I am going to check out all the points you have made on their site now.

    • If anyone has any suggestions for making this better, less wordy, organized for easier read or whatever, let me know! Fresh eyes often sees things better, and I have re-worked this so many times. I wonder if a bullet table of contents at the top or something.. I don’t know really. Trying to make this simple to people will read it and understand more of these issues.

  10. There is a web site out there, it rhymes with “SexCamster dot com” – and it falls below my trust rank for allowing be shared for several reasons.
    One – there is no 2257 statement at the bottom of the page.
    Okay – on their about us page they say they are owned and operated in Cyprus – so there is no US law that says they need a 2257 statement. – Minus points.

    Two – They allow user uploads, not just content they produce – Minus Points.

    Three – content that includes videos where “age of majority is difficult to discern”
    videos with this one Russian(?) actor – that I just do not believe is legit – and what makes that worse is that they blend this guy’s videos in with other legitimately 18 and up teen porn clips – so it would be easy for someone to assume that such a large site with so many legit vids.. well even those, maybe it’s fancy makeup and lighting.. so I think some places, or rather some people who upload to some places are trying to fool people into being aroused by things they truly believe are over 18, and yet.. who knows – maybe they are in one of those countries where the age of consent is 6 years less than here and they don’t care – I don’t know.

    That particular “tube site” also seems to host a lot of stolen content – and so they are bad actors within the porn world itself and are causes losses of for production companies, and legitimate actors and actresses – so that site is already and has been blocked in our chat for a long time.

  11. Hi Nash
    I sent an email to you, but also wanted to say that it is good information on the pic sharing. I think many will not read it thoroughly, so maybe some bullet points at the top , with more detailed content below would be helpful to get them to read at least some of it.

    Also, I can see people going by Nash’s point guideline and saying, hey it didn’t reach below 80 in points so I posted it.
    I also think the last sentence, there are plenty of girls sharing naked pics these days that are all over 18, Let’s make sure we only share those online may be something to start with rather than just at the bottom.

    • Great feedback fw – I was thinking this definitely needs some editing to shorten up the main points and put additional details in blockquotes, or separate headings, or maybe some of the details should be in comments below or something to get people to find – yeah – bullet points then additional details or something. Maybe some graphics showing some things will break up the mountain of text into chunks people will actually read some of the points and get some details and some will learn a bit from it. I thought about finding some of the laws ans linking to them and stuff – and then I also wondered about the privacy implications of linking to other bits of info.. referring urls and crap… this is a tough subject really.

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