Rules and Etiquette

By participating in this chat service, users acknowledge that they have a basic knowledge of, and agree to the site’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, and the following rules.

In addition to the rules posted here, there are content guidelines that need to be followed as well.

No one under 18, or pretending to be under the age of 18 years, is allowed to use this site. If you are aware of a user who is not 18 or older you need to alert the moderator(s).

Asking another person to pretend that they are less than 18 years old is not allowed.

Talking about sex involving anyone who is not 18 or older, even when reminiscing about your college sex days, or your first sexual experiences (if someone involved was not yet 18) is not allowed.

Impersonating any user is strictly prohibited and will get you permanently banned from using this chat system.

Hate speech, religious topics, and political conversations are not permitted in the public rooms. If you want to discuss such topics you may create another room.


  • Government Leaders
  • Current wars
  • Racism
  • Attacking any Faith
  • Promoting any religion

Important additional information about racial jokes, ethnic statements and hate speech here.

Phone numbers, social networking pages (Facebook, Myspace, etc), messenger IDs (yahoo, msn, aim, gtalk, skype, meebo, etc), and email addresses are not allowed in the public chat areas.


  • Call me 555-5555
  • add me on —
  • here’s my profile
  • my im / yahoo / msn id! Hot/f /22/earth imma.scammer

Do not promote commercial or affiliated products, services, websites, or other chat system.


  • a millionaire met her at You don’t have to be rich to join!
  • Check out instant-hard-brand for a bigger dick!
  • Come here and chat! 8 girls to every guy!!

Links to YouTube and are allowed to be posted sparingly.
About posting links to other places, please see: Let’s limit the links posted peeps!

No flooding the room with the same comment over and over again.


  • Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?
  • >Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?
  • > Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?
  • Moderator: User5951, please do not flood the room.
  • Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat? Hey ladies Im a guy wanna chat?

ALL CAPS – No continual use of complete capitol letters is allowed, unless they are used sparingly. Usage of ALL CAPITOL LETTERS is considered to be YELLING in the online world.


  • User6903 has been warned by Moderator
  • Moderator: User6903, please ease up on the caps.
  • >YAY FOR CAPS!!!!

English Only
The main system rooms (The lobby, lesbian action, group sex room, etc.) – are English language only. If you want to chat in a different language, you can do so via pm in the main rooms, or better yet, create your own “side room” or user created chat room and you can use a different language there.

Kill, mame, cutting, snuff, etc

Maming, self mutilation, cutting, killing, dolcet, snuff, and crap like that – now banned completely, system wide.

Posting pics / videos (or links to media) of anyone who is not 18 or older is not permitted here.
This includes pics where there is no hardcore penetration or nudity.

Posting links to pics, videos, or to web sites where the age of majority is difficult to discern, or they fall below Nash’s trust rank of 80 is also not allowed.

Parasite Sites / Collections / Out of Context Sexualization
Sites that collect and sexualize in ways that were not intended by those that were in the photos / videos. (even non-nude sites!)

If you choose to post pics, or links to pics / videos – click here to read these content guidelines to determine if the media / web site fall below our trust rank.

Arguments / Drama / Flame wars, fanning

We prefer that arguments not be ongoing drama in the lobby. If you disagree with another user, agree to disagree and do not fill up the chat window with flame wars, or fan the flames either. Use the ignore / block button to silence someone who is typing what you don’t want to hear. People who continually argue, or continue to attempt to entice others in arguing can and will be banned from the site.

Be Defensive!

If there is a user who is talking about something that you do not want to hear or is continually pming you after you have asked them to stop, simply click their name on the list of users (participants panel) and select ‘Block User’ – you will not be able to see any of their comments for the rest of your login time. (It’s the magical “poof! They are gone button, otherwise known as the iggy button)

More important info

Harassing other users, a group of users, or the moderators is grounds for being kicked, banned, and or prosecuted. This has been a part of the terms of service since the site was started. I am re-mentioning it here to bring your attention to it, additional info is found on our terms of use page. There are serious issues with not only being kicked from the chat room, but also in us recording and giving up your personally identifying information in cases of harassment in some cases.

Harass – (from webster’s dictionary online) (1) : to annoy persistently (2) : to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct

harassment (from ) (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious. Such activities may be the basis for a lawsuit if due to discrimination based on race or sex, a violation on the statutory limitations on collection agencies, involve revenge by an ex-spouse, or be shown to be a form of blackmail (“I’ll stop bothering you, if you’ll go to bed with me”). The victim may file a petition for a “stay away” (restraining) order, intended to prevent contact by the offensive party. A systematic pattern of harassment by an employee against another worker may subject the employer to a lawsuit for failure to protect the worker. (See: harass, sexual harassment)

GFA Clause

If you are generally fucking annoying, you may be kicked or banned. This includes all kinds of things, and may mean different things to different people, but if for example you just type some gibberish, or try to make fun of the rules, or push the limits, or just post some stupid you tube links, or do anything else that annoys the group or one of the moderators you can and will be kicked under the GFA clause.

Although certain terms, languages, screen names and discussions may be tolerated in the overall chat system, they may not be allowed in the main lobby, and some terms are only permitted in certain “system standard chat rooms”.

Check out the other rooms for niche discussions.
If you want to take part in such discussions simply click the green arrow and door icon door-icon at the top of the chat area to change to your desired fantasy room.

Edge-play / taboo terms

Terms that are not well accepted in the mainstream world are not allowed to be in the lobby. Certain discussions that may be tolerated in one room may be reason for a kick or ban in another room as well.

If you send private messages to people that include edge play / taboo terms and they did not ask for those types of message, you may be permanently banned from the system.


Abusive, forced sex, humiliation or rape like names or discussions are not allowed in the main rooms such as the lobby, and are only allowed in the forced sex fantasy room, a user created room, or perhaps the BDSM room, if others there at the time do not find offense to the discussion.

Any type of incest type of discussion is not permitted in any of the system created rooms aside from the family fun room.

Golden showers and the like are only permitted in the squirting room, or a user create room.

Coming into the Lesbian action room with a dick avatar, screen name that includes references to male genitalia or talking about dick / cock in the open room or via unwanted pms, will get you kicked or banned from the system. Same applies to anyone who would come into the gay / bisexual men chat room and start talking about female anatomy graphically and in the open room. This includes fictional names and terms like futa.

Some terms are not allowed in any of the main system rooms, however people may choose to create their own room for certain taboo or niche discussions that are not “out right system-wide banned”.

There are too many niche and fetish things to list here, but be aware that if you have a screen name, or engage in a discussion, or use an avatar that a majority of people in the chat room you are in find offensive, you should create your own room, or you may be asked to change, or be kicked / banned. Not all topics beyond sexual fantasies (politics, religion, etc) are permitted in the lobbies. If you and another person or a group would like to discuss a topic that is not allowed in the lobby, you may take your conversation to private messaging or create a new room.

Some Content Questions and Answers

I see a lot of niche fetishes in some of the main system rooms, are these discussions or screen names supposed to be in the lobby or fam fun room?
Should FUTA names and RP / discussions be allowed in the Fam Fun Room, or the lesbian room?
Futa should be in the ts/tg room – I don’t see many situations in which futa would be related to fam stuff…
Futa should not be in the lesbian chat room, as the name is associated with imagery of a cock.

beasty costume play should not be in the fam room, or most other system standard rooms.. perhaps a random roleplay room needs to be made..

k9 – should not be in any of the main system rooms – sideroom only

Why do we allow some stuff in the chat system that are considered gross? Info posted long ago about edge play / taboo subjects is posted here.

More clarifications will be added here as specific things are brought up.

Nickname Guidelines

Many users include their age-sex-location in their screen name. Doing this is not necessary but it is rather helpful and will help decrease the time it takes to find a playmate.


  • Jenny f-25-uk
  • Sexy Man-39-TN
  • Hard4you 19-m-india
  • Wet&wild 46/f/Australia

IM IDs (yahoo, skype, gtalk, msn, etc) social networking profiles, and emails are not allowed to be used as names.


  • Imma.scammer6969(sk ype me)
  • Horselongdong at FB

Phone numbers are not permitted in names.


  • Call me 555-555-555
  • Hot phone sex!! 1-888-211-6096

Url based nicknames are not allowed.



Impersonating any user is strictly prohibited and will get you permanently banned from using this chat system.

If your screen name may be offensive to a majority of people in a certain room, then you should not be there.

eg – Having a screen name with dick, cock, or eludes to such imagery in the lesbian room is not allowed.

Coming to the rooms with a name including rape, abuse, incest, bestiality, or another controversial term or a variation, you may get kicked from the system if you stay in the lobby. Edge-play / taboo terms (terms that are not well accepted in the mainstream world) are not allowed to be in the lobby. However, you can keep terms that are not accepted in the lobby, as long as they are allowed in the system, if you go to another room such as the forced sex room or the family fun room that do not find the terms offensive.

There is some grey area here with screen names – help!
Names like these should only be in a bdsm or forced sex type of room (not in lobby, les room, ffr, etc)

Brutal Dom
Punishing Sluts
kick my balls
Sadistic Master
degrade me please
brutal daddy
Blonde Torturer
Virgin wants to be abused
Treat you like meat
Abusive Husband
piece of shit whore for dom m

Names like these may be okay in the lobby type rooms, but if your open discussions, or unasked for pms included taboo terms, then you may be kicked or banned.

slaveboyslave here for use
A vicious Man
Deeply Depraved Master
Bondage Bitch
Sick Fucking Pervert

If your screen name eludes to something taboo, make sure you are aware of the taboo terms / edge play discussions rules posted above.

This web site follows the ASACP guidelines for unacceptable terms – using any of the terms listed below, or similar variations in your screen name or lobby conversations will get you permanently banned from using this site.



Any name with pedophile, child, kid, or any other terms that suggest that you are underage or are looking for some one underage, or is any variation deemed unacceptable by a Moderator(s).


  • Pedro phile 24 m
  • Horny4kds 32 f
  • Lookin4HS FreshmenChicksM 18
  • Lilly f 15

The terms boy and girl are highly discouraged. If you want one of these terms in your name, you should add your age to your screen-name so that your age is made clear.


Questionable Names:

  • Young Hard Boy
  • Small Girl Pussy

Acceptable Names:

  • Little wet girl18
  • Hard boy19

Chat Room Etiquette

Be polite; ask someone in the main chat if they would like to PM with you before start to private message them. Many people, especially women, consider PMing without asking first to be very rude.

If you send private messages to people that include edge play / taboo terms and they did not ask for those types of message, you may be permanently banned from the system.

The ignore button is a great feature! If someone is pming you with out permission, or saying things in the chat room that you do not want to hear, simply click their name on the list and select ‘block user.’ You will not see any comment by that person for the rest of your login period in the chat site.

We have an active community of regular users, also known as regs, here on our site who are usually friendly and helpful. If you’re new here, take some time to get to know the regs and the moderators. Just like in real life, the relationships online take some time to build, so hang out for a while to get to know the other users and vice versa. Enjoy the banter, the interchanges, the craziness, and the humor and you’ll be just fine. Remember, patience and courtesy go a long way to help you learn about how to use the site and help you find a person to have a great sex chat session.

The Moderators

Our chat rooms have volunteer Moderators who help people and enforce the rules to provide our users with a safe and fun, chatting environment. When a Moderator is in their ‘Admin’ role, their name will appear red in the list of names to the right of the chat area. Please remember Mods are people too, who want to enjoy conversations with friends and they often have private messages and whispers that they are keeping track of along with the lobbies and other rooms. If you have a problem or witness a serious infraction you are more than welcome to pm a Moderator for help and tell them about the incident, which they will be happy to help you with.

Sometimes the Moderators will be in the room but will not appear in red. Sometimes a moderator will be in a room with a regular users name, and not in moderator / admin mode. Sometimes a moderator or site admin could be in a room and be completely invisible. Some moderator’s names will appear as yellow or purple. If you need help go into the main lobby and ask for a Moderator, chances are that there will be a Mod logged in or someone who can reach a Moderator for you.

Please be nice to the Moderators, they are very busy people and have a lot of different things to take care of in the rooms. They can easily misunderstand something a person types, so be polite since they can ban you for just for taking up their time. To make sure the room is taken care of Moderators are given the power to warn (an alert shows up on the selected user’s screen), freeze (the user is unable to talk for a period of time), kick (the user is removed from the room for several minutes to a day) and ban a user and their IP address from our chat system forever. If you have a complaint about a Moderator, there is a Moderator complaint page where you can alert the site owner.

A note about user created chat rooms, room operators and mods

If you enter a user created chat room, there may be a username in purple, and that user will have the some of the abilities of a site moderator, including the ability to kick you from their chat room. User created room mods do not necessarily have to follow the rules and guidelines that are established for our official site admins and moderators. If a user created room mod decides to kick you for whatever reason, please do not complain to the site admins, as we do not have any control over user created room moderators.

Our official site admins and moderators may choose to enter user created rooms on occasion, and their names may appear normal, in red, yellow, purple or simply be invisible. As outlined on our privacy policy, site admins and moderators may on occasion also enter password protected rooms as well. We highly suggest you read and understand the privacy policy information, and check for updates when you use our site.


Be careful of people asking for email, messenger IDs, phone numbers, or any other personal information these people may be getting your information to sell to spammers. Some people who ask you to add them on an instant messenger will only add you to ask you to go to their ‘live cam’ page or to visit their pay-per minute site. There are many scams targeting people trying to get a cyber session do not give any one your credit card number!

Some links can be extremely harmful for your computer if you click on them. This is the reason for not allowing links besides a few sites to be posted in the lobby. Avoid malware and viruses by not clicking on links posted in the lobby or pms unless you know that the site is a safe, secure, and well trusted site, you should also have an up to date antivirus and spyware software installed on your computer. The majority of unauthorized links posted in the lobby will only try to sell you items, ask for your email and credit card information, or scam you in another way. We suggest that you not click on the links in the lobby unless it is to the sites permitted by the rules.

Unless you want to have your email sold to spammers, don’t give your email or instant messenger IDs out to people who you meet in the chat room. They will most likely sell your information and you will soon be flooded with spam. If you want to stay in contact with some of the people you meet in the chat room you may want to think about creating an email address so that your main email address does not receive the possible spam.

If anyone tries to solicit you to engage in another discussions about people or activities that are with people who are not yet adults, ask you to check out another sex chat site, or another commercial web site, or try to get you send money or credit card information, send a private message to one of the moderators. If they are in the room and let them know. We don’t want our users to get scammed, spammed, or solicited for commercial anything in our free chat rooms, so help us help you, and help others, by reporting any of that activity.

You can learn more about sex chat rooms safety here.

By participating in this chat service, users acknowledge that they have knowledge of, and agree to the site’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policies and rules posted here.
We also have new detailed content guidelines that everyone must follow.

It is highly recommended that anyone using this chat site, or any other chat system on the internet to have a firm understanding of the sex chat room safety information as well. Instructing other users on ways to minimize the ads that are normally displayed on our sites is a perma ban offense that could also carry other civil damages as well.

Violating’s Terms of Service or the chat room’s rules or etiquette policies will result with you being kicked from our chat services temporarily or possibly being permanently banned – in some cases additional clauses of our privacy policy may kick in as well.

Many times our moderators will warn and or educate a user before they are kicked / banned – but this is not always the case, there is no rule that moderator must warn before kicking a user who is breaking the rules.

Some kicks/bans only last for five minutes, while other may last one hour, six hours, twelve hours, or even twenty-four hours. Users who have committed major offenses will be permanently banned.

Users who were banned from the chat system and still cannot join the chat after waiting 25 hours, have been permanently banned.

DO NOT post a question here about your ban unless you have waited 25 hours, tried to re-access the chat, and are still unable to login.

Comments or questions about a ban that occurred in the past 24 hours will normally not be answered.

This page was updated on 01-24-2015 – some info about this update here: Rules and disallowed content updates 01-24-2015

This page, the content guidelines page, and the kicked banned from the chat page were updated 1-30-2015. Synopsis in a new blog post here:


  1. Hi, I’ve all the rules and I cannot figure out why exactly I have been banned. I had been logged on but away from my computer when it happened so I hadn’t sent anything to anyone for a while. I’ve never had an issue with this before. It’s been a few days, is there any chance this could be lifted? thank you.

    • *I’ve read all the rules

    • @Mommasboy87 – I’ll have to ask around to see what the consensus is on this one. It may be a couple of days for me to get all replies before I can provide any more info.

      • Thank you. I’ll wait for your results.

        • @Mommasboy87 – I am not seeing your ban in the initial list check. Still waiting for some more info. In the meantime, what are you seeing that is showing you are banned?
          Were you using the mv-chat? or the ‘new chat / peeps cams chat’ ? or the flashy chat?

          • I was using the “New Chat”. When I go to the lobby when the window pops up to log into the lobby it says that my account has been disabled in read. Then when I try to create a new user name or log in as a guest it says my IP address has been banned.

            • @Mommasboy – not sure why I thought this was in the mv chat system.. anyhow I just checked the NC and yes indeed a ban for you. Now I have some more info I can dig deeper.

            • Just checking in to see if you have gotten anywhere in finding out why I was banned? I know you are probably busy so I don’t want to be a bother. I just still don’t know why this might have happened. I’ve even talked with a moderator so far as i know, let alone been warned for anything. If I did do anything as long as i know what is was I promise I won’t do it again

            • @Mommasboy87 – This was a ban that was not made by mistake, that much I know. Getting the exact details given that the other mods and I are on different time schedules and time zones is making it difficult it seems. I’ll keep trying to get more info.

            • Thank you for your efforts

            • @mommasboy87 – finally got info on this. It was an issue with your avatar pic violating our content guidelines or something like that.

            • Hey thanks for finding out! Can the ban be lifted? I am happy to change my pic

    • Like i said, I have never had any issue before, wasn’t warned. I have no issue complying

      • @Mommasboy87 – Checked on this. No, this kind of issue is zero unban. Please understand your permanent ban notice.

        • wow…that’s really disappointing. i have a lot of friends here, i have always been a polite and courteous chatter, never had any issue with a mod or received a warning. If I had been told I would have complied. Thanks again for finding out.

          • @Mommasboy87 – thank you for understanding, and being polite / courteous. I will consider your statement about no warning for future problems. There are many things that we do not warn about.

    • Hi, I knew that the moderators were looking for someone with a screen name of TeenDick or something and I only entered his room to stall him. Sorry if I overstepped and shouldn’t have, but is this why I was banned?

      • @Aria – sounds right – as entering a room for that kind of discussion would be against the rules.

        • Am I permanently banned from now on?

          • @Aria – I just cleared your ban, as it seems you have a better understanding of our rules, policies, and procedures now.

            • Hi Nash, I believe a similar ban was placed on me.
              I entered teendick’s room, I had no idea that “teen” was a no-go term though.

              Is there any chance of lifting my ban. I am very sorry about this, and will not let it happen again.

            • @lucy – got ya cleared. Not sure of all the details on this one, but I am pretty sure it was an accidental ban on your network when attempting to block some others. Teen is not a banned word – so not to worry about that. Again not sure of any other details at this time.

  2. Mr. Nash I wanted to speak to you about a person who repeatedly comes on when the mods are gone as the name teen dick 15 and he logs in under multiple names at a time as well. He harasses people among the other things he is doing to break the rules. If something can be done about him a lot of us that he harasses would be thankful ~ Lucy (neko)

    • @Lucy(neko) – thank you for reporting this issue. I am working on this particular case in ways that are far beyond banning at this point. I assure you this person will realize that the information posted on our permanent ban page is indeed true. This particular person is taking more time and resources to handle than I like to spend, but I agree that this repeated harassment calls for these extreme measures. Hopefully I will have more info on this by Wednesday, in the meantime I am trying to keep the methods being used semi-secret as I do not want this abusive person to be able to proactively do anything that would interfere with the coming end result.

  3. i just want some chatty fun

  4. i just want some adult chat fun

  5. i keep getting the server closed connection but sometimes i can get in, why does it keep happening?

  6. DominantAndDegrading

    So apparently I got banned and I’m not really sure why. I’ve been warned by a moderator in the past because she didn’t agree with the content of my post… though I wasn’t breaking any actual rules and quite a few people in the room agreed that I had done nothing wrong. Then, a day or so ago, I was having a nice chat with someone and my browser crashed. When I returned, my username and IP Address had been banned. And I’m not sure why. Is this a mistake? What exactly did I do? Is this temporary? Permanent?

  7. May i ask why i was banned?

    • @Dan – if you go to the top of the page here, and count down the sentences to about the fourth sentence. Start reading. I think before you get beyond a few sentences you will have an understanding.

      • May i get unbanned? I didnt realize that 18 was considered underage in my area 16 is the legal age for sex.

        • @Dan – yeah I get that – many places around the world are different. Unfortunately we have immense freedom in some things where we are, but there are a few things that we simply can’t allow to go through our servers here, and those top 5 things are indeed them. You ban will need to remain permanent. You could check back in 740 days and we could consider reconsidering then.

  8. I can get signed on but after about 2-3 pm….my messages wont appear and it seems as if everything just stops working. Can you help me? Thanks…

  9. hey there was just a *edited by admin* old in the family fun room he was using the name *edited by admin* he even posted a pic and he looked young….Just thought I’d let you know

    *comment edited by admin to remove identifying information, and to prevent blah words from being search engine indexed.

    • @Unknown – thanks for the heads up with this. I was able to find that connection info and ban that network from accessing.

  10. Hi guys,

    my IP has been banned and i’m not sure why.
    I actually didn’t get a warning or ban notice, or anything. I logged off normally (without anyone complaining) and when I wanted to log in like 2 days later, it showed that my IP address was banned. Can you please look into this?

    • JJ you were banned for an issue in regards to one of the top ten rules here. Your ban will be set to permanent for at 365 days. You can inquire about this then. If you believe that you have not run afoul of one of our top ten rules, then you would need to go through the process to send in a copy of you ID and a picture of you holding your ID and all that in our get verified process.

  11. plz allow me i m banned very long time
    i m veru sorry for rules break
    plz allow me

    • @paresh – no. Your ban is permanent, and forever. This is your permanent ban notice. Please read it, understand it, and heed it. If you are thinking about not doing so, I strongly suggest you consult an attorney about what could come your way for any further violations of our terms of service, and our privacy policy addendum for those that have been given a permanent ban.

    • no paresh – no. Your ban is permanent, and forever. This is your permanent ban notice. Please read it, understand it, and heed it. If you are thinking about not doing so, I strongly suggest you consult an attorney about what could come your way for any further violations of our terms of service, and our privacy policy addendum for those that have been given a permanent ban.

  12. Apparently the site said I was banned because of profanity when a fellow chatter and I were actually gonna join each other on Skype for friendly conversation. I’ve been using this site for quite some time and have never come across this issue before. the conversation was incredibly civil. But it counted Skype, no matter what the context, as profanity.

  13. dirty hard fuck

    hi i got kicked and realise because I used an unacceptable line in my name address “brutal dom” took it out and 3 hours later I’m still banned?

    • dirty hard fuck – yes you are still banned. I am glad you understand at least one aspect of why you were kicked out of the chat room. Your ban is set to permanent. Please do not return.

  14. looking4 my sister

    ive been banned and i dont know why

  15. Hi Nash, I’m starting not to like chatting here. because since, I say whatever a lot in the main rooms, and can’t spell right, and other stuff, I keep getting bitched at and called a male, and I have friends who know i’m a female, I’ve even posted pictures of my face and pvt area and the lady who accused me said they were fake, Cindy-Mom kept saying just because I say whatever that I’m a male, And keeps telling everyone in the main window I’m a man even after i posted pics to prove i wasn’t, even my friends I’ve phones with or have seen me on cam have said I’m a female.

    So unless she is stopped I don’t know if i will come back, I come here to have fun and relax and rewind and not to get bitched at or made fun of, I get enough of that at home.

    Thank You SexyChick4M

    • SexyChick4M – I would suggest making one simple statement like “I am a girl, and if you don’t believe that for whatever reason that is your choice, please drop it. If they continue to direct comments at you, just use the iggy button (block user button)… this will usually get them to leave you alone.. if they continue to repeatedly berate you in the open room many times, then please get a chat log of such and send it in… making a statement about an opinion is fine (for either side of most issues) – however continuing drama is against the rules, and if you have asked someone to let it go and they continue to try to make you look bad in front of others for several statements, then that may start to get into our rules about harassment.

      Without being there to see the exact exchange I can not say either side is right or wrong. Chat logs help with that sometimes, often times a moderators getting a chat log and then taking someone to the side via pm and warning them to drop a subject after one or two statements is what it takes to get them to realize we have rules about such things.

  16. Captain Jack, Sparrow, Airship Pirate

    I find myself banned from chat again. The last time this happened, it was cleared up and I was told it was accidental. Please could someone look into this and resolve it.


    • Capt Jack Sparrow – I am going to have to look into this deeper, and I won’t have time until tomorrow unfortunately. Very strange situation here from my initial lookup.

  17. I know why I was banned. For some reason my computer wouldn’t let me send a pm to Goddess regarding my age. I’m 48. Babygirl is a pet name and has noting to do with age. I don’t know why it wouldn’t let me respond. Thank you.

    • babygirl1 – I do not see anything about you in the ban list – so most likely you were kicked to the rules page to learn about our expectations, with an auto-expiring – temporary kick from the chat, as opposed to a permanent ban. I hope you have taken the time to learn about the rules here and our policies. If you are having trouble with sending pms on occasion, this is addressed with some possible causes and solution on the chat connections problems/ solution page.

  18. I got banned for some reason. How long does a ban last? I am sorry for whatever I did to get banned.

    • Exodiafinder687 – Your ban is permanent. Most people find the reason they were banned on this rules page, or the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page.

      • Was it because I accidentally said girl instead of woman when chatting in the chatroom? If so then it was an honest mistake.

        • Exodiafinder687 – at the top of this page, within the first 7 or so sentences, think you may have run afoul of one of those things? Doesn’t matter if it’s out in the open or in pm, some things here are very strict red lines.

  19. hi why is my ip address blocked, got kicked from room without any reason, please help thanks

  20. just trying to figure out why i cant get into the original site any info you have would be great thanks for your help

  21. I was in the adult pic sharing group and was banned for profanity for sharing a pic from a site. very puzzled (will not share from that site again), but was wondering why I got banned from a Http address?

  22. I was banned and I actually know and respect the rules. I really don’t know why or how I get banned I actually don;t remember at all. Can I please get back on? Thanks.

    • Tifa Lockhart – I cleared your ban. This was set a while ago for being double logged in the same room, which is a violation of the terms of service. Please be aware of the terms and content guidelines as well, as they are also part of the overall rules, and there are things that that are enforced.

  23. SexyChick4M – I have found this and banned their network. Should you have similar issues, please let me know.

  24. Hi, I was told to make a complaint of a user, Yesterday and today i have posted a scene for A role play, and this girl corruptableemogitl, reposted the scene from yesterday and said how retarded it was, i have blocked her but she changed her name to corruptible emo girl, and made fun of me and my scenes. And All i’m trying to do is rp, in the family fun room. So how do I keep her from making fun of me?

  25. ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    I have a suggestion to the rules….
    “Hate speech, religious topics, and political conversations are not permitted in the public rooms. If you want to discuss such topics you may create another room.”

    My last information was, that religious references in names are not allowed. At all.
    If this is still the case, maybe it would be a good idea to add, that names with religious references, ot certain religious references are not allowed.
    Like “God” alone.

    I understand that Jesus can also be a name…. or God of…. or Goddess soandso.

    But coming in as God …
    I don’t know.

    How about churchgirls, jewish cock, muslim slut, naughty priest, mormone father, 666, etc.

    The term in the rules is not really clear. And could lead to issues in discussions between users and moderators.

    Just a thought.


  26. Hello Admin.

    Is it possible to unban me on site ? I accept the rules, and dont remember do something wrong. .

  27. Any type of incest type of discussion is not permitted in any of the system created rooms aside from the family fun room.

    simply for clarification, is this type of play or discussion allowed in user created side rooms? i see all sorts of daddies lookeing for daughters and or danghters looking for daddies as wee as mother son.

    • @brooklyn – yes, user created rooms have much more leeway in their topics, discussions, screen names, etc. “not permitted in any of the system created rooms” – means the main standard rooms, this does not include the user created / side rooms. I suppose that could be worded better, as the term “system created rooms” is kind of not really a good definition. Have not yet enough espresso yet to think of better wording at the moment.

      Thanks for asking about this Brooklyn! I love the opportunity to clarify things and consider all angles of any policies / procedures, etc.

  28. ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    I must say that I find the “harassment” point very interesting. The question is – why did this not apply in my case?
    I don’t want to elaborate this and further, but I am sure some of you know, what I am talking about.
    It seems that certain rules do not apply to certain users.
    I find this highly unfair.


    • if “The question is – why did this not apply in my case?” – the answer is simple, we do not moderate facebook.

      Certain rules do not apply to certain users? Really ladylikes, you really think that? Seriously you should know better. My stomach turns hearing you make such a statement.

      Is it possible that we enforce some rules strictly with an instant ban and others get warnings? Is it possible that some situation are difficult to discern what is actually going on and so we take some time give some benefit of the doubt and try to investigate further when we have the time? Sure. But for you of all people to make such a statement. Time to break out the frozen soundtrack.

      • ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

        I am sorry, Nash – I was not talking about facebook –
        And I have tried to explain this many times…..

        I was talking about the time in your chat, when I got harassed for nearly Half a Year, informing you and two other moderators about this person, sending you chatlogs ……
        How much benefit of the doubt does someone get here? Half a year of benefit of the doubt…. seriously?
        Your stomach turns, hearing me make such a statement? I should know better?

        Have you got only the slightest idea what I have been through? And how much patience I had to bear? How often My stomach turned when I had to bear with this for half a year and nothing was done about it?

        And even now – you are not taking me serious at all. (frozen soundtrack)
        I think, I have not deserved this treatment.


  29. just wondering i was banned id like to get back on soon

  30. I just entered the chat and suddenly i was banned for no reason, i didn’t violate the etiquette, please can someone tell me why ? or was i banned by mistake ?

  31. I was in a room name with underage as the name but i was only going through rooms and looked away from the screen and when i looked back i was kicked and banned. How long am i banned for?

  32. I believe I was banned unjustly, someone said I was underaged and banned me. I typed 17 by mistake because it was dark and didn’t get time to fix my mistake.

    • Nick – sorry but this ban is permanent. The only way we would even consider discussing this further is if you decided to send in a copy of your govt issued picture ID, and a photo of you holding the ID – then we could consider it, but it would not definitely clear the situation. If you would like to explore that option, you can send in the info on our get verified page. Unless that is done, and then I have a discussion with the mods, and then consider it differently, then your ban is permanent, and you are not permitted to use our chat rooms or web sites. This is your permanent ban notice.

      • Nash.. hello .. jaysabs here. i am having problems getting into the original chat site. i do not believe i have violated any of the rules and was wondering if i have been banned or the site is just down right now. been trying for three days and have not been able to get back in. thanks for your help

  33. London-Guitarist


    I believe I was kicked out of chat about 4 days ago. I am assuming I have been banned because signing in would be risky (as I understand, signing in without permission will make the ban permanent).

    I am honestly not sure why I was kicked. I apologize for breaching any of the rules and will state that any such breach was not intentional.

    Could one of you guys please let me know why I was kicked? Could you also please unban me if I have been banned?

    Thank you 🙂

    • London Guitarist –
      I appreciate you checking to see if this ban is permanent before attempting to re-access.

      I need to write one of our moderators to find the reason for the ban, sometimes I get replies in minutes, sometimes it a couple of days before I get info back, as our time schedules do not match up most days.

      Have you read the rules above and not found anything that you may have done that would cause a kick or ban?

      • As far as I can tell, the only thing that I said that COULD have been misunderstood by the moderator at the time was as follows:

        Someone mentioned how another user days earlier was attempting to ask people in the lobby to do a snuff roleplay or something of the sort and I made a joke about it. Apart from that, I don’t think I breached any of the rules.

        • Thanks London Guitarist – that will (maybe) help narrow it down a bit. Hopefully I will hear back from one of our mods in the next 24 hours and get some more details.

          • Thank you

          • London-Guitarist


            Um, I’m still waiting for some sort of follow-up

            • London Guitarist – the ban issue was due to a joke that made light of a snuff thing that was also a person who was known for other issues, which are not allowed to be discussed here. I understand that you were not trying to promote that kind of thing, and from reading the statement it seemed to me that you were more saying “what kind of an idiot goes to a chat site and basically says come “blah blah me” – so I am going to clear your ban.

              However, please be aware that some subjects we do not like to be breached in public discussions, even in jest, and even if people are talking about them in a negative way. This could be a legitimate kick or ban if someone was talking about or joking about promoting a religion, or joking about promoting a non-religion or anti – or whatever. So no jokes or references to certain subjects, giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down – doesn’t matter.

          • Thank you, I’ll be more careful 🙂

  34. if i got a warning of a pm from a mod i did not see it i keep my sound off so it will not desterb anyone in my household…. If you let me back on i will promise not to say that again…. I am truely sorry for what i did, and i would like to get back on if possible… Thank you….

  35. i have followed the rules and i want to get back on i have fun with my friends

  36. hi i was playing around with my friends in the main of the family fun room, i changed my name to lilwetrambo for fun… and i had said in a thought sitting on a stool saying sharping my machete which i clearly dont have one… And fine wine said i needed to put it up or take it pvt and i said okay sorry and i did, and i dont understand why i got kicked and banned, i have a bf there named gentledad and now i wont get to see him

  37. i can’t get on if i am banned i am sorry i really lie it here its a great room

  38. Believe Mod is a (an) hero, my grammar is going. I´m in the dog house. Just loving to read all you´ses posts. Besos

  39. Completely prepared to behave. Sorry for beeing a non listener, it was not out of spite. It was worse. Beeing an idiot. Ready to try again. At your lesiure. Srs.mms.

  40. LongThickAndBlack

    I was banned about 4 days ago and I was wondering why and if I could get back on? Thank you.

  41. The Scarlet Witch

    I am having trouble getting on, It is saying the site I am trying to get on is having technical difficulties or is no long advailable.
    Can you please tell me why?

  42. Could I please be unbanned I understand what I did was wrong i should have created my own room it was an accident, but I do apologize for my actions and will be more careful in the future thank you

  43. i got kick for saying sulking why


    • mom 4 roleplay – did you get warned and kicked by a moderator, or a warning from the system’s banned words / profanity filter?

  44. My IP was banned, it was when my little sister used my laptop. Can I be unblocked?

    • Kayleigh, – there is only one way that we could even discuss this or consider it.
      First you would need to send in your photo, along with a copy of your drivers license or similar govt photo id, and a photo of you holding the id. Then we could look into the details and discuss it and consider it, however it would not be an auto-un-ban just for providing proof of age and identity. If you’d like to consider that route you can read the information and use the for on the get age verified page here. Otherwise the ban is permanent, and you, your sister, and your entire household / network will be permanently banned and not allowed to use our services ever again.

  45. Hi,

    I’m not sure why I’ve been banned. Could you let me know?


    • Naughty LeeLee – was there a time when you entered the room and started telling people they could see you on cam, just go to [whatever] cam dot com and your room name? That is clearly against the rules.

  46. BlacknessMonster

    Hi. It is 1:48am, Sunday, 8/10/14. I just got banned from the room suddenly while I was talking with friends a few minutes ago. I tried to log back in but it says my name or IP is banned. I have no idea why. Can you please inform me? Please RSVP. Thanks.

  47. i was banned yesterday can u tell me why?? i really dont know and pls can u unbanne me im sorry for what i have ever done i dont knoe really

  48. My IP address was banned a month or so ago because i said some unfortunate things that accidentally got into the main chat from a private room .. I am Sorry and would like to get reinstated if possible . Thank you .

    • Molly – sorry to say the reason logged for your ban is something that we will not be able to clear your ban. You won’t be able to chat here again.

  49. Are you sure because i just tried it again it didn’t work. I still am very sorry tho. I was just upset last with someone and i took my angry out by mistake . Can you check again please and thank you

  50. Hey i got banned last night because said some words last night. I am truly sorry for my actions and everything. Is there any way you can un my ban my ip address thank you. I would so thank you. Have a great 4 july . I fully learned my lesson from actions, I was very dumb with my choice of words as well, It will never happen again. I promise you. So please un ban my ip address and nick name thank you

    • Nichole Sarah – I do not see your info in the ban list. I assume that you are able to access the chat rooms once again?

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