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If you want to make a complaint about one of the moderators, you can email the site admins; jmes and nash read the emails sent to adultwebmasteronline atthe yahoo dot com – if you ask that your information be kept private between you want the site admins, when you email, then it will be.

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More about the mods

Every one of our chat rooms mods has volunteered to help make the chat room a better place. They are taking time out of play time to help the room and everyone in it experience a happy neutral place to enjoy mature conversations. Every one of our mods has read a very detailed set of “mod rules” – and we constantly discuss with each other things that come up, and what to do in edgy situations. Every single one of us is prone to make a mistake once in a while, and some of the mods may interpret the rules in harsher way than others, and act accordingly.

It is a very tough job to defend free speech, even when you are not a fan of some of the things that other people way want to express. Every day we are put in situations when personally we’d like to just kick and ban someone for being an idiot, rude, or taking their conversations to the edge of indecency. We constantly deal with spammers, mean people, user complaints, chat bots, and all kinds of ridiculous things, the last thing we need is someone who comes into the room, breaks a small rule, and then gets all bent out of shape about being asked to comply.

I have had users that made small mistakes end up causing big disruptions for the room. If you message me and say, “hey I only used all caps twice, I shouldn’t be permanently banned for that, your mod is abusing me just to make his or her friends happy, blah blah blah.” You know what probably happened? Most likely a small mistake was made, you were asked to stop, and the came back with an attitude problem. Now as moderators, we are used to that to some degree, and we know what it’s like, heck, most of us have been on the other side of the coin. But it’s the ensuing drama that generally gets people kicked or banned.

I back up our mods decisions most of the time. I do not expect to get the whole story from you or anyone else, if you message me about a problem, I will listen, but don’t think that I am going to believe that you have the whole story. This is a free service, if you don’t like the way it is moderated, if you don’t want to play by the simple rules, then don’t, you can always go chat somewhere else. You don’t have to use our site.

Also realize that with text chat it may be easy for me to read something and take it a different way than it was intended. The same goes the other way. I might ask something and in my mind I am saying it politely, but you might read the text and thing that I am coming off mean or demanding. Every day all over the world, through chat rooms, text messages, pms, emails, people are reading (hearing) things one way, when the intention (writing) was meant another way. It happens. Even with the “LOLs” and smiley faces we all use, it is really easy to take something the wrong way on all sides of a text conversation.

Understand that every moderator is taking time away from their play time to help the community here, and please understand it is a mostly a thankless (and unpaid / volunteer) job, and we deal with many people who don’t know all the rules. We also deal with all kinds of crap behind the scenes that you will hopefully never have to worry about. Respect the mods, play well with others, and have fun. Be glad you get to chat away and don’t have to deal with all the other crap.

A note about user created chat rooms, room operators and mods

If you enter a user created chat room, there may be a username in purple, and that user will have the some of the abilities of a site moderator, including the ability to kick you from their chat room. User created room mods do not necessarily have to follow the rules and guidelines that are established for our official site admins and moderators. If a user created room mod decides to kick you for whatever reason, please do not complain to the site admins, as we do not have any control over user created room moderators. Our official site admins and moderators may choose to enter user created rooms on occasion, and their names may appear normal, in red, yellow, purple or simply be invisible. As outlined on our privacy policy, site admins and moderators may on occasion also enter password protected rooms as well. We highly suggest you read and understand the privacy policy information, and check for updates when you use our site.

This page will be updated, have more info to post on other subjects! comment or email away of you have any complaints.




  1. In reference to the back and forth finger pointing comments the past couple / few weeks.

    It appears to me that all people involved have done some things that are wrong and against the rules. If nothing else against the expected etiquette and certainly outside of what is asked via the challenge to the regs.

    I’m not going to try to judge who was the worse offender of the worst rules. Not going to say well person A broke 2 rules and person B broke 4.

    I’m not even sure hard and fast rules are broken, because I got sick of reading the back and forth bull shit.

    Fanning the flames of ignorant arguments is just as bad as started them. Insulting users in the open room is toxic not just for you and the person you are insulting, but others in the room beyond who you are trying to communicate with.

    My suggestion, stop the bull shit. If you need to whine and cry about some shit you don’t like, do it in pm – or open another room and air your opinions there.

    Making the lobby a place for insults and in crowds is not how we welcome new people into our open minded community.

    Those who continue to poison the group chat with insults and snide remarks will be removed from the room – no matter if you started it, or you do something only a little bad while someone else did something major bad.

  2. When I got home this afternoon there were a few new comments here and several other comments that were made, but not-yet moderated / published. So
    I ‘approved them; so the comments would show publicly now.

    Given that some of the comments were made before other were published, and some comments were left after other comments were made, but not yet published publicly – there may be some confusion as to what things were said before or when or in reference to.

    Normally I suggest paying close attention the time stamp for other messages in pieces together some of the comment discussions, however in this recent set of comments the time stamp may not be a good reflection of when things were actually posted, and what things would be posted after them.

    The commenting system in the blog section acts quite differently that the chat obviously – it is supposed to auto-publish comments by people that have left previously approved comments – but that can change when the system does not recognize return visitors and such.

    I have not read all the of the comments from the past 24 hours or so yet.

  3. So can we address the issue of passive aggressive insults in the lobby? These users may not be directly naming someone, but it’s obvious flame fanning, and frankly most of us are sick of it. These will continue to posted here until the issue is addressed with these users who have nothing better to do but insult people and kill the atmosphere.

    7:46 pm Lynn™ How’s it been in here since I poofed?
    7:46 pm ten-inch-teen hey…
    7:46 pm GovtMinion Quiet mostly. Dipshit was here for a while but then it was now.
    7:47 pm TransStephanie lol who is dipshit?
    7:47 pm Lynn™ Awe, I missed dipshit, sad. grabs her coke

    • And hiding behind an anon account even!

      Grow. The. Hell. Up.

    • LOL. Everyone’s definitely sick of something and I’m willing to bet it’s not of certain regs making “passive aggressive insults.” (Whoops, was that passive aggressive too?)

      Also, mods aren’t personal attack dogs against every single act that gets one butthurt. They’re not censors; they’re there to make sure no one takes it to a place that is actually illegal or literally hostile. (And for the record, the ones I’m close to, at least, are even stricter with friends than they are with others in chat.)

    • *sighs* I typically stay out of these and leave my comments off site with particular friends. However – in relation to this and the claim that it will continue to happen. Most everyone who makes friendships on the chat tend to develop inside jokes with each other and regularly bring them up amongst one another – to over analyze every single comment made by every single user to see if you can determine who or what it is referring to is quite honestly a waste of time. “Dipshit” is a pretty common insult, as is “asshole” or “c***”, or “hater” or “bitch” – all of which have been seen, not only this past week, but throughout the duration of my time on SCSC – used by various members across the board to refer to one another, either indirectly or directly. It happens.

      I believe everyone of us could easily find something said by various other users during our every rendezvous in chat that offends us or makes us feel that our particular mood has been ruined, even something that we may instinctively take as a direct slight against us. Personally, it happens almost every time I’m in the lobby. However – you cannot expect every single thing to revolve around your comfort levels – that’s a fact of life as well as within the walls of this chat. Brush it off, ignore it, and go back to talking with your friends or whomever’s company you’re enjoying at that particular moment.

      I was in the lobby at the moment this exchange happened and even laughed a bit at it, as did some of the others who didn’t even know who the comment was referring to. I also remember things of this nature happening on BOTH sides of the current “drama” field recently, including a number of people that I’m not seeing complained about – some of whom have said direct insults leveled at another person…and yet nothing. And at almost every moment, chat continued on or at worst, stalled for all of a minute or two before people moved on to various other conversations (more often than not food porn as per our normal). There have been countless moments where I, and many of the people I’ve spoken with over the past nine or ten months, have been uncomfortable – but to expect the comments and remarks to be catered to make me comfortable is unfair to every single other user there is.

      We all have different humors, different toleration levels for bullshit and drama, and different reactions to it. But dumping all of this on Nash and expecting him to fix it isn’t fair to him – or to any of the moderators who volunteer their time. They can’t force us all to get along all the time. They can’t force people to have quiet, calm, bland, or polite conversations all the time. It’s a sex chat. That indicates passion. And if that passion occasionally heats words in flares of temper or annoyance, it’s to be expected. Do you confront every single person in real life who does something you find offensive? Do you run to your supervisor at work every time a coworker pisses you off or makes a joke to a friend that you don’t find funny in the office break room? No? Then let it go. Roll your eyes. Swear and complain with your friends and lovers in PM, off-site, or hell, in a private room you set up for that precise purpose. And then move on with your laughs, your moans, and your screams.

      It depresses me to see a site that has led me to amazing evenings and people alike deteriorating to a point where so many feel the need to question coming back on a nightly basis.

      • Vixx, I appreciate the sensible response, but…

        Our friendship is forever broken over this.

        It didnt have to be. Your friends are out of control, you know they are out of control, and its sad they forced this upon us. This was between you and me to work out. Now there is no chance of that.

        You know your bf deliberately creates a hostile environment, you know your friend went out of her way to double log and stir drama.

        All i wanted to do was create a new name, start over, and only inform the people i cared about in private when i was ready to. And i did…..long before your friend and bf took it upon themselves to police the site.

        Bye Vixx.

        • You do realize Dan, that no one has said a word about any of this in chat since the 22nd? The one who is out of control is you. Bottom line, karma is a bitch and now you’re paying for it. You don’t get to hit a reset button in life and certainly not on here. 🙂

          • Minion, your off site friend,mentioned it directly in the lobby just a few nights ago when he criticized me for telling a rowdy user we should block each other to avoid drama.

            What am I paying for? For starters this has only made you guys look bad and if anything i have gained friends once more. Im sure you are happy me and Vix are no longer talking, but i can live with the loss of one friend.

            So Can you explain how my name change effected you, Maria, and Minion to the point rule breaking and bullying was your best option.

            I did not hit a complete reset button, at least 20 people was personally told by me before you started double logging, creating fake profiles, and souring the environment with your hang ups. You guys were not included because it does not concern you.

            • “before you started double logging, creating fake profiles, and souring the environment with your hang ups.” — You can’t take one time and turn it into many log ins. It doesn’t make sense and simply not true. Fake profiles? Only one profile buddy and the only one i’ll ever need. You are clearly the one posting in the same thread under 3 different names ffs. I’ll direct you again to my karma comment in the hopes you finally choose to be sileny. “Marcy” affected EVERYONE in the lobby and that’s the only explanation you’ll get. 🙂

            • Minxy tells you off. Maria tells you off. Time to come after me again then? Fair enough. Let’s get this finished with so I can get some work done.

              The one thing I can agree with in your hissy fit here is that you’re right about Vixen. That she’s decided not to have anything to do with you any further proves my belief that she’s a wise woman indeed. Because really, she deserves a better class of friend than someone who feigns everything about themselves to try to get close to someone. So on that I’ll back you- I’m quite pleased that she’s no longer got you in her life. Well done, Vixen!

              You’ll find no rule-breaking on my end. No fake accounts. No hidden secrets. That’s the thing to me- I’m open about who I am. I like to joke that it’s because I’m not bright enough to try being someone else, but at the end of the day it’s because I don’t want to be anyone else- what’s the use? It’s amazing, the friendships you make with people when they know you for who you are. No snark intended, I genuinely hope you try it sometime- because for all those friendships you’ve built in here, not a one is built on anything but a web of lies and deceit about who you are. It’s good that Vixen no longer has to deal with it- here’s hoping others either get to know you for YOU, or follow her path.

              Regardless, it’s quite clear that your sole goal- no matter which name you’re under- is to cause as much drama and chaos as possible. And to your credit, you’ve done a rather good job of it. Bravo. Honestly though, it’s boring. It’s not what I’m here for. So while I cannot and will not speak for others, I’m going to give you what you ask for. Silence. I have nothing further to say to you, and all I’ll ask is that you stay out of my affairs. That includes Vixen, of course- I like to think you’re wise enough to know better than to push my buttons on that issue any further.

              If you like coming in a chat room as someone you aren’t, fine. If you want to do so and act like an ass to other people- as you certainly did as Marcy your first several weeks- whatever. How you carry yourself there is a reflection of your character though- take a good long look in that mirror and ask yourself what kind of man you want people to know. Is it the real you? A fun-mirror version, twisted and distorted by falsehoods?

              Best of luck. Leave me and mine the hell alone, son.

            • ” bullying was your best option. ” — Hardly bullying. All it took was the screen name “Kurtz=Marcy” to send you into a vicious rage. Nothing else was ever said in MV, only continually brought up here. Lies don’t hurt because they’re dismissed. It’s the truth that induces such anger. Did you really think that everything you did a month ago was forgotten? Do you think simply changing your name erases this from people’s minds? You’ve gotten a tiny taste of your own medicine and you don’t like it. That said, I’m also finished with this page and your stupidity. You’ll respond and can have the last word. It’s just not worth my time.

            • Too Minxy,

              “You can’t take one time and turn it into many log ins. It doesn’t make sense and simply not true.”


              “I’ll direct you again to my karma comment in the hopes you finally choose to be sileny.”


              ““Marcy” affected EVERYONE in the lobby and that’s the only explanation you’ll get.”

              -I don’t even know who you are. You asked me for sex once, that’s all I know.

            • To Minxy again, my number #1 fan…

              “Did you really think that everything you did a month ago was forgotten? ”

              What did I do a month ago? I don’t recall anything.

              “You’ve gotten a tiny taste of your own medicine and you don’t like it. That said, I’m also finished with this page and your stupidity. ”

              No, I’ve enjoyed this. You are at least being open and not hiding anymore.
              And we’ll see…

            • To my old friend Minion…if that is your real name?

              “That she’s decided not to have anything to do with you any further proves my belief that she’s a wise woman indeed.”

              -News to me. Last I heard she wanted to give it time and remain friendly, but I’m ending it now for her best interests.

              ” I genuinely hope you try it sometime- because for all those friendships you’ve built in here, not a one is built on anything but a web of lies and deceit about who you are. ”

              -Well that is your opinion. And people can have opinions about all sorts of things they know nothing about.

              “Regardless, it’s quite clear that your sole goal- no matter which name you’re under- is to cause as much drama and chaos as possible.”

              -If you say so?

              ” That includes Vixen, of course- I like to think you’re wise enough to know better than to push my buttons on that issue any further.”

              -That sounds like a threat.

              “Best of luck. Leave me and mine the hell alone, son.”

              -I’ve been leaving you alone, LEAVE me alone! And that includes your cowardly ambiguous trash talking in the lobby, son!

    • I think we all know who Anon is. It’s sad you started all this unwanted drama and now that it’s biting you in the ass , you want to complain to a Moderator. You got busted being many people in MV. Deal with it. I’d keep your new BBF Nerdy Kitten on a tight leash cause that may be the only friend you will ever have in there. My opinion, MV should have the same thing as NewChat. No guests can type unless you register. Too many morons can log on as anyone they choose as a guest or on mobile.

      • Observer,

        Your comment is not only inaccurate but out of line.

      • Okay Observer,

        1. I started nothing. What did i do? Quietly abandon a name associated with drama and try to start over with only my closest circle of friends in the know? That is starting something?
        2. Bit in this ass? Oh my ass is fine, i just think this trouble making minority of rule breakers needs to be held to the same standards.
        3. Busted being many people? I started one new account and no longer use the other. I told many people out of the box, it got around. Yep, honesty among friends.
        4. I have many close friends.
        5. Leave Bonnie out of this. Out of line.
        6. Good, because that would stop Minxy21.

    • If I could ‘like’ this post, I totally would. I hardly come in anymore, and this bullshit is why.

      • Clever. Of course, we both know that’s not actually true, don’t we Kurtz? It gets a little confusing keeping up on which account you post under these days. Perhaps you could pick one and stick with it?

        • You must have me confused with Minxy 21.

        • At any rate now that I have your attention. I sent this pm to you over a month ago, it’s not too late to respond. Why have you rejected a reasonable and fair peace offering? Why do you want to continue drama when I offered peace?

          My issues with you are many. But I am reaching out to bury the hatchet.

          Clean slate, you do your thing, I do my thing. We may never be friends, but we can occupy this place together.

          What do you say?

      • Why haven’t you deleted this account, Kurtz? I agree with GovtMinion. Please pick one account so we know which personality we’re talking to.

        • Because i dont have to, and nobody is being harmed by an inactive account. Why do you care?

          • @ Dan/Marcy/Kurtz

            “Your comment is not only inaccurate but out of line.” — I invite everyone to scroll down and read all about Marcy (kurtzcy). The fact you have the audacity to call someone else out of line is unbelievable and since when do you decide what is out of line?

            “I dont care, it just seemed to me like youreferencing the only person caught red handed in violation of the double log poilcy.” —– First, you obviously do care and the fact I get your goat is burning you up. Second part, this is like crying over a bad call in soccer. Yep it was me, i double logged in, the second being “Kurtz-Marcy”, and is it trolling if it’s truth? I straight up told Mikey it was me and sadly (or not so sadly) a mod wasn’t there to kick me. This is the last straw you have to grasp for and you’re losing grip.

            You have a great night. 🙂

            • Furthermore, i was in many pm’s with Mikey and warned and told never to do it again. Something i have no problem abiding by.

            • No i dont care about whatever offsite relationship you have with Minion. None of my business.

              Just like my relationships are none of your business.

              None of this was your business.

              Enjoy your drama.

            • Once again….no one talks about any of this in chat. It was a dead issue to me the day after it happened. You however choose to resurrect it in here. I’ll stop responding when you stop talking. 🙂

  4. So, just like to make a complaint about the admin Mikey.

    Last couple of days there was been a few problems, and before anyone starts to complain, I know Kurtz isn’t exactly innocent. However, a user was double logged in the same room, causing problems. She wasn’t punished. There was also another couple of users who were ‘flaming’ and were asked to block, yet it started back up the next day, so obviously they didn’t keep them blocked, which only suggests trying to cause problems.

    The way I see it, a few Admins I have come across in my time here are unwilling to ban ‘friends’ however they will jump at the chance to ban others. What these users done the last couple of days isn’t far from the exploits of ‘Timmy’.

    If you don’t like someone, block them. Simple as. If you have a problem with someone, and you think they are breaking rules, alert an Admin. Don’t try and deal with it yourself.

    And as far as I’m aware the person who has been getting the stick has been upfront with the people it concerned the most, it didn’t have anything to do with the ones that caused the problem.

    Anyways, complaint in. I know he could have dealt with it better, and I think he knows too, but the not kicking people because they are your friends has to stop or the site will go further downhill.

    • @ David.
      “not kicking people because they are your friends has to stop ” – yes if this is an issue it is something that will be changed. However I think there are many times when a mod actually does the moderating via pm and things are handled, yet others in the main room may be unaware that a moderator has warned someone. Not sure about this exact instance however.

      “same room, causing problems. She wasn’t punished” – again there could of been private messages sent to this person about an issue, and or it could be that it was not seen / noticed by a mod in the room at the time, not sure.

      “started back up the next day, so obviously they didn’t keep them blocked, ” – this could be the case, but it could also be that the system does not keep blocked users in long term memory, and so when users logout and then return the next day, a block may be removed by the system forgetting, not sure at this moment. I’m pretty sure the OC worked that way, and I think the NC system actually keeps a log beyond a day, and not sure at all how the MV system is handling that kind of thing right now.

      So I appreciate you sharing these observations, we will certainly check in on these issues among the mods.

      • @ David – I have gotten some details about this situation. It appears that several people involved were messaged via pms and details were requested, warnings and suggestions given, etc.

        • Nash,

          This has not worked. There has been drama for three straight days now. After this certain user was caught double logged and attacking me, she instigated more drama the very next day with Mikey in the room! Promising she wouldn’t stop. Mikey suggested I block her, but what good is that if her and a group of people are going to drama up the room for all to see.

          And just yesterday, a person involved was indirectly trash talking to me, refusing to name me, but making specific references. Out of the blue, Stating she is “happy for the block button hahahahahahaha I love the tears of males.” and other taunts, that was getting people’s attention and bringing the drama back.

          Mikey was in the room. He stated, he didn’t see any specific reference to me. So are people to be allowed to play the system like that? We can talk as much as we want as long as a name isn’t given? Kind of like right now. I’m not scared, this person was Maria.

          • Just for the sake of clarification here, there was no drama after I said that I was happy to use the block button, because I was sincerely amazed by its effectiveness at the time. The only people who responded were Error (who didn’t care much honestly, God love her) and Erik, who made a quip about hopefully never making it to my block list. So if that’s drama, then clearly I’m mistaken.

            The male tears comment was about someone entirely different who used to harass me on the site that Minxy and I tend to joke about. Surprisingly, not everything is about you, Kurtz, and if you’re going to be so offended by every little remark that doesn’t even have anything to do with you and dissect everything I say for some perceived slight, you’re going to need several more hours in a day, love. I’ve blocked you and will continue to do so, and you clearly need to block me for your own peace of mind.

            • Glad to hear different people’s views on the various things. Nice to be reminded that different people can see some of the same situation and come to different conclusions, and sometimes different yet in some ways similar ones as well.

            • Thanks for that demonstration Maria, could not have proved my point any better.

              This is amateur trolling at is absolute finest and our mods are experienced enough to know better.

              Maria was not sincerely amazed by the block button but pubically trashing me with a reference to the previous day’s drama where she was upset i blocked her from messaging my profile. “I see why others are so quick to resort to it.”

              As for her sexist insult to a nameless male. When one hides behind ambiguous language, they can twist the meaning to whatever they want in hindsight. Maybe the lobby isnt a good place to trash anyone? Rather you name them or not.

              When i informed Mikey as this was happening he fed me the ambiguous excuse. Either Mikey has become unfit to Mod by failing to see one of the oldest and most obvious tricks in the book or he didnt want to take action against a friend. I only address Maria’s show of hand because others are following her example of indirect trash talking.

              You know there are some nosy bitter c***$ here that need to mind their own business…

              No, i wasnt talking about Maria or Minxy, i was talking about the homeless guy that keeps looking over my shoulder as i type this.

              Point made?

            • The only one keeping this going is you Kurtz. No one even acknowledges your presence.. You’re known as Timmy2 and for good reason. You make up transsexual hate speech lies about me in a failed attempt to get me banned because i called you out and now you want someone…anyone to hang for it. Live with the consequences of your previous actions, you’ve done it to yourself. I’ve not said a word to or about you since the day this all happened and we all will continue to do so. You take care now buddy 🙂

            • You’re free to think whatever you want of me, Kurtz, but the fact remains that the block button is a beautiful, wonderful thing, and I haven’t given it its due. Quite frankly, I’m not that hard to figure out. I used a block button, I was happy to no longer receive messages from you in private or in the lobby, and I rejoiced somewhat. Did I elaborate to anyone? Did I talk about you at all? No, I didn’t.

              Whatever you’re accusing me of actually gives us more insight into your personality than it does into mine. This excessive paranoia about what people are actually thinking, going as far as assuming that you know better about how I feel than I do says more about your insecurities and actions than it does about me. In fact, it explains a lot about why you act the way you do.

              You forget (or probably never knew) that I’ve been around for four years now, and in those four years, I’ve always been transparent. I’ve always been some variation of Maria, I’ve never double logged for any reason, and I’ve never been kicked for any reason whatsoever. I’m a joiner inner and I encourage other people to make vocs, to talk in the lobby, to have a little sexy fun when they can.

              The other regs who’ve interacted with me know that while I’m sarcastic and quick with a quip, I’m hardly a troll. I do believe that most of them would also probably know exactly who I was referring to with my so-called “sexist insult,” given what Minxy said about the male in question before I responded. (I would really recommend screen caps as you’re extremely prone to misquoting.) I’m pretty sure mods know exactly who I was referring to as well, as it was linked to a series of incidents that made the mod board.

              You might be hoping to be the subject of my ire, as I seem to be of yours (well at least one of the many), so I can somehow slip up and blow up and get myself banned. But again, I’ve been around for four years now. I’ve seen people who behave the way you do come through, and they eventually run out of steam and favor. I can tell who’s worth real anger and who isn’t, and honey, you just don’t get under my skin the way I seem to have yours. Because trust me, if I wanted to tell you or anyone else exactly what I thought of you, I wouldn’t even blink.

              You enjoy your day now. 🙂

        • Okay, well hopefully that will be the end of it. On the other page, I suggested about looking for new admin. I think it would benefit the room to have an admin there that uses the room regularly.

          • Hello folks,

            Didn’t really want to post anything here but has this makes reference to my modding or has some people think my selective modding, on that day I walked on site in middle of site drama, both parties pmed me, and has I only saw one chat log, not showing all the drama or the context I couldn’t take action, both parties got advise to start using the block feature has per normal in these cases and cease on the back/forth drama.

            As to Maria somehow not having the same rules applied to her, Maria is an old friend for about 5 years and one of the few people I can talk to comfortably, Maria has never asked for any sort of special treatment and I have never granted her any special treatment.

            As to Maria posting about blocking someone, no name was mentioned maybe she was referring to you, but maybe about someone who has given her and some other folk a load of unwanted drama.

            Has Nash pointed out most modding is kept to pms out of the main room, it’s a lot easier not to lose info in a pm bo then a busy room.

            Since I started modding way back in 2011, I have learned so much and everytime sometime gives me feedback, I welcome it good or bad, and take a long hard look at what I did and if I could had done better.

            If I can just say because of not having the whole story, no one got warned/kicked or banned, just to use the block feature, both parties got treated the same, the exact same, if I took favorites I am sure Nash would have demodded me a long time ago, I have banned friends and got in off site arguments about it.


  5. Things got a little heated in chat tonight. Wanted to be sure you had this log
    IllyCharbelcher: {MintyMage} think that was the plot of marvel infinite crisis
    MintyMage: Would not be the first time
    rusty: go fuck yourself minty
    IllyCharbelcher: ????
    rusty: really do it
    IllyCharbelcher: that was out of nowhere
    sophimom: {rusty} lol
    MintyMage: Don’t tell me what to do
    IllyCharbelcher: youre not my mom!!
    MintyMage: You’re not my General!!!!!
    rusty: really?
    rusty: prove it

  6. FireFighter.35 has accused me of being a man publicly in the chatroom and has promised to clear up the whole situation if I send him pics of myself. I don’t know what the rules are for extorting people but this has to be against the rules right?

  7. I would like to know why I was banned for 10 minutes on 08/17/2016 by Julia.

    I was logged in as guest: Dave’s Birthday Fuck. Which did not violate any rules. It was a joke for a friend.

    I did not violate any rules to my knowledge, me and a friend were just joking around in the lobby with each other. We did not speak ill of anyone or troll anyone. We were just having a good time, which is what I thought were supposed to do here. i want to be able to express myself within the rules and not be worried about being banned like that. Please I want an answer on this.

    I was later taunted by several anon guests and guest Liza Marie, Who seemed to be in the know for me being banned. This set a tone for what would be a pretty bad night on the board.

    I want an explanation!

    • Marcy, I was there last night as a guest talking to a friend when you came on. My guess is you got kicked because you dominate the room day in and day out. No one can get a word in. And when people don’t agree with you, you get more hostile. We have even compared you to that Timmy troll. You come in as a guest and f*ck with people or you pick a horrible name and f*ck with people. You are the one who starts the drama, fans it, then questions when people start attacking you right back. We are all for having fun but damn, you take it to the extreme. And please don’t sit there and lie about being taunted after your kick. No one said anything to you and you know it. I feel bad for any new members that log on when you’re there. MV was suppose to replace the OC but NC has become more poplar because of people like you. No one wants to deal with your crap anymore. I hope a Moderator can pop in more though it won’t really matter. Marcy behaves when one shows up. She knows how to work the system, right Marcy??

      • If I could ‘like’ this post, I totally would. I hardly come in anymore, and this bullshit is why.

        • I will send you a private message and invite you to discuss your concerns with me. I have to admit, when I first came to the board, you were openly hostile to me for reasons I still don’t understand.

          I nearly quit my first few days, because you led others in attacks against me. Now most of these “others” are my friends now because they have took the time to chat with me and stopped listening to you. I can’t say you are missed. You have a very bad reputation among the many users I have chatted with.

          Your name is name is often brought up as a reason for people quitting this site. Maybe we can both repair our reputations and by burying the hatchet here. Hey man, I forgive you for that brutal first week. I’m glad it happened because I made so many new friends who didn’t understand your hostility and reached out to me in sympathy.

          • I have not gotten specific details to show that ‘this view is true’ or ‘that view is true’ – however scanning over the recent comments, these situation remind me of some times long ago.

            For all those involved in this situation, I would like you consider that what the other side is saying is likely true.

            Before you get defensive and want proof and all that – just consider it for a while. But wait, how is it possible that this side is wrong and the other side true? Well I’m not saying that. I’m not saying the other side is wrong. How is that possible? Surely one side is really wrong here. Not so.

            It’s entirely possible that the other side is right, and your intent was not as wrong as others may have perceived it. It’s certainly possible that something meant as a joke with a giggle was taken by others as a put down with a scowl.

            Even if things were taken as they were intended to sound, it does not mean that the overall intention was what was considered. Some time ago we have a particularly outspoken young lady who would be quick to quip back and come off as a mean bitch to those who knew her and new people that had never been here before. Even though her statements were heard by others as they were meant to be said, some took them very seriously and as personal attacks, and yet her intention was more to set herself as a strong woman, who was looking for strong people to be friends. People who could take a verbal lashing, and give it right back, without crossing some lines.

            So there is intent, and there is non-intentional confusion about inflections in language and such.

            I think it’s important to consider how other people are seeing / feeling what you are saying, and take a step back. You could mean one thing, and yet it could taken as something else.

            How things are taken by others is part of the rules, as fanning the flames and stirring up drama pots can occur even if not intentional. Some of these thoughts about how others, especially newer users, perceive your statements and the importance of considering how others read what you type is more thoroughly discussed on the ‘challenge for the regs’ post here.

      • Hello, “A Reg”

        There seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding here. Far too much to address in a single post on this platform. I would invite you to reveal yourself, you have nothing to fear, and reach out to me via private message. We can discuss this in a civil fashion, I will hear you out, if you hear me out, and work together to bring this place together. Please, reach out to me.

    • @Marcy – I am not sure about specifics at this time. I do recall a few mentions at one time, and I wonder if you may be getting caught up in drama, or as we have on the rules pages stuff about ‘fanning the flames’ of drama or something. Again I am not sure of specifics at this time, I’m just guessing that if you were stuck in a 10 minute kick on purpose, it would likely be something like that meant as a chill out / cool down period and it likely affected others as well. If I get details that spell out something different I will post them here at a later time. Just waking up here at the moment.

      • Nash, I was not caught up in any drama. I was not arguing with anyone. I was talking to Dave the entire time.

        Please look into this matter, can Julia clarify what exactly she saw that would result in me being kicked?

        I appreciate you looking into the matter.

  8. nash, why are certain people still allowed to post porn in new chat lobby? They continue to do it. I thought that is what porn share is for.

    • @mikey4u – I don’t think we ever made it a rule that you can’t post porn, or other links in the lobby. We did come out and say that we need to limit the amount of links posted, without a firm hard rule set like ‘no more than 3 links per person per 2 minutes” – basically suggesting that if you want to post and share a lot of links, lots of porn, or lots of youtube videos or whatever, then it would be best to move that into another room. However posting the occasional hot pic, porn vid, or other outside link is okay in most rooms, as long as the content does not fall outside our accepted content guidelines.

      Others may say that the community has established certain other parameters or guidelines that they prod each other to follow, and that may vary depending on the particular group that is in the lobby at whatever time frame.

    • fyi – I just edited the above comment, as I noticed that I originally posted “I do think” at the beginning, when the intent was “I don
      t think” – lol

  9. Why is my up address banned? I have followed all the rules, guys.

  10. Unhappy MV Chatter

    11:02 am ageyputt Gst-Visitor_740, Marcy makes the rules
    11:02 am Gst-Mark the Dark I don’t know who Marcy is..the same Marcy there is a complaint for private jokes with friends, she said pm her if you are offended.
    11:03 am Gst-Mark the Dark She hasn’t broke any rules.
    11:03 am Gst-Mark the Dark If are jealous of her pranks, maybe try to be her friend?
    11:03 am Gst-Mark the Dark bye all

    Last time I checked, we couldn’t be double logged in the Room. She calls them pranks but this is getting ridiculous. It’s funny how she only does this when a Moderator isn’t around.

  11. nash teen dick 16 is in new chat lobby causing trouble i have told everyone to use block button mikey4u

  12. I am not sure i am posting this in the right place or not. I don’t normally post on here or any of the other parts of the blog, but I have been seeing alot of hate and users just being rude.

    I have been coming here for 7 years now. I feel like when i started we were kicked more or frozen or warned alot for stuff that now newer regs, users, etc….. are getting away with. This morning when I was in the NC I asked nicely if a couple would go into pm or make a room and the girl was very rude to me. I also told the couple that if they didnt like what people were saying they could use the iggy button and they were like no. And i know i should block them but i wanted to say that before i did. When i still went into the MV room one user was trying to call me out for something that could have been talked about in pm. And i know i have done some of this shit before and I am sorry for that.

    The room is a safe place for some people and so many good people are leaving because of stupid assholes (sorry for saying stupid assholes) who think they can get away with anything. And yes i know the mods can not be in the room at all times and we should use the iggy button but sometimes you get annoyed and say shit.

    I am going on a rant I guess. I hope we can all work together to have a better room for newer user and older users to come and enjoy the rooms and not be scared away because a user, reg, etc…. was rude to them.

    Nash, thank you a million times for all you do for us.

    Pussy Cat

  13. Nash, I wish there was an efficient and fast way to save chat logs. The current way is cumbersome and slow. Maybe a click on save button highlight what you want saved and send to moderators. Sounds much more efficient and fast. Just a thought. Thanks mikey4u

    • @mikey4u – I assume you are referring to the nc / new chat / peeps cams chat? I think it’s dreadful in both that system and the mv chat right now actually. Something our OC system had much better years ago. Sometimes a screen shot or ‘print screen’ capture is better than trying to save the chat’s actual text these days. Certainly something I’d like to see done better in the future.

      I might move this comment or copy it over to the suggestions page ( ) –

  14. Nash, why has new chat lobby become a porn room people are complaning and leaving. I was told not to say anything to people breaking site rules. The 2 people showing porn said we don’t follow any fucking rules. Thanks mikey4u

  15. Nash thank you thank you. Whatever you did Thank you I logged off new chat to come and thank you. Hope it lets me back in. Thanks mikey4u

    • Good to see you back Mikey and once again sorry for any mistake in the banning

      @Nash, Thanks boss for sorting it out

  16. Nash, I understand and I appreciate your help. I look forward getting back into new chat. It still says “Your IP is baned” Thanks for your help. mikey4u

  17. Nash, I now can get into MV chat, but its like no body can see what I say. I speak to people I have known for a long time. They do not respond. This is strange indeed. I cannot get into new chat I still get the “Your IP is baned”. So strange. Thank you mikey4u

    • @mikey4u – I am pretty slammed busy today – and I may not get to look deeper into this for several more hours. I will try to get into this later tonight.

  18. Nash, It is for new chat and MV chat also since I can not get in either chat site. Thank you. mikey4u

  19. Nash, I carried my computer to a computer expert, he did every test known to man kind. He talked to my IP people. The conclusion is I have been pernament ban from sexchat. I was told a 24 hour ban. It seems easy enough to simply click the un-ban button. They say someone at sexchat put a permanent ban on my IP. All I have asked is if this is true tell me. Just tell me the truth. That is not too much to ask. Thank you mikey4u

    • @mikey4u – I will look into this. We have had some issues with our ban / unban thing lately. Is this for the new chat / peeps cams chat or the mv-chat system?

  20. Nash, when I first said temp mods to you I did not mean they would do what the regular mods do. My suggestion would be let them have the ability to call a mod quickly not having to go from room to room looking for a mod. Teach them how to save logs and send them to you. They should have the ability to warn people & maybe kick for 30 minutes or so and if that ability is abused, do a Donald Trump and say “You’re Fired”, nothing complicated. There is simply too much fighting and abuse that happends in lobby in new chat. People leave the lobby and they don’t come back. I know I’m there 12 to 15 hours a day. My granddad had a stroke I came to South Carolina to take care of him so I have alot of time on my hands so I go to sexchat and chat. Thank you mikey4u

  21. Mikey™, Thank you for your reply, I have run my anti-virus scan, my malware protection & I have defraged everything that can be defraged. My system tells me it is 100% clean. Therefore the problem must be on your end. Looks like all it needs is for some to click on the right button. Like lift the ban. I have tried loging on with Chrome & Explorer it says your IP is baned. So… I have no idea. Thank you, mikey4u

  22. Good Morning Nash,
    I am curious to see if the ban for mikey4u can be lifted. mikey is such a good communicator in most of the rooms. always helpful and greets everyone. I know he can be a pain in the ass at times. But I find that the rooms are not the same without hi there. I am sure mikey will adhere to the rules if he is let back in. I know mikey tries hard to abide by the rules so we all slip. it was a word he used and there are more than one in there that have used similar words. We all make mistakes and we learn by them. I am sure this ban has mikeys utmost attention as to the block button rule. I miss him in the room and I know he communicates with everyone for the most part. Please Nash reconsider his ban.

    • Hello Missy, as far as I know and unless I have made a mistake the ban was for 24 hours, (without going into detail the kick/ban method is different to the OC and MV sites) so unused to it. That was the time I felt was needed, the time Mikey was told would be the length of ban. I’m puzzled to why Mikey can’t get on site, but as I stated others have had the same problem

  23. Mikey™,. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. You said, “if you get back on”, this leads me to think I have had more than a 24 hour ban. If this is the case please let me know, and I will not waste your time with emails. This is all I ask. Thank you. mikey4u

    • Mikey, I meant that sometimes after a ban the person finds it hard to get back on, with server trouble I guess, take for example Janie, (Not having a go at you Janie, just pointing out your trouble getting back as an example), anyhow I have asked Nash on the mods only page to check if I have done an error in the timed part of the ban, it happens at times, like miskicks and I am sorry if this is the case. As stated your ban was timed and if it had been a perma ban, I would have sent you more details from our perma ban blog page for info, but it was not.


  24. nash, it seems as though my ban is not 24 hours but a permanent ban, My time on sexchat was enjoyable. I will not bother you anymore. Thank you. mikey4u

  25. nash, I was baned July4th Monday evening I guess around 9 pm for 24hours. My math is not very good but from 9pm Monday to 9pm Tuesday is 24 hours. It is now 3:30 am July 6th. Unless I’m wrong this is the longest 24 hours in history. Could something be wrong? Please inform me if a 24 hour ban turned to something longer. Thank you . mikey4u

  26. Mikey™, If, I can explain about the double log on. I wanted two ways to get to sexchat. I created a new account using Explorer. I use chrome for mikey4u. The system would not let me use mikey4u using explorer so I added a 2. mikey4u2. The system accepted that. I did not know it would let me on using both. People in the chat room we laughing saying I knew it you are twins. I was getting ready to log out and come back in using mikey4u when you came in. You told me I was double logged. I left . It was a mistake. I hope this explains. it. I have not done that again. Now I know. I guess ignorance is not bliss. And my ignorance shines through so much of it. mikey4u

  27. Mikey™ . I don’t know if pm chats are saved or not, but if they are you have ours and when you said ‘since it is you’ I took that as meaning because I have been on sexchat for a long time instead of giving me a permanent ban you were giving me 24 hour ban. I did not mean it otherwise. Which, I took it as you were being kind not anything else. I guess I did not make that clear. I’m sorry for the confusion I caused. You have been nothing but kind to me, so has Goddess & bikerdad. I have had very little conversation with the other mods except to say hello when they come into the lobby. I hope this clears this up. mikey4u

    • Thank you Mikey,

      First of all I hope you can get back educated more in the way of the site and everyone can be happy, Some points and Mikey I’m not having a go at you and indeed I would ask everyone to read and hopefully then get along with each other.

      I get banter, the way friends greet each other sometimes with swearing, doesn’t mean their are being mean or nasty to each other, sometimes me and British for example greet each other by me calling him wanker and him replying with Dick, means nothing just a bit of fun and banter between friends, however if someone I didn’t know came on site and I called them wanker, fucker or any other swearword of your choice, and their wasn’t expecting it, that would be different, as my mum says “got nothing nice to say to someone best to stay quiet”

      If you can remember when you thought someone had been racist about you, I won’t mention the name, how you felt, on Monday when you, and to be fair, you probably just let it out without thinking, the word fag, you were hurting people the same way you felt hurted, if you get back on, then please never repeat that word.

      Regarding the double log in, thanks for explaining the reason why but it’s still a major no no, again please don’t repeat.

      If I may ask you and you can tell me to get stuff, these pages and make sure that you understand them, any questions and I’m sure Nash or a mod or indeed anyone will chime in and help you.

      Can I also ask that you read this too

      Again, hope to see you soon Mikey and greeting people in a friendly welcoming manner 🙂

  28. Nash, newka and I were talking about a gay parade in Toronto, Canada, Newka is from Canada, she said, he rode in the gay parade in Toronto, I said, I knew he was a fag. We laughed about it in pm where newka said as good looking as he is he can be anything he wants to be I replied, yeah you are right. That is all that was said. Katrina jumped in and called me a homophobe. I blocked her. Demii said, mikey4u sucks cock for votes. I have more votes than she does and she cannot stand it. I said before you accuse me of anything you better have proof. I blocked her. Mikey™ showed up we went pm I tried to explain to him what had happened. He said since it is you 24 hour ban for you to think about. Nash you sent me the site rules. I read the entire thing. I thought site rules applied equally to everyone, apparently not. Seems like anyone can call mikey4u anything they like and it is ok. Well now that I know this I understand. But if you can explain to me why Katrina was not baned for calling me a homophobe and Demii was not baned for calling me a cock sucker in the lobby I will accept this. But this is not fair. Mikey has the logs read them. Ask newka she will tell you. Since I was baned those two should be baned also for calling me names in lobby. I called no one a fag in lobby. No matter what I say Katerina has something to say about it. I had her blocked for a long time. But since I logged on using explorer I did not block her my mistake, I will go back to using Chrome only where she is blocked. The reason I have 235 votes is because when new people come in I welcome them and tell them if I can be of any help to let me know most come back and ask me questions. If I can I answer them, they thank me and say I just voted you 5 stars because you helped me. I go in every room on the site and talk to people telling them to have fun. I get votes from them too. I have never asked anyone to vote for me. Looks to me like you need a good will ambassador in lobby. I have told you several times you need a mod in lobby most of the time. It would stop political, religious and hate talk along with stopping people from speaking french and german. This happens alot and people pm me and say stop this I reply I’m not Mikey Mod, sometimes they leave the chat room. I try to find a mod but I cannot, Goddes always comes when I tell her about a problen and so does Mikey and bikerdad. They are the only ones I can find. Believe me, my only concern is for Sexchat to be the best chat site on the net. I hope you do not ban me permanent for this. At least it is off my chest. Newka and me were baned a year or so ago because of Sexpandable, but that is another story. It is time to stop. Thank you. mikey4u

    • Mikey,

      If I could explain what the 24 hour ban is for, it’s partly about the language last night and partly some of the way over the past 6-8 weeks I have seen you jump in and make snide comments about other users of the site, in short at times you have been fanning flames, The statement you posted last night included a term that is offensive to the LBGT community
      “F word” = noun (GAY MAN)
      › [C] US slang an offensive word for a gay man.

      Mikey such as if someone whose hateful words about other races, would be warned, hateful words comments about sexual communitie are the same.

      There was also involved in the decision the fact a week or so I caught you doubled logged in the lobby.

      I ask that if you have any query about the rules, best to ask here.

      I do not play favorites if anyone used the word you posted would also get 24 hours.

      Anyhow I hope this clears up any questions about your ban.


    • @mikey4u – Mikey had a reply ( ) – if that does not clear things up, let us know.

      • Nash, just curious as to how many 24-hour bans mikey4u is entitled to? Because I subscribe to the thread I see all of the public messages posted and I try to read as many as I can.

        It seems that every single week there is another post here from mikey4u talking about he got in trouble for breaking the rules again and received a temporary kick. And even though he has supposedly read ALL the rules he has no idea why he’s in trouble. Plus, should I remember correctly, bashing somebody over sexuality or sexual lifestyle is a pretty big one here!

        People have come forward in the past and talked about what, at least they perceive to be a form of favoritism. I really don’t think there is any actual favoritism here but I do think it’s fair to say that most on this site would have received a permanent ban a long time ago for doing even the stuff mikey4u has done and in a repeated manner.

        Maybe it’s just me, but he seems to receive one 24-hour ban after another and then return just to break the same rules, or variations of the same rules, again and then claim to not understand why. Really, anyone who has been bumped to the rules page as many times as mikey4u should know it by heart and be able to recite it from memory.

    • On rereading your post Mikey there is something I am not clear on the “He said since it is you 24 hour ban for you to think about” at no point in our pm did I refer to “since it is you” I referred to some cutting/snide banter that has been seen recently, as well as a double log in, if it come off like I was banning you because it was you, then I am sorry it was perceived that way, I just wanted to clear that up, anyhow see you later and please have a good day.

  29. nash, now here is an idea for selecting mods. Why not hold an open election and let the registered members vote for mods. Hey if Britian can vote to leave the EU maybe the members could vote of mods. Maybe hold the electiom on a Saturday people don’t work then. Have names submitted then let the people deside. Sounds good to me. What you think? Just trying to find a way to keep political and religious talk out of lobby in new chat. Please on our election day in November have a mod in lobby. People were leaving lobby when the Brits voted to leave there was so much discussion and bad feelings. Since I’m American I voiced no opinion in the matter just kept telling people to use their block buttons. Of course they did not listen to me finally I left also. Thank you miley4u

  30. nash, i get to new chat by going to MV clicking on Free Chat rooms scrolling down to the old chat chech in page clicking on lobby then down to the New Chat box click on that it takes me to new chat. Please don’t ever take that down. people have given me this link chat when i do that it asked for my user name and password it was so long ago when i registered i can’t remember what i used is there any way i can find out what i used for new chat or mv chat i should have written it down but i did not, so my email is below if you could send it to me i will be greatful . i tried once it said error and i have one try left if i put in wrong information it makes me wait to get back in, or can i register with new email and pass word i just want to get in new chat with no problems. this time i will write it down. Thank ypu mikey4u

  31. Nash, I know i’m a pest, but is there any reason I can’t get in new chat? i type in sexchatsexchat new chat like I do everyday. Now all it gives me is every MV chat information there is no option for new chat. I’m at a loss as what to do. I would appreciate any help you can give me, Maybe the site don’t like the fact that I have 175 votes. More than the mods. That is meant to be funny. What do you suggest that I do to get in new chat? mikey4u

    • @mikey4u – well if you find yourself on the mv-chat page, there is a navigation in the middle-ish top area – and one of the tabs is for ‘cams chat’ – ( ) – which will get you the NC system as well I think.

      I am guessing it’s not the site, or your votes that are having influence on what I am assuming is a search engine you are using that is guiding you to our chat system.

  32. Nash there is a person in lobby named ramlove who keeps posting personal information and using capital letters. I told he to go read site rules. Otherwise I don’t know what to do. We need a mod he is annoying. mikey4u

    • @mikey4u- I popped in the nc and did not see this name there or anything about this situation. Best thing to do in these situations is to use the block button, perhaps teach others how to use the block button.

  33. Nash, is there a painless way to delete buddy list ? I have asked in lobby, porn and gay nobody knows. Thanks Mikey4u

    • don’t remove it! i and many others use it for leaving offline pms for friends and when you don’t want people to pm you we set it as set for friends only pm me.
      don’t remove it!

    • 2mikey4u – I don’t know anything about the buddy list in the nc system – sorry. It’s really really old code and I’m not jumping back into that system that deep again – sorry.

  34. Nash, thank you for your reply, of course my comment, “a mod appears out of thin air” was feckless, bad analogy.. What I should have said is a mod is never around when one is needed. People have me confused with Mikey™. I am asked at least 2 times a week,”mikey4u I need your help having a problem” I explain that I am not a mod, I go looking for a mod and cannot find one on site. Maybe you could install, call a mod button. Or use temp mods as I suggested, Of course they would be under strict orders to be careful n try to educate users of site rules and give warnings. I seen in the past when a mod warns someone the person usually settles down and behaves. No one wants to be baned or kicked out. On Chat avenue the mods talk to each other rarely to users and they kick alot. Usually for 24 hours. My only desire is to see Sexchatsexchat the best chat site on the net. Most chat sites are cess pools. But you have a great site people love lobby in new chat. Not so much in MV too many guest. People like to form friendships and can’t with guest. As far as new mods go AmericanHoney would make a great mod. Maybe Call a Mod button is the answer thats where a temp mod would be good. Users don’t like to block other users. Now I’m rambling. The mods here do a great job under stressful situations. Thank you. Mikey4u

  35. Nash, why is it that during the day they can speak German and French in new chat lobby and no mod is ever around and all I have to say is Hilary no last name and a moderator appears out of thin air and warns me? Where is the justice? I still think temp mods would stop this maybe have the ability to kick abusers out for 30 minutes or so no permanent ban leave that up to you. Thank you. Miley4u

    • @mikey4u -This:
      “all I have to say is Hilary no last name and a moderator appears out of thin air and warns me?”
      Is awesome.
      I’m so glad it works out like that when it does. We are very strict about certain things in the main rooms, religions and politics being a couple of those things that are really big pet peeves for us. Of course we have many pet peeves and rules, and the other languages issue is included in that long list of rules we have.

      I have kicked around the idea of temporary moderators, and even group vote to kick options.. however good these things sound, they become ripe for abuse – and other issues surround them.

      We will consider adding new mods once we get things ironed out more in the mv chat system, a few more updates and we’ll be getting back to speed with everything I hope.

      In the meantime, I would love to see all of the users use the block button and share with others how to use this feature, as having a large group of people clicking the iggy / block user button will generally remove 99% of the problems, including the language thing.

  36. nash new chat won’t let me in . It asks for my *edited by admin to remove info end admin edit*. I registered so long ago i can’t remember. How do I fond out? mikey4u

  37. 4:35 pm British who the fuck actually cares ?
    4:35 pm Sai_(M)*El Tigre* Do you need a spork?
    4:35 pm Tori22 having a bad day british
    4:35 pm Gst-Bi-Cate-40 hi everyone
    4:36 pm British anybody who really..deep down cares about the “way” me and GD have been acting can literally go and fuck themselves
    4:36 pm British we can act the way we want..there are no rules against it
    4:36 pm British so fuck off. seriously
    4:36 pm British rant over
    4:36 pm Sai_(M)*El Tigre* You two finally getting down n dirty?
    4:36 pm Sai_(M)*El Tigre* Good for you
    4:36 pm British finally ? xD
    4:36 pm Gst-karen18 well that was a wild one lol
    4:36 pm British apparently there have been many complaints about it
    4:37 pm British and literally..who the fuck cares ?
    4:37 pm British seriously ?
    4:37 pm Sai_(M)*El Tigre* I saw your essay on the peeps page
    4:37 pm Sai_(M)*El Tigre* Way too long
    4:37 pm British its actually starting to piss me the fuck off
    4:37 pm Gst-Bi-Cate-40 lost
    4:37 pm Sai_(M)*El Tigre* Didn’t read it

    A prime example why most of us don’t complain about a moderator. British’s rant brought the room way down -sighs-

    • @anon3 – I appreciate the info here, and I think this is an example of something real that can happen with dual relationships. This is something that I touch on in the ‘how to be a mod pages” – this kind of thing could use more details in future pages I imagine.

      I see that the current situation is spilling over a bit into clicks and stuff, and I am sorry to see that. It’s hard to seperate what is drama that should just not happen, or what is drama that is created by those who are just having a personal issue about something and not really in the mix per se.

      I do not think this kind of thing happens often, and certainly would not be a reason that many people would consider when choosing to send a complaint or not. I could be wrong, as I am unaware of all the current regs connections, and so it could be with how things are and have been the past month or so, that this is indeed a larger concern today than it would of been the past few years.

      Hmmm. I think all this will soon pass and people will accept that some others have hooked up and whatever feelings that may cause. My main concern is that we do not have the appearance that mods are letting one person or group of people violate rules while enforcing rules on others. This is the kind of thing I would really like to see chat logs or screen shots of.

      Of course if there are other issues that are cropping up in the chats in relation to the mods we will address those as well.

    • did u all fuck today

      • @dennis – I almost fucked today. Then felt like I got fucked, then things got better! Then delayed. Then I tried like hell to not think about fucking. After fighting that urge while staring and trying not to stare at amazingly beaufitul temptation… I got to make out! Which was awesome.
        Now I might go fuck myself. While looking at some other people fucking, while thinking about the girl I’d really like to be fucking. Maybe. we’ll see, sometimes plans change, and you gotta roll with it.

  38. MV used to be a fun place but for the last month or so, it’s gone down hill. Goddess is drunk half the time and doesn’t moderate as she should. She abuses her powers when she’s in a “bad mood”. Some of the regulars that visit at night are talking about leaving the site because of this. Yes, there is NewChat but most from the OC have registered already in MV and have made friends there. I have also seen a group of them gang up on other regulars if they don’t agree with what’s being said. It’s become a very rude place and not fun at all unless you’re part of Goddess’s group. You wanted MV to be the place to be, Nash, but you are losing people at a high rate because of this. I and others hope you make some changes.

    • @Anonymous – I appreciate you sharing this. I will definitely look into this. If others are talking about such you can let them know that I am here in the comments area, and will be popping into the chat to see what’s happening, and my email addy is posted above on this page if anyone would like to send me any screen shots.

      • I appreciate Anonymous being the one to bring this issue forward because it has been an issue for me as well. In fact, GoddessDivine is the very reason I don’t log into chat anymore. Goddess plays favorites when she is “modding” and she is much more relaxed with the rules when it comes to British (I’m not against mods “fucking” other users but you shouldn’t show favoritism when they clearly break site rules). I’ve also noticed just how much differently British acts when GD is the only mod there versus a mod such as Mikey or BigTex. I’ve always been hesitant to complain about a mod because rarely anything ever comes of it however, other people clearly feel the same way I do (and I know of other specific users who do).

        Thanks for taking the time to read this Nash.

        • anon2 – I appreciate your sharing this view. As far as “rarely anything ever comes of it ” in realtion to mod complaints, I must say that most complaints I get about the mods are when the users have broken rules, and the times when people suggest that a mod is breaking rules there is rarely any concrete examples of such. Also there are many times when the mods will get together, discuss, and change some things in how we do things, and those discussions and changes are not posted in the public areas, so sometimes we make changes based upon comments, but those changes are not seen by everyone, so it could appear that rarely does anything come of complaints, when it may be more accurate that often times users think we should do one thing, and we do another… but be sure that I/we rarely do nothing 😉

          also additional comments related to this I guess –

        • I think another reason most are hesitant to complain about a mod is if that particular mod hears about it, they may treat that person differently in the room. Example: I logged into MV eariler today and saw the Divine One ranting about FF35’s complaint in the lobby. A few of her “friends” made some rude comments, etc. I don’t think that was the place to vent. Do it in a PM or something. I also read something about getting screenshots? Who wants to sit there until something is said, mostly when it happens more late at night. We do have jobs in the morning, Nash.

    • I have to agree with this person. I finally had to leave MV because of the rudeness and bad moderating. GoddessDivine lets her friends do as they chose but if someone else does the exact same thing, she goes off on them or they all gang up. The lobby is for everyone but U can’t get a word in edge wise. I feel sorry for any newcomers that pop in.

      • might be time to re-promote the old challenge to the regs post.

        I try to encourage our regular users not to gang up and such… perhaps some reminding of why would be helpful.

        As far as mods being in the room and not modding properly, I’ll need more specifics. In some cases we need mods to resign, in other cases we need to establish better lines/ boundaries on when we should be in the room as a moderator and times when we should not be in mod mode. Of course this is different with the mv system, so we may need to develop mod names and different names / logins for times when we may want to be in the room to play around and not be serious or whatever. Will be thinking on this.

        thanks for chiming in you all.

    • I am very glad that these complaints were brought to this page. As a mod it’s hard to always gauge if we are doing our jobs correctly. The shift over to MV chat has been an interesting and some what stressful change for all of us. I definitely encourage people to challenge what I am doing if they think that I’m not doing something correctly. My PM box is always open for regular users and guests are more than welcome to request that I open a PM box for them to contact me. It’s been mentioned that I let certain people get away with things and not others and if this is actually the case PLEASE feel free to PM me and point out when a rule is being broken that I am missing. I am human and I make mistakes. I also have emotions which I do my best to control as a mod, but again, I am human. I am taking all of this to heart and keeping it in mind, thinking things over. I fully intend to pay closer attention to my modding and make sure it is indeed the best it can be at all times. If it has slacked off recently and caused issues, I do apologize to our users and will do everything I can to change. Something also to remember is that we mods mod for nothing other than being able to educate users. We don’t get paid, we receive no praise, and it is a very thankless job most of the time. With that being said, I mentioned the transition has been stressful for everybody, this move to MV. There has been A LOT OF COMPLAINING and so perhaps there are times when it gets frustrating. Lots of drama lately as well. I encourage users to bring complaints to here or to PM, so that it doesn’t bring down the atmosphere of the room with the negativity. Not because we don’t want the feedback, but everybody is having a good time, or trying to and the negative attitudes have been abundant lately. And there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that many users do not realize is happening. Please keep that in mind.

      Something else has been mentioned that really actually bugs me and I want to address it. Some users complaining about the the large group of people that “take over the lobby”. I know I’m included in this because I am a VERY active user. I welcome people openly over and over again. And I chat. A LOT. Just because I’m a mod doesn’t mean I’m not going to screw around and laugh and have fun. I’m not going to limit how much I’m talking so that people can “enjoy a quiet room”. It’s a chat room, meant for talking. And PLEASE TALK. I love when people join in. It’s a really really fun place to be. I’ve been on site for over 4 years and have met some of the best friends in my life. I highly highly encourage people to do the same.

      Again, thank you all for the feedback.

  39. nash, alot of people tell me they click on my 5th star it won’t lite up it must be burned out call the repair people fix it lol mikey4u

  40. hi yeah not sure why i ve been banned

    name is seekspetite

    i wasnt even at my keypad when banned actually hadnt been at it for half an hour or more

  41. nash then i got a message saying error was not baned lol mikey4u

  42. nash we had a little problem in new chat lobby everyone was joking and having fun i said only kosher pickles, nash i’m a cajun jew if i can’t say jew who can the conversation went on and a jewish girl was sais i said jewish pussy someone named Reddi jumped all over me bout slurring her religion I told Reddi I am jewish too Reddi said you have been warned I repeated I’m jewish Reddi said i copied the chat records and sent them to nash if i can’t joke bout my people who can everyone came to my defense to me Reddi was an edvil person always looking to cause trouble i hope this is not a problem since i was making fun of myself. Thank you Mikey4u

  43. It appears that I am blocked or banned from NC nash, for whatever reason. Would you look into as to why? I was abruptly disconnected and am unable to reconnect. Would you please look into what happened.?
    TY janie

    • @Janie – you were banned by one of our moderators, along with 2 other people at approximately the same time.
      I am not sure of the details or reasons for these bans at the moment. Most people that read our rules find a reason or reasons for them to be banned.

  44. nash, have i been baned from sexchatsexchat for some reason. I can’t get in.
    Thank you for your assistence in this matter

    • @mikey4u – why do you think you were banned? (you could of been, I will need to check around) – is there some kind of error message or did you get some kind of warning about breaking rules or something?

  45. need Mod in room to kick out a guy called Platonic
    he is causing nothing but trouble to all members.

  46. nash timmy is back, please get a mod here to ban him or her whatever it is the room is impossible to use

    • ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

      Hello mikey4u – I have sent an email to Nash with info about happenings in NC-lobby today.
      And I have asked for a mod, too – but that was some time ago – today.
      I have posted a mod requeste on Chat connection problems, hoping that someone would see it.
      I am not sure if this really is him…., but who knows.

      Greetings ladylikes™.

    • oh great – another troll. Might be time to make some more changes here.

  47. nash what is wrong with new chat it is scrolling so fast and the user list disappeared HELP

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