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Have a complaint about one of the chat room moderators? Or forums moderators?

If you want to make a complaint about one of the moderators, you can email the site admins; jmes and nash read the emails sent to adultwebmasteronline atthe yahoo dot com – if you ask that your information be kept private between you want the site admins, when you email, then it will be.

You can also submit a comment in the form below, and you can choose to use your real screen name or just type anonymous. All replies made here on this page will be first sent to moderation by the site admin, “Nash”, unless you have already posted a comment (and had that comment approved) somewhere else on the blog. If you already had another comment “approved” on one of the blog pages, then your comment left below in the reply field will be posted immediately, and all the world will be able to see your comment, and the name you have typed into the name box.

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More about the mods

Every one of our chat rooms mods has volunteered to help make the chat room a better place. They are taking time out of play time to help the room and everyone in it experience a happy neutral place to enjoy mature conversations. Every one of our mods has read a very detailed set of “mod rules” – and we constantly discuss with each other things that come up, and what to do in edgy situations. Every single one of us is prone to make a mistake once in a while, and some of the mods may interpret the rules in harsher way than others, and act accordingly.

It is a very tough job to defend free speech, even when you are not a fan of some of the things that other people way want to express. Every day we are put in situations when personally we’d like to just kick and ban someone for being an idiot, rude, or taking their conversations to the edge of indecency. We constantly deal with spammers, mean people, user complaints, chat bots, and all kinds of ridiculous things, the last thing we need is someone who comes into the room, breaks a small rule, and then gets all bent out of shape about being asked to comply.

I have had users that made small mistakes end up causing big disruptions for the room. If you message me and say, “hey I only used all caps twice, I shouldn’t be permanently banned for that, your mod is abusing me just to make his or her friends happy, blah blah blah.” You know what probably happened? Most likely a small mistake was made, you were asked to stop, and the came back with an attitude problem. Now as moderators, we are used to that to some degree, and we know what it’s like, heck, most of us have been on the other side of the coin. But it’s the ensuing drama that generally gets people kicked or banned.

I back up our mods decisions most of the time. I do not expect to get the whole story from you or anyone else, if you message me about a problem, I will listen, but don’t think that I am going to believe that you have the whole story. This is a free service, if you don’t like the way it is moderated, if you don’t want to play by the simple rules, then don’t, you can always go chat somewhere else. You don’t have to use our site.

Also realize that with text chat it may be easy for me to read something and take it a different way than it was intended. The same goes the other way. I might ask something and in my mind I am saying it politely, but you might read the text and thing that I am coming off mean or demanding. Every day all over the world, through chat rooms, text messages, pms, emails, people are reading (hearing) things one way, when the intention (writing) was meant another way. It happens. Even with the “LOLs” and smiley faces we all use, it is really easy to take something the wrong way on all sides of a text conversation.

Understand that every moderator is taking time away from their play time to help the community here, and please understand it is a mostly a thankless (and unpaid / volunteer) job, and we deal with many people who don’t know all the rules. We also deal with all kinds of crap behind the scenes that you will hopefully never have to worry about. Respect the mods, play well with others, and have fun. Be glad you get to chat away and don’t have to deal with all the other crap.

A note about user created chat rooms, room operators and mods

If you enter a user created chat room, there may be a username in purple, and that user will have the some of the abilities of a site moderator, including the ability to kick you from their chat room. User created room mods do not necessarily have to follow the rules and guidelines that are established for our official site admins and moderators. If a user created room mod decides to kick you for whatever reason, please do not complain to the site admins, as we do not have any control over user created room moderators. Our official site admins and moderators may choose to enter user created rooms on occasion, and their names may appear normal, in red, yellow, purple or simply be invisible. As outlined on our privacy policy, site admins and moderators may on occasion also enter password protected rooms as well. We highly suggest you read and understand the privacy policy information, and check for updates when you use our site.

This page will be updated, have more info to post on other subjects! comment or email away of you have any complaints.




  1. DaddyNeedsYngSlut

    Nash, I registered for the NC on Apr 7 and received the confirmation email and everything. Now, I go to login and it tells me I’m not registered. What gives?

    • Did you really register for the nc, or for the peeps section or for the scspace section? Its tricky. there are multiple places around here you can register, and login, and not all of them are connected. This is by design for certain reasons.

      • DaddyNeedsYngSlut

        Nash, sorry it took so long to reply, I’ve been working.

        Okay so here it is: I clicked on New Chat and logged in but it made me register in order to private, so I registered my name and my password and then received the email telling me that I could now login.

        A couple days later I decided I wanted to chat so I went back to the site and loaded me in under my selected name automatically but then I wanted to try and add an image to my profile so I clicked on Login in the upper left corner and that’s when all this trouble started, with the site telling me I’m not registered.

        What am I doing wrong here?

        • so yeah.. there are two logins / registrations on our pages.. some of those logins you will find at the very top of the page and such, and some, which are seperate you will find in the chat box itself. once you are logged into the nc if you want to change a profile pic then it’s the top left corner of the chat box (not the top the page/screen) – there are some cog wheels for settings.

          If you registered in the nc and were able to chat there that is one system, and if you find yourself going to another login box (and there could be two or three on any given page) – then that is a separated and different system, so that one is going to say you are not registered.

  2. bikerdad has been saying some extremely misogynistic things in new chat and i dont think its appropriate for anyone, let alone a mod
    Deesnuts: figure it out
    [21:22:11] Mikey™: Guests can’t
    [21:22:12] Sharkie(Futa): How is everyone?
    [21:22:23] Mikey™: but you can answer a pm/whisper
    [21:23:16] Deevious: hey biker, I gave you 5 stars
    [21:23:26] Deevious: ow you have to be my bitch
    [21:23:29] Deevious: now
    [21:23:48] Deevious: t goes for you too, hugger
    [21:23:51] bikerdad: only shows 4 stars……..find another bitch until you come up with 5
    [21:24:04] Deesnuts: oh yeah….gave biker AND mikey 5 stars each sucka
    [21:24:19] Deevious: ok i got to go

    • @anonymous – I always appreciate reports of concerns. I will check into this. Not sure what the ongoing conversation entailed, althoug peeking at the snippet your posted, I am guessing that it was a retort to the “you have to be me bitch” statement, or part of a larger conversation in general. I do not think this was coming into the room saying “I need to find a bitch” for example.

      Looking at this a second time, it appears to me that the statement is saying “I (bikerdad) might be a bitch, but until you get 5 stars, you will need to find a different bitch” – so I’m not sure this is misogynistic actually. Maybe I’m missing something here.. but the first read of what you posted did make me think one thing, maybe you saw the same.

      • @anonymous…..the definition of misogynistic …one who hates women….i dont see how you came to that conclusion from my post……Deevious an I are friends an i did not call her a bitch……i was referring to myself after i was called a bitch….sorry if you misunderstood.

  3. nash is sexchat down or is it my system

  4. Nash, I give up nothing works good luck with your new chat room. mikey4u

  5. Nash, i registered a few days ago for new chat. At first it would not accept mikey4u²™. After several madding attempts I changed to mikey4u. It accepted that. I checked in this afternoon, the damn thing changed my nick to mackey l davis which is my email name. Matter of fact thats my grandfathers name. I tried to change it, it checked me in as guest visitor 547. CandySmooth™ was in there with her name.. Why did it not accept mikey4u²™. I’m at a loss please help me. Tell me how to change it to what I want. mikey4u²™. Thanks

    • @mikey for you – there are several ways to fix this – once you are logged in, hover on top right where says “howdy mikey” – edit profile.. you can;t change your username, but can change ‘real name’ – or something like that…

  6. I was in the middle of a nice PM with someone and suddenly WHOOP! Banned without warning. Was this an automatic thing? Did a mod try to talk to me first and I just missed it? Was kinda weird and sudden tbh.

    • @Sum 1 – looks like you were kicked / banned for 6 hours.

      • 6 hours is basically just an evening so whatever happened I suppose it’s nothing to get too worked up about.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond.

        • @Sum_1 – a six hour ban can sometime happen by accident, with this old chat system there are hiccups where lists move and stuff like that.

          However most of the time a 6 hour ban is sending someone to the rules page and giving them a pretty long time out. So it is generally a strong warning, which does give people to read all the rules and ask questions if needed. I assume that when you spend some time reading the rules, content guidelines and terms of service that you will probably get a good idea of something(s) that may have been an issue either with what was said, or screen names, or things like that.

          I don’t have a lot of info about this particular situation at the moment.

      • Have I been banned today or is the site having problems? Was having a nice mutual chat and then – bingo – no more access.

  7. I hope whomever is using my old name. I hope they’re enjoying it. Fuck this site and to the person who used my old name. My girlfriend is pissed and accused me of being on here when I did. Fuck you all!

  8. Nash i filled out the form on account. I have no idea if it was accepted or not all it told me was my password is WEAK lol. What happens now . How do I use it. I’m totally confused.

  9. ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    Some Teenie got his room open and disrupts the lobby occasionally.
    Just for your info, he usually logs on at this time.


  10. Mr Nash. why is sexchatsexchat lobby down? I can’t get in ant rooms on sexchat. It is not google or explorer they work find on other sites. So its gotta be sexchatsexchat is down. Bummer.

  11. New Chat is down.
    any reason why?
    please fix quickly
    thank you

  12. Hi Nash,
    Sorry for posting this here, as it is NOT a complaint, but iI am having a slight technical difficulty with the site. For some reason I am not getting any audible alert when a private message comes in for me. I have tried resetting the preferences a few times. If I select the alert for persons joining the room, and for public messages, they both work OK, but the private messages don’t.
    It started after I cleared all my cookies in a ‘house-cleaning’ sweep a few days ago.
    Is this something at your end or at mine?
    Regards, Steve.
    ps: is there somewhere better to post this?

  13. I use the name Black(M)aster on here. I open a Master’s Haven room whenever I am here. Someone seems to be impersonating My name and exact room title and description. Can you please ensure this is not possible in the future?

  14. Hi, Mickey….wondering why I was kicked??

    • @cockslut – were you in a room with someone screen name mark15 or something like that?

      • absolutely no idea…I just joined the room and got kicked. I know the rules and never violate them …plz lift my ban!

        • cockslut-f- how can you have no idea if you were in such a room? Glancing at the ban list I would assume that you were in a room made by someone with a name like mark!5 – which is against the rules. So you say you know the rules, but you have no idea if you were in a side room when you got kicked?

          • I just entered the room and at the same moment I got kicked….I really have no intention on such! plz try to understand…

            • cockslut – sorry, you said you knew the rules. You broke them. This is your permanent ban notice.

              I suggest you familiarize yourself with the information presented on the permanent ban notice page, as there are some serious privacy implications should you choose to attempt to return to the chat rooms here.

            • Dear Nash,

              Mark!5, I exactly remember…at first place, I truely admit that It was my fault not to notice it properly before entering the room. But this is my first mistake like that..kindly reconsider!!

            • Dear Nash,

              Mark!5, I exactly cant remember…at first place, I truely admit that It was my fault not to notice it properly before entering the room. But this is my first mistake like that..kindly reconsider!!

            • cockslut – I will think about this while I run errands today. Have you read all the rules, terms of use, and what happens when things get to the permanent ban notice level?

  15. Hello Nash, I just got kicked and IP banned by Goddess Divine and yet I did nothing wrong. She told me that a message I posted might be construed as soliciting underage conversations and I asked her a question about what is allowed in order clarify the rules for me. She suggested that I append “18+” to my post in order to comply with the rules. I asked her another question about whether I can talk with someone who is over 18, about someone who is not (i.e. their child) and she said: ‘of course not’ and then, without any warning I was kicked and my IP address banned. I reiterate, I did nothing wrong and can only assume she took offense at my questions. Perhaps this is a temporary ban (although it has been longer than 10 minutes, which would have been sufficient for me to read the rules again) but in case it is permanent, I wish to express my concerns at what felt like a very arbitrary and unjustified reaction by Goddess Divine. I thank you for your time.

    • @Steve – From your statement, am I to understand that you have not only read the rules, but had read them previous to this situation that you got kicked / banned?

      I will look into this situation and gather more details from the mods end.

      • Hello Nash, and thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I had read through the rules previously. It is entirely possible that I missed something or misinterpreted something, on that first reading. I will admit that I wasn’t aware that it is against the rules to talk about people who are underage, or experiences that happened prior to being 18, but having reviewed the rules again just now, I see that this is the case. GD was justified in bringing this to my attention – and I even thanked her for clarifying that point in our exchange before I was banned – but I still assert that I did nothing wrong and was banned without warning.
        I look forward to hearing from you again.

        • @Steve. I have researched this a bit, and I can see where both sides of the conversation see an issue with the discussion.
          I am going to clear your ban for now. The answer to one of your questions that may have gone unanswered in the chat room is posted within the first 7 sentences on the rules page ( ) – I think that is pretty clear.

          I could break that down and post more examples, and I may edit that line in order to make it more clear – however it is stated in the rules, and anyone who uses our chat rooms should be aware of that rule and the others. We take our top 7 rules and content guidelines very seriously here.

          • Thank you, Nash. I have reviewed the rules once more. I am guilty of misunderstanding the later part of the section which relates to talking ABOUT people under 18, including oneself.
            For what it’s worth, I do not feel that you need to expand on the rules. They are sufficiently clear but I – like many people, I suspect – did not fully comprehend when I first looked at them (which, I actually DID, when I joined!)
            Regards. Steve.

  16. nash thank you for sending a mod so fast to Gay & Bi he is gone Fine Wine was there, thanks again mikey4u

    • oh, I did not send anyone.. I just woke up. Glad that the issue got sorted.
      (I deleted your previous comment requesting a mod for this, as there is no need for search indexing of those kind of things)

  17. I was ip banned by goddess divine and i have no idea why. I have followed all the rules on this site. i know it was her as she was the only one modded up in the lobby and i would like to talk to her about it but being ip banned i can not. I feel this was unfair on my part for not having recieved a warning before i was banned

    • i apologize it was temporary but i believe it was unfair

    • repeated caps.
      then returned with an attitude and made a comment about “Fuck all the mods, I’m out”

      Alicia – I suggest you get a thorough understanding of our rules here.

      Although you may have been temporary-kicked for some of these things, should they continue with you then I would expect your next kick to possibly be a permanent-ban.
      Also notice that the rules page highlights the additional terms of use and privacy policies as well.
      Should you desire to continue to chat here, you will need to follow these policies. Being double logged into the same rule is something that is mentioned in our terms of use for example. Please make sure you either completely understand the terms here, or do not use our services if you can not understand them and follow them.

  18. Mr Nash there was a problem with a person named CONVERTER he was rude saying racist stuff and other horrible things in Lesbian room they thought i was Mikey™i told them to block CONVERTER , i went looking for a moderator could not find one you need a moderator who is here most of the time. They kept telling me to kick him, I could not, I felt so helpless the girls were afraid of him. I only have two classes now and am here in Lobby, 90% of the time. I wouild love to help you when i can. He finally left. They were thanking me I did nothing. Nothing I could do but tell them to use the block button. Thank you mikey4u.

  19. MrNash I was playing on my keyboard and pushed ctrl & on my nimber pad I pressed O it reducedmy font size I can’t get my type size back big . how do i increase my type size back to big type I have tried everything and of course I can’t find a moderator to ask please help me.

    • mikey4u – maybe do a search using bing or duckduckgo or and search for “[your browser name] reset default font”
      or something like that. If you are using firefox you might try to hold down ctrl while spinning your mouse wheel. Otherwise I dunno much about all the ways all there with all the different browsers.

    • if your font seems large , on google chrome and most of the others you can reset to the default size by pressing ctrl + 0. ( zoom level fy )

  20. hey Nash.
    hope you had a good Christmas
    um I’ve been banned and i have no idea why.
    someone has probably been using almost identical IP address as me.
    can you please fix if it is not too much trouble.

  21. Mr Nash talking bout smiley faces i used to go to chat avenue room 1 they must have 60 different smiley faces great ones that site is simply a sex site the minute you go in someone takes you pvt no chat in the main rom at all i did not like the site thats why i started coming here . But take a look at their smileys faces they are great. Mikey4u

  22. Mr Nash I have read the list of all the people who have expressed interest in becomming moderators. Most of them are a joke. No way could they be moderators but there was one that caught my eye. American Honey would be a great moderator. I do not know if American Honey is male or female nor do I know where AH lives. I have never seen AH to start any kind of conflict in lobby as a matter of fact AH has tried to stop conflicts. AH is a fair person. As I said I have no horse in this race but AH would make a great Moderator. Thanks, mikey4u

  23. Mr Nash, I know it is too late this year but if you have time go on skype and look at their christmas smiley faces and maybe next year you can get something like that for sex chat the smiley faces are so cute. Just an idea for Sexchatsexchat. Thanks Mike

    • @mikey4u – I will have to take a look at those. We will be looking at adding more emotes / emoji / smileys and such to the newer mv-chat system in the near future. Working on some upgrades for it first, that will likely take another week. Then it’s extra modification time.

  24. I’m banned, maybe for logging on with two different names? kindly let me whats the reason for the ban….

  25. To The Moderators, guys i read every word Nash sent me on being a Moderator, i would not get past the first page. I never knew what you guys have to put up with. I’m sorry for all the trouble i have caused. I now have a new found respect for Moderators. I will be extra careful in the future, trying not to be an asshole like i have been in the past. All of you do an excellent job of keeping peace in the lobby. Thank all of you. If any of you ever need my help i am here alot of the time. Thanks again Mikey4u.

  26. Mr Nash you never answered me about how one becomes a moderator I don’t work i don’t have to i spend alot of time in lobby might as well do some good I have noticed there seems to be absence of moderators lately Mikey4u

  27. Hello! Um. I’m wondering why my name was banned? I didn’t bother to change it from such a long time ago but now that I have down time again I want to go see if my old friends are still on. I attempted to log in but realized that I was banned on IP or name? May I ask why?

    • @Lil Ari – yes you are banned.

      I do not have quick access to the exact reason the ban was placed at this moment.

      I could try to see if there is any way to get info on the reason, but that will take a couple / few days, and there is a chance that I will not be able to contact the mods that were on during that time, which could drag out the time for me to find the exact reason on that particular day.

      In the meantime I highly recommend that you first read all of the info on this permanent ban notice.

      IF you feel so inclined; you could read all of the info on our rules page, and the hyperlinked additional info about our content guidelines.

      Most people are able to find a reason or two when then peruse our rules / terms.

      • Thank you for replying so quickly Mr. Nash! I think it might be because of my name. But I’ve been pretty diligent in making sure I put 23 F next to my name so they know my age since Lil can be a bannable offense. I don’t know why I was banned a second time and It’s ok. Take your time please!

        • @Lil Ari – there must of been a situation in which one of mods requested info or a change that you did not respond to for whatever reason. Given the issue at hand, what we would need from you is a copy of your gov’t issued ID to verify age, and a photo of you holding that Id for proof. If you would like to proceed with that process we have a form with additional information for doing that here:

          As is mentioned on that page, I understand if people do not want to do such a thing, and it is fine with me if they do or they do not. It saves me precious time when they don’t. If you do decide to take this route, then after you have filled in the forma and sent what is requested, please make a comment in the blog section here so that I will get a notification to check that email box, as it is something that I only check once a month generally unless I am expecting something specific.

          If you do not use the get verified process, then your ban will remain in effect forever / be permanent, and I once again suggest you read up on the info in the permanent ban notice as I mentioned in a previous comment in this thread, as being banned can sometimes kick in additional clauses in our privacy policy, which should be of concern to people who do not want their personally identifiable information shared with third parties.

  28. Mr Nash, I thought I was baned at Approximately 11:30 p.m. last nite it us now 11:50 and I still can’t get back in I was told a 24 hour ban. Unless I cannot tell time, here must be another problem. Please advise when I can go back in Lobby Mikey4u

  29. Mr.Nash, how does 1 become a moderator? Since I spend a lot of time in sexchat, I might as well try do do some good while in there. Mikey4u

  30. Mr Nash And Goddess Divine, I guess I could have read the comments wrong and i’m sorry if I did but the word “shit” in referring to us Cajuns just flew over me like wild fire. I think it was Tayla and Red Minx that was talking about food and one of them said she loved boiled oeanuts with Cajun spice, I said Cajun spice is the best cause i’m Cajun, that’s when Colter said or what I thought he said Cajuns are shit and error said thank you Colter, I said error if you are talking to me then “fuck off” that’s when I got baned. I’m wiling to say I misunderstood and if that is the case i’m truly sorry. Goddess you know how we, you and me talk about food. We make each other hungry n I end up ordering take out at 10 ‘0 clock at nite. I hope we can continue to do this when I get back in Lobby. Thank you for your fast comments. I feel much better now. Oh I might come back in as Baned Boy hahaha. Mikey4u

    • #mikey4u – re:”come back in as Baned Boy hahaha” – I seriously advise against that. That would likely be misunderstood by many people and cause some drama.

      • mr nash im trying to get on the site but theres no connection why is this?
        would appreciate an explanation thank you
        ireally have no clue why dodess kicked me out of the chatroom

        • Newka please read Nash’s comment above about using the name banned, please don’t repeat what you just did as coming in as banned girl again

        • newka,

          I did not kick you. As I explained to you last night, you were double logged, on accident, as I am guessing because your name “disconnected” but did not actually disappear. So you had to log back in and therefore had 2 names. So I gave that name a generic kick so that you only had one name logged in. It wasn’t in punishment of anything, just simply because the extra name was hanging around. I then also explained to you that if you waited about 3 minutes you would be able to log back in under that name and without the numbers attached to your name. Which you did. You were able to use the name again last night after those few short minutes. Not sure what all of this is about.

        • mr nash ive been trying to get in the chat room for almost 3 hous it gives the message that my name or ip address has been banned ben on the site of and on today i never told i was banned please help me with this problem thank you


          • @newka – I do not see the ip you left this comment with in our primary ban list at this time. I also do n ot see the screen name “newka” – are you still unable to access?

  31. Mr nash I just got baned from lobby, I am Cajun and as person named Colter said Cajuns were shit I took it as as an insult and confronted him. A person namerd Error also had some ugly things to say about Cajuns I said Eror if you are talking about mr fuck off Goddess baned me. What would yoy do if some one said your ancestory was shit? Goddess was wrong I was taking up for my race. I have never said anything like that about any race of people. I hope you discuss this with her. And I hope I’m allowed back in Lobby. She should have baned those two not me. It is not fair cause when a moderator has favorites they can do or say no wrong. One day all I said was Hillary I did not say Clinton I could have been talking about Hillary Duff but was not given the benefit of doubt. This is what I mean by moderators having favoriates. mikey4u

    • @mikey4u –
      Sorry to hear that you were offended by something someone said in which you understood as being disparaging against your heritage. I am not sure that was the intent of the statement made by this other person. It’s easy to read something one way when it was intended to mean something else. Without being there to see what was said and getting an idea of the context surrounding such I can’t really say too much in that regard.

      I will say that especially in the main lobby, we have rules against hate speech and many other things, and racial / ethnic statements that are hateful. I wrote quite a long piece about that some time ago, and I tried to educate people that some things may not be meant in a hurtful, hateful way, yet some common sayings are taken as such. It’s not always an easy thing to pinpoint when someone is trying to be hateful, or trying to make another kind of point. Sometimes people say things that are meant one way and others take those things as being ugly. I doubt that “Error” was trying to be racist or anything with statements, but that is going by some past experience with seeing Error’s general sentiment in the chat rooms. I could be wrong, it could be something else. I could try to get some logs to look into this deeper if indeed you feel that people were attempting to be seriously hateful in the main room in regards to someone’s ethnicity. However I would like to mention that it would not unusual for someone to say something like “cajun sucks” and mean that their experience with cajun food was not good.

      What would I say if someone said my ancestry was shit? Oh probably, “I’m sorry you feel that way”, and I’d let it go. If someone thinks bad things of people from the past – that is their prerogative. I myself do not live in the past, and I do not judge one person by the actions of someone else, whether they were directly related like siblings, or related by generations. If someone else were to try to disparage me in regards to ancestors or race, then that is more telling about their ignorance in life, and tells me not to waste my time worrying about what such an ignorant person says.

      As far as defending your ancestry or race or place of origin or whatever, I must say that we also have rules about arguments and fanning the flames of an argument. While it is fine to make ONE statement to say you disagree with something someone is saying, it is not recommended to start cussing at people, as this just fans the flames of back and forth bullshit that we don’t want in the main room. I can’t say that Goddess was right or wrong on this particular situation without seeing full logs of things, but I will make a note of this particular complaint. I have a feeling this is just one view of a multi-angle situation. Certainly I can discuss the issue with her as you ask.

      I see a note that says you were given a 25 hour ban / block… so as of right now, it does appear that you will be allowed back in the lobby after 25 hours or so.

      As far as whether or not other people should have been banned or temporary kicked, I can’t say. I also have not check to see, but it is indeed possible that it was not just you that got kicked from the room. In cases like this sometimes several people are kicked to the rules page for a cool down period and to refresh on our rules and policies.

      I agree that it would not be fair for a moderator to have and play favorites. Although I do not think any of our current mod team does any such thing. In face I would say that I believe our mods actually hold their ‘friends’ or ‘favorites’ to a higher standard. This is pretty much how we have had things setup for a long time. Everyone that has been a part of this community for a long time will see that we don’t get away with playing favorites. We are quite transparent about our rules, and if a mod was to ban some he or she does not like for minor rule violations while allowing friends to break the rules, well I’d hear about it, and someone who mods like that would not be on the mod team very long.

      I can’t say much about the Hillary thing you mention. Again it has a lot to do with context. I can imagine a situation in which others were talking about voting, and someone could say ‘Hillary’ – and others would think that meant Clinton.. as to where the person making the statement was talking about voting for the best album of the year, or sexiest performer, and meant Duff. Sure. Things like that can happen, but generally our groups are pretty good at seeing when someone is trying to get by something by saying part of one thing meaning something, but trying to make it appear that they were not.

      With all that being said, it’s not always about the responsibility of others to give benefit of the doubt. Much like the information posted in the ‘challenge to the regs‘ and information posted about hate speech, racial slurs, etc… It’s not always the responsibility of others ot add doubt to intention. It is a shared responsibility of others and each of us individually. Just as we want others to consider how we may perceive things, we also need to be aware of how we may be perceived. Especially in a text chat environment. Especially in environments where we have many different cultures, and slangs and such.

      We try to be open minded, and talk to others about issues we see. However that does not work well often in times when someone is being defensive and feeling hurt. Certainly it’s easier to talk to someone in the chat room when they are suggesting they want to smoke and use a term like fag, than it is when trying to get an understanding (both ways) in a situation in which someone feels they are being subjected to hateful statements.

      Anyhow, I suggest you take some time during this 24 hour ban and think not just of the issue that occured, but how it could of been handled by the various parties in different ways. Not just how others could of acted different, but yourself as well. I suggest taking some time and getting a better understanding of our rules and policies as well.

      I can’t say that our policies are 100% fair to 100% of the people around the world. Some things are just not possible. However we try to be fair to a majority of people, and try to make things fair in regards to what we find as common courtesy in the western world culture. Not all people around the world will feel it is right that we allow this or that, or don’t allow that or this. Some things that are generally accepted in India may conflict with generally accepted etiquette here. Things that are generally accepted as statements that reflect a minor opinion and common thought of a group of people around here may be considered very wrong in India.

      As to where I can say that I have an open mind to learning about these differences, and have respect for other cultures, I don’t think it is possible to have just one lobby that is fair to everyone for the whole world. Many over the years have found that their particular feelings and thoughts do not blend well with our main lobby here and have either chosen to find other places to chat, or have been banned from using this place. Some try to understand and change / adapt in order to enjoy the various groups here. In most cases it does come down to the individual responsibility; the ability to choose your response.

      Some do not want to choose a response that is more well accepted here, and it’s fine to be that kind of person; if you feel so strongly about a certain subject that you can not tone down your response, that does not make your feelings wrong. However we are pretty particular about certain kinds of expression here, especially in the main lobby, and many people have found that their temper is not well suited for the main groups here. Doesn’t make anyone good or bad, it just is what it is.

      A little food for thought, some or most of this may not apply to you, and you current or previous situations here. Like I said, I was not there, but I can offer some thoughts from what I have seen over the years in situations in which someone comes in making similar statements as yours above.

      • @ Nash Thanks for addressing the “hate speech” topic fully here. I am in 100% agreement that it is unacceptable. That being said, @ mikey4u it is easy to misunderstand something written in text and in this case you completely misread the statement made. The person in question was actually paying your culture a compliment, a very nice one. I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the chat log the next time I see you in the lobby. Now, like Nash said even if you had been correct in thinking you were being insulted, I would have been fine with you making one comment to defend yourself. The problem was that after you made the comment and I told everyone to block you turned around and made another abusive comment and then told yet a different person to “fuck off”. You have been given many many chances and warnings about using your block button and not getting abusive with other users. This seems to be a problem with people lately and I just don’t understand it. It takes far more effort to be absusive towards someone than it does to block them. mikey4u, I would be more than happy to discuss this with you the next time I see if you feel so inclined.

  32. Adm Nash why can’t we get a mod in lobby when we need one already 1 good fight and maybe another is about to start. mikey4u 12:30 thursday

    • mikey4, I’ve been in and out of the site 3 or 4 different times today and all was quiet. Nobody said anything to me about any drama.

    • mikey4u – We try to get mods around as much as we can, but certainly we have never achieved 24/7/365 coverage. Although mods can be an excellent diffuser of most situations, often times there is more power already in the hands of those in the chat rooms. If you see people arguing, insulting or things like that, the best thing to do is use the block user / iggy button. This makes it all disappear. When a majority of the people in the room use this tool, the person who is making inflammatory statements ends up just taking to themselves, which is the ultimate way to handle such a thing as far as I am concerned.

      Sometimes it is helpful for users to educate the other users about how to use the block / iggy button – and when a group of people do just that, it makes the rooms so much better.

      In the rare situation in which that fails, users can save a chat log and send it my way to consider doing things about the users, but most of the time the group iggy thing works perfectly. Sometimes I remind others that engaging these kind of arguments often gets into feeding the the trolls / fanning the flames / adding fuel to a fire – which is also against the rules. Which leads us back to the awesome iggy button, it’s truly the best option.

  33. I was banned back in 2013, and ive always felt really bad about it, in fact ive always felt like it was eating away at me for a long time, and it is something i really dont wanna carry around with me every in life. I chatted with an admin about it today and he proceeded to ban me because of it. Maybe talking with him kinda gave me the push i needed to say something.

    Im scared, and i dont wanna be scared anymore, can you help me? It was in reference to the posting of “FertileWorgenCunt” back in the April of 2013

    I really don’t wanna get in trouble and i wanna have the ban lifted, its been so long, and i just want to have a solution where you can see me as a valued person.

    Ive thought for a long long time about how id write this out one day. I really have thought about it alot yaknow. I just dont know what to say to help you think of me as a good person.

    I know you dont really know who i am; but i really am not a scumbag person you might make me out to be from the past articles in the older comments.

    Id like to tell you my story; basically i read the past chat logs and im so scared, i really dont wanna get in trouble, but i never attempted to circumvent any chat things or try to access the site differently. I chatted with someone about this before and i got their approval that i was okay.

    :S i wanna be friends nash, i hear your name in my sleep, im not even joking its like got me so worried because of cfaa violations and stuff like that from the past.

    In fact i might have actually chatted with you about it before too; but i cant remember, its because i think its scared me a bit; anyways i hope you can help me out and be my friend.

    Thanks for reading, and i really hope you can forgive me, because im sorry.
    And i feel really sad.

    • Fertile –
      “you can see me as a valued person.” – You are a valued person, just about every human being on this planet adds value to the world, throughout their lifetimes over and over again.

      “make me out to be from the past articles in the older comments.” – I do not remember the exact words of what I believe were multiple comments to you in the past. If do remember multiple rules violations and issues beyond what we should have to deal with here. Of course what you did some years ago does not make you a “scumbag”.

      We take the rules of our chat system here very seriously. I would guess that you figured that out years ago.

      If you don’t want to get in trouble here:
      1 – follow all the rules.
      2 – if you fail at number one, do not break more rules.

      ” I chatted with someone about this before and i got their approval that i was okay.” – I believe the person who chatted with was mistaken.

      Our rules specifically say that once you have been banned for more than 24 hours, that the ban is permanent unless you are specifically told by me the Admin of the site, or one of our current moderators, either here in the bloc comments section, or via email.

      Coming back to the chat, even without specifically trying to circumvent our blocks, is still against the rules. Violating that is breaking another rule. Given that this has happened in the past with you several times already, if my memory has this right.

      Of course I can forgive you for some things in the distant past. I appreciate you apologizing.

      However given the past issues that we had with you back then, we will be keeping your ban permanent, and ask you once again not to return to our chat rooms.

      I strongly suggest that you read and completely understand the information posted here on your permanent ban notice.

      I do hope you have taken lessons from past mistakes and will not repeat those mistakes in the future. You can’t always go back and fix things there were broken, however you can choose to not break more things in the future.

  34. Why does it say that im banned,even when i try a diff name? I can’t remember breaking any rule and my last login was days ago

    • @Rumia – in this particular case your ip address along with a couple hundred other ip addresses that your ISP allocates to end users was put into a broad range ban some time ago. When you tried to login today you were getting flagged as coming from a sub-network / block of addresses that we had banned previously for someone, most likely someone else. I assume you have read all the rules here so you would be sure that you don’t cause that kind of situation in the future?

      Should be cleared for now.

  35. Nash is there any way to find out if a person is entering sex chat using a different nickname. Example if ABC enters as ABC for months then one day enters as XYZ how can a person find this out or is this only for moderators? I’m sure they can do it cause it happened to me. For a few days when i entered lobby a person would pm me I told this person i was not interested and i would leave the room. I entered lobby a few days later under a different nickname and the moderator said you have entered under different nicknames I said yes I am Mikey4u I just wondered if i can find out the same information or if only moderators can do that. Thank you Mikey4u

    • mikey, users can usually tell when someone is a user in hiding based on their language…syntax/grammar. We all have that ability. Mods do too.

      • goddess i was asking why mikey4u was banned i was un the lobby chatting in pm with someone and thscreen went blank this was at 2am est time…..wht did this happen?to my knowledge i didnt do anything to be kicked out please answer me
        thanky you


    • @mikey4u – I as Diviine mentioned there are usually subtle tell tale signs of this. Moderators do indeed have access to additional information about users if they need to seek it, so they would have extra capabilities in that regard as well.

      As we have kept this system open for various screen names and no registration needed, most of our regular users have tuned themselves to looking for subtle things that give away certain things about the other users. Particular words and phrases that people use can go a long way in clue-ing someone in as to what part of the world they may be from for example.

      Another thing I will mention is that changing nicknames for nefarious purposes that would break any of our rules, for example to harass someone, would cause us to dig deeper into this kind of thing. It is also against the rules to impersonate another user, so there are times when we dig deeper beyond the normal login issues.

      On a related issue, we suggest that users find not just the subtle clues in this regard, but if you were to establish any kind of relationship with another user, it is best to find some kind of pass phrase to share with only that user in order to prove you are actually talking to the person who think you are in the future.

  36. i like this chat room its the best on the net i dont want 2 b banned if i said something wrong or did something wrong im sorry pls tell me what i did or said and it wont happen again i promise

  37. i wud like 2 know y i was banned on oct 18 2015

    • @mommy pees – I do not see anything about you in the ban list.
      Did you see a message about “profanity” (this would be an issue with our auto-blocked words filter)
      A message from one of the mods?

      Have you read the rules we have posted on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page?

      With a screen name like yours, my first guess is that perhaps you were in a room in which pees would be overly taboo.. we have a section of the rules that talks about taboo subjects, and niche subjects / screen names.. some of which are only permitted in certain rooms.. a name with pees would likely only be allowed in the watersports room or a user created side room.

      Of course you could of been kicked to the rules page for something else, even by the banned words filter without a moderator being involved. I’m not sure at this moment.

      • mommypees: you got the most of generic kicks for your name being inappropriate for the lobby. I attempted 4 different times to contact you to move to the watersports room or to create a room, even warned you to give you a chance to move. You should be able to enter now as it was just a brief kick to the rule’s page.

  38. Nash an incident just happened in lobby it is Saturday 11:11 am a person who said he was Mikey pissing in a lake he posted a link i clicked on it n sure there was a guy doing that . I said Mikey i don’t believe that is you. Mikey moderator told me i will be baned for spreading rumors. Nash i only commented on the link. I don’t know if i have been baned or not. What am i suppose to do not click on a link n not comment. I’m sorry if i have done something wrong . I would never do anything to hurt Mikey Moderator, but if two people can check in as Mikey how am i suppose to know? If you can ckeck the logs you will see what i’m talking about. Awaiting your advise Mikey4u.

    • Mikey my exact phase was that you could be banned for talking about banned subjects in the lobby and that spreading untruths will not make you the most popular person on the chat site. As a private person I will not comment on what I have or have not done in my private life, please note the MY in that sentence, as for threatening to have people banned because their have said untruths about me, I would never ever use my mod powers for that, you can only be banned for breaking the site rules, Mikey for me do you think you could read the site rules. Please also note not to pm a mod with nonsense and waste our time when we are busy with moderating matters which take hell of a lot of our time.

      ONCE AGAIN you can only get banned for breaking the site rules.

  39. This is completely unwarranted, uncalled for, and absolutely over the top! I’m just glad I was able to save this conversation.

    – saved on Tue Oct 13 2015 20:30:36 GMT+0100 (GMT Daylight Time) –
    Irish Steve what have I done now
    Irish Steve lol
    Mikey™: Rather important if you don’t mind
    Irish Steve whats up
    Mikey™: Bad news I am afriad do you remember the joke about Cameron and the pig from about a week ago, it was decided by the mods and Nash it was one joke to many
    Irish Steve I was commenting on a news story Maikey.
    Irish Steve Mikey*
    Irish Steve I didn’t make a joke.
    Irish Steve just mentioned something that is common public knowledge.
    Mikey™: it’s been decided to give you the perma ban notice and for you to sort it out with Nash
    Mikey™: Context or not it does not matter
    Mikey™: anyhow you need to comment here
    Irish Steve This makes NO sense.
    Irish Steve Can you just read what I just said. I commented on a news story. Public knowledge.
    Mikey™: [c=#ff0300″ face=”sans-serif]I think it’s as I said one straw too many[/c]
    Irish Steve I didn’t do anything wrong!
    Irish Steve What straw?!?!
    Mikey™: [c=#ff0300″ face=”sans-serif]Steve may I be blunt for a second[/c]
    Mikey™: you have got a history of pushing the rules a little
    Irish Steve I was warned about that, and haven’t broken a SINGLE one since.
    Mikey™: Anyway it is between you and Nash now
    Irish Steve I did NOT break any rules
    Mikey™: if you would like I can give you 10 mins if needed to sort out im mesengers with friends
    Irish Steve I can’t understand why me commenting on a news story is against the rules
    Irish Steve are we not allowed to talk about ANYTHING in here
    Mikey™: some topics no and as I said it was more the repeated pushing
    Irish Steve This is an adult chat room. I didn’t set out to offend anyone.
    Mikey™: I am not saying you do
    Irish Steve There has been no repeated pushing. I’ve been behaving. How is talking about a news story that is common knowledge me breaking the rules
    Mikey™: and I know we don’t see eye to eye on everything
    Irish Steve or some topic.
    Irish Steve This has nothing to do with any perception you have of us not seeing eye to eye. I haven’t done a thing wrong.
    Mikey™: You need to take this up with Nash,
    Irish Steve Why can’t you just not kick me. I’ve not done anything
    Irish Steve Please explain to me again what it is I said that has warranted this decision.
    Mikey™: Texy gave you a final ban warning about a month back if you remember
    Mikey™: may have been slighty longer
    Irish Steve No, I know that. I have been behaving.
    Irish Steve Can you explain to me what i’m supposed to have done this time.
    Mikey™: the Cameron remark it was unsuitable for the room you were in,
    Irish Steve Why
    Mikey™: and as I said the mods and Nash decided not just me
    Irish Steve it was simply a retelling of a common knowledge news story
    Irish Steve No, that’s not an answer
    Mikey™: the poltics and animal stuff
    Irish Steve Let me make this clear.
    Irish Steve I did not insinuate that I, or anyone else should get involved in that kind of behaviour.
    Irish Steve I simply retold a news story.
    Irish Steve Seriously. Don’t kick me. This is such an over reaction
    Mikey™: I know but you still brought the topic up and you have been here long enough to know that it’s against site rule, as I said you can make your case to Nash
    Mikey™: it’s been decided I don’t have the option not to ban you
    Irish Steve No, I did NOT know that talking about a commonly known story was against the rules
    Mikey™: have you got the link I sent
    Irish Steve Mikey, come on man, of course you have the option
    Irish Steve no.
    Irish Steve send it again
    Mikey™: the perma ban one you shall need to read it
    Irish Steve Seriously. Don’t kick me. I’ve done nothing wrong.
    Mikey™: you need to talk it over with Nash.

    • @IrishSteve – This is an issue that has been debated time and time again. We decided that it was time to ask you to find somewhere else to chat, as we have had too many issues with the ways that you interact in the main rooms too many times. This is not unwarranted. You had been made aware of things we expect in the main rooms, and certainly have known that you have always had the option to create side room if you want to engage in conversations that fall outside of the manners that we expect in the main lobby.

      This is a final decision. It’s not something that Mikey came up with. Please take the information provided in the permanent ban notice seriously. Take care.

  40. i was banned last night 11;oopm est mod was big tex why?
    i am recovering from a stroke and come in the chat room for a distraction
    i meet new friends and my days pass faster. please let me back in

    om on est


    • newka – perhaps you should read all the info posted on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page. Once you understand everything there – it would be easier to engage in whatever conversation about mods, or policies, or what have you.
      Notes about your kick say “drama bs” – which makes me think you have not understood our rules about fanning the flames or drama. Could be more, but I don’t usually get too detailed unless someone is set for a permanent ban.

      • Newka, this is why us mods advise the block button, if all parties use it problem solved, and the mods can concentrate on the more serious stuff. There is really no reason not to use it.

  41. can you move the above post to the mods only area? My bad.

    • lol – Tex pulled a ladylikes – I can’t move the comment, but I can delete it and then post the info here:
      from Tex

      Two nights ago I logged in to immediately see newka and SE going at it again in the lobby. I have warned them both several times to leave their personal gripes out of the lobby and to use their block buttons. So, no warning, no comment from me, I tossed em both for an hour.

  42. ladylikes™✿TallOne(m)™s lady✿

    We could need a moderator in lobby right now

  43. thanks Mikey and Nash I went to google it works great

  44. Hi, Clarissa K has been harassing Buffy Summers for three weeks, Buffy said she talked to bikerdad about it, well since then Clarissa K has gone over board with it, and saying stuff about Buffy and I have chat logs saved on what Clarissa K has said thank you….

  45. why do my posts only show up a few times, then it will not let me post anything else? I’m not rude to anyone? Please help

  46. Hello again folks i was banned a few days ago and i was wanting to check if i was still banned. I am curious as the page it sent me to was simply to check the rules and it lasted longer than 24 hours. What i did was brought up something religious in the Family Room and when asked to stop i did, but i think i stopped in a way that made it seem i was still going on. thank you for reading it over

    • @Syx – thank you for writing in about this. I need to check a little deeper into this and will get back to ya as soon as possible.

      • no problem, i did not mean any harm and would like things cleared up

        • okay Syx – looks like you were told about the rules and yet continued a bit like you said. Then one of our moderators gave you a 1 hour ban, which sends you to the rules page and keeps you in “time-out” for an hour. These types of bans auto-expire / auto-clear – so you should be okay to use the chat rooms again now. Please be aware of all of the rules and realize that it’s rare to get kicked to the rules page more than once without the ban becoming permanent.

          • Thank you for checking but oddly enough the ban lasted longer than an hour as i check the next day after taking a nap, but it is alright i will try to keep my stupitity in check to the main room release it to only the idiots who pm me that i do not know 😛 .have a good one nash

      • if it helps i just checked trying to get in and i managed to log into the website, so it might have been a long timer. I was told to expect that if it goes past 25 hours it perma but as it stands it seems i can log in freely. Thank you for reading this Nash.

  47. Apparently im still banned for over 20+ hours after posting a link to my image in a private chat three times after the first two didnt work, it gave me a warning that i might be kicked; but yah not banned. So i figured id just rejoin if it did, since i usually post links like this all the time. It was konachan originally then i re-uploaded it to postimage. Look into it? Thanks.

  48. Mr. Nash why can’t I post no matter what room I go in I cannot post people talk 2 me but I cannot answer them somebody is blocking me from posting why?

    • Mikey, try changing the browser you use to see if that works, if you use Internet Explorer I would change to Firefox or chrome.

    • @mikey4u – as Mikey mentioned try a different web browser (most common solution for this semi common problem) – you could also try a different page on our site, this is mentioned on the chat connections problems / solutions page, among several other possible solutions. Things like this can be caused by a web browser plugin, your internet connection, sometimes even just how your home network is setup (many who use that “network through your electricity plugs instead of cat5 cable have issues) – and several other possibilities.

  49. Mr Nash, thanks i’m back in Thank you Hope it stays this way

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