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  2,155 Responses to “Moderator Complaints”

  1. I would like to complain that (F)ine Wine is awesome and did a great job helping us in Forced Sex Fantasy Room today. Things got out of hand and some pee-play happened and she came in and calmed everything down. I am very grateful and she’s a smart, level headed mod.

    Props also to ladylikes and moose, they are also smart and helpful and come around often.

  2. wish to have ban remove asked in a fit of anger

    • boss – I have told on your other comments. NO – your ban is permanent. Do not return to our site. You have wasted too much my time. If you return to our site I may file an abuse complaint with your ISP and will consider a criminal complaint for theft of services.

  3. […] an issue with someone who was going by a name with shemale in it recently, and as to where most of the complaint that I was originally sent had to do with confusion about our policies and access that the mods have, there was more to the […]

  4. I will also point out that when i complained about Alexis accusing me of speaking ‘non-cence’ [sic] Julia responded by saying she had not checked the rules recently and i should. This is clear incompetence as a a Mod’s primary function os to know the rules and not to transfer the responsibility of such onto a user such as myself, which she did. This would be a dismissable offence in the business world and I await your ruling

    • Dear Nash – you will also find comments about this matter bye Julia and myself on the mod page.

      greetings – ladylikes

    • JennaRedux – I will look into this and consider it further. Not sure I would put it in the incompetence category at the moment, maybe something that was meant as silly sarcasm that was read by others in a different way. It is something that is always a challenge with text chat. Indeed a mods primary function is to know our rules here, and we recently reposted the rules in our moderators forum to make sure we are all on the same page with things. So this is something that we take very seriously.

      I think Julia was really trying to say that we do not have a rule about someone accusing someone of speaking non-sense, and that it is not something that is really worth wasting the moderator’s time with.

      My ruling on this is that it would have been best for you to take our suggestions on the etiquette / rules page about being defensive, and using the ‘block button’ – it makes things so much easier for everyone. If you and the other regular users of our lesbian room would take that advice, and apply the advice that is suggested on the lesbian chat rooms issues / suggestion page, and as a group start using the ‘iggy button’ on idiots like you are describing, then they would only be talking to themselves, and they would not even know it – and that my friend is the ultimate way of dealing with idiots in my humble opinion.

  5. hi
    please review the logs for lesbian room of the last hour. an alleged shemale dominated the room, i and other s complained, mods came. asked me many questions – NONE directed at Alexis the alleged shemale – and Julia also handled my complaint – in my opinion, badly, – for example, she demande di provide the conversation logs – this is clearly a Mod function not a use rone; and an apology should be issued. Further, i was accused by Alexis of calling ‘her’ male – false – and of speaking ‘nonse-nce’ false. Yet I was questioned by room mods; ‘she’ was simply asked to take her sexual comments private. lesbians are supportive in the main of many marginalised sexualities. but shemales have penises, many women have been raped by males; do you really consider it appropriate that penises are allowed in a lesbian room? i complained once before months back; got no response and expect none here but feel compelled to make my disgust with room policy and mods clear.

    • Dear Nash – this is a very interesting post…

      I have sent you an email with the chatlog – the whole chatlog – of this situation.

      greetings – ladylikes.

    • JennaReux – our system does not keep chat logs, does not create chat logs, it never has, and hopefully never will. On some occasions users will save a chat log and send it in for review, and on a few occasions our moderators may save a chat log for pending review. In the case you are referring to, we have no way to go back through system logs to see what you were complaining about. This is why our moderator(s) may have asked you to provide a chat log for them to review.

      Of course there were no questions directed at the ‘shemale’ in the room, as there was no evidence to suggest that she/he should be pestered with questions from the moderator. As I understand the situation you were asked to provide such evidence of an issue, and you declined. It is not a mod function to go back through chat logs, they do not even have that ability in most cases.

      An apology should be issued, indeed you should be apologizing to Julia for being ignorant of how our systems work.

      I do not know anything about a user named Alexis, or any other user accusing you of accusing them of being male or female or anything like that. If you have a confrontation with a user like this, the easiest way to solve it is with the “block user” aka “iggy” button. I applaud you and any others that suggest to other users that perhaps thier comments should be taken private, although some users come off as know-it-all-bitches when doing that in certain ways, so I caution people to do these kinds of things politely and with a tone of educating, not demanding. People are quick to get defensive and then offensive when they are behind a keyboard, so it’s best to approach those kind of situations in a kind and helpful way, and to consider how someone else may read your text; often read in a different way than “said”.

      I think it’s true to some extent than many lesbians are supportive of various sexualities, but I do not think it is safe to say all or supportive of all – but that’s a different conversation, and I am guessing you did not mean to say “all lesbians, always”.

      Shemales generally do have a penis. I agree that many females have been raped by many males, and I would add that rape is not a one gender to the other issue only; but that could be an entire discussion as well.

      Do I consider it appropriate that penises should be allowed in the lesbian room? Well I have written a couple of articles on that issue, and I invite those who use the lesbian room to read these two articles first:

      then after reading up what I have thought of the issue, and my suggestions for best handling those issues, I welcome further discussion, just like I do with (almost) all topics here.

      I am not sure why you received no response to a complaint months ago, there could be many reasons for that.

      I appreciate you taking the time to make your disgust with our room policy here, and I appreciate that your complaint about any moderator being brought here to the proper place rather than making an issue in the chat rooms and created unneeded drama for others.

      I am sorry that things here have not met your expectations, and I am more than happy to discuss all these issues further, but before you write more on the issue, please read the two articles I have already written about these issues. I think once you read up on what I have stated publicly in the past (And link to on the lesbian chat rooms page btw – please share the info with others!) – I think you will have a better understanding of why we have things setup the way we do. The articles offer several options and suggestions, which I think give the power ultimately to those who use the lesbian chat rooms, should they choose to use it.

      As a side not for anyone who finds this comment and does not dig further into the privacy policy, terms of use and the actualy etiquette rules – which everyone should; there is some very good information there! I will add that we do not allow every person with a penis to use the lesbian chat room, and it is indeed one of the rooms that carries some special, publicly stated rules with it. Any men, (or women, or trans, etc) who go into the les room can be kicked or banned if they do certain things that may be perfectly fine in a different room.

      We kick and ban users who go in there and start posting pics of their dicks for example. If someone goes in certain screen names like “myBigCockDripsCumOnWhores”, they will be told to leave the les room or be banned, and it is an offensive screen name. Someone going in there and talking about penis in general may trigger our rules that get into taboo subjects in certain rooms, and what that is depends on the room that someone is in at the time. There are details about these things on the etiquette / rules page. There are plenty of other things listed there that would get a guy or anyone else kicked from the lez room, or any other rooms for that matter. If someone was to pop in there and start pming every girl in the room with ‘suck my dick” or any number of other things, it would trigger our taboo terms clause, and our clause about harassment in some cases.

      Just about everything that I am writing you here is already posted around the site on the various pages that we provide links to on just about every page around here. I hope this clarifies some things for you.

      • JennaRedux – after reading your complaint and responding, I was sent additional information about this situation that I was unaware of. It seems that another one of our moderators cam into this situation and made the proper recommendations.

        You had not mentioned the open sexual play of the ‘shemale’ in the room in your comment, and as explained above our moderators do not have access to the previous chats. Reading the info sent by other people who were there, there was a legitimate issue that should not have been an issue. So I have added an update to our ‘lesbian chat rooms issues and suggestions page’ in order to further clarify what was already said on our rules page.

        It appears that ladylikes handled the situation by telling the ‘shemale’ not to play in the open room in the les room, and people were told to use the block button.

        This could of all been handled in other ways had more information been provided by you to the first moderator you engaged. It is unfortunate that you were unaware of how our systems worked, and had you provided the requested information to the Julia in the first place I think she would of been able to clarify everything to everyone faster.

  6. I was kicked or banned for no reason at 2 a.m. 4/11/2014 and would like to know why and if it was the individual I was speaking to , then why not the other individual as well . thank you , and I would appreciate a response

    • Tony – you were not banned, but given a temporary-auto-expiring kick to the rules page. I am not sure why, perhaps as a way to cool off a sitaion before it got into a permanent ban situation, maybe it was a need to read the rules and terms of service. I’m not really sure… many times the short kicks like these have no notes attached to them. I suggest reading and understanding our sex chat rules so it does not become a permanent ban situation in the future.

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