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Have a complaint about one of the chat room moderators? Or forums moderators?

Here is a page where you have several options for filing a complaint.

If you want to make a complaint about one of the moderators, you can email the site admins; jmes and nash read the emails sent to adultwebmasteronline atthe yahoo dot com – if you ask that your information be kept private between you want the site admins, when you email, then it will be.

You can also submit a comment in the form below, and you can choose to use your real screen name or just type anonymous. All replies made here on this page will be first sent to moderation by the site admin, “Nash”, unless you have already posted a comment (and had that comment approved) somewhere else on the blog. If you already had another comment “approved” on one of the blog pages, then your comment left below in the reply field will be posted immediately, and all the world will be able to see your comment, and the name you have typed into the name box.

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You could type in a fake email addy – just know that our auto-spam reduction system may auto-delete certain messages (comments that have lots of links or talk about erectile dysfunction drugs, etc).

This page will be updated, have more info to post on other subjects! comment or email away of you have any complaints.




  1. ladylikes™✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪

    Dear Nash – I sent you two emails

    greetings ladylikes.

  2. ladylikes™✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪

    Dear Nash – I sent you an email just now.


  3. ladylikes™✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪

    Dear Nash – did you receive my last email from Dec.9/13:21 my time?
    Just wanted to make sure you got my answer.

    greetings from ladylikes.

  4. "9 inch Big Brother"

    Hey, I got banned just now, I read the rules and understand why. I just request that rules are posted in a way that one must read them before. I know that where I am, it is legal for a consenting person to roleplay as younger than 18, provided that he or she is 18 or older and with a partner that is also 18+ themselves. With that in mind, I assumed that it was part of the rules here.
    I don’t wish to contest this ban, except that I ask that it not be made permanent, and I would like to know if it is or isn’t. Thank you

    • 9 inch B B – every time someone enters the chat room there is a link right there in the chat box to the rules. The rules info / link is visible on pretty much every page of the site. Our rules are not based on laws of any locale, they are what they are for many other reasons. If you are asking if you ban is permanent, and you have not been locked out of the chat for more then 12 hours, then you obviously have not read the rules page. Since I am waiting for something to compile, I just checked and yes your ban is permanent. I suggest getting to know the rules and privacy policy of other web sites, chat systems, apps, your ISP, etc, before using those communication tools in the future.

  5. I’d like to know why I was banned. All I did was ignore an unwanted pvt and got warned. Then when I told them to leave me alone and blocked them, I got kicked & banned.

    • Jersey’s Finest – If you took some time to familiarize yourself with our rules and etiquette expectations you would know that you were messaged by one of our site admins / chat room moderators. Who asked you an important question. There are many things that can get people kicked from the chat rooms for a few minutes, a few hours, or permanently banned. Most of this information is published on the chat rooms rules and etiquette expectations page.

  6. Well, yes. I have no complaints whatsoever. I was just wondering. Whether I had a chance. Still hoping to be accepted.

  7. I told Curare to kick my other nick when i got disconnected and logged back on and she banned me Texy :(

    • @ Keri dawn – I did not see your name in the ban list, so I think it may have been a temporary 5 minute kick(?)

      • Wasn’t a ban, just a kick of the duplicate name – as asked. Not sure why she had access issues. Might be a system release thing. There seemed to be a few of those last night.

        • Yes, even if you just kick the duplicate name, if she logs off under the primary name, it is short time ban and , even if only the 10 minute ban, it sticks. It is better that the user log out wait a few minutes , then log back in then a moderator kick the hangers on.

  8. Hi there, was on a few days ago, got disconnected so went to do some other work. just tried logging in again as I have a day off and it tells me my ID or IP is banned? having not been kicked for profanity or anything whilst online, can you advise why this might be the case? I have (on occasion it seems) been impostered but this has not happened in a while. your help is appreciated.

    • Dave Marine – Have you ever logged in at priya or navdeep or piya or anything similar to that? IF so, this is your permanent ban notice, and you should be aware of the extra steps we may take should you choose to come back to our chat rooms again.

      IF you are not / have not logged in as one of these similar names, then I can do some additional research. This is a broad range ban that is affecting you, why we do broad range bans here. IF this broad range ban is affecting you and it should not be, I will have to file some discovery legal stuff with your ISP is regard to the other user that we have been having some trouble with.

      • Thanks for getting back nash, i have only ever logged in as either Dave Marine or when my gf is with me Amy & Dave Marine, I have seen these users online a time or two, As you may/may not be aware, I follow rules, try not to piss anyone off & report cam girls/spammers when I can.
        your help on this is appreciated and the work you do on the site. it was really weird to try and log in and see the ban, I’ve tried again today incase it was the 24/36hr ban but still nothing



  9. this isn’t a mod complaint, haven’t seen any mods lately when I get on at night, but I seem to have an old imposter back again. I was on as “Creation & Destruction (FSU)” and someone came on as “Creation & Dastruction (FSU)”. notice the “a” in the imposter’s name, but anyways, lately this person pops on and off when I happen to be on, copying whatever name I have and making random sexual comments to make it seem like it’s something I want. hasn’t happened since before I was a mod so I’m assuming it’s the same person from a few years ago.

    • fsu – sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this one, I have been extra swamped past couple of weeks. I have been thinking of this issue everyday since I saw you comment though! I did get into the backend stuff and find this idiot. I got their network banned. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. I made a joke that had some reference to animals in it, I was warned about this, I did not repeat the joke or continue to mention animals, I pointed out that it was not I who continued to raise the issue, the mod in question (Wine somethering or other) kept raising the point, I believe I responded with “lol” and I was banned, again, I never repeated the offensive material. I suspect my response was not quite obsequious enough?

    • Miss A,
      It is not the first time you have pushed the rules nor the second. I chose to give you a warning, which you, not another, chose to continue to deflect the seriousness of your comments with what you continually point out as your dry wit and sarcasm and then decided to lol, only confirming that you did not take it seriously. At that time I chose to give you 6 hours to think about it and since it did send you to the rules page, read up on those rules. Next time I will not hesitate to ban you for a longer period of time without warning considering you still like to push/break rules as part of your oneliners and jokes. If it occurs enough times, you will banned permanently. Just because you don’t repeat the same statement when being warned doesn’t mean you didn’t push/break the rule nor try to make light of it.

      • So, the issue here is that you interpreted my comments as somehow laughing at you, sounds like you took it personally, obviously I’m mistaken in that because no mod would allow their personal feelings or lack of understanding interfere with the chat of someone else, so clearly it’s I who was misinterpreting things

        • So glad you see that you clearly misinterpreted the reason you were kicked and instead of blaming the personal feelings of the moderator, you decided to take responsibility for breaking the rules and decided to take that more seriously. It is soo refreshing to see. I am sure now that it is so clear, we won’t have to worry about warning/kicking/banning you in the future. Have a great day!

          • There, you clearly understand and appreciate sarcasm. So no need for further misunderstanding. Or pretending you don’t understand. You get it. So get it. Now move on, lighten up, ignore what you don’t like and have fun .. smile, you’re on a chat site

            • Sorry, Miss_A, I have to chime in here. You seem to think you live my a different set of rules. I have had interactions with you in the past where I have warned you about your behavior. I chose to ignore you inability to comprehend the rules the fact that they apply to you as well. Additionally, I just did not want to expend the energy on you. My bad.
              Ignore what I don’t like? Ok, fine. Ignore violations of the rules continually? No. So, live by the rules. Simple as that. Is that so hard? Please let me know if it is. I can arrange for some lessons for you and a few others.

  11. Nash,
    I thinl I made a mistake by posting a link to a video while I was in prvt chat. I was warned about profanity but not realizing I was not allowed to post vid links. As a result I was kicked or possibly banned. I want to apologize for my mistake as it wasnt malicious or purposley done.

    please advise,

  12. Just like to say, getting banned for chuckling and saying something is worth staying up for is totally not against the rules. So, just thought i’d point that out there.

  13. Hello I’m not sure if this is the right course to be taking emailing this address but here go’s anyway…… My nick name is Bigwhitemeatuk on the site,I have been having problems with one of your mod’s keep kicking me off the site, this has happened 3 times now in the past 24 hours resulting in me being band I have done nothing wrong to wranted this … I am very angry about this … The mod I think that has done this to me Is ….jay37… And I believe it’s because of a girl and he is jelious and wants me out of the way…if it’s not him I apologise…But I want this resolved ASAP please and if it was … Jay37… I would like something done about it as he would be useing the site to bully people.

    I awate to hear back from you ASAP please
    Thank you…

    • Bigwhitemeatuk – I do not see anything about you in the ban list. Have you gotten any kind of warnings? Which one of our chat rooms are you having this issue in?

      • Hi Nash… nope I was not given any warnings .. The only thing was said … Was when I was talking to the girl that I think the problem is over … She ask if I had been kicked befor .. I said no why? … She replyed just asking .. I said what … She said 1 more click … I didn’t understand what she was talking about so I said what do u mean ? … Then I was kicked off the site with it saying CHAT OVER and had a 15 min countdown … 2nd time I was just chatting to that girl and I was kicked again.. CHAT OVER … Longer countdown this time…. 3rd and last time I had just started talking to that girl again this time in pvt to try and sort this out when she dropped me out of pvt and back into the DUNGEON ROOM where all this has been happering .. Then I was kicked again .. No can’t get back on …Nash please could u help with this as I am fuming …. Thank you

        • bigwhitemeatuk – This sounds kind of odd, I am not aware of this countdown things you are referring to, perhaps it is a figure of speech. Which url were you using when you encountered these issues?
          Url like : ? Or?

          • Nash it can’t be … It’s *site name redacted Oct 2014 by Admin Nash * do u admin this site ? or am i in the wrong place lol :( and it’s always worked fine on my laptop …. Plus now when I go on it it’s saying START VIDEO CHAT
            VIP members click here free access
            Not vip click here to buy 270 tokens and yor acc will be upgraded immediately .
            So I’ve been blocked then ??? And no Nash I was timed out for real like I said .. With a countdown

          • *bad links changed / edited by admin * -> Freesexchat dot com

            • bigwhitemeatul – if you are talking about the chat rooms at *info redacted Oct 2014 * – we do not have anything to do with that site. So I do not know anything about the users, the moderators, the policies, or anything about how that place works. Not sure why you would think that has anything to do with you using those chat rooms or you getting kicked / banned from there.

  14. I was in the lobby tonight and was having a joking conversation with a friend about which of the sexchat rules was the most important when one of the mods, Curare, felt the need to interject herself into the conversation and tell me to stop arguing. First of all, I was not arguing. Second, I wasn’t breaking any rules I was just talking to someone that I know. Third, when Curare tried to get me to argue about my knowledge of the rules I simply told her I was being a smart ass when I could have gotten hot headed and taken her bait. Fourth, the lobby rest of the lobby didn’t seem to care about my conversation at all. So I pmed the mod in question and asked what rule I broke exactly. She said and I quote “You were arguing with a moderator and causing unnecessary drama in the main room.” here is a transcript of what I said. I do not feel that I “argued with a moderator” I feel I answered her correctly and in the same tone that she was using with me. I feel that she is once again making a mountain out of a mole hill and just trying to pull her power play bullshit and I know a lot of people that frequent the site are tired of HER causing drama. Anyway, here is the lobby log with everything not related to what we were saying edited out, I can send you the entire log plus the pm log from Curare and I if you’d like nash. Personally, I don’t see why this person continues to be a mod when she obviously can not do the job well.

    Curare (f)™: Duke: Caps again? Really?
    Duke: sheesh is it that serious
    Duke: sometimes its just a reflex? sorry
    hardCandi: lol……?
    ✰GoddessDivine✰: It’s a freaking rule
    Lili: yes it is Duke!
    hardCandi: lmfao
    Curare (f)™: No continual use of complete capitol letters is allowed, unless they are used sparingly. Usage of ALL CAPITOL LETTERS is considered to be YELLING in the online world.
    Lili: its the most important rule here!
    Lili: dont break it!
    hardCandi: lmmfao
    Duke: lol

    Sally I thought English only was the most important rule
    hardCandi: does no one yell during sex chatting?

    Lili: oh yeah
    Lili: english
    Curare (f)™: Sally: * link edited by admin to fix paste issue; link was to rules page * End admin editting
    Lili: then caps
    Sally I know the rules, thank you
    hardCandi: hey..
    Colter: Rules here confound me….but hey…
    Megaman!: Sally: eway ancay eakspay igpay atinlay…
    Curare (f)™: Sally: Obviously not, if you thought that was the most important one.
    Sally obviously, I was being a smart ass
    LongThickAndBlack: I’m black so when someone uses the word “cap” or “caps” around me I duck behind something.
    hardCandi: lol long
    Lili: caps is the most enforced and thus the most important imo
    hardCandi: i have no earthly reasons to use caps, yet..i feel…compelled…
    hardCandi: reaon*
    hardCandi: reason*
    ✰GoddessDivine✰: lmfao @ earthly
    Sally idk Lili, I think it’s one of the rules that is enforced the least consistently. so maybe the least important
    hardCandi: ;)
    Lili: hmm perhaps Sallay…
    LongThickAndBlack: I would interject on this but my beer is empty and I need another so yeah….fuck it and I will brb.
    Lili: soooo confusing!

    hardCandi: anyone in IL? tho for real?
    bouncer42~lusty’s lover~: hey all
    Curare (f)™: Sally: Please do not continue this line of argument in the main room. Just move on, please.
    Sally wtf? I was talking to Lili not arguing
    Curare (f)™: Sally: Drop it, please.


    • Sally – thank you for sharing your issue here. I will think on this a bit. I am traveling at the moment and have a crappy laptop with a small screen and a tiny keyboard, so it may be a few days before I can delve into this issue in the way I would if I was at my main system.

    • oh man! this was the stupidest thing! Sal and I weren’t arguing! Why is it that when peopIe are just being generally jokey, nice and trying to make this place positive and fun it’s a big deal? I swear I never had any intention of arguing! I actually hate arguing and enjoy abiding by the rules. Nash it really was so silly.

      I’ve got footy on the mind because of the Aus afl grand final this weekened. So on that note I think most agree that the games that are the most fun are the ones that are the least impacted by the umps.

      • Having said that I actually love most of the Umps here!! :D

        • Thanks Liliputian! I agree with you completely, even with the “I actually love most of the umps here”. I just feel like it’d be more fun if maybe some of the “umps” didn’t seem to enjoy trying to pick a fight or jumping all over a killing time kind of convo just to make it known that they are in charge. You’re the best Lili!

          me…aka Sally cause I popped in and didn’t expect to see anyone I actually wanted to talk to, obviously, I was wrong!

          • Good to know that I make you want to stop and chat Licko!! :P

            You’re the best too girlie! I am sure you know more than anymore how much fun it can be here. I have never had a single complaint about anything here before. It just felt so silly and such a shame to feel like somebody is jumping down your throat purely for being talkative, inclusive and joking. total downer :(
            I’m bummed that such a non-issue can be such an issue and bummed that its just more work for you to have to deal with Nash. Hope things get resolved to your satisfaction Licko, Nash and anyone else involved :D

  15. Hey, I’ve noticed a couple of the admins being a little bit rougher than usual and a little less forgiving when it comes to dropping the banhammer. I’m not one of the people getting in trouble here, I’ve just noticed it in the past couple days, Specifically Cureae and Bitch in Boots

    • Thank you taking my suggestion and bringing your concern to the complaint page

      Just to set things straight

      1. no one was banned
      2. warnings were given and the first person kicked decided to threaten another and was so focused on YELLING they couldn’t see the warning.
      3. It was clear several didn’t know the rules. Both the first and second people kicked were given 30 minutes to cool off and read the rules even after I explained caps were against our rules.
      4. It was also clear that people were not taking it as a joke.

      At last, Nash, will be happy to forward you the chat logs from the so called “fun”.

      Being less forgiving would be banning someone and not giving them the chance to come back after reading the rules and follow them, employ their block button as mentioned so they don’t go off because others can be annoying to them.

      • Horrorshow, I have no idea who you are, nor have I had any interaction with you. IF you are one of the people who brought a situation to my attention in the main lobby, regarding a kick/ban by BitchInBoots, then I too am happy to see you have taken mine and biker’s suggestion to voice your concerns here.

        No one was banned or kicked, nor do we do so for asking simple questions. You ARE, however, encouraged – as you were several times in the Lobby – to bring your issues to the moderators in PM, where we will be more than happy to answer whatever questions you have…within reason.

        When you and another user chose to pointedly continue the discussion in the main room, you were again encouraged to speak with either biker or myself privately, or we would be forced to remove you for causing unnecessary drama in the main room.

        If that was NOT you, or the issue to which you’re referring, please accept my apologies, as I have no other earthly idea what you could mean.

    • Horrorshow – I always appreciate people bringing their thoughts to these pages (the mod complaints page here, the site suggestions page, the feedback page). Whether it is a major issue, a minor thing, a one time or frequent observation. I always take everyone’s thoughts into consideration. Your comment in general is something we can reflect upon. If you find this to be something that continues to gets worse, please save some chat log snippets and send them to my email.

  16. Again, problem with entering the chat rooms. It says “Connect failed”. What did I do?

  17. I don’t understand why I am banned? Can someone please explain this to me? I’ve already written about the problem, and yet, no response.



    • your worst fucking nightmare. Fuck this site – sure. Thoughts on Curare, I guess some may feel the same. Everyone in the lobby? I would not say everyone. Half the time disconnects? I find that strange. We do not allow kids to roam the site. Fuck sex chat? Yes.

  19. Admin Nash,
    I am writing to follow up on a comment I sent re: a ban that I received for an inappropriate user name that I used. (I think that was the reason). I have since changed my user name and was wondering was my ban permanent? I want to sincerely apologize for any rule infraction that I may have committed. I sent a comment a couple days ago in the “band notice” section and asked to reply to my email address. I was only in the room for about 30 seconds before I was kicked/banned. I want to reassure you this will NOT happen again! This is a first time for me and I greatly regret my decision. Will you please take this in consideration in your decision if indeed this was a permanent ban.

    Please advise,

  20. grrr,
    Nash , please unban NudeSon, was banning Nudist fam 36 for underage sex talk about her kids

  21. Was kicked and have no idea why… kicked as soon as I logged on. Not sure what I did

    • rz1 – I do not see anything about you in the ban list. Did you read the kicked / banned / rules page? Did you see a message saying your banned?

  22. I previously posted a comment that I am slightly regretting…it would appear this jackass has a way of just bouncing back in once kicked…so as frustrated as I am because I was actually having a really fun night. There’s nothing anybody could do about it, and as per usual, the mods are on it.

    • GoddessDivine – I am going to hold your other comment in moderation for a bit while I decide what should be published and what should be held in system info / non public. This will be discussed amongst the mods.

      • Nash, I appreciate you looking in to it…but he literally logged in and out at least 25 different times. Biker and Curare had to be so frustrated with it. It was just one of those incidents and I let my temper get the better of me. The mods are greatly appreciate by this reg :) I know their job is not ever easy.

        • Indeed, as I look deeper into this issue, this one is particularly a royal pain in the ass. There was a lot of work behind the scenes on this, and it is continueing as we speak. This is going to take a lot of extra work to deal with. and ” I know their job is not ever easy.” – that is a serious understatement, I feel bad for the mods on most days, but a day like that is much worse.

        • Thanks for the kind words, GD. This is a great example of why we so strongly encourage the use of your “friendly” block button. Once engaged, the “troll buffet” immediately shuts down – and they starve to death – leaving everybody’s good time relatively intact.

        • Thank you Goddess..we appreciate your support

  23. i want to know y i got banned for i didnt do anything wrong

    • imurslut – this is an old ban from a long time ago. It may not be that it was placed against you, or it may be. What screen name have you used in the chat previously?

  24. Can we please have mods with a sense of humour? With the ability to recognize humour? Or at least, when presented with something they don’t understand, ask for clarification rather than getting all butt hurt?

    Some sites have bots as mods, it actually works pretty well. If you’re going to have human mods program them to have a sense of humour and an imagination

    • Miss A – I see your suggestion here.
      I kind of answered this a bit with the comment reply on the kicked / banned page here.

      I guess I can add that even if one was to have a sense of humor, they are likely not going to have a complete knowledge of all pop culture for all the decades, from all the regions of the world. I am sure that we could choose only mods with a sense of humor, however one that was 21 years old from Australia is going to have a different pop culture knowledge than a mod who is 40 years old in the uk. A 30 year old mod in the USA may know that some of the Benny Hill shows are supposed to be funny, but not know why. So we must all remember that our chat rooms are not only serving a large range of age groups, but also regions of the world. So communication, especially with some forms of humor, or other pop culture references can be challenging.

      Reminds me of this one time in a strip club.. oh, that’s a story for a different page I guess.

    • Miss_A:

      You are the worst kind of sexchat “reg” around. You are a GFA and your “jokes” break site rules so the mods are MORE than justified to tell you to knock it off. It has nothing to do with their sense of humor. From what I’ve seen. Nobody is laughing at your “jokes”. I have had my fair shit with mods but this I am backing them up on. I’ve seen your behavior and frankly, its inappropriate for the site (maybe you should re-direct yourself to the rules page) I wish I saved the chat logs of your “jokes” to show Nash exactly what kind of ‘humor’ you have.

  25. Me and like 4 other people were banned a few minutes apart without warning by mod Jesse and I have no idea why.

    • Lily Charbelcher – did you read the info on the kicked / banned page? Or the chat room rules / etiquette? Most people find the answer to this question on those pages.
      I do not know the details, but there is a note about this series of kicks that says something like “underage comments not to talk about them in the room”. I was not there, so I do now know all the details.

      • No someone commented in the main room about fucking an underage family member. Uncle Mike said you should only say stuff like that in private and I said you should just not say it at all. I obviously wasn’t condoning or contributing to the original comment once you see the transcript.

        • lily – I will look into this issue.. it will take some time.

          • Uh it didnt show my comment, not sure why or if there is a time delay. Was just wondering if there are any updates.

            • It is going to take some time lily.. I might be able to get some info on this tonight, we’ll see. I answered your first comment as I was going to bed.. and at this moment, I just woke up. Now I have to hunt down some other people, an depending on their schedule it could take an hour or it could take another day before I get additional info back on this. Sorry.

            • lily – luck you, our schedules matched up, and I was able to get extra info quickly today. Your ban has been cleared now.

  26. I got no sign in screen just a plain blue one whats up

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