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Have a complaint about one of the chat room moderators? Or forums moderators?

Here is a page where you have several options for filing a complaint.

If you want to make a complaint about one of the moderators, you can email the site admins; jmes and nash read the emails sent to adultwebmasteronline atthe yahoo dot com – if you ask that your information be kept private between you want the site admins, when you email, then it will be.

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  2,335 Responses to “Moderator Complaints”

  1. For some reason the part where you type in a username is not showing do you have any idea why? maybe i need to update my java. also i can not have been banned i barely even come here and when i do i never talk in the main chat.

  2. I was blocked by AG for no given reason in the Fun Room there was no problem on my part have been on the site for 4month no problem

    • There is nothing we can do about any user blocking you. That is her choice. Can you better help me understand why you felt you needed to post this in moderator complaints? AG is NOT a moderator.

      • Boss, the problem being is you know full well and you got informed last night from me unless Nash lifts your ban you are not allowed on site.

  3. I was blocked by AG for no given reason in the Fun Room there was no problem on my part

  4. sorry used wrong screen name but still would like to be reinstated.

  5. I was kicked and banned was no warning given or reason for banning me. Please reinstate me or give a reason for ban.

  6. I would like to lodge a complaint against your newer moderator, Cuare. I have been coming to the site for about four years now and have never found myself needed to use this page. I have always been content with the job of the moderators up until now. There are actually quite a few moderators (Such as Fine Wine, FSU) that probably shouldn’t moderate anymore due to the length of time they have been doing it. One seems to care about shit that doesn’t matter and the other just plainly doesn’t do his job. Curare however is one that is the worst moderator I have ever seen to come in Sexchatsexchat. Not only does she buzzkill the entire room but I have seen numerous people (who have explained to me in PM that she was the reason) leave the room once she enters it. She doesn’t make the site enjoyable and I’m sickened at the way she chooses to moderate. One instance she almost kicked me out for insane reasons that had nothing to do with me only because they were directed at me. I won’t go into details as I would like to remain anonymous but if you would love to privately talk about it Nash, I’d have no problem. I also feel like she takes general sex chat rules and strictly enforces them into the lobby preventing certain topics to be discussed that I feel like don’t break the rules. And if they are breaking the rules then all the other moderators the past four years and doing it wrong and she ‘must’ be doing it right. Honestly Nash I feel like a good chunk of your moderator team is outdated and needs to be re-evaluated. Is Curare really cut out to be a moderator? Numerous people don’t think so. If a number of regs are willing to leave the room once she enters it I think that speaks for itself. She doesn’t make the sex chat an enjoyable place to be and I know I’m not the only person that thinks this. I know you are insanely busy with the new mv chat so this should be the last of your worries until you have the free time. Until then, I will just simply log out or make a side room whenever she enters the room.

    • Anonymous – I appreciate your candor and your opinion on this situation, and you bring up some points that are important to me, and the rest of the community here. I’d like to suggest that you find specific examples of these things and send me chat logs to show the things you are describing. My email addy is up at the top of this page, in the second paragraph or so.. or you can find it easier along with a form to send details on the contact us page.

    • So an email has been sent and its been a bit and still no response.

      • Not sure which email you are referring to Anonymous – you may need to re-send it.

        • I filled out that ‘contact us’ page weeks ago.

          • Aha! found it! Okay – emailed ya back… might end up in your junk folder or something.. those dang adult site addresses, they must all be spam right?
            Sorry for the delay. I have been covering two other people’s jobs the past two weeks, let me email pile up… and just received more than 5,000 messages.. grrr!

  7. Hi, I was recently banned, probably correctly so? I would like to suggest that when you chose to ban someone you at least warm/tell them why so as not to repeat. I had just come on the site (like minutes) when i was banned. I said nothing of a sexual nature. To avoid future mistakes it would help to know what the crime was. I know you say read the rules but like all rules there are a lot and can leave room for interp. I am sure I was banned for good reason but a warning/reason would help going forward. I know sometimes I say things in the main room thinking i am in private but this time I really don’t know what I said/did.


  8. that boss was banned

  9. Hi Nash

    This is not a complaint, but a suggestion. I see where Mods tell those involved in disputes to use the block button. I agree it is a good idea, the only concern is this. I have been told that although you have blocked a person, they can still see your postings but you can’t see theirs. I used to go to a site wherein if you blocked a person, they could not see your posts nor could you see theirs. So to make a long story short, perhaps this feature would work even better if neither disruptive party could see what the other has to say, after all why should a person that was blocked have the luxury of seeing what the one who blocked him/her say. Just a thought, enjoy your day.

    Criminal Mind

    • Great idea, CM. Nash, what are your thoughts? Possible idea for mv chat?

      • I agree it is a great idea, and could solve problems with people who find it hard to block.

        Please folks Block is your friend.


        • You’d have to make it so Mods couldn’t be blocked. Or is that already the case? I haven’t tried :p

        • It is a good idea. But., with the system as it is now if one person does block and stops commenting to the other on the matter and the other still keeps fanning flames it does make our job easier because we can concentrate on that one and maintaining less drama in the room., not all people like the block button. And as CM said why should only one have that luxury…sometimes the drama goes on and on until we step in.

      • Yes indeed I like the idea here.. maybe it would be an extra option called “block and hide” or “block and stealth” or something. We may be able to get this kind of thing coded into the mv-chat at some point. May have to add this to the suggestions page / list.

  10. I’m not sure where to post this, but as it concerns a mod, here it is. I was in the lobby and said ‘i wanted a fag but couldn’t find them’ FSU asked me to stop using the word, i replied that it was a Brit term for a cigarette and was also in the dictionary as such. After a few more exchanges, i said, ‘ the word fag is an acceptable word for cigarette and i will use it for that purpose in here or anywhere else’. Now, the reason for my comment here is not to defend my choice of word, as i stick by my comment, the reason for this is to say something to FSU. FSU, i have been on this site for quite some time and i know the rules, however i did break the rule for arguing with a mod in the main. That was unacceptable and i should know better. Please accept my sincere apology for this violation and be assured that at no time did i mean to undermine your authority. I thank you in anticipation of your understanding of my error

  11. Nash I have just been kicked out of chat. LL entered the room became administrator and I think she kicked me.

    Please look into this as I have no idea if this is a perma ban or what.

    I am sorry for all of this drama.

    I want no part of it.


    • Yes Nash it is confirmed. I am banned.

      I request that I be reinstated.

      I was talking to Nick about toasting marshmallows over candle light; this is a habit I have picked up in rl because I have broken my ankle and it is very enjoyable to me.

      I haven’t been able to save any chat logs because I got kicked as soon as ll became administrator.

      Thank you.


    • I am looking into some details on this situation Anonymous.

      Please note, that since you have some comments here that have been allowed through the moderation que (allowed to be publicly viewable) – now if you post any comments here they will be auto-published to the public. If you have details that should not be published publicly, then those need to be sent via email to my email addy.. or using the contact us form on the contact us page – which sends an email, it does not put info into the comment system.

      I did also get another comment that I have “unpublished” – I am looking into that as well.

      I need to wake up more before digging further into this.

  12. My sister was using this as me, on my computer. she got me blocked and my I.P adress too. please help.

    Kind regards, Elizibeth K

    P.S. My sister can’t come in here any more, I have a new password on my computer

    • Lizzy Lezbo – be sure to read all of the info on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page.

      Glad to hear you changed the password on your computer, as our policy is ban any network that is used in a way that is against our rules or terms of service. Should you get a permanent ban in the future, it will not matter if it was your sister, neighbor, mom, or whoever that caused it. We ban networks not siblings.

      • Thanks hun, Will I be able to come on today, or wait untill tomorrow

        • Lizzy Lesbo – as it is explained on the kicked / banned page I referenced, most bans are not actually bans, they are temporary, auto-expiring kicks to the rules page. Most kicks auto-expire within 24 hours. Your ban time has cleared already.

  13. Then maybe your not the right person to be running a chat room becauseyou only take notice of one side of the problem and don’t take into account my side of things which means you can’t understand the fact thatmaybe people say things about me that are not true and they do that to get a reaction and to make them seem big in front of their friends when really it makes them look stupid

    • please for the love of all good things natural and good, accept the ban with your head held high and just drop it. Im pretty sure that when Nash says you’re permanently banned he pretty much means it nothing you say or argue or try to beg your way back in is going to actually lift the ban. They’ve made the decision and everyone’s read your reasoning and excuses of what may and may not have happened but your constant arguing against Nash isn’t helping you its only securing His decision. Take care Simon and may you find another chat site that suits more of your needs.

    • Maybe you are right Simon, maybe I am not the right person to run a chat room or chat site. I think you should prove that by going out and creating your own chat room web site and administer that. I’ll be looking for it on DuckDuckGo, and I hope you do it completely different from the way we do things here.

      You suggesting that I only take notice of one side of things just proves your ignorance of me however, and how this community is run. Talk about people saying things that are not true, or judging with a lack of knowledge – almost lol. Certainly after all these years of running chat rooms it never occurred to me that people would say things to get a reaction, or to make them selves seem big. I thought every guy that entered our chat had a 15 inch cock and they harp on others for trite spelling mistakes in an effort to offer free English lessons, not to try to spew their cyber pimp juice all over, and I never thought it made people look stupid. Thanks for the info.

      I have told you repeatedly in the public comments here that your ban is not going to change, and I have asked nicely for you to accept that, and find somewhere else to chat online. I have engaged you with reasons that you have been banned. I have further researched your issue beyond the mod ban log comments. I have asked you not to return to our chat rooms, and I have asked you not to return to our site. I have asked you to stop posting comments, as this ban situation has reached a final determination. You continue to return to whine and complain and try to push blame onto others. I have sent you notification of your permanent ban notice, and the privacy addendum that comes with returning after being told not to.
      I feel there is no need, and absolutely no benefit in discussing this situation with you any longer, or ever again. Should you attempt to keep this conversation going through our web site, I will be contacting others in regards to your blatant disregard. At this point I am now going to ban you from our entire web site. Should you attempt to return, it will kick in the other aspects of the permanent ban notice, which will include sending additional info to your internet service provider and request that you local authorities look into your actions in violation of our terms. Goodbye Simon.

      • Hi Nash

        Without knowing the entire situation I know you are managing this person efficiently.

        I am sorry that this is part of what is required to run your site.

        Anomyous :)`

  14. How was i being gfa? When i was the one being picked on ? So what if i change how i do things and let them type whatever they like about me and just take it even though it’s a bit hard to chat to people when they won’t reply. Even if i was whining it was only because no one was chatting to me and i thought the whole point of a chatroom is to chat isn’t it?

    • Simon – your ban is not going to change, no matter what. I don’t care if you think you were being GFA or not, if others did or not. Your constant comments here are plenty of proof that you are not the kind of person I want using our chat rooms. I don’t care if you change the way you chat or not, so long as you do not do it with any of the chat rooms that we run.

  15. I’d like to complain about the moderator’s on her who ban me from the site for no reason at all, I don’t think it’s fair that they should ban me and not look at the bigger picture as everyone knows that how you are in a chat room is not how you are in real life and the cyber world isn’t the same as the real world so therefore as no one really knows anyone on the site they still think that they can bully me and call me a retard when i’m not, So how come i get banned when i’m not even doing anything or chatting in the room?

    • Simon – it has been noted that you think you were banned for no reason, that you do not think it is fair. It has been noted that you think we should look at the bigger picture. I am pretty sure we all know that people are different in the chat rooms than they are in real life. No one is going to bully you here, as you are not allowed to access out chat rooms ever again. The reason you have been banned has already been explained to you, you are GFA – generally fucking annoying, and we do not want you as part of our chat community here.

      Simon, this is your permanent ban notice. Now be gone.

  16. Maybe you should talk to wants2rp as she was there and saaw what they were saying and also told them to stop

  17. So i’m just ment to let them say what they like even though they don’t know me or use my block button. It’s ment to be a chat room. So thats what iwas trying to do chat not cause trouble, Which i don’t think i did

  18. You really havn’t got what i’m saying, Have you? I wasn’t the one causing the problem and when i asked admin for help i got banned even though i wasn’t chatting in the main room as i was chatting to someone in private and if i had used the block button they would still carried on with what they were saying about me but i wouldn’t have been able to see it, So it would have been pointless, I try to get on with everyone whoever they are and i don’t bully anyone as i respect people and don’t think it’s fair or right to be judged by people who have no idea who i am

    • Simon, I do get what you are saying. I also get what others were saying. I also get what our moderator witnessed with your actions in the chat for hours. It does not matter if you were in pm at the time of your ban. If you had used your block button and people carried on – that is half of the point of using the block button – they carry on and get no response – like an idiot whining to himself, they move on. Several others chose to use their block button to erase you from their chat window, and some of the others did not. All of those involved who did not use the block button are in the same boat, the wrath of the ban hammer has not singled you out, it seeks all of those who do not follow our guidelines.

      At this point I am going to say one final time, your ban is permanent, and nothing will change that. Please do not bother returning to our site or making comments here.

  19. Not saying i am, But if you really have any idea what it’s like on the site then you would have seen what they were saying. I don’t think i was to blame at all and no one know anyone else on the site so all they are doing is typing on a keyboard but even that can hurt peoples feelings

    • Simon our rules point out that in most situations one statement of disagreement is allowed, then at that point we ask that everyone drops any kind of argument, name calling, etc. Should things continue beyond one statement of disagreement, then people are in violation. We have a block user button that can prevent all of these types of issues. Those who do not use the block button and instead choose to violate our rules for whatever reason are banned.

      Our procedures are easy and simple. No one can hurt your feelings if you have used the block user / iggy button. Many people choose not to use this option, and many people get banned. Which appears to be great news in your situation, you will not have to worry about those people typing on a keyboard here hurting your feelings ever again. Take care.

  20. So you ban victims of cyber bullying and let the bullies stay on the site?How is that fair? When i havn’t done anything wrong

    • Simon we can ban anyone we want at any time. In most cases where one person claims cyber bullying, it is actually more than one person who is at fault, and more than one person gets banned. In some situations we have banned 4-5 people that would not stop arguing. Our rules are simple when it comes to arguments, drama, fanning the flames of drama, and even just simply being overly annoying. Don’t think you are the only person who gets banned in a situation like this, many others have as well.

  21. Sorry for what happend

    • NO Simon, this ban will stay permanent and forever. I know our community of chatters is a bit finicky it may seem. There are plenty of other places you can online to chat, but our chat rooms will be off limits to you (and about 75,000 other people as well ;). Take care.

  22. Sorry for what happend so can i have the ban lifted? As i wasn”t the one who caused it

  23. Why have i been banned when i’m the victim not the cause? And i would like the ban lifted ? Seems to me you need to sort out who are the realpeople on the site and who are fake maybe?

  24. Hope my ban was a mistake. Been here too long to not know the rules.

  25. * this comment has been removed *

    • Dear NAsh – please check the mod page – thanks.

    • Nash,

      I was present for this disagreement that occurred between the MLP user and the ‘other user’. I don’t think the problem was with the discussion of the show or the fact that it was aimed at children. It was with 3 elements of this discussion.

      1. The ‘other user’ was persistently flaming and digging at the MLP user, telling him he was a loser etc.

      2. There WERE underage elements of this discussion in that the ‘other user’ was accusing of the MLP user watch this show with young children for sexual enjoyment – Ladylike has the logs of this and I won’t post it here because it is just unnecessary to do so and I find it deplorable tbh.

      3. This discussion is recurring in the ffr and was brought up over and over again even after it was made clear it was a side room topic. Even after the moderator left – as all busy mods must – the users continuously restarted the discussion of it. From what other users have said, this conversation continues to occur.

      This is convo (OTHER USER – used to replace users name)
      from like the 3rd time is came up again after the moderator had previously said

      ladylikes™stalling fars✪TallOne(m)™s lady✪: OTHERUSER: why are you stirring it – the discussion had dropped down and the user is wearing a 19 behind his name. I just asked you to stop open discussions about the subject. Of course you can discuss it, but either in private or a separate room.

      *edited by admin – chat log removed, and saved locally in encrypted folder for further future consideration – thanks /edit*

      Lastly I’d just add that my impression of this ‘other user’ was that he was simply a troll, looking to get the MLP user in trouble and have him barred from using that name and secondly Lady was enormously patient with this issue and she emphasised the point about not discussing it underage.


  26. So wait… we get Nickname bans, and IP bans based solely on “words” from other chatters? An Administrator or Moderator can simply kick or ban individuals based on hearsay? “It was copy pasted”- oh was it? Can you verify the copy paste? I was banned, and I wasn’t even notified of my flagged behavior- so simply if it’s a temporary ban, I will return and continue the behavior without correction. Eventually gaining another ban, but probably longer. Depending on such ban, I may earn a permanent ban. Well that’s defeating the purpose of a ban/timeout or a kick/removal of altercation. I again, was not consulted about my violating behavior and I feel I was wrongfully Nickname banned and IP banned.

    They know whom banned me. They tracked me down to two different rooms, I wasn’t hiding I was doing my normal cycling of rooms trying to find individuals to chat with. I feel that if I was instructed that I may have violated the rules, I would have corrected my behavior- apologized and we all could have moved forward like adults. But this child “cat and mouse” just because an individual warrants the Administrator with my “questionary” behavior and “words” I was tracked down and banned.

    I know how things work, I’ve been to hundreds of chat sites. You need which name I was using, which Administrator banned me, and you need the valid points of my argument. But simply it doesn’t matter. There is no chatlog of the conversation between Administrator and I. That’s a big issue. I wasn’t warned, I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I just find myself in search of another site that I must find my casual conversational needs met. I mean if I really wanted to be a dick about this situation, I could involve a Lawyer and get this whole Sex Chat Sex Chat Blog site taken down. The Copyright isn’t valid anymore, and I could deem this a slanderous motive behind keeping me off the Chatrooms. It doesn’t matter to me though. No sweat off my balls. The real issue that comes to play is the OTHERS. Other people will have the same issue of, “Why was I banned for no reason?” I believe in any successful Administrator there was always documentation brought before the individual and shown- this is your behavior, this is against the rules, are you willing to subject yourself to adapting to obeying such rules. Yes, congrats you can stick around but I am watching you. No, okay maybe a brief timeout/ban and you’ll think different, but I am watching you.

    From where I have been, these modes of Administering and Moderating, kept sites active and open for years. It left little fighting, left little complaining and it left areas for some Administrators to go off and update sites, establish the Copyrights. I’ll be back in a few and if I really must give the Administrator’s name that banned me, I will. Also if I really must give my ChatName I will. But it doesn’t matter. I know favoritism when I see it, and this site is covered in the jizz of favoritism. Moderators have the back of Moderators, and Administrators- so there will be some form of backing the “claims” of why I was banned. I just think there should be a more thorough investigating and “interrogation” process to the banning and kicking. You know, similar to the AGE CHECKING that is done. If someone says, so and so told me they were 15. “Thanks I’ll check them out.” Well if I was behaving or acting against the rules, wouldn’t I be addressed from Administration? Or like I said earlier, are bans solely based on the “words” from others, copy and pasted without thoroughly checking to see if they aren’t just having a vigilante vengeful versing against a very important individual? I call it as I see it, whether the ladies like it, or not, or the dudes have issue with it- Moderation and Administration on this chat are picking favorites when they ban on certain issues. I’ve seen it but never cared enough to make mention of it. But this time, happening to me, it broke the camel’s back. Considering I was involved in a deep discussing with someone, and BOOM “Have you been banned?”- I skimmed the page and noticed it’s mostly about nicknames and their wordage. Well my nickname was fine, it was just infamous with a few people and their hatred with me and my logic. Some just I guess don’t enjoy the truth. They want to take up a vendetta and work out with a lady Administrator that they like, and then that Admin searched me out after going to a Regular User setting, and booted me with a ban. Not looking for anything but a simple. “You’re right dude. They regret not discussing your errors with you, or the claims against you.” Because frankly, where I am from, I have a Constitutional Right to face my accuser, or at least face that which I am being accused of. There was no trial, there was no mediation. There was just favoritism, of this person said this, I must ACT. No research, no anything. Just find them and remove them.

    So we’ll see- where this goes… I’m betting it gets deleted, by the same Administrator that banned me.


    • Obvious Nickname – the notes in the mod log simply say “insults other users or is being a pest, He pms users without asking and repeatedly asks for “blowjobs” or keeps pming them and bothering them in private.”

      I am not sure of all of the details, as I was not there. It appears that one of the moderators came to a room to engage you with suggestions and you changed rooms at that time.

      “we get Nickname bans, and IP bans based solely on “words” from other chatters?” – yes indeed this can happen.

      “so simply if it’s a temporary ban, I will return and continue the behavior without correction.” – I would suggest taking the time of a temporary kick / ban and reading up on the rules, the etiquette expectations, the terms of service and our privacy policy. Of course it is also fine to get feedback here as well. From the sparse notes on this situation, I suggest that you talk with people in the open room and ask to pm them before doing so.

      It appears that you thought “They tracked me down to two different rooms” – if this is the case, you should have spoken with the admin / moderator and asked for suggestions / information.

      “Other people will have the same issue of, “Why was I banned for no reason?”” – This has been a topic of recent discussion, and something that we are working to improve if possible. Currently we expect that most people who get kicked to the rules page will find the issue listed and already know. We also have open comments here where people can inquire and ask. We may implement other methods of notifying people in the future, some of that is more of technical issues that lack of desire to inform people.

      “site is covered in the jizz of favoritism.” – that is kind of funny, covered in jizz is one thing, but favoritism is not tolerated.

      “Moderators have the back of Moderators” – actually the was we have things setup, the moderators have the back of the site and our rules. Our moderators are encouraged to report the actions of other moderators, and they do so. Our mod team is not a group of close friends, and that is by design.

      “are bans solely based on the “words” from others, copy and pasted without thoroughly checking to see if they aren’t just having a vigilante vengeful versing against a very important individual? ” – Sometimes people are banned no the words of others, generally we try to acquire proof of a situation. We are well aware that some people may attempt to be vengeful and report things that are not accurate. So we keep notes of some of these situations, we check some things, and we keep open lines of communication after bans to get the whole story. There have been a few situations in which someone reporting something was banned. We are not new to the ways of the chat worlds.

      “I’m betting it gets deleted, by the same Administrator that banned me. ” – There is only one moderator who has the ability to delete comments, and that is me. So in 99.9% of the kick / ban issues, that person who kicks or bans a user does not even have ability to delete a comment here.

      I am skipping over a few things in your rant, as I am a bit short on time, and prefer to engage in the aspects that may be constructive instead of combative. Your ban is set to auto-expire in one hour from now. I hope you take some of the suggestions that have been offered.

    • The Obvious Nickname – I have looked deeper into this situation, and have decided that your temporary ban needs to be changed to permanent ban. This is your permanent ban notice. Do not return to our chat rooms.

      • And there goes that favoritism. Instantly, someone emails you some information and you back that without letting me see the “evidence” provided to give my side of the story.

        To clarify, it was only two rooms, and I happened to notice- that the Moderator in question that was “Stalking” me, happened to be the one that went Regular User. I nodded it off as Moderators sweep rooms often and quickly leave. I never thought I’d be instantly “banned”- I would have understood after a brief conversation, but I wasn’t warned about any flagged behavior. No conversation- just…. poof be gone.

        And what kind of crap is that? Messaging someone a brief message ONCE, and instantly I’m a bad guy? The chatrooms are often crowded with topics and I wouldn’t want to derail a conversation just because I’m asking for a moment of time from someone not even directly involved in the conversations. Half the time when I message the person ONCE, I think back and figure, ‘oh wait they probably don’t have their private messages available because they didn’t check that box to auto-accept.’ So I forget all about it, stop messaging them.

        And asking for blowjobs? I don’t even like blowjobs in real life. That sounds like hogwash to me.

        This all sounds like horse-excrement. Just another excuse to continue the favoritism from all the Administration and Moderation of this Middle Class Chatroom. I see I have to involve some judicial services in order to rectify some clarity to this complete and utter desolate place that is basically just a blog with a chatroom. The countless number of underage individuals and the amount of Porn pictures that go up, clearly the focus is misguided and misdirected at those that are “offending” some that have vendettas and just want to be Trolls.

        I clearly still don’t know what I apparently did and to whom it was, I’m betting it was to someone I never even messaged. But whatever, “temporary ban” to “eternity ban”, it doesn’t matter I’ll be on the phone to a Lawyer very soon- and I’ll be sure to mention that I was being such a “bad guy” via the internet.

        This is a big one for Constitutional Rights being discriminated against. I haven’t been able to see the evidence against me, nor face my accuser/accusing statements. All you said was “Insulting other users, being a pest and asking for blowjobs”- clearly you haven’t been on the chats; that’s half the population of the chats. So again where was my foul to warrant an “eternity ban”?

        Not that I don’t acknowledge the temporary ban as a brief timeout, and I mean everyone could use a timeout- actually gave me a moment to take a nap and get some light reading in aside from being on here. But being a Regular here for close to six months, I’ve noticed my “apparent” actions or means of getting this type of reaction is duplicated by close to a thousand other males that frequent the chat rooms- so you might look at this as, “Again, tell me where it’s my problem?” It looks a lot like the information LADY gave you, just happened to be the smoking gun, or is it just that favoritism stick beating again?

        Side Note: I’ve read the rules, I’ve scanned over the countless pages. I have read everything I needed, even before starting this venture of six months chatting at this awfully desolate meeting grounds. Yet there is a standard that isn’t met by a select individuals, and another standard that isn’t met by a regular group of others. I want to state, where is the discipline for that 1%? Come on Nash you seem like a logical man, I was unjustly booted without warning to this prevacation.

        But yes, I do tend to message people ONCE, only because I view interrupting the flow of the Main Chat would be illogical. Again, I come here for casual conversation, if it leads somewhere it leads somewhere. Someone somewhere got offended and started gossipping, and to the rescue a Moderator didn’t like that I hurried up and switched rooms. Didn’t speak to me, instead discriminated against me and banned me. Obviously we can take this away from the blog site Nash, you clearly have my email- so just message me so we can hash something out. At least let me see this “Mods Notes” so I can see what I’m accused of that warrants the “eternity ban”.


        • Obvious Nickname –
          “letting me see the “evidence” provided to give my side of the story. ” – There is no need for us to show any evidence of anything, and I had thought you would reflect on some of your conversations and decide to let it go. I actually received different information from different people. Some proved that you annoyed, pestered and harassed people. Another that crossed over some lines in reference to something along the lines of “Remember University of California…” “You should have been one of the girls…” – let me say that this kind of thing is way over the line.

          Sometimes we do give warnings and education, but not always. Some situation get no warning at all. You actually got a couple of warnings, then you opened up the discussion for further investigation. The further investigation brought several more bits on info, which is what caused the permanent ban. You have been sent your permanent ban notice, I strongly suggest you drop all this, and find a different middle class desolate place to chat (there must be thousands of blogs with chat rooms around the net). If you are considering further discussion of this issue, I need to point again to the permanent ban information previously linked to, which includes some privacy policy addendums.

          • Where the heck are you getting your information?! Seriously your sources must have me mistaken with someone else. I have never mentioned USC in my life, I don’t even like the Trojans. What the heck? Why would I mention anything of that sort to anyone? I seriously get acknowledged like 20% of the time when I message some people…. and in those messages, it’s simply, “Can I have a moment of your time?” If I get an answer, great- but more commonly I get zero response and I move along. That’s why I cycle ALL the rooms. So if there is an issue with me being in the Lesbian Room for maybe a minute or two, then yes I should be temp- banned because that’s a rule breaking offense. Otherwise, seriously all this information is NEWS to me. This is brand new, I have no clue that this such information would be even fabricated to implicate me.

            I guess I’ll have to phone back my Lawyer and address him to go ahead with the Unconstitutional Infringement of my Rights. Clearly you are revoking my Constitutional Right to face my accuser/accusing statements. Because honestly, I have never mentioned USC College in the chatroom, let alone talking about them to friends. Maybe once in my life when I told someone that they revoked Reggie Bush’s Heisman because of Scouting stuff. So seriously, I think you need to investigate these claims to be sure you have the right man. Because this all sounds like some personal vendetta type stuff.

            I would like to see some chatlogs, honestly. Because I wasn’t given warnings, I wasn’t given anything. I was unaware that my behavior was out of line- I wasn’t even aware I was even approaching this line. This is some STRONG favoritism, and I’ll be writing some intense blogs about this website. I will be instructing everyone to avoid this place like the plague. If this is how you treat people, like they are less than human? Yeah, you clearly need to be shut down. I will be discussing this all with my Lawyer in the morning hour.

            Have a nice night, Nash.

          • The Obvious Nickname – Your ban is set to permanent, and that is not going to change. You can speak with lawyers and write bad blog posts about us if you wish. You have been notified of your permanent ban and that additional information about you will be logged in accordance with our banning procedures, and terms of service. Take care.

  27. I had a rather unpleasent experience a few minutes ago with one of your Admins, ladylikes™fagic mingers♥TallOne(m)™slady♥.

    It is my understanding that a mod or an admin is in place to enforce rules, not to harass and badger people over penny-ante bs that, to my knowledge, is not even a rule of the site (when I asked him to show me the rule, he couldn’t do it), and when I turned the conversation over to what I believe is something he should actually be focusing on, he quit talking… yeah, that’s mature! I have included a copy of the conversation below, thx.
    2:24 CatholicSchoolGirl (19): there! I added my age to my name. next time, try PM’ing me, I was not even looking at the group chat page

    2:24 ladylikes™fagic mingers♥TallOne(m)™slady♥: I pmd you three!!! times

    2:25 CatholicSchoolGirl (19): no, you whispered me on group chat, right click my name, open a private window and actually talk to me

    2:26 ladylikes™fagic mingers♥TallOne(m)™slady♥: stop telling me what I did. I had a private window open and pmd you three times.

    2:26 CatholicSchoolGirl (19): and it never popped up here

    2:27 ladylikes™fagic mingers♥TallOne(m)™slady♥: I never whisper to users when I have to tell them something.
    » I froze you and warned you plus sending you three messages

    2:28 CatholicSchoolGirl (19): I would actually like to see the rule where it says I have to put my age in my name.

    2:29 ladylikes™fagic mingers♥TallOne(m)™slady♥: Schoolgirl in a sexchat is inappropriate enough – I have asked you in a friendly manner – twice – to please add your age. A schoolgirl sounds like a minor. A collegirl would be different.
    » college*
    » it was just to clarify that you are not underage.

    2:35 CatholicSchoolGirl (19): I do get that, i really do. But its not a rule that your age is required in your name and therefore should not be enforceable. instead of nitpicking over little stuff, why don’t you do something about all the sexual pretadators trolling your rooms? Do you have any idea how many times in here guys have tried to get me to RP as a * xx edited by admin to remove search indexing *? I have had requests all the way down to * xx edited by admin to remove search indexing *, thats sick! Heck, you have a guy in here right now named high school janitor, where I come from high school is normally ages * xx edited by admin to remove search indexing *

    2:37 ladylikes™fagic mingers♥TallOne(m)™slady♥: then you should probably not encourage them with a name like this and if it happens that they abuse you like this you should report them to a moderator. This discussion ends here – it leads to nothing. I am sorry if you have to deal with users like this – but your name does not really help to avoid situations like this.

    • Catholic Schoolgirl – I will be thinking on this, I just woke up and will get back to this later this evening.
      I will point out quickly that many people do not understand how the pm notifications work, and that is something I may address in part three of our new how to video. If you pm someone it does open a new tab, however when people pm you it does not open a new tab, it shows up as a “tells you” kind of thing in the group chat unless you pm them back. So that is likely part of the confusion.

      The other issues brought up here are going to take some digging and some considering.

    • Yes, CatholicSchoolgirl, whispers/private chats are the same thing. Unless you have opened a private chat yourself with someone, everything shows up as whispers. So you can’t blame her for that.

      From the rules:
      “The terms boy and girl are highly discouraged. If you want one of these terms in your name, you should add your age to your screen-name so that your age is made clear.”

      Also from the rules:
      “By participating in this chat service, users acknowledge that they have a basic knowledge of, and agree to the site’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, and the following rules.”

      So you’re supposed to know them… and good for Lady for trying to educate you. And if you’re getting bothered by people asking for something against the rules, it just goes to show how much your name needed to be changed. And definitely tell a moderator if someone is asking you to break the rules– they take those things very seriously.

  28. Complaint against ShadowTemptress, and her awful handling of chatters and disagreements.

    There was a very, very small altercation between myself and another user (he literally just told me to fuck off, so I told him to fuck off back, that was it) that was a result of a simple misunderstanding of something that was said. Shadow then chimes in with her usual “BLOCK” piece – fair enough.

    The problem I have is that then when myself and the other user were explaining our misunderstanding and clearing it up in a very amicable way (with a few ‘lols’ even), Shadow is still spitting her “BLOCK, this is the FOURTH time…etc etc” before freezing us both. Now I understand that in the grand scheme of things, being frozen is pretty minor. But my issue is the fact that Shadow is clearly on a power trip, and has the patience of a pit bull who smells raw meat.

    After being unfrozen, I asked Shadow why that was necessary, and was met with an explanation that we should have taken it to private to sort out our disagreement. This isn’t an unreasonable request, but at NO TIME were we asked/advised to do so. And I will add again, that we were perfectly friendly, no drama, no aggression, in our conversation anyway.

    I have been visiting this chat room for a long, long time (ask most of the mods..) and have never come across a mod who was so sure of their position on a high horse that they would behave like that. Again – power trip. Shadow is the only mod I have met that could easily put people off ever returning to this site – or recommending it to others, based purely on her seriously unpleasant way of talking to, and treating the chatters.

    I also know for a fact that I am not the only one to have a poor opinion of ShadowTemptress. If I can add my opinion further, it was a bad decision to grant her moderator duties/privileges.

  29. I’m sure you get tired of hearing it nash but here is another example of a mod being snarky and toeing the line of the rules. There was no need for the comment after the kick as it caused more discussion about the initial rule breaking and the comment itself could be seen as discussing a topic against the rules. Do your mods really need to act in such a manner?

    Brandon12: what babes have a kik

    Brandon12 has been kicked by Curare (f)™.

    Curare (f)™: I do!

    Curare (f)™ snorts

    • anonymous – I never get tired of hearing about possible issues with how the moderators do things. Thanks for the heads up.

      • anonymous, you’re quite right. I did make the crack, in a poor attempt at humor. You will notice also that when another user mentioned the same messenger service, thinking I was acknowledging “I” had it as well – because of what I said – I explained that not only did I not have it, but that because of my OWN comment, I would not remove HIM for mentioning it at that time. However, I did caution him not to discuss it again, as it does violate our rules and terms of service.

        I realized immediately, that my comment could be easily misinterpreted – and it most certainly was. As users are asked to refrain from extraneous commentary, when kicks are given, so should I have done the same. My apologies.

  30. anonnymous – I am holding your comment in the moderation que for the time being, I am not sure if you wanted for just me to read it, or if you wanted it publicly posted for comment?

    I had received an email from you a bit ago and responded.. (I think!) – but many of the emails from me get stuck in people’s junk folders..

    You mentioned in your comment that you have a chat log from something relatively current. Please do send that to me take a look.
    ( )

    I take all suck things very seriously.

    • *stares straight ahead breathing calmly, the corners of my mouth twitching before i take a deep breath and say, “yes. you do take all suck things very seriously.” *nods*

      [my lawyers have advised me to add (this comment is a joke).]

    • Hi Nash:

      I am wondering if there was any type of resolution, or if you needed anything else :)


      • anonymous – I have looked into many aspects of this situation, and I have seen some issues that are of concern, and made some suggestions. I have not been shown evidence of some of the things that have been inferred. That’s about as much as I can do with the evidence that I have been shown.

        • Thank you Nash for looking into my disquietude concerning the abusive behaviours/actions of one of the Moderators.

          I apologize for my inadequacies regarding the evidence.

          I did not see the value in keeping track of my dealings with this individual.

          There is and was no inference on my part.

          Thank you very much for your time, and, consideration into my grave concerns.

          I appreciate it!

          :) Anonomyous

        • Ps

          I would just like to say that the majority of the Moderators do an excellent job with the unenviable situations they must deal with.

          As we are all human, mistakes sometimes are made.

          I have witnessed supreme levelheadedness, and, generous fairness from most of the Moderators.

          They are also very nice people !!!

          Thank you very much Nash

          :) anonomyous

  31. Oh- I’m probably double posting, but I’m sorry, not sure if you see new posts on old comments…anywho, wondering if you have any updates on the situation about which I posted…also thank you to your mods mikey and ladylikes…. Sorry for the multiple posts !!

    • if you travel to Vegas does that mean your suitcase has room for both me and Curare?! *grins*

  32. I would like to point out to everyone. Every Moderator that Mods on this site does their bit volunteering their time and day to make sure all the site rules are followed and that we have a safe and happy environment for both visitors and regulars.

    I have been using this site for quite some time and I have never seen any of the Moderators try and “trick” or “manipulate” anyone with any of their questions.

    The moderators are strict and are here on their own time to help both Nash run his site and to help us use this site for each of our own individual requirements and needs.

    The rules are the very first thing that’s mentioned above, and if you are new to the site and you do ask for the rules or help there is more then one person willing to help provide links and help out with how the site works.

    The comment I’m leaving here is to thank every Moderator for giving up their time to make every user new and regular be part of a safe and secure environment. I’m here to thank every Moderator for being Strict for keeping even the regulars in line and for being there to make sure that anyone having any trouble be that in the normal rooms or user rooms have access and help when they’re asked to help out even when they’re having a small break from Modding.

    I have seen Mod’s leave conversations in the lobby to help someone in distress out. Everyone needs to be grateful that we have both Nash and the Moderators provide an outlet from our everyday lives so that we can all get along and have some fun, laughter and friendships.

    I know that I’d be lost without the Moderators and without the rules and without Nash being available 24/7 to run things smoothly for all.

    • Thank you, annabel :)

      • anytime :) i think most of us that use the site tend to forget that all the Moderators do volunteer their time to make this a safe and secure environment for all :)


          • Thank you kindly, annabel.

            **Laughs and hands Fine a virtual paper bag to breathe into**

            Finest, our checks are all on the table, right beside the all-you-can-eat Mod buffet. Someone told me it was lobster too, but I have yet to see a crust of bread – let alone a crustacean! ;)

          • oh uh…this is for Nash to sort out…what the terms and conditions are in your contract of your employment agreement….Good luck Nash!!

          • Oh that’s right, it was my other job that had the free trip to Vegas!

  33. I was banned, for no reason, and without warning by cure. I had a personal room, and I wasnt even really talking to anyone other than “Sweet”. Cure joined my room at 2:45 and asked me “What age is your sister”. I said at first (Trying to get rid of her because I wast talking to “Sweet”) “That we could technically play as 35-30″. Meaning rp of course. Then she started to go on about what age do you normally play. and I said “20-15ish”. I went back to talking to sweet, and got banned, without warning.

    • Sexy Beast – you said 20-15ish… that is a violation of the rules.

      • How long will I be banned, and she was nagging me on… Like I said I was talking to sweet, not careing much about Cureue (Idk how her name is spelled. I told her “I depend on the rp, it could technically be 35 and 30″ Thinking she was trying to get me to say something to get me banned. Then she asked “what do you normally play” (After me asking me the first question of course). I told her 20-15ish thinking she really wanted to know so she could rp… I feel like that was vindictive, in many ways… She shouldnt have walked into a private room and started asking questions with the intentions to bann. (Plus it was late, so I was half out of it, lol). If she would have kicked me first, i would have jumped back on curious, but she banned me. So I had no clue why or how.

        Please as a Admin dont jump into a private room with just two people in it, I understand that your board, but its wrong… I wasnt even rping at the time just chatting away with Sweet. And dont jump into the room with other intentions than what the room say, its wrong, and manipulative. We all look up to you guys, so when you jump into are rooms and start asking us question we really think that you want to give are room a whirl.

        • SexyBeast – talking about that kind of ageplay is against the rules and cause for a permanent ban.

          • I am vary sorry, like I said she did nag me out, almost forced it out of me. Is there any chance of me being unbanned. I had know idea that I could get banned for it. I will be more careful.

          • I am vary sorry, I didnt know, nor did I have any warning. Is there any chance of me being unbanned?

          • Your duplication system is going nuts on me, so im going to keep it plan and simple. Is there any chance of me being unbanned?

          • SexyBeast – no, your ban needs to stay permanent. We have to have a zero tolerance policy with certain things, and this is one of them. Sorry, but you will need to find somewhere else to chat.

          • May I please ask you to uplift my ban, I had no idea about your policy on age play. And I will never do it again.
            I still feel violated, I know that you guys have a no tolerance policy, but she was in my room, and without warning banned me. I had no idea about this policy, and I find it vary unfair that she kept asking me questions trying to get a different answer out of me.
            If I would have been warned I would have understood that I willingly broke your policy and that I deserve the consciences, but I truly didnt.
            Thank you

          • SexyBeast, again I will not release your ban. This is your permanent ban notice.
            Frankly I don’t care if you knew about this policy or not. Our policy is plainly posted for all to see. I care more about keeping our chat rooms safe, and this is a policy that was made to keep our individual users safe from many different issues.
            You will never be allowed to chat here again.
            Take care.

          • SexyBeast, please be aware that Admin Nash has a complete copy of the logged conversation between us, which precipitated your ban. He knows exactly what questions were asked, how they were asked, in what order they were asked, and your exact responses to them.

            You were not “tricked” into anything. It was a very clear and simple violation of our rules and terms of service. Warnings are a courtesy, not a requirement – and particularly in cases involving anything underage, there IS no warning. You’re simply out of the pool. Immediately and permanently.

            Had you paid closer attention to the rules page, you would have not only been aware of this, but we wouldn’t be here discussing the consequences of your decision to violate our policies and procedures.

            Wherever you chat next, I hope you will familiarize yourself with what is and is not acceptable in that venue, before doing whatever else it is you do for enjoyment.

            Good luck to you, sir.

          • Curare: You have to admit that the question was pretty loaded

            And to all the other Mods, Im not speaking about you, or making any generalization about you guys. I am only taking about Curare, and the situation that happened on Monday. Sorry if it comes across that way

        • Sorry its getting late… This whole situation is annoying me, like I said I wasnt warned, and I had no idea about your policy on age play… Its not right for your mods to walk into a room a manipulate people. She new that age play was wrong, so why is she asking me age, why does she care? I mean after the first comment of 30-35 she should have walked away, but the pried at me… I felt like something was off, but I went with it, and told her a honest answer… 20-15ish. After that she should have corrected me, and went on with her jolly good day (Night?). I mean in my head, I didnt even want to rp with her, but I also didnt want to be rude and send her on her way. Like I said, I was talking to sweet the whole night, it was three when the mod joined, and I was tired, and ecstatic all at the same time.

          I show a high level of respect to the mods, and I dont want them exploiting that just to get a quick ban. I dont know if that gives then a feel of power or what, but its wrong.

          After I told the mod 20-15ish, I went back to talking to sweet (not rping, talking) and the last thing I saw was sweet trying to tell me to talk to the mod, and bam, banned.

          I do understand you reasoning on the whole no tolerance of age play, but I fell into a dirty trap. And I would like to correct my mistakes, and move on. Not be banned from a site that I enjoy, and love.

          Sorry if my tangents are not vary organised…

          • I didn’t know that you had posted that before… So yah… This was more of a fallow up to my last post

          • SexyBeast – since your statements here are going against all moderators, because you keep saying – the moderators – I decided to say something to this.

            You are accusing us moderators of a lot of things, like having a feeling of power when we ban someone, making you fall into a “dirty trap”, being vindictive, forcing things out of you, nagging you and so forth.

            For your information – we can enter siderooms to check them, as long as they are not password protected.

            Fact is – that You violated our siterules. Not the moderator. You made the mistake – not the moderator.
            You say, you did not know about the underage policy in our siterules – but you should have read the rules, before using our chats. It says this on the log-in-page.

            “Be nice, follow the rules, have fun.”

            You should learn to accept a decision that was made, because you were violating the siterules.
            The site owner (Mr Nash) has explained several times, why you can’t participate on this chatsite anymore.

            I am sorry that this has happened, but you can’t just blame everyone else for your own mistakes.


          • LadyLikes: My comments are not directed at all mods, sorry if it may come off that way, only at this particular situation.

        • Why? Why would you ask that then? Did you even warn me? I have so much to ask you

        • Curare: I know your a strict mod, I’ve seen you around in the Family fun room… Why were you browsing the personal rooms? And why did you ask me a question like that? Why didnt you correct me, or at least warn me after? I had know idea about the policy and ignorants shouldn’t be a reason to get ban. I have browsed you site rules many time, and its frankly organised… Even before i got banned (How I stayed out of trouble). I had no Idea about this.

          You guy need to make a bann list (Of rules)

          Lets say white is not recommended, or might get you banned/kicked

          Yellow is banned

          And red would be perma bann

          Thank you again

          • unorganized… Woops auto correct… Like I said the color coating idea is a good one, it would keep people like me, who just browse the rules once or twice out of trouble… Then you could have all your other sub areas…

          • If you have browsed our siterules many times as you say, then your statement about “not knowing about the underage policy” can’t be true.

            It is one of the first! rules on there , you can read.
            You are walking on thin ice…..

            This discussion should end now, because it will lead to nothing at all.


          • Im so naive,
            “No one under 18, or pretending to be under the age of 18 years, is allowed to use this site. If you are aware of a user who is not 18 or older you need to alert the moderator(s).”
            I’ve skimmed over it so many times not even noticing it… Wow… The yellow font doesnt help either, because I drop right down to the proper way to make your “Nickname”… Sorry, and I see your point LadyLikes… Trust me I’ve never seen that.

      • Well, thank you guys… One day and one mistake ends a man being able to freely join this site. Should a man be punished for his ignorants, or be cleansed of it. Who knows.
        And thank you,

  34. You know how to get someone banned just because you’ve got a PROBLEM with them? Here’s what you do. First, you convince random people to use a “regular’s” name. Then, you tell one of your mod friends that the person you don’t LIKE is the one doing the convincing.

    People have been using the name “bubblegumbitch” and pretending to be her. Because her and I have “issues”, I’m somehow being blamed for these people’s actions. In no way am I responsible for influencing others to imitate another user.

    I was banned by “ladylikes”. She seems to be “friends” or at least friendly with bubblegumbitch, annabel and q (my accusers). It should be noted that my accusers are part of clique. I’m guessing that they believe there’s power in their numbers, but I’m hoping you’ll look beyond their mob mentality.

    I’m innocent. But at the very least, I should be seen as “innocent until proven guilty”. Resist the temptation to give in to a woman who feels like she’s been scorned. Let TRUE justice prevail.

    • Mr Master – I will look into this further.

      • Dear Nash – please check the mod page for further infromation – thanks.

      • I am not trying to be a bother, nor am I accusing Mr Master of anything. I just don’t want people to impersonate me, that’s all.

        • Thank you for not accusing me. Someone with your name came into my room today. I assumed that it was you, but apparently it wasn’t.

      • Thank you for looking into this matter further, but you won’t get the entire story. I’m not the kind of person who keeps chat logs or screenshots because I’m a Master. If someone’s messing with me then I can’t go running to a moderator. If I did then I’d lose respect from submissives, and worse, I’d lose respect for myself. Nothing’s more important to me than my honour and my integrity. Even after be banned, I’m STILL extremely reluctant to identify anyone by name who my have incited this unfortunate incident. You can continue your review, or, if there aren’t any objections, we can all move on.

        By the way, I consider myself to be fair and unbiased. I believe that I’d make a good moderator. I know that I’d do a better job at resolving disputes before they get this out of hand.

        • Mr Master – I think all could just move on and it would be fine with me.

          From a ‘light digging into the situation’ – from what I can tell, there was some mouthing off to one of the moderators who were engaging you about some possible issues. This was cause for a 6 hour kick to the rules, and a ban that lasts six hours. We prefer that people bring issues about the mods or the rules out of the chat rooms and to the mod complaints page here or to my email box.

          There could be some debate about having a room title like ‘no fake bubble bitches’. There could be some debate about other people using a similar screen name, and I could research these further. I am swamped with some other issues at the moment, but I can carve out some time in the next couple days if needed.

          My suggestion at this time is to drop any bubble gum bitch references, and if there is to be any debate with the mods or about the rules, bring them out of the chat and to the proper places.

          • I think that’s what it was about. He came in forced accusing people and saying paranoid conspiracy theories like the one in the comment… and wild accusations like that to one of the fairest, most patient mods in my opinion was very uncalled for.

            I am glad to put this behind us and I hope no one else impersonates me.

    • Please don’t bring my name into the on going drama you seem to have going for you, I have not complained to anyone nor have i mentioned what has been going on to anyone nor have i ever accused you of anything. You’ve been dragging this drama for the last two days and it only seems to occur in your room where I barely ever visit.
      Bringing my name into a matter I’m not directly involved in isn’t really cool either.

      • I don’t even want to be having this conversation to begin with. I’m not the type of person who “tells on someone”. It’s my responsibility to handle my own problems myself, not go running to a moderator. But I’ve been banned, and so now I’ve been left with no choice but to defend myself. If you’re not involved then I won’t mention you anymore.

    • I’m pretty sure this whole thing started over this:
      * edited by admin to remove image – image archived by admin *

      Mr.Master seemed to be quite public with his opinions, and quite free with his words to a hard-working, well-liked, moderator when this room and others of his, were looked into. There were site policies being broken within these rooms and the moderator in question, in my opinion, did her duty and nothing but. I’m actually surprised, though perhaps I should not be, that he listed me in the light he did, considering the fact that I had given him a heads up that his goings on were going to attract the attention of the mods if her were to continue…it seems that he took that as some warning that I’d be reporting him. Shame, really….

  35. Weve had an extremely rude individual in the room: Heres the conversation transcription:
    - saved on Sun May 25 2014 17:56:07 GMT+1000 (EST) -
    Erotic Sex Chat 5.0, Build #702
    Welcome back! Use of this chat system is agreement to the and – whats up with the new chat? – – enjoy! — the avatar pics are broken, info here: | Check to see if your pms are off/ignored by default!
    There are 222 people in 26 rooms.
    You entered Lobby. Room topic is: General chat.
    Error (f) spanks DOM’s butt back to bed
    You entered Porn Share. Room topic is: share your favorite porn!.
    You entered The Family Fun Room. Room topic is: roleplay room.
    nora b: kinda new been here a few times
    Mandy: well welcome bora
    john 4 horny girl: any sexcitement
    nora b: Mandy: i like your pink font
    Mandy: ty
    GothGirl(22): Bad,naughty boyy: You keep telling me to calm down and I’m not even arguing with anyone anymore. I’ll pick a fight with you if you keep it up, though.
    joe3532: any bi guys[\\
    Bad,naughty boyy: GothGirl(22): ur on no problemo im allways for a fight
    nora b: thanks for the welcom mandy
    Bad,naughty boyy So I think you had better leave her alone now
    Bad,naughty boyy: heeheh
    Mandy: ty
    Dave.aust GothGirl(22): Block Button
    Bad,naughty boyy who the fuck asked u anything smalldick ?????
    Bad,naughty boyy huh
    Bad,naughty boyy Noone asked me but youve just earned a reposrt to the admin
    Bad,naughty boyy do ur thing and
    Bad,naughty boyy dont make a problem
    Bad,naughty boyy understand ‘
    Dave.aust Bad,naughty boyy: Youve been recorded and Im posting your idiocy to the site admin

    Id like this guy warned at the very least. thankyou

    • Thank you for the heads up with this person David_Syd.Aust – I just popped in to see if I could chat with this person, and they are not there at the moment. I will make a note of this screen name, and should things get worse in the future we will investigate more. As always I think it is an awesome thing to teach others in the room how to use the iggy / block user button, as that will fix most people.

  36. Concerned Female Chatter- in reply to:

    I am glad you found our rules, terms and privacy policy appealing. A lot of work has been done to create the systems we have now, and much of these policies are the result of issues that have occurred over the years and feedback from the users here. We will continue to enhance these policies and do our best to protect those who choose to use the services here.

    Taking this :”I did not see a disclaimer stating that these transcripts were published with the express consent of the users” – into consideration, I have sent an email to griff suggesting that it would be beneficial to include this.

    “how private my private chats really were.” – we outline this on the terms and privacy pages, and we do take what we say seriously. Our system does not record the chats here. We do mention on the terms and privacy pages that does not stop anyone else from saving and republishing them however. This is the reason we claim join copyright to content created here, so that we can have any chats that are published elsewhere taken down if they are republished without multi-party consent.

    I do not think your comments came off as judgmental – you were clear about that, and it is certainly appreciated by all I am sure.

    I too have learned new “and fun dirty words on this site” – just when I thought I knew everything about sex, someone comes up with a new slang term from another part of the world and I find myself learning something new, which is awesome.

    Your point about some of the conversations published elsewhere that included some discussion of those who were not yet 18 at the time is being checked out. There were a couple of other people who pointed this out to me via emails and other methods about the time you posted this comment. So it’s being looked into, and I have emailed griff about some clarification on this, and our rules about such discussions on site here.

    How the comments here work..
    most of the time, when someone comments the first time, it is ““awaiting moderation,” – as the comment system checks for spam links for fake viagra and such. I get an email that a comment has been made (lots of emails) – I try to check the comment que here several times a day, even if I am traveling. Most comments get approved within 24 hours, a few get some editing. Most are published to the public as is. I try to reply to most comments every day, usually several times a day.

    Once someone has made a comment in the blog section and it has been “approved” – then subsequent comments are normally published live to the public automatically, which is why you say the notice for you first comment saying “awaiting moderation” – and other people would not yet be able to see it. Then when you made your second and third comments they were published immediately. This is the way the system is supposed to work, but there are sometimes a few hiccups.. our anti-spam system sometimes flags messages as spam and makes them basically disappear – where I never see them; unless someone emails me and says “Hey I left a comment a couple days ago and it never appeared on the site” (this happens to one of our moderators a bit – lol) – then I have to dig through the 2-3,000 “marked as spam” comments, and try to find a false positive and change it.. Any comments with more than 2 links in it will get flagged that way, and if someone posts comments from and ISP that changes their IP frequently this can happen, among a few other things…

    So for the most part in your case, when you post comments in the future they will be published immediately. I will get an email saying “cfc posted a comment” (if I am home and awake) – and anyone else who has signed up at the bottom of the page to get an email when comments are left on this page will also get an email that shows the content of the comment. Different pages have different sets of people who have signed up to receive notifications in this way.

    “not sure if it was even read-” – I myself read almost every email and comment sent within 12 hours. I do not always reply immediately, in most cases people will get a reply within 24 hours. Sometimes all this happens in minutes if the timing is right. Sometimes it takes a few days before I can get a good answer to someone. In a few cases, mostly with the moderators, it could take a month or longer before I get to respond to some fringe issues – but those situations usually only occur when something really unusual is going on. If anyone has no answer after a week I may need a reminder… I get thousands of emails every day, and some days there is major issues that need my full attention.. if some technical issue takes a few days to resolve for example, I will have some important emails or messages that get buried in days past “marked as unread, follow up” – Sometimes I need a reminder like “Hey Nash an email from two weeks ago…” – I hate when that happens and try to avoid that, but it does happen.

    In this particular case, I received some additional info from others via email. Had a few other discussions, and have looked into it further. I decided to email griff to get some more information, and I expect that will take a few days to put some things together and make some further decisions.

    “my comment was brushed over” – no comments here are brushed over, ever.

    Even the ones where I am 99% sure the commenter has not read and understood our policies, I still take the time to consider where each and every person is coming from, research the issues and try to educate those involved.

    I will look again at this issue, and if I do not get a reply to my emails within the next two days will look into other methods of figuring out these issues.

    As far as ” policies about other non commercial sites that show up when searching your site” – While we do choose to do a bit of censoring what can be published here, what other people choose to post about on their sites is really out of our control.

    “for all I know, you don’t care about the exploitation of minors at all and are just trying to cover your butts legally” – actually it is that we care about this issue that we have developed the rules that we have. The rules that we have go far beyond preventing the exploitation of minors. This is not a legal obligation in any way.

    • Any updates, Nash? I have tried to be much more patient, per the advice of your moderators. Thank you mikey and ladylikes!! :)

      • concerned female chatter. I did finally get in touch with Griff and have some discussions. At this point I have no way to tell if any of those conversations occurred within our chat site or a different one. I did remind Griff that we have rules that forbid users from discussing sexual acts that occured when people were not yet 18, and I expect that Griff will stay on the side of the rules that keeps people from being banned.

  37. I’m pretty sure Tex can’t kick me because he’s in a bad mood. Aren’t mods supposed to be patient? I was just teasing FSU about hanging out in the lobby and never coming to visit me, in good humor. Then Tex starts talking about how he’s going to kick me? He said he was running low on patience, and I mentioned that as a mod, he needs to have patience because he can’t kick just anyone he doesn’t like?

    This is the first complaint I’ve ever made. I’ve complimented mods for their hard work before, and I get along with most of them. I have the logs if you would want to see them.

    • Seriously, this was longer than a 10 minute kick, with no warning for anything I was doing wrong? I’m pretty sure I broke no rules, and I’m well aware of all of them.

    • My issue was your commenting on the lobby in general IN THE LOBBY. I found your remarks about people in the lobby and the lobby to be disparaging and rude at best. I was not the only one who felt that based on other users comments about your statements. However, I did ask if there was a problem I needed to know about. You chose not to point out any issues at all. Then you decided that I needed to be lectured about patience in a rather condescending manner. Hence, my decision to kick you for one hour.
      Was I off base? I do not believe I was. We have had too many issues with “regs” thinking they are above the rules. Your comments and behavior where pushing those limits at best. The lecture was a step over the line. I feel I showed restraint with just a one hour ban.

      • I don’t think I was above the rules. I was visiting FSU in the lobby, where I never visit. I was in good natured teasing him about everyone in the lobby being his friend (which is absurd). Yes, I was making fun of the lobby. Is that against the rules? It is not my fault at all you were in a bad mood and had no patience. I was not breaking any rules, and if you thought I was being rude to FSU it was because of your mood alone. Besides, FSU is a mod and if he didn’t like it, he could have warned me.

        I strongly feel you were out of line kicking me just because you were in a sour mood and read my comments the wrong way. If you’re in a bad mood, maybe you shouldn’t moderate? That is why I am complaining. I do give mods their due when I feel it is deserved. Lady says you’re a nice person, and I believe her, but I believe in this instance you put your mood first and were kick happy which is everything that I’ve heard a moderator should not be.

        • bgb, I was also in the Lobby at this time, having entered shortly before you were escorted to the door.

          No, “making fun of the lobby” isn’t necessarily against the rules – but doing so, cannot create a disruption to the rest of the room. Unfortunately, that is what your comments became, and why Tex asked you if there was a problem he needed to know about. Quite frankly, given the tone of the supposed “teasing” you were doing, I was thinking along those same lines, myself.

          Your decision to waste the opportunity to explain, in favor of condescendingly lecturing Tex on his patience – or supposed lack of it – particularly in the main room, was a poor choice. As a result of the disruption you created, others felt they could also inappropriately challenge Tex. You were not the only one escorted out, as a result.

          Please know that we do not enjoy having to boot anyone – especially a reg who by her own admission, knows the rules and is “well aware of all of them.” Also, please note that warnings are a courtesy and not a requirement. In this case, you did actually have ample warning. Tex did state that he was “low on patience,” yet he gave you the opportunity to bring whatever the issue was, to him for assistance with solving. You chose not to avail yourself of that, in favor of telling HIM how HE should behave – calling him out IN the room, where others could add their own disrespectful commentary, thinking they were free to do the same. No bueno. Sorry.

          • I didn’t see it as disruption to the rest of the room, and Tex was looking for excuses to kick people out. Kicking people to make himself feel better is against the rules. And I heard what happened after I left. He challenged other people? Someone told him to cool off and he kicked them?
            I’m not about to let a moderator be mean to me just because he can kick me.

      • I think that YOU thought you were above the moderator rules by kicking me. You were grumpy from the moment you came into the lobby. You already told me you had a lack of patience, which really isn’t my fault.

      • I don’t think I would have complained if FSU kicked me, because guess what? He probably would have explained to me what I was doing wrong, and I probably would have left the lobby, no problem. He doesn’t need a hot head to get rid of his problems.

        • What I saw from Tex yesterday (and I don’t see Tex much, mind you, because he rarely ever leaves the lobby) makes me think that he should really not be a mod. I’ve never had a problem with any other moderator– in fact I routinely compliment them here for their hard work.

          • I was not there, so I can not say anything about anything specific. I will say, as I have said in several places around here – that text coming across the screen could be meant in a funny way, where others may read it in a snarky or mean way.

            WIthout facial expressions, body language, inflections, giggles, all that kind of thing it is very difficult for everyone to understand the tone of most statements. Sometimes there may be a few people who are aware of the relationships and tones that are implied, but others will not. This could be the case with Tex seeing things and asking about them, but it is not just Tex that is the issue here.

            Other users seeing snarky statements that were intended to be poking fun and giggling may see those statements as being rude or mean. It is times like these that it is good to have a mod who is not always a part of the certain group to chime in and ask that the discussion goes in a different direction.

            Bad mood or not, this situation sounds like it started off as some kidding around, then someone stepped in and pointed out that the statements were not being taken well by a majority of those in the room, and then more statements were made which may have been intended to be light-hearted, lighten up, and yet when read as plain text came across to others as talking back to one of the mods.

            Talking back to the mods is not allowed in the lobby, we prefer to have those things discussed on this page here, or via email. So I am glad that this issue has been moved to proper place.

            This should server as a reminder to everyone, mods and users alike – that often times people see things differently from where they sit, even when reading the exact same thing.

  38. Hello Nash,
    I am not quite certain where I should lodge this complaint, as it is about a particular user and not a moderator. I have been in the chat rooms of and on over the past 8 months or so, and I have come across a user named “Griff;” in my reading of your site logs I have noted that he goes by other names as well, including “humiliate and degrade” and “will blohc foolz,” or something of the sort.
    I have seen this user promote his blog, and have often seen other users reference it. I had occasion to look at this blog – I must say that I was disgusted (and this is truly a side note, as I will get to the real issue later)
    It seems that he is using your site and others to troll for victims of sexual assault, physical abuse, and molestation… He is quite verbal about enjoying the fact that he can make these women cry, relive their abuse etc, and gives detailed instructions on how to psychologically break these quote “bitches and stupid cunts.” While this is truley sickening to me, it is not in my nature to judge the sexual preferences of others- as long as the conversation takes place between two consenting adults.
    My real issue, however, is this- when reading his blog I noted that he cleverly avoids referring to your specific website, instead alluding to erotic sex chat, but in more than one post, he does make specific references to sexchatsexchat and even goes so far as to say erotic sexchat aka sexchatsexchat in one of his blog posts…. Not only this, but he publishes transcripts of his chats taking placd on your site, as well as nude pictures of the women with whom he is chatting.
    I am familiar with the terms of service here, and not only does that violate your privacy policy, but it violates copywrite laws as well.
    I understand you are very busy Nash, but please do look into this !!
    Thank you :)

    • concerned female chatter – We will soon add a questions / answers page to this section of the site for all these random things that don’t quite fit into one of our main pages, I am glad you found this one and provided some feedback though. I am also very close to releasing an update to the site that should have some easier navigation site-wide as well. I am glad to hear that you have been enjoying our chat rooms enough to be a part of the community here for several months!

      Indeed, “Griff” has spent some time around here as well, and used a few pseudo names in the chat and in comments around the various blog pages as well. I am fairly familiar with this individual. We have had some debate about Griff, his blog, and the promotion of it I assure you. From what I have seen, Griff has shared info about his blog on several occasions, but has not been over-spamming it.

      Griff’s blog from what I saw in the past was not a commercial endeavor, do that does not violate our commercial spam rules. I understand that you, and several other people have found the info shared there to be overly taboo, disgusting, and many other similar words. For this reason, I believe a long time ago it was suggested to Griff to warn people about the content of such, to provide some context for what people may be slapped in the face with should they choose to go there and read the writings.

      I am with you on trying not to judge the difference between what one person considers abuse and another considers love taps / safe / sane / roleplay. There are some fine lines with these issues sometimes.

      I appreciate you being concerned about not giving proper credit to our chat system, however this is really a bit confusion that we have not talked about much around the site. We actually share the same chat rooms system with erotic sex chat, (and a couple other sites as well actually) – for a while, people found our chat system by finding erotic sex chat…. then things started to shift with our focus and with search engines results, and sexchatsexchat became much more popular. This left an amount of people who used our chat systems on the erotic sex chat site, and more and more were using our systems through sexchatsexchat. We considered dividing it up, but decided to keep them connected. For a while most people in the USA found sexchatsexchat by typing in search terms like “free sex chat” – and a lot of people in other parts of the world using the same search engines would type “free sex chat” and they would come across higher up in the results in other countries and so they would find their way to our chat rooms there.

      This has caused a bit of confusion over the years unfortunately. We are looking at ways of making this more understood through some additional branding kind of thing. Well more on that later.

      The issue of posting chat transcripts is a big one, and it is something that we do take very seriously. We do have things in our terms of service and privacy policy that we are very strict about in order to protect our users. I have actually used our copyright to the chats to have posted transcripts removed from other sites on several occasions. This led me to exchange some emails with Griff some time ago. Griff did agree to only post transcripts from people who explicitly agreed to allow him to publish them publicly, and with the knowledge of where they were going to be published. He also agreed to make sure that no other user’s conversations would be included in any posted chats, and to also edit any other screen names if they came up.

      So at this time, Griff does have limited permission to publish some private chats on his blog, so long as they meet those conditions (and I think a couple more.. those emails were from a long time ago). This is not to say that we endorse the content of the chats, photos, or anything else. This is not a personal approval of the content either.

      I am writing this reply before I have had enough espresso to wake up fully, so I may be missing info that should be better clarified here. I may do that if my air conditioner gets fixed today and I get more caffeine running the veins! I just did not want to leave your comment in the moderation que for too long and give you the impression it was being ignored or ended up in the auto-spam filter thing.

      Thank you for taking the time to chime in on this, and I especially thank you for taking the time to read our terms and privacy policy. We have put a lot of work into these, I think they are very important. Of course those who have read them probably get that we take these things very seriously and it is not some random “we care about privacy, and for that reason we have these 10 pages of confusion legal terms that spell out how you agree to allow us to violate your privacy, benefit from it financially and sell it off to others” – yeah, our policy is quite different than facebook’s ;)

      • Thank you for your reply, Nash, I think it is wonderful that you take the time to respond to your users.
        Indeed, I did take the time to read of all your terms of service, privacy policy, and etiquette rules before joining the site (I suppose it is too much to hope that other users do the same!). I wanted to let you know that the only reason I felt comfortable visiting your site in the first place is because of the rules you have set forth. As someone who is not terribly internet savvy, I was very nervous about entering a public forum where I would be interacting with other anonymous users. The internet is a scary place! Of course, there are always horror stories about scammers, bullying, and people exploiting those under the age of majority. After reading your rules, I felt so much more comfortable knowing how much time and effort you and the moderators put in to safeguard this community and protect the site users.
        I see that there are many complaints about the rules and those who work so hard to enforce them, and yes, as a user it is easy to loose patience when you get a little time out, but I think users get so comfortable here that they do forget how quickly things would devolve into utter chaos were the moderators not keeping a close eye on things. It is easy to take for granted all of the work that gets put in here. So thank you all for that!
        As far as Griff’s blog goes, yes, I was very disturbed seeing private chat transcripts posted in a public forum. I did not see a disclaimer stating that these transcripts were published with the express consent of the users and site admin, so of course, I assumed the worst, and started to wonder how private my private chats really were. I do feel much better, Nash, knowing that you were aware of this issue and already addressed it.
        I hope my comments did not come off as judgemental. Wether I agree or disagree with anyone’s sexual preferences, I do appreciate how open minded this community is with regards to peoples fetishes and whatnot. I have learned so many crazy new things and fun dirty words on this site… And I had quite a lot of fun making my last boyfriend blush ;)
        There is one thing, however, that I did not address in my last comment, that I do feel warrants some attention, Nash. I am not sure how much of Griff’s blog you have actually read, if you have taken a look at the actual transcripts. In these logs, there is quite a bit of discussion about sexual acts that took place before the age of 18, some of it quite graphic. I know you have a very firm policy on this site about avoiding such discussions. While it is difficult to decipher which transcript came from which site, and if these conversations actually took place on your site or not, I still feel this deserves some consideration. If a random internet user was to come across this blog, they would see such discussions and see your site being mentioned. It might be easy for them to assume that this site is a forum where they can have discussions of this sort, or that you site condones this. I think this is worth looking into.
        Anyhow, keep up the amazing work, Nash and mods. If I encounter griff again…let’s just say I read all about this fancy shmacy block button feature….and for that, I thank you!

        • *sigh
          I’m sure I’m being very impatient, as I know all the site workers are busy, but I am also very upset and very saddened. I’m not sure how these complaints work, but my last complaints said “awaiting moderation,” or something of the sort, and this one did not, so I’m not sure if it was even read- perhaps this warrants another look at your site rules.
          Maybe I talked too much and that is why my comment was brushed over, but I do hope someone read the second to last paragraph of my post. I am very upset to see your site name being used in conjunction with sex acts that take place before the age of 18 (I am trying to phrase this and the following comments appropriately so they do not need to be redacted; upon reading your blogs, I noticed that you need to edit certain terms, hopefully you won’t have to do that here) – all XX’s are an age under 18
          Perhaps no one has time to look at this blog, so I will bring a few (edited- in a very limited fashion) quotes to you ….
          “He used to make me XXXXXXX”
          Griff: how big was your clit at X years old (note there is only one x because it is a single digit)
          Griff: part of you enjoyed it
          “Started when I was XX and finished at XX”
          “By XX they wanted to touch as well…but that is where I am when I masturbate”
          Griff: come on…part of you liked it
          I’m sad to say, that although I enjoyed your site, I will not be back if this issue is not even addressed. One of the reasons I felt comfortable here was the fact that you had a firm rule about this kind of speech; perhaps it is too much to ask that you have firm policies about other non commercial sites that show up when searching your site and discuss these types of things… Hell, for all I know, you don’t care about the exploitation of minors at all and are just trying to cover your butts legally…. I hope this is not the case, as you and the moderators seem like wonderful people
          Ii would feel better if someone, anyone….a moderator, maybe? …. At least let me know that this comment was read

          • Hello Miss, I am a moderator of this site and since you asked for someone to answer you – even a moderator – I decided to do so.

            I am sure nobody is trying “to brush your comments over”.

            Nash is a very busy man and I am sure he will get back to you –
            And yes. Maybe you are being a little impatient. :)

            Nash takes All users of his chatsite serious. He has a lot of email and site-post-contacts and he tries his best to get back to you all.

            Greetings – ladylikes™

          • Thank you for responding, ladylikes, I do apologise for being impatient, I’m sure you are right about that- I should have waited a bit – or a lot longer- I have read enough to understand that everyone here is busy; I was just a bit upset, and I suppose I jumped the gun, but I do kindly thank you for your reply.

          • Anytime. :)

            And I do understand you. Have a nice day/night.

          • Dear Concerned Female Chatter,

            As a member of the moderator team I can assure you we take all cases of the topic you mention seriously. Has Ladylikes said I am sure Nash will get back to you shortly.


          • Concerned Female Chatter – since the comment thread here is reaching it’s limit, I have posted some replies with a ‘new thread’ –

  39. Oh Moose, oh Moose, oh lovely Moose… Sometimes the rules seem quite obtuse…you always help to make them clear…explain with patience, what a dear!….in the midst of conflict or confusion…. You always make the right conclusion….always sweet and so polite…. You make the chat room feel just right…. We love you moose, don’t ever change…. Without you chat would be so lame!!! (With love from the ladies of sexchatsexchat)

  40. i go try to chat Privite Chick then i’m being warned by micky don’t why is. I wasn’t do anything wrong. But try to chat

    • leroy12 – perhaps you can explain what you are trying to say better? I am not sure exactly what you are implying.
      Did you get a warning from Mikey? What did that warning say exactly?

      • Heya Leroy12, and Nash,

        Leroy12 I pmed you a few times asking you to confirm you were 18 or older, even asked in the room, and warned you, I then gave you a short kick to the rule page hoping you would read a little you came back with the same name so I asked again explained why I was asking you for age got no answer so I said you would need to be age verified if you did not answer your age, you did not answer so henceforth the ban.

        Nash this was over a 15 minute period and as usual my pm was “Hello I am a site mod, with the number in your name being lower than 18, I need you to confirm you are 18 or older, thank you:)”


  41. hello,
    sir, i got banned as i tried a false nickname.. i m so sorry for that.. did i banned permanently?.. sir the mistake wouldn’t be repeated .. i’m a legal guy.. as yo can confirm it from my email id.. please unban me.. for just last time please sir

    • FuckingMachineRP – no, this is a permanent ban situation. You will not be allowed to chat here ever again.

  42. Hello, Nash.

    I would just like to show you a prime example of the abuse of power some of your moderators have. You can’t possibly agree that this is a warranted kick by BigTex. I know the rules. You can’t even place this one under the incredibly broad and unreasonable GFA rule. Anyways, I know nothing will come of this. Nothing usually does on this board unless it was a “mistake.”

    * edited by admin, removed chat log after saving backup copy in cases further discussion was needed. Mainly to remove a bunch of other people’s statements in the room that had nothing to do with the situation. *

    • YCH – this is the most important part of the situation that you are questioning in my opinion:

      YouCantHandle(M)e: Why would you kick her for that?
      TinkerBell™: uh oh…
      TinkerBell™: She was warned
      BigTex©™(Str8-M-57): YouCantHandle(M)e: She was warned earlier.

      BigTex©™(Str8-M-57): YCH: are you satisfied?
      YouCantHandle(M)e: Fair enough.

      YouCantHandle(M)e: Yes. But only by your condescending question ;)

      YouCantHandle(M)e has been kicked by BigTex©™(Str8-M-57).

      I have made a backup copy of the chat log you posted, and I am editing the publicly posted one to remove it, as there are many things in there said by others that have nothing to do with the situation.

      let’s see…
      “Why would you kick her for that?” – if you were a totally new user, I/we would have more patience with this. However people that have used our chat system for some time should certainly be aware that I do not appreciate people questioning the mods kicking/banning/warnings in the open rooms. I have created this mods complaints page for that, a feedback page, my contact email, and we will soon have another page for general questions. I prefer that these kinds of things not clog up the lobby.

      “Fair enough.” – I do not see where any one was asking whether you thought this was fair or fair enough.

      “Yes. But only by your condescending question ;)” – I just woke up, and I am not entirely sure what you meant by this. However it appears to be more statements where you are choosing to question the mods, and trying to make judgements about whether or not we are doing things the right way or not.

      So Tex had more patience with you and your statements than what I would expect from most of the mods considering the past interactions we have had with you here. I am pretty sure it has been made perfectly clear to you that we do not want people questioning the mods in the main rooms. We have other places for people to bring up possible issues and ask questions about our policies.

      As I have mentioned elsewhere around the site, there is no way that the end users can know all the policies and procedures that the mods are asked to follow. There is also no way for users to know about previous statements made by others if they were not in the room, and no way that users could know what has been said via pms with other users. Jumping to conclusions about someone being warned, banned, or kicked to the rules page is not wise, as is is impossible for anyone to know everything that has transpired in most situations.

      When people start questioning the mods in the room, there are occasionally times that the information may be helpful, however most of the time it just wastes screen space and detracts from others enjoying the chat. Generally if there is something that others in the room need to know the mods will volunteer some helpful information about a certain situation. There is no need to be combative and questioning the main rooms. We don’t need that from you, and the other users don’t need that either.

  43. nash again i am getting this This nickname or IP address is banned. and i have never been banned or warned about doing anything wrong

    • I see nothing about you in the ban list ‘your hubbys boss” – did you read all the info on the kicked / banned page?

  44. I would like to complain that (F)ine Wine is awesome and did a great job helping us in Forced Sex Fantasy Room today. Things got out of hand and some pee-play happened and she came in and calmed everything down. I am very grateful and she’s a smart, level headed mod.

    Props also to ladylikes and moose, they are also smart and helpful and come around often.

  45. wish to have ban remove asked in a fit of anger

    • boss – I have told on your other comments. NO – your ban is permanent. Do not return to our site. You have wasted too much my time. If you return to our site I may file an abuse complaint with your ISP and will consider a criminal complaint for theft of services.

  46. […] an issue with someone who was going by a name with shemale in it recently, and as to where most of the complaint that I was originally sent had to do with confusion about our policies and access that the mods have, there was more to the […]

  47. I will also point out that when i complained about Alexis accusing me of speaking ‘non-cence’ [sic] Julia responded by saying she had not checked the rules recently and i should. This is clear incompetence as a a Mod’s primary function os to know the rules and not to transfer the responsibility of such onto a user such as myself, which she did. This would be a dismissable offence in the business world and I await your ruling

    • Dear Nash – you will also find comments about this matter bye Julia and myself on the mod page.

      greetings – ladylikes

    • JennaRedux – I will look into this and consider it further. Not sure I would put it in the incompetence category at the moment, maybe something that was meant as silly sarcasm that was read by others in a different way. It is something that is always a challenge with text chat. Indeed a mods primary function is to know our rules here, and we recently reposted the rules in our moderators forum to make sure we are all on the same page with things. So this is something that we take very seriously.

      I think Julia was really trying to say that we do not have a rule about someone accusing someone of speaking non-sense, and that it is not something that is really worth wasting the moderator’s time with.

      My ruling on this is that it would have been best for you to take our suggestions on the etiquette / rules page about being defensive, and using the ‘block button’ – it makes things so much easier for everyone. If you and the other regular users of our lesbian room would take that advice, and apply the advice that is suggested on the lesbian chat rooms issues / suggestion page, and as a group start using the ‘iggy button’ on idiots like you are describing, then they would only be talking to themselves, and they would not even know it – and that my friend is the ultimate way of dealing with idiots in my humble opinion.

  48. hi
    please review the logs for lesbian room of the last hour. an alleged shemale dominated the room, i and other s complained, mods came. asked me many questions – NONE directed at Alexis the alleged shemale – and Julia also handled my complaint – in my opinion, badly, – for example, she demande di provide the conversation logs – this is clearly a Mod function not a use rone; and an apology should be issued. Further, i was accused by Alexis of calling ‘her’ male – false – and of speaking ‘nonse-nce’ false. Yet I was questioned by room mods; ‘she’ was simply asked to take her sexual comments private. lesbians are supportive in the main of many marginalised sexualities. but shemales have penises, many women have been raped by males; do you really consider it appropriate that penises are allowed in a lesbian room? i complained once before months back; got no response and expect none here but feel compelled to make my disgust with room policy and mods clear.

    • Dear Nash – this is a very interesting post…

      I have sent you an email with the chatlog – the whole chatlog – of this situation.

      greetings – ladylikes.

    • JennaReux – our system does not keep chat logs, does not create chat logs, it never has, and hopefully never will. On some occasions users will save a chat log and send it in for review, and on a few occasions our moderators may save a chat log for pending review. In the case you are referring to, we have no way to go back through system logs to see what you were complaining about. This is why our moderator(s) may have asked you to provide a chat log for them to review.

      Of course there were no questions directed at the ‘shemale’ in the room, as there was no evidence to suggest that she/he should be pestered with questions from the moderator. As I understand the situation you were asked to provide such evidence of an issue, and you declined. It is not a mod function to go back through chat logs, they do not even have that ability in most cases.

      An apology should be issued, indeed you should be apologizing to Julia for being ignorant of how our systems work.

      I do not know anything about a user named Alexis, or any other user accusing you of accusing them of being male or female or anything like that. If you have a confrontation with a user like this, the easiest way to solve it is with the “block user” aka “iggy” button. I applaud you and any others that suggest to other users that perhaps thier comments should be taken private, although some users come off as know-it-all-bitches when doing that in certain ways, so I caution people to do these kinds of things politely and with a tone of educating, not demanding. People are quick to get defensive and then offensive when they are behind a keyboard, so it’s best to approach those kind of situations in a kind and helpful way, and to consider how someone else may read your text; often read in a different way than “said”.

      I think it’s true to some extent than many lesbians are supportive of various sexualities, but I do not think it is safe to say all or supportive of all – but that’s a different conversation, and I am guessing you did not mean to say “all lesbians, always”.

      Shemales generally do have a penis. I agree that many females have been raped by many males, and I would add that rape is not a one gender to the other issue only; but that could be an entire discussion as well.

      Do I consider it appropriate that penises should be allowed in the lesbian room? Well I have written a couple of articles on that issue, and I invite those who use the lesbian room to read these two articles first:

      then after reading up what I have thought of the issue, and my suggestions for best handling those issues, I welcome further discussion, just like I do with (almost) all topics here.

      I am not sure why you received no response to a complaint months ago, there could be many reasons for that.

      I appreciate you taking the time to make your disgust with our room policy here, and I appreciate that your complaint about any moderator being brought here to the proper place rather than making an issue in the chat rooms and created unneeded drama for others.

      I am sorry that things here have not met your expectations, and I am more than happy to discuss all these issues further, but before you write more on the issue, please read the two articles I have already written about these issues. I think once you read up on what I have stated publicly in the past (And link to on the lesbian chat rooms page btw – please share the info with others!) – I think you will have a better understanding of why we have things setup the way we do. The articles offer several options and suggestions, which I think give the power ultimately to those who use the lesbian chat rooms, should they choose to use it.

      As a side not for anyone who finds this comment and does not dig further into the privacy policy, terms of use and the actualy etiquette rules – which everyone should; there is some very good information there! I will add that we do not allow every person with a penis to use the lesbian chat room, and it is indeed one of the rooms that carries some special, publicly stated rules with it. Any men, (or women, or trans, etc) who go into the les room can be kicked or banned if they do certain things that may be perfectly fine in a different room.

      We kick and ban users who go in there and start posting pics of their dicks for example. If someone goes in certain screen names like “myBigCockDripsCumOnWhores”, they will be told to leave the les room or be banned, and it is an offensive screen name. Someone going in there and talking about penis in general may trigger our rules that get into taboo subjects in certain rooms, and what that is depends on the room that someone is in at the time. There are details about these things on the etiquette / rules page. There are plenty of other things listed there that would get a guy or anyone else kicked from the lez room, or any other rooms for that matter. If someone was to pop in there and start pming every girl in the room with ‘suck my dick” or any number of other things, it would trigger our taboo terms clause, and our clause about harassment in some cases.

      Just about everything that I am writing you here is already posted around the site on the various pages that we provide links to on just about every page around here. I hope this clarifies some things for you.

      • JennaRedux – after reading your complaint and responding, I was sent additional information about this situation that I was unaware of. It seems that another one of our moderators cam into this situation and made the proper recommendations.

        You had not mentioned the open sexual play of the ‘shemale’ in the room in your comment, and as explained above our moderators do not have access to the previous chats. Reading the info sent by other people who were there, there was a legitimate issue that should not have been an issue. So I have added an update to our ‘lesbian chat rooms issues and suggestions page’ in order to further clarify what was already said on our rules page.

        It appears that ladylikes handled the situation by telling the ‘shemale’ not to play in the open room in the les room, and people were told to use the block button.

        This could of all been handled in other ways had more information been provided by you to the first moderator you engaged. It is unfortunate that you were unaware of how our systems worked, and had you provided the requested information to the Julia in the first place I think she would of been able to clarify everything to everyone faster.

  49. I was kicked or banned for no reason at 2 a.m. 4/11/2014 and would like to know why and if it was the individual I was speaking to , then why not the other individual as well . thank you , and I would appreciate a response

    • Tony – you were not banned, but given a temporary-auto-expiring kick to the rules page. I am not sure why, perhaps as a way to cool off a sitaion before it got into a permanent ban situation, maybe it was a need to read the rules and terms of service. I’m not really sure… many times the short kicks like these have no notes attached to them. I suggest reading and understanding our sex chat rules so it does not become a permanent ban situation in the future.

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