Moderator Complaints

Have a complaint about one of the chat room moderators? Or forums moderators?

If you want to make a complaint about one of the moderators, you can email the site admins; jmes and nash read the emails sent to adultwebmasteronline atthe yahoo dot com - if you ask that your information be kept private between you want the site admins, when you email, then it will be.

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More about the mods

Every one of our chat rooms mods has volunteered to help make the chat room a better place. They are taking time out of play time to help the room and everyone in it experience a happy neutral place to enjoy mature conversations. Every one of our mods has read a very detailed set of "mod rules" - and we constantly discuss with each other things that come up, and what to do in edgy situations. Every single one of us is prone to make a mistake once in a while, and some of the mods may interpret the rules in harsher way than others, and act accordingly.

It is a very tough job to defend free speech, even when you are not a fan of some of the things that other people way want to express. Every day we are put in situations when personally we'd like to just kick and ban someone for being an idiot, rude, or taking their conversations to the edge of indecency. We constantly deal with spammers, mean people, user complaints, chat bots, and all kinds of ridiculous things, the last thing we need is someone who comes into the room, breaks a small rule, and then gets all bent out of shape about being asked to comply.

I have had users that made small mistakes end up causing big disruptions for the room. If you message me and say, "hey I only used all caps twice, I shouldn't be permanently banned for that, your mod is abusing me just to make his or her friends happy, blah blah blah." You know what probably happened? Most likely a small mistake was made, you were asked to stop, and the came back with an attitude problem. Now as moderators, we are used to that to some degree, and we know what it's like, heck, most of us have been on the other side of the coin. But it's the ensuing drama that generally gets people kicked or banned.

I back up our mods decisions most of the time. I do not expect to get the whole story from you or anyone else, if you message me about a problem, I will listen, but don't think that I am going to believe that you have the whole story. This is a free service, if you don't like the way it is moderated, if you don't want to play by the simple rules, then don't, you can always go chat somewhere else. You don't have to use our site.

Also realize that with text chat it may be easy for me to read something and take it a different way than it was intended. The same goes the other way. I might ask something and in my mind I am saying it politely, but you might read the text and thing that I am coming off mean or demanding. Every day all over the world, through chat rooms, text messages, pms, emails, people are reading (hearing) things one way, when the intention (writing) was meant another way. It happens. Even with the "LOLs" and smiley faces we all use, it is really easy to take something the wrong way on all sides of a text conversation.

Understand that every moderator is taking time away from their play time to help the community here, and please understand it is a mostly a thankless (and unpaid / volunteer) job, and we deal with many people who don't know all the rules. We also deal with all kinds of crap behind the scenes that you will hopefully never have to worry about. Respect the mods, play well with others, and have fun. Be glad you get to chat away and don't have to deal with all the other crap.

A note about user created chat rooms, room operators and mods

If you enter a user created chat room, there may be a username in purple, and that user will have the some of the abilities of a site moderator, including the ability to kick you from their chat room. User created room mods do not necessarily have to follow the rules and guidelines that are established for our official site admins and moderators. If a user created room mod decides to kick you for whatever reason, please do not complain to the site admins, as we do not have any control over user created room moderators. Our official site admins and moderators may choose to enter user created rooms on occasion, and their names may appear normal, in red, yellow, purple or simply be invisible. As outlined on our privacy policy, site admins and moderators may on occasion also enter password protected rooms as well. We highly suggest you read and understand the privacy policy information, and check for updates when you use our site.

This page will be updated, have more info to post on other subjects! comment or email away of you have any complaints.




  1. I was in a private conversation with a friend and was kicked from the room without warning by ‘XL Cock’, who would have no idea what my conversation was, nor had i said anything in the main room for a while, so there was nothing he could have been offended by. There seems to have been a few incidents lately of people being kicked for no reason. I love this site, so I hope we don’t let a few people waste it with behaviour like that.

    • @Lisa the lawyer – This sounds like something that may have happened without any of our moderators being involved, so I would need some extra details.
      If you were in a user-created-room aka “side-room” – like “Bob’s porn share room” – then the “owner” / creator of that room can kick anyone at any time for any or no reason, I would not know much about that kind of situation. Another thing that could of occurred is that you could of typed some things that triggered our “banned words” aka “profanity filter” that would kick you from the system for 10 minutes to the rules page.

      I suppose there are other possible scenarios with this incident. Why would you think it was “XL Cock” that kicked you from the room?
      Was it a main system room like the lobby?

      You can learn about the banned words / profanity filter – a bit how it works, some cases where it kicks in for false positives, and how to avoid it’s quirky wrath here: Info about the profanity filter / banned words kicks. Click here.

      • XL Cock has a porn room open right now. It was probably that.

        • I don’t know why people in the user / side rooms would choose to kick people or not. We don’t really get into thier choices for what they disallow in those rooms or how they handle things. I suggest that people who don’t like the way a certain side room is run by it’s “operator” – simply open a new one with your own way of doing things.

          An excerpt from the rules page:

          A note about user created chat rooms, room operators and mods

          If you enter a user created chat room, there may be a username in purple, and that user will have the some of the abilities of a site moderator, including the ability to kick you from their chat room. User created room mods do not necessarily have to follow the rules and guidelines that are established for our official site admins and moderators.

  2. Mystique 22 F4M also know as SexyChick claims that bigtex has been shielding her against mod action. I know Goddess Divine is looking to talk to her and the men SC has been terrorizing in sexchat. If you speak to colorado daddy, cumcuinvegas, or bra n panties optional, and i wish i knew the name but hes 66 years old, they have been victimized by sexychick, including suicide threats on their phone. I know GD has been trying to contact these men that have been stalked by her and in a recent fit she claimed that big tex wouldn’t ever ban her.

    • @Anonymous – re Mystique – I appreciate the heads up with this. We will look into this issue further.
      As far as any mod protecting someone from getting banned – that simply does not happen. In fact mods can’t protect other mods from getting banned :))
      Our history has shown this, so don’t believe everything you hear.
      Again we will check into all this further.

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