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  1. Everyone on this site understands that the people that are in the Family Fun Room are only there because it is the most populated room, and is thus the room in which one is most likely to successfully find a chat partner in. It’s only occasionally that there is anything incest-related happening there.

    So when you’re kicking a person out of that room/the site because they have a BDSM-related name, the actual message you are sending to that user is “fuck you, find a different site!” I understand that this is not the message you are intending to send that user (unless it is, in which case I will make you aware of the fact that you’re actually really hypocritical and then be on my way I suppose), however, your intentions are irrelevant; what matters is what actually happens: anyone interested in BDSM gets to sit in an empty room until they decide they’ve had enough of that and leave. Either that or they toss on a vanilla name, and waste the next hour weeding out vanillas while they try to find what they’re interested in.

    Yes, TECHNICALLY there is a BDSM I could go to. However, I have never seen that room populated with double-digit numbers in all of the years I have spent here.

    (I’m sure the fact that males with BDSM-type names are policed to the max in FFR while females can call themselves just about anything and be fine is an accidental oversight on the part of the moderators.)

    There are a trillion empty rooms on this site; only three of them are populated with any kind of consistency — Lobby, Lesbians (sometimes, maybe), and FFR.

    If this site is going to be an incest-only site, it should just change its name to IncestChat dot com so it can own that and clear up any confusion.

    Otherwise, something really needs to be done about the state of the chat rooms — presently, your site effectively bans anyone interested in BDSM who chooses to effectively advertise this fact in order to attract a like-minded partner.

    Maybe the arbitrary rooms should just be removed, so you only have a Lobby, a room where people are actually allowed to act like they’re on a sex chat site (it’s a working title), and a lesbian room so ladies won’t be bothered by dickheads?

    Or perhaps just remove the FFR, which would force everyone to sort themselves into various rooms. Of course, eventually you’ll run into the same problem, with FFR being replaced by a different room. Also, you’d be exiling the people actually interested in incest.

    I hope there’s interest in fixing this problem, it’s been festering for some time now and I wonder if the problem just hasn’t been noticed… or what?

    • @Sum_1 – this is an interesting way of seeing things. I will need to think on this a bit more as I wake up and get some espresso running through the veins.

    • there are plenty of rooms active at plenty of times but you wont see that if you only frequent the site along the same time zones, and you can make a room for whatever you want, normally with more success then useing FFR for any type of kink. but more to the point i agree some of the rooms being made are pointless. for example i remember when a furry room was made, it was doomed to fail. certain communities like for example rape fantasy and furry like to be in control to come degree so they make user rooms rather then hope a mod will join the public room(which is almost non existant on the smaller public rooms.* for rooms like porn rooms and furry boards what was needed really was a full time mod that understood the rooms rather then public boars and whats what has created all these excess rooms, groups that dont really want to give up that control

      • sorry for the double post.

        so messaznine room is not needed, lobby dwellers stay lobby and make s=rooms to suit there needs. bisexual rooms almost the same they lurk the already made rooms before it and the futas are almost always furries.

        casual bar and lounge was as far as a can tell made in the same spirites as the old lynns gropes room that was made to eject the casual chatters that gobbed up the old gangbangs rooms. this really can be done lobby or user made room.

        doms almost always makea room or troll FFR rathern then use the dom room..

        rp room is also almost always killed by privatly made rooms. plus staff almost always suggest niche writers use other rooms or make there own as well.

        bdsm would probably convret to a revolving user made chat if it was taken away

        forced room is almost always usermade rooms.

        i dont think i have ever see a single soul in wet and watersports or crossdressers.

        and while i can understand that this is all done in part because user rooms are loosely moderated and staff are asked to go to official boards more i cant help but winder whats the point. i mean would you rather have as he said 3 rooms very visible active or 30 rooms with little traffic? i now i for one would rather have the three rooms if i was an outsider as it gives me the illusion the place is actually as active as it is.

  2. Theres like 4 pedophiles in the room right now some guy named
    Child Porn Lover

  3. i have not had any pm for 2 weeks

  4. There is a thread running on the Mod Complaint page, a couple of threads actually, about people being very confused why they are being kicked/frozen. Mods saying (for example) Change your name or get kicked or Take that to the appropriate room .. and nothing more, confuses people. Yes, there are rules, god there are so many rules, but people in the moment may not be aware of them. When someone may innocently question why they are being told this, certain mods are just kicking them, because they were “arguing” with a mod. Asking for clarification is not arguing

    My suggestion where a mod can provide a link to the specific rule being violate may clear up a lot of confusion, not only for that person but for the other chatters following the convo

  5. anonymous user chimed in with some feedback about the recent lowering of the rooms limits, and recent nudges from the mods for people to move certain niche discussions to more appropriate rooms and away from the few ‘main rooms’ – that feedback and answer / info post here:

  6. Here’s another suggestion to help things run more smoothly:

    Mods should be identified as such. A symbol or the word Mod in their names for example

    I have seen chatters suddenly told to change their name or take a number out of their name, I understand the reasoning behind this but imagine just chatting and some other chatter tells you to change your name. Often no reason is given. The chatter may have no idea that they are talking to a mod. If they could easily identity that, it may help alleviate some of the tension often created in the room in these situations

  7. Here’s a suggestion: For the lobby and for the other rooms, how about posting a “topic” at the top of the page that every chatter can read as they enter the room

    A more detailed one than the status that already exists If strict adherence to the rules is so paramount, put that in the status “Welcome to the Lobby. General chat only. No discussions of religion, politics, flaming …” etc. Probably you don’t do this because such a status would take up half a page but you really have no choice; if mods are going to enforce the rules by the strict tenure of said rules and rarely give out an explanation beyond “it’s the rules” you really need to make those rules more clear, other wise it becomes patently unfair. So post them in the room status where they are readily available

    • Miss A – this is an interesting idea. We will be doing some updates with this very soon.

    • Yep, not guilty, no knowledge of rule breaking, not learning…

    • Miss A – this is an interesting suggestion. We will be updating the info that is auto-posted in the rooms upon entry, with new links to some new content guidelines. I may take some of this info and add it to the content guidelines as well. I am also working on a new method for mods and users to get more direct links to specific rules rather than just the entire rules page as well. I welcome everyone’s thoughts on ways that we can word things better on the rules page, or content guidelines that will make it better known and easier to understand the policies and procedures.

      • May be an idea if mods could link to the specific rule in question as well so people could instantly see what the statement is, that would also serve to make them more cognizant of the rules, the rule page etc. Even if someone read all the rules first (and that’s not very likely humans being humans) it’s easy to forget some of them. A direct link washes away any confusion. Probably this is already being done, I just haven’t seen it

  8. is there a new format for logging in, getting loads of ads on the right and boxes on the left as well. looks like when i first started on the site. two links bringing me to the same page and to the site but talking 3 or more clicks to get into original chat ,

    both open the same way and get me there but not like it was yesterday. the mods seem clueless as to what is happening as well. was told by a user you had made a post about this unable to find it.

    • brooklyn – not sure I am understanding what you mean exactly. Our systems on SexChatSpace are totally fucked up right now for some reason. We are working with a couple of other techs to figure out what the hell is going on. I thought it would be fixed yesterday, but it’s still not working right. I posted some info on:

      Looks like some extra security layers are causing some problems, and finding which ones and how to fix are turning out to be quite a task. I hope we get things back to how they were within 24 hours.

      • i have the site bookmarked, love it here by the way, and when i click on the bookmark it gives me the link for sex chat space but then i have to click free sex chat, ( one of nineten options ) then free erotic sex chat rooms and when i do it opens this link i hope i am explaining it correctly, perhaps screenshots would be better? if so am i able to post those here?

        • brooklyn – okay I see what you are saying. Yes this is a problem with the sex chat space right now, and we are still working to fix it. It should be back to normal once we get through the web server patches and security updates. Fingers crossed that is tonight, but we’ll see. In the meantime you can also skip some of those clicks by bookmarking one of the free chat room entries from this page as well:

          Ugh – all of those nineteen options and all the other problems with the sc space – are driving me nuts! Going to work on that issue now.

          • Nash, wish there some way in which the users could help, but all i know to do is post up the issues so you are aware. By the way, love it here and your dedication to this is amazing and I for one appreciate it.

            • now ia m getting this message

              Not Found

              The requested URL /original-chat/ was not found on this server.

              Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

              i used the following link

            • Brooklyn – that 404 should be fixed now, and the chat rooms should be working right now. It’s not finished, about half way through the rebuild at this time. So things may get wacky and then go back a few times as I try to re-create what we had, and change over code to reflect more modern approaches to multiple web browsers. This change over was not expected, and not planned. Normally I test some things on a backup site before making changes to our live pages, but something weird happened which put us in this not working / half working situation. It’s getting better now.

  9. Illy CharBelcher (25F)

    Not sure where else to put this but a member of chat has been threatening me with violence and changing his name to get around blocking him. There hasn’t been a single mod on tonight. I saved the chatlog if you want to see it.

  10. Hey Nash,
    So I have noticed a couple things I thought should be brought to your attention, a couple minor, but annoying bugs in the chatrooms:

    1) Anytime you click on someones name in the chat list and select ‘whisper’ it messes up, from then on everything you try and type will be really skinny grayish letters that will not send. You have to reload the chat to clear the error, and in doing so you lose any convo your involved in.

    2) About half the time, when trying to open a shared link, mainly to the site TinyPic, it causes the chat to glitch and the cursor will disappear and you cannot send any messages. I did find a way around this; when it glitches just right click anyones name and open a new private window and the cursor comes back, but still annoying.

    3) Can we please get a CAPTCHA added to the log-in screen? There are so many BOTS on this site its unreal

    • dnys – the issues you are having with the chat messing up.. I wonder if this is a browser plugin you are using that is causing the issue. Do you have the same problem when using a different web browser, like using firefox instead of chrome, or using IE instead of firefox?

      It is pretty rare for us to get bots on our system here, I would appreciate more details on that. If you think you see a bot in the chat, please email me with the username and why you think it is a bot.

      • Nash,
        Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried using all three major browsers; IE, Firefox & Chrome. I couldn’t get Firefox to load your chatrooms at all but on the other two the problem did persist.

        On the BOT situation, I see usernames sitting in the chatroom all night long; they do not respond to PM’s and not just mine, I see people trying to communicate with these users over and over and getting no response. They do not post anything on the open boards, not even to say “hello” to the room. Plus, and I assume your site has an auto-kick feature after a certain period of inactivity, most sites do, but once these ‘people’ do get kicked they are back in the room within a minute and its a repeat of the same thing. These usernames just seem to be taking up space and mining bandwidth, and when you get enough of them in one room it starts kicking active users because of the pull on the servers.

        • dnys – the fact that you are not able to connect when using firefox concerns me.. I wonder if there is something else with your computer that is messing things up, could be a firewall setting or something for example. I have some information post on the chat connection problems page that outlines some of the issues and fixes. Also check to make sure your version of firefox is up to date – the old firefox V 31 caused a connection problem, but that was fixed in subsequent versions. Please run through that info and lets see if we can narrow this down.

          As far as there being users that just hang out and do not respond, we do have a fair amount of people who come in and just wait for their one partner to arrive. Many times these people remain in private chat tab the whole time they are on site, and usually have pms turned off. Usually when “bots” visit our room they try to spam for some other site, and we have battened down the hatches to prevent them from re-accessing the system. If we find any new ones we will certainly block them. It is against our terms of service for people to use any kind of automated connections with our systems, and we take that kind of thing very seriously.

  11. Somehow….I have been Pming people in private and somehow they been appearing in main page. I’ve been informed of this twice. However, I know for a fact they have been posted in Private. This is very weird too.

    • Arrow – please provide some details on this like what kind of web browser you are using. If this happens again we may need to dig deeper into what kind of router / ISP stuff like that. That should not happen, but if it did it could be all kinds of things causing it.

  12. ladylikes™-TallOne(m)™s lady-

    Dear Nash – I sent you an email.


  13. hi Nash….just been checking out your new MV Chat and i have to say i dont like it at all and others i’ve spoken too generally feel the same too. We would much prefer you just keep new chat. Is opening a new site really going to bring more people in? Just about all of the features of New Chat that we stay there for are gone. Like being able to PM with friends while having pm’s turned off to others. New chat may be quiet but if its possible to boost numbers there at all then that would be a better move in my opinion. Just starting a new chat and making people move there wont increase numbers, in fact i believe it will decrease numbers….like what happened with Original chat. People are creatures of habit, especially with a site of this nature….force them move to somewhere they are not comfortable and all you will do is make them leave and find somewhere else that they feel more comfortable again. We do wish you’d reconsider.

    • oh…..and if i start getting email pm’s like others have been getting….i’ll be gone for good….i dont want that crap to start

      • I am not sure what you mean by getting emails for pms. I assume that you are referring to having a profile in the peeps section that can accept offline private messaging, similar to how facebook mail / facebook pm chats work? If this is the case, it is easy to change those settings so that you do not get any messages from the system, or from other users. Most people prefer the notifications being sent, but I can put together a quick tutorial showing how to adjust those settings.

      • AppleGirl – I made a quick “how to” showing how to adjust the email settings from the peeps system here:

    • Applegirl – Thanks for the feedback!

      Which features of the “new chat” are not available in the “mv chat”?

      We have options with the mv chat system to add more features and make customizations, we do not have this ability with the new chat system. The main benefit of the mv chat is that is should be able to do just about everything the ‘new chat’ does, with the added ability of mobile / phone / tablet compatibility. If I can get a definitive list of features that the new chat has that people are missing I can see about modding the mv chat to bring all those over, and add some others as well.

  14. hi nash, im having same trouble as Apple, it still says my e mail is used, which it was few weeks ago when we tried mv as oc was down. which then banned me saying incorrect user name or password even thought its same as i use in nc. lol i have tried so many times….im thinking of giving up…

  15. hi Nash, just trying to check out the new mv-chat and i’m having major issues, when i signed up yesterday i got a registration page which didnt require me to create a password, and then when i try to log in it needs me to put in a password, of course when i cant it tells me i’ve been banned for incorrect password. Now today when i try it says I have 1 attempt left before another ban. Try to re-register and it says my username (applegirl) and my email are already in use…because i’ve clearly registered yesterday. But I cant get in as i have no password…..There is obviously a huge bug in your new chat page. Many people on new chat are complaining of similar issues. Is there a solution to this? or can i just never sign in as i dont have password? Thanks, AppleGirl….p.s If I cant log into this mv-cht and you insist on closing new chat, then i will no longer be a member of this chat site after nearly 3years on original and new chat

  16. yes you have a big problem review mr mike

  17. How is it fair when someone gets banned for trying to chat in a chatroom and when the whole point of the chat room is to chat?

  18. Hey Nash,

    Today I was asking if someone like KitKat’s but to my surprise the letter combination itk is censored. This doesn’t make sense to me. It also happens with some youtube links where seemingly groupings of random letters are censored.

    What’s the idea about these censors?

    • it may be a block on the .tk domain extension that is affecting similar entries JeeWee. That is my first through, without reviewing by list of blocked words and partials. I just woke up and not ready to jump into those secure protocols to delve deeper quite yet, but I can look into these more if you have noticed a lot of tk type issues. For a while we were getting a lot of spam with people using those domains, but obviously that has trickled down quite a bit.

  19. Hey. I was in the chatroom, in the lobby under the name, Tattooed Male, chatting with other user’s and I suddenly can’t connect. Does this mean I’ve banned? I’m confused.

    • Tattoed Male – you would of seen a notice like ‘username ip banned – try later’ – and then you would be auto sent to the kicked / banned from the chat rooms info page if you had been kicked by the system or one of the moderators. From a quick check on this end, I am thinking that you ran into some internet congestion that caused a timeout. We have info about that on the chat connections problems / solution page.

  20. I only get white back ground and can not connect why

  21. I was in the chatroom this morning and it suddenly just stopped working. All postings stopped, could post comments but could not change rooms. Signed out and tried to sign back in, but on the sign-in page, just a black background where the blue/sign-in box should be. Re-tried a number of times. Any info? Is there an outage for everyone or is it just me? Thanks for any help.

  22. I was wondering if you have a blog section where people can put up stories in the erotic genre?

    • Yes indeed, some are using the social ‘peeps’ section for sharing this way. Mostly through activity stream/ status updates. However we recently opened the option for people to create their own blog (some parts of the site say ‘create site’ I think). Some are also using the forums section for this as well.
      I am writing this with my phone app while out of town, when I get to a more solid internet connection I will be able to add some links to these options and may create a graphic tutorial showning how to create a blog and start adding posts.

  23. I have been banned and am confused as to why. Can I find out why?

    • erotic mom – reasons listed is engaging with others in a type of chat that is strictly forbidden here. On the rules page, within the top eight sentences we outline most of our most firm rules. You were in a room in which these rules were being broken, and all who were in there have been permanently banned from using our services.

  24. it is impossible to sign in to your chat ( for over 4 weeks why? please help

    • arno – I can’t believe you are still trying to access the chat here. If it has not worked for four weeks for you, maybe you should give up and find a different site to chat with.

  25. I can say I been coming here off and on for four years. I seen and witness some things and to this day make me laugh. It’s a amazing chat site and I love and adore everyone I am. But some of y’all take it way to serious. It’s a chat. Don’t be all offensive. Read the rules, follow by them and enjoy it.

  26. can i suggest a link to submit a copy of a chat in the event a chatter has broken a rule if a mod is not available

    • Good idea lily – I was thinking of something along these lines last night. If we don’t get that option in the next week, please remind me!

      • hey thanks for replying. i was able to track down a mod at a later date and email a copy of the chat i had saved but i didn’t really think it was fair that there’s a link for ‘moderator complaints’ when i had a fairly serious ‘chatter related complaint’. appreciate the response Nash.

  27. Umm im not sure if this is the right area for posting, but i’ve been having some trouble with the PM function, even when i’ve changed the settings, i cannot send pms, as the “send” button does not work.I’ve updated by java and flash,and the problem persists.

    any help? cheers

  28. I just wanted to give a heads up to the mods for all the good work they do and for putting up with the b.s. that comes and goes. Your new mod Julia is doing fantastic.

  29. Hello I’m trying to find out why I can’t communicate with people at this site. When I try to chat, for some reason I can only communicate once and then it doesn’t let me chat anymore. Was I kicked out or banned. I have no knowledge of this.
    Thank you

  30. I’ve been trying for the past 2 nights to log on to sexchatsexchat with no luck. I use this site regularly. I’ve downloaded the latest Java and Adobe Flash player thingies and I still can’t log on! I’m very sad xx

    • Nina – unfortunately you are using the same DSL / Internet Service Provider, that has been used in the past by some spammers in ways that have caused us to place a bunch of broad range bans against thousands of IP addy’s that your ISP assigns to it’s users. So there will be times when you are not able to access our chat system when using your ISP. You could contact them and ask if they can assign you “a static ip address” – there may be a small fee for that, but if they can, then I can whitelist a way for you to gain and retain access to the free sex chat rooms here. IF your ISP can not assign you a static IP address, then your access is going to be spotty, sorry, but we have to take drastic measures against networks that cause major violations.

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