You want to be banned?

Over the years we have had a few people ask us about getting themselves permanently banned from the web site, or from the free sex chat rooms. There have been various reasons people have given for the desire to be permanently banned from the site, and all of them seem reasonable at first glance. I am going to offer you some options for getting banned from our site permanently, and also give you access to some more powerful tools that may work out better for you as well.

Why don’t we just ban people who ask to be banned right away?
This is an unusual request, and it has some pretty strong consequences, so permanently banning someone is not taken lightly around here. When someone gets into the chat room and requests to be permanently banned, we do not have any way to prove that the person asking for the ban is the person who has been previously coming to the chat room. We are not trying to get in between some jealous boyfriend or girlfriend who found our site in their browser history if that is what is really going on, but I do have some suggestions for you if that is the case as well.

Are you addicted to sex chat and can’t stop using the internet?
The most common reason I have heard for people wanting to be banned permanently voluntarily is that they use the free sex chat rooms here too much, they are addicted and want to stop. If you find yourself spending too much time on our site, getting banned here is not going to fix your problem. What you would really need to do is go to this site here about cybersex addiction and read up about the problem and some of the solutions. There are other sites out there as well and resources for those people who are cybersex addicts, and I understand that internet addiction is a common problem for many people as well. I highly recommend doing some googling and finding support groups and resources for internet addiction, and maybe you will have some local support groups where you can seek assistance offline as well. This is the only way that I know to really fix the problem. If you are a cybersex addict, getting banned from here will just leave you looking for other sex chat sites at some point, and there are plenty to find. You will never be able to get yourself banned from every sex chat site on the internet.

Additional resource for net addition:

Additional resource for sex addiction: (Sex Addicts Anonymous – similar to AA )

Adult sites the problem? Filter / Control
You might also consider installing some parental control software on your computer, or internet filtering software to block your system from accessing sex sites altogether. However, even if you could ban yourself from every adult site on the net, you would end up on places like facebook, myspace, or yahoo instant messenger chat rooms and find plenty of other places to spend endless amounts of time chatting with other people. So again, I highly suggest reading into the info linked above for cybersex addiction or internet addiction and getting your life back in balance without asking us to put a band aid on a much bigger problem.

It’s not you, it’s your lover
Now, if you found your way to this page, and you are just trying to get someone else banned from using our site, I am sympathetic to your situation. If you are a parent who is concerned about their kids using our site, then we have a page setup with information for you here. If you are concerned that your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whatever is using our site and it bothers you, I feel for ya. I myself have been in relationships that were ruined by abuses of online social activities. I have been in the situation where my lover was spending ridiculous amounts of time talking to other people online who were trying to engage my lover in intimate conversations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sex chat site like this one, or it’s myspace or facebook, or any one of the thousands of places online – when you find that your lover is emotionally cheating on you with other people on the internet it’s a hurtful place to find yourself.

Getting your lover or ex lover banned from this site is not going to fix the problem. You will have much better luck taking another route. There are many articles online about emotional infidelity – and it takes all kinds of forms. It could be lunch dates with coworkers, or intimate text messages with a crackberry. It could be emails back and forth, or social networks and many other forms of emotional cheating that are hurtful to you and your relationship. I highly suggest you look into and learn more from the experts about emotional cheating, it was a new term for me to learn, and luckily for you there is much more information from experts out there today.

Emotional Affair – Wikipedia

psychology today -> Cyberspace: Love Online How Internet chatting can affect real relationships.

Find an E-therapist (online counseling) to talk to or find a local therapist or counselor to meet with and discuss your issues. Use your favorite search engine to look for articles about emotional cheating and similar terms. Get some books or audiobooks about relationships – there is a lot you can do. Different things will work better for different people.

You can look over the information and open up a discussion with your lover about what you have found. Maybe you will get them to voluntarily stop using our site, and change the way they interact with other people through digital communication. Maybe you will find that your relationship is and has been over for a long time, maybe you will find that some counseling with a relationship therapist can convince your partner that what they have been doing is not the right way to behave in a committed relationship. Maybe you two will decide to become swingers and have an open relationship or something, I don’t know. What I do know is just getting them banned from this site is not going to fix your problem.

So you really, really want to be banned from this site?
Now lets say you are really adamant about being banned from this site in particular for whatever reason. First thing we’d need is your public IP addy – you can find that at – copy that public IP address and send it to the site admin email contact – you can find that contact info here. You will also need to explain details about why you want to be permanently banned. I may ask you to list off some of your chat room friends or something or ask for more details. In most cases I will not ban someone just for asking to be banned. I will point people back to this page, as the tools listed here are much more powerful than the band aid of getting banned from one site on the internet.

This page is open for discussion, and will be updated, edited and added to. I welcome everyone’s suggestions for making this information more complete. This is the first draft.


  1. i don’t like the website, I want to delete my membership, Is’nt that possible?

    • @sam lee – if you are asking about deleting your membership in the peeps section, yes – it should be easy for you to delete your profile. If it is a registration just for the nc/new chat system aka peeps cams chat that you want to delete – I am not sure if that is possible for the end users or not actually.

  2. plz bann me due to some personal possible

  3. un ban me please

  4. hi i am alin men 35 need chat sex

  5. I am not a bad person but, I need you to ban me from this site because I can get to into sexually talking to people and it needs to stop. Please do this for me as soon as you can.

  6. pls do the needful asap

  7. i want to be completely banned from the website for no reason as such.. jus like that.. give a feeling of guilty.. pls do it asap..

  8. i want to be completely banned from the website for no reason as such.. jus like that.. give a feeling of guilty.. pls do it asap..

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