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Another popular portal to enjoy live nude men is our partner Cam Tracks. A rebranded version of the long time professional IMLive video chat portal, Cam Tracks has all the security and professional quality video and audio options you would expect from a top notch video chat site.

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At the time of this writing there are 70 guys available online, and I think that is about the average amount of men you will find at most times of the day or night with this portal. Not quite sure I believe the categories they are divided into however. At the moment I am writing this review, they are divided as 9 guys in the straight category and 61 in the gay men category. I think this has more to do with economics than perhaps reality – but I do think it does a disservice for the women who are looking to find men online, as many of them will want to go for the straight guys category, and some may shy away from the gay category.

Certainly there are women who will check out the gay category, I myself know a few girls who enjoy watching gay porn, but I know plenty of women that would simply not even take a curious look at those guys in the gay category, here, on the sex video portals, or even a gay bar – they just have issues. I suggest checking out both categories, when it comes to people and their sexuality I think it is unfair to put people into categories like that.

Sure there are people who are straight and gay, but what about bisexual? It would be more transparent to have a category like “I'm straight, but I'd do gay for pay”. You see that kind of candid honesty in the HBO show cathouse where some of the prostitutes adamantly say they do not like to do anything sexual with women, do not care for the female form, however if someone is offering to pay for a bisexual threesome fantasy, well they will jump right in and act away; they are only gay for pay.

I also do not see a bisexual category here with this site, and I bet that there are plenty of bisexuals sharing their webcam video through it. Some of the limitations may be in the tech side of things when it comes to categories, perhaps there is no ability for a man to choose to be in two categories at the same time, and I assume that the men who do the sex video shows do not have much say in the names of categories in which they can sign up for.

So what the actual numbers are number as far as how many models are straight, and how many of the guys are really gay, or just willing to engage in gay sex chat for pay per minute money is tough to tell. Either way, there are some guys from all over the world sharing their live video through this portal, so it's worth taking a look at to see if you find any of the men in whichever category attractive. Of course like all the portals, the men are available online right now will not likely be the same men who are online a few hours from now (or a few minutes for that matter) – so it's one to check out at point in the day and later at night to see if this is the place your action could be.

Screen shots above show that you get some great quality live video with many of the guys who are sharing through the cam trax network. I was quite impressed by the initial video (and sound) quality with the standard sized free chat room which is pictured on the left. There is a button right below the video chat window where you can select a different video size, and other options as well. I decided to click full screen video option and was blown away by the size and quality on my 24 inch monitor. The full screen video looks excellent! Of course that will vary depending on the model you are chatting with, thier computer hardware, internet connection, lighintg and all that makes a difference. I can tell however that this portal offers top notch video feeds if the model's system supports it!

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