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Mobile, Phone, Tablet Compatibility

mobile phone / tablet touch Certain sections of our web site work great with mobile devices, and some features only work with computers that can run the adobe flashplayer plugin, or other addons. Unfortunately - most mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, android devices including cell phones and tablets, and others will not run the necessary flash player or other plugins needed for some of the advanced functionality that is easily available with most desktop and laptop computer systems.

Site features that are currently enhanced to work with mobile devices:

Peeps Social Section
Profiles, pictures and videos sharing, private site-email-like messaging, group discussions, members' chat rooms.

New html5 version of our old flashy chat system. This new version works great with mobile devices, and has people from around the world chatting there.

Pro Cams Video Chat
All of our professional video chat partners now have mobile enabled access.
Site html pages
Most of our site pages have been updated to change how they are displayed with various screen sizes. Some elements will be auto-removed, and most will auto-change position and size when viewing with smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

MV-Chat and Xertzy Chat
Our new mobile chat rooms systems beta testing now for members of scsc! Totally free, with audio and video chat (cam2cam) options for some devices.

Site features that work, but are not enhanced to work with mobile devices:

Site News / Blog
Our site new and blog section works with mobile web browsers, but is not yet enhanced for best mobile display. We will be updating how the pages and text displays for the blog posts, site news, suggestions, user comments, and all other content of the blog section in the near future. For now the site news, blog and related pages display fine, although some screens may need to pinch or zoom for best view. Commenting features should work with most devices as well.

Site features that will not work with most mobile devices:

Original Chat aka the Old Chat, the OC
Our main text chat system, which has always been the system with the most people using it, will not work with most mobile devices.
Some free video chat windows
Many of our pages include windows that give access to free video chat with professional cam models. Most of these will not work on mobile devices. Where possible we include tap to transfer to the mobile friendly versions.

More info about our mobile enhanced features

While our web site has been viewable with most internet connected devices, some features like our original chat rooms and some of our live video chat would not display correctly or work at all. Beginning in 2013 we started projects to make sections of our site display better with different screen sizes, and started development of chat systems that will work with most major mobile devices.

In April 2014 most sections of the site will be focused to display and function well with most internet connected devices, unfortunately our orignal chat aka old chat, java chat (OC) system will likely never work for mobile devices. We tried many things to get this popular fast system to be compatible, but after many attempts, we have decided to move to other systems that will allow our visitors to chat with others using mobile devices.

Over the years we hoped and tried to ensure that the flash player would work with mobile devices as many of our chat rooms systems were based on delivering excellent quality and speed using flash technology. We were heartbroken to see Apple choosing to avoid flash with it's iPhone and iPad devices, then to see other devices have issues. Then Adobe finally decided to abandon mobile device functionality. This really broke the functionality of many cool things on the web.

There are new pieces of technology maturing that are supposed to offer similar functionality in regards to video, animation, and chat - html5 being the big buzz word kicked around for some time. Much of the internet has already begun the transition, and we are working on that too. The transition to these new technologies is taking more time for everyone to recode everything than we expected, but we will be doing our best to bring about similar, if not better functionality with these methods in the future.

More info about mobile sex chat

One of our users, reported, has a possible work around to get the iphone / ipad, IOS devices to possibly work with the orignal chat listed here. There may be similar apps available for android, and there are a few android devices that have an old version of flash player already installed, although due to major security issues I can not reccomend that people use the old versions ever. I also caution those who decided to use third party conversion services that privacy may be a an issue to consider.

We post information about new mobile features, third party mobile apps, mobile privacy and security, and many other issues on occassions in the site news / blog section. You may want to subscribe to our rss feed there, or check out posts tagged "mobile" for more information.

As with everything here at Sex Chat SexChat, we encourage everyone to share their suggestions, problems, or other concerns with us. We actually listen and respond to our visitor's comments.

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