Jul 232014

We are looking into an issue where it seems that the latest version of firefox, version 31 is causing a conflict with flash that is not allowing people to login and connect with the OC chat rooms. I have run through several of the troubleshooting things over at Mozilla; uninstalling all browser plugins, restarting, etc. At this time we are not sure what is causing the problem, but we are trying to figure it out!

Firefox update v31 seems to break the chat rooms
Jul 192014

Only a big name in the entertainment business could put some amateur sex on youtube, combined with a gay threesome of “I’ll stroke your dick you stroke mine” – calling out the conflicts of interest we have with our FCC, lobbyists, and those who are trying to craft rules about how information can be slowed on the internet if those big wigs don’t like the videos you want to watch. The video is funny, yet it does show a very truths that I wish they would expand on.

college-humor-net-neutral-3-amateur-porn college-humor-net-neutral-1j

amateur sex on youtube for net neutrality
Jul 182014

So after our massive web site update, some users chimed in on the suggestions page with a few issues. I was glad to get the feedback, although surprised to hear that some were having issues with our new orange / yellow sharing bar that was added to the bottom of the pages. Some were having trouble with it covering up parts of the chat rooms window, so I asked for some extra info about screen size, resolution, browser type etc.

Moving the orange share bar on some pages today
Jul 132014

Some will notice somescsc new mobile tablet phone pages pretty big changes throughout most of the site today, and many will either get the older cached version displayed, or just not notice much of a difference. We are finally rolling out a bunch of responsive design changes throughout most of the site today. If you do not like some of the changes, realize that everything is not finished, it’s still a work in progress!

There have been a ton of changes throughout the site, this is a total re-work from the ground up.


Site redesign and updates today
Jul 132014

A while back we had someone offer to make a fun video showing some love for scsc. So we kicked around some ideas, and decided make a few videos with girls being sexy and showing some love for sexchatsexchat. Here is a teaser video showing Allie doing some sexy stripping and a little bed dance with her “I heart scsc” sign.

We will be considering more submissions from girls and guys who would like to show some love with a video. Just send me an email and we can chat about it.

Jun 202014

Finally releasing the first version of our “how to score more in the chat rooms” video. how-to-sex-chat-video This is a project that was started a long time ago, and we finally hunkered down to get some of our ideas put into video form. Please check out the new video that is posted on the How to score in the sex chat rooms page. We’d love to hear feedback from everyone about what we could do to make a second and third video in this series. Comment, ideas, suggestions, all always welcome!

New how to score in the chat rooms video
May 222014

I am kind of blown away today to see two different news stories that talk about new “features” from two different big companies that translate into “they are listening to you and everything around you automatically now”. With all the uproar about so many different places spying on people, sucking in their personal info and using it in ways that most will never understand, to see two big companies with new listening features built in is kind of surprising. Maybe they are trying to push news stories to the top of the pages that offer “benefits” of their spying on users, hoping that the other news stories where these companies were giving away data to governments in massive amounts and selling off data to others might get buried further down.

Facebook and Chrome are listening to everything you say and hear
Apr 212014

Our chat rooms were down for more than 24 hours over the weekend, this is the longest down time that I remember. Good things came from this bit of down time, but we were certainly not happen about the unplanned issues! I posted lots of updates on the connection issues page, providing any information that I was able to get, so hopefully many people jumped over to the connection issues page to see what was going on.

Mar 312014

We’ve been working on lots of new things around here, and are very close to releasing the updated design for scsc!
Here is a preview pic of how things are shaping up:
scsc new design preview
It’s not quite done yet, but we will likely release this newly updated version of the site in the near future. Most of our visitors will likely not notice too many changes, everything should still remain very similar to how we have had things for years. The main difference in the backend is that we are using modern code to display some things, which should make simple things load faster, and display better on multiple devices.

New Design Coming Soon
Mar 252014

There appears to be some confusion amongst some of the regular chatters here about some warnings about pushing some boundaries of the rules resulting in permanent bans. Yes we did have a moderators only chat about some of the consistent boundary pushing, some of the people who have been involved lately, and the fact that anyone who pushes limits consistently should be permanent banned from using the chat rooms here.