pornstars video for net neutrality

A new video with some naked and blurred (like they are buffering) pornstars trying to explain net neutrality is in the news. They are naked, but it’s censored so they can be featured on mainstream / non-porn sites like funny or die, and have made it to big tech portals like gizmodo and even cnbc news ( Net neutrality explained by…porn stars at CNBC News Site ). I think it’s great that people are using sex and popular porn girls to get the word out about something people need to pay attention to and contact their representatives to chime in on the issue.

The sc logo font identity crisis!

Okay, well, it’s not really a crisis, even though it’s been driving me crazy for quite some time!

sex-chat-sexchat-old-logo-cantenoWhen we first designed the old scsc web browsers were limited to a dozen or so “web safe fonts”, in order to make a web site logo that was not as plain as a 1950’s typewriter you had to use a graphics program and add the logo as an image file to the site. At one time we settled on the canteno font for our logo design, made it a very dark blue to it would not overly stand out, and life was good for the scsc “branding”. Years later lots of things for the web are changing.

Sc’s tumblr blog terminated – temporary account deletion?


I finally took some time to get to our tumblr blog and update with some sexy sayings and quotes, but when I clicked over to our add some stuff I was greeted with this notice saying account terminated.

I found this quite strange. Our tumblr blog was set up as a way to gather together sexy quotes and few sexy, but not nude or hardcore pics. A way to let users of scsc who also use tumblr to connect with us and follow our posts there. We also enjoy promoting the service as I think it is was of the easiest and fastest ways for the average person to setup a blog and start posting pics, videos, words, etc. Quickly, and very easily.

New design for the blog section pages

scsc blog redesign start

Working on a new design for the blog section here. This is currently a longer test of some new code than I expected. Not sure we will stick with this format and tweak it some more (the fonts are not yet displaying as I had hoped) or just revert back to the old style and do some other tests in the future. For now this design is a bit more responsive / mobile friendly. Have not tested with Apple or IOS devices yet. If someone wants to buy me the latest iPhone for testing…

Firefox Update 32 fixes broken chat rooms from v31


We posted in July 2014 about issues with the updated (at the time, V 31) firefox breaking the ability to use the OC (origianl / old chat) rooms. This was brought to our attention by users who mentioned the issue on the chat connections problems / solutions page. Thankfully the good folks at mozilla looked into possible causes for this situation, and members of scsc clicked over the mozilla forums and marked it as an issue that affected them. I think there was enough discussion and “votes” as an important issue that it got resolved in the latest firefox update, currently V 32.

Firefox update v31 seems to break the chat rooms

We are looking into an issue where it seems that the latest version of firefox, version 31 is causing a conflict with flash that is not allowing people to login and connect with the OC chat rooms. I have run through several of the troubleshooting things over at Mozilla; uninstalling all browser plugins, restarting, etc. At this time we are not sure what is causing the problem, but we are trying to figure it out!
*edit Sept 2014 – A newer version of firefox is available that fixes the issue this post was about – Firefox Update 32 fixes broken chat rooms from v31 *
If you are getting just a blue box, or white box, and the screen name / login box never shows, check your browser’s “help” tab and click about. If it is firefox version 31 – that may be the issue. I can confirm from tests about an hour ago that everything was fine with firefox version 30.

amateur sex on youtube for net neutrality

Only a big name in the entertainment business could put some amateur sex on youtube, combined with a gay threesome of “I’ll stroke your dick you stroke mine” – calling out the conflicts of interest we have with our FCC, lobbyists, and those who are trying to craft rules about how information can be slowed on the internet if those big wigs don’t like the videos you want to watch. The video is funny, yet it does show a very truths that I wish they would expand on.

Moving the orange share bar on some pages today

So after our massive web site update, some users chimed in on the suggestions page with a few issues. I was glad to get the feedback, although surprised to hear that some were having issues with our new orange / yellow sharing bar that was added to the bottom of the pages. Some were having trouble with it covering up parts of the chat rooms window, so I asked for some extra info about screen size, resolution, browser type etc.

Site redesign and updates today

Some will notice some pretty big changes throughout most of the site today, and many will either get the older cached version displayed, or just not notice much of a difference. We are finally rolling out a bunch of responsive design changes throughout most of the site today. If you do not like some of the changes, realize that everything is not finished, it’s still a work in progress!

There have been a ton of changes throughout the site, this is a total re-work from the ground up.

first scsc ad girl video

A while back we had someone offer to make a fun video showing some love for scsc. So we kicked around some ideas, and decided make a few videos with girls being sexy and showing some love for sexchatsexchat. Here is a teaser video showing Allie doing some sexy stripping and a little bed dance with her “I heart scsc” sign.


We will be considering more submissions from girls and guys who would like to show some love with a video. Just send me an email and we can chat about it.