Mar 312014

We’ve been working on lots of new things around here, and are very close to releasing the updated design for scsc!
Here is a preview pic of how things are shaping up:
scsc new design preview
It’s not quite done yet, but we will likely release this newly updated version of the site in the near future. Most of our visitors will likely not notice too many changes, everything should still remain very similar to how we have had things for years. The main difference in the backend is that we are using modern code to display some things, which should make simple things load faster, and display better on multiple devices.

New Design Coming Soon
Mar 252014

There appears to be some confusion amongst some of the regular chatters here about some warnings about pushing some boundaries of the rules resulting in permanent bans. Yes we did have a moderators only chat about some of the consistent boundary pushing, some of the people who have been involved lately, and the fact that anyone who pushes limits consistently should be permanent banned from using the chat rooms here.

Jan 192014

Have been working through some more changes with the peeps profiles and cams chat section. Many of the things we are working on are still under wraps at the moment, but some may have noticed sex-chat-peeps-changessome crazy color changes over the past few days. We are still not firm on the exact layout and color scheme we will land on, but we are making some progress. Working to make things a little wider for the bigger screens, and make it so that things will also work with smaller screens for those who visit the social section with tablets or mobile phones. It’s a work in progress, so if you check out the peeps section and it looks all crazy and fucked up, bare with us as we tweak a few things here and there and experiment with some new code.

more changes to the peeps section
Jan 012014

Here’s to hoping that everyone who visits here will have a happy new year! I hope the next year is even better than the last, and that everyone worldwide will enjoy more happiness and success. We have had some great times here in our little sex chat land, and I hope that this place has made many people’s lives a little better a time or 200 or more ;) Here’s to looking for more fun in the year to come!


Happy New Year to All - 2014
Dec 292013

Just read this article at ars technica about a snapchat exploit that may allow people to expose all the phone numbers and social profiles of every snapchat user. It is assumed that people will buy and sell this data, and that sites will crop up and offer to expose your phone number and social profiles (I’m guessing your facebook url, twitter handle, etc), some for a fee to those who want to stalk you. If everything stated in this article is true (so far appears to be all legit) – then it may be time to cancel your snapchat account until this issue is addressed.

Oct 232013

I have decided to ban some of our regular users. This comes mostly from a discussion that was held in the lobby where things spiraled beyond basic name calling and into straight up harassment. We have many rules for the chat rooms here, and am I most disappointed in the regs that have been around our site for a long time, as they know that we have rules, and they know most of them. They also know how to use the features of our chat rooms and how to use the block button.

Oct 152013

We have made a few updates to the sex chat peeps section the past week or so. Today we changed how profiles display when you first click on someone’s name. Now when you click over to someone’s profile, their actual profile information is displayed. In the past when you clicked someone’s avatar picture it went straight to a page listing their activity, and you had the option to click the profile tab to see profile details.

This always drove me crazy, and I think most people are used to seeing the profile first, on sites like myspace and facebook, this is essentially what you have. Now the profile is displayed by default, and you can click an activity tab to see public activity.

Oct 072013

We have launched some beta testing for some new features in the peeps section. Currently there are a few new options for sharing and several more that are close to being available for public testing very soon as well. We are also developing a new sexy gif share / pin share section, where people can browse some sexy animated gifs, repin, and add their own to the mix. We have added a new way for people to upload pictures, audio and video to their own profiles with a new media / albums creation thing. We have also made is possible for people to create their own blog within the peeps section.

Sep 092013

We have been playing around with the idea of doing our own sexy vacaroo kind of thing for quite some time now. We finally took the time to get this off the idea board and into some code to play around with. We now have a beta testing voice recording and sharing option available at – this is still in the testing phase. If this new code works well it will be further integrated into other sections of the site and get more upgrades.

Sep 042013

We are doing maintenance and soon more to come. We took down our forums section temporarily as we look to upgrade that in the near future. In the meantime the forums will auto-redirect to the sex chat peeps section.

We will have an upgrade to the ‘new chat’ otherwise known as the peeps cams chat, 17 September 2013 23.00 hours (CEST) to 18 September 2013 05.00 hours (CEST) – during this time period the new chat will not function, and will be unreachable.