broken anti-spam token prevented comments

Apparently some people were not able to leave comments here in the blog section for a while due to some server permissions error that prevented our “anti-spam captcha” thing from working properly. Big apologies to anyone who tried to leave a comment here and then got some weird frustrating token error or something. I have removed this captcha thing for today while I investigate what the issue was.


Snapchat privacy policy after terms change freaks out users

Several places reported on this,
here is an excerpt from PC World:

– Info from Nov 1 2015
Snapchat clarifies privacy policies after terms of service change freaks out users

“company says the changes are not nefarious and nothing to worry about.”

stop-looking-at-our-phones-and-pics-violating-pervsQuite frankly I am confused about snapchat and similar services entirely. From my little info of everything snapchat, I thought it got popular because it let you send and receive a picture with some words, and the picture would auto-erase on the other person’s phone after a short time. I can see why that would get popular! Many started using this service with the understanding that pictures sent to them were only visible for a short time, then they would be erased. Am I right on this?

Blog Comments and Notifications changes / updates

In the process of rolling out some updates for the blog section.

At this time this update has causes some changes to the commenting system, and any previous “subscribe to comments” notifications. In the middle of this update I realized that we had lost all of the comment subscriptions / notifications settings! I know many of our users depend on the email notifications they would get when new comments were added to some of our popular pages, so I am trying to determine if we should revert back to our old code.

Flash Exploit and Firefox is Blocking the Chat Rooms Again

There have been several “zero day” flash player exploits released in the past week or so, and today I find that firefox is automatically blocking flash from running on web sites I visit.

Some will remember a while back when firefox had an update that broke our chat rooms for a while, but this current issue is completely different.

Naughty fonts, new graphics, and privacy

I’ve been working on some small graphics updates which turned into a much larger project than initially planned.

Word around the web dev community is that it’s best practice to make some graphics using “web fonts” instead of just using a jpg or gif image – so I embarked on the process to convert some of the little graphics that I think will make our menus a little sexier, and to convert our new logo style into an actual system font style instead of relying on a picture created in photoshop.

new banned words / profanity filter page

Added a new page that explains some details on how the profanity filter / banned words system works. We change up the words, phrases, and banned web sites list now and again, and one of the most often questions on the kicked / banned from the chat rooms page has to do with confusion over profanity filter warnings and kicks. The past several years we simply pointed to an old comment thread that have a good explanation of how the filter worked and what people could do to get around it.


Rules / Etiquette Update 1-30-2015

Updated the rules page, the kicked or banned page, and the content guidelines page.


added – If you send private messages to people that include edge play / taboo terms and they did not ask for those types of message, you may be permanently banned from the system.

examples were updated, including :
Abusive, forced sex, humiliation or rape like names or discussions are not allowed in the main rooms such as the lobby, and is only allowed in the forced sex fantasy room, a user created room, or perhaps the BDSM room, if others there at the time do not find offense to the discussion.

Rules and disallowed content updates

We have updated our rules page, the kicked or banned from the chat rooms page, and added a content guidelines page.

I invite everyone to re-read the rules, and welcome any feedback. The new content guidelines page will not affect most of our users, however those who like to share pics and videos should read up on the info provided there for sure. The kicked and ban page has been updated a bit to help those who find themselves kicked to the time out info as well.

What is new? Well read the fucking rules page and find out! 😉 LOL

Sex Chat Space is Down – but not out, for long

After two weeks of debating the whole “shutdown the new chat” – I worked out a deal to keep the NC up and running. As I started to pack up the files to move to a new web server, weird problems started to happen. I spent about 12 hours trying to fix things, and then brought in another server tech on the issue. This led to other issues, and other server techs coming in to try to fix the weird problems we started having with the site. After tons of time spent, Sex Chat Space is down. Don’t worry – it’s not out!

farewell to the new chat, long live the newer chat

We will be shutting down the “new chat” aka the “peeps cams chat” in a few days. I have had info about this posted in the new chat system for days now. This will free up some resources to work on the new features of the newer “mv chat system” which also has webcam options, mic audio (voice chat), and c2c (cam 2 cam) abilities. There are some other benefits to the mv option that the “old new chat” does not offer. I know that there are those who at this time do not like the mv system, and prefer the other.