Add your avatar pic in the java chat room

Here is a quick guide for adding your avatar pic in the java chat room.

If you already have an 80 x 80 pixel image hosted somewhere on the web, and you know the url it’s fast.If you do not have an 80 x 80 pixel image with url, then we have made it easy to upload / host and get a url with the new sex chat peeps section of the site. Info about uploading a pic, cropping, url, etc at bottom of this post.

If you already have the 80 x 80 image url – then this is how you add that info to the chat room so it will display there:



On the chat login screen, under the button for join chat there is some text that says “advanced login options” – it’s barely visible, and hard to read black text on a dark blue background.

When you click advanced login options, you will be taken to a new chat window screen that gives you three input boxes. One for your username, another box for your profile url (ignore that one), and a third input box for your avatar pic url. Again, the text is really hard to read, it’s black text on a dark blue background. Some people’s monitors may have it completely illegible.


chat-avatar-url input box

Put your screen name in box one, and the 80 x 80 pixel picture url in the third box, and click join chat button. You should be all set.

If you do not have an avatar picture url, or don’t know what it is, then click over to the avatar pic upload section and use that to get one.

Click here for a couple different ways to upload / crop / resize / host an image to use in the chat rooms / forums.

What if it doesn’t work?

We have had some issues where images did not show with certain browsers, IE especially. We have not taken the time to figure out if it is purely an IE issue, or if it has to do with image sizes or image types. There could also be some blocking, say if you are using photobucket or a similar service to host your image, then there could be connection issues there. If you are hosting the image at tinypic or somewhere else on the web, that web server could be having issues, slowing down, or it could put up a firewall / block that would not allow our sex chat javascript to pull in and cache the image. You could try hosting it in the peeps section to see if it works that way.

If you are using an image that is not exactly 80 pixels x 80 pixels, it probably will not work either. Some people have been able to use gif animated images, and some people have had issues with them.

I am betting that some people have issues with the place they host the image, as the chat room is bound to request the image quite frequently from the hosting server, and it may block or timeout.

If you are using an image that is 80×80 pixels for your avatar, it is a jpg image, and it is hosted on the sex chat server, and it still doesn’t show, then let me know so I can dig deeper. Please do not ask me for help if your image is hosted on a different server, or if it is a png, or gif.

If you have suggestions for making this tutorial better, or would like to share additional screenshots or video to help other users, by all means send in your stuff.


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