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There are several levels of verification, and there are multiple ways to be verified. We will be adding additional options for the various levels of verification. Below you will find a form that can be used to verify age, including the option to upload pictures that will be sent to the site admin. When uploading IDs view this form, the information is e-mailed to the site admins, (Nash and Jmes). These files are currently not sent via https, so this is not an encrypted secure upload form. If you want to go the encrypted route somehow, then contact us via email.

In order to use this form to get verified, you will need to send two pictures. One picture must be a valid driver’s license or other state issues photo ID. The second picture must be a picture of you holding the ID next to your face (a so called shine photo) so that we can verify it is you, with your ID.

We destroy the files that are sent to us after we have had a chance to look at the photos sent. We are only looking for age verification with this process, if you would like to put a post it note or something to cover your address, we don’t care about where you live. ID pictures are digitally shredded after we have established that the ID is valid. This process it normally done within 24 hours.

If we are having any difficulty reading the images sent, for any reason, we may hold onto the images longer. If they are blurry in any way, we may request that you make new pictures. Your shine photo is to be a picture of you holding your ID next to your face so that we can verify the ID is really you.

There may be other ways to get verified here soon as well. If you would like to make a credit card payment to prove age, or go through a background checking process, we can consider those options as well. Currently this method is the cheapest method we can provide for you at the moment.

    There are other levels of verification that may be considered for areas of the site as well, and so this above form for age verification may be moved eventually. We would also like to provide additional information and suggestions for users here in the near future. Some people would like to have some pictures sent to each other to verify they are who they say they are. Some people will prefer to just cam to cam to see the other person and know that if they say they are a 5’6 blonde with a large chest, then they really are. Some people will want to run a background check on people before meeting in real life. This is highly recommended, and there are many options available to you depending on which state you are in, and which state or country the other people are in.

    If you find yourself ready to share more information with someone else you met online, there are some services such as “been verified” that will give you both an opportunity to learn a bit more about the other person to be more sure that they are who they say they are. Please do not get scammed online, and do not get conned offline. Make sure you get a criminal background check and credit check to make sure someone is not trying to con you in some way.

    I look to expand the information on this page, and invite others to help add info here, you can share more information in the comments below, or send an e-mail to admins if you’d like to keep your info non-public.

    99 thoughts on “Get Verified”

    1. hi Nash i sent you a Shine Photo because i wanted the name Ramy unbanned. then ame was banned previously before because someone was impersonating me and attacked someone about 3-4 months back

    2. hi I have been tryng to get unbanned…wont let me download age verification says too large – please help me get unbanned

      1. tigger – you can email the files to: adultwebmasteronline ATT yyaahhoo dott cum – of course you will need to edit that together a little bit, but I think you can get the picture that it needs to be. I mean it’s not ATTnT, it’s At symbol.. kind of thing.

    3. Hi, whenever i go to log in it says the screen name or ip address has been banned. This happened a few months ago and I’m not sure why. I was just wondering if you could tell me what happened.

      1. Pain slut, this is from a long time ago. Our system erases the reasons for bans from so long ago, so I can not tell you what the reason is at this point. IF you took the steps outlined above to get age verified then I might be able to work something out for you.

        1. used the name little teen lesbian next time i’ll put my age with it please unblock my ip address when it came up on my computer screen i ‘never saw anything about my age only the AL said hi i asumed AL was a guy can you please unblock my ip address ‘

              1. jo – I will not have access to our secure email server for a few days while I am traveling. When I return to our secure network I will check the images that you send to verify. I will unban your system at this time, but if there is any discrepancy in the age verification photos when I return, you ban will be reinstated. I also expect you to now know and completely understand our rules, and that we strictly forbid most forms of age play within our chat rooms here. Should another issue arise, a second chance will likely not be given.

    4. Hey Nash, everytime I go to log in it says my IP or name has been banned. I’ve tried other nicknames. I haven’t done anything wrong either, I just logged in about 2 hours ago to see who was on, and then logged out. I just went to log in again for the night and it won’t let me. Can you help me out, I just started using this chat 2 days ago and I really would like to continue to use it.

          1. I started using just *Eclipse* , because I gained some friends with the regulars. But unfortunately when I came on today and checked to see if anyone i knew was on and logged off, I did not know it would be my last. 🙁 I’ve never been profane at anytime I have been on here. So I don’t know what the problem is.

          2. Eclipse, this is part of a broad range ban that affects 256 ip addy blocks from this particular ISP. At this point I am having difficulty distinguishing if the ban was meant for someone else in your city or not. I will need to research this more, and it may take several days before I can catch up the mods that I need to talk to about it. If you would like to speed up the process for your access, you can follow the instructions above to get age verified, then I could clear your ban and look into the other issues separately.

            I would also need to know that you have read all the rules and terms of service, and completely understand them.

            Also, is there any chance that someone could of used your computer to access the chat with a different screen name?

              1. hm.. the avatars with the comments are auto-pulled from the gravatar system I believe.. so you could change it there (I think you may have already figured that out) – another option would be for me to delete your comments here, and if you want to further comment, just use a different email addy that is not associated with a gravatar account.

    5. I’ve been banned but I don’t understand why. Please could you help and if there we’re any mistakes I made I am sorry, and I’ll try to follow the term and conditions better. Please if you could kindly lift the ban.

      1. SJR – it appears that you were double logged in, which is seriously frowned upon. It has been noted that you were being an imposter – pretending to be another user, masterv perhaps. This is a serious infraction, and is completely forbidden in our free sex chat rooms.

            1. SJR – there is a good amount of info being presented to me that shows you were being an imposter of masterv. So you are perma-banned.

    6. Hey Nash, I’m new to this site and I was suddenly removed from the chatroom, then when I tried to log in again, it said my IP address was banned, im not sure what I did wrong, how do I find out?

    7. I am 18 Aug 1, 1993. When asked how old I was, i hit a “7″ by accident so it came across as *i was a minor and too young for the site. Before i could correct it, I was banned. Can you help?

    8. hey umm, i dont know why i cant log onto the site… there may have been a mix up because there is another crystal and i think everytime she gets banned im affected too.

      1. good question Crystal – I see nothing about you, your ip addy, or the screen name Crystal in the ban list..

    9. will i be banned if i said to some user that i was 17… i remember saying to a user that i was 17.. i regret that and now i am banned.. can u pls revoke the ban

    10. hi I was banned cause some one said I was under 18 and I sent in a copy of my drivers license a little while ago and was wonder when I will be able to be un banned from the site

      1. Lord Ichigo – you got it about half right – please also send the required picture of you holding the ID next to your face so that we can ensure that this is really you. The picture you sent will be digitally shredded.

          1. Got them. Files digitally shredded. Ban released. Please also consider other comments / concerns / suggestions as posted in this thread as well.

    11. im in a private room with some friends, then i joke my friend that im only 17. i logged out. and when im ip adress was banned. how long it will take?

      1. Bianca – follow the directions on this page to get verified, or the ban stays permanent, and your privilege to use our site and partner site’s free sex chat rooms is permanently revoked.

    12. ruth amsterdam

      hello, thank you for your response. after considering the advantages being offered by one site versus another, my staff and i have decided to utilize 2 others sites that have offered their support for our project. Thank you for taking the time to give us some consideration. I’m certain you do an excellent job of monitoring your site, I hope our efforts will be beneficial to all the adult sites on the internet in the future. Ruth Amsterdam

      1. very good, glad you took the chance to inquire and to respond. I would like to see what your project comes up with, anyway we can learn and keep a conversation going defining and stopping bullying, and other abuses of any kind is a good thing. Feel free to email (adultwebmasteronline att yaahhoo dott com) or comment any time. I am glad you have chosen to research this disturbing, yet growing worlwide trend.

    13. would like to speak to your web master. I have a grant from a Massachusetts university to begin documenting cyber bullying. I would like to come on your site and be a non confrontational member to document examples of this. ppl nor your site will never be mentioned by name. I would like your cooperation. if you prefer i not come on, i will respect that and move on to another site.

      1. Ruth – this is currently against our web site’s terms of service, however we could be interested in helping to help others with online bullying – it’s something we have wrestled with here for years. We have had some very interesting ways of dealing with it some times, and at other times some of our users explain that what some perceive as “bullying back” is actually done with the intent of sorting out who can stand their ground and do so with intelligence rather than resorting to random baseless insults. We have had times when we have had to step in as moderators and prevent continual abuse, and times when we have to think real hard about the overall situation and when things cross a line from agreeing to disagree to just down right rampant abuse. I have fielded emails about all kinds of bullying tactics over the years, and it is something that we do our best to prevent.

        I would like to hear more about your project, and I would have to bring up the issue with some others who may or may not want to chime in on the issue, or have their comments in regards to these situations re-published or studied. Additional details about your prject could be helpful in others deciding if it is something that we should get involved in. If we were to consider doing some of this, it would have to be with some very serious rules about identity protections, and other issues as well, such as not allowing this kind of study to include pms, and some other stipulations.

        I will have to think about this more, and get more info from you as well. It’s a project I would like to see successful it it would help others identify, or at least discuss these issues more so that more people are aware of it, and consider ways to handle it. I believe this issue has been addressed a bit at the wired safety web site, and it is definitely something that we have been dealing with. Unfortunately at this point I really doubt that we would be able to give permission to use our chat rooms for this kind of study – but it is something that I think we should consider, discuss, and get more info about.

        If you like, you can email me at the site admin contact page here, and we could discuss this further. Of course here in the public comments area is fine as well.

    14. hello sir, somebody has puy my mobile number to your one of id i immediately want u to reply me on my email adress, i m getting so many calls so reply fast

      1. pradeep – I replied to your email just a little while ago. I do not see your phone number posted on the site anywhere – if you do, please show me where.

      1. romeo – sending in a picture is not sending in an ID – and it it is nothing even close to what is specifically asked for in the above instructions. Please do not waste any more of my time – I will not unban you ever. No matter what now.

    15. hey sex chat admin..
      I have a question..
      i Still havent done my driving license or any government id’s as such cause i am still a student.. But i want to get verified.. am 19years of age and have my college ID card with my my photo and age written on it.. will that do ?
      Sorry for wasting your time..

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Hey AsifSyed – people who genuinely want to prove age is not a waste of time, so your question is cool. You would be surprised how many people write in with reasons for no doing the verification (which means no verification attempt and just a waste of our time) – you may also be surprised by the amount of fakesters we have had that try to send some random pictures that are not them – and that is a serious waste of time. Your situation however may be a bit unique. I am not sure how things generally work in your country, as much as I’d love to learn more about it, currently I am most familiar with how things work in most of the US, where most people have government issued IDs by the time they are 18 and usually a couple of years before that.

        I will have to check with a friend who has more of a familiarity of your area of the world to get their opinion on the situation. If your ID is printed with the information, not hand written, then I would say go ahead and send in the two pictures and we will take a look at the situation. I do appreciate those who are sincere about getting verified and not trying to play some kind of game about it.

        1. “James Bond” – either follow all of the directions above to get verified for your age, or not. Posting messages here will not make me want to change it – the only thing that can make a difference is if it you send in the required photos to verify your age as described above. If you do not do that, then please do not bother to write, email or comment. Seeing more messages from you is just going to waste my time, and wasting time is something that really makes me angry.

    16. i have been banned for some time(More thena week, easily) and i havnt done anythign wrong. i did at one point have my wifi where you needed no password but that is resolved. can you help?

      1. “nik” – there has been an issue logged that calls your age or the possibility of age play into question. In order for us to further discuss your ban, you will need to follow all of the instructions above to get age verified.

      1. “kunal” – you were flagged for an age verification – you will need to follow all of the instructions on this get verified page exactly, or we will not be able to further discuss your ban.

        Please do not write me or comment here about how you don’t want to do that, or don’t feel comfortable doing it or whatever, I don’t care if you do or you don’t, and need need to waste time moderating or reading comments or messages from users who do not follow the directions.

      1. Are you fucking kidding me? You did not do the verification, you can’t follow the VERY SIMPLE directions on this page? You sent one photo, not two. No more chances for you, you will be forever banned from using this site, and our partner web sites. Please do not ever return to our site ever again. Good bye.

      1. yeah, sorry – there are some words that are set in the profanity filter to stop the evil spam bots from pming people with spam bot email addys and such.

      1. Your screen name was a violation of our terms of service. With this kind of situation you will need to follow the instructions here to get verified. Otherwise we well never release the ban, and you will not be able to use the free sex chat rooms here on our site, or our partner web sites ever again.

    17. Hi,
      Someone asked me my age and I was typing in my age and by accident I wrote 16 instead of 19. I was typing very fast and I only realised what I had typed after I had typed it.
      Can you help?

    18. I Was Banned For No Reason my Sister Was On Here And She Said I Was XX And Im Actually 18 …. Please Un Banned Me I Love This Website ! Please

      1. That sucks Jada. Unfortunately, with this kind of situation we require that you follow all of the directions above to get verified. If you do not send in the two requested photos, then we will not further discuss changing this ban.

      1. Either follow the directions for emailing the two required pictures, one with government issued photo id, or quit asking for help and quite coming to our site – period.

      1. you will not be un-banned unless you send in the required proof of age as described in the text above that is needed for you to get verified.

    19. My IP was banned while I was away from my computer for merely a few minutes and I do not know the reason why. What is the best way to get my IP unbanned?

    20. i got banned from that chat rooms because i didnt respond right away to the moderator heorshe said “how old r u?” and i didnt reply cuz i accidently thought it was some random guy hitting on me… then he said again “how old r u, last time im asking” and i realized who exactly it was i went to reply “23”, and i got my finger on the “2” and i got kicked out… can u help?

        1. TheReddevil (m)


          i don’t know why i have been banned. i had not accessed this sit for a couple of days and when i logged in now, i was banned. can you pleasse tell me why?

          1. reddevil / rupp – you were flooding the chat room, warned, and continued. Your ban will remain permanent.

      1. I do not see your name or ip in the ban list. So that must mean that if you were kicked / banned from the chat room, that it was a temporary kick that automatically expires, and is automatically lifted without anyone needing to do anything. If you have followed the suggestion above to wait 24 hours before posting your comment you would saved yourself, and me some valuable time. So I guess you can access the chat area fin now?
        If you get kicked again, and you do not wait 24 hours before posting a comment here, and I will go in and make sure the ban is set to permanent.

      1. With this type of ban, it will last for 13 months, unless you take the measures outlined above to get verified.

        1. i cant access my account pls reactivate my account i really love this site and promise that i wont do such kind of mistake again in future

          1. funnyguy – you were asking for or advertising cam or cams in one of the rooms. For this reason you have been permanently banned. Please do not return to our web site, and please quite sending me emails.

            1. sorry my frnd fr mailing u again an again bt i was little bit confused abt the reason why i had been banned as i had nt read the chat rules properly

              i had carefull read all the rules of this chat room and i assure that i will nt do this kind of mistake again in future
              please allow me to access my account

              1. So you read all the rules and understand that we ban people for many offenses, including advertising or asking for cam, and you have a firm understanding about flooding the chat room (posting the same or similar message several times in a short period of time) is completely forbidden?

                Do you understand all of the other rules as well?

    21. I am 27 (July 10, 1983). When asked how old I was, my fingers on the keypad hit a “1” by accident so it came across as *edited by admin to avoid search term indexing*. Before i could correct it, I was banned. Can you help? I have a BA and MAH for Gods sake.

        1. i had enter in the room after some time i have been kicked off can u can pls tell me why i cant access my account

          1. i am following the chat rules properly there was a room created by crisse i had enter that room and i have been kicked off pls allow me to access my account again

          2. You should re-read the rules page and pay particular attention to the parts that talk about “a note about user created rooms” – and most bans auto-expire in 24 hours, so no need to waste the admin’s time by asking about bans unless they are still active after 24 hours.

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