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We strive to make this the best sex chat site on the internet, and we constantly work to make it better. If you would like to give back a little, we would certainly appreciate it!

There are many ways you can help. Of course we appreciate the positive feedback that people give us in the chat rooms, and in the blog comments. We also appreciate the suggestions that everyone offers on our sex chat site suggestions page as well. We are working on a page that will offer how to score more friends and lovers in the sex chat rooms info for new users here as scsc, and we would love for the regular users of our community to chime in on things we should add in the upcoming versions of that page and the videos we are working on to help people interact better in the chat rooms here.

We will soon have a donate box here where those who want to donate to the cause can do so.

We really need your help with something else that is totally free as well.

We could really use some testimonials and a link. If you have a web site, or even a free blog page on one of the popular blogging sites like or / blogger, maybe you have a free web page from one of the many places on the web that offer free web pages listed here. Maybe you have considered setting one up and using a pen name to give some shout outs to cool things on the web.

Either way, if you would take the time to write two or three paragraphs about how cool scsc is, and put a link on your page to us, we would really appreciate that. You can find some cool ways to link to us here. sex chat spread the word

Why are we asking for a testimonial and a link?

Well we don’t have any advertising budget, this site has been more a labor of love (and lust) than anything else over the years. It has grown, and with it we have had to expand web servers, time spent on updates, upgrades, and service to the users. We have always intended to keep this site free, and simply make it an ad supported site to pay the bills. Recently other sites have been employing methods to take over some of our search engine positions, and you can help us with that, as it takes a community of people to keep us popular, barring some shady methods that other places employ.

We experimented with adding buttons for people to like us on facebook, or give a google +1, and stuff like that, but most people are probably not ready to blaze sex chat on their facebook page, or google profile, and I understand that. Unfortunately several other web sites are using methods to fake these things, and it’s starting to hurt us in the search engines, which is the primary way people find our cool little handout in this corner of the interwebs. Since we do not have the advertising budget of the big companies, it’s the only way that we can keep expanding.

So, we are not asking that you create a page and say we are the best sex chat site in the world if you do not believe that. We don’t want people to go around spamming a bunch of web sites with our links, we just want some honest reviews and a link if you think we deserve it. We don’t expect everyone to write a page about us on their facebook page, but it is pretty easy for people to setup a page on one of the free blog portals, or web page portals, and use a pen name to give us props.

Some people have offered to donate money, and others have offered (and do) donate time to the community here in various ways as well. We certainly appreciate all the offers. We may setup a donate box for those that would like to help us out in the future, we had hoped to have some more premium features available before doing that, although with the way things are going we may have to do that in reverse order.

Anyone who can give us a hand, we appreciate it, and if you just can’t do any of that, we understand, time is short, and most people want to spend any available time they have in the chat rooms. Well that is giving us props too. Even if you just take a moment and give us a round of applause, or a thumbs up for keeping this site up and running for so long, well we appreciate that as well.

22 thoughts on “Give us a hand”

  1. ladylikes™-TallOne(m)™s lady-

    I would certainly “like” or recommend your site on fb, if there was the possibility…
    I would also donate, if there was a box.

    1. Thanks for the heads up ladylikes. I have spent much of the past few weeks working on an update that will eventually add some facebook, tumblr, twitter, and other social sharing options to much of the site. Hopefully we can have some of these updates publicly available before the end of this month.

  2. Saturday AM-06:34 EST—Chat room not able to log on, installed new Java and Adobe Flash, still unable to log on, basic text chat seems to be all that’s down, everything else works!
    Also got a virus warning for some sort of Trojan mounting as the site tried to load, but AVG caught it and killed it.
    Looks like the hackers are at it again Nash.

  3. What a load of bull. My first time and i join the “orgie” chat room, yet no one will chat because they dont know me. What is the point? You should allow people like that to form there own private room that can not be avaliable to anyone else. Waist of time

  4. I think what would make this better is if you can make this into an app for the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad because I can’t access it from my iPod Touch.

  5. I love this website. I’m a long-time user and even know some of the admins. I was temporarily banned a few minutes ago, but I’m sure it was just a mistake/misunderstanding; all the mods I’ve met are really nice, and fair. Consequently, I’m surfing around the side reading comments and such.
    I always try to help out new users (except today I was trolling one, but I was just bored, and maybe a little spiteful since four or five different girls I was chatting with had dc’d lol). One comment I have is that there maybe should be a message or something like that when you login that tells you how to turn pm’s on.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, scsc! 😀

    1. Hi Carla,

      that’s a pretty broad statement; do you mean you want to meet someone in particular. Because, if you are referring to the chatroom you are sure to have plenty of encounters there. If you are looking for love rather than lust there are ways to do that in chat… make a private room for potential suitors. Label it “looking for a real life bf (serious takers only)” or something like that. That will help weed out the creeps. If you are looking for a woman or something in particular like someone dominant or submissive sexually then you should probably approach someone in a room of that nature or put it in the label of a private room you create. Once you do that and find somebody you feel comfortable with you can always give them an email address. Personally, I don’t see any risk in using email since you can always make a new email for the purpose of meeting others. Use that email to exchange pics and any further contact info you feel comfortable giving out.

      1. And btw like I said earlier about “weeding out the creeps” you are always gonna have “creeps”, but don’t categorize every guy/girl who wants sex creepy. The site is called sex chat after all and 95% of people who come to this site do so for that purpose. If you are not a “sexual” person then searching for love in a sex chat room may not be the best idea.

        Good luck!

  6. hi friend

    i am regular user of your site and its sad its attacked by hackers,i wish to support you in fetching and trapping the attacks,i have some experience in cybersecurity i wish to support you in this case,

    thanks and regards

    your beloved chat site user

  7. Hi, love this site lots of everything for everyone… a cam room for those who wish to see and here each other might be nice. Maybe a video room, an audio room and a room with both.

    Either way this site is the best sex chat room around!!!!

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