Profanity / Banned Words Filter

The “profanity filter” blocks banned words (and partial word / phrase matches) like skype, yahoo, msn, hotmail, stupid-free-cam-chat-spam dot com, and many others. When people get banned for “profanity”, the ban will normally auto-clear in 11 minutes. Below I explain how to get around the profanity / banned words filter when it is appropriate to do so, and how this auto system works so you can understand why people get warned or kicked, and some cases where it may not seem obvious that something typed in the chat should be flagged as profanity.

How to get around the profanity / filter, and avoid the wrath of our auto banned words program.

It is okay to share an email in private if you are not doing so for commercial reasons, and the person you are sending the email to wants to get it, however you will have to be creative in order to do so. I tend to do something like nashty1 ATT yy aa h o o dotted com – most people can figure out what that means, and it will get by the profanity filter.

However, if you use the methods described for avoiding the profanity filter, and you break other rules such as flooding the chat, or trying to send links for commercial gain, then you will find yourself permanently banned forever. Some web site urls are not permitted to be shared within our system at all – and if you even in a private side room or via pm send links to a site that rhymes with xcamster dot com, you may get banned, even if you get around the auto-profanity / banned words filter using creative spacing or what not. So please understand our rules, and content guidelines as well as how this filter works.

The first two times you are kicked out of the chat rooms for “profanity” the ban auto-expires (auto-clears) in about 11 minutes. You can probably re-access the chat rooms in a few minutes, now knowing that certain words are banned and will get you kicked.


You posted several links to pics and never got a warning about the url before, now all of the sudden you get kicked.

First off, we recently added another site to our banned words filter – I am not going to name it, but it rhymes with nutty dot com – you can read more about the reasoning for this on our new content guidelines page.

Interesting case –

say you have been sharing pics you uploaded to your profile in the peeps section, or some other image hosting site. Several post fine, then one gets you kicked. Here is one possible weird scenario:

Posting several pics like:
sexchatsexchat dot com /peeps/members/admin/media/pic-one.jpg
sexchatsexchat dot com /peeps/members/admin/media/pic-23.jpg
sexchatsexchat dot com /peeps/members/admin/media/pic-123flashtkcom.jpg

all of the sudden you get a weird warning about profanity – the link does not post in the room properly, and you post it again to try to make it work. Then get kicked.

In some cases you would not get a warning, since a few urls, or phrases someone may type could trip a double infraction, like:

“See the pic I saved from my last skype chat check it out -> sexchatsexchat dot com /peeps/members/admin/media/pic-123flashtkcom.jpg”

Instant kick by the banned words profanity filter system, no warning.

Why does such an innocent line of text cause the profanity warning / kick?

you typed out something that tripped the anti-spam alarm, and the banned words alarm all at once.

the word Skype triggers it once,
the partial word match “123flash” triggers it a second time.
and the “tkcom” triggers a third flag.

I had one girl who was sharing pics from an image hosting site that gave weird urls like:

image-sharing-site-dot-com /123Fr542kLLtkcom44.gif

Our banned words filter saw the tkcom in there and kicked her. It was not the web site, the dot com, but that partial match (our system is auto blocking when people try sharing “anything dot tk dot com” – and other partial match words / phrases that have been used by scammers in the past.

I just said something innocent like “mail coming”

saying the word mail should not get someone kicked from the chat room. Saying hotmail three times would get someone kicked. Also, saying anything with “” three times. Now unfortunately there may be some situations where someone might say something that has “mail com…” and that may also get someone kicked – so if you said “mail coming” or “mail comfort” three times, then yes, sorry, that may happen. It’s an unfortunate side effect of the way our text system functions.

If you get a weird case that is troublesome, send me an email to look into it. Sometimes I will change the banned words filter to fix weird things that were not intentional.

pussycat (18 f)

can somebody pl tell me whats wrong in saying “i will have great dreams now”?

Admin Nash
October 30, 2011

if you missed a space between the last two words, it would be “dreamsnow” – which contains  “MSN”. MSN is one of the profane / banned / bad words.

I hope this makes some sense and sheds some light on how our banned words thing works. This should help you avoid getting the profanity kick in the future.

What web sites are banned? What words and phrases are blocked?

Not going to list them. Sorry folks. Not going to promote them here or anywhere. Some sites are blocked because they are commercial competition, some sites are blocked because they have portions of the site that have content we believe may not fit into the 18 and up category. Some sites are blocked because they are bad for the adult entertainment business as a whole.

Extra Info

When people get warned / kicked for “profanity” it is our automated chat rooms system, not a moderator manually warning you.

This is necessary to prevent the automated spam bots and manual spammers from abusing our free chat rooms.

From a previous QnA comment –
i was trying to post a link to my picture page and it banned me… it’s a tasteful page…

Admin Nash
June 11, 2013

Tasteful or not, there are many web sites that we do not allow links to be posted to for one reason or another. It may not have anything to do with your particular picture, however there are several networks that we do not allow to be posted here. If you are determined to share a photo with other users of the sex chat rooms there, then you can find many other portals that are allowed to be shared here without being auto-censored. We also have options for users to create a profile and share pics within our sex chat peeps network as well.

Web sites such as tinypic and a few similar sites are not banned here, so there are plenty of options available. However the particular image hosting site you were trying to use is banned from our system, and that will not change. Use a different site for pic sharing, or use the image upload options in our ‘peeps’ section.

12 thoughts on “Profanity / Banned Words Filter”

  1. Hi Nash sorry its lauriebo again, omg, i feel so stupid now i never realized, i have read and re read the rules so am up to date on the issue, i am not aware a mod was in the room so cannot be sure if a mod banned me or it was an auto ban, but it happened super fast, it was a genuine mistake and i,m sorry, i have tried again a day later to log in but it says the nickname or ip address is banned. i,ll be more careful in future.

  2. I was in the family fun room, and we were just talking as a group when a santa character came in and told us to only talk about incest or be banned and that we could make another room or be kicked out ,and I got a warning so, to point out the flaw in their reasoning I asked if i could fuck his mom in the main lobby and i was kicked out I feel this was not only unfair but the person entered with a grudge against the specific room

    1. @bob – did you get kicked out by a warning for profanity filter? Or did a site moderator kick you out and you got a message about “username / ip address banned try again” or something like that?

      If you banned by the profanity filter / banned words auto-block-bot – then the info about should clarify what happened and how to avoid it’s wrath in the future.

      If you are saying that you were kicked out of the room by a moderator in the kind of conversation situation you describe, then I find it kind of odd. Perhaps there is more information on this particular situation, and at this moment I am unaware of any other details. If so, this kind of complaint comment is best made on the moderator complaints page.

      I seriously doubt the situation occurred in exactly the way you are describing it, although I can understand how someone may see things transpiring in this way, however I think other viewpoints of this conversation probably show different intent and more.

  3. London - Guitar Player


    I got banned because I was sharing x hamster links with someone in PM. I should have realized I was getting warned… May I be unbanned please? 🙂

    1. London – Guitar Player – did you actually read all the info posted above on this page?
      I thought the info here made it clear the system would auto-clear these kind of bans after like 11 minutes or so.
      Maybe I need to update this page?
      (I see the comments and reply from a different screen that does not show the dang page – grrr!

  4. dear admin nash, my ip adress has been banned, i cannot fathom why no admin or modulator warning, i was not kicked first, nor warned—i did try unsuccessfully posting pics but now i am clear on the rules on that used the site for ages did not cause any trouble-no profanity warning—could u lease help on this many thanks

    1. Julian – glad you have been reading up on the rules, policies and procedures here. Since you made another comment on a different page, I will address this current issue affecting you on the kicked / banned page here ->

  5. bubblegumbitch

    Nash, I have a question about some banned words. It seems to me in my linking of funny pictures or youtube things or whatever, that atk or otk or rtk seem to be the most troublesome for getting banned for “profanity” as those words will occasionally appear randomly in the URL. I don’t even know why they’re banned. Is it necessary? I just got booted for linking a funny sesame street parody with rtk in the url in casual chat, lol.

  6. I tried to get into the system to see a friend and it says my name or ip has been banned. I have never once caused any trouble on your site. I’m at a lost as to whay I can not access it. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    1. @(M)asquerade – I do not see anything about you in the ban list. At least not with the name you are using in the comments here, or the network you are using to connect when you left this comment.

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