Why Broad Range Bans

Sometimes uses can not access the chat rooms here because someone else who uses the same Internet Service Provider (ISP) – has broken the rules, and gotten a “Broad Range Ban” placed on 1,000 IP addresses – which keeps them from coming back to the chat room, and often stops many other people (often in the same city) from accessing our free sex chat rooms.

In some parts of the world it is common for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) not to provide customers what is called a “static ip address” – so every time you reconnect to the internet, you are essentially given a new “public computer IP address”.

You can find your public ip address by visiting a site such as ipchicken.com

Some examples to illustrate:

yesterday your public IP address could be something like: – and you were able to access our chat rooms just fine.

today another person in your city breaks the rules in our chat room and we broad range ban him so he can not return. His IP address assigned by his ISP today was:

So we banned all 999 IPs in that range – all the way through

Now we have a permanent ban for that IP address block – anytime any other user gets assigned any of those 999 number tomorrow, the next day, next week, etc – they will not be able to access the chat rooms.

When you re-connect to the internet, and your ISP assigns you one of the IP addresses that is in the block / range of IPs that were broad range banned because of another user, you will be unable to access the chat rooms here, or with our partner web sites.

Since the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that you use has been used by many others who have frequently broken many rules in our chat rooms, we have begun blocking ranges of 1,000 IP addresses at a time – this will prevent many people who use the same ISP as you from using our chat rooms. It is unfortunate that the bad manners of a few people have ruined the ability of thousands in your city from enjoying free services such as ours on the internet, but that is currently the only way we have to fix this situation.

At this point the only relief that you will be able to seek is if you contact your ISP and ask them if it is possible to assign you a “static ip address” – that way we can “whitelist” your static IP address so you can once again access our chat rooms.

If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will not assign you a static IP address, then I am sorry to say that you will find yourself not able to access our chat rooms often these days, and even less in the future as we have to continually broad range ban blocks of addresses from your ISP – as they make it so easy for users to abuse our service, get kicked out, and come back quickly to continue the abuse.

*This is the first draft of this info page, additional information may be added / edited.

78 thoughts on “Why Broad Range Bans”

  1. i logged on sunday, and was not chatting with anyone, then i was kicked out and am getting the banned message. i don’t think i did anything wrong, could someone let me know why i was banned please?

  2. Hi Nash,
    I have been with this website for about 6 years now. Proud to say, I have never committed any of the banned activities. I recently moved to another place and have been trying to access the site but all i am getting is ‘nickname/ip banned’ message. Could you tell me what can I do to resolve this?

  3. Hi, I love this site, it’s great, but it’s telling me I’m banned? I’ve just thoroughly read through the rules and I think I may have been banned because I posted a link, so I am really sorry about that. Please could you give me another chance? I’d be so grateful!
    Thanks so much

    1. Tom – at this moment you are coming from and IP bock assigned by your ISP that we have previously broad range banned in order to kick someone who went by the names priya and nav deep or something like that. If you have been in before with one of those names, then you should be aware of the important info in this permanent ban notice.

      If you have never used one of those screen names or something similar – then you are getting some of the collateral damage of our broad range ban system. In that case I would imagine if you restart your computer and router tomorrow you may once again be able to access our chat rooms.

      1. I have not used those names, thanks so much for the prompt reply and advice, and thanks also for running such a great site!

    1. no roby – now stay away from our site. Should you return here you will be in violation of several terms of service, some laws, and would be committing theft of services.

  4. i just begin you,this is the best sexchat that i have ever seen,really now,because of that i dont want an other one,please just a chance

    1. I’m glad you like this one roby, it’s my favorite as well.
      However you are no longer allowed here. I am sure you will find plenty of good chats at places like *info redacted* and many others. Peace.

    1. roby, you have reached the end of niceness and patience. Please do not return to my web site ever again. At this point you are harassing, and cyber trespassing / committing theft of services. Your ban will never be lifted, and these blocks make our web servers a protected computer system, which means that by your returning and trying to cross the line of the computer fraud and abuse act. So please, go somewhere else online, and never return here.

    1. no roby, your ban is permanent, and this is not going to change. Please find somewhere else to chat, this is not the place for you. Peace.

    1. roby – I do not have time to deal with you, sorry. Please do not return to our web site ever again. There are plenty of other places you can find free chat online. Peace.

    1. sheek – you, or someone else using your computer / network was posting invites to quickvisio – which is against the rules. This ban is set to permanent.

          1. yes sheek, since you say you have read the rules and thoroughly understand each and every one of them now. I will give you another chance. Enjoy.

  5. admin nash,do what you did a week ago,when i took firs time with you,when u sais that u are working at that,because after thar has worked,but one day and the same problem,help me pleaseeee

    1. yeah roby – those are the things pointed out on the connection problems page. I assume you got it figured out and working now.

  6. when i wanna connect is write>google chrome could not load the webpage because eroticsexchatrooms took too long to respond.

    1. nope – do not see any of those in the ban list. When you go to the chat room, is there a message saying you are banned or something else?

    1. I do not see a ban set against you Roby. At least not from the screen name you are showing here, or the ip address that you are at.

    1. are you sure you read them all, and completely understand each and every line as posted on the rules page?

  7. hi admin nash
    i just want to can come in chat rooms again pls.i know that i use the name of an other guy but i promise that i want do that again.please,i begin you.i promise

  8. Dear Nash,
    I don’t know whether you’ve received my note of his morning concerning my ban. Would you kindly inform me when you do? Nash, granted, ” wise ass” is crude, but are you aware of the vulger things that people call one another on this site? Yet they aren’t banned. And “wise ass” is actually quite mild………Could I be caught in a broad spectrum IP ban?………I would like to get back on site, and don’t believe that I merited being banned.

    PS. After I submitted my last note to you, my e-mail address remained here. Was it visible to all?

    1. no – your email addy in the entered into the blog / comments section is only visible to me and my design partner. The email addy in the blog comments section’s main purpose is to stop / slow down the amount of automated spam tries to get posted mainly, it also makes it possible to allow users who have posted comments before to have them escape the auto-moderation / hold que. We also made it possible for people to get email alerts about new comments on each page or threaded conversation, and the email entered there can be used for that as well.

      If you scroll down the page to see others who have left comments, everyone has needed to fill in an email addy in order to post one, but none of them are displayed publicly on the site.

      1. im sorry for doing that there not much attention will you unban me 1 more time please one more chance

        1. no sexy dude 45 – you are no longer welcome here. Your ban is permanent, please do not ever visit our chat rooms or web sites ever again. Peace.

  9. Hi – how do I tell if I’ve been banned because of my IP? I was typing in chat (in PMs) to a friend and suddenly was thrown off before I’d hit enter. Now I get the “This nickname or IP address is banned.” message.

    Thanks for your help

    1. pranav – this is more of a broad range ban against your ISP (Internet Service Provider) than you specifically.

  10. Special note for those of you having the repercussions of being blocked because someone else in your area that uses the same ISP has broken the rules – we will be opening a new section of the site specifically for chatters in the India area, and this section should be able to better handle the problems associated with the India ISPs – look for this sometime in the next two weeks.

    1. zavi – pleae re-read the rules and make sure you did not break any of them.
      With the broad range bans it is possible that you did not make a mistake, but someone else in your city did, and got this broad range ban placed on themselves, and 998 of their neighbor’s ip addresses – all at the same time. I think I explained all that in the post above.

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