Farewell to our old free sex chat rooms system

This was not an easy decision to make, but today I decided to bid farewell to our old free sex chat rooms system.


It was a good ride. Many people enjoyed our old chat system, and I still believe that it was the best chat system ever made. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than all the rest. We tested, bought, and attempted to deploy many different chat systems over the years, and the one system we stuck with for more than 10 years was always the best. The speed and modern look and feel made it the best chat system I have ever used.

Unfortunately people found ways to abuse it, and the cost of running it became too great. Over the years there were many times when we considered changing things. We considered making it registered users only, but found that the majority of people who came here wanted to try it out without registering. The non registration required chat rooms became very popular, and even with the problems we had maintaining it – the good connections that people made made it worth the bull shit we had to out up with, so we kept it that way.

In January of 2013 our chat system came under massive attacks and we spend a huge amount of time and money trying to shore it up, and get it running again. After fighting with web hosting issues and other problems it became clear that we would likely not be able to keep the chat rooms running the way we had in the past. Then on Feb 12 I found that users were trying to use our chat system in a way that eliminated the ads displayed, and sharing this information with other users here. This is a violation of our terms of service, and ultimately led to the final demise of my favorite chat system in the world.

The collateral damage to our other web sites (as described in the open letter to the hackers / DDoS attackers), the web sites of friends and other businesses hosted on our web server and at the same data center. The damage to my relationships at home, the damage to my savings account, the lack of sleep, the lack of anyone standing up to claim responsibility, the stress and headaches, all of these factors, and others were weighed time and time again. The support offered from so many in the comments and emails pulled on my heart strings quite hard as well.

I worked so hard for so many hours redeploying our systems it was insane. I had to turn down sex so many times to work on code updates that it’s just sick. After all this work and all this money spent, people still choose to abuse our services. Well they can all go find somewhere else to fuck around. I am done.

We have been providing these free, no registration required chat rooms for more than 10 years. I have seen many great relationships develop here using our system, and even though we had many problems to deal with over the years, as a community we decided to press on with things the way they were. If it were not for this great system many offline relationships would not have been created. Some weddings, and certainly a lot of cybersex between people all over the world were made possible by this great system.

Unfortunately we can not continue to use this system, we simply can not afford the time and money it would take to keep it going.

We have searched for other systems, and tested many of them. None of them are as good as the system we had running here for so long. It just does not seem feasible to keep this option going. I appreciate everyone who has commented here, on our scsc chat blog at wordpress.com, and emailed and offered support in our struggle to keep the chat going, and I really, really tried to make that happen. I do not think anything that we do in the future will recreate all the elements we had before, so I am bidding a farewell, a heavy hearted goodbye to the awesome communication platform so many of us had come to love.

There have been many suggestions over the years for making the chat system better, changing some things, and for doing things differently to keep it going. From what I have experienced over the years nothing is going to work to bring back our old chat community the way it was before. Every single change that is possible will bring limitations that will kill what we once had.

Forcing registration, setting up paid memberships, and many other ideas have their bonuses – but in the end, all of these things that start to make our chat rooms a walled garden will keep out the fresh faces that often become some of our best new additions. So I just don’t see doing any of these things as a quick fix attempt to keep things going as ultimately working.

For everyone who used our chat system responsibly, I hope you had a good time, and made some great connections. I will still post info for everyone to find each other on the scsc backup plans page as new places come up.

For all those people who chose to attack our chat system, and those that chose to find ways around our advertisements being displayed, well fuck you. You all ruined a great place that thousands of people depended on for communication, friendships, and relationships.

What does the future hold?
I have no idea at this point. I can tell you for sure, and without a doubt that we will not be bringing our old chat system back online.

We can not afford to fight the attacks on our systems, I do not see this changing anytime soon – although I did just read in the news that there may be some executive orders tomorrow that would create a new system of sharing info between private business and some of the federal agencies which may offer some opportunity for handling things like this in the future.

I am still working on some other projects. Some of these projects may find their way onto the scsc site, we’ll see. In the meantime I have to catch up on some other projects that are completely unrelated to sex chat, and have been overdue for some time.

I am truly sorry to have to shut down this system, this is something that I never wanted to do. I have fought so many times to avoid making our site paid members only, registration required, and other things that would of made it easier for me as an admin, and easier for our moderators. However with the recent issues, I simply can not fight any more. We could continue all these battles perpetually forever, but like the war games movie, at some point you have to realize that the only way to win a war like this is to not play the game.

I am going on very little sleep from the past month and half, and the past two days I have not been able to fall asleep, or stay asleep very long when it finally happened, with all of this stress and pressure. Seeing new projects that I spent weeks creating shut down in hours really sucks. Seeing the incredible community that has grown here for so many years dismantled by disgruntled, stupid, psycho trolling haters really bothers me. I just can’t keep putting off everything else in my life to fight a war that neither side is going to win. I respectfully bow out of the bullshit, and hope that others will remember what a great place and good times that everyone built here.


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  2. nash.. i feel for you mate.. loser crybabies ruining everybody’s fun.. being a programmer myself i can appreciate how much youve put into this system.. the sad thing is us humans become acclimatised quickly.. the first time you brought online this chat site that was FREE and allowed ANONYMOUS chat.. they wouldve been like wow thanks.. 10 days later they begin taking it for granted so much that a mere advertisement starts bothering them.. its not hard “beating the system”.. what we forget is that beating the system harms the system itself.. and if that system is honestly doing US good by providing us with FREE, ANONYMOUS, COMMUNITY based chat site, we’re only hurting ourselves.. to all those attackers and link spammers.. you took from us a part of our lives.. fuck you.. may the same happen to you over and over again.. hurt one man and you might get away with it.. hurt a thousand and you’re destined for hellfire.. nash.. i sincerely hope, like thousands of others, that you find a way and will to keep this community alive.. but we cant demand that of you.. we can only ask.. afterall, you dont owe us anything.. we owe you for the wonderful community that you let us in for free.. and im sure everyone here would wanna help you keep this going no matter what it takes.. id searched high and low for such a site and i felt like i hit the jackpot the day i came across this site.. i doubt either one of us would come across a subsitute, let alone better, site than this..

  3. Mistress.Interrupted

    Nash ….. wow! Despite the fact I haven’t been around much lately reading this made me feel like a safe place had been ripped away from me. I can’t thank you enough for providing a safe, fun, sexy place for people to visit. You are right, there never was another site like it, and I’m almost certain there never will be. I have come to know some truly remarkable people through your site, have made amazing friends, laughed, cried …. in short experienced the whole spectrum of human emotions. Whilst I’m so sad the site is now lost to us, I am 100% supportive of your decision to walk away. Enough is enough. You have a life outside of scsc, I’m so sorry it has been such a tumultuous journey over the last few months and I hope that the people involved can leave you alone and crawl off somewhere and die like the cockroaches they are. You’ve always had a great outlook Nashy. You’ve given me some great words of wisdom along the way and I always appreciated it. Thank you for allowing me to be a moderator in your scsc community, I loved that I was able to work with you and the other mods to help make the site safer and sexier! Hope the future is amazing for you Nash, best wishes to you and yours. MI (aka Girl.Interrupted, Ms.Interrupted)

  4. That is really a shame. I hope we are able to find a way to stay in touch. All the best.

  5. Such a sad day – I feel like I am losing my family and home 🙁
    You fought a hard fight Nash and I for one along with hundreds of others here would like to say “THANK YOU” for all you have done to provide us with a place to come together and make friends all over the world. I appreciate the chance you gave me to mod and become a part of the sexchat family.
    I hope you take time and get some much needed rest. If there is anything I can do to help you please feel free to call on me anytime.
    As for the hackers – I hope they get whats coming to them. Alot of people who visit here have no one to talk to except thier contacts here – not everything here was all about sex – it was about friendship. I guess they had nothing better to do than ruin things for others that had never done a damn thing to them. Hopefully, they will be found and face punishment for the damage they have done. (I know I’m starting to rant like Mikey 🙂 …. but I’m so sad right now ——- (((HUGS))) and THANKS Nash – God Bless

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