Planning to relaunch the old chat rooms Monday evening

We’ve got the old chat rooms setup again, and set on a brand new web server. It took quite a bit of time to re-setup everything, but we should have a solid new system now. The last launch of our old chat did not last very long, but this new web server should be able to handle our regular amount of users no problem. Let’s hope anyways!

Anytime we establish a system on a new web server there are possibilities of some hiccups. Let’s hope that this new system is solid from day one and we do not have to rebuild anything after this restart! I titled this post Monday evening, that is CST or EST – those of you between Europe and Australia will not see them chat rooms back up and running until Tuesday morning I guess. The American west coast may get to see the chat Monday afternoon (fingers crossed)!

No promises – I still have some more testing to do, but at the moment things seem to be running fine. I may have to run out to a dentist appointment Monday – but I do not anticipate any major delays from that. One thing I have learned though – I never know what they heck is going to be happening when I wake up the next day – so we’ll see!

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