Happy new year! Hugs to all the mods!

Happy new year everyone! I hope the site is getting better all the time for everybody! We are working on some very exciting additions for 2011, stay tuned for more info coming soon!


I’d like to give a big group hug to all of our moderators today.  None of us are perfect, if we were, then we would be able to stay in the chat room non-stop 24 hours a day and never miss a thing. Our volunteer moderators have done an excellent job of keeping out the people who do not follow the sex chat rules. I am pretty sure we have now banned more than 1,000 ip addresses from accessing the site. This is beneficial to everyone who wants to enjoy the site and plays by the rules.

I’m also giving a shout out to all the regs who help keep the site fun, and who help the noobs learn the ropes. I’m very glad to have had great conversations with so many here, and I have been really happy to see our regular users helping others to navigate the site and the etiquette here.

Looking forward to many more great conversations with everyone, happy new year! It’s gonna be a great one!

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