new chat / gchat / peeps cams chat – end of life Jan 2017

Many people called it the ‘new chat’ for years, it’s not the newest, and it’s not the oldest, but it appears that the NC system will reach it’s end of life In January. I plan to keep it running up to Jan 29th if possible. It has been and continues to act really wonky – lagging big time, and not connecting other times.

I blogged about the new chat being old and some of the problems it’s having in this other post, click here to read some more details.

I am going to attempt to do a full backup of this system in case there is some way it can be revived at a later date, but things don’t look good. The code keeps going haywire, and my partners that created the main chunk of base code years ago have abandoned the project it seems. They dit not return emails from me about 18 months ago, and I tried again to get their help doing a fresh install a few weeks ago. Offering to pay money in advance did not get me any replies, and they have pulled some of their online presence as well. It appears that this old code is not going to live on.

Another problem is the server this thing is on is due for renewal, and it’s gonna cost me $1,000 on Feb 1st if I have not destroyed the web server before then. I don’t think the community wants to send in a grand to keep this thing running, especially considering it keeps getting all jammed up and disconnecting and lagging.

Taking the good with this bad

I have already heard several people say things like “We need the pop up private messages” – “We need buddy lists / friends lists” – I know the other systems do not have all the features of the NC – and I am all ears as far as what everyone wants to see in our upcoming newer systems.

If there is any way I can modify our upcoming Tekor chat system to include the features everyone likes from the NC then I will certainly get them added.

I did find a way to re-launch the OC system. The old chat / original chat is in some ways better than the  NC – but certainly it does not have any near the amount of features and options.

We still have the mv-chat running, and the mf / flashy chat system as well.

I am working to bring a public test version of the Tekor system to everyone hopefully in January, so keep an eye out for that.

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  1. Is the chat working? for me isn’t work and I have flash installed.


    • Avatar
      Admin Steven Nash

      The “new chat” aka “peeps cams chat” has been broken for some time. I spent a couple of weeks trying to patch and fix the NC, but then the whole database system on the server got ruined.

      I have not been able to find a way to fix the server and database on that system.

      99% sure we won’t be able to get that old NC system back.

      We are working on a newer system that has most of the features of the NC, along with better mobile device connection.

      More on a newer system coming soon!

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  3. Well, now that NC is completely down </3 , how long until we see the revealing of the tekor systems? What will it look like, are there any set standard features that we should expect ? Will it be a log in like NC had with registration or more along the lines of OC ? Once, the tekor system is live, how long until this version of OC will also, close if at all ?

    • @Hardwires – Fingers crossed I get a test / preview version of the basic tekor within a week or so. The login situation is the tricky part I have been working on, and I think we have it set now where registration is not required, now to see how that affects other things will be interesting. I expect people will not like the basic version of the new system and most will hang out in the OC for while.

      After getting feedback and getting back to adopting additional code updates, I hope that within a month I can get as many of the NC features added to the tekor system – and then we will see if everyone would prefer to migrate to the new. I hope so, as it has some major benefits compared to the others, but we’ll see.

      Not sure how long we’ll keep the OC running. There are costs associated with each system that I take into consideration. I may have worked it out to bring the NC server back online for one more month even, fingers crossed I’ll get a deal made on that tonight. Since the tekor is not ready – it would be nice if we could get it running again for a bit.

  4. please explain more about the new chat?

    • explain more about the NC chat / peeps cams chat / new chat that is having problems?

      Or explain more about the OC system (original chat / old chat) which is running again after being down for a long long time?

      Or explain more about the newer upcoming chat system which no one has seen yet, code name ‘tekor’?

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