Old New Chat Restarted for 30 days

Quite surprised to see so many really want the “new chat” to stay up and running. We are working on several other systems, but the tekor system is not ready for public testing, so I worked out a deal with our hosting company that handles that particular server that the old new chat aka peeps cams chat is running on. It cost a couple hundred bucks, but I’ve got it up and running again for another 30 days.

we are still in a pickle with the old NC system, as it is still acting very strange, it seems about every 6 hours or so it starts to use up like 10 times the amount of CPU or basic computer power that our web server has. Then after a while it starts to demand even more power. So it will start to lag out, and then need to be stopped and manually restarted from time to time, and I’m not always awake and checking the system every minute of the day. So it’s not gonna be perfect, but it will be another option off and on over the next 30 days while we iron out some issues with the other systems.

Still looking forward to the new tekor system and getting everyone’s feedback with it – as I think it will solve some of the big problems we’ve been dealing with for a while – things like connection issues, and working with multiple devices well.

I still can’t get any updates or patches for the old NC system – our old codding partners abandoned that ship long ago. I can keep it running on the old server that was already set up, but it’s gonna cost me another $1000 for the next 6 months. Obviously that system does not make anywhere near that amount of money – but there may be enough interest from the community – if you all want to setup some kind of bit coin pool and donate a grand, I’ll see what I can do to keep it up and running past the next 30 days.

No promises about connectivity or anything. It’s a finicky system, it always has been.

I did make a backup of some of the files (and put the pics and vids I found in that system into an encrypted file) just in case we can get the system moved over to a different web server and get it running again, however it looks like it’s gonna be stuck where it’s at, which is basically in limbo right now, and likely reaching it’s end of life in about 30 days.

I first posted notice about the official end of life of the NC end of Dec 2016 here. So there are more details there about why we need to shutdown the NC – and some of the things we are doing to make a better replacement.

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