cams chat aka new chat up and down Feb 18

Had the peeps cams chat aka the new chat up and running, then got some emails about it being down. Got it fixed up and then it crashed again. I was not surprised, as the underlying tech for this cool system is ancient in internet years. I got it back up and running again and then dig some digging to see if it was an issue I could easily get a clue about, when I found a terrible chunk of code that has been plaguing me for the past few weeks with another system I’ve been working on.


The NC has been down, then back up, then down again. Normally I am okay with some up and down now and again, so long as we get some in and out eventually. Unfortunately the chat server where the NC runs is not going to up and running smooth real fast, the underlying issues are going to take a lot of work to hash out.

It could be a week or 10 days of moving files and fixing these, or it may be a lost cause, and the NC system may be kaput.

I’m going to try to backup all the files, and fix things. I won’t know what the odds are of it coming back until around Feb 14th most likely guess. Then we’ll see. I might get surprised and have this thing spinning smooth as a freshly shaved pussy in a couple of days, but more than likely it’s a 50/50 chance that I can save it for several different and non-related reasons. We’ll see, it’s a priority this week, along with other updates and stuff I’m working on behind the scenes.

Speaking of cams we have made some progress on some more exclusive cams things, I save that info for another post. Do know that for the few hours I had the NC up and running again, I did get the cams option turned back on, and changed some settings so people could watch more than one live cam at a time. Hopefully we’ll get to play with those features again!

Some more disappointing news is that it looks like the tekor chat system we were working on is not going to make it. We tried like hell, we brought in mercenary coders, we spend a few hundred bucks on some community code porjects to try to make it work the way we need it to, and what I discovered is that it’s not ready for prime time action, and likely is not going to be without bugs to make it secure enough for us to use.

Some light at then end of this post tunnel.

I have started playing with a newer chat system, one that uses totally modern tech, and has most of the features that we like to use along with many things that younger adults are more use to seeing with apps and such. I’m liking what I am seeing right now, and this project just got a round of funding behind it that should make it a solid choice for the future. Fingers crossed we can get the modifications made that we need for our kind of stress testing.

If things go as I hope, we may have a newer chat system to test out before the end of March. Oh what to call it? Maybe the Xtm System? It’s already pretty cool, if we can mold a few things to be more suited to how our users have come to expect things, it should be very cool.

When I get closer to the next phase I’ll post some more details.

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