moving chat options soon

Very soon we will need to move some of the chat options around. We will be taking down the mv chat system, and will be moving the “old chat” aka “original chat” to a different site soon.


We will be deploying a new chat room system to test for a couple of months, but access will be spotty as we open it up for testing, then take it down for modifications, then reopen for further testing.

The NC / New Chat, aka peeps cams chat will likely stay shut down as we pare down some of the servers and systems we have been running.

Fingers crossed that our alpha testing system, the Xertes System will be a more robust system for our users soon and well into the future.

We may have to change up how people get access to the chat rooms as our new alpha testing system has a completely different system for handling user levels and such. We are checking off the main things right away like working across multiple web browsers and device sizes from monitors to phones.

I suggest making a profile in the peeps section here ( ) to keep in touch with other friends from the chat room. When we move the OC, there is no garuntee it’s going to work or last long where it goes. So best to have some other contact info from other people you are friendly within the chats. Profiles in the peeps section can send each other private email like messages. You could do the same with the profiles at sex chat space, or adults only space as well.

We might be able to redeploy the chats on the eroticsexchat portal.

I had wanted to get our new system open to the public and thoroughly tested and modified first, but it looks like we are in a tough crunch and will have to do things quicker with some moves as budgets are forcing us to do some drastic things this year so far.

Big changes coming, so hold on tight!

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