New PT Chat System – Peeps Text Chat Rooms Pt One

Launching a new text chat system this week.

Currently going by the alias PT Chat, aka Peeps Text Chat.

This one has a lot of possibilities, but it needs some testing to see if it can handle the kind of use that our rooms tend to withstand. It’s a nice start, and hopefully this system will serve everyone well as we work on our new complex system. The Xirti System is coming together, but it’s more complicated.

For now we have this PT chat system, and if it can handle the amount of messages that we tend to send around here, then it will expand to have the many niche rooms that we have grown to love and iggy over the years as well.

Screenshot PT Chat Sex Chat SexChat Peeps

Hopefully it will run well and get popular enough to expand.

Let me know what ya’ll think of this system and use it well!


  1. Avatar

    Looks like it is a very slick and polished system but there is no way to sort people by location. ? Whilst one can chat across the globe having the ability to sort and search for local people is desirable. One will have a lot more in common with a person locally than chatting with someone in iceland, for example.

  2. Hello Nash – I have been on new PT chat several times – I have not been there with anyone else at the same time so far. I have seen that the “/me” function does not work yet. Just saying. Today I found out, how to change colours :). I like this chat, because we can have avis.
    Greetings ladylikes.

  3. I Miss

  4. Hello Nash – I could access it via mobile phone without any problems.
    PT Chat seems appealing to me.
    Of course nothing can come near OC. But in my opinion this is the closest so far. Even avis are possible, if you are registered in peeps. I personally find it much more appealing than MV.

    greetings – ladylikes.

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